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Report: Love willing to waive option | Report: Bledsoe turns down Suns’ $48M offer | Cavs trying to recruit Ray Allen? | Report: J-Smoove on block … for right price

No. 1: Report: Love willing to opt in if traded to Warriors — As was reported by Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears and Adrian Wojnarowski (and also reported by’s Chris Broussard), Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James has reached out Minnesota Timberwolves star forward Kevin Love to let Love know he’d like him to join the Cavs. Doing so would likely require the Cavs parting with No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins, as Broussard, Wojnarowski and Bob Finnan of The News Herald & The Morning Journal all point out. Another team believed to be in the Love mix, the Golden State Warriors, may still have a shot at him, too. According to Yannis Koutroupis of, Love is willing to opt into his deal for 2015-16 if he’s dealt to Golden State:

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the Golden State Warriors are increasing their efforts to land Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star forward Kevin Love.

Love has recently been linked to trade talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James has even reached out and voiced his desire to play with him according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. The Cavaliers are willing to let go of the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft Andrew Wiggins, but the Warriors are now willing to let go of Klay Thompson as well.

The Warriors have been trying to acquire Love without letting go of Thompson, but have come off of that stance because Love is willing to exercise his option for the 2015-16 season and put off becoming a free agent next summer according to a source.

David Lee and Harrison Barnes are expected to be a part of the deal as well. No trade is imminent, but the Warriors are willing to do whatever it takes to land Love now – even if that means letting go of a franchise favorite in Thompson.

This news, though, contradicts the reports of Wojnarowski and Broussard to an extent. Both reporters say Love would like to play alongside James and would even consider a long-term deal with Cleveland if such a trade were to materialize. In short, these trade talks remain as unclear as ever.

The Starters talk the Warriors being in the Kevin Love trade rumors


No. 2: Report: Bledsoe rejects Suns’ $48 million offer — Before free agency began in Phoenix, the reliable Paul Coro of The Arizona Republic reported that the Suns wanted to keep its three key free agents: Channing Frye, P.J. Tucker and Eric Bledsoe. So far they’re 1-for-3 on that bid (Frye is in Orlando now), but hope remained Phoenix and Bledsoe could come to an agreement quickly. That might not be the case as Bledsoe recently turned down the team’s four-year, $48 million offer, writes Chris Broussard of

The future of one of the most talented free agents left on the market remains cloudy, as Eric Bledsoe and the Phoenix Suns remain far apart in contract talks, according to sources close to the situation.

The Suns have offered Bledsoe a four-year, $48 million contract, but the point guard wants a maximum five-year, $80 million deal, league sources said.

The thought that the Suns will match any offer Bledsoe receives from a competing club has deterred teams from aggressively pursuing the 24-year-old point guard. Phoenix has thus far refused to discuss potential sign-and-trade opportunities.

The Milwaukee Bucks have been mentioned as a team with interest in Bledsoe, and Sacramento and Houston, which recently traded away Jeremy Lin, could be in the market for a point guard.


No. 3: Miller trying to recruit Allen to Cavs? — The Cleveland Cavaliers have a strong Miami Heat connection of sorts now, what with ex-Heat sharpshooters Mike Miller and James Jones agreeing to deals that will put them alongside superstar LeBron James again. Can Cleveland make it three-for-three in the hopes of landing ex-Heat shooters by adding Ray Allen to the mix? Miller spoke with ESPN Radio yesterday and said he is trying to do what he can to get Allen aboard:

Mike Miller told ESPN Radio on Thursday that he’s trying to recruit Ray Allen to sign with the Cavaliers, pointing to the veteran as the kind of player that will help LeBron James and his new team in key spots in the playoffs.

Miller, who agreed to join his good friend James and sign with the Cavs earlier this week, responded “of course,” when asked on “The Herd” if he was pitching the Cavs to Allen.

“We got James Jones, now we’re moving Miami to northeast Ohio,” Miller said, referring to Cleveland’s addition of the former Miami Heat forward on Wednesday.

Allen, who will turn 39 on July 20, played 73 games for the Heat in the regular season and all 20 postseason games last season. He averaged 9.3 points per game on 41 percent shooting in the playoffs. Allen has yet to make a decision about continuing his career, though he has talked with multiple teams to investigate his options, sources have told’s Brian Windhorst.

Miller, who is a career 41 percent 3-point shooter, was offered a three-year deal worth $12 million by the Denver Nuggets, but instead opted for a two-year deal worth $5.5 million with the Cavaliers in which the veteran shooter has a player option following next season, a source told’s Jeff Goodman.

Miller said he had to put “some thought into it” before making the decision to sign with the Cavs.

“Obviously it’s always tough passing up money, but at the end of the day, being able to team up with LeBron again and getting the chance to win a championship again was too much to pass up,” he said.


No. 4: Report: Pistons willing to move Smith … for right price — Talk began to surface yesterday that pre-Draft trade talks between the Detroit Pistons and Sacramento Kings centering on forward Josh Smith were renewed. The teams are in fact talking about a deal that would send Smith to California, but for the Kings to pull it off, they may need to rethink their offer. Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News has more on what the Pistons are seeking in deals for Smith:

The Sacramento Kings are continuing their pursuit of Pistons power forward Josh Smith, sources told The Detroit News on Thursday.

This is the second time in recent weeks the Kings have approached Pistons officials about Smith, 28, who was signed by Detroit last summer for four years and $54 million.

The sources requested anonymity due to the ongoing nature of the negotiations.

When the Pistons and Kings engaged in talks a few weeks ago, negotiations centered around trading Smith for Jason Thompson and possibly Derrick Williams or Jason Terry. But according to sources, Pistons president Stan Van Gundy balked at dealing Smith for what essentially came down to spare parts.

The Kings are looking for a third team to help facilitate a deal, from a talent standpoint or a money standpoint.

If the Pistons decide to move Smith, it means they’ve decided the bulk of Smith’s problems didn’t just stem from moving over to small forward, a position he hadn’t played since the early years of his career when he was a younger, lighter and quicker player.

It means they’ve decided that Van Gundy doesn’t see a way to better utilize Smith’s defensive gifts, which was one of the apparent advantages the Pistons entered last season with, before virtually everyone struggled to defend their position.

With their recent signings, the Pistons have around $51 million in committed salary for next season, not factoring in restricted free agent Greg Monroe, whose return is far from a done deal.

The Pistons aren’t averse to trading Smith, but it’s clear Van Gundy won’t just give Smith away, especially with Monroe’s status up in the air. If it’s just a salary dump the Pistons are looking for — not likely — Sacramento’s previous deal could appeal to them.

But the Kings will have to try harder to acquire Smith, even if the Pistons want to move him for better-fitting players.

Smith can be had, just not for a bargain-basement price.

VIDEO: Relive some of Josh Smith’s top dunks with the Pistons last season


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: Big man Glen Davis and the Clippers reportedly have a one-year agreement in place … Veteran NBA reporter Bob Ryan won’t be presiding over the Josh Smith fanclub anytime soon … Former BYU star and ex-Kings and Bulls guard Jimmer Fredette reportedly has a deal with the Pelicans … Knicks boss Phil Jackson recently updated his autobiography with new passages on his role in recruiting Dwight Howard and more … Coach Dwane Casey and the Raptors want to deepen the camaraderie they built last season … Did the Lakers come out as winners with their recent signing of Carlos Boozer? … One poll says LeBron James is now the most popular male athlete in the U.S. … What are the Jazz doing with all those youngsters on the team? GM Dennis Lindsey explains it all … The Bulls might be interested in Aaron Brooks to take on their traditional scorer-off-the-bench role

ICYMI of The Night: Timberwolves rookie Zach LaVine showed the folks in Las Vegas why he might just be the best dunker in this year’s Draft class …

VIDEO: Zach LaVine puts on a pre-game dunk contest in Vegas


  1. .......... says:

    Cavs should try to get Josh Smith. They need his defense to compensate Varejao’s lack of it.

  2. RDC says:

    I think the Cavs need to at least see how Wiggins plays in the league and adapts to life in cleveland. If he plays well and they still want to trade him then they will get even better value for him. If he doesnt play well there will be alternatives in free agency next year. To risky to trade him now. The longer they keep Lebron the more star players they will be able to attract in free agency anyway.

  3. nice that i read the latest updates of those free agents who doesn”t yet sign.

  4. Broohaha says:

    It would be a terrible mistake for Love to go to Cleveland, he would have to defer to Lebron and be an okay player just like Bosh and Wadw were in Miami. There is only one basketball on the King’s Court.

    • Vlad says:

      Depends on what you what…you want to play for a contender…you go play with guys like James and take a step back. You want to put up numbers and never play in a playoff game, you stay as the nr 1 guy in a mediocre roster.

      Why would it be a mistake? It s obvious he can’t carry a team to success by himself


  6. Steven says:

    I thought Kevin Love wanted to win? Meaning if he goes to the Warriors am not sure he going win in the first couple of years being there, being the Warriors have give up so many pieces to get him…

  7. Che Sunday says:

    Keep Klay Thompson. Try and get Greg Monroe and forget about Kevin Love. The price is too high. You don’t need him to win. Monroe can give you great rebounding and some inside scoring. You can trade Lee for a future draft pick so as to create some room to sign Monroe. Please, don’t let Klay Thompson go.

  8. Dubs Hea says:

    Curry is our future PG
    Thompson is our future
    SG Barnes is our future SF


  9. David F Ivy says:

    As a hard core Heat fan I need to speak up and say enough about Lebron and his departure.He has chosen his path based on his needs and desires and whatever he does from here good luck and thanks for the four years.
    What I think it is time for is to roll out the cheers for those that opted to stay and fight the battle.
    Dwayne,Udonis,Chris and the birdman and more..thanks for hanging around and having a sense of loyality.

  10. A Suns Fan says:

    To be completely honest, I do think that Bled is asking a little too much with the max. Bled should take 4 Years, 60 mil like Dragic did a couple of years ago. Bledosoe’s younger than Dragic, but Dragic is the better player. Bledsoe has the potential do develop into a better player than Dragic if given time, and should be given the max when he turns 28-29 and is in his prime. Heck, Dragic is just reaching his prime (He’s 27, if memory serves), and Bled is 24 (also, if memory serves). Bledsoe’s underpaid at 4 years, 48 mil, but the max is overpaying him, even for what he can become. There’s also the question of injuries with Bledsoe, but with the Suns’ amazing training staff, I’m not sure how much that’ll matter, at least in the long run.

  11. Carl j says:

    Why is james trying to take talent to his team he can’t win anything by himself he always needs someone to help him. Cavaliers have a good roster I’m pretty sure they can make it to the eastern conference finals but I’m pretty sure spurs, Okc, clippers, suns, and warriors are a better team then the cavaliers. In my opinion.

  12. KING JAMES says:

    Don’t let WIGGINS traded Bron..he has talent..a nice combination..

  13. mark says:

    1st off kevin love tempting the wariors to offer up klay in a trade by stating that he would not leave next year for free agency and play there that extra year I belive mr love is smart and seeing a.chance to play and have really big numbers for a good team.and maybe the Warriors can win him.over but unless a extention I made I would not trade klay who is younger and is showing great ability that is a backcourt for years to come so I say don’t do it and same goes for the caves yeah you could have lebron for the next decade but with Wiggins there and kyrie you can be winning games for the 15 years if you keep place that’s All they need and they can win for a long time to come as for bledsoe I would say he go to a team where can run the show be the point gaurd for now and the future maybe the knicks maybe the pacers maybe the heat if they want to start a new begining a be the rockets looking for the 3rd piece for a big3 maybe he not there yet as all star but so much potential it ridiculous next up josh smith cousins rudy gay trying to form.a big 3 like this will definitely eat up a lot of cap space but they might become a group of guys that might actually work together because they each have there spot and because they will actually play where there comfortable at you won’t have rotation issues and if you can play to there strength this could be a good team key word here good not great but good the west is just to strong you can be good in the east and make the playoffs but in the west you better be a great team a 50 win make the playoffs so overall sactown is down out with a bad mix of old and young and players who never quite developed and there where bad Draft choices and some.good choices but the good ones got traded and the bad ones never made the jump owe they tried to rebuild but they never put together a young team to grow together and never had a solid coach for those players to grow in system that they can learn over time and learn how to play together so keep rebuilding sac hopefully you get it right

  14. Andrew Blaney says:

    As amazing as it would be to have LeBron, kyrie and Kevin love on the same side in 2014-2015, why not wait until he is a free agent and get him then? That way Cavs can keep Wiggins and Bennett?

  15. Dalton PHILLIPS says:

    Cleveland don’t trade for Love; he was good but was not good enough to lead his team to the playoffs. In addition, Minnesota does not have a lot of leverage; Love could leave at year end and they will get nothing. Be patient Cavs, don’t blink first. You’ll get him by mid season and you would not have to deal Wiggins.

  16. kenny says:

    add lamb in to make the salery closer

  17. kenny says:

    perkins collisins first rounder for Love and rubbio

  18. lacrampa says:

    kevin love to the warriors ? kevinnn what are you doing, they are soft. Kerr is soft, curry is soft, and they are the head. you go to the wolves again with them, smh

  19. lacrampa says:

    bledosoe declines 12M year ? all this new kids thinking they are so great, i deserve the max mann. well, nope. mediahype.
    give more to tall these guys and you become stuck with salary cap in a mediocre starter team with no bench. modern kids lol. they forgot you have to win first, a good season and they think they are top 3.

  20. Anthony T says:

    Lebron goes to the Heat because he was playing with his friends and forming a Dream Team. The Heats trio went down and they’re not #1 anymore. Now Lebron is back with the Cavs and invites Mike Miller, then Mike Miller invites Ray Allen, trying to form another Dream Team. This is the stuff that bothers me. They look like a bunch of high schoolers in a pick up game forming their own Dream Team between friends only.

  21. ricz says:

    That Bledsoe loves to dream eh?
    And lol what’s up w/ Cavs wanting a championship ASAP

  22. ANTHONY says:

    4 team trade with the Cavaliers, T’Wolves, Celtics and Lakers. The Cavs acquire Kevin Love, Wesley Johnson & Ronny Turiaf. T’Wolves acquire A.Wiggins, A. Bennett, T. Thompson & Keith Bogans. Celtics acquire Dion Waiters. This trade would work for all parties

  23. Kyurem says:

    cave fan are dreaming too much. Lebron can’t beat the spurs. Lebron won’t beat the spurs carrying a team with no chemistry just talent. Cleveland wins championship is like the raptors winning a championship. And the raps looks like they still have a better chance then cleveland

  24. SunsFanSince1970 says:

    What kind of world are we living in where people turn down $48 million dollars for four years? And then to tell others that they play for the love of the game?

    I think I would scrub toilets 8 hours a day for 48 million/4 years……and people are turning that money down just to play basketball?

    Don’t get me wrong. I think Bledsoe is a very good player, but……..COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. OK says:

    Pacers should offer Bledsoe the money Lance wouldn’t take….Pacers have lacked a true driving, distributing point for years. Stephenson and Paul George’s game is to similar on offense and both need to have ball in hand… a future of Bledsoe and George would be a solid foundation for the Pacers. I am not a Pacers fan just a bball fan. It appears Bledsoe is not pleased with the addition of Thomas so he may take less than the alleged $80 million he is reported to be seeking allowing him to be the man at point on a contending team.

  26. Heem says:

    I think with the new edition of isaih thomas the bledsoe rejection wont hurt pheonix.

  27. cavs fan says:

    I would like to see the pistons and cavs make something happen with smith

  28. bodjee says:

    Cavs should keep Wiggins and get a defensive minded PF.

  29. cavs fan says:

    What joke lebron is you got that way wrong but that’s your opinion but mine is he is the best in the world he has proven it to all you haters time and time again and as for short cuts he spent his first seven seasons in a cavs uniform and year after year could not win a title.Because of all the deep teams he could not beat him self like Boston(piece,rondo,Garnett, Allen),and spurs and the list goes on so he did what he had to.and it worked and then last season looked like he was carrying the cavs again.and now he back in a cavs uniform and we don’t need k-love who has failed to take the t-wolves to the playoffs in the past six seasons I believe we have enough talent to become a true contender for an NBA title coming out the east among the pacers and bulls say rose stays healthy but the cavs are in the playoffs with out K-love so stay with Wiggins cavs

    • TerryMcGinnis says:

      This is a perfect example of what LeBron is trying to accomplish, helping the kids of Cleveland. This poor Cavs fan can’t even make proper sentences.

  30. dnnyqst says:

    Sun’s are looking kind of bad here, the Bledsoe drama, and this free agency period for the Suns has been really odd……They need a skilled big man, Greg Monroe at 24 yrs is a pretty good free agent, they signed tolliver, could have gotten boozer probably for the same amount……signed Thomas which was good, Pj was a decent signing, but with all the cap they had, they were dreaming too much, and allowed many other good players get away who could have filled the sun’s needs…small ball, with a limited defense aint gonna win a championship, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. BallDon'tLie says:

    Keeping my eye on Zack Lavine. He should have been drafted by the Lakers. Another wasted talent to Minnesota. Ask KG!

  32. Kenneth Williams says:

    Come on Gundy give us smith you get 1 or 2 expiring contracts and a solid backup for Monroe or Drummond cause thompson can play both get dallas in the mix to get rid of terry or Boston and bring rondo with smith and add a draft pick or two a first and second the following year or two first rounders since you get better players later in the rounds anyways

  33. mr.cavs/warriors says:

    i like both teams but trading away for andrew wiggins is a very bad choice,if the cavs trade wiggins then they should trade for andrew bogut for a strong defensive frame and the gs warriors need to get some new talent.

  34. Adam says:

    You can’t blame Kevin Love for thinking that way. It all began when Lebron James left Cleveland to join Miami, in order to be with other superstars to shortcut his way to win an NBA crown. Lebron has set a precedence, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of Kevin Love, you’re not the first to shortcut your way. Now, Love. along with other superstars or players in the NBA know that they only have to follow one path – that of Lebron, the shortest and easiest way, to win a crown. Now, that Lebron is back in Cleveland, he knows the only way to win another is to lure the other desperate ones. All desperate superstars, join Lebron in Cleveland to win a ring, the way he did in Miami. And once you’ve won a ring, Kevin, bolt your team and go back to Minnesota, this time, you have nothing to lose, you already have a ring. Whatta joke that Lebron is.

    • Chris%brand says:

      I see a lot of lebron haters. Where were you haters when kobe teamed up with shaq? LeBron wanted to win and yes he got tired of trying to win alone. Just ask kobe now. Kobe can’t get a ring alone!!!. Basketball is a team sport.

  35. Nasty says:

    The Cavaliers should target Hibbert instead of Love..
    Cleveland need a center, especially if they are piling up shooters around Bron (Miller, Allen?, Jones?).
    Haywood or Varejao wont lock the inside, we all know that.. and Indiana is looking to trade Hibbert and could easily let him go for a Dion Waiters that will take the starting 2 spot!

  36. Ed says:

    The Cavs should offer Waiters and Bennett to the Pistons for Smith or a sign and trade for Monroe and throw in a draft pick if they miss out on Love or decide that they can’t part with Wiggins. Smith would be interesting playing along side Lebron,Wiggins and Irving in a small ball athletic line-up that would really push the tempo. Or Monroe would offer an inside presence they currently just don’t have.

  37. BIG PELICAN says:

    If I had to choose between Kyrie Irving or Eric Bledsoe. Take a Guess. Eric Bledsoe is quicker, more dominant and STRONGER. Kyrie is very good and deserving of $20Million. Eric Bledsoe is the better of the Two in my humble opinion.

  38. PrettyBoy Flizzy says:

    Why does Bledsoe think he can get that much money with all the other point guards on that team that don’t get paid that much but are just about equal with Bledsoe. He has potential and had a good year but its not enough to ask for all that money, he still has much proving to do. You not John Wall even though you came from the same school. Smh I didn’t think Bledsoe was like this. Highly disappointed.

    • Cons23 says:

      Agree. Too young, too ambitious.

      • Ed says:

        I agree, Bledsoe can play no question, but still has a lot to prove hopefully no one offers him that kind of money, Or all the young guys who haven’t done anything yet will think they also deserve that kind of money.

  39. joe says:

    Remember Carlos Boozer? Why Trade wiggins for only one guarenteed year of Love in CLE. You have to be nuts to trade for Love with only one year guarenteed. Then he opts out next year and Cavs are down Wiggins and Love.

    • Romo says:

      If the cavs trade for Love and give up wiggins they would have to demand he sign a four year extension or at least a two year so they would be able to resign lebron and love at the same time.

  40. blesone says:

    Lebron Should have stayed in Miami if he want to continue to play with the heat team mates

    • dd def says:

      hey, if they wanna follow him that’s their business. it’s not like he told the cavs he’d return as long as he could bring his posse. you’ll notice it talks about lebron reaching out to love and miller reaching out to allen. last i checked, mike miller isn’t lebron james.

  41. cavs fan says:

    I live in Cleveland I go to every game don’t let lebron make the choices here we can do it with out love he is a defensive liability no rim protection at all don’t get me wrong I would love for my home town to win a championship but this is life or death for Wiggins career keep him and 2 years max we will be in the finals.Wiggins is the best to come out of college since Irving do u really wanna take the chance of trading that.But on the other hand u don’t get this kind of chance often the cavs got a choice to make

    A.Wiggins=the future

    Make the right one and wait it out if the warriors want him bad enough to give up klay Thompson they can have him cause even with Wiggins we can’t offer anything like that but golden state will be kicking their self in the teeth afterwards. regardless if we have love or not cavs are making it to the Eastern conference finals u heard here first

  42. The Answer says:

    I was a wolves fan during the KG era but due to multiple failures to achieve the biggest goal, i got tired of them. Now KLove is being hyped like he is the best PF/C in the league. Let me elaborate on that. Klove is a great talent period. however he is not worth thompson,lee,barnes and a pick, or wiggins, bennett, and 2 picks. He has produced great numbers for the past years but so did chris bosh during his raptors years. its mainly due to the fact that there is only one talented player in their team and their doing the bulk of the work. heck they don’t even have the leadership to lead a team to two consecutive playoff apperances. look at CB during his raptors days 24ppg 11rpg. now heat as a third wheel, 16ppg 6rpg. and he’s getting paid max. if cavs or warriors nails this trade their gonna be competing for 2 years and then gonna get their bench thinned out, over the cap and looking to sign vets at a minimum to fill up 5 roster spots. while klove averages about 17ppg 8rpg as a third wheel missing a bulk of games and getting a max deal. STAND YOUR GROUND GMS. Love is leaving anyway, don’t trade away your future!

    • De Awts says:

      I agree and u already think like a gm haha

    • Iggy says:

      I don’t understand why none of these so called sport journalists can have half of the smart elaborate thinking your post had. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell the cavs will give up half their team in order to get some scoring and rebounding, i just don’t understand why the media keeps making stories about it. I understand they gotta write about something but damn…

  43. Cao says:

    Hahahahahaha, Lebron in his essay said that he was going to be difficult to win with a young team in Cleveland, that he will try to win one championship. That he was willing to help the young team to accomplish that. Then , he turns around and gets Miller, James Jones, trying to get Allen, Love and Bird Man. I guess that he forget what he wrote only a week after he wrote it. What a joke!!!. All these guys are veterans. I guess that he was disappointed with the Bird man Staying in Miami.

    • Troy says:

      My friend what LJ did was only for PR purposes to fool ignorant NBA fans. He is planing to get the title from the first year forget about helping young team, etc etc.

    • dd def says:

      am i the only person that read the part that says “MIKE MILLER TRYING TO RECRUIT ALLEN” or what? how is everyone pinning that on lebron?

      • #dwade#flash says:

        so you saying that MIKE MILLER RECRUITING ALLEN that james got nothing to say about that?

  44. Defdun says:

    Warriors trying to get rid of Splash bro 2, Harrison Barnes and David Lee… Thats unbelievably stupid, as Klay is a budding superstar, Barnes is a bright young talent and David Lee has shown he’s tough and playoff proven as well as a great all around player. Most importantly the former excellent chemistry will be totally lost,..
    WAKE UP management! Look at the Spurs and keep together your teams/stars/budding stars if you want to succeed long-term in the NBA.

  45. Rhedz03 says:

    C – Kevin Love / Brendan Haywood
    Pf – Lebron James / Anderson Verajao
    Sf – Anthony Bennett / Tristan Thompson
    Sg – Ray Allen / Mike Miller / James Jones
    Pg – Kyrie Irving / Dion Waiters

    =3rd Ring For Lebron, 1st Ring For Irving, First Championship For The Cavs…

    • brian says:

      you clearly do not know cleveland’s player’s positions….

    • Troy says:

      And you do not know Cleveland organization. While Wade got ring with old Shaq in 2006, James could not get it with the same Shaq..Have you ever thought WHY?

      • momingidev says:

        You do know Shaq was 4 years older in 2010 than he was in 2006, right?

      • YOOO says:

        You do know Shaq was 4 years older then, right?

      • lol says:

        that was a totally even MORE washed up shaq, who didnt even start. lol

      • Nasty says:

        In 2006, Shaq was still a dominant big..
        Then 2006-2007 season came with injuries.. and he barely played till he went to Phoenix 2seasons later…
        2009-2010 season with the Cavs.. he wasnt the dominant guy anymore, got injured early in January if my memory is good :p , they played with JJ Hickson as C (who made a terrific job) and he came back for the 1st round of the Playoffs which was a big mistake from Mike Brown…

        Mike Brown 1st mistake was to rest LeBron for the last 5-6 game of the season, his teamates Williams, Jamison &Co. were totally lost without Bron running the offense (mainly because they were more spec then actors of the LeBron show during the season..). They lost most of those games.
        His 2nd mistake was to oust Hickson and put an old Shaq directly in.. You never change something that works, especially replacing a guy who’s a factor of your team W’s by one who hasn’t played for month.. Van Gundy did the same bs by replacing Rafer Alston in The Finals to Jameer Nelson..

      • WadeCounty says:

        So So So True although I liked Miami with Lebron. Not a real Lebron fan I like D. Wade bc he proved that he was leader. I don’t see leader in Lebron. But we will see.

      • WadeCounty says:

        Who was on that team that won 2006 in Miami besides Shaq and Zo and GP. All supposely washed up players and D. Wade led them to a championship. Lebron couldn’t do it and he had talent several times.

    • Cons23 says:

      Not if the Spurs have anything to say about it… I would love to see how james reacts when he falls to the Spurs for a 3rd time.

    • Ur dumb says:

      Who the hell puts bnnett and thompson at small forward plus lebron at pf would erode his body

    • proven choker says:

      lebron is a sore loser how many superstar he needs to get a ring? man up lebron

  46. MR JAY says:

    why hasnt houston already signed bledsoe? free agency opened long ago and houston knew they were getting rid of lin..they need a starting point guard. beverely aint much of a starter in my eyes..just sayin. we dont need a lebron or carmello or even a love. we need a point guard to take pressure of harden. thats all we need.. not even a scorer. we have 2 of those guys already. no rebounding. we got a few of those guys already too. we have nobody to execute and create space for james and dwight

    • JoshL says:

      Because that foo wants $16 million a year. How many All Star appearances Bledsoe has made again?

    • Defdun says:

      What you(-ston) need is a management/ownership that is willing to trust the players/coaches and ready to wait for a team to come together, instead of re-tooling the team every summer!

  47. OKC says:

    Yeah Love should go home to LA… The clippers would love him lol.

  48. TTKIN says:

    Love is good, but he aint worth 2 of ur starters and ur 6th man.

  49. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    Bledsoe, you greedy pig, you’re not worth 16 mil a year.

    • TTKIN says:

      If u look at what other PGs make who put up similar numbers, and play the same style…ya, he’s worth it for sure. 4/48 is a completely low-ball offer.

      PHO is smart and so is Bledsoe. PHO starts low, he starts high, they meet in the middle. If Im him, I don’t sign for less than 15/yr.

      • PrettyBoy Flizzy says:

        Actually most of the players who put up similar or even better numbers still don’t get paid as much as what Bledsoe’s asking for. Parker, Irving, hell Dragic, Thomas, Ellis, Walker, and I’m pretty sure I’m missing a few but I’m pretty sure they don’t get paid as much. Also, each atleast had time to prove themselves as a consistent player year in and year out, which Bledsoe has yet to do. He still has other things to prove and PHO doesn’t need an overpaid player on the roster if he doesn’t produce what he’s supposed to

    • BIG PELICAN says:

      BLEDSOE is worth $20 million annually doesn’t matter if he wasn’t picked for the ALL STAR Game. That guy is unguardable. His quickness is the difference maker. he knows his worth. I hope and pray o the Good LORD he leaves the Wester Conference. Eric Bledsoe is a MONSTER!

  50. JJ says:

    Warriors would be stupid to let go of Thompson and Barnes…

    • BallDon'tLie says:

      He shouldn’t get more than 13mil+ not even 14. He hasn’t done anything yet to warrant that. If he gets it, he gets it from a struggling team. Plus he is injury prone.

  51. harrythehawk says:

    Wow, I think Josh Smith and his basketball career can be resurrected in Sacramento. Let him go Van Gundy!

  52. Love should go to the lakers…that would be a better fit for him seeing that he’s from LA too…theres no better place like home 🙂

  53. The Truth says:

    Impressive but Nothing on Wiggins.. sorry.