Lakers ‘win’ Boozer via amnesty auction

The often criticized and productive Carlos Boozer gets a new start in L.A.

The often criticized and durable Carlos Boozer joins a glut of power forwards in L.A.

CHICAGO – It is a measure of Carlos Boozer‘s reputation 12 years into his NBA career that, with his acquisition by the Los Angeles Lakers Thursday, both the Lakers-are-tanking and the Lakers-aren’t-tanking crowds felt like winners.

Such is the polarizing game and persona of Boozer, a former All-Star power forward and the Chicago Bulls’ expensive discard.

On the floor, Boozer’s production last season (17.5 points, 10.6 rebounds, 2.0 assists per 36 minutes) dropped off modestly from his career numbers (18.8, 11.0, 2.6 per 36). His decline was most noticeable in shooting – he’s a career .523 shooter who fell to .456 in 2013-14 – and in a player-efficiency rating (14.4) that was the worst of his career. His minutes were down as well (from 32.2 as recently as 2012-13 to 28.2) largely due to his defense; Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau preferred to have Boozer sitting on the bench near him in many fourth quarters last season.

Still, Boozer was a decent offensive option with his high-arcing jump shots and slick work from both sides of the rim. And he was durable, no small asset on a Chicago team beset again with injuries.

But the folks at United Center didn’t much care about the fine points. They held Boozer accountable for who he wasn’t and what he got paid in spite of that. He came to Chicago in the summer of 2010, when the Bulls cleared cap space for stars such as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson, only to settle for and spend on Boozer.

His impact never was quite good enough (despite four trips to the playoffs), given his contract (five years, $75 million).

Also, his boisterous ways and his Teflon demeanor – Boozer seemed too much the prototype professional athlete to many, a clock-puncher unfazed by losses or setbacks – chafed in a sports town that can smell paper tigers. Let’s just say that talk about amnestying Boozer began as soon as the clause was put into the collective bargaining agreement in November 2011 – before Boozer’s second Bulls season.

This was typical of the fan perception of Boozer, expressed by a Chicago sports talk-show host on The Score 670AM:

So a good-riddance vibe carried the day in Chicago when Boozer was cut free this week, the Bulls on the hook to pay his $16.8 million salary for this season but freeing up the cap space to sign Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic. That had fans in Lakerland wondering what they had just landed.

Teams with cap space could bid on Boozer, and the Lakers won his amnesty-waivers right with a bid reported to be $3.25 million. That offsets what the Bulls owe him. But it doesn’t do anything about the logjam at power forward, with the 27-55 Lakers drafting Julius Randle, re-signing Jordan Hill and acquiring Ed Davis.

It smacks of window dressing for a team that got snubbed by Carmelo Anthony and had little else to show for free agency’s big names this offseason. In that way, even if it required the amnesty process to deliver him, it felt a little like 2010 again.

Except of course Boozer is four years older and the Lakers can’t legitimately target the conference finals the way Chicago did in his first season there.

One way for Lakers fans to look at it is that they traded Gasol for Boozer, and the Bulls have to pay most of the combined salaries. That might not make them feel any better, either.


  1. No offense to Laker fans, but I’m sorry, Carlos Boozer will not lead the Lakers to the playoffs. He is simply an awful player, the fact that he was once an All Star is beyond me.

  2. PE Jennings says:

    Hey OKC guys, how many championships have you won? Hahaha. After you win 1, then you can comment on how to win in the NBA!!! I have a feeling you might never get one!

  3. Erik says:



  4. okc fan says:


  5. LakersFan says:

    Here is a quick review of where we are in terms of building a championship worthy roster:

    Starting SG (Kobe) – Check

    Backup SG/SF (Swaggy P) – Check

    Backup PF (Boozer) – Check

    Everything else – Missing

  6. Apollo says:

    We should not be shocked that the team that still does not have a coach with 4 months from pre-season has an inconsistent roster. What’s the appeal other than playing in the largest media market in the league? The world gets to see your team struggle.

  7. Michael says:

    There is a big hole at small forward that needs to be adressed. And another big man is needed. At small forward I would try to get Evan Turner or/and maybe Michael Beasley. And for the center position I would give minimum offer for both Emeka Okafor and Andrew Bynum. Both are low risk and high reward for that price.

    The other thing that bothers me is that the Jeremy Lin trade(wasted money) puts Lakers out of the running to sign either Greg Monroe or Eric Bledsoe. Both would be amazing additions.

    • not even close says:

      If anything the Lakers have some very good depth at SF – with Wes’ Johnson, Henry and Kobe (at a pinch), being able to play at the 3. The Lakers look to have a painful season ahead at Center (with only Sacre & Hill covering). I will say what everyone already knows: that the Lakers front-office doesn’t have a clue about building a team. Jim Buss is a disgrace to his late, great father’s name & everything Old Jerry built upon the Lakers name. The signing of Boozer is simply testament to how lost Jim Buss and Kupchak really are. More sad times for the greater Laker fan-base.

  8. Ed says:

    When did it all go so wrong in Lakerland? Oh yeah you had a Dwighmare!

    • okckd35 says:

      It went wrong in lakerland when the thunder got good. They havent been the same since the thunder outed them in the playoffs the 2nd year they met. Ever since then they been losing players and games

      • Caldron Pool says:

        Probably goes back to when they lost miserably to Dallas in the playoffs, lost Phil Jackson, lost Lamar Odom, traded Derek Fisher for Ramon Sessions (only to not resign him) citing the need for more speed and youth at the point guard position, only to let Sessions go in favor of Steve Nash (so much for more speed and youth and the PG spot). Then losing Bynum for Dwight, only to come out on the other end with neither.

        There is a long series of blunders several years in length.

  9. LongTimeLakerFan says:

    I have been a Laker fan since the Elgin Balor & Jerry West days, but have to say now that the Laker’s are definitely the number 2 B-Ball team in the city of Los Angeles and that fact is not going to change any time soon (years from now). Kobe’s contract is hurting any chances the Laker’s have of getting better players, and no one wants to play with Kobe any more, so he is not helping the team in any way any longer. I also doubt he will ever be able to return to anything close to his old self performance wise and he should seriously consider retirement. It is sad to see such a great franchise fall apart so quickly and completely, due to a few injuries and bad management, I guess all I can hope for over the next few seasons is that Chris Paul doesn’t melt down again in the Playoff’s and that they can make it to at least one Finals appearance, if they can stop trying to “retool” every Summer and keep some of their best players long enough for them to learn how to play together. The Spurs showed us that this is a TEAM game, and to get a bunch of big ego millionaires to play together as a unit, you have to keep them together more than one season.

  10. fan says:

    Kobe can still drop 81 points, other guys need to score some 30 points combined and we are all ok.

    • okckd35 says:

      He dropped 81 one time in his career many years ago and u think he can still do it? Kobe is good but well past his prime. He cant score 81 again. Especially without his team of all stars to take the pressure off

      • Tiye castillo says:

        Im a lakers fan but when kobe signing for the big salry is not good, he is not a contender anymore,

  11. dmh says:

    In the west, the Lakers have no chance unless a major apocolypse happens with the rest of the west. If they were in the east that would be a little different, as even though the east on paper is greatly improved, it is no matchup for most teams in the western conference.

    The league is greatly changed with the latest cba. The cba favors teams like the thunder or the spurs who build their core organically through the draft. Teams like the lakers or the knicks who are used to signing whatever star they want as the luxury tax and cap meant very little to them in the past, have to re-adjust their team building strategies as the penalties are much harsher now. Plus with Kobe and Nash being old and injured the past couple seasons, star players are not willing to wait for those two to come back or retire. This was the best that the Lakers were going to do this year.

    Boozer is another offensive option. Boozer is smaller than Gasol and does not defend as well as Gasol did. This is not saying Gasol wasn’t slipping, especially defensively, but Boozer is a step back. I think he can mentor Randle but, Randle needs to see the court and be able to play through his rookie mistakes. Boozer kind of takes away from that.

    The Lin trade was a good plan B. It is a cap friendly contract that expires after this season. Also the Hill signing has an option for next season. I think Hill can do more than what he has shown. The problem was the coach Mike D’Antoni more or less being allergic to post players. However Mike D is gone. This cba is not going to be friendly to the lakers unless they take a step back and grow organically. The lakers should be better. I don’t think they have enough though and I think if they don’t play their cards right it could take away from Randle’s development. Kupchak, Buss, and co. have not adjusted to the realities of the new cba and if they don’t play their cards right it could screw them in the longrun.

  12. TRU LAKER says:


  13. Erikgarcia says:

    If they get Al-Farouq Aminu or Shawn Marion plus a healthy Okafor, that can be a nice turn around for the team. The Lakers might not win the championship this coming season, but at least they can make it into the second round of playoffs.

    The management now needs to make some good moves moving forward.

  14. LorenzMotionless says:

    I think the Lakers should get Greg Monroe

  15. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    Off to the lottery!

  16. dave says:

    people are unbelievably optimistic, you don’t appreciate how badly the lakers will do in such a good western conference, have you not learned?

    • TerryMcGinnis says:

      If you’re a fan of a team, you have to have some optimism… otherwise you wouldn’t be a fan.

      • you're kidding, right? says:

        It’s one thing to be optimistic .. and another to be blindly delusional (as in fanatical Lakers fans who think the Lakers have any chance of the playoffs next season) :/

      • optimism is one thing says:

        but being plain, downright delusional (like fanatical Lakers fans like you) is another thing completely

  17. Erikgarcia says:

    I’m a BIG laker fan ever since I become a basketball fan and I really don’t think the management is doing their job on getting the guys that can really compete for playoffs. This is another So-so season for Lakerland.

  18. Arnold Pineda says:

    Evan Turner plus 1 more Center then Lakers look like a 2nd round Play off team

  19. matek-blues says:

    with players like: Trevor Ariza, Eric Bledsoe, Shawn Marion, Lance Stephenson, DeJuan Blair, Andray Blatche out there for the taking I believe that we were able for much more respectable roster on both ends of the court.. now with Lin (only 4a, and almost 3 turnovers last season), Davis (5p;4r last two seasons), bringing back Nash (who I love and respect but it’s over with injuries and age), letting Bazemore, Henry and Johnson to maybe leave (there goes our young backups) I sadly think that we will again be very much below .500.. as for Boozer, I think that he isn’t good as Pau, but Pau was on so much trade-talk pressure last few years that he had to go, and we had to replace him with someone, so if Boozer can get his 14p ; 8r, ; 2a, and someone from the bench can get 4p ; 2r ; 1a we will make up for Gasol numbers.. but when you look at the possibility for starting 5 like: PG – Bledsoe, SG – Kobe, SF – Stephenson, PF – Boozer, C – Hill, and than have Marshall, Young, Henry, Marion, Ariza, Randle, Kelly of the bench.. that would seem like heading in the right direction with few veterans and a couple of promising young guns.. sorry for my english (if there are some mistakes) and greetings from Croatia..

  20. M1978 says:

    Unfortunatly this is still too weak. Boozer and Randle will make good PF-s. Kobe the SG, but the other positions? Nash should have retired 2 years ago, Linn is an average player. Swaggy P 😀
    They got rid the big man too…
    So they have no real center and are weak in couple of other positions. In a good case they gonna make it 6th-8th in the west and lose in the first round. In a bad scenario they won’t make it to the playoffs 😦

  21. boots says:

    Kobe, Lin, Swaggy P and Boozer will barely reach WCF then lose in 6 to probably the Spurs, but maybe some other team.

    • Jroc118 says:

      Are you serious? WCF? Lose in 6? LOL Lakers will be below .500 again. We will not make the playoffs. The west has never been this competitve and this is one of the worst time periods for the Lakers.

    • okckd35 says:

      Lol wcf. Lucky to make the playoffs let alone get through SAS,OKC, LAC, GSW,Hou,mem,dal,etc..lucly if the get a 7 or 8 seed =SAS or OKC round 1

      • kobebeast says:

        dude, okc’s done. if they don’t win the NBA Championship, the Olympics and the World Cup, KD and Eastriver are “bye bye”

  22. Edgardo says:

    Dont forget Jordan Clarkson, he prove can play very well in the NBA. Is the Laker best player in the summer camp.

  23. edgardo89 says:

    PG – Lin
    SG – Kobe
    SF – BIG HOLE considering all the great SF in the league
    PF – Boozer
    C – Hill
    6th – Nick Cannon erm Young

    Under Byron Scott’s system, I think the Lakers just need a defensive SF with the ability to knock down threes and then can be a threat. There was Parsons, Pierce, Ariza to fill this hole but now they’re taken. Maybe Beasley is the next best option? Who else is there?

    • J says:

      lol a threat… no lets be real here k this is a shoddy put together team that meant to have a big name at the SF position, they’re just loser another season till next free agency

    • okckd35 says:

      Compared to westbrook,jackson,durant,ibaka,perkins. Lol yea the lakers are even much better on paper

  24. Eaglos says:

    Kobe is still the main problem. He is a heavily battered 35 year old veteran coming from
    a possible career ending injury. If you are planning to build your whole game around him,
    Boozer or not, there won’t be much improvement.

  25. DTr says:

    The Lakers have to take every bargain that they can get a hold on due to the ridiculous extension that Kobe demanded. They might make the playoffs but what is that good for? Getting swept in the first round is high probability. Lin had one good stretch with the Knicks, Boozer is no-defense and Kobe is 35 and will not carry them the way he did before his injury. And even then, teams like the Spurs and OKC will be much better.
    The next 2 years are no rebuilding years but cahs-in years for Kobe. The rebuilding will start once Kobe’s contract is done. He doesn’t have only a small part of the greatness that Dirkules showed in Dallas. I am looking forward to the new season and the Lakers again going lottery or max. 8th or 7th seat…

  26. LakersFan says:

    I’ll trade the hell out of Nash,Boozer and Lin when 2k15 comes out just to calm myself a little..

    • okckd35 says:

      Who would u tade for. Nash is old and injured, lin is a joke and boozer just got amnestied for being a joke. Not much value there. Maybe those 3 for sebastian telfair hahahah

  27. eric says:

    I see this ending up as one of those pf will be traded for a decent center!front office knows that kobe wants to win now.I still believe and hope that it will happen sooner,if not,next season!!!

  28. Ice Age For The Lakers says:

    Another former All-Star player. People in Time Warner Cable will be a little bit happier. At least on the paper games will be more watchable.

    Predictions for Lakers – long run in draft lottery.

  29. allan says:

    35-win season at best for lakers..

    • a little optimistic says:

      I give ’em 30-32 wins.. if they actually show a little fight (not well known quality in LaLa Land).

  30. Ben says:

    Sign Evan Turner, nobody signed him yet .. He’s a great shooting guard – small forward and can be in the starting lineup or at least be a backup for kobe when he’s on the bench.
    We dont have many guards – forwards so i think if the Lakers will sign him they can definitely make a playoffs run

  31. lakerslive says:

    I think it’s time for mitch Kumcheck to go…. making these horrible decisions.

  32. J4CK Nicholson says:

    A starting lineup of Marshall, Kobe (when healthy), Swaggy, Randle and Hill is not bad. But looking at bench, like Sacre, Boozer, Nash and Lin is a big joke. They still have to sign Henry, Johnson. They let go of Meeks, Gasol who are productive and were there when the team is down. I’m not so sure wht’s with the Buss after signing Kobe to a big contract. Don’t get me wrong, I do know Kobe’s caliber. But if he wants his 6th ring he should have signed for less.

  33. dee que says:

    I think people like the fact that boozer isn’t soft the way gasol is. that’s it. gasol is talented but has too much finesse. and on the block they want a mean physical player so by getting boozer that’s all they care about. I was surprised at why they didn’t get deng. that just didn’t make sense.

    im not sure of what to make with this team. maybe kobe on lakers in 04-05 all over again?

  34. PG – Nash – Marshall
    SG – Kobe – Lin – Clarkson
    SF – Young – Henry – Kelly
    PF – Boozer – Randle – Johnson
    C – Hill – Davis – Sacre

    looks decent

  35. So the it’s just like the lakers basically traded Gasol to Boozer which is obviously a downgrade….BUT! boozer is much cheaper and now lakers have depth on their bench with all these new players coming in…so yeah! lakers may not win but will be competitive…would love to see Bulls and Lakers on the finals! those are my two teams this year haha

  36. Pax says:

    Only reason Boozer wasn’t efficient in Chicago was because he thrives of other players who constantly drive in the paint. Since Derrek Rose was injured most of the times, he didn’t have that person to feed him the ball. Now that he will have Jeremy Lin and Kobe to take it to the hole, Boozer will have more success and play like he did in Utah

    • BonnieBear29 says:

      Agreed. He never did quite live up to the big contract, but he was an efficient (50%+) scorer those first two years when Rose was healthy. Boozer wasn’t really a post-up guy, he played the pick-and-roll a lot with Williams in Utah. With Rose on the court he shot well over 50%. Boozer’s big decline started when D-Rose went down.

  37. Ball Of Flame says:

    I agree with dfella504, Boozer and Deng could have brought that hard work ethic that they were known for in Chicago.

  38. JoshKing says:

    Gasol is better on defense than Carlos. At least Gasol can move his feet and get u a few blocks. Carlos doesnt even attempt to help on defense. Some come on this page and try to make it seem as if Carlos is a better player than Gasol, mainly because thyre Lakers fans, and bitter about Gasol leaving. now theyre tryna convince themselves that the Lakers have a Allstar lineup. Cant get any funnier than that!!

  39. Go Lakers.. says:

    Boozer made the Lakers line up now capable of play-off run with the powerful West Conference teams.. Now Kobe, Boozer, Lin and J.Hill can carry the Lakers to play-off run together with Julius Randle .. Lakers environment is way different from Chicago Bulls and Boozer isn’t happy with Chicago anymore.. He’ll be pressured to do all of his best with the winning team in the history of NBA Lakers and with one of the NBA’s Greatest player Of All Time Kobe Bryant now in his team.. He’ll surely will perform with an ALL-Star performance again with Lakers.. We look forward to you Carlos Boozer to help Lakers for championship run..

    • chandler says:

      C’mon man. I’ve been a Laker fan since I was born and I know that even the greatness of Kobe Bryant at 35, Carlos Boozer, and a fresh promising rookie can’t make the playoffs over San Antonio, OKC, the other LA team, Portland, Golden State, Houston, Memphis, Dallas, or even Phoenix. At best they may creep into the playoffs as the 8th seed. But be real here man. This is the Lakers few rebuilding years. Hopefully Jim Buss will be out as he promised if he can’t make the Lakers a “title contending team in 4 years.” Then maybe Jeanie can take over and make it all better. Kobe isn’t getting his 6th either as sad as I am to say that. Sorry to break it to you man. Realistic Laker fan here.

      • Carlo says:

        I’m not a Lakers fan now. I used to be in the Magic years ’cause I like good play and don’t care about colours or names.

        I’m afraid you’re right in everything you said and I’m also afraid that it’ll take more than one year to take Lakers to former glory.
        A lot will depend on how long will it be Jim Buss’s tenure. He’s most boasted achievement was Bynum – what a big biz!

        I have great respect for Kobe as a player but I think he became un-rational about his run to 6th ring as he did not want to relish on his “big boss” role in the team. He should’ve been a bit more understated, even accepting the rise of new stars. Wade did it when LBJ came to Miami and that produced 2 titles. Lots of stars didn’t want to go to LAL for they new they were going to be “official” 2nd fiddles.
        Now you have an ageing 1st fiddle… and no orchestra.
        Or, you can get along without new stars (as Spurs did) but only if your stars are keeping fit and healthy and are modest and available to train youngsters.
        Unfortunately, this is a long term strategy (see 5 titles in 15 years) while Kobe is frantic for his 6th ring NOW. And this you can achieve only by setting up an invincible team that lasts at least a few years.

    • Knowledge says:

      I wonder what it’s like being as delusional as you are?

    • poorguy says:

      you faker fans said that last time. then what happened? laughing stock bottom of the west. another brainless laker fan. why am i not surprised

  40. Ro says:

    The lakers roster looks good only for offense. Baring Kobe(to an extent) and hill no one else plans defense. Cmon kupchak get some defense strong players.

    • Kupchak wanted Boozer says:

      in LaLa Land, as his acting ability (flopping) would fit in just nicely in Hollywood.


    Jordan Hill and Ed Davis both are capable of playing 5. Hill played it for the last 2 years actually. Just finding ways to criticize i suppose. Way to kick a man while he’s down! lol

  42. Unkaned says:

    Time to “get a grip,” as Riley said. Given the reality that the Lakers were headed toward a 25-win season, and that Randle is at least two years away from being even as effective as Boozer at his worst, that with Boozer’s acquisition they can still work of Nash’s $9.7M with this deal, and that they’ll never do anything anyway the next two years with Kobe’s salary what it is anyway, Boozer is like manna from heaven, and what he is not, or no longer is, is a pointless footnote. He’ll at least give the Lakers a chance of winning some games where they otherwise would not have any chance to win, and the notion that the Lakers are overloaded at power-forward is idiotic: Jordan Hill can’t play more than 30 minutes a game at most, and that means that Ed Davis will play half the game. Both at the center position. So if “overloaded” at power-forward means Julius Randle and Ryan Kelly, then Carlos Boozer is a God. Let him get 12 points and 8 rebounds at power forward, be grateful for small favors, and leave him alone. Lakers have no draft pick in 2015 anyway. So if with Boozer they win 33 games and would have gotten the 12th pick instead of the 8th as a consequence, why does this matter?

    • Carlo says:

      You’re right.

      Only, at 9M$/year Hill should play at least 200′ per game and then mopping the Staples and doing the laundry. If I was him I’d also prepare sandwiches for all the public, just to show I’m trying to justify my salary.

    • lakers1fan says:

      lakers may not go anywhere this year, Randle will be better than 12 and 8 i promise you that and they did aquire a 1st and 2nd round draft pick for 2015 from Houston in the Lin deal. Check you facts, try to keep up buddy.

  43. dolladdict says:

    Good luck in LA!

  44. MR. LAKER says:

    yeah mitch and jim trying to make amends for the bs they created. would’ve been a great move had they kept gasol and added deng which they could afford instead of chasing a dream n melo, would’ve had a very solid team. with the resigning of swaggy &hill.couldve shook a lil sumthn if everyones healthy. spurs the only true team to beat everyone else looks good on paper but as u see when its crunchtime they fold. so its crazy to sit around stand pat and hope and wish that some stat stuffing so-called superstar joins your team!!!!! THANKS ALOT JIM AND MITCH FOR YOUR INCOMPETENCE!!!

    • Carlo says:

      “spurs the only true team to beat everyone else looks good on paper but as u see when its crunchtime they fold.”

      Yeah. Like in the last PO’s.

  45. This acquisition along with a healthy Kobe and Nick Young alone puts us in the playoff hunt. Which is certainly an improvement from this seasons past.

    • Knowledge says:

      Ahaha, I never thought I’d see the day when having Nick Young and Carlos Boozer on the Lakers puts them in the playoff hunt. Ahahah, holy god please keep ’em coming.

    • Carlo says:

      Surely you’re in PO hunt.

      Only, you won’t get there.

    • poorguy says:

      playoff run? you must be out of your mind laker fan! hahaha! delusional as usual

  46. Kal says:

    Lakers fans should be happy… really!
    all and all they’re having a good offseason.

    they’ve got solid PG, SG & PF action:

    PG – Kendall Marshall who proved he can play in this league, Jeremy Lin can start or come off bench, Steve Nash can chip in
    SG – Kobe Bryant with Jeremy Lin moving over to SG when Kobe goes out
    SF – Xavier Henry/Wesley Johnson
    PF – Carlos Boozer & Julius Randle (Ed Davis giving breather off bench)
    C – Jordan Hill and Boozer can move over to center, too

    they could use an upgrade at the SF. if Nick Young comes back, he can play at the 3 and that solves that. otherwise, while Henry and Johnson will do their part, that’s the one weak link for the Lakers since they didn’t catch a Mello…

    but maybe they can still upgrade somehow before the season starts.

    all and all, I’d say they have a legitimate shot at a respectable 8th or 7th seed in an extremely stacked West. … and once you get in the playoffs, who knows if you got Kobe on your side…

    • Trix says:

      They have not signed Xavier Henry or Wes Johnson. Nick Young is already signed. This team is not world beaters by any stretch of the imagination but they are decent. But decent doesn’t make the playoffs in the western conference.

    • skrutzt says:

      Not to be a hater, but… you’re hoping for a lot with that roster. Who knows, with Kobe healthy, or at least on court to motivate, they could hold on. But Boozer is a risk. But they did sign swaggy P.

      • chandler says:

        That roster plays no defense. Unless we can average 120 ppg as a team the whole season, we’re not making the playoffs in the west. If we played in the east, however, we’d be good for 3rd. But we’re not in the that’s tough. Maybe this “log jam” are used for trading pieces for Kevin Love where we trade Randle and Boozer for the guy. But I’m being unrealistic there myself too.

      • Carlo says:

        You cannot trade Booz, for he came via amnesty.

  47. And another thing, when are the Lakers going to get rid of M. Kupchak . They have a whole roster to fill and he keeps signing power forwards. I believe that’s three this week, plus their number one draft choice was, you guessed it, a power forward. He should have never signed Steve Nash, nor should he have signed D. Howard. Marshall is the best point guard they have and he’ll probably get cut in favor of Nash and Lin. Kobe wants B. Scott as coach, does it matter what Mitch wants. Wonder if Kobe will restructure his pay to help sign free agents, NOT!!!!! Wonder if Mitch will ask him. NOT!!!!

    • Carlo says:

      Wonder if you know how things work, NOT!!!

      Kupchak is getting what’s available for they have no roster as of now.
      Lin has come FOR FREE from HOU.
      Boozer was amnestied by CHI, so he had to go to the highest bidding team among those with salary cap space.

      As per Howard, I don’t like him but I bet you were one of the gazillion Lakers fans who cheered when he came to LA.

    • Trix says:

      Pure ignorant comment. The problem is not M.Kupchak. He is actually a pretty good GM, but sometimes you need to go through a rebuild/retool process. The next year is a transition year for the lakers. I am glad they are not throwing cash at people that won’t help them. Would you have wanted him to throw 6 mill/year for 4 years to meeks. Ed davis was a bargain. Lin came with a first round pick. Marshall is not good, he only looked decent in a PG friendly D’antoni system. For the record they never signed Howard, they traded Bynum for him. Why shouldn’t they have done that deal. That was a risk worth taking considering Bynum is not even in the league.

  48. dfella504 says:

    should’ve went to miami son…

  49. cdatzker says:

    I think that Carlos Boozer is better than nothing. The Lakers needed a strong guy to defend while 35 year old Kobe Bryant and Jeremy LinInsannity will pair together. With Jordan hill at Center, Justin Randle and Ed Davis and 2nd year man Ryan Kelly and Vince Young in the mix. I see Center Robert Sacre in the mix. But maybe The Lakers signing Center Andruw Bynum
    can be a good thing if he is motivated to play.

    • Carlos says:

      Who are Justin Randle and Vince Young?

    • skrutzt says:

      You butchered those names pretty bad, man…

    • Carlo says:

      “Andruw Bynum can be a good thing if he is motivated to play.”

      Unfortunately, he’s not.
      Also, he’s not healthy too.
      And he’s not fit either.
      Bynum already was an ex-player years ago.

      Anyway, if just a couple more teams are available to give away presents to LAL, maybe they can set up a team.

  50. Chicago will regret picking up Gasol, he will never be as good as Boozer was. And are you guys telling me that Gasol is a better defender than Boozer, I think not. Stop playing into the Thib theory on Boozer. Boozer had good numbers in Chitown, Thibs just didn’t play him enough, stop blaming Boozer. Maybe the coach was wrong, it does happen.

    • Carlo says:

      Numbers? What “numbers” have to do with D?

      Anyway, even if Gasol wasn’t a good defender – but he is – pretty anybody is better at D than Booz.

    • Z for 3 says:

      Boozer’s defense comsists of shoving a player in the back as he dives in for a basket. Boozer’s defense better than Gasol’s?You are delusional

  51. Kobe-Nash-Lakers says:

    I’m hoping that they will make it to the playoffs.. GO LA!! Get LOVE!!

  52. Byron says:

    I am trying to figure out how boozer is considered durable just because last season he didn’t trip over a gym bag?

  53. brad says:

    I’d rather have Gasol in Chicago.

  54. edward says:

    Let’s just keep this in good spirits, that sometimes it’s not the player it’s the program of the team he’s playing for, in means of he can get his numbers back playing for a different team.

  55. sports fan says:

    What do you get when you put Carlos Boozer & Jeremy Lin onto the same team with Kobe?
    Poor chemistry!

  56. adrian says:

    Log jam at PF huh? How about depth?

    Oigh, I’m sure Chic fans aren’t gonna like the view Gasol gets as guys go flying by him to the hole. This dude is slow and soft. Good luck with that Bulls. LOL

  57. harrythehawk says:

    The Fakers? The land of the misfits. Nash? Swaggy P? Linsanity? Boozer? Kobe? Hill? I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that locker room. But at least this year, they won’t be the laughing stock of the NBA. That honor just may go to the Rockets…

    • Barry Fay says:

      Only an idiot puts Kobe in ANY list of basketball players. He is simply the best player in the league. He, UNLIKE LEBRON, was able to carry the Laker team on his back to 2 championships!

      • sports fan says:

        I am not a Kobe fan nor am I a LeBron fan. Kobe did not carry the whole team for his last 2 rings. He is no different than anyone else & he actually had an excellent squad surrounding him, And his coach was Phil Jackson. So you can’t discredit LeBron. Both Kobe and LeBron won their rings just like every other superstar did. Kobe is in the twilight of his career and LeBron is at his peak.

  58. YungMussuBlack says:

    Awwwwww! Maann! We wanted him in Brooklyn! Smh!

    • JP Rotger says:

      “Teams with cap space could bid on Boozer…”

      So, not many chances for Nets huh?

    • you wanted says:

      a diving, hollerin’, MIA on defense, couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a tractor type shooter, kinda player on the Net’s?!? Haha.. what are you smokin’?