Report: Lakers to interview Scott for third time

The Lakers reportedly are giving Byron Scott a long look for their head coach position.

The Lakers reportedly are giving Byron Scott a long look for their head coach position.

From staff reports

The Los Angeles Lakers quickly hired (and fired) Mike Brown in 2012. They then quickly hired Mike D’Antoni to replace Brown. Neither coach lasted long in Los Angeles and it looks like the Lakers have learned from their speedy decisions.

According to’s Ramona Shelburne, the Lakers reportedly plan to interview Byron Scott for the third time.

The Lakers are the only team in the NBA currently without a coach, but they don’t seem pressured to make a decision just because it’s already mid-July.

Scott played his first ten seasons in the NBA with the Lakers, winning three championships (1985, ’87, ’88). Since his playing days, he’s coached three teams (Nets, Hornets, Cavaliers) for a total of 13 seasons, including two NBA Finals appearances with New Jersey.

Earlier this summer, Kobe Bryant said he would welcome Scott as coach. Scott and Bryant were teammates during the 1996-97 season.


  1. hardy25 says:

    i think George Carl is the best option to coach Lakers!
    i hope kobe will be healthy to play this season!

  2. Shirley says:

    I have been a Laker Fan for 54 years. Jim and Jeannie should be ashame of how they are draging this coach thing out. Be adults and hire someone. There are plenty coachs who are ready to take this team to the finals. True fans don’t complain about every little thing. Koby haters, shut up, he is not going anywhere. Don’t blame the free agents on him,he doesn’t write the checks. He wanted Pau to come back but the front office wouldn’t part with the right money. Shape up Front Office before it’s to late.

    A True Laker Fan

  3. tapk8 says:

    Why would somebody play with a soon to be 36 year old player that gets 25 million a year coming off a year long injury ?

  4. OldManLakerFan says:

    My .02 is simply we’ll be back!
    As long time Laker fans, we’ve experienced this before and we’ll retool, regroup and get to hanging banners again shortly. And when I say shortly, that includes that we’ll hang another banner before most teams get their first.

    2002 – 2009 – That was a dry spell.
    2010 was our last championship (living in the past? That’s 4 years ago) so i have no problem pointing at banners as the haters hate.

    Looking forward to the final decision on the new coach (hoping to see Byron return) and the new talent we have, will have etc.

    Hang in there.. be strong… remain confident… enjoy the game!

  5. bokron says:

    i think Jim buss it’ s not right man to run the lakers, why not Jeanny Buss?

  6. To a degree, I can understand the frustration a lot of Laker fans are dealing with. Especially when having to put up with Laker haters who are using this short lived and forgettable rebuilding period to rub it in our faces. But I just let them rant. And when they are done, I cordially call for a banner count. Some will say that’s living in the past. Then I in my most calm and coolest voice tone I tell them that the banners are PRESENTLY hanging up there; all 16 of them. And if you think that A super power franchise like the Lakers are done collecting titles, then I have some beach front property just off the coast of Phoenix, Arizona that you would simply love.

  7. BleedPurpleAndGold says:

    im a die hard laker fan. if they wanna keep screwing up of course im gonna be pissed. but unlike some of these ppl theres nothing i can do but hope the team does better this season. i REALLY hope we dont hire a piss poor coach. i understand we are “rebuilding” and i get the injury battle but cmon. lets get this team back into the shape it used to be.

  8. Wana'B'ossMan says:

    B. Scott looks like a ‘reasonable’ option considering 3 coaching changes in 3 years.
    However, with the current roster, we may be looking at another coaching change with “anything less than a Western Conference Championship is a failure” mentality.

  9. Moreluck says:

    No Doubt Kobe is a great player and still have the fire in him to perform well. and go to playoffs or win a Championship no argument about that. Lets talk about big names and players who still a Lakers after Shaq left? is there anyone left please do enlighten me. also illestial is right no Big Name will play with Kobe.

  10. illestial says:

    Agents and the player have the right to evaluate which is which is a good team to go or which team should they make a deal, I’m sure Lakers made their pitch to Melo and some other FA players. Lets face the fact that none of them wants to play with Kobe. Fisher could have return last season, lots of good players left Lakers. I like how you would know Lakers fan reaction here. the Argument is “No one wants to play with Kobe” not “Counting the Championship”

  11. Laker4Life says:

    I been aLaker fan for 37+ years and I never seen such craziness in the front office. People can say what they want about Kobe what but what really happen is, when Jerry West left the Lakers as the GM that when things start it to change. Kupchack and the Busses ‘s needs to get there act together, because I know daddy Busses is wondering what in the blank are they doing

  12. J Hill says:

    Why not Mark Jackson? Mamma there goes that coach!!

  13. J says:

    The problem with the Lakers starts at the Top. Dr. Jerry Buss was a great Owner. When he died, it has all gone downhill. The Lakers can afford to go way over the Cap, they have 3 billion, 20 year Media Contract. That is an extra 150 million per year. Kobe has helped the Lakers win 5 Championships. Kobe can be tough to play with. Lets remember that Jordan was very hard on teammates. They both want to win.

  14. O. syl Vaughn says:

    Enough of that “nobody wants to play with Kobe nonsense”. Who started that? One of the fiercest competitors of all time; one of the greatest players of all time; so he gets hurt and has to miss a season, and now no one wants to play with him: what nonsense! He’s still KOBE!! Lionel Hollins over Byron Scott any day for coach.

  15. FrankL2010 says:

    I am a Laker fan but, the way things are going now, i don’t know. No coach until now?

  16. VLC says:

    Getting tired of hearing comments that “no one” wants to play with Kobe! 3 straight years to the finals, winning 2 Championships!!
    I didn’t hear anyone complaining back then – about, not wanting to play with KOBE! His game hasn’t changed! He’s
    still a dominant force in the NBA…..Take that tired comment elsewhere.

  17. A.J. says:

    Yes, Byron Scott leading Cleveland to a 26-game losing streak and leading New Orleans to a first-round home playoff loss of 58 points was simply magical.

  18. SoulChorea says:

    Lakers are so stinkin’ slow…this whole time they’ve let all the free agents go by because they were “still searching for a coach”, and they knew it would be Byron Scott the whole time – why waste time? Just hire the guy 3 MONTHS AGO and at least appear like you know what you’re doing so you can attract players! And don’t give me that “Kobe took all the money” nonsense…they could’ve still afforded one additional max guy and one strong veteran at least

  19. Patty says:


  20. francis says:

    Lakers already skrew up when they didnt hired phil jackson last season .. this is just the after effect ,

  21. LT_34 says:

    illestial is right. Lakers will not get any big names as long as Kobe is there. NO ONE LIKES TO PLAY WITH 24!!

  22. erwin says:

    Why don’t they ask Michael Cooper to coach LA?

  23. illestial says:

    All I can say is no one wants to play with Kobe.

  24. illestial says:

    All I can say is and notice since shaq departure from LA. No one wants to play with Kobe.

    • jr says:

      All I can say is after the shaq days Paul gasol and other players have played with kobe and have wanted to play with kobe did you idiots for get that Chris Paul was originally wanting to team up with kobe and the lakers but the NBA intervened and killed the deal if not for the NBA not saying it’s for sure but who knows how many more rings kobe might have either way they went to three straight finals won 2 with gasol and company and have a proven track record of winning championships and always get back to being dominant so u can keep you’re moronic comments to you’re self and go cheer for you’re pathetic team who is only irrelevant for a moment and then will fall off and not be noticed for years sum times a decade

  25. Max says:

    Another one year Coach, if Lakers are such bad at taken gambles and hire Scott? offer to allow Nash to become a Coach. Scott could play the game, but never has been any good as a Coach.

  26. Wiener P. Charles says:

    Why lakers is the only pretend contender team that hasn’t do anything during the offseason of the free agent.

  27. edubbz says:

    No Comment!

  28. Boston fan says:

    The LA still can be a good team
    PG-Eric Bledsoe(give to him a max offer)
    SF-Al Faminu(ex hornets,good defender)
    PF-Carlos Bozzer
    C-Emeka Okafor
    I Know thats not a good team,but lets start with that..

  29. doesntmatter says:

    Doesn’t matter who. As an Asian living in LA all I’m waiting for is a brief Linsanity V2.0 now…

  30. As a REAL Laker fan, I have to say that we have to have some of the whackest fans in all of professional sports. First off, During most Laker games at Staples Center the crowd is so self-absorbed that they are too busy either stuffing their faces with over-priced beer and nachos or taking selfies to make any noise. Secondly, IT’S CALLED RE-BUILDING; AND EVERY TEAM IN PRO SPORTS GOES THROUGH IT AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER. So be patient, in any event support your team, and stop behaving like fair-weather fans.


    • Sports Fan says:

      As a sports fan in general, get over yourself. I hate people who call themselves “Real Fans” thinking they’re a cut above everyone else cheering for their team. You don’t own the team nor do you actually contribute to them winning so, again, get over yourself and let everyone else follow a team the way they wanna do it. If they’re complaining of losing, that’s their prerogative, they love to win.

      • Your right about one thing; I do not own the team. But I would be inclined to believe as a Laker fan 30 out of my 41 years and purchasing tickets to their games since the late 80s, would indeed make me a contributing factor. My point is simply this; It is no secret that any team in any sport will typically have their struggles for a time. The Lakers are a top tier franchise in a greatly large market. And when the dust clears, somehow I think they will manage. The have historically been know to do so.

  31. Notscott says:

    Scott is not a good coach…… Why lakers are we so bad at picking coaches…. Just stop hire someone else to pick coaches for u because Scott is almost as bad as mike brown he has never gotten the best out of a roster ever. He had Chris Paul Tyson chandler David west Peja and all sorts of talent with the hornets I think he managed a six seed or was he fired by then already then that followed a terrible stint with the cavs I would rather have Kobe be a player coach Han hire Scott and that is a bad idea as well

  32. theholyspectator says:

    once again lakers flop in Free one likes playing there anymore..after kobes gone lakers will be the best tank team in the league…with the west as stacked as it is…at best kobe will get the lakers to a game 5 in the first round and another sad exit..guess he wont ever get to that 6th ring. sad but oh well

  33. sternH8r says:

    Please, please let this happen. As a Laker hater, I’d love to see BS take the rains for 1/2 a season. Only wish they could have gotten Melo…..that would have insured another toilet year. Go Byron!!!

  34. rookie98 says:

    Scot the Lakers man. He an ex-laker who knows what the Lakers expect want and need. I would be surprised if scott
    would have hired Rambis of his staff. This team is not that far from being a contender.

  35. YungMussuBlack says:

    Some decisions are easy.

  36. v1ncente16 says:

    They are going to wind up with some D-League prospects in the end with alikes of Ebanks etc. and Kupchak will call it a solid team.

  37. william says:

    The Lakers is a disappointment this 2014-2015 season. They sat without coach and running after one free agent all summer Carmelo. You first hire a coach to help recruit players. There are no free agent basically left to sign. This is painful as a Die High Lakers fan. Jim Buss need to forget about this team and let the people whose run the Lakers. The Lakers is bigger then this. This hurt to our beloved team struggle like this.

  38. harrythehawk says:

    The Lakers don’t seem to excited about Scott, in my opinion. His name has been buzzing for weeks, but they haven’t signed him. If he was their top choice, they would have scooped him up by now. I think they have someone else in mind, but that person is unavailable or has declined. The Lakers are sorry.

  39. BHP says:

    Ready or not ..take .byron scott. he has the potential to grab a championship title..just bring few good players like julius randle then thats it…

  40. Lakers says:

    It’s simple. No superstars want to play with kobe

  41. zblock11 says:

    Good thing aboyt byron scot he is very suppotive coach good mentor and he will give playing time to JLIN i think this season will improved the lakers team chemestry just like scot did to the nets way 2002 not all supertar but players who has the heart to win helping each others!

  42. Carlo says:

    “The Lakers are the only team in the NBA currently without a coach, but they don’t seem pressured to make a decision”

    Why should they be? They don’t have a roster either.

    Anyway, I feel for Byron (whom I remember as an LA player). He was fired by NJ, NO and CLE, always after winning seasons.
    Now he’s going to get fired by a losing team.

  43. AjRey says:

    I hope Byron Scott does get the job. He is a good example of one who does what it takes to win. The Lakers, however, will need to pull another rabbit out of the hat as far as players go though. I think they ought to look out Internationally, hate to say it, but the quality in the US is not what it was in Byron’s days.

  44. damphoose says:

    I wonder why the Lakers can’t get free agents? Seems so strange…

    • Milen says:

      Because nobody wants to board a sinking ship while Kobe is still there… Kobe’s body apparently cannot take his mental ambition and zeal anymore… plus, everybody knows that it is very hard to play with him

    • YungMussuBlack says:

      Injury bug