Blogtable: L.A.’s long coaching search

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VIDEO: Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak talks about the Lakers’ coaching search thus far

> What is taking the Lakers so long to hire a coach? And who should get that gig?

Steve Aschburner, Byron Scott is the right guy. Maybe he didn’t take his cell onto the golf course with him. Better send out Mitch Kupchak in a cart to intercept soon.

Fran Blinebury, They are too busy trying to assemble an NBA team. Your worst enemy.

Jeff Caplan, The Lakers wanted to take a stab at landing a superstar before they hired a coach supposedly to reduce complications. Fact is, there was no one out there that blows their socks off. I mean, reports say they’re going to bring in Byron Scott for a third interview. A third interview? Give the man the job already.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Nothing is taking the Lakers so long that we weren’t told to expect. It was pretty clear from the beginning they wouldn’t make a hire before July, unless it was someone like Kevin Ollie or Tom Thibodeau. Maybe this has gone a few days or a week longer than you would have though, but it’s not like they’re on the clock now. Who are they racing for candidates? Byron Scott should get that gig.

John Schuhmann, Well, they obviously wanted their big free-agent signing to have the opportunity to choose the coach. And now that Jordan Hill is back on board for $9 million a year, the Lakers can go ahead and make his selection. Byron Scott has reportedly been the lead candidate, but I’d talk to George Karl first. That team is bound to be awful defensively, but Karl had a top-seven offense in each of his last five seasons in Denver (with and without Carmelo Anthony).

Sekou Smith, Why the Lakers are taking so long to hire Byron Scott is beyond me. He’s clearly moved to the top of the list, Kobe Bryant‘s list, and that should be more than enough to seal the deal. It made sense for them to wait on hiring a coach until after their free-agent haul was complete. Now that we know they won’t be landing any of the big dogs, it’s time to handle this business of finding a coach. Scott has Lakers ties, is crazy enough to want the job right now, when the franchise is at a true crossroads. He will have the full blessing of the legion of former Lakers who watch over the franchise from wherever they are (near and far). Scott knows what sort of outlandish expectations exist in Hollywood, which makes him uniquely qualified to at least dive in on a job that will no doubt provide the drama we’ve always enjoyed out of the Lakers.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: I don’t know why they’re taking so long to hire a coach, although everything I’ve heard points to Byron Scott being their next coach. Who should be the coach? Well Kobe, obviously. He’s eating up most of their cap room, and because of that they can’t splash out cash for multiple free agents, so let Kobe run the show and let’s see what he can make of all this. And if not Kobe, I nominate my Hang Time Podcast cohost Rick Fox. Nobody rides for the Lake Show like Rick, so put him in charge of a Kobe/Linsanity/Swaggy P/Bobby Sacre/Jordan Hill team and let’s see Pretty Ricky fight for a title with them.


  1. sports fan says:

    Kobe needs to be the head coach dressed in a yellow suit with purple hi-tops. That’d be hilarious!


  3. Griz says:

    Kobe is the biggest obstacle to the Lakers getting a coach or good players. Coaches and players each have a big enough job trying to please their bosses w/o being in a situation here one of your players seems to be more in charge than anyone else.

  4. Karlo Garcia says:

    I like Byron Scott.

  5. Bob the magic Hornets says:

    What if Kobe was never traded to Lakers and stayed in Charlotte? Even with his skill during those time he wouldn’t get a ring and maybe after his contract he decide to find a team “Lakers” to get his ring. Will people hate him too? Just so you know he was drafted by the Hornets before he was traded to the Lakers.

  6. bigdaddy says:

    I’m really tired of hearing KOBE should’ve taken a pay cut. The Lakers are used to wining and that’s due to Dr. Buss. He did whatever it took to put the best team on the floor. It didn’t matter if they went over the cap because the goal was wining a championship which they did on a regular. Little Jimmy wanted to do things his way instead of the way Dr. Buss did.It’s not working It’s not the Laker way as said by Magic Johnson. When KOBE won the 5 championships there was no talk of him giving money back so the team could add another player. The have the money pay the tax and build the team as Dr. Buss would want them to.

  7. what the Bull(s) says:

    July 17, 2014 at 2:29 pm
    Boozer is known for being a horrible defender? Have you watched Boozer play? There is a reason he was replaced in the 4th quarter of games by Taj Gibson.

  8. Geoffrey says:

    I love Kobe Haters, apparently, any old ball hog (who has the same Points Per Weighted Shot as Jordan and fewer attempts) can win 5 titles, 7 conference titles, an MVP, and 2 finals MVPs. Where are Iverson’s rings, where are Carmelo’s, for that matter where are Jordan’s without Phil? Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, since 1970 the Lakers are the greatest franchise (second to the the the Celtics, that was hard, all time).
    Sorry, but when you have won 5 titles and played your entire career with the same team who is being ruined by bad management you have the right to get as much money as you can on your thanks for the memories contract (PS he didn’t, he could have gotten about 3 million a year more)

  9. Dave says:

    As long as the Buss kids are in charge, this will be the future of the Lakers.. Jerry Buss was a genius, his kids, not so much.. The Lakers are now the Dallas Cowboys of the NBA and will remain so until the current upper management is replaced. At least they have already been through the two worst NBA coaches, so they can’t go lower there… I would not be surprised if it’s Byron Scott who is the one having second thoughts on taking this job and the Lakers calling him in a 3rd time to try and convince him to take it..

  10. Dolphins says:

    Kobe is a “me first and I don’t care who is second” player. Lakers offense is about ” get the ball to Kobe and hang around to see what happens.” Faker fans have to choose between Kobe or basketball.

  11. Ice Age For The Lakers says:

    It really doesn’t matter who is coach for Lakers as long as Kobe is on the team. He is just not a player whose performance worth $23,5 and $25 millions anymore. That really damage salary cap and kills team’s ability to bring more high quality players. During the game he is still good but his hero game where he wants the ball in the final minutes of the final quarter when his body is already tired. That plus his lack of sharing the ball is well known for any opponents defense.

    His Tough Guy attitude on his teammates does not help to develop young players or to lure big names. Or even to keep ones already on the roster like Dwight Howard. That and poor Management with no idea or sense of direction just devastated Lakers free agents hunt this summer. This summer Lakers are preparing for next seasons and no coach can make any significant success with this roster.

  12. Kenny Johnson says:

    We are in rebuilding mode. Byron Scott best fit for the coaches out there. He took Nets to the finals twice and New Orleans to the playoffs. Pick up Boozer and a cheap free agent and see if we can compete.

  13. Alan Hollway says:

    The lakers are not giving much confidence to Byron Scott is he is indeed selected as head coach, he will be thinking he is on the slippery sloap to nowhere as soon as they get off to a bad start. Never the less for all Lakers fan who expect immediate success, it is what it is. The lakers have to rebuild and it is not going to happen in the twilight years of Kobe Bryants career. Bryant is a superstart but no other start wants to play with him, the lakers need to rebuild with young stars or wait until Bryant has retired before tyring to chase superstars. Myself I would let Bryant go after twelve months retire gracefully and try and pinch Durant and Westbrook for 2016, free up salary cap, get the young ones experienced and fired up and then make a run for Durant possibly even Love. Durant, Love would be a great duo in the meantime grab Boozer to bolster defence and not have a total train wreck this year.

  14. lakerslakerslakers says:

    if kobe didn’t play he earns the franchise money regardless. ask those guys in miami where #6 jerseys are on clearance.

  15. tapk8 says:

    no picks and kobe making 24 million a year ! this will probably be the worst year since kobe bryant is on the Lakers.

  16. Moreluck says:

    No Doubt Kobe is a great player and still have the fire in him to perform well. and go to playoffs or win a Championship no argument about that. Lets talk about big names and players who still a Lakers after Shaq left? is there anyone left please do enlighten me. also illestial is right no Big Name will play with Kobe.

    • Lakers has to sign Carlos Boozer says:

      Lakers has to take Boozer that’s why they’re taking time to decide for a coach.. If Lakers could take Boozer they’ll have a great chance of contending playoff run.. Boozer is known for his defense specially rebounding.. if you see the Lakers line up right now there will be no problem on offense as they have the greatest skilled and offensive player in the world Kobe Bryant what they just need is an interior defender though Jordan Hill can’t take all the defense on to him but with Boozer they’ll be a team for championship contention..

      • Knowledge says:

        Are you joking? Seriously, are you?

      • lakers1fan says:

        Boozer is known for being a horrible defender? Have you watched Boozer play? There is a reason he was replaced in the 4th quarter of games by Taj Gibson.

      • Lakers has to sign Carlos Boozer says:

        Am I correct now? Los Angeles Lakers submitted the winning bid.. LOL.. That’s a matter of coaching you bone heads.. That’s why Lakers are waiting to acquire Boozer first before deciding for a coach.. Look at the Lakers line up without Boozer they lack interior power on defensive side.. Boozer made the Lakers line up now capable of play-off run with the powerful West Conference teams.. Now Kobe, Boozer, Lin and J.Hill can carry the Lakers to play-off run together with Julius Randle .. Lakers environment is way different from Chicago Bulls and Boozer isn’t happy with Chicago anymore.. He’ll be pressured to do all of his best with the winning team in the history of NBA Lakers and with one of the NBA’s Greatest player Of All Time Kobe Bryant now in his team.. He’ll surely will perform with an ALL-Star performance again with Lakers..

  17. FiberOptic_Blast says:

    This is going to be the time where the True Laker fans will stay and the band wagon falls off. This is the Lakers time to rebuild it is what is. Lakers can’t be on top all the time. Byron Scott will be a good coach especially with these young players that we have and are getting. Give it about 5 years and the Lakers will be back in championship contention, but now is about building the foundation. Purple Gold will never get old.

  18. Kobe to coach. That way he’ll earn his money.

  19. T Brown says:

    Lakers coach options: Mark Jackson, Flip Saunders, Scott Skiles, or Lionel Hollins

    Mark and Lionel improved their respective teams. But came up short of advancing beyond expectations. What is that? Really expectations over what’s been done and proven. Look at the Lakers now? Their struggle is just like a lower market team trying to get to be somebody, only for them they were somebody that can’t get and keep no one. Except the forgotten, banged and bruised Kobe aka Black Mumba. He’s been loyal to Lakers, and it will be sad if he ends his career there with the chaos.

    • DenH says:

      Both Lionel Hollins and Flip Saunders are head coaches of other teams and are under contract.

  20. A.J. says:

    I don’t understand this media fetish for Byron Scott as head coach for the Lakers. How many times does Scott have to prove his incompetence doing the job? So what, he used to play for the Lakers. He lives in Los Angeles. Who cares? What difference does that make? Anybody hiring Byron Scott is effectively saying, “We couldn’t find a good head coach that wanted the job.”

  21. jdub455 says:

    doesn’t matter who the lakers hire as they coach… still wont make the playoffs anyway… nice move pau… lol!

  22. AreUSerious??! says:

    Just shows that no one wants to play with a selfish superstar.
    Kobe should be really considering taking a paycut to the betterment of the team after all the millions he has earned but well…
    Lakers are going to be a non-playoff team for the next 2 seasons where Kobe is still under contract.

    • Trix says:

      I don’t get this he should have taken a pay cut. It’s easy to preach. Will you leave behind millions of dollars when you window of opportunity is significantly less than most careers. These guys need to make all their earnings on a 15 year window. For all the people that are saying he should have taken a paycut, how many of you would take less than the offered amount to do you job?

      • chalice says:

        I understand that for average people, taking a pay-cut is ludacris. However, he is Kobe Bryant and is already richer than 99.99% of the world already. I don’t think Kobe will have to worry about money if he took, say, 15 million a year (which is really low for Kobe). How many people can say they made 15 million dollars in a lifetime, much less a season? If Kobe was serious about winning another title, he should have taken a pay-cut.

      • Trix says:

        So what you are saying is, Kobe should just take less money because owners locked them out to get all the rules in place via the new CBA which forces players to take a pay cut to compete for a championship. Sure 15 million is relatively not much for a millionaire like kobe, but don’t forget that it was billionaires owners who were greedy in the first place. Never fault a guy for saying no to the cash. If most people were given a choice between 22 million or 10 million what would they choose? When you say it’s not fair for the average person to take a paycut but ok for kobe? A good amount of people in the world earn less than 2 dollars a day so to them most of us make a lot more. Will you take a paycut then. According to you logic you should because you make alot more than others.

      • chalice says:

        @Trix and Richard, I don’t think you fully understand what I am writing so I will respond to your comments each. @Trix, I do not fault Kobe for taking the money, however, I do fault him for taking the money AND expecting to win another title. You have to pick one or the other. IF Kobe wants to win, then take a paycut. I truely believe that is state of the NBA right now (good or bad). As for me taking a paycut to help those in other places, IF i wanted to help these other people making less than a two dollars a day, I should quit my job and go there in person to help them. The truth is I don’t want to go there and help them, nor am I claiming to, so there is no need to take said paycut. I don’t recall saying I wanted to help anyone. Your logic is semi-sound but your premises are wrong.
        @Richard, the CBA is what it is, good or bad. Owners make a ton of money, this is true. If a player wants max, fine, but don’t say (Kobe) that winning is the most important because if it was, he would take the paycut for a better chance (Dirk, for instance). Kobe has constantly demanded to be on a winning team (at least until now) but doesn’t want to sacrifice anything for winning. Should he HAVE to take a paycut? That’s another arguement.

      • Trix says:

        I get your argument @Chalice. Just because that’s the way it is with the new CBA doesn’t make it right. Is it fair to expect an athlete to take less to be able to win. That shouldn’t be a requirement especially when there is plenty of cash to go around as evident by all these owners selling their teams for a ridiculous price. By taking paycuts (it is a nice gesture by dirk and timmy) it can be argued that you are giving into the owner’s greed. It is fair to expect an athlete to work as hard as possible and prepare his skills to a level that helps win championship. However, asking for a paycut to succeed is not fair.

    • Richard says:

      Its absolutely ridiculous that people expect players to take pay cuts. Do you think the owners of the team take a pay cut… The whole reason a team wants a player to take a pay cut is that so they can remain within the cap and not have to pay the luxury tax. So players of the team take a cut but the owners’ pockets get fatter because he is getting high quality players without sacrificing anything. So essentially what people want is for players to give charity to Billionaires???!!! and to that’s just ridiculous

  23. Carlo says:

    Dear Byron, if you need cash, apply to LAL but be careful and keep your suitcase ready. You know how it works, you’ve been shipped by NJ, NO and CLE, alwasy after having lead them to PO’s.

  24. Carlo says:

    Blinebury got the point with just one line.

    The Dynamic Duo (Buss/Kup) didn’t want to have a coach in between while they were playing Monopoly.

    Only, they just discovered they miss a lot of cards.

    Gasol went away despite CHI’s lower offer. Does this tell anything to you?
    CLE landed LBJ.
    MIA kept Bosh and landed Deng.
    HOU got Ariza.
    Lakers got… Hill @ 9M/year!

  25. prix says:

    Lakers are a joke…Kobe¨s era is over…give it to someone else…can¨t hire a coach…let the Jerry choose and not Kobe again..Bynum gone….Dwight gone…Gasol gone…everybody¨s gone…seems like they don¨t want to play with kobe anymore…surely Jeremy Lin would retire Kobe for sure…He will run the show this time…

    • Billybob says:

      They keep acting like They dont know

    • Eddy Griff says:

      sigh ignorance. who said that none of them want to play with kobe. bynum only said he felt like playing with kobe has held him back…yet what has bynum done since leaving the lakers….and pau didnt say he didnt want to play with kobe he wanted to play for a contender. which team has a better “contending roster” bulls or lakers? That is an easy decision. Guys go where they think they can win…Since paul pierce left the nets does that mean he hates KG??

  26. harrythehawk says:

    Im not sold on Byron Scott and obviously neither are the Fakers.

  27. spectator says:

    lakers are just so bad man…its gonna be another waste of a season for kobe..feel bad for the guy… lakers had all this money and still couldnt attract any big name player…how sad…looks like clippers run LA now.

  28. Max says:

    Laker’s to make another bad Gamble? Byron Scott’s check his resume, what has he ever accomplished, neither has George Carl. Might as well start with a Rookie. Let L. Collins slip away, really not any experienced Coaches that can make a dent in the struggling Lakers. Need more depth in Players. Rebuild, yes, including a Rookie Coach. Look at Steve Nash??? Very Humble player and has a very high IQ of the way to play the game. He has that in common with Derk Fisher!!!~~

    • Yvonne Bell says:

      Max, I think you mean Lionel Hollins; nonetheless, as a Laker fan, I have never been so uneasy wtth Laker management as I am now. I have no confidence in their management decisions. I know that I am not a GM or NBA owner, I know that I have no experience with the day to day routine and trials in connection with an NBA team, but I just don’t get the Laker FO!

  29. ko0kiE says:

    I hope the lakers didn’t trade their 2015 first round pick away… I believe it will be a lottery pick 😛