Blogtable: Free agency winners & losers

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BLOGTABLE: Free agency winners & losers | Thoughts on LeBron | Lakers’ coaching search

VIDEO: Carmelo, LeBron, Pierce … The Starters review the big offseason deals

> Who are the winners & losers in free agency thus far? Also, which free agent on the market is still ripe for the picking?

Steve Aschburner, I’d like to get clever here, but I’ll leave that to the crew below and stick with the “A” material here. LeBron James made the Cavaliers the biggest free-agency winners since the Heat four years ago. Losers? Either the Lakers, who got snubbed as if they still were back in Minneapolis, or the Rockets for their mighty whiffs on Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh, and what I think were shaky decisions adding Trevor Ariza (contract year!) and subtracting Chandler Parsons, Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin. Best guy left? I understand why he’s still on the board – can you say “restricted?” – but as an impact addition, if someone managed to pry him loose, I’d go with big man Greg Monroe of Detroit.

Fran Blinebury, Winners: Cavs, obviously. Champion Spurs kept their core together for another run in 2015. Bulls didn’t land Carmelo, but that’s a nice consolation prize in Pau Gasol.  Mavs did a good job with combined salaries of Dirk and Chandler Parsons and plugged that hole in the middle with Tyson Chandler. Losers: Pat Riley and the Heat. Despite keeping Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, then signing Luol Deng, you are always losing when the best player in the game gets away. The Rockets were left holding an empty bag when Bosh spurned off and also let Parsons go to Dallas. Lakers wind up with Jeremy Lin, but still have no coach and are without Gasol. Hard to see them being relevant again by October. Eric Bledsoe is now the top name still out there, but the Suns insist they’ll spend what it takes to match and keep him. Since Stan Van Gundy also insists he’s keeping Greg Monroe and Lance Stephenson is headed to Charlotte, who else is out there?

Jeff Caplan, Obviously the big winner is Cleveland. They got the King Fish. Chicago nabbing Pau Gasol and Dallas winning a restricted free-agent game of chicken with rival Houston to get Chandler Parsons are also winners. Miami, Houston and the Los Angeles Lakers are the big losers. As for free agents still out there, Phoenix point guard Eric Bledsoe has yet to receive an offer sheet, and probably because teams know the Suns will match. As for unrestricted free agents, Andray Blatche is a pretty talented big man, who comes with baggage, and there seems to be very little talk of him. There’s also 36-year-old Shawn Marion, who seemed to be a perfect fit in Miami had LeBron strayed, but now appears to running short on options.

Scott Howard-Cooper, The Cavaliers are obviously the winner. Getting LeBron James not only changes a roster, it alters the mood of an entire organization. Plus, while Kyrie Irving was not a free agent, getting his extension done at the same time, and done quickly in another positive statement, made it the best July possible. Loser: Rockets. Most every team misses on a free agent, but Houston moved assets and still came up empty on Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony, lost Chandler Parsons and turned to Trevor Ariza as a save. We’re still waiting to see what happens with Eric Bledsoe and Phoenix.

John Schuhmann, The biggest winner is obviously Cleveland. The biggest loser is Houston. Not only did the Rockets miss on the big free agents they were targeting, but they traded away their depth in order to do so. Defense and shooting should be priorities across the board, so Shawn Marion and Mo Williams are two available guys that could contribute meaningful minutes. Either would be a good fit in Houston and Williams could also help Atlanta’s backcourt. (For the record, my original answer was Anthony Tolliver, writing that he’d be a good fit with the Suns. Right after I sent that in, he agreed to terms with them.)

Sekou Smith, I think it’s still a bit too early to declare an extended list of winners and losers. But there is no doubt the Cleveland Cavaliers came up in a major way with LeBron James deciding he was ready to come home. Anytime you score the No. 1 player on the planet, you’re the official winner of free agency. Surprisingly, the Heat rank high on my list. They rebounded nicely from losing LeBron by keeping Chris Bosh from going to Houston. The Bulls make my winners list, too, snagging Pau Gasol. The Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers, two of the biggest aggressors for superstar players on the market this summer, came up empty. And while I love risk takers, they’ve landed themselves on top of the losers list for me. This list is fluid, though, and could continue to grow depending on how several teams finish off their free agent summers.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogThe loser has to be Houston. (Well, Miami, too, but other than that.) The Rockets gave away Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin, and let Chandler Parsons go as well, all to clear room for Chris Bosh, who stayed in Miami. Then they overpaid (for a second time) Trevor Ariza to fill that void. For a winner, how about Washington? They lost Ariza but picked up Paul Pierce, who will be terrific to be in John Wall‘s ear for two seasons, at a completely reasonable price. I also like Atlanta getting Thabo Sefolosha, the Human Lisp, at a reasonable price, giving them two (with DeMarre Carroll) stoppers on the wings. And I love Memphis getting Vince Carter to fill that wing scoring void they’ve had forever.


  1. hello says:

    Miami HEAT
    Chalmers Wade Luol Deng McRoberts Bosh
    Norris(cole) Ray Allen Danny Granger U.D Andersen
    Shabazz Tony Douglas James Ennis Battier Oden
    Nice rebound after the loss of james jones, and not to mention Lebron

  2. Helene says:

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  3. Reymond says:

    So that my PREDICTION in the 2014-15 seasons are:

    For WESTERN Conference Playoffs:
    2.Spurs – (2014 NBA Champions)

    For EASTERN Conference Playoffs:

    So that now setup for free agency superstars, non-superstars, and rookies. Very comfortable for that a new beginning of team-to-team rivals. King James returned to Cavs and join Kyrie Irving together.

  4. Antwain says:

    Lakers plz match the sheet for Eric bledsoe

  5. the rockets should trade beverly and terrence jones for zach randolph and should pick up bleadsoe as well

  6. Big 3 Heat says:

    The big winner is obviously the Cavs. They added Mike Miller, James Jones, and LEBRON JAMES. Anyone who adds LeBron is a huge winner. The loser is the Rockets. Chandler Parsons left to go to the Mavs. They didn’t get Chris Bosh either.
    They let go Jeremy Lin to clear cap space for Bosh, but that didn’t go well.

    Winner: Cavs
    Loser: Rockets

  7. ANONYMOUS says:

    The BULLS are the BIGGEST FREE AGENCY WINNERS, OF COURSE, especially because of PAU GASOL. GO BULLS ALL the WAY in 2015 and VERY BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LeBron James says:

    I will win nearby my hometown of Akron, but we’ll first have to beat Brian Scalabrine, the MJ of our era and his Pippen, aka Jackie Chang. Yes, this super team of the Shanghai Dragons with coach Neymar will be a tough team to beat, but i believe my team of the Cleveland Cavs, with me, LeBron James, our superstar point guard Tom Brady, and #1 pick Derek Jeter will beat them. I will have a bunch of touchdowns, Brady will pick up that puck and kick it in the goal while Jeter will bite people opponents at second base, yes we will dominate.

  9. Gyt says:

    Rockets also dont have good PF, so they can buy Greg Monroe or Carlos Boozer.

  10. Gyt says:

    Evan Turner also good player in free agency, if Rockets or Pacers buy him that will be awesome. 🙂

  11. zblock11 says:

    The Lakers did a good job for adding JLIN to the roster some other fans said criticize JLIN theres no problem if the lakers did not get BIG names supersytars you dont have to add more superstars if the team dont have chemestry and also atittude problem example the spurs win a championship because they know each other and rthey have a BIG heart of winning they focus on defense and all the player are in good offense just like what happened to the knicks way back 2012 they dont have MELO and AMARE they start up the line up of FIELDS/WALKER/JEFFREYS/NOVAK they keep on winning because JLIN handle the ball and they creat good chemestry just like MAGIC JOHNSON said JLIN he can make the player more better because of TEAM BASKETBALL!

  12. BigMike(From North Hill in Akron,Ohio) says:

    By far do i think my home town Cavs are winners having drafted Wiggins and then the return of Lebron James! In The West 1)Spurs are still the team to beat.2)As long as Russell Westbrook can stay healthy with Durant leading the way this team will always be a force.Tho still can’t figure out why they let Harden walk years ago.3) Clippers are always tough with CP3 and Griffin. Coach Rivers has always had his team well prepared.4)Houston lost out on Bosh,let Parsons leave,and then settled on Ariza.risky business!5)Golden State 6)Dallas addition of Parsons and Chadler helps, but will losing Carter and possibly Marion hurt them? 7)Portland was a surprise team that everyone knows about this year.8) Memphis may just squeeze in this year after adding Vince Carter. Notable Mentions for west is Phoenix,and possibly Denver. In the East 1)Miami still the best till someone takes their Eastern Conference Crowns from them.2)Chicago should be here with a HEALTHY Derek Rose.3)ndiana lost Stephenson however is still a very tough team.4)Washington has def added alot of fire power here for a long playoff run.5)Cleveland begins its RISE with return of Lebron James.6)New York has added Phil Jackson in Front Office, Derek Fisher as coach,and got Melo to stay.7)Charlotte is back again and ready for another playoff run.8)was a tossup between Toronto and Atlanta…….if you are an LA LAKERS fan,you have to feel bad for Kobe. Having missed out on Melo,and Ariza. Lose both Meeks and Gasol to free agency. and then trading for Lin for who knows what reason. At least they drafted Julius Randle….. Despite Vegas giving Cavs best odds at title, The Spurs are still champions until a new one has been crowned.

  13. Seto says:

    Cavs with LBJ, Miller are winners. It is sad to say from T-wolves fan but I consider Minnesota the looser. You can blame Rockets for trying to get the best and fail. But how can you explain doing NOTHING? Best players are gone, signed, and Saunder doing nothing just saying he is happy with his average/non playoff/non top-pick team. That hurts to see. Maybe he called to lots of players a got rejected and we dont even know about it. And that hurts too.

  14. bane says:

    i think the hornets and new orleans are the real winners here getting asik is huge because now davies can play PF his natural position.

  15. NAH HAN says:

    lebron is the biggest loser lol

  16. Troy says:

    Yes Miami lost LBJ. But to me they are winners. After lbj left Pat Riley do not sit and pout. He Reloaded. Props to Riley. Lets go Heat…

  17. XAvii_10 says:

    Cavaliers is the BIGGEST LOOSERS!!! why??? if he cant win championship in cavaliers he will sign for another team after his contract to find much better team…wahahaha…

  18. Houston is 100% the biggest losers of this off season. They will NEVER win a championship with James Harden on the team, he is a good player but definitely not deserving of a max contract. He is non existent when going up against top shooting guards and is a liability on the defensive end. If Houston really wants to make a real playoff push, trade Harden for Love. Then again Timberwolves wouldn’t even want Harden…Fear the Beard! It will hold your team down.

  19. ToniiG says:

    Cleveland win. Houston, Lakers, Miami has issues, it’s all about Bench Scoring. Yeah they have good starters but they need also someone who can play good from the bench. I’m a big fan of OKC, Yes they give up Sefolosha, now, why not chase on Bazemore and Blatche and Jason Smith. These guys can provide bench production together with Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb and Steve Adams. This is my opinion, just correct me if I’m wrong. For the Houston Rockets, chase Fredette and Evan Turner. Charlotte Hornets is also a winner. Cool.

  20. Gswfan says:

    Cavs are the winners,Rockets are the losers.Simple as that.

  21. Paul Gasol is not going to work out in Chicago. Stephenson is going to destroy what Charlotte was trying to build. Parsons is going to miss H and H, and Miami has a bunch of forwards and a broken down Wade. So who was the real winners of free agency, why the HOUSTON ROCKETS. They got rid of an overrated center who didn’t want to be there, a terrible ball handling and decision making point guard who was so bad that they actually gave the Lakers a first round draft choice to take him; and a 6’9″ forward who thinks he’s a star, but forgot to check Lilliard, which led to quick exit from playoffs. They picked up sharp three point shooting Ariza for much less money than keeping Parsons would have cost them and he plays defense too. The Wizards didn’t do to bad either, keeping Gortat, Miller and Gooden, and picking up Pierce, Humpries and Blair.

  22. ara says:

    NY Knicks are the biggest losers. They could’ve get Drummond or Cousins who are the best Centers right now in the world

  23. ara says:

    For Portland- You guys should swap Aldridge for Drummond. Because Lillard and Drummond will be the best duos since Pippen and Jordan.
    PIPPEN-JORDAN Both names are Ending with N same as below ending with D

  24. ara says:

    despite the Cavs got Leb James, in my opinion the biggest wiiner is Charlotte who snabbed Lance Stephenson. What Charlotte needs to do is to get experienced forward like Marion. Advice for future – Whenever Jarnell Stokes from Memphis will be a free agent Charlotte’s owners should add him to their roster somehow. Good luck Hornets

  25. NBA Fan says:

    Lakers are biggest loser right now (unless they can land Monroe and another quality free agent [who?]), but in the long term they may turn out to be a big winner (of Love, Durant, Westbrook, or other free agent in 2015/2016). I hope to be alive to see it, and to see Kobe win championship #6.

  26. Noble says:

    I love the Rockets and all of it’s players. We are not losers! We live in clutch city and we believe in Harden, Howard, Ariza, Beverly, Daniels, Canaan, Covington, Hamilton, Garcia, Motiejunas,.Jones, and all the new. Winning is a matter of the mind.


  27. bob says:

    the los angeles lakers..pfft, trying to get carmelo or lebron, got jeremy lin instead..he still good though. houston and cavaliers were the biggest wins so far; with houston clearing their cap space, and cavaliers getting the cream of the crop

  28. geoff says:

    Raptors fan here. Can you consider the Raps a winner, I mean they resigned the best FA PG available in Lowry, snagged Williams from Atlanta, resigned Vasquez and Patterson and got Noguiera as well. Lowry is obviously the big one. Without him they’d be in trouble.

  29. timbry627 says:

    The Thunder sign Anthony Morrow who can knock down 3’s. They have the MVP. The have “Iblocka.” They have Westbrook. NBA Champions in 2015?

    • big cheese says:

      Dude they had that team for past few years. .. even had Harden and they still lost. What makes you think they will win this year

  30. nbafan says:

    IMO Biggest Winner: Cleveland Cavaliers and Biggest Loser: Houston Rockets.

  31. Indar Basdeo says:

    I’m disappointed in Houston clearing cap space for Chris Bosh but they gave away a winning team and I’m sure it’s gonna come back to haunt them this up coming season. To win a chanpionship you have to groom a team and I think the Rockets are thinking too far of themselves. Lin, Asik and Parsons are quality players. Houston you gauys are all for failure this season

  32. harrythehawk says:

    Winners: Cleveland. Losers: Houston. Loser Lifetime Achievement: Fakers.

  33. squala96 says:

    Biggest winner: Bosh no doubt

    After the shock announcement of LeBron going back to the Cavs, Miami quickly bettered Houston’s offer and successfuly kept Chris. He gets superstar salary and is now poised to be the new leader of the Heat (which I doubt will happen despite Wade’s injuries). He may not be a standout on court, but he is a smart man. Going to the West will greatly ruin his chances of playing in the All-Star game. There’s no way he can get ahead of Griffin, LaMarcus and Love, maybe even Ibaka in the selection. Max contract without max performance, can’t get any better for the other guy in the so-called Big 3.

  34. Kobe-Nash-Lakers says:

    I’m a big fan of LA.. Now, I think, they are the biggest losser.. How frustrating.. With this line up, playoff is hard to reach again..

  35. oxenbridge23 says:

    Cleveland but the team isn’t quite ready to content so the biggest winners are the Spurs: not only did they keep their core intact but all their main rivals became weaker (except the Mavs and Clips to a lesser extent). Golden road to the 2-peat. I won’t talk about my Lakers.

  36. oxenbridge23 says:

    Beside the Cavs, I think the biggest winners are the Spurs: not only did they kept their core intact but they also and indirectly got rid of their biggest rivals in the est as the Heat now stand deprived of LBJ, the Pacers of Lance (their offense was already quite weak) and the Cavs aren’t quite ready to contend yet.

  37. jdro says:

    yyou know everyone keeps saying Houstons the biggest loser…why? because we didnt land any big names? do yall really think melos guna win a ring? bosh was waaayy over paid. chanler is replacable he just had hype because of his good looks. jermey lin really? lakers are happy to have him? lol! houston has two young guns, troy d and nick j who look outstanding. all I see is that houston saved its money by being denied an “allstar”. remember big names dont mean big wins. example: brooklyn and new york

    • Jay says:

      Houston has pretty much the same team that exited the first round last season. Ariza and Parsons are arguably similar except you could have paid Parsons $900K vs the $8mil due to Ariza. You also lost a strong bench in Lin and Asik without really getting anyone to replace… cap space? sure you have that but unless its spent on upgrades greater than Lin and Asik then it would be considered a loss. If you’re looking to next season, the cap space would have cleared anyways since they have expiring contracts…. so yes… HOU is the biggest loser that actually gotten worse.

  38. Just sayin! says:

    Miami heat fan and lebron bandwagoners are the true losers!

  39. jim says:

    The winner are Houston and Cavaliers. Houston got a chance to empty their bench and salary cap.

    • Richard says:

      How is Houston’s clearing of its bench players and cap space a win? Having money available under the cap doesn’t win games. The players making that money wins games. Everyone that thinks Houston is a free agency winner obviously does not really understand how the game works.

  40. josey says:

    Trevor ariza is thought of like hes not a MAJOR free ajent! He was kobi’s pippen when they won it all and he is really just in his PRIME!

    • knicks fan for life says:

      You are henceforth banned from all basketball blogs for this ridiculous statement. He’s way below average, nobody’s Pippen. His best years are tragically way behind him. Lay off the sauce kid.

      • Logger says:

        I think that Houston are losers, but won in the fact that they didn’t sign Carmelo, Harden, Howard, and ‘Melo would all need the ball to be effective on offense, who would they call the plays for? Next, Cleveland, they signed “the King”, but what happens if you don’t win a championship? LeBron will leave again. Lakers lost, enough said. Any team who didn’t make any moves is a sore loser. Indy lost, they lose the player with the most trip-dub’s last season and gained Rodney Stuckey. Heat lost cuz they lost LeBron, and my biggest loser is Eric Bledsoe. Eric Bledsoe went into FA expecting big bucks and for PHX to match, instead he’s gotten no offers and is gonna have to accept the qualifying offer. I have only 1 winner and it is the city of Cleveland itself, first you draft Johnny “football” Manziel, then you draft Wiggins, who in high school was supposed to be the next LeBron, and now you are bestowed withe the return of your King. That’s all i have to say.

  41. celentano says:

    Well it seems to me that Dwightmare gonna jump to another ship not so far away in the future ! Love that nba drama queens putting a show like Ledecision & Dwightmare,it’s almost consistant now,lol.

  42. A Suns Fan says:

    Suns started FA with about 33 mil in cap. They took up about 11 mil of that signing Isaiah and PJ. I say to match whatever Eric gets as an offer sheet and to try and throw something like 8 mill at Greg Monroe and see what happens.

  43. Deek says:

    James arden and Dwight Howard should take it real personal, that no other Superstar wanted to join them to form another big three. they should take notice that their so called off the court friends decided to not join their team to help win championships, and instead chose other teams or took money. This was a sap in the face to the two houston superstarts and payback is a must. GO win the Ring without them.

  44. MJ23 says:

    Don’t understand why people think the Lakers is among the losers here, but the acquisition of Lin seems to be a steal.

    • JPM84 says:

      Yes, Lin was a good addition, but I think Lakers are considered losers this offseason because of their huge pushes to land the big free agents and coming up empty handed. Not to mention, they also ended up snubbing several of their existing free agents who have already gone and signed with other teams because they were tired of waiting for the Lakers to move. Gasol, Farmar, Kaman, and Meeks are all gone now. They have a few others that have yet to receive offers, but as of now, the Lakers roster consists of Kobe, Nash, Lin, Hill, Young, Randle, Clarkson, Marshall, and Sacre. They still have a few more spots to fill up before preseason starts.

  45. jdub455 says:

    winner – cavs, loser – houston (lol! bosh just made them look silly)

  46. The winners are obvious, the losers obvious as well. The biggest loser has to be Los Angeles Lakers who is left with a bunch of unproven young guys and a couple aging stars who are coming off injured reserve while their neighbors next door are poised for a title run. Greg Monroe is someone who could turn around their fortunes but will have to be maxed out to get him out of Detroit.

  47. SportsWritter says:

    Aside from Cleveland being the winners and HOU/L.A.L. Being the losers, my winners would be the Wizards adding Paul Pierce and Kris Humphries to an already talented roster. And with these two, they gain some leadership and experience. Losers: other than Houston and LA there aren’t many, but Sacramento losing Isaiah Thomas to Phoenix makes them my losers. Although they did add Darren Collison.

  48. celentano says:

    ok soon the lakers gonna sign me ! 2year contract as point guard,only 4mil. for 2 year ! for kobe it’s ok


    LOSERS: the celtics, because they have no move, im sure they will tank next season

  50. Mae says:

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  51. Carlo says:

    Only Blinebury mentioned the Spurs.

    Yes, they did not make any resounding acquisition but…

    … You are the title winners, so theorically you have the best team.
    You keep your team intact by resigning just 3 free agents, whose total salaries will remain approx the same.
    Your last/best competitor lost their best – by far – player.
    Your Conf.Finals opponent lost Sefolosha and Butler.
    None of other competitors made significant, life-changing acquisitions.

    Question: Who’s the winner?

    • Wanker says:

      I like the spurs but age becomes a factor at some point. I would watch out for the clippers next season. Hawes is a great addition. Also I think warriors can be a wild card pending health. Also the thunder are always competitive.

    • Bryan says:

      I was gonna make the same observation. Most sports pundits seem focused on picking up individual pieces, rather than which team is strongest after all the aquisitions and losses. The league as a whole got weaker while only one title contender remains strong: San Antonio. The Spurs won…because the rest of the league lost this offseason.

    • Antonio says:

      Pretty much true.

  52. Boston fan says:

    Lakers can still add good players
    PG-Eric Bledsoe,Greig Vasques
    SG-Kobe Bryant,Nick Youbg
    SF-Alqu Famino(NO)
    PF-Carlos Boozer,Reggie Evans
    C-Greg Monroe,Jermaine O’neal

  53. Caine says:

    What ever team with over paid players like Ariza, Gasol, Carter, Deng, Bosh, Lin would be a looser team on my opinion.

  54. dnnyqst says:

    Though free agency isn’t over, I feel the Suns haven’t done too well thus far……………Bledsoe still unsigned, and Greg Monroe seems to be a player they should be wanting to sign

  55. Max says:

    Kudos to Larry Bird for shipping L.Stephson, see if M.Jordan can control that “run away” Mental case!!

  56. Max says:

    Ariza would be a much better choice for the Lakers than Bynum (who’s health will NOT hold up). Grizzles taken V. Carter? Well if not Carter’s choice he will reneg, take the $$$ and not even try. Look at how he did the Suns. Did not even give a 50% effort, but did great with Dallas, because he did not want to play for the Suns. Will he try in Memphis? Carter is for Carter only!!

  57. Max says:

    Laker’s would do great to get Thompson from GSW, but not at the cost of losing any chance of grabbing K.Love, who is from UCLA. Omar, Parson each a good choice to add, really needed I.Thomas instead of J.Lin, but Lin does have a high IQ in general, but lacks self conf. in the game of BB.

    • Carlo says:

      What planet are you living on?

      Lakers could never get Thompson by GS simply ’cause they’ve NOTHING to give in exchange (and GS doesn’t want to give Thompson even for Love!)

      Same story for Love. What could Lakers trade to MIN for Love?

      Lakers have NO roster. In fact they’re so desperate they signed J.Hill for 9M$/year !!!

      Then, you’d rather have I.Thomas instead of Lin? Didn’t occur to you that Lin was NOT an acquisition. He was just a lucky gift by HOU who wanted to shift his contract. By the way, this Lin gift currently is the only acquisition by Lakers by now.

      Ariza? Bynum? Where have you been in the last few years? They’ve gone away since a long time. And Bynum is an ex-player since a long time (if ever he was one).

      • Robby says:

        I didn’t know going to get a good starter was desperate Jordan hill great defensive player and rebounder can also give you good offensive minutes too….him and Julius Randle will be nice in the backcourt I’ve learned to never count out the lakers no matter the situation

      • skrutz says:

        The 9M for Jordan Hill was desperation. Talk him and the Lakers up all you want, Robby, but they’re flat on their face so far.

      • jc says:

        I don’t think 9mil for Jordan Hill was desperation. He is a very good player, realistically probably worth about 7mil, but 9 really isn’t that much of an overpay. Hill and Randle could be a pretty decent frontcourt to have, the only problem is that’s about all the Lakers DO have.

  58. Arjo says:

    Well the lakers are stupid they havent signed anybody they gotta start sign Somebody!!!