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Anthony took pay cut to return | Parsons ‘offended’ by how Rockets treated him | Marion, Williams out of Mavs’ mix? | Report: Lakers may make coaching hire soon

No. 1: ‘Melo took small pay cut to stay with Knicks — When Carmelo Anthony announced he was re-signing with the New York Knicks on his website, he said he is a Knick at heart. That may be truer than you think as Anthony took a $6 million paycut on the overall value of his deal to free up future cash for New York. Team president Phil Jackson confirmed that fact to reporters during his chat with them at Summer League in Las Vegas, writes Marc Berman of the New York Post:

Phil Jackson said Carmelo Anthony took less than the maximum $129 million contract, and the Zen Master declared he needs his star player to maximize his teammates to win a championship.

Anthony took less to stay with the Knicks — estimated at $122 million to $123 million over five years. But it was still a lot more than what the cap space-challenged runner-up Bulls could offer — four years, $73 million.

Jackson confirmed The Post’s reports Anthony structured the deal to give the Knicks more cap space in 2015. It is believed he didn’t take his annual 7.5 percent raise in Year 2 and may have taken a tiny pay decrease. Under collective bargaining agreement rules, a player can receive as high as a 7.5 percent pay raise annually.

“He did exactly what we kind of asked him to do,’’ Jackson said. “Give us a break in the early part of the contract when we have some wiggle room — hopefully big enough wiggle room — next year when we can exploit it.’’

Anthony’s sacrifice in Year 2 likely opens up about $2 million more in cap space for 2015, but the rest of his annual wages suffer by not taking the raise.

Meanwhile, Jackson emphatically said Anthony has to buy into this triangle-like new system that will promote sharing the ball and taking the load off him offensively. Otherwise, Jackson feels the Knicks won’t compete for a title anytime soon.

“It depends how quickly our team evolves,’’ Jackson said of how soon the club will be in title contention. “If we evolve as a team, we can do it rather quickly. If we’re still going to sit and rely on Carmelo to do everything, it’s not going to happen.

“We put that load on him, it’s not going to happen. That’s what we’ve wanted to assure him. We want to evolve as a team and that sometimes means the old buying into the system and giving in to the process. And the process can take time. Hopefully shorter time than longer.’’

VIDEO: Phil Jackson talks with NBA TV about the Knicks’ offseason to date


No. 2: Parsons ‘offended’ by how Rockets treated him — The Houston Rockets’ plan in free agency all along, it seemed, was to make a hard push for free-agent forward Chris Bosh and re-sign their own free-agent forward, Chandler Parsons, after that. But once Parsons got an offer sheet from the Dallas Mavericks, things changed for Houston … and changed again once Bosh passed on joining Houston in favor of re-signing with the Miami Heat. Parsons is now a Mav and told Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears he wasn’t happy with how the Rockets treated him:

 Chandler Parsons was “offended” when the Houston Rockets went searching in free agency for a third star in LeBron James, Chris Bosh or Carmelo Anthony instead of sticking with him. Now the former Rockets forward is ecstatic to be a third star with the Dallas Mavericks, and a lot richer, too.

“Honestly, I was offended by the whole process,” Parsons told Yahoo Sports on Monday in a phone interview. “They publicly said that they were going out looking for a third star when I thought they had one right in front of them. I guess that’s just how they viewed me as a player. I don’t think I’ve scratched the surface of where I can be as a player and I think I’m ready for that role.

“You can’t knock them for always trying to get better. [Houston general manager] Daryl Morey is very aggressive, is a genius, a great GM and I have nothing but respect for those guys. And they are looking to make their team better. That’s what they were doing. I just thought I could be that guy that could do that.”

The Rockets went after marquee players like James, Anthony, and Bosh when free agency began. While the Mavericks were interested in Anthony, too, they quickly convinced Parsons to agree to a three-year, $46 million offer sheet with a third-year player option and a 15 percent trade kicker, a source said. Parsons signed the offer sheet on the first day free agents were able to on July 10 in his hometown of Orlando with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban by his side.

“They really showed how much they cared for me,” Parsons said. “They didn’t want me to wait for Bosh. They didn’t want me to wait for ‘Melo. They came forward first.”

James left the Miami Heat to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Anthony and Bosh stayed with the Knicks and Heat respectively. The Rockets, through a sign-and-trade deal, agreed to terms with free-agent small forward Trevor Ariza for three years and $32 million. And on Sunday, the Rockets decided that Parsons’ contract was too expensive and didn’t match.

“Throughout the whole process they pretty much told me they were going to match everything,” Parsons said. “I understand it’s a business. I understand they had to do what they thought was best for their organization. It definitely caught me off-guard a little bit.”

Parsons said he is close with Cuban, loves Dallas and added that he believes he can compete with a championship in Dallas with Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis.

In an interview with Houston radio station SportsRadio 610, Morey explained some of his thinking behind the Rockets not matching Parsons’ offer sheet:

“It takes three, at least, three elite players with very little exception, throughout history, it takes three elite players and a good set of players that fit around them,” Morey said on the roster make up of a championship team. “Once Bosh said ‘no’ it put us into another very difficult decision of, is matching Chandler Parsons, do we have a better chance of winning a title by matching it or not matching it. That comes down to a very simple question, is Harden, Howard, Parsons a three that can be a championship three? I actually think it can be. I think Chandler is a great player, getting better. Really really good player, no doubt. But the question is actually: is Harden Howard Parson, is that three a better championship odds than Harden, Howard and the team we can put together with a guaranteed lottery pick trade exceptions mid-level young team improving and continuing to be flexible? That was the very tough decision before us. But I can tell you this, in our opinion it was not close.”

“We are in a better [place] to win a championship by not matching it, once Bosh goes away than by not matching it.”


No. 3: Marion, Williams no longer in Mavs’ mix? — The Dallas Mavericks pulled off a bit of a surprise in free agency in signing small forward Chandler Parsons to an offer sheet that wasn’t matched by his first NBA team, the Houston Rockets. But what about the Mavs’ small forward of the last few seasons, Shawn Marion? Will he be back with the Mavs next season? Team president Donnie Nelson shed some light on that possibility, plus the chances of Dallas adding free-agent guard Mo Williams, in a chat transcribed by The Dallas Morning News:

Dallas Mavericks president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson recently joined KESN-FM 103.3 to talk about the Mavs’ busy off-season, including what’s left to fill out the roster. Here are some of the highlights:

On if there is still chance Shawn Marion could re-sign with Dallas:

Nelson: “Well ‘Trix is just like we’ve talked about with JET and Dirk — we don’t sip from the cup without Shawn Marion so absolutely you never close the door. Now, his value in the marketplace is much higher than what we have right now, and so I would categorize that as a long long long long long shot. But kind of like Vince, there’s opportunities and the really good agents are going to get their guy their values. And Shawn Marion’s got one of the best in the business, if not thee best, so I expect he’s going to get  a lot more money out there than the Mavericks can afford to offer right now.”

On Mo Williams potentially coming to the Mavericks:

Nelson: “Yeah we’ve been trying to figure out a way to get Mo in a Maverick uniform for years now. He’s a Dallas guy, from Memphis but live in Dallas with his family, so we’re hopeful that we can work something out but again our hands are tied right now because of the Parsons thing of what we can do financially. All these guys, whether it’s Mo, whether it’s ‘Trix, in all reality they’re going to have to take a payout to come here. It’s just how much of a pay cut are guys willing to look at and we’re understanding and respectful of the market place and there’s other places that may have more playing time and more financial flexibility that we do, but we would love for both of those guys to continue to consider us.”



No. 4: Report: Lakers to make coaching hire soon — A glance over at the list of NBA teams and their coaches to date reveals that only the Los Angeles Lakers are missing someone at that position. While the Jazz, Nets, Bucks and various other teams made offseason coaching changes or hirings, the Lakers continue to wait it out. But according to Dave McMenamin of, the team could make a decision on its next leader in the next week or two:

The Los Angeles Lakers expect to hire a coach in the next week or two, but they do not consider the interview process to be finished, according to a league source.

While former Lakers great Byron Scott has been considered the leading candidate for the position for weeks, having gone through multiple interviews with management and having received an endorsement from none other than Kobe Bryant last week, even he likely would need another interview before being named coach, according to the source.

The Lakers have contacted five coaches besides Scott about the position — Mike Dunleavy, Kurt Rambis, Alvin Gentry, Lionel Hollins and George Karl (although the phone call between Karl and Kupchak was characterized as more of a casual conversation than an interview).

Three of those candidates have accepted new jobs in the time that has passed since talking to the Lakers. Hollins was hired as coach of the Brooklyn Nets after Jason Kidd bolted for the Milwaukee Bucks, while Gentry (Warriors) and Rambis (New York Knicks) accepted associate head-coaching positions.

“We may continue to interview, but we have a pretty good feel of what’s available and we’re comfortable that we can get a good coach, probably in the beginning of July,” Kupchak told reporters on draft night.

Scott is remaining patient with the process.

“It’s still open,” Scott said when asked about the coaching position during a call-in segment with the Lakers’ television partner, Time Warner Cable SportsNet, on Friday. “I know, in my dealings in talking with Mitch and Jim [Buss, vice president of player personnel], they want to get the roster together and then focus on the coaching. So, myself, or whoever else are the other candidates, that’s what we’re all waiting for and we’re kind of looking at what’s going on [in free agency] to see if that’s all done and then see next week what they’re going to do with the coaching vacancy.

“So, it’s just one of those things that’s a wait-and-see game right now, but like I said, I like the moves that they made today. I think it’s going to help the team and strengthen the team, and obviously it still puts them in a good, flexible position for next year.”

VIDEO: Lakers GM Mitch Kupchack talks about the team’s coaching search


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: LeBron James‘ move back to Cleveland could be worth $500 million to the local economy … Nets forward Alan Anderson will be back with the team on a new, two-year deal … The Bucks are reportedly shopping forward Ersan Ilyasova “hard” … The Pistons waived Peyton Siva and Josh Harrelson to make salary-cap room for Caron Butler and D.J. Augustin … Thunder forward Perry Jones III had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee yesterday … Journeyman forward Anthony Tolliver is expected to reveal his free-agency choice soon … Could the next TV deal for the NBA see The Finals split between ESPN and Turner?

ICYMI of The Night: The Horry Scale is on hiatus during the offseason, but Jordan Clarkson has a ‘Horry’ moment out in Las Vegas

VIDEO: The Lakers’ Jordan Clarkson gets the game-winning tip in against the Warriors


  1. harrythehawk says:

    It doesn’t matter how good anyone out here perceives Jeremy Lin or Chandler Parsons to be. The Houston Rockets thought otherwise (for their own reasons), they got rid of them both and have moved on. Now both Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons have new teams and a fresh start. And the entire basketball world will see how his all works for them (and what they are made of). Is this truly a Rockets loss? I still say the Mavericks got better this off season (inclusive of all the other moves they have made) and the Rockets got worse. Time will tell, won’t it?

  2. KcShufflin says:

    CP is offended?? You mean the guy who posed for a flashy nightclub picture with rival owner Mark Cuban upon inking an overly generous deal in the first days of free agency, and forcing the rockets hand before they had even gotten confirmation on Carmelo? CP needs thinner skin then, for less money now the rockets finally have someone who can get a stop on the wing (Ariza). Just take your inflated contract and be happy CP, it’s obviously what you wanted anyways, if you really were concerned with staying on the Rockets. you wouldn’t have disrespected Rockets fans by publicly reveling with a crosstown rival. I’m disappointed in CP, he needs a reality check imo.

  3. manuel Mercado says:

    Thank you Wade:
    As a heat fan I said thank you wade; You have prove to all Miami heat fans that you deserve more than what you have received.
    You have been Heat for all your basketball career. You gave to Miami all your talent and elegance in basketball. Those are the players that should be admired. Be with your team in the good and in the bad. You could ran to other teams looking for a ring or more money, but you stay here constructing, creating, and giving from you the best of your ability. It doesn’t matter how is your health, how are your knees. I as a heat fan feel proud to see you with the heat number 3 heat jersey. and that Jersey will be in the Miami Arena as the biggest basketball player Miami heat had have. You help Miami to win 3 championship. And be careful because those rocky that are coming could give a surprise for many teams. Hamilton, 7.0 and Napier.

    Good Luck Wade.

  4. shhhh says:

    “They publicly said that they were going out looking for a third star when I thought they had one right in front of them.”

    – any team would be crazy to chose parsons over lebron, bosh or carmelo if they have a viable chance to get one.

    • Agree totally says:

      Parsons obviously now has an overinflated view of himself. He’s half the player of K-Love and maybe sees himself as the best ‘new thing’ since Larry Bird … which is kinda ridiculous, since his new team captain is that guy (Nowitzki). Honestly, Parsons is a great player who i’ve thought of as having great potential to have a fairly stellar career. Having said that, he ought to guard against chest beating, as opposed to actually carrying an NBA Team on court (a la Nowitzki and K-Love). Good luck with your new home Chandler.. but saying (you’re a marquee player) versus delivering, are world’s apart.

  5. usedqtip says:

    Parsons and Hayward arent worth 15 mil a year. Kyle Lowry at 12 mil is looking like a steal. Hell even when raps signed Derozan 2 years back at 10 mil a year ppl were saying it was too high for him.

  6. However I do agree that Parsons overreacted a bit. If anyone has a right to blast Houston and feel offended it’s Lin. I’m not a fan of McHale and how he handles the team. If it was Jackson or Pop coaching Houston would have won a championship by now.

  7. El Stone says:

    Get over yourself Chandler.

    But I guess it makes sense that someone named after a “Friends” character would be so whiny.

  8. Carlo says:

    So, Anthony accepted a 6M$ cut. That’s a HUGE 4.5% out of the 129M$ max.
    That puts him in the same category of philantropists like Albert Schweizer. NY should take those 6M and use them to make him a monument right now.

    • Carlo says:

      No, wait! He said those saved 6M are for hiring extra players.

      Mmh… Let’s see… 6M out of a 5-year contract equal 1.2M/year. Whom could we get for this huge sum?

  9. Bobby Z says:

    Lakers are a 25 win team. Management needs to go.

  10. Ballin all day says:

    Wow..Why give up parsons who shot a better field goal percentage then james harden last season with a better +/- aswell? only to sign a mostly one dimensional trevor ariza for 36 mil instead of giving parsons his deserved 46 mil? Awful move.. Then the owner explains that they did this to save cap space and put younger more “flexible” players around harden and howard yet they gave up 36 mil on ariza anyway so that theory does not add up… Instead of these teams upgrading within their own system, they seem to always want to run out and buy a star that more then likely will leave you right back where you originally started at… Good luck rockets, but it would be sad to see dirk, monte and chandler shoot the rockets out the gym in the western conference next year…

  11. JROCK says:

    I’m sorry Chandler. You’re goofy like the character on Friends. Please be realistic, you choked against Portland and you aren’t elite. Very good but definitely not a next level player. I feel bad because you definitely put in work for Hou by bringing the team together. You also were Dwight’s #1 fan and butt kisser to lure him to the Rockets. And what did you get for all you’ve done, a fat contract with a don’t let the door hit ya on your way out. Enjoy your max deal!

  12. Elijah 41 says:

    Loyalty is the word guy..Houston must learn that word to all there players..I know that this a business but having your players (parsons) settle and comfortable to your team is abig plus..I know his not like a Melo, a LeBron or a KD but considering his age and his talent he will be a next big thing…Parsons has the right to be offended, he consider himself to the third man for Houston, willing to be in Houston but when Houston sees another player they want it and drop or throw his present player away..Upgrading your roster is good but need to consider those people whom is Loyal to you..

    • shhhh says:

      next big thing? he will be another role player with fat contract.
      he wont’ be the next big thing… he’ll be a thing of the past for sure.

      “he consider himself to the third man for Houston” – but that doesn’t mean houston consider him as indespensable.

  13. Booyah says:

    Jlin is so much better than Parsons

  14. Bill says:

    The story on Chandler Parsons is consistent with other things I have read about him previously. Namely that this is a young man with extreme self confidence. He seems to truly believe that he is an elite player in the NBA.

    That type of self confidence can be a positive but it also could be a negative if it means that he has lost his drive to improve.

    In reality he is likely the only one in the NBA who considers him to be elite. However, thanks to Mark Cuban he is getting paid like an elite player so good for him.

    However, Houston couldn’t get it done last year with him positioned as part of their “big three” (at least in his eyes) and he won’t be able to take Dallas to the next level either.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think he is very good, and that many if not all teams would enjoy having him, but he is simply not a super star.

  15. jr says:

    All u rockets fans are funny talking smack about the kid just cause he was offended I mean the guy is a good sf and wanted to get payed nothing wrong with that I believe he does have a high ceiling and if he doesn’t play defense it’s because it wasn’t coached rockets coach plays no defense what so ever why do think u lost to the blazers in the first round We’ve seen how far that gets u in this league back when the Suns first came out with that style of play it gets u no were defense is everything if u can’t play an ounce of it you’re doomed I bet they loose in the first round again next season and keep on dreaming u getting Kevin love that’s hilarious u think they won’t ask for Howard or harden just cause there friends u think he’ll b given away you’re delusional Kevin love will come back to California his home state not sure what team but he’ll b n cali via trade but most likely free agent next year

  16. George Thomas` says:

    Parson, You should be respectful on Rockets for giving valuable playing time and opportunity to grow as a good player despite you are and second round 25th pick. If in any other team you would be sitting at the side of the bench for garbage time. Rockets could keep you one more with 962K, but they gave an opportunity for you to make 15 Mil. So be humble and thankful to rockets. You are not a star nowhere near any of the top ten SM . Sorry Parson

    • skrutz says:

      I really think they just played up one sentence. He seems fairly cool, although a little surprising he thinks of himself as that high an option. Still, misleading headline.

  17. Richard Science says:

    Lakers very patiently waiting for their next leader, I would like to see Jeff van Gundy or Hubie Brown be their next coach! yeahbahh!!

    • you're dreaming says:

      The Lakers have finished prelim’ interviews – and neither of those guys was even in the mix.

  18. TTKIN says:

    Harden, Howard, Parsons, and a good supporting cast. If u cant win a title with that, u need a new f*ckin coach. Maybe one that can teach Harden that playing only 50% of the game doesn’t make u a great player (he plays ZERO defense, hence POR won).

    • SG says:

      Big problem with your logic. You have to play defense in order to win a championship. 1 of those guys is a good defender, 1 is mediocre (and white), and 1 of them doesn’t even run down the court unless he has the ball in his hands.

  19. Vlad says:

    I don’t think Parsons has a high ceiling. Besides some improvement that will come with experience, this is all that he can ever be.

    But that attitude, come oooon !!!! If those are exactly his words, he will have big problems in his career. Feeling offended? For trying to get James or Bosh or Melo? Guys with 10ish all stars ? Combined they probably have more that his own age. You feel offended by that? Really? Not even Durant gets offended i think

    Then you say about yourself that you are a star !!! Because there I can give you 5 SF better than him who never said that about themselves in a few seconds.

    Huston made the right choice. 15 mil/year is way too much for that skill set, not to mention that attitude. If you want a big 3 to win a championship, Harden, Howard and Parsons is definitely not it. Not when you reach your cap space limit. The final this season showed us that not even a big 3 of James, Wade and Bosh can win it without good supporting cast.

    Kudos for them for not panicking. You can use that money to make a better team around Harden and Howard or to try and get another star, a real one. In the meantime, Ariza is not a downgrade from Parsons and he comes cheaper.

    • BonnieBear29 says:

      Nah, that’s gotta be a competitive athlete’s attitude. You have to believe you’re better than you are. Everyone knows Bosh and ‘Melo are better than Parsons, but the moment he believes that his competitive edge is gone.

      • Vlad says:

        It’s one thing to be confident, or even overconfident, but he is neither. He is delusional

    • TerryMcGinnis says:

      Ariza @ $8mil for this season vs Parsons @ $900K this season. Similar players with similar stats. Ariza has hit his peak, Parsons is young. I’d say it was a downgrade.

  20. kiwisepp says:

    parsons is not a star by any standard. He is just an average player at 3

  21. Fug says:

    Chandler Parsons was not signed because KEvin LOve will be a ROckeet soon enough. Kevin MChale drafted LOve when he was MInn GM. GReat relationship. Flip is MChales best friend and roommate in college where they played ball together. Houston will give up a ton to get love so it will be a fair deal. Love is better than PArsons who plays zero defense. The decision was one or the other. Who would you take?

    The Spurs are the best team currently in the game. Repeating is difficult. Ariza is only 8 million less valuable in the pocketbook but a better fit with Harden Dwight and Love than Chandler. They will win it all with that big 3.

    • SG says:

      Once again…you need to play Defense to win a championship. Love is a medicore defender, Harden doesn’t even walk down the court on defense, and Howard is a shell of himself after his back surgery.

      • I call BS says:

        Granted, K-Love is not a great defender, but even a mook nobody like you, can’t deny he’s a double-double machine on a level not achieved by anyone since Wilt Chamberlain. By that measure alone, he’s even ahead of another NBA legend, Larry Bird. If K-Love happens to land in a franchise that has a defensive stopper at Center, an elite, high basketball IQ at PG/SG, and some excellent bench players, i have zero doubt his career will shine as bright (if not brighter) than Bird’s did. Hmmmm.. what Texas based NBA Team, outside of Dalla & San Antone does that sound like?? Y’know, I watched Bird play on Live TV, at his peak, and his game is almost a mirror image of K-Love’s. Love’s problem is that he’s paired with a team (T-Wolves) that has a playing style that simply isn’t conducive to his style of game. In the wrong team environment, any marquee player would suffer. I see at least two other franchises that would be a far better fit for K-Love, where he can really stretch his wings, and get to the next level and win an NBA ring (..or three).

  22. Parsons is not a star, he should be happy that he’s being paid like one. To whine that he was mistreated when he’s going to be making more money than Dirk and Montel is absolutely incredible.

  23. fstaff says:

    Chandler Parsons was offended they wanted Melo or James over him? He might be good, but I think he needs to humble himself a little.

  24. underdog says:

    TNT for the FINALS!!.. It sux that I can’t see Inside the NBA in the most important game of the season.. so yes please, a TNT coverage for the finals please..

  25. justsayin says:

    Lakers should nab George Karl.

  26. BilG says:

    Even though Chandler Parsons may not be a top notch player in the league right now, I think he still has a high ceiling and he seems to be confident in his abilities. It should be fun to watch how he develops over the next few years, he’s still very young.

    • Or become a flop! Like you said he is still very young and by the way …..he’s not showing that he has Melo, CB or KD potential. So why should the Rockets match the offer from the Mavs??

      So Houston did the right thing here and Mavs took the gamble! Only person that has won here is C. Parsons himself by taking the money…

      Nothing wrong & nothing new