Mike Miller set to reunite with LeBron

LeBron James got his right-hand man back. No, not Dwyane Wade. Mike Miller, of course.

The 3-point sharpshooter reportedly turned down bigger offers from Houston and Denver to instead reunite with his Miami buddy in Cleveland. According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, Miller has agreed to a two-year deal with the Cavaliers. The second year is a player option. Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports the deal is worth $5.5 million.

Miller, 34, made huge plays and big shots for the Heat in both of their championship runs despite playing through a bad back and often looking like he was on his last leg. The Heat cut him loose last summer via the amnesty clause in a cost-cutting move that upset James, and Miami certainly missed Miller’s shooting in the lopsided Finals loss to the Spurs.

Meanwhile, Miller played an injury-free season, going the full 82 games in what has turned out to be a brief homecoming with Memphis. Miller shot 45.9 percent from beyond the arc and 48.1 percent overall for the Grizzlies while logging 20.8 mpg, five minutes a game more than he averaged in his final season with the Heat.

The Cavaliers will gladly accept Miller’s shooting touch off the bench. Cleveland finished 18th in the league last season at 35.6 percent from downtown. Its bench also ranked 18th from beyond the arc at 34.8 percent.

The Grizzlies had hoped to re-sign Miller, who played for Memphis from 2003 to 2008. Oklahoma City, which tried to sign Miller last year, also had shown interest in Miller, but signed Anthony Morrow.


  1. bballjunkie1 says:

    Happy for Miller to be an old vet on the bench with Lebron, 2 bad Miami didn;t get it right when it mattered. People are entitled to do as they please but after no upgrades and having to do all the heavy lifting night in night out Lebron was taxed. Good for both of them. Still should have beat Dallas, should have brought in a coach when he went to Miami, so it didnt surprise me after the whipping Pop put on them he was gone, remember it took a 3 pointer from Ray to save the season before.

  2. Max says:

    Sad for Memphis, but a great move for Miller. Maybe Love will wise up and want a Ring. Now need a H.C. as smart as “ole POP”. Not much choice in the current mkt. for an outstanding H.C. Look for a Rookie that can coach L.James. Could be the winner of a ring. Got to take care of the Spurs. They have their entire Finals team back???5 on Bench just as good as the 5 starters! Cavs. have to be wise in picking up players!!

  3. Mort pm says:

    Bad move. Cleveland needs to develop, play these new players. With the type of talent they have…….LeBron won’t be a one SOLO act in the playoffs. LeBron need to quit whinning about bringing in this old thirty year old buddies from the past and look to the future. This talent has the potential to put another ring or two on this fingers……and since LeBron will be in his thirties soon he will need YOUNG players like these guys to be there.

  4. Terry G. says:

    Just what Cleveland needs, I love watching Mike M. play Great shooter, but for me I love his hustle, I am 70 yrs old, that is the way we used to play, dive for the ball, I played on blacktop, lots of bloody knees, Mike is my kind of player. I live in Miami, Love the heat. but will watch the cavs. Just like when I left Ind. Payton is still my man.

  5. theholyspectator says:

    get rid of wiggins and get love to win titles now! who has time to wait for wiggins to grow and mature? not to mention all the other young guns on that team…lebrons about to waste his prime….if cavs dont get some more strong talent..lebron at best will win maybe 1 more title before he retires? the east is only gettin better and better,…and no one is gonna beat the spurs so ya lbjs chasing rings days are outnumbered.

  6. memphis man maxwell says:

    Got no love for sale out mike at37 he will try to return to Memphis for one last year when he get tye boot like always.. easy way out .. L.james’Jr

  7. Kirby Record says:

    Definitely what the Cava need. Now if they get Allen–wishful thinking no doubt.

  8. LBJKIN6JAMES says:


  9. Josh says:

    Trade Wiggins for K Love and they when a championship probably 2 in a row. If not its not looking good for the Cavs.

  10. harrythehawk says:

    Mike Miller must be ecstatic, he hated being traded to Memphis and had some sour grapes. He got what he wanted!

  11. This Cleveland team is going to be scary if they can lock in defensively. Wiggins is already looking like an elite wing defender, if they can get Kyrie to buy in it could spell trouble…

  12. luis says:

    esto me recuerda a Babe Ruth y el Boston cuando fue cambiado a los Yankees(MLS) se llamo la maldicion del Bambino

  13. john says:

    they amnestied him, so it takes year to get him back

  14. mee(a)t says:

    I was really hoping the heat would get Miller back……damn