Bulls (finally) amnesty Boozer

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Chicago Bulls fans will have to find someone else to complain about now that Carlos Boozer is no longer an option.

The Bulls used the amnesty provision on the veteran power forward today, ending Boozer’s four-year tenure with the team. Boozer played in 280 games with the Bulls and averaged 15.5 points, 9.0 rebounds and 2.0 assists as a mainstay in Tom Thibodeau’s starting lineup. But he remained an easy target when the Bulls repeatedly came up short in the postseason.

The Bulls thanked Boozer for his work, of course, praising him as they amnestied him.

“Carlos epitomized professionalism in everything he did for the Bulls both on the court, and in the community, during his time here in Chicago,” Bulls GM Gar Forman said in a statement released by the team.  “Over the last four seasons, Carlos’ productivity helped elevate our team to another level.  I have nothing but respect for Carlos, and certainly wish him the best as he moves forward.”

The Bulls did get a quality run out of Boozer, who now becomes a free agent in a bidding process for teams with salary cap space. Interested teams need to have at least $1.5 million, Boozer’s minimum salary, in cap space to sign bid on hid on him.

Boozer was a part of a core group in Chicago under Tom Thibodeau that included Derrick Rose, who won MVP honors in 2011, and reigning Kia Defensive Player of the Year Joakim Noah. As Sam Smith of Bulls.com, who first reported the Boozer news, points out, the Bulls enjoyed loads of success with Boozer in their mix:

Since Carlos Boozer was signed by the Bulls as a free agent in 2010, statistically one of the most successful free agent acquisitions in franchise history, the Bulls were just one of four NBA teams to win at least 200 games. The others were the Spurs and Heat, who won three of the four championships, and the Thunder, who went to one Finals.

Since Boozer signed with the Bulls in the summer of 2010, he started more games than any other Bulls player, he averaged more points than anyone other than Derrick Rose, who played in just two of those four seasons, and Boozer had rebounds than everyone but Joakim Noah and was tied with Noah for the top shooting percentage at 49 percent. Boozer was second to Noah in most free throws made in that four-year period and averaged almost five minutes fewer per game than Noah. Noah was a star passing center averaging 3.7 assists the last four seasons. But Boozer averaged more than two assists per game.

The Bulls Tuesday announced they had exercised the amnesty provision to release Boozer from his contract with the Bulls. He will be in a waiver period where teams can make bids for him with the highest dollar amount winning. Then that money would reduce the $16.8 million the Bulls owe Boozer for next season. Only teams with salary cap room can make bids. If none do, only then would Boozer become a free agent and be able to sign where he chooses.

But in leaving the Bulls after four seasons, Boozer deserves praise for the job he did and perhaps a bit of an apology from some amongst a critical group who often have decried his play.

All Boozer did was what he was asked. And perhaps even more.

Atlanta and Charlotte, two teams in need of veteran depth in the frontcourt, are considered two of the early frontrunner’s in pursuit of Boozer.


  1. GL says:

    If LeBron can forgive the owner, he can forgive Boozer for verbally agreeing he’ll stay in Cleveland after LBJ’s first season, but bolted to Utah instead.

  2. Nore says:

    He should consider the Hornets.

    PG – Kemba Walker
    SG – Lance Stephenson
    SF – Michael Kidd Gilchrist
    PF – When you BOOZ you Loose
    C – Al Jefferson

    Pretty much damage in terms of defense (exept of Jefferson) and Boozer could join Jefferson in the frontcourt to make damage in the offense and on the offensive boards. Cause MKG is good on defense but was a liabillity on offense so far.

    But this is a nice core and i would go as far as to give them a chance to go to the conference semi finals.

  3. Mirko says:

    What about the Clippers?
    They need a big of the bench imho

  4. knicks fan for life says:

    Please… Phil… SIGN HIM!!!

  5. BigMike(From North Hill in Akron,Ohio) says:

    I would like to see him return to the team that drafted him in Cleveland, but i would have to think teams like NY,Dal,LA,and even a possible teamup with old teammate from the Jazz in Deron Williams in NJ would be more possible. Charlotte would also look nice since they just added Lance Stephenson. Only reason I ruled out the Cavs is because he never liked it there before. Then again at the time Lebron was only a rookie, since he has been to Finals 5 times(including the last 4 straight).Well I would love to see him in wine and gold….GO CAVS!

  6. Jae Porter says:

    You all are disrespectful. But I hope he goes to the nets, cavs, spurs, just somewhere where he can make an impact & win

  7. Max says:

    PLEASE Boozer go to the CAVS. Play with your friend, Mike Miller and the other great Players, including a 4 time MVP~~~~~

  8. Bersem says:

    Shoule sign with Charlotte: imagine the damages in the paint alongside Big Al Jefferson! Two players with almost 10boards a game + recently acquired Lance Stephenson at the wing…The Hornets would look good (above all in defense)

  9. Dforce88 says:

    Good luck booze and thanks for the memories. I think boozer, Noah, and Gibson formed a winning rotation at the 4 & 5 position. They complimented each other well. The bulls lack of success is squarely due to the lack of a consistent two guard and the injury games lost by Rose. Rose not being on the floor with two consecutive injuries hurt boozer and the rest of the team. But that’s the nature of sports, health is essential. Boozers biggest short comings are his lack of shot blocking and unwillingness to take a charge. Karl Malone was the same always swiping at the ball preferring to try for the steal. Gasol will provide more shot blocking and more scoring. All in all it’s an upgrade to be honest. Good business by Bulls, but personally we all lose one of our dogs!

  10. talldave2 says:

    Gibson was better. Booz was below replacement.

    • TylerLaw16 says:

      Boozer was the starter and Gibson came off the bench. Boozer has better averages and can shoot better than gibson

  11. Deutztony says:

    He should be a Heat and play with Loul Deng, Wade, Bosh, and the others….

  12. Chris%brand says:

    Would like to see boozer as a cav with lebron. I don’t think the cavs are going to get Kevin love. They need back court help

  13. jose says:

    Boozer will end up in NewYork,

  14. Joven says:

    i mean i really want to see mr carlos with the lakers…

  15. Joven says:

    i really to see mr carlos boozer with a lakers uniform…

  16. Peter K says:

    Would really love to see Boozer become a Spur – he’s right out of the mold! And we could use his experience and quality back-up minutes.

    It’s odd to me that so often bigger name free agents seem to shun Los Spurs…all they do is win, baby!

    Go Spurs Go! The Race for Seis!!!!!!

    • Sports Fan says:

      NO!!! That’s what makes the Spurs special. I’m a Lakers fan and what made us special (used to) was our ability to get big name FA players. What made the Spurs special is the ability to draft/train/retain mediocre players into superstars with their oh-so-sweet team bball. I would not want them taking in big name FA, it would just tarnish their name.

    • Prince says:

      Boozer as a spur would fit just well. Gasol said he “Wanted to win championships” then he should of went to the spurs but at the end he went for the money. lets be real the bulls aint wining no championship. So Boozer as a spur. Sounds good if he wants to WIN!!

  17. Peter K says:

    Would really love to see Boozer become a Spur – he’s right out of the mold! And we could use his experience and quality back-up minutes.

    It’s odd to me that so often bigger name free agents seem to shun Los Spurs,,,,all they do is win, baby!

    Go Spurs Go! The Race for Seis!!

  18. Dionte Christmas says:

    The Booze Cruise!! He’ll find a good home somewhere. Someplace he can shout And-1 at microscopic fouls, someplace with spray-on hair.

  19. Pete says:

    Boozer averaged more points than anyone not named Derrick Rose… he also gave up more points and rebounds than anyone period, and always had big games versus bad teams. He never stepped up big against the Heat like he was supposed to, never dominated mismatches in the paint like he should have, and his best defense was a loud yell after getting blown by. He got T’d up on every one of this three (?) dunks on defenders. Faded away always, shot jumpers all day, would rarely drive, would rarely get a hard rebound or defend hard (the opposite of Noah and Gibson). He was asked to be the second star behind Rose… and flat out under performed. His effort was lacking, hence Thibs benching him for ENTIRE fourth quarters… I don’t think we paid him $16M+ for that.

  20. harrythehawk says:

    The Hawks want Boozer? For what? Is this verified? Cause he’s a bum!

  21. ko0kiE says:

    well he is still a good offensive player, but he can’t defend…

  22. I hope Boozer ends up somewhere he can just ball out like Philly where he can take shots at liberty and have a legit PG to run the pick and roll with again.

  23. Michael Sy says:

    Miami Heat should chase Boozer. Give enough breathing space to Bosh so he can deliver better.

  24. Steve says:

    Unfortunately, Charlotte doesn’t seem to be aware that they need help???

  25. bball7 says:

    Honestly I feel the rockets should go for boozer. When you look at their frontline, it is so small and incompetent, with the exception of Dwight Howard. Boozer is no Bosh, bet does have a reliable jumper and is acceptable on the offensive end. At the very least, it gives you,depth allowing the Rox to have Terrence Jones as your 6th man. Plus you can get him cheaper. But of course Daryl Morey is only interested in Dem stars… Sorry to Jeremy and Chandler.

  26. Savage22 says:

    Boozer should also go back to Cleveland..stick it to the bulls

  27. TheKush says:

    boozer and williams should have NEVER LEFT UTAH! Since leaving Jerry Sloan neither one of them lived up to their potential!