How good can the Cavs be?

VIDEO: LeBron James: On Returning to Cleveland

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — LeBron James is back in Cleveland, leaving Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh behind and joining a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since he took his talents to Miami in 2010. Kyrie Irving is an All-Star, but he’s also just the second No. 1 pick in 10 years to not make the postseason in his first three seasons.

As he wrote on, James knows that this is a different situation than the one he had upon arriving in Miami.

I’m not promising a championship. I know how hard that is to deliver. We’re not ready right now. No way. Of course, I want to win next year, but I’m realistic. It will be a long process, much longer than it was in 2010. My patience will get tested. I know that. I’m going into a situation with a young team and a new coach.

But the Eastern Conference looks to be wide open. And if you have the world’s best player and some decent talent around him, you have to be considered one of the favorites. But how good can the Cavs be this season? That’s a question that requires a two-part answer. To truly contend, you need to be very good on both ends of the floor.


The Cavs ranked 23rd in offensive efficiency last season, scoring just 101.3 points per 100 possessions. They improved on that end after trading for Luol Deng, but weren’t much better offensively with Irving on the floor than they were with him on the bench.

The Cavs’ coaching change could have changed things by itself. David Blatt has coached one of the best offenses in Europe over the last few years.

And obviously, the addition of James means that we can just throw last year’s numbers away. James’ teams have ranked in the top six in offensive efficiency each of the last six years.

The last two seasons in Miami were the best of those. The Heat found their space-the-floor offensive identity in the 2012 playoffs, complemented James with a bevy of shooters, and basically eviscerated opposing defenses for two years straight.

So, with the Cavs, just how good they are offensively (Top 10? Top 5?) is going to be a matter of how much shooting they can put around James.

Last season, the Cavs had two guys who shot better than 37 percent on at least 100 3-point attempts. Both of them – Spencer Hawes and C.J. Miles – have left via free agency.

So the pressure is on Irving (35.8 percent from 3-point range last season) and Dion Waiters (36.8 percent) to improve from beyond the arc. No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins should be adjusting his pre-camp training to work more on corner threes. And Cavs GM David Griffin obviously has to make shooting the priority as he pursues other free agents (like Ray Allen and Mike Miller).

Playing with James should make everybody a better shooter. According to SportVU, Waiters shot 41.6 percent (72-for-173) on catch-and-shoot threes last season.

Irving will need to learn how to play off the ball. The good news is that he can’t be a worse 3-point shooter than Dwyane Wade. But Irving was better on pull-up threes (38.8 percent) than he was on catch-and-shoot threes (32.1 percent) last season.

A huge key for Miami was having another forward (Shane Battier mostly, Rashard Lewis in the 2014 playoffs) who can spread the floor offensively and defend opposing bigs (somewhat competently) on the other end of the floor. Maybe that’s Anthony Bennett some day, but right now, Cleveland doesn’t have that guy.

With the best player in the world and a smart head coach, it’s hard to imagine the Cavs not ranking in the top 10 offensively. But without enough complementary shooting, it’s also tough to see them in the top five.


Cleveland was one of the most improved defensive teams last season, allowing 2.1 fewer points per 100 possessions than they did in 2012-13 (as league efficiency improved). They ranked 13th on that end of the floor overall, but got worse defensively (and ranked 20th) after the Deng trade.

Again, we can throw that all out with the coaching change and the addition of James, who has the ability to be the best defensive player in the league when he has enough in the tank to do it. If Blatt’s system can take some of the offensive load off his shoulders, James can get back to contending for DPOY after what was his worst defensive season in several years. It will help that Irving can play more games and carry a bigger offensive load than Wade could.

But Irving’s defense has to improve. If he isn’t staying in front of the ball, the Cavs’ defense will break down early and often. Also key is Anderson Varejao‘s health. He’s Cleveland’s best interior defender, but he’s played just 146 games in the four years since James left. (For comparison, James has played 381.)

Elsewhere, the Cavs just don’t have any proven defenders. With another coaching change, their young players have to learn a new system. And the fatigue factor (four straight years of going to The Finals) still applies to James.

Without that Battier-esque “other” forward, James will either have to defend bigs (which he doesn’t like to do) or play more at the three. Two true bigs on the floor could help with paint protection, but will hurt the offense. Still, this may be the end of the floor where they truly need a year or two to develop before they can call themselves title contenders.

James will make the Cavs much better. They will surely be a top-five team in the East. But as he said, his patience will be tested. The Cavs are likely a year or two (and a player or two) away.


  1. Jeremy Becker says:

    Cavs don’t have what it takes, even with the addition of James and Wiggins. They’re ranked 20th in defense. They’re going to need at least 5-6 years and a lot of training or a bunch of new more talented plaers and then it could happen sooner.

  2. Emilia says:

    In 2 yrs Lebron will be 32 and tired out, not that he’s not now. I just can’t see them winning big. Not now not in two year. The Cavs don’t stand a chance, even with him. With the recent additions the Heat have made in the last few days I see them being the power house once again. Yes I think the Bulls, possibly the Pacers and Cavs will put up somewhat a challenge but at the end it’s going to be about Miami.

  3. RAMON says:

    The west have more power teams, but i agree with the person that said, the same teams make it to the finals every year, and from what i see SAN ANTONIO looks like they would be the favorites next season to win the championship, cause they signed all there key players, and i haven’t seen much improvement from any other team in the west, including okc, which i thought they where going to try too add more pieces to their roster, and i haven’t seen them do anything, and with only DURANT, AND WESTBROOK, there not beating the SPURS.

  4. Brian says:

    1. Bulls (Central Winner)
    2. Raptors (Atlantic Winner)
    3. Heat (South East Winner)
    4. Cavaliers
    5. Wizards
    6. Knicks
    7. Bobcats
    8. Pacers

    This is what I highly believe will happen next season without Lebron to drive the ball Raptors and Bulls are better then Heat. Pacers are no longer a contender in my opinion, and Cavs are no where near ready for a championship… New roster, new coach, Wiggins and his lack of experience.

    Last season I knew after watching the Bulls, and Raptors those two teams would take over the East.

  5. Rhedz03 says:


    Maybe Adding Carlos Boozer for a minimum veteran salary if cavs cant afford him…He can fill 4 so james can get more open on the lane. Adding humphries or maybe love if possible. Valencianas would be a nice fit too. Or take joel anthony

  6. manny says:

    A year a go a NBA article on Cleveland would not get this many coments, Hate or love we are still following Lebrom

  7. cavs fan says:

    lebron is a joke i wont be suprised if he will dump the cavs again after 2 years if he cant win championship. to be honest i dont want him in cavs anymore.

  8. LeBron James’ Return to Cleveland should signal to management/ownership that “THE TIME IS NOW”! WIGGINS FOR LOVE-DONE…REBOUNDING AND SCORING. BENNETT FOR HORDFORD-DONE…DEFENSE, REBOUNDING AND SCORING. Cavaliers are now one of the best rebounding clubs in the league and a match up nightmare at the 3, 4 and 5 position. Irving and Waiters will have endless open scoring opportunities. And by the time Wiggins and Bennett are ready to be stars in the league this group will have add TWO CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE CAVALIERS, CLEVELAND AND ALL OF NORTHEAST OHIO!

    • Troy says:

      Not that easy! Championship requres great organization from owners to players, not just players. That is why Wade was able to get title almost by himself in 2006.. Ohh pls do not tell me old Shaq helped him. If you tell me that I will tell you same Shaq also played with James but nothing happened. All the respect to James, Miami Heat organization is the one put him on 4 finals and get him 2 titles, not Cavs, not Dan Gilbert. That is what you call Championship organization..Not Dan Gilbert ownership..

      • just a dude says:

        I completely agree with you , thats why you see teams with a great history like the Lakers and Boston . It’s not the money ether. Just look at the Knicks. It’s a combination of talent on the court and great leadership in the front office what will get you titles and Dan Gilbert it’s not a good owner at all

    • AI03 says:

      Yeah and after you trade Wiggins and Bennet, trade Irving for Chris Paul and Deon Waiters for Harden or Ellis. Swap Varajeo for Dwight Howard or Marc Gasol.

      Because this is all going to happen since its a fair trade…good thing you’re not a GM or anything involving management.

    • Jeremy Becker says:

      Sorry, but there is no championship in the future for the Cavs. One superstar is not going turn them into a championship caliber team. The entire team needs to be skilled and excluding Varijao and Wiggins, the rest of the team does not stack up.

  9. bloerglech says:

    it won’t be strange if LeBron and Cavs can go to the Conference Finals or even the Finals. The East is a really easy Conference.

    • Second That says:

      The only thing I’m happy about is the fact that the cavs would finally stop stealing the lottery picks. Finally everyone else who knows what they’re doing can rebuild with the cavs screwing it up for all of us. I still think Pacers can beat them in a 7 game series. Pacers are the favorite for the weak east in my books.

  10. LEBRON is Half ASIAN says:

    lebron needs a shooter, they should offer yao ming max contract, coz yao is specialty is corner 3s

  11. JG says:

    Top 4 regular season.
    Playoffs offers no guarantees.

  12. Carlos M. says:

    I commend lebron for his willingness to risk change from what is familiar (Miami) … i hope that in the 2-3 years it will take to return to playoff final level, he will still have his legs left… this year was shocking to see the fatigue in his is a business & so loyality really seems to exist with one constant, family & home..

  13. Mike says:


  14. Zainab says:

    The guy who said we should get Greg Oden is a terrible idea. He plays for a few games and gets injured for 3 years. If he was healthy and doesn’t miss that many years of bball then it would be an excellent idea.

  15. Mike says:


  16. Heat BB Fan says:

    Lets remember LeBron couldn’t do it his first 7 in Cleveland on his own…. and sure as heck didn’t do it on his own in Miami. It was a team effort, with a great team…….. he’ll have a hard time finding that chemistry anywhere else, anytime soon, if ever.

    • Emilia says:

      Completely agree with you. I’ve seen him play with many guys, but he had with Miami hell never find again.

  17. cavsfan says:

    LeBron took cavs to nbs finals earler, now hes better, stronger, quiker. he took hes 3point shooting to the next level. And when he has a Kyrie Irving, and the 2014 NBA draft 1st overaal pick Andrew Wiggins, and if Anderson Varejao cuold play like he played a few seasons ago. When he grabed a 14.1 rebounds per game. I dont see a reason why they cuodnt win the easter conference title, and make a noyce in NBA finals by wining it once again

    • knowmeaswiii says:

      Only thing with Andy’s 14.1 boards per game is that it was cut short by injury. I agree that he was having a great season up until that point but I feel like we need someone else to take some pressure off of Andy in the paint. If Tristan and AB can step up (and in Tristan’s case bulk up) the cavs will be a huge threat defensively in the front court. Based on Tristan’s game last season, we can see he has the gall to make his presence known and fight down low, but he still doesn’t seem to have the size. The thing about the cavs’ roster is that it’s full of role players that have had to play like stars to win any games at all, with lebron in the mix everyone else is going to have freedom that they’ve never had before and they’ll be able to concentrate on specific things instead of everyone having to attempt to do more than they can.

    • rechosuave says:

      You’re high, take a chill pill and just enjoy your loong journey. I give you permission to get jacked up in 3 years.

    • Roger says:

      Maybe Lebron can lead the Cavs to the eastern conference finals and quit on them when the going gets tough just like he did before.

  18. xophr says:

    I think Lebron can take the Cavs to the finals next year; actually winning it against one of of the many West powerhouses will be tough and I think he knows that as well.

    People seem to forget how LeBron basically carried the Cavs to the finals by himself when he had virtually no one; certainly not with the level of talent he has now. Adding to this, LeBron is much better player now so its not unrealistic to see the Cavs in the finals next year. It won’t be as easy to get to the finals as it was in Miami, but with it being the East, there aren’t that many East teams that can compete with any team Lebron is on. The problem with the East is that many teams have at best good players, but need that one piece to be a legitimate contender. So pretty much any team that has LeBron is instantly propelled the top of the conference.

    The only teams I see giving the Cavs some trouble is Indiana, possibly New York, and maybe even Chicago or Miami depending if Rose and Wade are healthy.

  19. xophr says:

    I think Lebron can take the Cavs to the finals next year; actually winning it against one of of the many West powerhouses will be tough and I think he knows that as well.

    People seem to forget how LeBron basically carried the Cavs to the finals by himself when he had virtually no one; certainly not with the level of talent he has now. Adding to this, LeBron is much better player now so its not unrealistic to imagine the Cavs in the finals next year. It won’t be as easy to get to the finals as it was in Miami, but with it being the East, there aren’t that many East teams that can compete with any team LeBron is on. The problem with the East is that many teams have at best good players, but need that one piece to be a legitimate contender. So pretty much any team that has LeBron is instantly propelled the top of the conference.

    The only teams I see giving the Cavs some trouble is Indiana, possibly New York, and maybe even Chicago or Miami depending if Rose and Wade are healthy.

  20. talldave2 says:

    “They need to find a way to get Booze out of Chicago.”

    Yeah, that’ll be tough. Snort.

  21. AC says:

    Lebron got 1 year to train and build chemistry w Cavs – Spurs will takeit 1 more time next season – no team is better now than them – Heat were their only true challenge

    Lebron should team w Durant and Westbrook – that will be something bigger than Heat

    • ben says:

      Incorrect. Did you watch the playoffs? Dallas was much harder for SA to eliminate from playoffs than Miami and Dallas was 8th seed in west!

  22. hilljr says:

    If I’m the Cavs I get rid of the Love pipe dream and just ask ATL what it would take to get Milsap. He’s basically 70% of the player Love is with an extremely cap flexible contract. He morphed himself into a stretch four and nearly killed India. Not to mention he’s an elite low post defender. THAT move would make them arguably one of the best rebounding teams in the league and the best defensive team in the East. Not to mention leaping Indiana. That move makes too much sense.

  23. tanibanana says:

    The Cavs can really be good this coming season, they might even find themselves competing for a Conference Championship. But I feel it all depends on on how quick are they going to develop a strong team chemistry, improve the no.4 position, Wiggins transition to pro-hoops style of play and of course LBJ’s fire to bring a trophy to Cleveland.

    But honestly, if Cavs make it that far, that will be already a successful season.

  24. bryan trent says:

    they will be a young team

  25. eaglei says:

    They need to find a way to get Booze out of Chicago.

  26. LBJ says:

    Wow. People are forgetting that Lebron carried the Cavs by himself during the last few seasons he stayed there. His teammates back then were even worse than the teammates he has right now. Cavs will be a Top 4 team in the east and will surely be a contender for the championship.

    • Troy says:

      On the other hand, remember how he failed 7 years with Cavs organization. Championship requires great organization from owners to players not just good players. All the respect to James, Miami Heat organization is the one put him on 4 finals and get him 2 rings not Cavs, not Dan Gilbert

  27. BEi says:

    I’d press hard on getting Mike Miller to fill in the corner 3 spot, opening the space for the coach to plan his offense. The CAVs should also try to sign Jimmer Fredette as a young, corner shooter. With better training and simpler roles, he should be able to relive his glory in U-Basketball.
    As for the defensive end, there are really few options. Maybe sign Okafor in case Varejo gets hurt again? DONT, whatever they do, sign Bynum-the-lazy. EVER.

  28. JM says:

    One of the reasons why LeBron was so much dominant as a player is because his teammates were so good as shooters. I think the Cavs can’t generate that enough shooting w/ their current players like the Heat did over the last 3 years. But if their coach is one of the best offensive coaches in Europe, maybe that will help. Cavs should focus on acquiring 3-point shooters to make LeBron as successful as he was w/ Miami.

  29. Sneak Diss says:

    How quick people forget LeBron took the Cavs to the final by himself. Lebron is better now and the support is much better. I dont see why they would struggle winning the East and making noise in the finals

  30. Patrick says:

    Lebron ? Gimme a break……..

  31. justsayin says:

    They would do well to cultivate their young ones and not trade them for Love. Win Now mode might sound tempting, but win for a long time mode is even better. Besides, with Wiggins and Bennett on rookie contracts they might be able to wiggle the cap space to sign Love outright in a year. Or a center that doesn’t spend as much time injured as Varejao, like a Marc Gasol.

    Add HIM to those guys once they’re broke in a little and you have a perennial favorite to come out of the East.

  32. rafa says:

    wow you all know so much about bouncing ball and Prince LeBron. you all must be coaches, managers or players yourself.
    the amount of knowledge that is called speculation is astonishing.

  33. underdog says:

    It would be funny if the Heat finishes above the Cavaliers in the playoff standings which is veeery very possible because of the Division rule… Bulls, Pacers, and Cavs are all in the Central Division so at most only 2 of them will be on the top 4..


    1. Bulls (Central Winner)
    2. Pacers
    3. Heat (South East Winner)
    4. Raptors (Atlantic Winner)
    5. Cavaliers
    6. Wizards
    7. Hawks
    8. Detroit

    I’m high on SVG, his teams were always top 10 in both offensive and defensive efficency. I expect he can do wonders with this Detroit lineup.

  34. M1978 says:

    The Cavs have a good chance to become an eastern conference elite team next season. Albeit they lack chemistry yet and noone should underestimate the chemistry among the players. They have three really good players (James, Wiggins, Irving) but throwing a bunch of really good players on each other is not going to work. Remember the 2012/13 LA Lakers with Howard/Bryant/Nash/Gasol. It was a perfect fit theoretically but Bryant and Nash got injured, Howard was performing really bad, and Gasol under average. There was no or little chemistry. Even the first year LBJ went to Miami they lost in the finals.

    So, the Cavs will make it to the playoffs but fail in the Conference finals or earlier. It would really suprise me if they made it to the NBA finals (winning would be a miracle).

  35. IlOVELBJ says:

    Lebron is a doo doo head

  36. PCJ says:

    This 2014-2015 Season will be more exciting for the EAST. No more Super friends and every teams have balanced rosters. It’s for all the fans who love Basketball will surely enjoy watching.

  37. jesus says:

    cavs is now my favorite coz of LeBron.thats why I cheer for them.go cavs, you make a championship this season.

  38. Billy says:

    to be completely honest, I think they need to fish for a big who can go up and down the court while still being a defensive juggernaut, J. Noah, A. Horford, or even P. Millsapp would be a favorable fit for this team….. they can’t hack it with their current bigs

    • Wil says:

      Yea keep dreaming!! J Noah is not leaving a championship contender and up and coming dynasty in Chicago! !

      • birdie says:

        Snicker. Little early to be talking dynasty, don’t you think? Like, maybe, at least get to round 2? SMH.

  39. @theking0522 says:

    The west is a joke? What sport have you been watching the past several years? If the playoffs were just one big bracket not separating east and west…….last year the only east teams in the playoffs would have been heat and pacers. That’s a joke! The real finals was OKC vs SPURS. Someday the nba has to change its playoff system so its far to the west.

    • Carlo says:


      And, if all teams had played the same amount of games vs East and West opponents, the best East teams (IND, MIA) would’ve ranked 6th and 7th overall. That’s math.

    • Nick Jones says:

      Open the playoffs for the best 16 teams i say, seeded 1-16 and matched accordingly

  40. Miriam Garcia says:

    Im a Cleveland fan now, whatever team LeBron James is i will support him
    and respect his decisions..go go King James go go Cavaliers!!!

    • justi says:

      Wow, you are such glory hunter. Like all thee propoganda says “James, where we going now?”

    • Starsleeper says:

      Just be honest, you’re not a Cavs fan. You’re a fan of LBJ.
      I have always been a fan of players rather than teams, probably because I’m from Europe. I’m a fan of Vince Carter, Tim Duncan, Kevin Durant and Shaun Livingston, so I folow them around the league, where ever they go. Ofcourse I shear for the team, but only because I want those players to win and I want them to be surrounded with a good team.
      I’m not more a fan of Memphis now that Vince has joined them, I’ll just follow the team more and root for him.

  41. NBAfan says:

    Any team Lebron is playing for will be competitive.

    Lebron is the biggest star in basketball right now, but his star shines so bright, it kills all the other stars around him. Sorry Irving. Too bad Wiggins. Lets hope you guys get traded. A Kevin Love-Lebron duo does sound nice, but heck, Kevin Love and any other star would sound nice..doesn’t have to be Lebron.

  42. Drago says:

    The Cavs need big men and some serious skill training to be a contender.People just don’t realize what San Antonio did this can’t stack players with talent and think names will win by them self.San Antonio surgically dissects offenses and defends like Detroit back in the day.That is a very high bar for a team that without James was not even near the playoffs.Cleavlend needs shooters and Big men and they are probably broke.

  43. jake s. says:

    The Cavs are going to be as good as their wing shooters. Just as the Heat was during their 2 championships (Miller, Allen). Just as Dallas was the time before(Kidd, Marion, Dirk). They better hope to sign Ray Allen AND Mike Miller, otherwise it will be a few years until they bring home the first championship for Cleveland.

  44. See red says:

    The bulls will win the east next year

  45. Michael says:

    The Cavs will make a clean sweep of the Eastern Conference this season. Our new stud “Maple Jordan”, will become the next big thing by 2016. Go Cavs

  46. Aaron says:

    Good point about Wizards, I don’t think they had the cap space but if they would have paid the luxury tax they would have been really really good.

  47. GetReal says:

    Cavs win the NBA Finals next year? Really? Dream all you want, but it ain’t gonna happen. The Cavs wont be as good as the Heat were and look at how the Spurs did them. If the Spurs woulda made a few free throws or hadn’t turned the ball over like they did in their sole loss they woulda swept the Heat. The Spurs resigned their free agents and coach and are ready to repeat next year. I’m thinking Silver is the new Black.

  48. Crenshaw BLVD says:



  49. lee says:

    Their stupid if the don’t trade. Wiggins for k love and. K Martin. Then. The would just need good back. Ups

  50. MustWatched2014-2015 says:

    can’t wait.

    C – T. Thompson – A. Varejao
    Pf- A. Bennett
    Sf- L. James
    Sg- A. Wiggins – D. Waiters – J. Harris
    Pg- K. Irving – Dellavedova

    I think the Cavs should pursue other free agents like:

    -Ray Allen
    -Mike Miller
    -Rashard Lewis
    -Greg Oden

  51. Aaron says:

    Anyone that thinks James is being truthful is very gullible. He is doing it for money and for a better chance of winning. It makes him look like a good guy so he will make much more money in the future with merchandise even when he retires. Lets be honest staying in Miami was not a guaranteed situation and sure they may have been good for another year or 2 but in Cleveland they have lots of young talent and James is not stupid. Look at all the facts and you will see that this is just a good career move both monetary and chance of winning for him. He is a great basketball player and maybe a great guy but he is a liar. Stop being naive and sentimental because his isn’t.

    • Dondre Scotland says:

      Shut up you sound dumb James obviously knew it was a better opportunity but there’s so many other teams he could play for he went to cavs to fix the hatred that his home fans had for him

    • willdunk4donuts says:

      Anyone who thinks Aaron is biased and emotional… is probably right.

      This article clearly states how LeBron won’t be the magic pill that changes a team that didn’t win half their games last year into a legit championship contender. LeBron is a great player, but he can’t make up for all of his teammates’ shortcomings. The Cavs, as presently constructed, should consider this season extremely successful if they happen to achieve the 4 seed.

      Meanwhile, the team that LeBron left just went to 4 straight Finals with LeBron. They were very likely to be among the top two teams in the East again this year if LeBron had stayed. LeBron downgraded to come back to Cleveland. Hell, the Heat may end up with a better record this year than the Cavs, even without LeBron. They have a pretty balanced team with vets who know how to perform their roles for the most part.

      Oh, and btw, LeBron would have made more money in Miami than in Cleveland, because there is no income tax in Florida. That would be two swings and two misses for Aaron.

      • Rob says:

        Heh, the heat will certainly lose more games than they win this season. Cavs will be a contender.

        Also why do you people keep considering him so great, but then acknowledge that he needs just as much talent around him as any other team to reach the finals?

  52. Scisca says:

    They need big guys now. And they need them bad. That’s why I thought Washington was the perfect fit for LBJ. He would not only get Wall and Beal (on par with Kyrie and Wiggins for sure), but would get protection from Nene and Gortat, so that nobody would pound on him physically. Cavs look great on positions 1-3, but 4 and 5 need a desperate upgrade. One can only hope they can get a steal thanks to being the most hyped team at the moment and an instant contender.

  53. BELI says:

    Cleveland will go to the finals. Cavs vs Blazers 2015 Finals.

  54. Is this a fair trade ? If Wiggins is a must for T-WOLVES to make the deal I would not give them a 1st rounded and would want Alexey Shved also for the CAVS.

    Kevin Love + Kevin Martin
    Tristan Thompson + Dion Waiters + Anthony Bennett any a 1st round pick

  55. harrythehawk says:

    Who knows the real health status of Dwayne Wade, Kyrie Irving or Derrick Rose. The best teams in the East could be anyone at this point. It’s now a toss up. LeBron James left Miami and they will never be the same championship team. No way!

    • Wil says:

      Well that’s all good n theory but the spurs have never repeated! It remains to b seen.. lol

      • rechosuave says:

        K Love’s a California boy, you really think he’s going to Cleveland? Cleveland will never win a title.

    • Wil says:

      Derrick is playing USA b ball this summer if he comes out of that looking great it is a wash the Bulls will win the east and possibly the championship. They now have Gasol’ And Noah is healthy and they have all the best shooters now through Draft and Taj’ is starting and they have the MVP’ from Europe. . Bulls will win the east! Cavs won’t even b close to competing with that team! Remember before he got hurt he took his team to 62 wins and was league MVP’ Kyre’ has never done either. He’ll no other point guard has won MVP’ in the last five years! If Derrick is healthy he owns all point guards

  56. LBJ D' GOAT? says:

    The Cavs will be good this season. That’s for sure.
    But for them to win the championship or even reach the finals. Everything must fit into the right place and everything turn out to be good for them.
    Cavs might have more and better talent. (Still debatable depends on which you value more. Experience or raw talent and atlethicism.) But talent and skills is not enough as we witnessed in recent finals.

    Choosing Cavs is a win-win situation for LeBron especially with the 2 years contract.
    He still gets 20 million.
    If it fails with the Cavs, he can leave again after 2 years and search for more talented young team.
    He can get more money either way the Cavs will succeed or fail, or he will stay or leave after the new TV deal.
    Choosing a young talented team is very important because he will have a chance to win more rings even he becomes old and even he won’t be the main man of the team. For his “legacy”. Mt. Rushmore?

    Lebron’s decisions are always about business, money, hype.
    It’s just basketball as he pointed out
    I don’t blame him though. It’s his previledge and right.

    But he won’t make it to my Mt. Rushmore.

    • TURSETTE says:


    • v1ncente says:

      LOL, Lebron won’t leave cavs , they would lose their minds and burn whole cleveland down to the ground, he’s stayin at least till his in mid 30s. It’s not just another winning team for him it’s his home team in his home town and history behind it.

  57. harrythehawk says:

    The Cavaliers will certainly make playoffs but as is are not a championship team yet. Lebron is correct.

  58. Jackson Phil says:

    LeaveBron James needs a Riley or Jackson or Popovich presence or he will be a Charles Barkley in Cleveland.

  59. Nashty says:

    Talk about Cleveland Canadiens. Four I think now they have. It’s like hockey town there. If only they had Stauskas, Ennis, Joseph, Joel Anthony, Olynyk, Sacre, Nicholson with Nash as there coach. That’s a scary team canada for the 2016 Olympics.

  60. cp10 says:

    Release the beast – bring out Uncle Drew and King James. Seriously, good article, as it’s tough to see how the Cavs will play this year, there are so many new considerations. Cavs Game #1 will probably be the most watched NBA game this year.

  61. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    the Cavs will be better than the Heat…that’s for sure

  62. Amitpal Bains says:

    I think this article hits it right on the spot. The cavs do have some work to do not only with chemistry wise but also talent wise. Everyone on the teams talent will be tested including lebron own. How will Lebron do without a bunch of shooters around him and how playing with a traditional powerforward and center combo will affect his game. This should be a really interesting year for Lebron, Cavs and the NBA in general.

  63. squala96 says:

    With LeBron coming back, the Cavs have four first overall picks in the lineup, but the other three need to start living up to that. Irving has to stay healthy. The so-called New King Bennett should finally deliver. And Wiggins ought to play like Rookie of the Year from Day 1 (if he doesn’t get traded for Love). Coach Blatt sounds good on paper, but the NBA is a completely different spectacle and he has yet to gain experience. James will certainly save them from Playoff damnation, but to go deep requires more than just one or two players to perform.

  64. maikj says:

    Man the cavs with Kevin Love would be to good to handle, he is that 4 that can spread the floor and shoot the three ball, and also can defend bigs and grab a ton of rebounds, lets just hope they dont have to give up Wiggins (which i would if it was absolutely necessary, just imagine the lineup: Irving, Wiggins, LeBron, Love, Varejao(maybe haywood))

  65. MariusV says:

    It’s going to be hard to Cavs next season. They need to work on chemisty, they need to upgrade the bench by adding a few players. It’s good that they are in East and things are a lil bit easier than the wild West

    • amitpal says:

      I think a little bit is an understatement. The east is a joke compare to the west. The east does have rising teams but all of them seem a year or two away from being a finals team let alone a contender for a championship.

      • theking0522 says:

        The West is the real joke. Always the same teams playing in the finals: either Lakers or Spurs. The only two teams to come out of the West in the last 14 years are OKC and Dallas. If the West was so tough, why are the Spurs favorites to make it to the finals once again for the 3 straight season? Isn’t the West supposed to be hard? Heck, the Spurs sit Duncan, Ginobili and Parker during many of the regular season games and still had the best record in the West. The Spurs even won without Tony Parker during the second half in game 6 in OKC. The West is the same joke. You can always expect the same teams to make it to the finals. Nobody else has a chance, not matter what their record say.