19 players to vie for World Cup roster

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HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — USA Basketball announced a 19-man roster for its training camp that will begin in Las Vegas on July 28. From this roster, 12 players will be selected to play in the FIBA Basketball World Cup, which begins on Aug. 30 in Spain.

USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo said Monday that he’d like to whittle down the roster to “about 15 players” at the end of the week in Vegas, and then have the 12-man roster set when the team heads overseas on Aug. 23, after stops in Chicago and New York.

“The ultimate roster,” Colangelo said, “will be determined when we’re about to leave for Spain.”

On the 19-man list is Derrick Rose, who last played in a game on Nov. 22. Rose has fully recovered from his latest knee surgery and is ready to test himself and knock off some of the rust.

“We’d like to see him play like the Derrick of old, because he is one of the best players in the world,” USA head coach Mike Krzyzewski said Monday. “What we’ve heard is that he’s in great shape.”

Rose can look toward Tyson Chandler for inspiration. In 2010, Chandler was coming off an injury-riddled season with the Charlotte Bobcats. He got healthy in the summer and used the 2010 World Championship as a springboard to a great season in Dallas and an NBA title.

“Hopefully,” Krzyzewski said of Rose, “this would be a launching pad for him for a great NBA season.”

Rose is one of four point guards (Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard are the others) on the list. Colangelo has typically carried three point guards on his roster and Krzyzewski has often played two of them at the same time.

Also on the list are DeMar DeRozan and Chandler Parsons, additions made to the original list of 28 players on the greater 2014-16 roster in January. They’re two of nine wings who will be in Vegas, with the idea that the team has been at its best over the last several years with perimeter players manning both forward positions.

Not on the list is Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, who is on the 2014-16 roster, but withdrew this summer. Other players on the bigger roster but not on this one are LaMarcus Aldridge, Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, Dwight Howard, Andre Iguodala, LeBron James, David Lee, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams.

Colangelo didn’t expect the guys with multiple Olympic medals to play this summer. And he understands why Leonard withdrew after a long NBA season. But it was clear on Monday that he was disappointed with another “no thanks” from Aldridge.

“We can only offer an opportunity,” Colangelo said, “and then they can either accept or not. In Aldridge’s case, this has happened a couple of times previously. But the bottom line is he advised us that he’s not available.”

The absences of eight of the 12 guys who won Olympic gold in 2012 leaves the U.S. with six guys with National Team experience, led by Kevin Durant and Kevin Love, the only two who won gold in both 2010 and 2012.

Love is one of six true bigs on the list. The U.S. has carried only three true bigs on its rosters in 2008, 2010 and 2012, usually with just one on the floor at the time. But it may choose to bring an extra to Spain, where the hosts will be their top challenger, likely with four NBA bigs (Victor Claver, Marc Gasol, Pau Gasol and Serge Ibaka) and on its roster.

“We’re going to sort through all of that in Las Vegas, Chicago and New York,” Colangelo said. “There’s a lot of versatile guys who can play 4 and 5, and 3 and 4.”

2014 Men’s National Team Training Camp Roster

Player Team POS Height Age Exp. National team exp.
Bradley Beal WAS G 6-5 21 2
DeMarcus Cousins SAC C 6-11 24 4
Stephen Curry GSW G 6-3 26 5 2010
Anthony Davis NOP F-C 6-10 21 2 2012
DeMar DeRozan TOR G 6-7 25 5
Andre Drummond DET C 6-10 21 2
Kevin Durant OKC F 6-9 25 7 2010, 2012
Kenneth Faried DEN F 6-8 24 3
Paul George IND F-G 6-9 24 4
Blake Griffin LAC F 6-10 25 4
James Harden HOU G 6-5 25 5 2012
Gordon Hayward UTA G-F 6-8 24 4
Kyrie Irving CLE G 6-3 22 3
Kyle Korver ATL G-F 6-7 33 11
Damian Lillard POR G 6-3 24 2
Kevin Love MIN F-C 6-10 25 6 2010, 2012
Chandler Parsons DAL F 6-9 25 3
Derrick Rose CHI G 6-3 25 5 2010
Klay Thompson GSW G 6-7 24 3

Age = When the World Cup begins on Aug. 30.


  1. Erik says:

    I would have brought on John Wall over Derrick Rose…Wall was a proven All-Star last season, Rose was on the bench.

  2. jabs says:

    hey!!! what about demar double d the man is a proven allstar if you watched any raptors games last season you would have put him on your list his clutch. forget he plays on a Canadian team his is clutch one of the best in the league

  3. mike says:

    no james

  4. tanibanana says:

    No 7-footer..?
    I know its not a big deal, but why not get one.. you’ll never know.
    I’ll take out Kenneth Faried and replace him with Brook Lopez.

  5. Proven that Rose is good to go, this should be the roster:

    Derrick Rose*
    Kyrie Irving
    Damian Lillard

    James Harden
    Stephen Curry

    Kevin Durant
    Paul George
    Chandler Parsons

    Blake Griffin*
    Kenneth Faried

    Kevin Love*
    Andre Drummond

    All #3 guys are versatile enough to play 3 and 4, or even 2 if needed.
    Faried should be there for is non-stop energy and enthusiasm.
    If in any case Rose can’t make it, Curry will primarily be a PG and will add Klay Thompson for more outside shooting at both wing positions (2 & 3).

    • ergf says:

      You cut Anthony Davis. The guy that you want to be your star for the next 12 years and you cut him. You are fired immediately.

  6. Petar911 says:

    not good for gold, usa is underestimate other teams, this usa team is young and not mach for euro teams like grecce or spain, they will destroy them with tactics and ball sharing

    • ergf says:

      Don’t forget France:

      1. Tony Parker
      2. Nando De Colo
      3. Nic Batum
      4. Boris Diaw
      5. Ronny Turiaf

  7. Mark D says:

    Kevin Love
    Blake Griffin
    Anthony Davis
    Kevin Durant
    Paul George
    Chandler Parsons
    James Harden
    Kyle Korver
    Klay Thompson
    Derrick Rose
    Kyrie Irving
    Stephen Curry

    Starting 5
    Kevin Love
    Kevin Durant
    Paul George
    James Harden
    Stephen Curry

    Second unit
    Blake Griffin
    Chandler Parsons
    Klay Thompson
    Kyle Korver / Kyrie Irving
    Derrick Rose

  8. JR says:

    This is the 12 that should go!!

    • HeatFansDon'tExist says:

      I agree with all of those except two. Cousins is a cancer for a team like this. I’d go with Drummond over Cousins. And Rose hasn’t really played at all the past two or three years. If I knew he was as good or pretty close to as good as before the the injury then I would agree with him too.

  9. Makapatakki says:

    Leonard Aldridge? i think you guys need to start reading the article before posting any comments

  10. jesusjr23 says:

    Derrick Rose
    Damian Lillard
    Kyrie Irving
    Stephen Curry
    James Harden
    Klay Thompson
    Paul George
    Kevin Durant
    Kenneth Faried
    Blake Griffin
    Anthony Davis
    Kevin Love

  11. erwin says:

    I hope Cousins make it to the team

  12. ko0kiE says:

    KD, James Harden, Blake Griffin, Paul George is enough for me.. add any of these PGs and u have a killer starting five.. maybe add AD for rim protection..

  13. A says:

    This is a horrible list. Aldridge should be on there definitely. Some guys did not deserve it.

  14. Joe says:

    Where is KAWHI LEONARD?

  15. Grayza says:

    4 PG’s on the list and “usually carries 3” for the tournament. Since Patty Mills is out with surgery, Kyrie should activate his dual citizenship and play for Australia – team up with Exum…… Won’t happen but nice to dream for an Aussie hoops fan

  16. wiggin is going to hell says:

    no surprising for this roster. defense, if you play in USA national team, you don’t really care about defense. offense is too strong. as for the roster, starter will be kyrie, PG, KD, BG/AD, KL/AD. reserve, curry, harden, faried, andrew drummond, lillard, hayward and cousin

  17. Rex says:

    Whoa yo misses some best scoring players like Kobe Bryant…why he’s not in that rosters and who pick and choose for yo…!
    Very wrong roster feel sorry USA teams

  18. Rage24 says:

    Korver? why not he’s a good shooter which is needed for coach K system

  19. justsayin says:

    You’re dreaming, celentano. USA basketball will wipe the floor with the competition as usual.

    A starting 5 of Durant, AD, Griffin, Rose, & Curry would smoke all comers.

  20. This team will be interesting as the most talented players may be bad defenders. Can Kyrie and Love lock in defensively? Anthony Davis and Paul George should be great and Kevin Durant leading the charge should get them into the final round, but I wonder how they will respond to adversity considering their age and not being a very physical team?

    They should be fun to watch though and will definitely be the best 3pt shooting team in competition.

  21. Uriah says:

    This roster may not have the playoff experince and championship rings as the past players, but is better than the last squad. Much better shooting and the big men improved. The USA will be represented with the best talent in the NBA. I would have like to see one of the rookies such as wiggins or Parker be invited.

    • MAJ14 says:

      Umm, would be funny seeing Wiggins invited to play for the US, but I am pretty sure that they do not allow CANADIANS to play for the US, as I am pretty sure that CANADA is a different country!

  22. celentano says:

    Well it’s gonna be tough for usa with that roster,they are no real champs on the next Usa team (only Ledecision is one)!
    Sorry Usa,no gold this year!This team is certainly no “dream team”,but fun to watch maybe as half finalists.

  23. harrythehawk says:

    So Derick Rose needs to show his stuff!

  24. Hayward, Thompson, Korver and Parsons shouldn’t have been invited. None of those guys play defense, and none of them can consistently get their jump shots off without screens, picks or plays being setup for them.

  25. lex says:

    I agree. DJ had a breakout season this year being a top contestant for Dpoy. He’s an amazing shot blocker, led the league in FG%(64%) if I recall, and he can really crash the O boards.

  26. jesus says:

    Deandre Jordan is not only the best young defensive centre alongside AD but he is also the most athletic…how is he not a lock for this shortlist and why didnt he poll better in DPOY. Fishy.

    • Carlo says:

      He’s a great shot blocker and a good defender (the two things are NOT related) but there better defenders out there (e.g. T.Chandler or Noah)

  27. lalalalla says:

    korver? really???