2014 Free Agency — The Other Dominoes

From NBA.com staff reports

Now that LeBron James is headed back to Cleveland, the belief is many of the other players in the free-agency pool are going to start making deals now, too. Here’s the latest from around the Twitter-sphere and the Internet as we get closer and closer to a real flood of free-agent news…

Update, 12:02 a.m. — They can handle The Truth

And just when you thought it was quiet for the night, big news drops: The Washington Wizards may have lost Trevor Ariza, but they look to be adding Paul Pierce. Whoa.

Update, 9:55 p.m. — Doing the Deng thing

Luol Deng is still on the market, and it seems like a couple of teams are in the mix. We noted earlier that the Heat seemed like a probable landing place for Deng, but now a few other teams are starting to get in the mix as well.

Update, 9:47 p.m. — Down with the King

And as the other free agents fall into place, LeBron now can sit back and enjoy a trip to Brazil for tomorrow’s World Cup final, alongside his new (and former) teammate Anderson Varejao.

Update, 9:02 p.m. — When it rains…

Pau Gasol announcing he was going to Chicago was tough not only for Lakers fans, but also for Knicks president Phil Jackson, who was hoping to lure Gasol to NYC. Phil reacted on Twitter…

Update, 8:11 p.m. — Born Ready…for Texas?

And now we’re at the point where one turn deserves another. If Houston matches on Parsons, and Deng ends up in Miami, could the Mavericks snag Lance Stephenson from Indiana on a shorter, richer deal?

Update, 8:05 p.m. — Miami Neat

As the Heat look to fill the void LeBron James left behind in South Beach, Marc Stein reports that the top small forward still on the market, Luol Deng, looks like a strong possibility.

Update, 7:56 p.m. — Reunited?

With LeBron back in Cleveland, might as well get the whole band back together, as the Cavs are apparently making progress on a deal with one of LeBron’s favorite former teammates, Mike Miller.

Update, 7:40 p.m. — The Hornets strike

The Charlotte Hornets tried to acquire Utah small forward Gordon Hayward as a restricted free agent, but the Jazz matched and kept him Salt Lake City. For a backup plan, today the Hornets came to terms with a different Jazz player, Marvin Williams, on a two-year deal. So Marv gets to return to the Tar Heel State, where he played college ball at UNC, and will likely serve as a floor spacer, living beyond the three-point line.

Update, 6:04 p.m. — Some details on LeBron

One interesting wrinkle on LeBron’s new deal with the Cavs: He’s only signing a two-year contract, which will technically make him a free agent again in 2016. Although he doesn’t seem to be signing a short deal with an eye for hitting the open market — he’s thinking about the economics of the salary cap when the NBA’s next TV deal will kick in.

Update, 5:34 p.m. — Pau runs with the Bulls

Looks like instead of a sign-and-trade, Pau Gasol is just going to sign with the Bulls, as he just confirmed the move on Twitter.

Update, 5:32 p.m. — Ariza finds a home

The Rockets weren’t able to sign Chris Bosh, and Chandler Parsons may be on the way out, but they’ve found another swingman who fits their athletic style and can knock down threes in Trevor Ariza.

Update, 4:15 p.m. — As Gasol turns

Instead of signing as a free agent with Chicago, it looks like the Lakers may try to sign-and-trade Pau Gasol with a third team involved so that they will get something out of the deal.

Update, 2:05 p.m. — Finally, Carmelo Anthony stays home

It is now official. After nearly two weeks of free-agent tours and contemplations, Carmelo Anthony isn’t going anywhere. The Big Apple native will continue to call Madison Square Garden home.

Update, 1:54 p.m. — Suns officially acquire Isaiah Thomas

Phoenix was happy to take the diminutive, but high-scoring point guard off Sacramento’s hands and add him to an already lethal pairing of Eric Bledsoe (who remains a restricted free agent) and Goran Dragic. Isaiah will earn a reported $27 million over four years.

Update, 1:45 p.m. — Thunder get their 3-point shooter — Anthony Morrow

Desperate for perimeter punch, the Oklahoma City Thunder have come to terms with 6-foot-5 wing Anthony Morrow.

Heading into his seventh season, Morrow has yet to find an NBA home as he joins his seventh team and fourth in just the last three seasons. But he’s a long and lanky dead-eye shooter with a career 42.8-percent mark from beyond the 3-point arc. And that’s exactly the Thunder will require of him.

Update, 1:15 p.m. — Melo set to make Knicks signing official

It’s been a long wait with some anxious moments for new Knicks president Phil Jackson, but it now appears that Carmelo Anthony is ready to make his commitment to the organization official.

Update, 11:32 a.m. — Gasol to ink deal with Bulls on Saturday

It’s looking more and more like All-Star Pau Gasol will be calling Chicago his home next season. According to NBA.com’s David Aldridge, a deal with the Bulls should be completed later Saturday.

Update, 11:30 a.m. — Jazz keeping Hayward

The Jazz have matched the Hornets four-year, $63MM offer sheet to Gordon Hayward, league sources tell Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. Hayward will sign with Utah today.


Update, 11:28 a.m. — Miller nearing deal with Cavs?

After securing LeBron James, are the Cavaliers close to adding one of the King’s buddies, Mike Miller? Sam Amick of USA Today tweets that the Cavs are not yet close to a deal with Miller, and have only had cursory conversations at this point.


  1. Kirby Record says:

    Funny that the uproar and mockery of James for taking so long to decide has never surfaced for all the guys who took even longer. Why is that James is treated totally differently for the same behavior–no matter what he does than anyone else/ And have you heard anyone mocking Durant for not winning a title yet? Not a huge James fan but I find it bizarre how angry people are no matter what he does. Leave Cleveland, outrage; go back to Cleveland, outrage. Take ca pay cut, outrage; get a max contract for the first time in his career, outrage. Have a press conference, write an essay instead of a conference–outrage.

  2. John Pappas says:

    Never for a second thought Melo would go anywhere except NY. He wasn’t leaving any money on the table. Excited to see LeBron back on CLE, what a lineup they have now. I think they are the odds on favorite in the East with the Pacers close behind: http://straighthoops.com/beast_of_the_east.html.

  3. Bull # says:

    LeBron: Good move I wish him the best.
    Carmelo: Is confused and needs to realize NY is simply not going to win. My goodness he just complete a contract riddle with loosing seasons, so he has a new President & Coach but no players. Melo I can only conclude you lack business sense. Most teams would have paid the money and you could be on a contender. Good luck?
    Houston: Ariza does bring defense and outside scoring but $32m for him and $46m to keep Parsons. They are similar players so I think Parsons might be gone to Dallas. We need a point guard and power forward to get over the hump and contend in the west. Can’t get both so I am curious to see what happens.
    Miami: Bosh gets $118m?, Wade is done, they are going after Deng. I predict they will miss the playoffs, oops! I forgot they are in that week Eastern Conference. Who cares. Way to go Bosh, GET THAT MONEY$$$$ you got the rings. Hey Pat you seem a little desperate and tiered. It’s time to rebuild Sir?
    LAKERS: Done, finished, stick a fork in them. I just love it. Kobe would you please retire. Your body is not going to handle these injuries and I feel the thrill is gone. Not saying he can’t play. I do not feel he has the drive. Keep in mind Kobe a 50% is better than most also if you hadn’t noticed no real players that could help wants to play with Kobe. He is an A?? Hole, remember Kobe has ran off every quality teammate because he is selfish. Why you think Gausol is leaving and no big name wants to go. Lakers you might want to rethink. 1 player can’t do it alone, there has to be team chemistry but not with Kobe Bryant

  4. Richard Science says:

    Trevor Ariza signed with the Rockets? the versatile forward signed with the most hated team in the league right now? Lol. Well, the fact that Trevor fits well on Dwight and James, oh — I hate to continue this, Trevor, Why didn’t you just sign for the Lakers instead?????? why brother why?!? Lol

  5. Jeremy Lee says:

    Awesome to see Gasol landing in Chi-town. As a bulls fan I’m real excited to see how the Noah-Gasol big man duo will play out. I think it will be a recipe for a title!

  6. mee(a)t says:

    Oh man I hope we get Deng

  7. fireme says:

    nba would me more exciting after this player movements hahaha cant wait to see the next season… all of you just respect their decision..

  8. nba fan says:

    lebron is da beast returning home i hope he wont have any haters

  9. Tolits says:

    Im glad the bulls didnt get Melo. The bulls dont need a ballhog like him

  10. Someguy says:

    That hornets buzz pun though…

  11. Mr.Guy says:

    Stupid Carmelo Anthony! He was talking about wanting to win, staying to NY does not give him championships or contending at all. Yeah, you all got the money but what’s money if your winning a single ring?

  12. jay says:

    Congrats to MELO you may never win a ring but you secure your family future by signing with the knicks and at the end of the day whats more important a ring or your family future.CONGRATS

  13. New Yorker says:

    A sad day for New Yorkers…

  14. Julius Mitchell says:

    Melo you just disappointed all your die hard Melo fans. Still a fan just disappointed

  15. donwave says:


  16. For6iven says:

    Kevin Love,Ray Allen, and Mark Jackson for coach in the Cavs and they will be rockin!

    • H3atflash says:

      You realize that Cleveland has their rookie coach right? And I doubt Ray Allen signs with Cavs unless they make a trade for Kevin Love (likely involving Andrew Wiggins) that turns them into a serious contender. However, I now doubt Ray Allen comes back and resigns with us as well.

      • LebronFan says:

        ray allen has specifically said he would like to play wherever lebron ends up playing. so the doubt you’re having is moot. adding kevin love wont change the fact that the cavs have the best player on the planet for at least a few more years locked up.

  17. american soldier says:

    melo is exactly what david kaplin of csn chicago said he is a fraud he said he wants to win championships in the end he went to a team that isnt even a playoff contender for more money. he will be regretting it when this year the bulls are in the eastern conference finals and win and go on to win it all.

    • Defense!!! says:

      Melo has nothing to lose with Money of course and Phil Jackson in NY with Derek Fisher maybe for Melo its worth a shot to stay,again nothing to lose on his side.

  18. I’m not trying to insult fans the Knicks, don’t get me wrong I like the Knicks. However, I am a little surprised, but not 100% surprised that Melo stayed with them. The reason why I am a little surprised of that is that I thought he would go to a team that has a better chance of winning a championship.

  19. Dzero says:

    Do the bulls really need gasol? I mean shouldn’t they be going after parsons or Stephenson for scoring? Hopefully they bring over mirotic

    • Defense!!! says:

      I think they want a solid rotation on the Forward-Center position. Noah and Boozer or Gasol and Gibson. Perhaps Noah and Gasol or Boozer and Gibson they want shuffles and shifting that is depth in the Roster.

  20. jr says:

    Melo is a joke Going around wasting teams time and effort I always knew he was all bs this guy is about one thing his money he isn’t trying to win a ring and never will he is a good player but that’s it if he was about winning a ship he would have gone any were besides new York that team is garbage in a garbage conference that is not gonna make it past round 1 good luck making it past the heat bulls pacers nets raptors or wizards all who are better teams then ny cause of there better rosters

  21. lacrampa says:

    after some indecision, and so much suspens, and some crucial existential.. MEHHH lol. c’mon. you believe this sheeps ?
    melo, the biggest pay won from DAY 1. so now phil jackson make a team please NY deserves it, melo is horrible as a franchise player but with the right daddyboys with him NY could compete

  22. Kome the Black Dumba says:


    Funny you didn’t think Kobe’s not a ballhog.

    Funny you mentioned Kobe and Jordan in the same sentence.

    Jordan never recruit anyone like Bird, Thomas or Johnson during his prime, Gm only will ask if Jordan likes a trade(eg, oak for Bill)

    Kobe asked Melo and Lebron played with him? Seriously?

    And after what happened to D12? Will anyone wants to play with him? I doubt it.

    If Love goes to LA. Good luck to him and I wish Kobe will retire asap.

    Always a pleasure, Kobe fan boys.

  23. v1ncente16 says:

    Wonder if lakers will be more of a contender this year that 1 year ago with not really profound trades as it looks till now.

  24. pcappit says:

    I can’ blame Melo for choosing a boatload of cash and staying close to his home. I also can’t help but think that Phil is going to learn the hard way that being a championship winning player and a HOF coach does not necessarily translate to being a successful executive. Melo will never win a title in New York.

  25. standard says:

    i dont understand the susns will they make a full team out of point guards wth?

  26. NYker4lyfe says:

    MELO…..CONGRATS!!! Thanx for showing the haters you are not a sell out..Make em pay and keep us in the mix. Phil is not done he is just begun ;)…Lebron brought it HOME…and Carmelo is keeping it home…no other order will be right…this is your house why abandon it…when all you can do is beautify it. Now we have a master visionary of basketball….we cant lose…never doubted you Melo. Keep em HATING MELO…..we need them…lol
    Now Phil stop that deal with Gasol…and bring his career back…by a serious trainer. ONLY THE ZEN MASTER CAN GET PAU NOW…LOL

  27. KingJames says:

    Let’s go mike! Clevland boy!

  28. celentano says:

    after 2 seasons carmelo gonna demand a trade to the next “victim” team meanwhile eating dollars from pjax! melo is a ballhog with no defence, certainly not a real champ caliber like jordan,kobe,timmy… .good luck with that phil.

    • #dwade#flash says:

      its funny how you always bash lebron, and you say melo being ballhog and then you have Kobe in the mix of people to comapre him against with.

      BTW before you criticize all of them basketball players about their game, learn how to spell.
      melo is a ballhog with no defence