Heat owner classy in disappointment

Miami Heat owner Micky Arison handled the disappointment of losing LeBron James much better than Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert did four years ago.

Arison expressed his shock after learning James will leave the Heat after four seasons and two championships to return to the Cavs with a message on Twitter.

James does leave Arison with those two titles, but losing the game’s greatest player will cost the Heat and Arison untold millions in revenue in the years to come.

Gilbert has felt that impact over the last four seasons after James took his talents to South Beach. Incensed by James’ stunning decision to leave, a decision James made on national television without first apprising the Cavs owner, Gilbert wrote an open letter to fans that disparaged James.

Thankfully, Arison, informed of James’ decision not long before Sports Illustrated broke the news through a first-person essay by James earlier Friday, issued his more measured response.

Gilbert offered his own response to James’ homecoming on Twitter.

And this in response to a logical question from his young son:


  1. jow norski says:

    im just laughing at every single cav’s fan that hated lebron and wanted him dead.. and now are in complete love with him again.. funniest fans on earth.. still thanks bron for 2 championships and we know you left because u want to have more rings then wade and could never have more rings if you played together since he already earned one alone.. Thanks bron bron

  2. Lbj says:

    We will just have to wait for the news that carmelo anthony will join our king james in Cleveland. we will then trade future hall of famer anthony bennet and a first round pick to the timberwolves for kevin love and Ricky Rubio. Start a new dynasty in Cleveland. #KingJames

  3. See red says:

    If he wants to chase championships why Cleveland????????????

  4. mr182brightside says:

    Lebron is not a franchise player, he’s a player for hire.

  5. Mackdaddy says:

    Gilbert should be thanking his lucky stars LeBron could get over that terrible letter published for 4 years on the Cavs website.
    Sour grapes almost cost him big time, and James is the better man for letting history remain in the past.

    Cavs still need a quality stretch 4 to win, but getting James is a huge boost to bring back the heart in the Cavs.

    I wonder how Irving feels about handing over the reigns though?

    Not his team anymore!!!

    • Nomi says:

      Lol wth? They will ship Kyrie off if he acts up. Right now, Cleveland is the Town of LeBron James. I’m pretty sure there is not one person in all of sports that thinks otherwise. Kyrie is ecstatic that he gets to be LeBron’s second fiddle.

  6. rilla says:

    Good now I can root for the Heat again. More moves to be made before the dust is settle. Glad bosh resigned now build a real team and not 3.players and some rag tag parts. Fire Spo if he can’t get it done.

  7. Kaori says:

    Anybody else notice the difference in twitter handles used by both owners?

    @KingJames and @kingjames

    I’m jus sayin’!!

  8. AJ says:

    Lebron is a genuinely likable dude, and he has done quite a lot for this sport in the past decade. Before you hate on him, just imagine how much we would have missed if Lebron was never here.

  9. JAVIE says:

    The one who had to be very worried about this LBJ tale must be Erik Spoelestra, The real question now is how many games will he last as Head Coah for the Heat w/o LBJ?????????

  10. justsayin says:

    Is it wrong I wanted them to directly plagarize the “comic sans letter” with Cleveland crossed out and Miami written in?

    Sigh – the world can’t be that awesome – back to living in my imagination…

  11. Ann P says:

    I lived in Miami for 45 years but moved from there (Thank God) 9 years ago. I only got interested in basketball when Lebron James came and joined the Miami Heat. His returning to Cleveland makes all the sense in the world not only for him but his family as well. i wish him all the best on his homecoming. Good luck Lebron! I love you!

  12. The fog says:

    King James is no Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. He loves to go to teams to help him. Michael and Kobe are the help. That’s what makes them the greatest of all time. He needs to learn to lead a team.

    • Irving says:

      Im sure if lebron wanted to help himself he would have joined the Suns or stayed if miami with big three or he could have went to chicago or other better teams. Why Cleveland? Its Home. Have you read his Return Essay???

  13. Sonya says:

    I don’t care about Lebron leaving, but to go back to Cleveland after they burned your jersey and to the same owner that basically spit on you and your legacy. Are you kidding me? Dan Gilbert is happy for his back account. Really, have some pride man!

  14. gfgf says:

    Pau Gasol Luol Deng to Heat is the icing on Cleveland’s Parade.

  15. isaac says:

    cleveland??? why?????
    why there???

  16. Tank 53 says:

    So he left because he didn’t have the talent around him, now he leaves because Wade is past his prim and The SPURS kicked their butts. Basketball is a TEAM game! Russell, Magic, Bird all did it with one team by playing as a team!

  17. Ann says:

    The first decision was clearly based on wanting to win an championship, because that is just what champions deserve. He would have busted his butt in Cleveland for SEVERAL more years before he would have been able to get a ring. He got his rings, now it is time for him and his wife and children to go back home. 1st Move=RIng…….2nd Move=Retirement and Family…..
    He is a grown man making millions and deserves to play for who he freakin wants, lol!! Half of us couldn’t do 1% of what he does on the floor, and to the gentleman referring to him as “TOBY” lol, those days are over sweetie, he is a MILLIONAIRE playing the sport he loves, not slaving for lazy white people. Some comments are just so ignorant they cant be ignored…smh!!

    • a realist says:

      “He would have busted his butt in Cleveland for several more years” Really???? That’s what real champions do. If you’re a true champion “Jordan” you stick it out and build a dynasty… And no one deserves a championship, you earn it.

  18. tomheinrich says:

    spurs#5…you are so correct…one man doesn’t win the title. James had Bosh and Wade, any one of them could carry the team on any given day.

    Still, suddenly there are a whole lot of braggart Heat fans stumbling for words. They WERE the New York Yankees of the NBA buying a title. Now they are the New York Mets! How sweet it is!

  19. ruben says:

    lbj it is your decision i hope you feel happy now i feel that you never play happy here in miami so fly time talking

  20. S0m3 r4nd0m says:

    Lol heat “fans”

    • KD35 says:

      Lol anyone heard of the Heat troll lately, the one who’s always saying that “players should bring their talents to south beach and join “our king” LeBron James if they want to win a championship”. Where you at Heat fans(bandwaggons too)

      • Chicago says:

        You realize there have always been and will always be plenty of Heat fans. Do you, in your right mind, honestly think an entire fan base will just disappear? Mind you, the Heat won a title in 2006. They won before LeBron and I’m sure they’ll win after LeBron.

        But please, continue being a hater for no logical reason whatsoever.

  21. RL says:

    Good luck with that plantation owner Toby…i mean Bron Bron.

  22. CoreyWilliams says:

    4years exit= “I am shocked & disappointed in today’s news. However I will never forget what Lebron brought us for 4 years. Thanks for memories”
    7yrs exit= “As you now know, our former hero, who grew up in the very region that he deserted this evening, is no longer a Cleveland Cavalier.

    This was announced with a several day, narcissistic, self-promotional build-up culminating with a national TV special of his “decision” unlike anything ever “witnessed” in the history of sports and probably the history of entertainment.

    LeBron that dude to go through what he has gone through still win, still be the best and attempt to capture a championship for his city much respect to the King.

  23. spurs#5 says:

    What’s all the cheering about? Remember when he back stabbed Cleveland and now Miami. He’s all about himslef. One man will not bring you a championship……..Still have to climb the mountain to reach the Spurs.
    Pssssttt…..Pau, want to join a winning team!

  24. Austin says:

    Man…. I am big fan of Bron but didnt like his decision…he should stay with heat sine he got two titles with them and he could have built his legacy from there …. not cool my man Bron…..

  25. 16oz says:

    At least Micky Arison leave a good note on LeBron unlike Dan Gilbert.

    • ian says:

      why would’nt he? LeBron (with his teammates, of course), got him two championships

      • Del says:

        And Dan had him waste 6 years playing with a bunch of scrubs. Its more like the Heat got Lebron the rings because of the moves if not he would have got a least one in Cleveland after 6 years don’t you think?

    • Irving says:

      Its easy to be nice when a guy won ur team championships