Bosh leaves Rockets on launch pad

VIDEO: Chris Bosh spurns Houston, agrees to re-sign with Miami

The word all along had been that when LeBron James made his decision, the rest of the dominoes would start to fall.

Seems the first one came crashing down on the best laid plans of the Rockets, who had made a four-year, $88-million offer to power forward Chris Bosh.

It was a neat little plan by Rockets general manager Tradin’ Daryl Morey, who had managed to come away with the plums of the past two off-seasons in Dwight Howard and James Harden.

Houston had gone as far trading away a piece of an already thin bench to make room for the All-Star Bosh under the salary by shipping guard Jeremy Lin and a pair of draft choices to the Lakers. What the Rockets took back in that trade was nothing and what they ended up with at the end of the day was just more of it.

Rather than form a new Big Three in Texas, Bosh surprised and spurned the Rockets by choosing to remain in Miami for a reported maximum contract of $118 million over five years.

For the 30-year-old Bosh, it makes all the financial sense in the world and it could be his time to shake off his third-wheel status with the Heatles and go back to the starring role of his Toronto days. He’s a tent-post that club president Pat Riley can build on in reconstructing the Heat again.

While it was well known and publicly stated the Bosh and his family enjoyed living in South Florida, one question is why he stretched out the affair and dragged the Rockets across the dance floor before jilting them. It is, by the way, the second time in four years that Bosh batted his eyes and flirted with Houston only to give the Rockets the kiss-off. Maybe they’ll learn next time not to pucker up.

If you’re keeping score in Houston, that’s no James, no Carmelo Anthony and no Bosh.

So the question becomes: What’s Plan D?

In addition, how do the Rockets respond to the offer sheet three-year, $46 million offer sheet the Mavs gave to forward Chandler Parsons?

When Bosh was in play, the Rockets plan had likely been to dig deep into their pockets to keep Parsons in order to form what, at least on paper, could have been the most solid starting five in the Western Conference — Howard, Harden, Bosh, Parsons and Patrick Beverley.

However, without Bosh to stretch the floor with his shooting and solidify the defense on the frontline, one of the biggest holes in the lineup remains. The Rockets were a 54-win team last season but still with holes and unable to get out of the first round of the playoffs.

Therefore is it worth it to break the bank for Parsons to virtually keep the same together? Of course, the fact that they’re in this predicament is the Rockets’ own doing, since they never had to allow Parsons to become a restricted free agent in the first place. Too cute by half.

According to numerous reports, Morey has spent the past several days talking to the representatives of Luol Deng, Trevor Ariza and Paul Pierce. The other interesting name who might fit in neatly on the front line is Pau Gasol, but indications are that he has shown little interest in Houston.

Deng, Ariza or Pierce would all come far cheaper than Bosh — and even Parsons — but the question is whether a significant commitment to any of them truly moves the Rockets ahead in the rugged Western Conference pecking order.

Morey won’t stop trying to roll the dice and place another bet, because that’s what he does. But in a way, what happened to the Rockets is a variation of what happened to the Heat on Friday. When you play the free agent game, sometimes you get burned.

The difference, of course, is that Miami has two championships and four straight Finals appearances in its grasp and the Rockets just blistered fingers.


  1. Ms.C says:

    We’ll Houston u guys should have taken the safe way out an waited until Bosh verbally said that he wasn’t interested n playin 4 the Rockets cause apparently Bosh was born n Texas but he don’t want 2b a Texan so Houston should have waited an offered Minnesota a deal of Asik Lin an picks 4 Love who is a younger player than Bosh an more talented

  2. Dirks2gatoradebottles says:

    The awkward moment when all Heat “Bandwagoners” all suddenly become Cavalier fans….

  3. buraot says:

    Who wants to play with Howard anyway? Howard will be like Barkley. Retire with no rings. Howard has an ego as big as planet earth but don’t show dedication to be a champion.

    • boots says:

      stop blaming howard dude. Harden choked in the playoffs, howard didn’t, he actually produced

  4. SOUTHBEACH says:

    Don’t know why MIAMI haters still don’t understand that it’s not about the players sometimes. It’s all about the people who build championship teams. Im talkin about Riley and the owners here. You did not see it coming friends. Talkin about the big 3 in 2010… James Bosh contracts had options from the start. Riley knew that these 2 all stars might use their options after the 4th year. Wait till the next Riley magic. I just don’t know with your teams execs. They don’t have the guts to build a championship team or they’re just CHEAP. That’s why we love MIAMI… That’s why we respect the knicks, Lakers, Celtics … Coz they always are for fans… They always are committed to building playoff teams.

    One more thing… Miami Heat was a consistent playoff team even without James. I don’t see them out of the playoffs next year LOL

    • DT says:

      Agreed my friend

    • okckd35 says:

      Its called.playing in a large market. The teams u mentioned are able to pay more due to having more revenue. Not anout the other teams being cheap. Thats why a large market team wins most of the time.

    • knicks fan for life says:

      The best teams aka the “big market” teams always seem to pull something off don’t they? Trust… Miami will still reach the playoffs and will probably earn another title behind Bosh too

  5. I see the Heat making it to the 2015 Eastern Conference Finals, but falling short as I have them losing it in 7 games to the Cavaliers, who I have winning the 2015 NBA Finals over the Thunder in 6 games.

  6. sports fan says:

    Miami may not get another title next year buy will definitely be a very good team. Houston will still be a very good team as well. Of all the teams the Lakers end up worse than any other team. No one wants to play with Kobe and/or for Jim Buss. All the talented players in the league know that Kobe is on his way out and that Jim Buss is dragging the Lakers organization down. To top it off they’re going to lose Gasol. But Houston & Miami will both still be in very good shape to make some noise.

  7. Crutch City says:

    The first mistake the Rockets made in the offseason started with re-signing Kevin McHale. No superstar in his right mind would want to join a team and play for a coach who can’t coach a team, let alone draw up set plays. Why would Melo, Lebron, or even Bosh want to take a pay cut to be stuck playing under a coach who doesn’t utilize his players correctly? Its not about the money or the Dwight or Harden, its about poor coaching. Plain and simple. And if anyone actually thinks McHale is a good coach, please enlighten me. Because from what I saw throughout the season and into the playoffs, was just about the worst rotation management I have ever seen.

  8. dmh says:

    The Lin trade was essentially around 5 hours too early. Lin is not a superstar by any stretch but, he is worth the type of money his cap hold says (weird CBA rule makes the cap hold different than the salary). Wouldn’t a team theoretically want to have a good feeler for a player’s intentions (Bosh) before making a move like that? Even if they do match Parsons, anything short of a magician’s job basically is saying this is the roster. It is a step back. I am sure after the Carmelo thing, Lin is probably glad to be gone. Rockets are destined for the 6th seed barring some magicians work with the Warriors looking like they will take over that spot. I do not think Parsons really tips the scale one way or the other for the rockets. I think he is an upgrade in Dallas but, with Howard and Harden in Houston dominating the ball like they can tend to do, especially Harden, I do not see Kevin McKale allowing Parsons the freedom needed to be worth 15 million a year. The original plan of keeping Parsons and adding Bosh looked pretty on paper though. Bosh did not make a basketball decision. He took the money and lifestyle. Now it will be interesting to see what rabbits both Morey and Riley pull out of their hats.

  9. y3u says:

    im really happy that the east will be better next year but dnt matter who play for who the SA SPURS are gonna win it all again , them the SPURS will go under the radar for 1 or 2 year

    • JP says:

      Yeah right. They have never won back 2 back. They luckily got by the Thunder and it wasn’t that they were better than Miami; Miami was unmotivated and hurt by Wades performance.

      • knicks fan for life says:

        Are you insane??? No luck beating the thunder… they beat them fools silly en route to dominating Miami. I’m calling Silver right now requesting you be banned from NBA blogging for life behind this blasphemy!!

      • The Hooves says:

        Hahaha. Most absurd comment on here. Spurs won 12 of their 16 playoff wins by 15 or more and a bunch of them were by 25+. Your statement is ridiculous.

  10. Robert Mendoza says:

    Keep the trash talk coming everyone!!! Morey always has a backup plan even if its a back up back up back up plan. So be expecting the rockets to land another key piece. And everyone should stop crying about treating players bad. Its a business!!! A gm’s job is to make the team better at all cost. rockets were a fourth seed in dwights first year. We will only get better with time.

  11. bing flosby says:

    rockets did not get burned chris bosh did what he was suppose to do which is take the bigger check

  12. gp18 says:

    it’s all about the money man… common! 88M to 118M?

    • educatedron says:

      So misleading when people say that.

      The truth is its closer to 110 million vs 118 million.

      No matter how many times its stated its 88 million for 4 years, when compared to 118 million for 5 years, some dunce compares both against each other.

      And yes, its worth more than the 8 million dollar difference if you can wiin or get close to winning a championship.

  13. jun says:

    yeah, they get players then they really treat them like they own them. just like what they did to Omar asik. but Karma is around the corner.

  14. NeutralFan says:

    Just seeing how Morey and Rockets badly treat the players, most allstars won’t come. They deservre the burn.

  15. MFFL says:

    hahahaha! Absolutely love it. Serves Morey right for his taunt to Cubes last summer. If Houston matches, they’re screwed for years to come with cap space (so I hope you like that lineup Rocket Fans–cause that’ll be your “championship lineup” for the next 2 years, right when Dwight opts out of his contract). If Rockets don’t match, perfect fit for Mavs (though a little overpaid we can afford it-thanks DIRK). Parsons addition to Dallas lineup = allurement for years to come for the Mavs. If Donnie can work his magic and convince Vince and Marion to sign for minimums, and if they can sign Blair and Mo Williams.. Big if’s, but regardless, watch out for Mavs next year YEWWWW!!

  16. TL says:

    man i used to love the rockets to death. but recently they’ve been treating their players horribly.. i mean just the way the organization treats their players, and the selfish style harden plays, would basically turn off any good players’ interests.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you’re exaggerating the problems a little bit. The rockets have fifth seed problems, and they’re real problems but you make it sound as if they’re the worst problems a team could possibly have.

  17. pokie says:

    Bledsoe. Bledsoe. Bledsoe.

  18. OKC says:

    Frans got hurt feelings.

  19. sdakfjlrhewl says:

    Miami 2015 NBA Champions!!!

    • Michael says:

      Without James, you better start dreaming.

    • lolheat says:

      If miami doesn’t get spanked by the spurs and actually wins a 3rd title in a row…. does lebron come out and say he’s going home to cleveland? lol NO. Miami heat 2015 champs if you mean 15th in the east with a 20-62 record champ then yea…. go heat!

  20. cr12 says:

    I love it, Magic fan here, and to watch dwight getting never near to a championship is great.

  21. JohnSpursFan says:

    Respect for Bosh for not running, but rather staying with his team and showing a little guts to come back and try to battle to another title run and help Miami regroup.

    • SmoothMM says:

      That huge sum of money played a big part in it too. 5 years for $118 million? Not sure if he’s worth that much, but Bosh is a really good player; highly underrated in worth when grouped with LeBron and Wade. Might as well get his last big payday. It will be a harder now to get solid players for that team though… Always is with max contract players.

    • Maimi rules says:

      Please!!! What courage does it take to accept max money. Bosh is not a franchise player and the third flat tire. Heat will be lucky to get out of first round with the rag tag lot staying behind. Bosh will never see another title again so he might as well see his soul for cash. Only consolation is he won’t cry like a baby after his lose in the finals to the Mavs.

  22. justsayin says:

    Looks like they’re boned if they want a stretch 4. Unless they can deal Asik for one. But they ain’t getting Love, prolly not even Ryan Anderson. Maybe they’ll learn to apprecciate T Jones – then again they didn’t w Lin.

    O/w for inside help I see Blatche and Aminu on the market – energetic young forwards. Glen Davis too though I hoped he’d stick with Doc. Slim Pickens. Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Free Agency.

  23. birdie says:

    Serves him right; can’t stand Morey.

  24. Roger Tornga says:

    Morey had no choice but to do what he did. It’s the equivalent of what Boozer did to Cleveland years ago. LeBron would have had a championship years ago if Boozer had stayed – and so would Boozer. Greed doesn’t always set the table for success.

    I’m glad Morey tries and don’t count him out. He still might surprise the whole league with his next moves.

  25. lee says:

    their ur other players that would fit better sign deng trade for ryan andersn who would be a better fit then bosh with a more accurate 3 and a better rebounder deng howard and beverly would give you a top 10 defense