2014 Free Agency — Signing day is here

From NBA.com staff reports

Nine days worth of speculation, rumor, fact and a mix of all three have provided the flavoring to NBA free agency thus far. At last, though, players can officially ink deals with teams — new and old — and we’ll be on top of everything all day long. Check back often …

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Update 12:13 a.m. — Heat, Cavs expect LeBron’s decision before World Cup trip

Hang tight, the decision is coming. When exactly? Well, soon…

Update 11:48 p.m. — LeBron’s Brazil bound … by way of Miami

So long Las Vegas, hello Brazil. LeBron James is headed for the World Cup. He left his hoops camp and is headed for a pit stop in Miami before flying to South America for Sunday’s World Cup final between Germany and Argentina. No word who James is pulling for or, for that matter, where he’ll play basketball next season.

James will have travel buddy on the flight to Miami, the same pal who helped out at James’ hoops camp earlier in the day — Dwyane Wade.

Update 9:15 p.m. — Bulls not out yet

At this point yesterday it looked like Carmelo Anthony was definitely going to stay in New York with the Knicks. Now?

The Bulls certainly offer Anthony a much better chance to compete for a championship next season. But is he really willing to leave $30 million plus on the table? We. Shall. See.

Update 8:09 p.m. — Suns seek more guard depth

Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe were a surprisingly successful (and unsurprisingly fun) backcourt for the Phoenix Suns last season. But with restricted free agent Bledsoe’s future not completely certain with the Suns, Phoenix has directed attention towards the Kings’ equally-exciting restricted free agent, Isaiah Thomas.

The Suns would arguably have the best backcourt depth in the NBA if they are able to add Thomas and keep Bledsoe. The future just keeps getting brighter in the Valley of the Sun.

Update 7:32 p.m. — Tucker stays put

In non-LeBron news, it looks like the Phoenix Suns will keep their energetic big man:

Tucker, who was a restricted free agent, started every game for the Suns last season and averaged 9.4 points, 6.5 rebounds and 1.4 steals per game.

Update 6:30 p.m. — Together again … for now

The picture is a little — cruddy. And far away, too. Is this some new Google Earth product?

But we’ll take Ramona Shelburne‘s word that it really is Dwyane Wade in there somewhere with LeBron James at LeBron’s skills camp in Vegas. The guys evidently still like each other.

Of the 12,374 theories on which way LeBron is headed — we are counting — you do have to wonder about this one: Would D Wade have opted out of a contract that would have paid him more than $24 million a year if LeBron wasn’t going to stay with the Heat?

Oh, we know. We know. There are explanations. There are a thousand permutations to this. But … nobody’s saying nothing. So at this point, all we can do is guess. We guess.

Update 6 p.m. — Don’t tread on this

As of 5:58 ET, this account had 10 tweets.


Ain’t twitter grand? We’re getting more out of the guy’s crabgrass than we are out of the guy.

Update 5:55 p.m. — On that other guy

What about a free agent, a seven time All-Star who has a career scoring average north of 25 points a game, getting such a short shrift this summer?

Hey, what is up with Carmelo Anthony?

Well, New York Knicks president Phil Jackson‘s sounding confident Anthony will take him up on one of his handful of offers to stay with the Knicks, according to the New York Post.

And, according to the Post, it could come soon. Like today.

“I am [expecting to hear Thursday],’’ Jackson said. “I expected one yesterday and the day before yesterday. But, no, we’re waiting.’’

Update 5:30 p.m. — Oh, Ohio

It’s pretty slow in most places in the NBA right now as we all wait on LeBron’s lower-case decision.

But in Ohio … yeah, they’re getting a little worked up already.

Matt Moore over at CBSSports.com has a pretty eye-opening post on all the things going on in Northeast Ohio as fans await good news … or set themselves up for some big-league heartbreak again.

Look at this tweet that Moore unearthed, showing cars in front of LeBron’s home there:

It’s a veritable pilgrimage to go see The King. They may make this a holiday in that part of the country.

If, you know, it doesn’t turn into a day of infamy.


Update 5:20 p.m. — Tick, tick, tick, tick

Tick, tick, tick …

Oh. Sorry. Must’ve dozed off there.

Nothing shaking yet about You Know Who going to Who Knows Where.

But, ICYMI a little earlier in the day, the guys over at fivethirtyeight, who correctly picked the last presidential race (but kinda missed on this) break down where LeBron has a better chance to win this year. The numbers might surprise you. Definitely worth it for the statistical minded out there.

A big point in the Silver piece is here:

If James really wants to get to that 60-win threshold, he’d be better off exploring teams aside from his reported favorites, such as the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. When I placed James on the roster and ran projections for those teams, all but one finished ahead of both Miami and Cleveland.

Update 4:18 p.m. — Listening to the Lord of the Rings

Carmelo surely won’t miss out on these words of wisdom from the Zen Master, will he? Tim Hardaway Jr. and the other young Knicks are listening and trying to learn from Phil Jackson.

Update 4:04 p.m. — C’mon Cleveland and Ohio 

Someone has to get this thing under control before it gets out of hand.

Update 3:46 p.m. — Yellow shorts … what do they mean?

The afternoon conspiracy theories aren’t nearly as creative as the morning crop. More colorful, but not as creative.

Update 3:43 p.m. — A Butler update

Thunder or Clippers? That is the question for Caron Butler.

Update 3:29 p.m. — What about DWade?

Wade has been the forgotten man, to an extent, in this summer of free agency.

Update 2:52 p.m. — Celtics still looking for Love

Forget LeBron and Carmelo, the Celtics need Love!

Update 2:40 p.m. — Just play ball LeBron

When all else fails, LeBron can just wrap himself up in the game … at any level.

Update 2:13 p.m. — Bath is getting ready for fireworks …

On the outskirts of LeBron’s hometown of Akron in Bath, Ohio, there is an undeniable energy surrounding the potential return of the prodigal son. If LeBron isn’t headed back to the Cavaliers and Ohio … this could get really nasty.

Update 1:48 p.m. — A true global icon …

All LeBron, all the time!

Update 1:28 p.m. — A Portland summer in 2015?

Update 12:54 p.m. — Mavs holding off on Parsons offer sheet, sign-and-trade possibilities?

The clock has not started yet for the Houston Rockets since the Dallas Mavericks have yet to formally submit the offer sheet to Chandler Parsons.

Update 12:36 p.m. — Blake to the Trail Blazers

Steve Blake is on the move again …

Update 12:26 p.m. — LeBron Watch 2014

No explanation needed!

Update 12:14 p.m. — All smiles in Jordan-land

At least someone is enjoying this time of year in the NBA!

con la familia.

A post shared by DeAndre Jordan (@deandre) on

Update 11:53 a.m. — #boshfamilyworldtour

Welcome to Ghana! (This isn’t exactly Miami or Houston)

Update 11:45 a.m. — Don’t assume anything in free agency

Listen to Uncle Ira …

Update 11:36 a.m. — Everyone has sources … (photo)

Some are more legitimate than others!

Update 11:31 a.m. — Pau back to the Lakers?

Could be, if the price is right.

Update 11:26 a.m. — Go with Beau on the NBA TV update

VIDEO: Beau Estes of NBA TV updates the happenings from this morning in free agency

Update 11:11 a.m. — Things that make you go Stu!

Update 11:02 a.m. — Influential advice from Usher?

This goes beyond the sports world …

Update 10:38 a.m. — More Cleveland conspiracy theories …

The entire world wants in on the LeBron to Cleveland drama. Follow the crumbs, people, follow the crumbs!

Team LeBron — the Twitter handle that promotes all things LeBron — is being watched. And there is some peculiar activity going on with their following habits, per The Big Lead.

On the flip side, apparently Brazil and the World Cup final is winning out over both Cleveland and Miami …

Update 10:21 a.m. — Brooklyn welcomes Jarrett Jack

JJack looks good in his Brooklyn digs. The trade is official.

Update 10:13 a.m. — Tony Parker recruiting Pau to the Spurs

You don’t have to be fluent in Spanish or French to understand what it is Tony Parker is trying to do  in regards to Pau Gasol, yet another quality free agent on the market. Parker has reached out to Gasol and let him know, in English and whatever other language needed, that they want him to join the championship chase in San Antonio.

“Id love to play with Pau and I told him so,” Parker told our good friend of Eduardo Schell in Madrid.

Update 9:37 a.m. — Conspiracy theorists unite in Cleveland

When reading the LeBron Matrix all sorts of tactics need to be employed. For some, it’s deciphering the messages on LeBron’s website …

… For others it’s listening to the creatures of nature and trying to understand the signals they send (like the owl at the Cleveland zoo that predicted LeBron will stick around in Miami).

Has this thing gotten foolish enough for you yet?

Update 8:50 a.m. — Questions pile up for LeBron

Trying to figure out what LeBron James is doing is one thing. Trying to figure it out and read all the potential tea leaves out there is quite another. Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher Report — as connected a Heat observer as there is out there — digs into some of the information of late and tries to separate reality from fiction:

Yes, James is investing in a pizza chain in Palm Beach and Broward counties, just as his wife Savannah has opened The Juice Spot in Miami, but the couple needs not be present full time to manage either. Yes, James dined and partied with Dwyane Wade in Las Vegas on Monday night, but even if there’s a chance they won’t be remaining teammates, that doesn’t mean they stop being friends.

This guessing game wouldn’t be continuing if we actually knew something concrete, but the truth is we don’t. Not even after James and his agent Rich Paul met with Heat president Pat Riley and general manager/cap guru Andy Elisburg in Las Vegas at roughly 6 p.m. ET on Wednesday. Not even as the NBA’s moratorium period ended at midnight.

We still don’t know, because that meeting concluded without resolution before James returned to hosting his Skills Academy. He’s not scheduled to take any meetings with other teams and is planning to discuss his options with his family.

We still don’t know if Riley and Elisburg convinced him that they could still—even in a seemingly cap-strapped state—sufficiently upgrade the roster at every position as he requested after falling in the NBA Finals to the San Antonio Spurs.

We only know this: The Heat were supposed to know more by now.

Update, 8:06 a.m. — Report: Raptors, Johnson reach deal

The Memphis Grizzlies got a bit of a hidden gem last season when the called up and eventually signed James Johnson for the season. The former first-round pick of the Chicago Bulls averaged 7.4 ppg, 3.2 rpg and 2.1 apg and was a key member of Memphis’ second unit.

CBSSports.com’s Gary Parrish reports that Johnson and the Toronto Raptors have agreed to a two-year deal …

Update, 7:50 a.m. — The buzz this morning

It seems the first official signings of free agency were made by the Clippers as they officially inked free agents Spencer Hawes and Jordan Farmar to deals. That’s all well and good, but what about the movers and shakers in free agency (we’re looking at you, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James)?

Today’s Morning Shootaround has everything you’re looking for this morning, including how James is weighing whether or not to stay with Miami or move back to Cleveland, the conflicting reports about Anthony deciding to re-up with the Knicks, the Bulls’ chase of Pau Gasol heating up and more …

Update, 6:59 a.m. — Lesser-impact free agents get nibbles

We’re all still waiting to see what Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James decide, but it seems two lesser-level free agents, Anthony Tolliver and Dahntay Jones, might be on some teams’ minds. Shams Charania of RealGM.com has more on Tolliver:

Free agent Anthony Tolliver has been in substantial conversations with six NBA teams – including the Los Angeles Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers – as a stretch-forward addition, league sources told RealGM.

Tolliver has also received interest from the Detroit Pistons, Washington Wizards, San Antonio Spurs and Charlotte Hornets among other organizations, sources said, and teams expect a possible signing next week.

As for Jones, he hasn’t played in the NBA since 2012-13, but may be getting some interest, too:

Update 6:41 a.m. — Hayward puts Jazz on the clock

Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward raised some eyebrows around the league when reports of him agreeing to a four-year, $63 million offer sheet with the Charlotte Hornets bubbled to the surface on Wednesday morning.

The Jazz are on the clock for real now as the Hornets sent out a release early this morning stating Hayward and Charlotte had signed said offer sheet. But, as our David Aldridge pointed out yesterday, don’t be stunned when Utah quickly matches this offer …

Update, 6:33 a.m. — Parsons celebrates his offer

Word broke late last night that the Dallas Mavericks had inked Rockets forward Chandler Parsons to a three-year, $45 million offer sheet that Houston will now have three days to match. Who knows what the Rockets will do — especially considering their widespread interest in Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh.

But as is normal these days in the social media age, Parsons’ mother, Terri Parsons, took to Twitter to post an image of her son celebrating with Mavs owner Mark Cuban. Parsons himself also had a tweet worth noting, too …

And, a fan got in on the action, too, snapping a selfie of himself with Parsons and Cuban …

Update, 6:27 a.m. — Everything from the night that was

LeBron James met with Pat Riley and a select few other Miami Heat officials yesterday in Las Vegas to talk about what kind of future he has in South Beach. The meeting ended without a decision from LeBron on whether his future lied in Miami or, perhaps, back in Cleveland.

The overall buzz to take away, though, is that we don’t have any more of an idea what James will do than we did any of the other days leading into or during free agency. As well, there were reports that Carmelo Anthony was headed back to New York, but our David Aldridge cautioned that such news may not yet be true.

Our staff was on top of that news — and some juicy items on Greivis Vasquez and Kevin Love, too — from a busy night.

VIDEO: Frank Isola reports Carmelo is going back to N.Y. … but is that true?


  1. Mad Kenny says:

    As a fan of the NBA, but not the Miami Heat would really like to see Lebron in different team as well as Melo. Wade definitely stays with Miami. I don’t see any good fits for Wade in other teams. Maybe Mavericks ( I také teams that have chance to win the title ). Bosh will goes to Rockets if Lebron goes to other teams, but if Lebron stays I think Bosh stays too.
    Right now It’s 70% Lebron stays with Miami, 30% he goes to Clevland.

  2. itz-beck says:

    should have been ‘cavs’; thank u auto-correct…

  3. itz-beck says:

    how about this for a win-wi solution — for lebron, for miami AND for cleveland: lebron should announce that he wants to try one more time to get back to the championship game with his close friends and teammates in miami, before heading back to the place he always considered home and bringing some of the magic, and the championships to the cars. so he should sign a one-year contract with miami, thereby fulfilling an ‘obligation’ to wade, bosh, arison and the miami fans to ‘right the wrong’ of this year’s championship loss and go out on top. this will satisfy miami and his fair to wade and bosh who opted out of their contracts. he should also declare that he want to allow kyrie, wiggins and blatt to develop their own chemistry this season – without doing so in the shadow of lebron – and he plans to join them next year for a new era of sports championships in cleveland, both with the cars and with the browns under the guidance of his best bud, johnny manziel. WIN, WIN, WIN for everyone!!!

  4. Marcus Zoldyck says:

    We all know how great it is to be in L.A…. If only the Lakers got rid of Kobe which is pretty much impossible..but if they did..

    LeBron, Melo, Wade, Gasol and possibly Bosh, Allen and maybe also Kevin Love…hahaha….I dont know what to call this team…lol .

  5. Marcus Zoldyck says:

    Is there anyone who wants to play with Kobe?..:)

  6. smgledhill says:

    I wonder if LBJ and/or Melo will deliver news that will shock everyone. These guys have the ability for back channel meetings and phone calls that “sources” haven’t heard about. Maybe things are not as predictable as they seem. Other than speaking of Chicago as having the likeliest roster to win, they are not talked about as a favorite for the elite free agents because of the cap space issue. Who knows what’s being cooked up. What if even LBJ takes a 1-year deal in Chicago 15 mill, and then after winning a title, signs for the max with the Bulls in 2015, since the profits for winning will blow away any luxury tax they’d have to pay.

    I’m a Bulls fan since the 70s. I can dream the dream.

  7. Cole says:

    You guys fail to realize the wolves will not trade Love, he’s with us until the trade deadline at which point we will have convinced him to stay or we will trade him. Love is not going anywhere right now so all of you can keep dreaming.

  8. william mejia says:

    LeBron is a winner Miami Is the perfect team for him . Cleveland needs to keep dreaming

  9. Abby says:

    I can inform you that NOT ALL OF US in Cleveland will be heartbroken if he doesn’t come back.

  10. lakers says:

    the King goes back to Cleveland…..good time to open a sports bar in Ohio…

  11. harrythehawk says:

    This is insane! Tell us something!

  12. J. Smith says:

    Paul Gasol should really consider going to the Spurs. He’s tailor-made for the Spurs style of play and if he goes there they’re the top contender and most likely going to 2-peat no matter where LeBron goes. I don’t know what he’s waiting for. All these players talk about wanting to win, but you never hear them considering the Spurs as a go-to-team maybe because the Spurs keep a low-key atmosphere and they are infatuated with the limelight. If Gasol wants to win his 3rd ring he’ll be wise to go to the Spurs and do so the way they play I don’t think anyone is going to come close to beating them in the playoffs once they’re healthy. And Gasol should also consider the way Pop rest his players whuch can prolong his NBA career.

    • mee(a)t says:

      Or because the spurs aren’t searching for anyone that won’t fit their system? Everyone knows this plus players don’t beg to for other teams…players usually recruit. LIKE WHAT PARKER IS DOING FOR GASOL

  13. underdog says:

    hate to break it to all you of you non-Spurs fans but as long as the Spurs are healthy, all these moves means nothing

  14. Cam says:

    Does anyone know why Carmelo is not openly considering the Cleveland Cavaliers as a possible destination if Dan Gilbert and company fail to land James? Anthony and Love with Irving still sounds pretty great from my point of view.

  15. Anthony Bianchi says:

    Lakers and knicks need to do a sign and trade with pau and Amare and Shump which will then give the lakers a more competitive team and it will also clear up a ton of cap space for the following year but this move will also give the knicks a clean slate where they can go after a star in next years’ free agency to team up with melo and Pau or maybe go after a player such as Deng

    • LS1Kid says:

      this coming year is amare’s last year along with andrea so regardless the knicks will be major players in next years free agency, that’s 35mil combined for just those 2 players

  16. Aljur nic says:

    Riley don’t pursue James to sign.. Go for Plan B and that is sign Carmelo then add Paul gasol,Loul Deng..

  17. Aljur nic says:

    For me if lebron choose Cleveland that’s a failure decision..and for Riley don’t push lebron go back to Miami there are more talented free agent like deng , ariza , Stephenson ,gasol’ and Anthony are willing to sign to your camp. just Upgrade your Miami heat roster.

  18. Outsider says:

    What a hype on Free agency. Clearly James takes on the challenge if he goes to the Cavs with no po experience and nothing else but raw talent (often unhealthy). No guarantees, though miami was kinda guaranteed and they ended 50%.

    Wade was supposed to be the two punch after James being first, that did not happen. In Cleveland Kyrie and James can both deliver knockouts, something wade was unable to do for 4 injury-full seasons. Varejao rebounds and that is what matters, he does not eat up 20 posessions a game. Adding Waiters thompson wiggins and maybe a developing benett can make that contribution that is required. Why would the heat be better? injured knee-less wade, 4 shots / game Bosh, nobody know how effective granger or 8point per game mcroberts.,,,no legit PG … no rings in Miami…

  19. DeAndre says:

    I see there are a lot of Lebron haters he will still be the king wherever he go!!!! He got two rings with Miami there is nothing else to accomplished there with that older roster!!! The NBA is full of younger talent so its best Lebron go where he still can compete for a title clearly Miami is not the same no more. Going to Cleveland will benefit him and so many ways i’m sure the fans are willing to forgive him and move on. Lebron wanna chase a ring in his home town now

  20. Lakers4life says:

    If LBJ goes back to CLE and wins a title for them, he will gain a lot more respect from his fans and haters around the world. Not only does he forgive the insults from Dan Gilbert and CLE fans 4 years ago, he also redeemed himself for his mistake for doing “The Decision” showcase. That I think, will be a beautiful story, Hope you see this LBJ, and don’t listen to anyone who tells you the Cavs are not worth forgiving for how they treated you. And I’m a Lakers/Kobe fan writing this, not a Cavs fan.

  21. El Stone says:

    I hope lebron keeps mulling. Meanwhile, all the best free agents are getting snatched off the market. That’ll be awesome if he returns to Miami but the Heat can’t sign any quality players. Stay smart lebron!

  22. LeBron right now is not a bit of happy with this free agency, but upset (sad) he is trying to decide to either stay in Miami with his friends and teammates. Or go home to Cleveland where all of his fans are. He knows about Dan Gilbert and the fans had to say about him, and he knows and understands how they feel. He feels that if he goes to Cleveland he will have a great chance at a ring with Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennet, and the rookie Andre Wiggins. He also knows he will be the leader of that group. And if he goes to Cleveland there is a good chance that LeBron’s close friend Ray Allen will be pursued also, they have developed a good friendship over the past two years.

  23. bob says:

    If lebron and Bosh leaves the Heat, Pat Riley needs to trade Ray Allen,Mario Chalmers,Norris Cole,Toney Douglas,Justin Hamilton,James Jones,Greg Oden For Eric Bledsoe,Luol Deng,Greg Monroe,Lance Stephenson,Evan Turner,Rodney Stuckey,Jameer Nelson and Andrew Bynum. Give Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem a raise for everything they have done. SEND THIS TO PAT RILEY.

    • DBGAMES says:

      However, only Norris Cole is on contract. You can’t trade free agents. Another Heat Bandwagoner on the loose.

  24. GoMavs says:

    I can’t believe that the Cavaliers actually think that James will go back to them again!

  25. Timu says:

    James was one of the first to protest Clipper owner Sterling for his racist, disrespectful phone talk. How about not saying any single world for Dan Gilbert who disrespectfully cursed you publicly, and called you some silly names. I am sorry but you pick whatever team you want but if you pick Cavs you can not be a KING anymore!

  26. Tarell says:

    If LeBron goes to Cavs and can’t win the title, what’s next?? Lakers? If he wants to make a history he should stay in Miami

  27. Mike Weiss says:

    Poor Bulls, they wont get him either. I grew up in Chicago until I was 15, and I can’t figure out why that city cant get anyone to go there. Great coach, and its Chicago!!! The only thing I can think of is players don’t like Rose. He seems like a jerk. Anyway, my Miami Heat are falling apart as I speak, so I guess I shouldn’t talk. However, when Lebron and Bosh leave, Riley will have no problem filling up that roster quick. Gonna take Deng and Stephenson, and I’m hearing Heinrich or Jameer Nelson too. Gonna have ALOT of money to spend!!!!!

  28. Jeremy Stalls says:

    It would absolutely be devastating if LeBron did not sign back with CLE now. The City has pinned its hopes and dreams back on King James, based on nothing more than mere media speculation. Hope they are not disappointed once again. With that being said, SH makes some excellent points about LeBron going back to MIA. They were right about Melo back to NY, would not be shocked at all if LeBron re-signed with the Heat. Makes some interesting points, def worth a read now: http://straighthoops.com/enough_already.html

  29. Carlo says:

    Enough with this “re-tweet” unreadable bulls..t!

  30. NBA News says:

    This is good for the NBA, Parsons to the Mavs, Bosh probally to the rockets etc.. Would be great and finish it off the Cavs will probally buy LeBron

  31. Jeremy Stalls says:

    It is going to be a crazy day in the NBA !!!! Can’t wait.

  32. utveggi says:

    hello there from Palermo!

  33. Roel says:

    much better for Lebron to go back to Cleveland to increase his reputation and lessen the LBJ haters

  34. buraot says:

    $15M/year for a spot-up shooter like Parsons? I didn’t know Mark Cuban is that generous. And they’re saying Jeremy Lin’s contact is ridiculous. lol.

    • Celtics fan says:

      Really? A SPOT UP SHOOTER?? you think Cuban would to overpay Parsons like this if he is just a SPOT UP SHOOTER?

    • DBGAMES says:

      Do you even know who Chandler Parsons is? Have you actually watched a Rockets game? You don’t know what you are talking about.

  35. asdf says:

    Now I know what a 45 million dollar smile looks like.