Reports: LeBron won’t meet with other teams, decision looms

VIDEO: GameTime: Aldridge on LeBron

‘Melo to New York
 | No LeBron decision expected tonight | Cavs eye ex-Heat players

Update 11:30 p.m. — Raptors, Vasquez agree to terms

While so many teams are wondering who’s coming and going, the Toronto Raptors keep re-signing their own. The latest to agree to terms is backup point guard Greivis Vasquez, a key player in the team’s resurgence after coming over from Sacramento in the Rudy Gay trade.

Update 10:57 p.m. — No more meetings; LeBron decision looms

After meeting with Heat president Pat Riley on Wednesday, LeBron James has all the information he needs to make his highly anticipated decision: Miami or Cleveland. Multiple reports suggest that James and his agent, Rich Paul, will not entertain meetings with any other teams, and that James will talk with his family and then make his decision.

Interesting about this decision is that James — unless privately or through back channels — has not met with Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, new general manager David Griffin or new coach David Blatt.

Update 9:45 p.m. — Bosh to Houston if LeBron bolts Miami … Or will he?

Hours after news broke of the Mavericks and Rockets restricted free agent Chandler Parsons coming to terms on a lucrative offer sheet came a report that Chris Bosh will accept the Rockets’ offer if James leaves for Cleveland.

However, our own David Aldridge is hearing a different tune.

If this development is true, it could potentially help quicken a decision by James, who likely wouldn’t want to interfere with Bosh’s chances of joining the Rockets if James is indeed headed back to Cleveland. Once Houston receives the Parsons offer sheet, which Parsons can sign tonight when the clock strikes midnight, Houston will have 72 hours to match. But until general manager Daryl Morey knows where James is headed, and, thus, where Bosh is headed, they won’t have a clear indication of how to proceed with Parsons, which was Dallas’ intention.

The Rockets could theoretically sign Bosh and match the Parsons offer sheet, but it would take some hasty work to carve out enough cap space.

Update 9:30 p.m. — No Love for Cleveland

In a frenzy to boost its roster as it guns for LeBron James, Cleveland reportedly was trying to push for a trade to acquire Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love. Love, of course, wants out of Minnesota, but it appears team president and coach Flip Saunders isn’t ready to make a deal.

Update 8:08 p.m. — No decision expected tonight

According to several reports, LeBron James is not expected to announce his decision tonight.

Update 7:40 p.m. — LeBron, Riley wrap up meeting, direction unclear

The highly anticipated meeting between LeBron James and Heat president Pat Riley in Las Vegas has ended, and there is no clear indication of James’ intentions.

One media member, Chris Sheridan of tweeted that James has decided to return to Cleveland.

However there has been no further confirmation.

Update 7:01 p.m. — Mavs make move for Rockets’ Parsons; Cavs want Love

Seeking to upgrade at small forward, the Dallas Mavericks have put the Houston Rockets on the clock by coming to an agreement with restricted free agent Chandler Parsons on an offer sheet reportedly for three years and in excess of $45 million.

Parsons can’t officially sign the offer sheet until midnight ET. When he does, the Rockets will have 72 hours to match, a move they have consistently vowed to make.

However, those plans could change depending if Heat free agent Chris Bosh accepts an offer already on the table from the Rockets. If Bosh remains undecided on his plans as the clock ticks down on a decision on Parsons, Houston could be put in a situation of having to decide to pass on Parsons at the risk of not getting Bosh — or matching on Parsons at the risk of losing Bosh if he indeed leaves Miami.

Bosh’s decision, in all likelihood, will revolve around James’ decision to either stay in Miami or bolt to Cleveland. And at this point (as James is currently meeting with Heat president Pat Riley in Las Vegas), there is no telling how much longer James might take to reveal his plan.

In more LeBron James machinations, the Cavaliers are reportedly seeking to put together a trade for Minnesota’s discontented power forward Kevin Love, on the contingency that they sign James.

Update 5:05 p.m. — It’s about this money

The NBA announced its salary cap for the 2014-15 season — an all-time high, 7.5 percent more than last year. It’s a bit of news that will come in handy in the Heat’s talk with LeBron James in about an hour.

The release from the league:

The National Basketball Association today announced that the Salary Cap has increased by 7.5% to an all-time high of $63.065 million for the 2014-15 season.  The tax level for the 2014-15 season increased by 7.1% to $76.829 million.

The Salary Cap and tax level go into effect at 12:01 a.m. ET on Thursday, July 10, when the league’s “moratorium period” ends and teams can begin signing free agents and making trades.

The minimum team salary, which is set at 90% of the Salary Cap, is $56.759 million for the 2014-15 season.

The current Collective Bargaining Agreement provides for three different mid-level exceptions depending on a team’s salary level.   The non-taxpayer mid-level for this season is $5.305 million, the taxpayer mid-level is $3.278 million and the mid-level for a team with room under the Salary Cap is $2.732 million.

Update 4:50 p.m. — Reports: LeBron’s meeting with Heat

After all the rumblings earlier in the day about Cleveland making room for a LeBron James return (scroll below), remember, James still has a meeting with Heat brass to talk things over … and who knows what might happen there.

James, evidently, will have company when he talks to boss Pat Riley:

Elisburg is the Heat’s senior vice president of basketball ops and a salary cap specialist.

The meeting, according to several reports, is scheduled in Las Vegas for 6 p.m. ET.

Update 3:46 p.m. — Report: Melo Back to the Knicks

Carmelo Anthony isn’t waiting on LeBron James or anyone else. He is sticking with the New York Knicks, according to Frank Isola of the New York Daily News. The official announcement is expected to come Thursday, the first day free agents can sign deals and trades can be stamped by the NBA:

A person close to Anthony told The News on Wednesday that barring a last minute change of heart Anthony will re-sign with the Knicks after “agonizing over this” for the past week.

“He will have something for everybody on Thursday,” said the friend who was with Anthony before Anthony’s scheduled workout with Kevin Durant and Kevin Love in Los Angeles on Wednesday. “He is really torn because this is the biggest decision of his career. But he wants to get it done in New York. He told me he believes in Phil.”

The Knicks offered Anthony a max deal of $129 million, some $33 million more than any other team could offer. The team, according to many sources, has yet to be told of the decision. But the Knicks had been considered by many to be the front-runners.

Isola’s source, who quotes ‘Melo, may have spurred an immediate catchphrase, as’s Jeff Caplan points out:

Almost an hour after Isola broke his story, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne put a brake on it:

Update 3:39 p.m. — No stress

This man has the entire basketball world on edge and yet he seems totally relaxed … SMH!

Update 3:26 p.m. — What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

What would this day be without a shameless plug from the fine folks of Sin City?

Update 3:17 p.m. — It’s about forgiveness in Cleveland

Can all really be forgiven in Cleveland?

Update 2:40 p.m. — Celtics still chasing Love

Don’t be fooled by the Celtics involvement in any deals this summer. They have one player and one player only on their minds and that’s Kevin Love.

Update 2:20 p.m. — LeBron ready to turn the other cheek to Gilbert?

J.A. Adande weighs in with the best question surrounding this LeBron-back-Cleveland narrative that has ruled the day, the one that includes LeBron’s face-to-face meeting with Heat boss Pat Riley.

How could you even consider going back to work for an owner like Dan Gilbert?

If I could get a meeting of my own with LeBron James, I’d ask him how he could even consider compromising his values and stepping down from the moral high ground he ascended to during the playoffs by weighing an offer from Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.

LeBron produced the sharpest and most noteworthy criticism of Clippers owner Donald Sterling after TMZ made Sterling’s racially offensive diatribes public, saying “it’s unacceptable in our league.” No one has accused Gilbert of holding the same misguided racial perceptions as Sterling. With Gilbert, it’s about the personal attacks on LeBron’s character, and his diametrically opposed views on the business of the NBA.

Gilbert, for those who never bothered to read his unhinged response to The Decision in 2010 before the Cavaliersrecently purged it from their website, called LeBron’s departure to the Miami Heat a “cowardly betrayal” and said LeBron was a bad example for the children of Cleveland. This wasn’t just a critique of the televised announcement; it was a tantrum about the very premise of free agency, as if anything other than a career-long commitment to the team that drafted a player constituted treason.

A year later, Gilbert was among the group of owners holding to the hard line when the NBA locked out its players, willing to sacrifice games in order to institute a new collective bargaining agreement that limited player earnings and hampered the formation of superteams.

A return to the Cavaliers by James would be a tacit endorsement of all that he rejected. It wouldn’t represent just a swallowing of his own pride — it would be a surrender in the battle for self-determination for NBA players.

As much as people blasted LeBron about “The Decision,” Gilbert’s letter was the most egregious transgression made by any single individual in the summer of 2010.

The idea that all could be forgiven now is rather remarkable.

Update 2:06 p.m. — James arrives at his hoops camp

As we mentioned earlier, LeBron is in Las Vegas for his LeBron James Skills Academy, which just began and features many top-flight high school and college players …

Update 2 p.m. — LeBron silent as Cavs jockey for him

While Cleveland seemingly works to land him, LeBron James has had little to say the last few days …

Update 1:31 p.m. — A look into the (free-agent) future

If LeBron James takes a two-year deal with the Heat, who else would join him on the free-agent market in 2016?

Update 1:17 p.m. — LeBron more valuable to Cavs than Heat?

LeBron James has allowed the Miami Heat to reach a new level as a franchise. What would his return mean — in dollars and cents — to Cleveland?

Update 1:14 p.m. — The real reason LeBron is in Vegas …

We all know LeBron James is meeting with Heat boss Pat Riley today in Las Vegas, but the real reason James is there is to host his LeBron James Skills Academy, which begins today (sorry the list is upside down) …

Update 12:48 p.m. — Recapping the action thus far

We’ve hit a bit of a lull in the Cavs/LeBron/free agency news, so take a second and catch up on what you might have missed …

Update 12:22 p.m. — Report: LeBron talked to Miller; Heat moves impress James?

Update: 12:04 p.m. — No Love-to-Cavs deal lined up (yet)

Thinking this salary cap purge is being done to line Cleveland up to land Kevin Love? Think again …

Update: 11:57 a.m. — Parsons on Cavs’ radar; some crucial LeBron-to-Cleveland points

Informed observers Marc Stein and our own David Aldridge bring up key issues regarding a potential LeBron-Cavs reunion …

Update 11:42 a.m. — Cavs eye more ex-Heat players; what might Bosh do?

The Cavs are after two more ex-Heat players (Mike Miller and James Jones), but if LeBron does return to Miami, will Chris Bosh come back?

Update 11:39 a.m. — Deal may not be harbinger of anything

Hold off on those celebrations there, Cleveland …

Update 11:36 a.m. — Don’t fret just yet, Heat fans

Many GMs see a LeBron-Heat reunion as possible, but just maybe for not as long as some thought …

Update, 11:33 a.m. — Options aplenty in Cleveland

The Cavs will have some explaining to do whether or not this trade helps them land LeBron … or not …

Update, 11:28 a.m. — Cavs reportedly after Allen, too

If the Cavs are trying to get LeBron James back in the fold, maybe going after one of his old teammates wouldn’t hurt?

Update, 11:26 a.m. — Detailing the three-team deal

Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon-Journal spells out in further detail why the Cavs made this trade

Update, 11:22 a.m. — Nets get a PG upgrade

The Nets fill some backcourt needs with this trade …

Update, 11:16 a.m. — Cavs other target may be Ariza

The Cleveland Cavaliers, burned four years ago when LeBron James left for the Miami Heat, reportedly are on the verge of a major trade to clear salary space in order to lure James back to Cleveland.

The news broke Wednesday morning from Marc Stein of ESPN:

The news was soon confirmed by our David Aldridge and others:

Jack’s contract is a major impediment in getting James — or any other high-priced free agent — to sign with the Cavaliers. Last summer, he signed a four-year, $25 million deal with the Cavaliers.

The moves are the latest in an apparently strong bid by the Cavaliers to talk James, a native of Akron, Ohio, into returning to Northeast Ohio. James’ representatives reportedly met with the Cavaliers last week, while James was on vacation. And the team recently removed the stinging letter that Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert wrote after James defected to South Florida four years ago.

James reportedly will meet with Heat president Pat Riley, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and others with the Heat on Wednesday in Las Vegas.

Free agents can sign with new teams starting Wednesday night at 12:01 a.m. ET.


  1. lee says:

    if lbj was going to clevland he wouldve met with them he didnt meet with any teams but the heat should seem obvious where he is going

  2. brolo says:

    Since everyone is pitching roster thoughts, heres one:
    G:Small sized lebron
    SG:Medium sized lebron
    F:Lebron James
    PF:Lebron clone
    C:Bigger sized lebron
    6th man:Oak tree

  3. Raj says:

    As a lebron fan, i feel he can achieve more with experienced friends like chris bosh and Dwade more than any where else..
    Can he beat sanantonio or okc or mavs or huston by switching to another team?…Definetly not..who an match bosh and wade..

    If i were a best player on planet, i stay in miami and make a quick decision and every one come to me to miami…no one gonna trust and come if i move places..Championship will come with team chemistry , culture..

    There is no reason to leave maimi because of a home in CLVD.., if he start loosing.. every thing else will be loosing..Stay in miami and attract best talent and keep winning games.. It takes time to build a championship team, leaving a champion ship caliber team to a inexperienced team at this point makes no sence.

    • Ric says:

      He can’t stay in Miami because there is not enough money to sign new talent. For the past 4 years, their chances rests on cheap quality veterans. That’s why it is hard to see the big 3 continue in Miami because they can’t surround them without each of them taking a large pay cut. And come to think, they have sacrificed already for 4 years and had gone to the Finals and won 2. I think it’s time to think of your family now and earn what’s due for you. With Bosh, Houston is a perfect fit. He can earn a max contract and still has a chance at another championship. Lebron to Cleveland also makes sense. With all the young talents around him, he will catapult them into greatness. Though we can’t expect them to dominate right out the bat, but with a little patience and good coaching, they’ll be at the top before those 5 years end. And it’s just a fitting story for him to end his career in his hometown, the reconciliation, bring the franchise it’s first ever championship, it’s like a fairy tale ending for him and the franchise. Miami will still be at it with Wade. And they’ll have lot’s of cash to vye for the best players coming of free agency next year.

  4. KratosRage says:

    As i predict… The story of the MELO-drama end @ NYK. nice one blah blah blah

  5. Ric says:

    If they could sign up Lebron James, it would be a big year for the Cavs. Andrew Wiggins has been compared more to like a Scottie Pippen, because of his wingspan and athleticism. He can be a lock down defender. And with Lebron at the helm and Kyrie, he will have the opportunity to grow with less pressure to prove his first draft pick selection. Let’s not forget also of the potential of last years pick Andrew Bennett. The odd man out here would be Dion Waiters. Even of his offensive prowess, I don’t think the Cavs would bring Wiggins off the bench and hinder his development. Cavs need to fast pace that part. But “if”, Waiters agrees to come off the bench “ala” James Harden when he was in OKC, then that would be a killer. As rumored, James would be bringing along Mike Miller and Ray Allen with him and the Cavs has disposed Jack, Karasev and Zeller, it seems realistic. Now the Cavs has a solid promising first five, Irving, Wiggins, James, Thompson, Varejao but a thin bench with Waiters, Miller, Allen, Dellavedova, Felix, Gee and Bennett. So getting Kevin Love in a trade could be possible. Packed with guards, they could trade either Waiters and Thompson and some picks or cash considerations for Love. The Wolves might buy out to this because both players are rising, and Love will be taking Thompson’s place. Then sign a veteran free agent center, say, Jordan Hill, Glen Davis, Pau Gasol, Chris Andersen? And that would fortify the team. So here’s where we came up to if all plans worked out:

    Starting Five – Irving, Wiggins, James, Love, Varejao
    Bench – Dellavedova, Allen, Miller, Bennett, Hill
    Reserves – Felix, Gee

    there’s still lot of room to improve there but it’s good enough to make it to the East Finals or win it all in 2-3 years. Go Cavs!

    • Aguilar_Mamba says:

      If they get Lebron that wouldn’t be enough to do a sign and trade for Love because they would probably only be able to offer 15- mil max only for a year so good luck trying to make a CAVS team signing Lebron

  6. #KarlComeHome says:

    Sure, there’s a chance that Lebron goes to Cleveland. Sure, Kevin Love could move over there too with the right deal. However, will this be enough to stop the SPURS from repeating the 2014 (and 2007) finals?! Especially if the Spurs make the smart move of bringing in Pau Gasol…

  7. ed190 says:

    i’m not even a bulls fan, but come on this clown said that he’d rather want to win a championship than earn money, and now the bulls have the best option for him good roster, great coach, and a great city. plus phil its just the president thats it and this is the first year for fisher as headcoach and we dont know about roster of NY.smh

  8. Wow, reunited and it’s feel so good. So,let me tell you I would back take everything I said about LeBron James if he returns to Cleveland. I can’t see it, but it’s true LJ would win over more hearts and minds if he go back and forgive Dan Gilbert. Also, if Bron win a championship in the small market Cleveland, that championship would have more legitimately than any amount he gains in Miami. Too bad it took him four years to figure it out.

  9. All this “decision” business to me really comes down to DWade. He deserves a max salary for what he brought to this franchise and should not be questioned in the least bit for wanting a full max. At the same time he continues to regress and a max contract not only hamstrings what they are capable of doing in filling out the roster but also may communicate to James he may be more competitive elsewhere. He could go the Dirk rout for 10million for as many years as he pleases or not.

    The truth is that if Lebron leaves it will be because the organization failed to make moves to strengthen the roster. They can’t be blamed too much though since they did get back to the Finals but these moves should have been foreseen as imminent. They new they needed young athletic depth on the wings and center position 3 yrs ago, but if it ain’t broke I guess you don’t try to fix it until you notice a crack running down the side.

    In all honesty though, Cleveland is so young and unproven though talented. A win now situation is Houston who has a dominant scorer and interior players in Dwight Howard and James Harden. Though only Cleveland is where he can cement his place in the legacy of a franchise the way Wade has done. We’ll see soon enough.

  10. birdie says:

    “Moral high ground”? LeBron? From where I’m standing, Gilbert and James occupy roughly the same moral ground, although I’d have to say Gilbert’s is somewhat higher. ” The Decision out-scumbags “The Letter” by a considerable margin.

  11. bandwagon says:

    to everyone that says bandwagon:

    How hard is it to understand that people are Lebron James fans. Not heat fans? Are you really that dumb that you cant figure that out. sad man. sad. Duh. I’ve been a LeBron james fan since he was in high school. He’s the same age as me, I grew up hearing about him in high school. I’ve followed his whole career, I’ve been a fan of his since his high school team, since cavs and now heat. and wherever he goes, I”LL BE A LEBRON JAMES FAN. Bandwagon. give me a break. Get a brain

  12. choikobai says:

    HEAT ROSTER 2014-2015
    (just my fantasy roster)

    Lebron James – 17M/yr
    Dwyane Wade – 12M/yr
    Chris Bosh – 12M/yr
    Josh McRoberts – 5M/yr
    Udonis Haslem – 3M/yr
    Norris Cole – 2M/yr
    Ray Allen – 2M/yr
    Danny Granger – 2M/yr
    Mike Miller – 2M/yr
    Shabazz Napier – 1M/yr
    Michael Beasley – 1M/yr
    Chris Andersen – 1M/yr
    Greg Oden – 1M/yr
    Rashard Lewis – 1M/yr
    James Jones – 1M/yr

    feel free to comment..

    • ibsode says:

      Try to know the game before you talk. For example, it is impossible to resign a player that the franchise amnestied (case of Mike Miller)

    • Carlo says:

      First of all… The Heat “amnestied” Mike Miller so… they cannot bring him back. Sorry. Get your info before.

      Then, re. your “roster”, we notice that… LBJ = 3M paycut, Wade = 8M paycut, Bosh = 8M paycut, Haslem = 1.5M paycut, Allen = 1M paycut.
      All this to accomodate McRoberts and Napier? Wow!

  13. paul murray says:

    The soap opera called LeBron is simply adolescent. LeBron loves attention. He is not waiting because he is thoughtful. He is waiting because he is arrogant and wants people to want him. All of this has very little to do with basketball. He will not bring a championship anywhere he goes because he wants the max contract. What serious contender can offer him that? None.

    • ibsode says:

      You know nothing about basketball. Anything lebron will play that team will offer him a max contract which is 20.8 millions/year.
      Name me one team that want to land him and is not ready to offer him a max contract? If kyrie get get max contract why lebron cannot get that?

  14. LakersNation says:

    Wow…I know if Lebron and Melo join the Lakers is gonna be champ with no end of it…just see how those guy play together with Kobe gasol Julius and Jordan it’s will put on more champ…!!

    New roster
    Black Mamba
    king James
    Melo the Legend
    Randle The Ballers
    Gasol the Greatest ‘C’

  15. lee says:

    if lebron goes to the cavs and the get k love the will still have enough cap to get p gasol as well talk about 1 hell of a starting 5 irving lbj k love and who else that big 3 is better then miami if the can all stay healthy

  16. Robert says:

    Can we please have a little more professionalism in the media and stop using twitter posts to fill a news article?

  17. Luke Duke says:

    2010 was “The Decision”… 2014 brings us “The Indecision”. It’d be nice to get this ball rolling already!

    Also, I think Carmelo will regret staying in NY when he’s old and gray. Hopefully that extra couple million can ease the pain of never having won a Championship.

    • cp10 says:

      lol. And “Gilbert’s letter was the most egregious transgression made by any single individual in the summer of 2010..” was a good point in this article. Let’s let LJ take his time, makes for great entertainment.

  18. Futuristic Rowdy Bounty Hunter says:

    Everyone knew Melo wasn’t going anywhere. Hes loyal and wants to win and likes money. Rose, Kobe, Harden, all garbage. I think its obvious to everyone what next season brings. 2014-15 MVP Melo, Fisher Coach of the Year, Cleanthony Early ROTY. Tim Hardaway sixth man of the year. Cole Aldrich most improved. Around 50-60 wins. First round Knicks sweep the 8th seed Heat, 2nd round sweep the Pacers and Melo Smashes a dunk on that herb hibbert breaking his hand in the process, 3rd round 4-1 over Cleveland, Finals exhilirating 7 game series where Pablo Prigioni drains the buzzer beating game winning 3 to defeat the Thunder by 1 point. Whoever says even 1 of these things won’t happen is clearly smoking crack.

    • lel says:

      what kinda crack ru smoking man?

    • ibsode says:

      How Melo is loyal? He was not drafted by the Knicks. He forced to get traded from Denver which were far better than the Knicks (to please Lala).
      Melo contradict himself, If he care about winning it is not the Knicks the right team to win.
      The Knicks is a joke and I live in new york to know it better. All this organization care is filling Madison Square Garden.

  19. russparov says:

    flexy, you don’t know what you are saying. They can’t take mike miller back because of the amnesty clause that you cant resign a player you amnestied the following year..just read nba rules and i can call you an nba fan for real.

  20. mirzanotteletovic says:

    send him to the D League the sioux falls skyforce if that M** thinks more is not enough

  21. harrythehawk says:

    Wherever Lebron goes, he still may not win a title, because both the Heat and the Cavaliers have issues. Fish Bosh has a better chance than Lebron and Carmello (who probably is staying in New York) to win a championship in Houston.

    • ibsode says:

      You used the right word “MAY” . This Is A Matter Of Opinion Which Is Not A Fact And Seems Very Bias.

  22. JBR says:

    I’m sorry, was there an article buried somewhere in all this rubbish?

  23. Embee says:

    I think every time Lebron goes home to Akron, he gets the “come back” “win one for us” guilt trip laid on him, and he genuinely wants to win a ring in Ohio. I expect him to go back home. Wade took 1/3 of the season off, and still had noting left when needed. Bosh, if he comes back, is very skilled but a poor defender and quite often also disappears in big games. MIA is simply a worse team, on paper, with a bleaker future outlook than the Cavs or Suns have. Let’s not forget about Phoenix. Tons of talent, money and LBJ is good friends with Eric Bledsoe. What would be the real shocker, is if Wade left MIA. If the Heat were really shrewd, they would let Wade walk, and try to get Carmelo for the new and improved big 3

  24. Kuya Jonas says:

    Sorry Heat fans, you are just not that appreciative enough. Remember when Miami Heat is on the verge of losing this recent finals? 3rd Quarter and you are already leaving. What kind of fans are you? Full of bandwagons. The original Heat died the last time Wade had his own taste of championship alone.

    • squala96 says:

      Um, Wade had Shaq when they won in 2006? And you can’t really blame fans for leaving in the third quarter. It’s heartbreaking to see their team get whitewashed at home two straight times by people who weren’t even expected to be in the finals.

      • Tiye castillo says:

        But o’neal is not in his prime anymore during the championship with wade,

      • Carlo says:

        Yes but, I mean, already they came in at the end of 1stQ. If they go away before 4thQ they waste half of the ticket.

  25. Mike Weiss says:

    OK. I am a South Floridian who is ready to acknowledge that he is leaving. Congratulations to the Cavs fans, you are getting your guy back. As a 26 year Heat fan, the only thing upsetting about this is that without us Lebron would still be considered a loser and choker. Riley and Arison did everything they promised for him, but he has the right to do whatever he wants with his own life. It was fun, but at the same time, all the hate thrown Miamis way, through jealousy of others, was disturbing to me. It’ll be nice to start out with a fresh group next year and I know Riley will put together a nice team for us real Heat fans. I wont miss the Lebron fans who made the real Heat fans look childish and lame

    • Chinoman says:

      Doesn’t mean Cavs have money now, Lebron will sign with them. I still believe LBJ will stay with miami because if he leaves he will be considerate just a ring chaser and always taking the easy path. Like riley said we have to retool not rebuild. You have to stay trough good and bad days. (sorry for my english)

      • Flexy says:

        Optimistic but not realistic. The fact is Miami is not built to win against the West right now and needs to let go of atleast one of the big 3 right now in order to be able to contend again. I vote let Bosch go to Houston and target Melo, if they can’t get Melo, get Mike Miller back, and shoot for Pau Gasol, this would be ideal enough to offer James a Max deal, keep Wade, and have a strong team that could make a run for the ring again. They need a big, small ball can’t win them another ring, its impossible with the way the West is built. I loved that they beat the Spurs two years ago, but lets be honest, they got super lucky, true I’d take luck over bad luck, but winning by luck is still bad in comparison to actually winning like the Spurs did this year. So to answer your question, Bron has already heard everything under the sun, you think he really cares if people call him a “ring chaser” I thought thats what every player plays for, unless I’m mistaken. Taking the easy way out vs playing smarter not harder are two different things and if he stays with Miami the way they are right now he will be playing harder for no reason. If he leaves it has nothing to do with taking the easy way out or chasing rings its just business, smart business.

    • Jean a heat fan before lebron says:

      Well said. I appreciate everything lebron did for us but if he leaves I’m fine with I’m tired of all lebron fans making the real fans look bad and honestly even if Wade left which is highly unlikely I still would be a die hard heat fan and as for lebron personally I think he’s leaving which is OK and that would just mean the money we would have given him can be spent else where

    • ibsode says:

      You are definitely not a heat fan. How can you jump the gun so kick. Until it is official, it is pure speculation that Lebron will leave.
      Lebron never sit down with Gilbert, Bratt, or the new GM of Cleveland. Gilbert letter was on the cavs website for 4 years and just get removed this week.
      Since lebron left the cavs did not win anything (even make it to the playoffs).
      What make you believe that with their roster they can win it all. Last season everyone taught that the cavs will make it to the playoffs and we all know what happened.
      So lebron will not gamble on his future and get swept in the finals like in 2007.

      At the end of the day, the media will speculate with their virtual sources.

      Let see what will happen!