Popovich doesn’t see end of Spurs’ road

VIDEO: Despite an “exit interview” after the latest NBA title win, Popovich is going nowhere

Remember during the playoffs when Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said that on the day Tim Duncan finally walks out the door on his NBA career, he’ll be 10 minutes behind him?

Maybe it’s time for us to start envisioning the 38-year-old Big Fundamental rolling on past 40. Or 42. Or…

That’s because Popovich seems to be making no plans to leave soon, agreeing to a multiyear extension to continue as head coach of the team he’s led to 967 wins and five NBA championships since taking over on the bench 18 games into the 1996-97 season.

With all the uncertainty and turmoil that has kept the waters churning through the free agency period this summer, the Spurs have simply kept rowing their boat straight ahead.

Where’s LeBron James going? Who knows? What’s Carmelo Anthony thinking? What does it matter?

In San Antonio, there are ties — and professional goals — that bind.

The confetti was practically still falling from the rafters of the AT&T Center when Duncan announced that he was picking up the option on his contract and returning for 2014-15. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are also under contract through the end of next season. The Spurs wasted no time in signing free agents Patty Mills and Boris Diaw to new deals. Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard is eligible for an extension, but nobody at all is worried that it won’t get done.

Popovich has often joked that his wagon is hitched tightly to Duncan’s. But during The Finals, Pop said that he wanted to continue and didn’t see any reason to stop.

One reason Popovich would stop, maybe, is his age — 65. But he’s often said that once you’ve had a couple of bottles of wine and taken a few weeks off, there’s nothing else to do except plan for the next training camp and the next season.

The other reason, of course, is that things won’t be quite so easy once Duncan really does hang it up.

But there is also that part of Popovich that will enjoy the challenge. Following right behind Duncan would be too easy.

Seeing the franchise make the transition into the next era behind Leonard and whatever new faces come in will be too much for a career teacher to resist.

The Spurs way is not cutting corners, not skipping steps. There will come a time when Popovich walks out the door, but not until he knows the organization he helped mold into a model franchise knows where it’s going.


  1. Lakers4Life says:

    As the name says I am a Lakers fan for life and I do like the idea of Pop staying with the franchise for more years but did we expect anything different. Sometimes it is not all about the coach as it is with the players and the execs all in tune with each other. It is no doubt that good execs make good decision “most of the time” to put the best players on the floor.

  2. freeworld81 says:

    If the Spurs can get Gasol somehow, the rest of the teams in the league have no shot at the NBA Championship in 2015!!!
    The Spur will repeat!!!

  3. MathSimon says:

    Cheater? Spurs? Well, that’s new. Stop being sourgrapes Heat bandwagons. Why don’t you just go and pray to your Heat Gods that LeDrama Queen James gets back to the Heat cause that’s the only way he and that team can get back to the finals and lose again to the Spurs.

  4. rj24 says:

    he cheated the first game of the NBA finals

  5. vhandough says:

    anthony davis and lamarcus aldrige are the only players will be good fit for the spurs..

  6. rj24 says:

    Pop is a cheater!

  7. rj24 says:

    He (Pop) can’t sleep.. He cheated the NBA finals first game.. No AC!

    • LOLOLOL says:

      Even with the AC, the spurs would have won. If the Heat won that game, let’s say, the spurs still would have wrecked the Heat the other 6 games. Spurs are great at finding out why they lost, so if they lost that “AC rigged” game, the spurs would have come back the next game, ready to destroy the Heat.

  8. Big Fundamental says:

    Seems like pop is enjoying challenging lebron. i bet if lebron retires so does pop. Hes only here because he loves challenges.

  9. Bird33 says:

    It just wouldn’t be the same without Pop. That’s great news.

  10. true John but i meant when Tim Duncan retires Antony Davis should step into his role and POP can change Lancey Panceys attitude…. I’m more concerened about Davis

  11. rich says:

    Even with this news … CAN THE SPURS GET ANYMORE BORING ?!?!

    • Gypsy Jack says:

      You either haven’t seen the Spurs lately or have been following some other league. A really dumb statement.

    • Eric says:

      Are you even watching? I know, I know, you heard Stephen A. Smith say the Spurs were boring one time in 2006, so now you think that’s their calling card. Catch up man. Spurs’ basketball is beautiful. It’s the greatest team ball since 80s Celtics and Lakers.

      You can not like the Spurs. That’s fine. You can hate that they are always contenders. That’s fine. You can laugh at Barkley’s jokes about the women in San Antonio. That’s fine. But if you think the Spurs are boring, or Pop isn’t a genious, then you don’t understand the game.

  12. okay so listen up…. Anthony Davis and Lance stephenson have to go to the spurs after next year at that point
    PG: Tony Parker
    SG: Lance stephenson
    SF: Kawahi Leonard
    PF: Anthony davis
    trade Tiago and Danny G. for Tyson Chandler
    with Manu and others being strong on the bench that team could be #1 for years and years!
    tell me what you guys think…

    • John says:

      There is no way for a guy like Lance Stephenson lands in San Antonio
      His attitude does not fit in the Gregg’s system
      Plus, trading seems not to be the Spurs’ primary focus to acquire players
      Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard…
      All of them start their career with the Spurs
      I guess it is more or less about building up a franchise with loyal players rather than a good playoff team with star players
      This is how the spurs had gone into the playoffs for 17 years consecutively
      Unlike some teams that have to rebuild after a few years of glory..

  13. Jimmy says:

    Great news! Master Pop will take Spurs to the Finals next season. Good for my Spurs, good for SA and good for the NBA.

  14. Zenmaster says:

    I think and hope Anthony Davis goes to Spurs. he seems like the next Duncan. I have a feeling the Spurs will get him in the very near future.

  15. Willy Spurd says:

    They could have easily quit this year, Tim and Pop, win or lose. They call it a grind but they can’t live without it right now anyway? Being very selfish I am very very happy to see them back again, and maybe again, and again. I got my NBATV!

  16. Gillsy says:

    I love that Pop just doesn’t want to do a Doc with Boston and run when he has to rebuild and remodel a team. Its the definition of a quality coach. I know that he has had Duncan as a constant but how many players has Pop coached that leave the team and never show the same ability for other coaches.

  17. JM says:

    I would love to see Pop coach after the Tim Duncan era. I think he can excel just like how Phil Jackson moved on from the Michael Jordan era into the Kobe Bryant era.

  18. harrythehawk says:

    Pop will call it quits from the Spurs just after he takes (if ever) his last breath. For him, Spurs for life.

  19. ironfist86 says:

    Def in the TOP 5 among the best coaches in NBA History! One day he will walk out the door, but that is NOT now. Wish him all the best 🙂 #GOSPURSGO!

  20. Kirby Record says:

    I like the Spurs etc. etc., but when people complain about articles on the Heat and Camelo and so forth, I think that at least there’s some mystery about it. With the Spurs everyone knows what’s going to happen. They will come back and prepare to be one of the contenders for the title and every third try they will win one. Even the Spurs don’t win it most of the time, despite the stability and the depth and the big four they have on the payroll. Only James and the Heat are regarded as failures when they only win the title once every two times, or to be exact one half the time they try for it–so far. With them no one know if they will even be playing the game, let alone contending. My guess it that next season the Finals will be the Heat/Spurs in round three, or Heat/OKC, or Heat/Clippers and the uncertainty makes it interesting.

    • Oscar B says:

      Is pretty interesting to see who is going to play the heat in the finals and the finals are interesting.
      there´s is not much fun nor uncertainty in the east, whether the regular season or the playoffs, i think that kills the fun a little bit for now. This big 3 heat era, i believe, would have been way more interesting if Miami were competing in the tougher west. i mean way more competitive series for LeBron and the heat.

      • Marco29 says:

        Agreed. Not sure they would have made the Finals 4 times in a row.
        If Heat were in the West we would have more OKC-Heat, Spurs-Heat and Clips-Heat battles.

    • koalatdan says:

      It’s not that the Heat are regarded as failures for any other reason than Bron, Bosh, and, Wade promising “NOT 1, NOT 2, NOT 3, NOT 4 championships”. Sometimes these star’s put their size 14′ right in their mouths. Then there are the teams like the Spurs (I’m a hardcore Blazer fan) who quietly do what they have to do to stay on top by building through the draft, exploiting weaknesses, building from within. Go Pop, it’s nice to see some teams are in it for the team not the stats, good or bad, thick or thin. Go Blazers!!