Parsons puts Rockets on the clock

While the clock nears midnight for every team riding the free agent merry-go-round, it’s ticking louder now for the Rockets.

With small forward Chandler Parsons agreeing to terms on a three-year contract worth more than $45 million with the Mavs, the Rockets will now have to speed up their pursuit of Chris Bosh or risk losing both players.

Mark Stein of first reported that Parsons tossed in his lot with the in-state rivals from Dallas.

The plan and hope all along by Rockets general manager Daryl Morey was that the team could land one of the big-name free agents — LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony or Bosh — and then go over the cap with Bird Rights to re-sign Parsons.

Timing is everything.

As soon as the offer sheet from Dallas is signed and delivered, the Rockets will have three days to match. That means that the Rockets, who have reportedly made a four-year maximum offer to Bosh of $85 million, would have 72 hours to close that deal. If they don’t and move to match Parsons’ offer instead, they would lose the space under the salary cap to sign Bosh.

Of course, the trouble is that Bosh is evidently waiting for James to make up his mind on where he’ll play in October. It’s believed that if James returns to Miami, Bosh will join him and Dwyane Wade in a continuation of the Big Three with the Heat. The longer James dallies and Bosh waits in line, the situation becomes more precarious in Houston.

That’s the reason Morey was on the phone talking to the agents for Trevor Ariza, Luol Deng and Paul Pierce today, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

That clock is ticking.


  1. lakers says:

    wow…$15 MILLION A YEAR for an average player…this is crazy…don’t match rockets..go get 2 players for that price

  2. will says:

    good ploy by the mavs… this forces the rockets to match parsons contract limiting them to get bosh or taking away parsons from the rockets totally with or without bosh. mavs gm is a genius.

  3. DeeWig says:

    Yeah it’s a lotta money but if you have a need, you gotta spend to fill it in today’s NBA. Mavs definitely need a good SF who can play defense….. people are sleeping on Parsons, he’s young and hasn’t reached his prime yet. He’s just gonna get better. I think he’ll turn out to be worth the money

  4. jim says:

    15 mil./ year is way too much for Parson. Half the money is for image.

  5. buraot says:

    Come on, $15M/year for a spot-up shooter like Parsons? I don’t know what Houston has to worry about. If you’re a good GM, you can get 2 decent players for that price even if they don’t get Bosh.

  6. I agree with this comment:

    Too much money for average players. Man what is going on these days?? First Gordon Hayward now Parsons on a big contact??? With all respect to them & their fans….these guys are no game changers!!

    To the Houston Rockets……LET HIM GO, don’t even consider to match this! Try to get CB in now cause Melo ain’t the answer (neither Pierce, Ariza, Deng)

    Good luck

  7. Carlo says:

    Very expensive Parsons. But he’s a good addition. Together with Chandler, I think Dallas strengthened a bit this year.

  8. alenlin says:

    @squala96: As if Bosh, a big man who averages 6.8 rebounds a game, deserves $85M for 4 years. -____-“

  9. gg says:

    you know, all the interviews that chandler parsons has given suggests that he’s friends with jeremy lin. I’m willing to bet that at least part of the reason why he’s initiating this is because he doesn’t like the way the Rockets treated lin. Obviously the money would be a big factor too.

    • asdf says:

      Im gonna go with your money theory, 45 mill on 3 years is ridicilous.

      And the rockets hasnt treated Lin any bad. They told him if they get bosh or melo they will trade him to clear cap space, so using his number in the melo pitch wasnt disrespectful at all.

      And they also told other suitors that they will only trade Lin if they get melo or bosh. Wich means that they like his talent and wants him on the team.

  10. jake s. says:

    No matter what happens now with ‘Melo reportedly returning to the Knicks, and Lebron either returning to an unproven team or an old team… the Thudner and the Spurs are the only true contenders. You can throw in Cavs or Clips for wild card but we all know the truth… KD and TD play for superior teams. Shout out to my favorite shooter in the game Chandler Parsons making the right decision.

  11. Ruben Ruben says:

    Melo and Bosh are playing follow the leader.For once be a leader and lead a team to a championship on your own..That’s how old school players became legendary..Jordan,Magic,Bird,

    • diggz says:

      Just stop. Stop the “new school nba” hate. Jordan had pippen and many more. Magic had kareem and many more. Bird had mchale and many more…… you cant win a chip without @least 2 allstars. Period point blank.

    • asdf says:

      yeah those guys didnt have any help at all, just a bunch of hall of famers.


      • MAN says:

        man…guess what,,Pippen was not even considered as a good player before. Then MJ helped him to be one of the hall of famers, not the other way around. and in this ‘superfriends’ case, Bosh and Wade were already recognized as two superstars even before they all three decided to teamed up in Miami Heat, and thats what make the differences between the 90’s Bulls and the 2010-2014’s Heat.

  12. Dirk45 says: says there’s a cap hold as soon as the RFA signs another offer. This would mean that signing both Bosh and Parsons is impossible.

  13. Ruben Ruben says:

    Too much money for average players..

  14. Lovinthenba says:

    I would not be surprised if lakers end up signing Deng, and Isaiah Thomas

  15. squala96 says:

    I am amazed how teams can offer outrageous contracts to average players like Parsons and Hayward, consequently putting them in superstar-like positions to force their old teams to match the deal.

    Rockets need to convince Bosh to come over and fast. It’s also good for him as he will be the only champion in the team and can inspire Dwight, Harden and company. He shouldn’t play with LeBron anymore. They may be good friends, but I never saw them work in harmony.

    • Qq says:

      Because if they dont put a big deal on the table the offers gonna get matched. Its hard to aquire a restricted free agent when his team got cap space

    • alenlin says:

      As if Bosh, a big man who averages 6.8 rebounds a game, really deserves a $85M/4year contract.

      • as says:

        Bosh earns his money for being incredibly skilled, he can space the floor, guard the pick & rolls. and he`s not a bad rebounder, like his stats may seem.

        You gotta remember Bosh is a 3rd option that averages 16 pts a game. thats pretty darn good. He could easily averaged 20 a game on another team.

  16. TheKush says:

    Smart move Parsons! Lebron James is now put in a position to sign somewhere because I know Bosh doesn’t want to walk away from max money for whatever deal Miami may give to him! Parsons appears to be the initiator and i don’t blame him if I was a professional baller I’m going to whomever gives me the most money! I 100% agree with Shaq and why he left the Lakers! You’re only young and talented a for a short period of time get as much money as you can when you can!!!

  17. Caldron Pool says:

    It is looking like the only teams to get significantly better this off season so far are teams that were either bad or not close to contending last year. Each semi big name has reupped with their incumbent team. The good news is the Lakers got even worse so far. A bunch of money but nobody to give it to. How you like that Don’t Click My Name? Your team is never going to be good again.

  18. harrythehawk says:

    Bosh is a fool to not take up the offer from the Rockets. That trio will be championship contenders.

  19. authordas says:

    Rockets will get nothing. I have a bad feeling James, Bosh and Anthony will be back on the teams they played for last year. I could see Deng playing with Rockets, but they need a PG (if rumors are true about wanting Lin out) and a replacement for parsons.

  20. Chuck says:

    Impressed that he wants to stay in the West. Can you imagine with all of hype that LBJ or Melo would ever move from the Teflon East Conference to have to play against the best every night?

    • unknown says:

      Melo started his career in the west with the nuggets
      I get what you’re saying about Lebrun, its a valid point but we’ve seen Melo play in both the east and west and its no question which is easier for him