Jack trade boosts Cavs fans’ hopes

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Now “The Return” isn’t just wishful thinking or idle speculation. The notion that LeBron James might sign a free-agent deal to play again for the Cleveland Cavaliers is getting propped up with real, tangible maneuvering, in this case a reported three-team trade that would move Cavs guard Jarrett Jack as the first step in opening serious salary-cap space for James.

That makes James’ decision to go back to Cleveland a legitimate possibility, as some insiders see it.

It also makes the opportunity for heartache and a sense of being played – again – all the greater.

Are the Cavaliers and their fans ready for that sort of repeat hangover, four years removed?

A case can be made for moving Jack, a disappointment acquisition last summer to the Cavs’ young backcourt (Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters), and the two years, $12.6 million left on his deal regardless of its impact on a pursuit of James. The deal, first reported by ESPN, is a three-teamer that will send Jack and Sergey Karasev to Brooklyn. Boston will receive Nets guard Marcus Thornton, Cleveland center Tyler Zeller and a future Cavs first-round pick.

Cleveland, if it takes back only picks rather than guaranteed salaries, would be freeing up an extra $9.5 million and, ESPN reported, have $21.7 million in cap space to dangle in James’ direction.

Everything is on hold, of course, for the rest of Wednesday until the NBA’s moratorium on signings and trades lifts at midnight Eastern Time. By then, James reportedly will have met again with Miami president Pat Riley, owner Micky Arison and teammate Dwyane Wade in Las Vegas to discuss his immediate future, which many still think keeps him in south Florida. Riley, after all, has agreed to deals with Charlotte forward Josh McRoberts and Clippers forward Danny Granger, two pieces who make sense in both basketball and financial terms only if the Heat’s championship core returns.

That hasn’t deterred some unbridled enthusiasm in Cleveland. The Cavaliers removed from their Web site this week the emotional, vitriolic open letter penned by owner Dan Gilbert in the angry moments immediately after James’ “The Decision” TV farewell.

Cleveland fans might be having more trouble un-burning their LeBron jerseys, but plenty of them have gotten their hopes up while James lingers in committing anywhere for 2014-15 and beyond. Now this move – an update and half-twist from Mike Brown‘s firing and Byron Scott‘s hiring as a (futile) attempt to please James in 2010 – is being taken by some as proof of a remarkable reunion.

Good luck, Cleveland. But just remember the axiom, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice …”

VIDEO: Stu Jackson discusses LeBron’s decision


  1. Philip says:

    Lebron James has no intentions of returning to Cleveland and its a joke for people to even consider the notion he would. Cleveland has 0% chance of winning a title even with LBJ on the roster. Although I thoroughly enjoy watching him lose, especially to my spurs this past season, if I were him Id tell Dan Gilbert and all the Cleveland fans to &%$# it.

  2. I like the trade but I’ll sit back and see about Lebron returning to a very unproven, albeit talented, roster.

    I hope Tyler Zeller gets an opportunity to play in Boston, he’s probably the best Center option they have right now and a point guard like Rondo should make the game come easy. Marcus Thornton’s shooting capabilities should also be on full display as he will be there best scorer and shooter on a team that desperately needs both. Boston will be interesting to watch again.

    Oh, and Cleveland, they’ll be fun to watch regardless of what Lebron does.

  3. harrythehawk says:

    Jarrett Jack has been tossed around like a salad. And it’s not fair. Next he will end up with the D League playing with the Red Claws. He keeps going to a worse team each time. His climb should be upward and he deserves better. Wish him the best.

    • DRAGONFORMVP says:

      i wish he would get traded for felton or moved to a team that would appreciate/use him well

  4. Dave B. says:

    FYI on the “letter”
    They removed that letter quite awhile ago. They realized
    it was in a back up file. Had they known it was there prior, it
    would have been removed at the same time.

  5. John says:

    Every national reporter brings up the jersey burning and talks about it as if all Cavs fans burned Lebron’s jersey when he left. In reality it was a select few who did that, and probably just a couple drunk, upset people at a bar. I know many people who still have their Lebron jersey, like myself. I would wear it to the home opener if he returns. If he doesn’t, I’ll leave it in the closet and maybe some day, when I’m getting rid of clothes I don’t wear, I’ll get rid of it.

  6. daredevil says:

    I think LeBron must go back to Cleveland and stay until the end of his career. He has proven a lot. He’s already a champ and collected MVP awards. He will not get another championship anymore with Wade and Bosh. Time for him to team up with young blood NBA rising stars and give his hometown an NBA Championship.

  7. 747g says:

    I think the cavs are hoping lebron comes back and they get love to sign there next summer if he doesnt like where he is traded too or isnt traded at all.
    T-wolves proven they want too much rejecting the gsw deal and if they think they can get anyone of what cleveland needs to contend going forward they would be wrong.
    No way Cavs should give up Wiggins,Bennett,Irving or Waiters in a trade for Love

  8. Kip says:

    The Josh McBob and Granger pick-ups are limp. If this was Granger 4-5 years ago then I’d say that it’d be a solid choice. However, methinks ol’ Grange is past his sell-by date.

  9. Dan K says:

    I’ve heard many rumors that the Cavs would try to make a trade for Kevin Love, who said he would sign long term with Cleveland IF LeBron came back to Cleveland. How much of that is true, and more importantly, what’s the possibilities of getting Love in under the cap? Seems to me a major trade would have to be made to fit Love in.

    • Ric says:

      I think the Cavs have to rid off Thompson and Waiters, some draft picks and cash considerations. Why Thompson? coz’ he’s the four guy and that would be Love’s position. It would be bad seeing Thompson play behind K. Love and I don’t think the Cavs has any talent to trade for him than the two. Waiters will be shipped also because you just drafted Andrew Wiggins at No.1, and he’s gonna play. He’s not Anthony Bennett. And the management wouldn’t want to delay his progress. And I don’t think Waiters would play off the bench. And again, Cavs just don’t have another talent to trade for Love. This would realistically bring Love to Cleveland if James signs up.