Morning Shootaround — July 7

VIDEO: Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports joins GameTime to talk about free agency


Reports: Cavs have shot at landing LeBron | No word on ‘Melo for Bulls | Report: Hibbert being shopped? | Uncertainty reigns for James, Anthony

No. 1: Report: Cavs trying to get in position for LeBron offer; James listening to offer? — Seemingly from the start of last season, there has been talk that perhaps and just maybe, Cleveland could find a way to bring Ohio native LeBron James back to the team that originally drafted him. Although James would have nothing to do with such talk — or any free-agency chatter — during the season, the notion remained out there. As Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports, the Cavs are doing everything they can roster-wise to be in position to sign LeBron if he so chooses to return to them:

At the urging of LeBron James’ agent, the Cleveland Cavaliers are pursuing a maximum contract salary slot to bring back the free-agent superstar, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Rich Paul, the president of Klutch Sports, has been funneling belief into the organization that the Cavaliers are in strong position to lure James from the Miami Heat, sources told Yahoo Sports.

For years, Paul has confided to people that bringing back James to Cleveland has been something of a mission for him, and he’s encouraging Cavaliers officials to offer no restraint in the recruitment of James, sources said.

Paul will be joining James for a sit-down meeting with Miami president Pat Riley early this week, when there could come more clarity on James’ future with the Heat. Riley has been recruiting free agents to join Miami, but has been limited in salary cap space to make competitive offers and limited in the ability to promise players they’ll get to play with James.

For the Cavaliers, the shedding of contracts to create salary-cap space isn’t a tremendous risk. For James, a four-time MVP and two-time NBA champion, the stakes are far higher. If Paul gets up the hopes of the franchise and Northeast Ohio without delivering James’ return, Paul risks playing a part in turning James into a villain all over again.

Nevertheless, the Cavaliers have little choice but to dutifully make the moves necessary to make James an offer. The biggest obstacle remains unloading the contract of Jarrett Jack. The Cavaliers have found a landing spot for Jack and his $6.2 million annual salary in the Brooklyn Nets, but only if the Cavs can find a third team to take on Brooklyn’s Marcus Thornton, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Cleveland is offering Thornton and future draft considerations as incentive to absorb his $8.7 million expiring contract, sources said. The Cavaliers need to unload more contracts and have made 2013 first-round pick Sergey Karasev, among others, available in deals, sources said.’s Brian Windhorst and Marc Stein report that James may in fact be listening to the Cavs’ offer, but they have work to do to land the former MVP:

After more than two years of planning, the Cleveland Cavaliers, believe they have LeBron James legitimately listening to their pitch to leave the Miami Heat and return to his home state in free agency, according to sources close to the process.

There has yet to be a firm indication that James actually is ready to leave Miami after four years and two championships with the Heat, but sources told that the four-time MVP is increasingly considering the Cavaliers as an option as he moves into the final stages of deciding which team to sign his next contract with.

A critical face-to-face meeting looms with Heat president Pat Riley on a day to be determined this week, sources confirmed Sunday night, so that James can hear the Hall of Famer’s plans for the Heat’s roster. But James’ agent, Rich Paul, has already sat down with Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert in what is regarded as the first formal step toward trying to shrink the gulf between James and Gilbert after the ocean of hard feelings stemming from James’ departure from Cleveland in 2010 to sign with the Heat.

Sources say that the Cavs’ pitch made to Paul last week — which they also hope to make this week to James in their own face-to-face meeting — revolves around Kyrie Irving and the other young prospects they have, in addition to the numerous options Cleveland possesses to add to the roster over the next year.

The Cavs also believe they have made the greatest move yet this summer, convincing Irving to sign a five-year maximum contract extension in the first few hours of free agency. With No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins under control for the next five seasons as well, the Cavs are pitching youth and roster stability to James, who played on one of the oldest teams in the league last season.

The team also potentially owns three first-round picks in the 2015 draft, including the Heat’s pick if they fall outside the top 10. They also have the Memphis Grizzlies’ pick if it falls between Nos. 6 and 14 and their own pick. The Cavs believe they can use these as assets in potential trades to further upgrade the roster if James will come aboard.


No. 2: No word on ‘Melo for Bulls — This isn’t a positive or a negative for Chicago Bulls fans, but merely an update: the team has no word on where they stand with Carmelo Anthony. But like the other teams interested in the former New York Knicks superstar, the Bulls are preparing contingency plans in case Anthony does decide to choose someone other than them. K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune has more:

This is known: As of Sunday evening, the Bulls hadn’t been informed of any decision from Anthony. And unlike some who are living and dying with each speculative twist and turn to this saga, Bulls management merely methodically kept working on contingency plans to improve whether or not Anthony comes.

Some of those have been documented. The Bulls met with Pau Gasol, who turned 34 Sunday, on Thursday in Los Angeles. They have begun preliminary negotiations with Nikola Mirotic, their 2011 draft-day acquisition who is now more likely to join the Bulls this season than next.

And they kept dialogue open with representatives for a multitude of small forwards should they fail to land Anthony. The Bulls have touched base with agents for Chandler Parsons, Paul Pierce, Shawn Marion, Luol Deng and Trevor Ariza, among others.

They also remain in the market for a backup point guard and have talked to representatives for Kirk Hinrich, D.J. Augustin and Ramon Sessions, among others. Though Derrick Rose, by all accounts, looks great in his full-court workouts, the Bulls hope to secure veteran backup help to take defensive and ballhandling pressure off him.


No. 3: Report: Pacers may be shopping Hibbert — The Indiana Pacers worked all last season to secure home court throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs and — despite some late-season flubs here and there — ended up doing just that. Once they got to the East finals and squared off against the Miami Heat, though, home court made little difference as Miami ousted Indiana in six games. Center Roy Hibbert was one of the most vocal on the team about Indiana landing that No. 1 spot, but will he be around for 2014-15 and another shot at East supremacy? According to Sean Devaney of the Sporting News, the All-Star big man is being ‘quietly’ shopped by the team:

After a flurry of rumors dating back a little more than a month, there has not been much to speak of when it comes to the possibility of Indiana moving center Roy Hibbert in a trade. But, according to multiple front-office sources, the Pacers have quietly sought out possible new landing spots for their enigmatic big man.

“I would say they’ve been doing that, but quietly,” one front-office source said.

The Pacers are still trying to figure out how (and whether) to bring back shooting guard Lance Stephenson, after making him an offer of five years and $44 million. That’s about the ceiling they want to give Stephenson, unless they could clear some room at the top of the payroll to bump the offer up a little.

“They’re open to making major changes, if they’re there,” one general manager told Sporting News. “I think they’d be disappointed to see that same core group back intact, so it is a matter of, how drastic can the changes they make be? Moving Hibbert for multiple pieces would be a pretty drastic change, but they’re asking.”

Some of what the Pacers plan to do, then, depends on what happens in Miami. If, somehow, the Heat are not able to keep together their core of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, Indiana’s hopes in the East could be somewhat revitalized by the breakup of their nemesis. That could cause team president Larry Bird to ease off his desire to shake up the roster.


No. 4: Uncertainty reigns for Anthony, James — By the end of this week, we may all have a better idea where Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James — the two big players in free agency — are headed. Or, we may be up for more rumor and speculation. Either way, the unknown seems to be the only thing that we all do know about what those two may have planned and as our Sekou Smith writes, it’s affecting the plans of teams far and wide:

With Carmelo Anthony mulling over max offers from at least two teams (the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks) and LeBron James sorting through possible face-to-face presentations from hand-picked finalists, all we know for sure one week into this process is that no one knows for certain if the incumbent teams will hold on to their prized superstars.

The Lakers have given Anthony something to think about and have positioned themselves as the main threat to the Knicks. Rumblings that James is seriously considering a return to his Cleveland roots with the Cavaliers is a narrative that is simply too juicy to ignore, no matter if those rumblings are legitimate or not.

Complicating matters for guys like Heat boss Pat Riley and his Knicks counterpart Phil Jackson is the lack of activity on the part of these superstars one way or another.

Riley cannot move on anything without knowing for sure what LeBron, the linchpin of the Heat’s revitalization blueprint, plans to do. And that leaves Chris Bosh vulnerable to the sales pitch of a team like the Houston Rockets, who have reportedly put themselves in a position to play the role of spoiler with their Plan B options if they miss out on Carmelo (who visited the Rockets on his national recruiting tour last week) and LeBron.

The fact is, as much as these decisions are about the superstar conglomerates necessary to compete for championships, these superstars are making individual financial decisions that could alter the landscape of the league.

If Carmelo decides to join Kobe Bryant in L.A., and the Lakers put any semblance of a decent supporting cast around them, the Lakers suddenly become a factor again in the rugged Western Conference. And keep in mind, the Lakers and Knicks are the only teams capable of offering Carmelo max money (four years and $97 million in L.A. and five years, $129 million from the Knicks) without making any other roster moves.

If LeBron decides to bolt from Miami and take his talents back to say Cleveland, then he lends instant powerhouse credibility to the mismatching parts (starting with All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving and the No. 1 overall pick in last month’s NBA Draft, Andrew Wiggins) assembled in the wake of his departure via free agency four years ago.

And therein lies the true consequence of kissing and then rolling the free agent dice in today’s NBA.

You can wait for the smoke to clear from the first crazy week of the process and then see where you stand with the impact players, a reasonably sound plan for those operating from a position of power. Then again, as we’ve learned from the smoke, mirrors and innuendo of this weekend alone, it only produces uncertainty until either Carmelo or LeBron makes a decision … or at least gives us a hint as to what they plan to do.


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: The Sixers are open to trading for Jeremy Lin … The Raptors are showing some interest in P.J. TuckerBen Gordon is chomping at the bit to revive his career with the Magic … Were Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony playing pick-up basketball at UCLA over the weekend? … The Clippers atone for Darren Collison‘s departure by agreeing to a deal with Jordan Farmar … Celtics rookie James Young may miss another week of Orlando Summer League play


  1. Carlo says:

    Melo landing in LA or staying in NY would mean another year of many awfully boring TV airings of Lakers or Knicks games.
    I think wouldn’t survive that.

    Unfortunately, NBA provides local TV’s mainly with games where a “superstar” is playing (Kobe, Melo, LBJ, KD) or by a “big city” (LA, NY/BRK, CHI, MIA). Problem: almost all these games were almost suicide-inducing for the watchers, because of the awful play they showed.

    Please, NBA, PLEASE! Provide us with GOOD teams games, that’s the right way you to promote the league.

  2. James says:

    LeBron in Cleveland wouldnt work this year they need big guys underneath. Make it to the finals and they have no big men just guards. He is better off in miami or going to the rockets. LeBron and Dwight Howard is kobe Shaq mellinium version. Killer.

  3. Nab fact says:

    Amare and shumpert plus and draft pick for George hill and hibbert

  4. I will respect LeBron if... says:

    ..he goes back to Cleveland. That would just be too epic of a move to ignore or hate. If he stays in Miami I will continue to root against him as I have been since that egotistical decision.

    Oh, and I really hope Melo goes to Chicago.

  5. Kobe-James-Melo-Gasol-Nash says:

    LA starting line up.. Wow.. Three-peat..

    • Carlo says:

      To have a “three-peat” you have to win it at least once, to start.

      To have all those you listed you have to have money AND salary cap space.

      Please do your homework again.

  6. Jay Jones says:

    Man that was almost enough players to make a new expansion team

  7. Celtics fan 1 says:

    This is where the big free agents will land. LBJ – Miami heat. Melo- Bulls. Even turner – lakers. Gordon Hayward – jazz Trevor Ariza – wizards That’s just my opinion. I’m a celtics fan. Btw.

  8. A-train says:

    I honestly cannot see Anthony leaving New York. With that big of a contract on the table it woul be very unlikely to see him sign elsewhere.

  9. Swig says:

    I don’t know what LBJ would stay in Miami for. Bosh is decent, and Wade is a nail in the coffin. Both are not even All-star caliber anymore. As a person from Ohio I’d love to have him back. People get all bent out of shape of the way he left and it was an emotional response. Cleveland did him no good as they couldn’t get him a cast to back him up so he left. Now they have the pieces so he can continue to win. I do not see Miami as a good fit for him at all. Other places than Cleveland can be beneficial, but Akron (not Cleveland mind you) is his home. He has never been treated other than a King in his hometown.

  10. Mike s says:

    I think all of this mess is disgrace..Don’t join forces to make a super team .Man up and beat him in a playoff series. .THE NEW AGE NBA BALLER..SOFT

  11. Mike says:

    How about LBJ, Bosh and Wade stay in Miami…you know, the place where they have been to four consecutive finals. They add McRoberts and Grainger, resign Allen, Haslem…Pick up Boozer after he is amnestied by Chicago (he’ll come cheap since Chi has to pay him anyway). Heat signs Jameer Nelson to groom their new rookie point guard Napier…they still have N Coles under contract…plus, looking at summer league – Ennis is looking solid as well. Who knows, maybe Bosh goes to Houston and Miami signs Gasol

    • The Real Deal says:

      how about No? Allen said he would retire. Haslem cant do anything. If they pick up Boozer and nelson, They wont have enough cap space to give Lebron max salary. He said he wouldnt take less than max

  12. kim says:

    nah!!!if lebron will land to LAKERS im sure next season LAKERS will Still be out of the playoffs because of lack of chemistry between bron and kobe.,remember just what happen in the star studded 2012 lineup for the lakers…

  13. See red says:


  14. jimbo says:

    Interesting story. A lot of conjecture. Carmelo will re-sign with NYK if he has an ounce of intelligence. Only teams he could do better with can’t afford him (SAS, Mia, OKC, Ind). James will re-sign with Miami, he knows where his bread is buttered. Titles are the priority with him (He already has the money). Hibbert needs a fresh start next season, whether it be with Indiana or another team. There are a lot of quality free agents out there to fill specific needs, this is where the real action will be be (Gasol, Young, Deng, Boozer, Jack, etc). Next season will be a boon for several good teams to get better. Miami and OKC need to pull some rabbits out of the hat in order to stay near the top. Its going to get crowded up there…

  15. bloodreignoffire says:

    Labron would be stupid to stay in Miami if the team don’t stay intact. The Heats run wasn’t a never ending love story or for good, things change and people move on all the time it’s nothing personal just business. I think the Rockets could be a great runner next season if they get Carmelo Anthony and Bosch to go with Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin and James Hardin but like i said if they do. If the Heat can somehow keep the roster it would be in Labron’s interest to take a 1-year deal because next season’s off-season will have more talent’s in free agency.

  16. bloodreignoffire says:

    Labron would be stupid to stay in Miami if the team don’t stay intact. The Heats run wasn’t a never ending love story or for good, things change and people move on all the time it’s nothing personal just business. I think the Rockets could be a great runner next season if they get Carmelo Anthony and Bosch to go with Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin and James Hardin but like i said if they do. If the Heat can somehow keep the roster it would be in Labron’s interest to take a 1-year deal because next season’s off-season will have more talent’s in free agency.

  17. S.T says:

    An unbiased look at it. Best fit for the big free agents:

    LeBron – Cavaliers (with Irving and Wiggins)

    Melo – Lakers (Kobe and a franchise that will pay luxury tax to win)

    Bosh – Rockets (Harden, Howard and a max deal)

  18. Oscar says:

    So let me get this straight: the Cavs may or may not be able to offer LeBron a contract; the Bulls have not heard anything yet from Melo, but this is neither good nor bad for the Bulls; the Pacers may or may not trade Hibbert; and we don’t know what the hell is going on with LeBron and Melo. Very informative article. I guess when you gotta meet deadlines, you gotta meet deadlines.

  19. Pedro Silva says:


  20. Betty White says:

    DON’T FORGET… Last season CHI was tied with the 3rd seed in the East with a 48 win season (finished season only 6 games behind MIA), they had the best record in East after the all-star break, and everyone knows their defense is incredible (what other team can go on scoring droughts that last 1/2 a quarter, and still keep the game close?) If Rose comes back healthy (which hopefully he can since he has had plenty of time to recover from both injuries), CHI are championship contenders, with or without Melo. What the bulls need more than a cap-space gobbling superstar (although I do think Melo would be a good fit with the team), is a deep bench. Every starter should have a serviceable back up (maybe 2 for Rose just in case). Personally, I’d love to see Deng back and give the original core another shot.

    This is the team I’d like to see (I don’t know much about cap space rules and all that so I don’t know if this works)

    PG: Rose/Hinrich/Augustin
    SG: Jimmy Butler/Vet FA (I’d love to see VC, or maybe the bulls can keep Ronnie Brewer)
    SF: Deng/Dunleavy/Snell/McDermott
    PF: Gibson/Mirotic/Boozer (if he can’t be traded, might as well keep Booze.. he was the bulls 2nd leading scorer and rebounder last season.. I get all the criticism, but give the poor guy a break)
    C: Noah/Mohammed/Smith

  21. Jules P says:

    Riley and Heat organization helped make James a champion…This is the thanks they get? Hung out to dry this way? Why no help in recruiting better supporting cast to Miami? Isn’t that what you want? How/Why would James expect a guy to sign on if he doesn’t know whether he’ll have a chance to win alongside best player in the game?
    If James doesn’t want to be back in Miami I would think Riley deserves at least the courtesy of being informed…early on…
    I know the speculation is crazy and may all just be noise that none of the important players are getting caught up in and things may be going according to plan for James and Heat organization. But, if that turns out to NOT be the case I have to say that I’d be especially disappointed to see Riley, Wade, and Heat dissed like this. Riley is one of biggest winners in the history of the game-he doesn’t need to be pressured by anyone to do his job.
    Who knows what’s gonna happen, where James will end up.
    Latest rumors have Cleveland as frontrunner…
    Let me see if I understand this correctly: James is waiting to see if Riley’s moves to improve roster(which he’s not helping at all with his silence on where he wants to be) meet his satisfaction-if they do not-he may well return to Cleveland?!

    So, Cleveland gives James better chance of returning to/winning Finals than Miami? Since when?!?

  22. MAG70 says:

    Yeah he should work for free out of the kindness of his heart for billionaire owners. I bet being the great HUMAN you are you demand just are few pennies above minimum wage for what you do, anymore would make you greedy. C’mon Lebron join this guy in singing cummbaya. and work for peanuts while others make their money.


  23. ohiooo oh io io io says:

    Lebron, Kyrie and Wiggins … sound good, very good ! no wonder Lebron is thinking about it

  24. xophr says:

    The only two places I think that are possible is Back in Miami, or back in Cleveland. But after the way Gilbert treated Lebron after he left, I don’t think Lebron would ever want to play for him again. Had this not happened and Lebron left on better terms, then I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he decided to go back to the Cavs. Then I still can’t help thinking about what his wife allegedly put on Instagram about the “Countdown begins” with a picture of Ohio. I don’t have instagram or Twitter so I didn’t see it myself. But who knows.

    1. He goes back to Miami – no surprise
    2. He goes back to Cleveland – surprised, but not totally shocked if he and Gilbert can smooth things out
    3. He goes anywhere else – totally shocked.

  25. cw says:

    Cleveland is the only place that James could go and not be villified for leaving. So his marriage is rocky and he wants to go back to his first wife and make things right for his youthful indescretion. People will forgive him (except the Miami fans)

  26. bigdoy11 says:

    So no team is asking for D Wade he must fell like he fell off the top was at the he is down there.lets see if Gabriel still marry him

    • Heat BB Fan says:

      Wade’s got a job with Miami, he’s not looking elsewhere. Can’t see LeBron ever going back with the same owner who outed him in the local paper. He got total disrespect from the fans and the organization.

  27. fins67 says:

    Ok people. This getting so beyond pathetic. In Miami, we expect this kind of futile nonsense from the likes of that a##clown skip ‘knows less’ bayless, or even Barkley, but for an entire group of (so called) journalists to continue inventing and manufacturing fodder about King going anywhere BUT Miami would be irresponsible, if it were in fact actual journalism, but since it’s not such, we can call it lunacy (and perhaps envy?). Understand the following people and let’s focus on basketball reality; 1) LeBron is staying in Miami. Point finale. 2) Opting out of their contracts is EXACTLY what Heat management not only expected, but DESIRED. 3) if you think LB is so dumb that he would destroy what he has spent 4 years rebuilding to be viewed as a common mercenary means that none of you still understand LeBron. Go cover something real and stop inventing scenarios that do not exist on any dimension understood on this planet.
    PS- skip bayless wears ladies undergarments.

    • skrutz says:

      Well, almost everything that’s been built is gone, and this year they didn’t stack up – and he’s obviously not rushing (which he would, if he was all-in).

      Plus, there isn’t really any solid news. What do you expect, no articles? It’s fun and stirs the pot.

    • justsayin says:

      Hate to break it to you but if you read the articles then you learn it’s a fact his agent is meeting with other teams – and lbj is going to have face to face meetings with them too. Clearly him leaving IS a distinct possibility. And certain people are scared to the point of denial.

  28. K Jones says:

    Lebron should go to the Thunder. If KD,Westbrook,& Obaka would all take a little less and Lebron take a 15 million contract.

  29. This is a SET UP says:

    This is a set up!! What a surprise that Cleveland got the Nr. 1 Pick …. again. …. the whole drafts the recent years was faked by the league to get leChocke James to Cleveland with 3 other Nr. 1 picks.

    This league ist obviously corrupt !!

    • skrutz says:

      I think more money is made with him in Miami.

    • A-train says:

      Yes. The whole leage was rigged in an elaborate three season scheme to help the cavaliers get lebron James and good picks. That’s totally what’s happening. (Sarcasm)

      • Swayy says:

        I believe the league has some elements of corruption but far fetch to see how LBJ going back to Cleveland benefits the League….

    • Carlo says:

      Don’t you know? The League is ruled by communist Martians living in Cleveland. That’s THE TRUTH!

  30. RANLARZ CEBU PHL says:

    Melo he cant bring up the team. Much better come in PHILIPINES play our national team SMART GILAS PILIPINAS.

  31. johnnyhoops1980 says:

    If anyone has a shot of landing Lebron (other than Miami), it’s Cleveland, but I think they still only have a 5-10% chance of that. When the smoke clears, he’ll be back in Miami with D Wade and Bosh and maybe a couple of new pieces. SH has a nice article on Lebron’s “free agency,” worth a read:

  32. underdog says:

    – Melo will be choosing the NYK and maybe even on a discount so CHI needs to move on. NYK will have the perfect balance for Melo carreer-wise, money-wise, and ‘family stability’-wise.

    – Bulls management is cheap. If they can’t trade Boozer, I think they will just use him instead of paying him as an amnestied contract. They will just try to step-up and do their best this coming season and with Boozer’s contract expiring, will be free agency players again next season which may include Aldridge, Love, and Marc Gasol. They should re-sign Heinrich and DJ Augustine though.

    – LeBron will go back to CLE or stays with MIA but Pat should let Bosh go. If LeBron wants the max and Bosh wants atleast 16M, that wouldn’t work for MIA’s depth.

    – Bosh should go to the Rockets, it’s the best fit for him and he can have more money there with Texas having no state tax.

  33. Bill says:

    First , let me make my position very clear, I can’t stand Lebron James!!!!!!!!!!! This man is worth 250 million dollars, he makes more from indorsements than from basketball!! Think about that for awhile , now he wants a max contract because he’s worth it, The way I see it , he is all about money, don’t tell me that he cares about others on his team. If he gets the max , what do the other players expect to get, the answer is clear, not much because there won’t be much left My fervent hope is that nobody signs this money hungary person and he is left to think about how he has conducted himself .

    • skrutz says:

      Ok, well, he’s already played on a pay cut in Miami. He’s never been the highest paid player, even on his own team. While I agree that he’s already making bijillions of dollars, he’s allowed to ask for what the league says he’s worth. And talk to Kobe – $25M? His team can sign one other star, and a bunch of D-leaguers.

      I wish more players could be humble and put the team before cash. But people critiziced him for that anyways, to join up with Wade and Bosh.

    • kobefanjay says:

      its pretty silly that the best player in the world has never had a max contract…hes not all about the money but he needs to get paid off this time or he’s just been a chump financially his whole career

    • NextManUp says:

      he wants the max so his next contract is HUGE when the new TV deals kick in. he is gonna sign for 5 or 6 years and opt out options in 3rd and every year after that (which he will do). Also if u watched Miami at all last season can u blame the guy for wanting more money the bosh and Wade. and really its not bout wanting more its bout who gets a pay cut and it shouldnt be him. as close as those three might be, they all know they need Lebron more than he needs them. he can have his choice of 5-10 teams that would be finalists if he goes there.

      Also Deng and Mc Robert to Miami wit Napier as the starting PG, half way through the season. 5th straight finals here we come

    • Get over yourself says:

      Lol. Does the best and most important player on a team not deserve the most money on that team? It’s simple business.

    • Swayy says:

      As mention LBJ im not a fan of but he is the NBA best player and the best player deserves to have top pay. Now he has never been top paid player on his team and as he will turn 30 next year and he is in his prime this is going to be his last major top dollar contract so I would ask for max deal as well… Financial and strategy wise made since for him to opt out if other players opt out that’s there choice they are grown they don’t have to follow LBJ because they need to worry about there own Careers cuz LBJ going to get paid regardless. Now he won championships in Miami but with recent showing in the Finals Miami has to show him they can compete in the Next few years cuz he doesn’t want to waste his prime rebuilding can you blame him. I think Miami is his Top choice to resign but don’t sleep on The Cavs or L.A. Lakers Lakers are in play simply because they can sign Melo as well notice Melo has made a choice as of yet. Melo top ch choices are Lakers and Bulls which are neck in neck to me Cuz if he was surely resinging with Knicks would have verbally said so as of today so stay toon

  34. IT’S A BIG NOOOOO!!! NO MORE LEBRON JAMES IN CLEVELAND CAVALIERS . because that team is the team of garbages . lebron is always a HEAT PLAYER . and a miami nation!

  35. Masa says:

    Trading Hibbert … I think is one the worst move Larry can do. They need to work on the team and find the right way to manage the guys. Having back Lance and focus on the guard … maybe they need to find a more consistent shooting guard, PG needs help in making points!

  36. Birdman says:

    Trade larry bird instead.. Leave roy hibbert alone.. The pacers didnt need any roster shake ups but bird did by trading granger and acquiring bynum.. And that messed everything up..

  37. Blue Zaido says:


    C = Hibbert
    PF= Anthony
    SF= James
    SG= Byrant
    PG= Nash


  38. CJ says:

    i wouldn’t even quietly shop Hibbert. I’d have billboards up in every NBA city announcing his availability, a twitter trend and everything

  39. TheKush says:

    If the Knicks throw the max at Melo if I were him I would NOT walk away! Only way I’d walk away is if knicks don’t offer Melo a max contract! In regards to the big three in Miami I personally don’t think Wade has it in him anymore and if James is going to stay in Miami and win one less ring than Wade at the very least he needs some help! I dunno about Miami at the moment but at the same time the east isn’t as strong as the west so the Heat could still make it to the finals if the big three stay together.

  40. Bird33 says:

    LeBron to Cleveland….hmmm….I thought Cleveland ownership and fans had more pride than that.

  41. harrythehawk says:

    Deng may return to the Bulls???

    • the lion deng says:

      that’s definitely the most sursprising bit of news in the whole shootaround … can’t be serious

  42. Pacers should stop looking at what Miami does and try to anticipate on their moves. Pacers should make their own plan. If things don’t work out between the franchise & Roy than it’s time to trade him (which is not easy). 1 thing was very clear after the all star break last season: there was someting going on on that squad, Roy was not a happy person! Maybe it was the rumor about him & PG sharing a woman or maybe it was because Larry got Andrew Bynum in, I don’t know….

    But pls stop depending on things that they do in South Beach!! Pacers you are better than this!

  43. trade hibbert for pekovic…you could find a more efficient big man in him than an immature 7’2 guy who can’t even score and get a SINGLE REBOUND on playoff games