Heat make first moves in free agency

The Heat have agreed to a new deal with forward Josh McRoberts. (Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Heat have agreed to a new deal with forward Josh McRoberts. (Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images)

As LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony pondered their futures Monday, the league’s chess pieces continued to move around into position for possible strikes, and the Miami Heat finally got commitment from free agents they hope will sway James back to their camp, agreeing to terms with Charlotte Hornets big man Josh McRoberts on a four-year deal worth $23 million and Los Angeles Clippers forward Danny Granger on a two-year, $4.2 million deal.

Miami’s need for size led it to the 6-foot-10 McRoberts, who became a dependable member of the Hornets’ rotation last season for first-year coach Steve Clifford, averaging 8.5 points and 4.8 rebounds. He also shot 36 percent on three-pointers for Charlotte.

McRoberts has a fourth-year player option on his deal, which is for the Heat’s full mid-level exception. Miami still has a $2.2 million traded player exception after dealing Joel Anthony to Boston last season.

Granger, who spent his first eight-plus seasons in Indiana with the Pacers before being traded to Philadelphia last February, signed with the Clippers after working out a buyout with the 76ers. Injuries hampered his brief stay in L.A., where he saw limited action for the Clippers during the playoffs.

He had had to accept a sixth man role in Indy to start last season, after Paul George, his close friend, asserted himself into an All-Star level small forward. Granger could take a similar role in Miami if the SuperFriends all return next season.

The signings of McRoberts and Granger — who can’t officially sign their deals until the moratorium expires July 10 — are the first player moves the Heat have been able to make since trading for guard Shabazz Napier on Draft night. The Heat had hopes of signing other big men, but didn’t possess enough cap room to be able to sign the likes of center Marcin Gortat, who re-signed with Washington for five years and $60 million, or other prominent 2014 free agents like Trevor Ariza or Kyle Lowry.

Meanwhile, the Houston Rockets officially made Chris Bosh a max contract offer for four years in case he changes his mind and decides to leave the Miami Heat, but that will only happen if James leaves first.

Amid a hurricane of speculation that James is seriously considering a return to Cleveland, the franchise he left in 2010 to join Bosh and Dwyane Wade in Miami, the only concrete news remained James’ desire for a max contract and his upcoming meeting with Heat president Pat Riley.

Teams had believed Anthony would announce his decision as early as Monday, but as of early afternoon, his camp had yet to announce his decision — whether he’d return to the Knicks for a five-year deal worth $129 million, or take lesser deals with the Lakers (a max deal at $96 million, to be fair, but for one fewer season), Bulls, Rockets or Mavericks.

While Houston waited to hear from Anthony — still the team’s first choice — it made contingency plans with Bosh, who’d step in at power forward as a strong complement to Dwight Howard and James Harden.

The Rockets believe there’s mutual interest between them and Bosh. They’re comfortable with Bosh running his own process for making a decision, so they’re not pushing him for a face-to-face meeting in Houston as they had in 2010, or that they had last week with Anthony.

The league has waited for a week for Anthony and LeBron James to make up their minds, with the potential balance of power shift delaying much of the league’s other business.

Anthony decided to opt out and take visits with teams, and because more teams thought they had a realistic shot at him, his courtship actually held more of the league’s business up than James’. Anthony went to Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles; he met both the Lakers and Knicks in L.A.

ESPN first reported the Heat’s agreement with McRoberts, and Yahoo! Sports reported the Granger agreement.


  1. kris says:

    Wow this is a suspenseful free agency I think LeBron stays though

  2. terrance says:

    I didn’t realize that the Charlotte Hornets were still a team.

  3. Kurt Nicobain says:

    Anthony & Bosh in Houston is a good fit for them. But they shouLd set aside their ego so they wiLL have a reLiabLe back up or teamates. I mean they shouLd accept Lesser money if they want a championship ring in Houston Rockets

  4. JayD says:


  5. anonynous says:

    I just realized something…if bosh goes to the rockets, wouldn’t people discredit the team for “buying” their stars? They woud’ve lured Dwight and Chris through FA and hareden through trade. But i bet no one considered this.

  6. GM-Master says:

    Here is what needs to happen:
    Bosh: Rockets
    Heat line-up: Shabazz, Wade, Bron, Melo, Bird
    Next 5: McRoberts, Granger, Cole, R. Allen, Haslem
    Reserves: Beasley, Oden, Hamilton.

    Do this by Wade 5yr/$60m
    Lebron 5yr/max
    Melo: 5yr/max

    go over the cap with returning players.

    If Lebron and Melo were smart they would take less and get Kris H. or another big like Pau. And win multiple titles.

    Really, who could stop Lebron and Melo, and Wade (if he gets knees done and sits half year)

    • Not 3,4,5,6,7 Just TWO!!!! says:

      @ GM Master >>>>>>>>>>>>Thats Good ! that would make the Heat the 1st Seed in EC before loosing to eventual Champion Spurs Again, or any Team that would come up in the WCF .

      Melo’s Attributes are = ( Ballhog Kobe ) + ( No Ring Durant ) + (Overpaid Jeremy Lin)

  7. Jbland says:

    Miami let Bosh go to Houston sign Lebron and Wade trade for Hilbert sign and sign a REAL POWER FORWARD STARTER low post threat and your offseason signing is done. Everybody is happy

    you’re welcome


  8. Jbland says:

    Miami: let Bosh go to Houston sign Lebron and Wade trade for Hilbert and the offseason signing is done

  9. Jax Rey says:

    It is astonishing to see that most of the comments are from people that don’t know basketball. They are just fans. My comments are not about being a fan, but tactical and strategic views to the moves.
    This year, Miami needed four things in their roster, a point guard, a center, a six man that can become a point guard when needed and a small forward that could easily transition between being a small forward to power forward as a substitute for Lebron. Danny Granger may be that substitute when Lebron goes to the bench and well as McRobert the substitute for Bosh. They got a rookie PG, but they need a veteran to help the rookie as he matures in the NBA. Ray Allen is Wade sub. They still have no Center and a six man, which is the first substitution coming from the bench approximately around 7 minutes to start rotation.
    Did everyone noticed the minutes played by Wade (35 Minutes), Bosh (34 Minutes), and Lebron (38 minutes) during the playoffs? Looks familiar?? OKC (Durant (43 minutes) and Westbrook (38 minutes)…Compared to Ginobli (25 minutes), Parker (32 minutes) and Duncan (32 minutes). Players need rest, and 120 games of constant pounding without resting; your body takes a beating. Lebron needs resting. This season, Lebron was exhausted during the playoffs. As a player, the constant running, jumping, and hustling up and down the court like Lebron does, it is enough to get you tired. There is no training out there that can prepare you for this time of beating. Performance training and more exercise only does one thing; it doubles the intensity while hustling that ball. Less time on their main players will give time to the bench to get their game on.
    I think the moves from Pat Riley are appropriate.
    As far the sentiment about Bosh, he was the reason why Lebron and Wade were able to do what they did. Spoelstra system doesn’t include Bosh to be 20 points per game player. Spoelstra had said it in many interviews. But the system runs thru Bosh in order to work, which causes Wade, Lebron, and any three point scorer free to make points.
    Miami had a coaching issue this year. The Spurs were better coached.

    • No Regrets says:

      I generally agree, even if the main issue for Miami, which was their defence, isn’t addressed. I suppose they’re more rested they will defende better? Perhaps, but I don’t think so. Teams can attack them on the SG and PG positions, and their undersized, post defence lacking bigs.
      I’m not sure that Bosh can be the player they need. He’s not a consistent 3p shooter, a good post defender or even the rebounder they would like. His skillset is different. Not that it’s his fault, if anyone’s it’s coach’s.
      I also agree that Spo was badly outcoached this series, every game and all series.

  10. thatwhizkid says:

    Lebron. Get Your Money. you Run this league… and your Value is equal to Jordans if not greater… $153.3 Million for the Heat… and you don’t see even 1/3..

    Whats the Chances Sekou could text Lebron for me and let him know his Value in a City Like Philadelphia would not go unappreciated as This City has some Fans that would Support and ask For Players with you that you want and believe are critical to make several Runs at the title while you collect your DUE MAX DEAL…

    So Think on this You MCW, NERLENS, EMBIID and SARIC… plus Aaron Craft, Travis Bader, KJ Mcdaniels, Jordan Mcrae, Talib ZANNA and WHOMEVER ELSE YOU WOULD WANT HERE WITH YOU thanks

  11. Max says:

    L.James needs to check out the phrase “one cannot go back home”. Cavs. fans? Would again expect LeBron to win a Championship by himself. James personal feelings for where he grew up, hopefully will not allow the best NBA player to make such an unwise decision. I am NOT a Rocket Fan, but IF James wants to join a team that just might make it into the Championship ring? Hate to say it but the Rockets will be there IF they can crawl over the current champ Spurs. Spurs have been very smart and have 5 very good & young players that can compete at the Super Star level and yes come off the Bench! I am not a Spurs fan, but they are better equipped than even OKC in going back to try for yet another ring. Indy, in the East? Too many “splintered” parts, but will probably head up the EAST! Bird needs to be checking the Free Agent MKT. for a replacement for Stephson. Need to unload that Mental challenged player!!

  12. lazaro carballo says:

    Lebron is staying just like wade, bosh goes to rockets, granger was an excellent move coming off the bench, mcroberst starts at pf and its just the right replacement for bosh,
    pau gasol is also coming to south beach

  13. Geoffrey says:

    The Heat decided to sign Danny Granger because of two reasons. 1) He has shown the ability to be able to play at an All-Star level. 2) Just in case LeBron doesn’t re-sign with the Heat.

  14. Sharon says:

    No No No!!!! What is Miami thinking by adding Danny Grainger to the team!! He is not even that good! The only thing worse would be adding Lance Stephenson!! I am a huge D Wade fan, this is going to make it so hard for me to cheer for the Heat now.

  15. Indy_from_Berlin says:

    Well, last time I checked Lebron and Granger hated each others guts. Doesn’t seem like a trade Lebron would insist on.
    It’s good to see that the Heat finally confess that they need (former) Pacers to be successful 😉

  16. K-dub says:

    If the Melo to Houston thing happens it would not make them a contender. Anthony and Harden would not get along. There’s only one ball in a game. And Howard is too soft and unmotivated to be dominate anymore.

  17. Rolly says:

    If the Heat wants to win again, trade the entire Heat players for the entire Spurs players. This way, the Heat will become champions again!

    • darkabs says:

      Nah ..

      Its not easy to win a champioship when u are forced to playing 2 and 1/2 against 10 …

      Trading one (any) of the Heat’s “non-players” for one (any) of the Spurs’ players (even bench players) would be enough for the Heat to win again. Then it would be 3 and 1/2 against 9; with one of them being James that would be enough.

    • aces says:

      Or jus trade coaches n miami would dominate the league n spurs would miss the playoffs

    • Young wow says:

      We talking reality here not fantasy 2k

  18. BROXTONE says:

    I dont base my opinions on what I read in fact many writers couldnt pick a winner if the game was in the 4th quarter.Miami has proven it can win with the 3 elite player lineup,anyone that tells you otherwise because they lost to the Spurs is not going by the FACTS.When the Spurs make it to the final next year and the year after and beat Miami then they will prove that their system is the best.Right now its 1 to 1 and all the Bsers who write well but dont know squat about sports can come on here and post their desertation.They might not listen to the writers but they seem to go on the LAST RESULT what happened to the Spurs in 2013 they lost get over it.

    • aces says:

      I totally agree…Spurs went to the finals 6 times in 17 yrs with their so called system. Miami did it 4 straight yrs with the way they put pieces together. Looks like miami has a better game plan.

      Ps, in a couple of years both of them wI’ll get dominated by philly.
      GO SIXERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Deion says:

        What are u smoking? You conveniently failed to mention the spurs have not missed the playoffs ONCE in those last 17 years… While the heat have missed playoffs about half the time… :-/

      • Deion says:

        You are also ignoring the fact that for the last decade the western conference has been far superior to the east as far as competitiveness goes

      • yeah right says:

        yeah right, miami did it 4 straight years after (impatiently) CREATING a team of already established franchsie players (who can’t win on thier own) WHILE SPURS worked and trained players by DRAFTING ..

  19. Nore says:

    All of you who are talking about that these moves could be a reason for Bron to stay in Miami did not get what just happened…

    McRoberts = Stretch 4 – Just like Chris Bosh
    Danny Granger = “Big” SF just like LeBum

    It means that LeTraitor and Chris Chicken Bosh are leaving – Riley already has his substitutes HAHAHA

    Bosh to Houston – Scary, cause Bosh is way better than Rashard Lewis and Harden is way better than J.Rich, if you know what i mean.

    Le Bitch really goes back to Cleveland just to be remembered that even when they are some good and decend players on your roster, when the franchise does not run properly you can’t win a ring with it…

    I really hope Carmelo joins Chicago and Gasol joins the Thunder – I am rooting for Chicago, Thunder and (I didn’t think i would ever say this) the Spurs!

    Good luck to all the other teams and the whining Bron that he will get to a Team with already 8 All Stars on the Roster HAHAHA

    • Heat Fan says:

      HAHAHAHA go home internet troll…. keep your personal vendetta with lebron and bosh personal. cry into your pillow, not on the internet. DONT ACT LIKE YOU WOULDNT PEE YOUR PANTS IF LEBRON JOINED YOUR TEAM. it’s dumb how people say, “i hate lebron” or “he’s over-rated”, etc, etc. but in reality would give an arm and a leg to have him on their team…

  20. Kirby Record says:

    I know it’s expected to trash anything Riley or any member of the Heat may or may not do between seasons but McRoberts is a good addition. Who knows yet what the rest of the team is going to do but Riley has to do something. If you can sign Kevin Love you have to sign a big that can help you overcome your greatest weakness. Deng–if he signs, and McRoberts, are a very good start on complementing Bosh if he stays or trying to replace him. Who knows how good his season will be with this team but a few days ago Riley was being bombarded for not doing anything. If the Spurs had added a guy like McRoberts, people would be on here raving about what a great backup he might be for the already talented front court they have. The Heat need help inside, and some backup help at guard. They have made moves in three directions: a decent big who can shoot outside, a swing man in Granger and a very promising point guard. Everyone already knows they won’t be a contender if James leaves but if they don’t make some effort, James is sure to leave–and I don’t think for Cleveland–but who knows? No one knows yet, so all these pronouncements are silly. Especially since we heard the same comments when James joined the Heat–they would never win a title with these broken down has beens etc. The Pacers were sure to eliminate them, and so forth. I kind of think by now Riley has proven he knows a few things about building a championship team, which doesn’t guarantee one every single year, which has been the expectation on James since he joined the NBA right out of high school.

    • yeah right says:

      do you remember what lebron said 4 years ago?
      ” not ONE, not TWO, not THREE …” so who’s eating his words now??


      • Heat Fan says:

        I guarantee that by the time Lebron retires he will have not one, not two, not three…. you get what I’m saying. (no shortage of lebron haters = more testiment to his greatness)

  21. underdog says:

    Bosh should leave. Miami fans don’t respect him. He becomes a scapegoat for the Heat when they lose. They don’t understand that Bosh is the MOST IMPORTANT PLAYER for the Heat. For one because they don’t have size so they need his size and he stretches the floor and has good decision making so LeBron and Wade could operate. He can eeeasily be a 22ppg 10rpg guy if the offense runs through him. He’s the one who sacrificed the most yet a lot of Heat ‘fans’ do not appreciate him. Take the money and leave Bosh, you deserve a better organization.

  22. Qq says:

    You guys are idiots if you think lebron goes back to the cavs. They have a coach thats never coached in the nba. Unexperienced players with no playoff experience. An owner that he hates.

    • Anton says:

      LeBron has an attachment to Cleveland and now he has an excuse to go back it’s not likely but calling people stupid who believe that can happen is uncalled for.

    • Queirós says:

      An All-Star point guard, a legit franchise player prospect in Wiggins, a solid 2-guard in Dion Waiters (who can be traded to let Wiggins slide to that spot), nice interior players in Thompson and Varejão and a coach who enjoyed great success at the highest level in Europe. It realli looks like the Cavs have nothing. Look, while it is a long shot this happens, can you Americans stop thinking everything revolves around you guys? David Blatt is skilled enough to do a good job there!

  23. Michael M says:

    1. I’m amazed at how many people focus the attention on 1 or 2 players, last time i checked a team consists of 10+ Players, coaches and many other variables that are needed to build and create good chemistry for a winning team.

    2. Most people are influenced by headlines and individual stats by players, paying no attention to what is most important, team chemistry and players that complement each other and make each other better, 2 star players will never be enough to beat a well balanced machine of a team like the Spurs.

    3. 99% of the people who post on these forums have no opinion of there own based upon information that is available to us all.. Its the same ranting and they should do this and that and this and that… If everyone on here is such an expert why are they not involved in some capacity in sports, i’m guessing because they know very little and are too afraid to even admit this inevitable truth.

    4. San Antonio won the finals this year and yet just about everyone turned the page after a week of this fact. They had the best record in the NBA and played the best through the playoffs. Give them some credit for what they accomplished and quit talking so much about where this player or that player is going to play, its pointless.

    • Carlo says:

      Well said, Michael.

      But, you know, sports is like advertising: everybody see it, so everybody feel the right to be an “expert”.
      Somebody, sometimes, should take a moment and think: “Why are those people paid $$$ to manage/coach/play while I’m just PAYING to SEE it?”

    • Carl says:

      What happened to the Spurs last year? They got beat by 2 stars correct? King James and Ray Allen ctfu bye boy. And the Spurs play boring fundamental basketball, That’s why nobody mention them even though their style keeps them winning games!

  24. NBA says:

    I think this is a relatively good move for the heat. If granger can return to pre injury statuses then it would be a steal to nab him for just 4.2 million dollars. Granger could be a good backup small forward behind James and could provide a good scoring output from the bench, and help improve the heats mediocre defense. Mcroberts will help add some strength inside and will also help patch the heats defense. One drawback is how they are offering mcroberts 23 million dollars when he was payed only 2.6 million last year. This could hurt the heats chase to sign some good pieces to fit around lebron, wade, and bosh. I think the heats next move is to sign or trade for a decent point guard. Charmers is a mediocre scorer at best and lacks the ability to penetrate or play good defense. After a terrible season I think either charmers leaves Miami or stays and plays with a reduced role on the team. Napier could grow into a good starting point guard, but right now he needs to stay back and try to learn the game before jumping into the starting roll. Norris cole simply lacks the skill to start. The heat should try to steal a decent point guard before all the free agent point guards are taken off the market. Ten their best bet is to get in the market for an interior presence the can grab rebounds and play great defense to help anchor the teams defense.

  25. chris says:

    LeBron is coming to Dallas

  26. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    This a desperate move by Pat Riley. I don’t think McRoberts & a washed up Danny Granger are the solution to the Heat’s problems. This is not enough to make LeBron want to stay in Miami. I also think they overpaid McRoberts especially how the Heat are trying to utilize their cap space the best way possible.

    I know Pat Riley is trying to show LeBron that he’s trying to ‘re-tool’ this roster, but he needs to show a lot more than this …..

    • flash says:

      the problem of the miami is their coach they need to change it first , and history will be made…. in mind game spo is nothing compare with popo. miami beat other team bec they are strong team.. when u use mind game with strategy and mind game especially need the guide of a great coach, spo is not,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, change the coach first

  27. Lovinthenba says:

    You could tell Riley is desperate, when he signs a journeyman to a 4 year contract. Hasnt McRoberts played for all nba franchises?? And Granger…… What has he done since his injury?

  28. vivek balivada says:

    It doesn’t matter whom Miami brings in…

    Spurs will be winning it again in 2015 ..

    It’s all about team play and Spurs have shown to the world how can a team play basketball in such a Beautiful manner…

    Go Spurs Go…

    Go manu, timmy and tony:)

    • Robert says:

      It about team not tim Parker and manu no mvp lenard

    • Heat Fan says:

      Go home, internet troll. (congratulations to the spurs, but I doubt any of them would be low enough to troll the losing teams posts… wow, people like you give the spurs a bad name)

  29. scott says:

    bosh should leave for Houston. He has become an outside shooting threat that has disappeared in big games. That is worth max money? Where has the basketball talent gone to in this country? either take less to win in miami or go to rockets where careers go to die!

    wade should stay for less money. why would he leave? who would want him after seeing him age right before our eyes in 5 games.

    james stays in miami. dan gilbert, cavs owner is a mess. hires and fires the same coach twice, writes a letter saying cavs win before lebron, drafts anthony bennett #1 last year who couldn’t even score a single basket in what 12 games to start the season. Lebron can’t win championships with irving, a raw talent rookie and a bunch of scrubs

  30. Lovinthenba says:

    Anyone that thinks adding McRoberts and Granger is an upgrade, their kidding themselves. But hope is the last thing lost heat fans.

  31. Not 3,4,5,6,7 Just TWO!!!! says:

    Miami needs now is to SELL the franchise after Lebron Leaves the HEAT..or other wise do some TANKING and be the worst team in the WORST CONFERERENCE…goodluck NEXT YEAR heat fans….BANDWAGONERS out there its time to pack up and follow Lebrons lead to another team

    • LBJ All day says:

      They will follow LeBron wherever he go. They’re not just Heat Fans they follow LBJ.

  32. Clinton says:

    I predict lebron to cavs, bosh to who ever pays the most and wade stays heat

  33. squala96 says:

    It’s really no biggie to sign former LeBron enemies. We’ve seen Rodman do a really brutal flagrant on Jordan, but they became teammates afterwards, with great results. Artest was also a Kobe nemesis before they joined forces and won a championship. Granger should be more motivated than ever having been dissed by the Pacers. He will collaborate in crushing them again.

  34. lorenzo661 says:

    Load the roster, Miami Heat!!! “Just win, baby!!!”

  35. lorenzo661 says:

    Chris Bosh is a “stretch-power forward” because this is what the Miami Heat need when Lebron James has the basketball in his hands penetrating. Chris Bosh has very good low-post skills because in Toronto, Mr. Bosh dominated playing proverbially with his back-to-the-basketball and was an All-Star as a low-post basketball player. Please know a little basketball, please.

    Why should the Miami Heat “follow” the Mavs or Spurs blue-print, when the Miami Heat have been to the NBA Finals the last four years? Those are the poeple who want to see the Miami Heat be un-successful by keeping the Miami Heat DIVIDED via possible free-agency talk and acquistions from other NBA basketball teams (sounds familiar … hmmm).

  36. Jackson Phil says:

    Decision Part 2 of LeaveBron James

  37. K.C.L. says:

    I think the addition of Mcroberts will be BIG, like Shane Battier type of player who dives for loose balls, important tip ins and etc. McRoberts will be a big contributor on this Heat team. As for Danny Granger, he will provide some scoring and defensively (if healthy) he might be a good option as a backup SF for the Heat.

    I was actually expected that they will find a PG and C first it would be great if they get Isiah Thomas (PG) and Greg Monroe (C) for the HEAT.

  38. Zo says:

    This off season intrigue is about as exciting as regular season play

  39. Nathan says:

    Why on Earth should everyone be taking a pay cut to play with LBJ and the Heat? We saw with the Spurs last year and the Mavs 4 years back, a good even spread with a good/great bench can win you championships.
    I hope LBJ, DW and Bosh return to Miami so the finals series will be competitive again otherwise the East might be pointless next year.
    I dont think any team is settled yet, with some big trades still to come following free agency.

    • John Fargen says:

      Everyone has taken paycuts for the spurs. 2011 Duncan went from 22 million to 10 million. Nowitzki for Dallas was only one who kept large contract. Get ur facts straight.

  40. TheAll-Star136 says:

    Good moves for the Heat but…

    it’s funny how the last two major headlines for Josh McRoberts were:

    1. McRoberts fined $20,000 for flagrant foul on Heat’s LeBron
    2. McRoberts decides to join Heat


    Danny Granger doesn’t like LeBron back in his Pacer days.

    But… I’LL TAKE IT

  41. Mike says:

    Bosh is a beast. He can work in the paint and stretch the floor and has high basketball IQ. NY,MIA, or HOU Are all good suitors for him.

    • squala96 says:

      Bosh is a beast and can work in the paint? Have you been watching the games? He’s actually too chicken to get inside where he should be and instead keeps taking jumpers that are hardly successful.

    • Agustin says:

      I don’t think he’s “a beast” as he has some gaps in his game. Nonetheless you’re right, Bosh is a good fit for almost every team in the NBA (size + scoring).

  42. mitch cuptrick says:

    Lebron go back to Cleveland. Bosh go back to toronto or stay in the east. Spread the talent out. Knicks keep melo sign gasol …miami careless what you guys do. And for my lakers sign ariza and monroe

  43. lorenzo661 says:

    Aside from all hoopla surrounding this year’s NBA free-agency and everyone’s proverbial talk about which basketball player should play the athletic-sport of basketball for what NBA basketball team, the Miami Heat will most likely be back in the NBA Finals in 2014-2015 (whether fans or non-fans talk “smack” about the Miami Heat basketball players or not).

    Dwayne Wade is still better than 85% of all the guards in the NBA (even being at a minimum of 80% healthy). Chris Bosh is still better than 90% of the forwards in the NBA and Mr. James is SMART enough to influence the legacy of winning (and not so much so, the legacy of Lebron James … for some people out there who believe the latter).

    A few years back, I informed some individuals who I personally call friends that … the Indiana Pacers are better off keeping Danny Granger (whose a proven twenty-point plus scorer and a All-Star) on the roster because come Playoff time and the likes of the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls come to town … having a legit second- or third- scorer to contend against the double-teams, injuries, lack of performance issues, etc., would not only be intelligent but crafty because this would allow other teams to not just “key-on” Paul George (the only real consistent scorer that the Indiana Pacers have–because Hilbert don’t get enough “touches” on the offensive-end to be a threat, West is an undersized forward that has to guard bigger power-forwards due to mobility issues, and Stephenson can’t consistently stretch the defense enough with perimeter shooting).

    If Lebron James doesn’t suffer a MYSTERIOUS injury late in game one of the NBA Finals (which would have changed the complexity of the NBA Finals if Miami wins), then (for the most part) everyone will be talking about the complexity of the San Antonia Spurs and the rest of the NBA, and not the Miami Heat. (But that’s just after-the-fact talk anyway)

  44. edrik says:

    im just curious… there is not a single news on teams courting dwayne wade??? really?? no one wants wade??

    • Lakers' fanboy says:

      who wants a 32 years old SG with no legs that is slower than Kobe Bryant….srsly. the dude is done. 32 plays worst then 36 kobe. he is pretty out of shape…38 years old ray allen looks way better than he is. sorry. i would rather sign Ariza for dwade’s price.

  45. vincent says:

    huh? mcroberts got a bigger payday than granger lol

    • Lovinthenba says:

      Dude. Granger hasn’t done anything since his injury. He’s done being a productive player

  46. SIQUEIRES says:

    It’s called sarcasm.idiot, moron, jack***. Guess Jr still a lil wet behind the ears

  47. A.J. says:

    Is Riley drunk or is he just completely out of bullets? Four years for Josh McRoberts? What, he couldn’t woo Danny Ferry (the bad NBA player, not the bad NBA GM) out of retirement?.

    Rule of NBA thumb: If a guy is white and American and a bench player, you NEVER sign that guy to a multi-year contract. Never. Let alone for that kind of cash hogging up that much cap space.

  48. krdipo says:

    with this kind of moves by Pat it seems Lebron won’t be coming back

  49. real heat fan says:

    WOW! great pick up Miami! both McRoberts and Granger are upgrades! Now we need Jameer Nelson and Deng and Bosh can leave if he wants. I love Bosh and thinks he should go for the max in houston but I’m with my Miami Team bringing in these guys.That money will land us melo and other free agents

    • John Fargen says:

      Melo won’t go to Heat with those players when he only wants money even if bosh isn’t there.

    • squala96 says:

      You do live up to your name by being one of the few level-headed people who can see that Bosh is a Miami misfit. That guy needs to go. The Heat should now get Jameer and a decent center to keep James with them.

  50. ko0kiE says:

    mhm.. I’m not quite sure if thats really an upgrade if it means letting ray allen go.

    and not sure either if the signing of granger helps keeping lebron..i thought they hate each other.

  51. A-train says:

    This is a big move for the heat. I think Danny granger will provide a decent scoring option off the bench and mcroberts will add an interior presence to help bosh. If the big three resign this could be a great team.

  52. bulls fan for life says:

    biggest waste of time….miami is a joke when it comes to trading people…..they DONT NEED TO TRADE PEOPLE! they got rid of some key pieces last time…and it cost them a three peat. Now they are just screwing around making unneeded moves. They won’t get another championship soon.

  53. celentano says:

    yup! very comical guy,he looks like a bum trying to play streetball or a hippy or jezus with a basketball!!!lol.

  54. leland says:

    Don’t say lebron

  55. harrythehawk says:

    Why would McRoberts want to leave the Charlotte Bobkittens? I thought they were very up and coming and promising, just like they were. Oh well.

  56. RANLARZ CEBU PHL says:

    why u didnt think GREG ODEN? ODEN is the answer if he give him minutes forge

  57. Everyone’s talking about “the King” and Miami, Miami, Miami. Meanwhile, the Spurs quietly go about their usual business, re-sign Mills and Diaw, and are looking at adding a few more pieces to their stellar, “unsexy”, pond the rock type of players. They’re going back home, have some bar-b-que and Big Red, then slowly map out their strategy with their low wages and just plain hard work, while the rest of the league chokes on what LaBron, Bosh, and Riley will do next. I can’t get over why so many worship at the Kobe and LaBron alters. I get that they’re great players, but wow, it’s pretty pathetic. So, Go Spurs, Go Dirk and the Mavs, Go Utah, Go Charlotte, Go Milwaukee, or pretty much ANYONE BUT the Lakers and Heat.

    • Chelon Chennault says:

      Your funny man but it is true lol

    • Grantland says:

      dont hate. admiration was won over through their play. spurs also had headlines as duncan pondered about opting in.

      • Carlo says:

        How can you compare? And then he was pondering retirement at 38yo and after the 5th ring.

    • jr says:

      Don’t ever put the heat on the same level as the Lakers moron as of a few years ago they had only one championship and we’re irrelevant Lakers are a prominent franchise who will always make it back to championship level kobe isn’t the only great player they’ve had they will always have more great players even afters kobe is done jack×××

      • CURTIS78 says:


      • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

        You are living in the past. The Lakers are done as we knew them as a franchise. The brains behind the operation, Dr Buss, is gone and all that is left is a couple of spoiled know nothings that think that all you have to do to make a great team is throw money at players and hope for the best. They don’t know how to pick a coach. They don’t know how to staff a front office. The Lakers are like Tom Cruise. An icon from the ’80’s that is past its prime but trying to hold onto its former glory and not realizing that the kids don’t care anymore.

    • ko0kiE says:

      do you really compare patty mills and lebron james ? it’s free agency and thats about the players..high caliber players like melo or lebron get most of the headlines as they should.. they could transform a team.. what kind of headlines do you want from the spurs? it’s clear that they probably have less work to do(compared to most teams in the league) as they are the champs and know that they can go there again with just keeping their players..

      • Carlo says:

        Well, according to you, the Heat of 2013 had “less work to do” for they were the champs (twice). Only, they didn’t work enough to be champs again.
        The Spurs have less work to do for they already did it BEFORE. They plan much forward.

        The problem with teams like Miami (or recent years Lakers or BRK) is not that they “buy” championships or the “buy vs built” bullsh..
        The problem is they want “instant” championship by hiring/trading ready made superstars, hoping this would bring quick, top results.
        Unfortunately – as a lot of the posters in this forum keep ignoring – basketball is a TEAM sports and it requires STRATEGY and a work ethic.
        Spurs won this year with a heavy mix of old champs (e.g. TD, Parker, Ginobili), expert “veterans” (Green, Diaw, Belinelli) and young guns (Leonard, Splitter, Mills, Joseph). Meanwhile they picked a good, intelligent PG/F.
        In two years they’ll likely loose TD and Ginobili but 90% of their strength will still be there.
        In two years the Spurs will have at least 18M$ (TD+Ginobili salaries) to spend on one/two good-to-great players and they’ll be very close to the ring again.

        If you run around chasing 2/3 superstars, you have a little chance to win a title (’cause you’re not the only strong team out there) but also a weak bench and no space for injuries, less-than-standard seasons, and development. You place all your bets on a 2/3 years stretch, then you have to take a long time rebuild (Celtics, Lakers, maybe Heat).

  58. Steveplays says:

    Never mind about the can’t reply thing xD

  59. SIQUEIRES says:

    with these two the heat are guaranteed to win 2015 nba championship

  60. Dj says:

    I would trade bosh for Hibbert.let D wade go then get melo and james

  61. wak9 says:


  62. True Baller says:

    I’m a Rockets fan forever but I don’t want Chris Posh on that roster. I rather they move on Kevin Love or Trevor Ariza or Loul Deng. Granted he could actually play his nature position then, but he’s too light and I haven’t seen him be aggressive at all during the Heats stretches. He “tried” to be a spot shooter. You’re a big man pound the paint. Occasional jump shots are ok but seriously make your man play defense, you’re supposed to be a superstar. Act like it.

    • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

      True Baller, you have shown your true ignorance. Bosh hasn’t been aggresive because the Heat didn’t want him to be aggressive. They didn’t want him to pound the paint. They wanted him to do exactly what he did, shoot perimeter jumpers or threes to get the opposing team’s center out of the paint so that LeBron and Wade can drive and get easy buckets. And by every account except ignorant internet trolls Bosh is one of the best defenders in the game. That is why he keeps getting chosen for All Star teams by the coaches when he is not voted in by idiot fans. Seriously dude, do you even watch the NBA?

    • John Fargen says:

      Bosh knew his role. Spread out defense so lebron and wade can drive. That was gameplan and didn’t work

  63. Dave says:

    If Lebron want to make push for another championship, he should go to rockets, or stay with miami, there is no other options for him. i’d say chicago but rose health is not sure at all

  64. Mike says:

    If Bosh goes to Houston I would use that $$$$ to sign Monroe and Deng

    2015 heat would then be: Monroe. Lebron. Deng. Wade. Shabazz
    2nd team. Birdman. Mcroberts. Granger. Allen. Cole

    Bench. Hamilton. Haslem. JJones. Ennis. Cheap PG

  65. Rico says:

    good way to sign Lebron back is by signing 2 players who hurt him in the last 2 NBA Playoffs.
    Josh last season
    Granger a couple of seasons ago

  66. Mavsuperfan says:

    a Real legend or legend to be will say “I can play anywhere and I will make them a CHAMPION with my talent”
    What does bron say? “Get me the best players to surround me and make them take pay cuts so I can have a max salary! Im the king..bow down!!”

    • Dave says:

      LeBron has never actually said “i want a max contract” it has just been “reported” that is the case….along with many other “reported” movings of players and teams being “reportedly” interested in so-and-so. Just hear-say with no actual basis in fact, but if you believe everything you read well i really don’t know what to say to you…

    • Killerdogg says:

      Are U talking legends like Allen Iverson, Tmac, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone,Scottie Pippen? Just curious which legends. Just like LeBron they all left teams thru free agency and tested the waters and signed elsewhere and DIDN’T make them champions. Ask Allen Iverson or Karl Malone or Clyde Drexler how hard it is 2 win a championship without other great players.

      • Lovinthenba says:

        Malone had Stockton. They just played in the Jordan era. If he hadn’t of played baseball for those two seasons, we would be adding Olajuwon to that list as well.

    • James says:

      Yea show me were he said that. He wants players to contribute consistently not superstars. Jordan had pippen grant harper scoring consistently. Kobe had shaq horry fisher pau gasol odom cmon man he needs people who can show up not put the load all on him when he isnt even get paid the most.

  67. heat fan says:

    they should let wade go as the seasons go by he plays less due to his knees and doesnt really provide the help james needs

    • nbafan says:

      this is the problem with the nba and the fans. when a loyal all star gets older its easy to just push him to the side after a career of loyalty and success. wade is a perfect example of this. when i look at tim duncan he is the perfect example of what should happen. reduce his minutes while still staying productive. it basically comes down to coaching. go pop go.

    • REALLY says:

      you’re not a heat fan just a bandwagon.

  68. Mavsuperfan says:

    In my opinion, Lebron is such a little drama queen. He is not that great folks! A great one does not demand a custom built team of superstars put together just right for his liking so he can collect a bunch of cheap rings quickly as possible to beat MJ. All bron cares for is his legacy. He does not give a rats about the fans or the teams he plays for.

    I hope he goes to a western team like Phoenix where he will get demolished by the western power houses like Clippers, OKC, SA, etc….

    He wants to stay in the weak east with a team full of superstars. that’s almost cheating!!

    • Steveplays says:

      I can’t reply to people’s messages for some reason so I’m saying this to Mavsfan. Look, when D Howard went in Free Agency a lot of people called HIM a drama queen. As for your last comment… Basketball is a TEAM sport. That’s why the Spurs won. Lebron did really well in the finals but D wayde and bosh were having their fair share of bad and or mediocre games.

      • Chris%brand says:

        People acting like mj and kobe didn’t have help. LeBron is asking for help. There is nothing wrong with that. He isn’t a ball hog like kobe, lebron knows basketball is a team sport. Wade and bosh didn’t show up in the finals at all. The defensive wasn’t there. Chalmers and Cole fell apart. LeBron doesn’t want to carry a team again.

    • Bubba says:

      How is Lebron a drama queen? If he is not the great why is the not great one breaking records? Why did he make it to the playoffs when he was at Cleveland? Didn’t Kobe have Shaq when he was at the lakers? Wasn’t Shaq a superstar and Deririck Fisher? Regardless where James go he will continue to break records and put up 27-30 points a game. GURANTEED. he can go to the Bucks and put up 28 a game! too easy! I

  69. Freida says:

    Bosh should go to Rockets so Miami can pursue Melo. Melo and LeBron want to play together. Bosh disappeared in last playoff run. Bosh was a main factor in 2013 championship but Bosh gets further and further away from the basket so you might as well get Melo.

    • mee(a)t says:

      That’s not Bosh’s fault. Blame Spo. He rarely ever draws up plays for Bosh and when he does, he get’s an iso to drive to the basket or becomes a spot up shooter to tie up the game or something in that nature.

    • squala96 says:

      If you’re a real superstar, you wouldn’t just rely on what the coach draws for you. You need to set up your own plays sometimes. Even Parker and Duncan have disobeyed Pop when they saw fit, and did pretty well. Bosh hasn’t been that guy. A truly great player knows what to do and how to do it, without being told. Mentors are there to help enhance your abilities; the execution is all up to you.

  70. heat says:

    Awesome that danny granger on the heat… next time heat face their rivals ,the pacers danny granger will go explode mode

  71. Thomas says:

    I’m not sold on McRoberts. The Heat need a big man that can block shots and rebound. McRoberts average last year for those two categories were: 0.6 blocks/game and 4.8 rebounds/game.

    Second, Danny Granger was great during the rebuilding phase for Indiana. Since his injury, what valuable contribution has he made? Not much.

    IF Miami wants to win, they should seriously consider Greg Monroe. He averages the same blocks as McRoberts, but his rebounding average is 9.3

    What do you guy’s think??

    • kamar says:

      I think the move was a good move but the heat should also get a center which should be greg. At point we’re stable, shabazz to me is an upgrade to Cole and Chalmers even tho he’s a rookie.

    • mee(a)t says:

      I don’t think the pistons are willing to let go of that monster

    • Killerdogg says:

      Mcroberts is a big active body that does the little things like Birdman but a better scorer. Great pick up by the heat.

  72. An NBA Fan says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about, now it’s time to bring in greg Monroe and then it’s on. Let’s Go Heat

  73. El Stone says:

    The Heat signed Basketball Jesus!

  74. The “big three” may be on he same page but I think they are sick of each other. Riley is covering the bases. If Granger is healthy, he and Mcroberts can be starters or come off the bench. I don’t believe Wade is going anywhere but I think James and Bosh are gone. Look for Riley to go after Gasol, Lin and Parsons.

    • ko0kiE says:

      and where are they going with this team? with bosh and lebron gone, miami is at max going to first round of the playoffs and nowhere beyond..it was like that before their arrival and wade didn’t get any better since then

  75. jorge estevane says:

    Houston can have Bosh, he’s overrated and he’s going to be overpaid, Mavs should go after a sf or sg

  76. bballjunkie1 says:

    Granger, McRoberts is good if Napier and Cole play point when Lebron isn’t, but u still need another shooter, will Wade come off the bench and inbrace 6 man role? Dont know if this still is enough for Bosh to want to stick around now that Houston is calling and offering Maz. Suppose he leaves, would getting Deing be enough for Lebron ? This year especially he carried this team with Wade in and out of line up this coupled with no major upgrades , he knows the figures, knows what needs to happen but its not his decsion, its up to Dwade, Bosh,Riley. I hoping Lebron asks for Mark Jackson, Byon Scott, anybody if he resigns for a year or two to coach. Thats 2 championship finals opposing coach changes starting line up and it our guy almost 3 games to counter, each time it was the game the other team won the championship and Spo made people like Bera, Lenard superstars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Angelo says:

    I hate when I misspell a word. *Play not pay…

  78. Angelo says:

    The Heat DO NOT play in South Beach! It would be nice if people got it right. They pay in Downtown Miami. Which, though is close to South Beach, it is not South Beach! As a life long resident of Miami and even living on South Beach for a few years, it is not the same. It is the equivalent of saying that players on the Lakers are playing in Hollywood!

    • nbafan says:

      looks like somebodies got a case of the mundays

    • Thank you!! says:

      Angelo, thank you for explaining that. I’m so tired of all these people who think all of Miami is South Beach. It’s like saying all of France is the Eiffel Tower, or all of Italy is the Vatican. Jeez…

  79. I Know Ball says:

    McRoberts is not bad, he has a nice outside shot, but he does not do one thing well. I honestly think you could have got Mike Scott at that same price and is a way better player.

    Granger is cheap, but lost all defensive ability. You could have gave Marion that money.

    Worst moves I’ve seen Riley make in a while, must be desperate

  80. Bullsfan23 says:

    Too bad.
    I was hoping the heat would strike out on everybody they went after. I hope mcroberts and granger don’t contribute at all next year.

  81. steve says:

    you must really be stupid – 8 points and 3 rebounds per game and you heat fans are going ga ga over this signing – for 24 million over 24 million – 6 mil a year – that’s great

    • Killerdogg says:

      Its the intangibles that McRoberts brings. Loose balls, tipped balls, 2nd opportunities at scoring. Its not always about how much they score when they help in other ways. McRoberts is a hard nosed player perfect fit for Lebron and Wade and can stretch the floor with his 3pt shooting.

    • Agustin says:

      Basketball is not only about the numbers. McRoberts is very versatile, athletic and can make big plays. I don’t like Heat at all, but they definitely know what kind of team they want to be.

  82. charnise says:

    Lebron James should come home but if he doesn’t its ok …

  83. boston says:

    im not a fan of the heart but so far those are 3 good moves. getting napier, granger and mcroberts. although i do think mc roberts is getting payed too much he should have took a paycut since hes getting the oppurtunity to play with lebron. (if he stays) but in order for the heat to be succesful in getting james back, they need a decnt bench. they should try and bring ray allen back to back up d wade. maybe get jameer nelson to take a pay cut and be napiers back up. and bring back birdman for the center position. they would have a deep big man bench. and a great perimiter shooting bench in allen, nelson and granger. which is what lebron james needs around him. consistent 3 point shooters. then all that leaves is to sign a good power foward to help bosh in the paint. i wouldnt start mc roberts. he would be off the bench. all riley needs to do is sign solid bench players.

  84. lance says:

    these are fantastic moves the heat made,they are players that can play 2 different positions and each average over 20 minutes a night and add over 15-18 points from the bench..the goal for the heat was to add 25 points of guaranteed bench scoring..mcroberts is a big man that can play from the three point line so the heat can continue to spread the floor for lebron and granger can offer wade and lebron to get longer rest on the bench..now the heat can go after emakor okafor,marvin williams and kirk heinrich and than you can brong back anderson,lewis,allen,haslem and james jones but instead they are your 9-16 players on the roster and not your 6-10 and this team has been re-tooled…

  85. HeatFanFromNewZealand says:

    Okay okay, this was a good move. McRoberts is a versatile forward and is a aggressive too. To get Granger for that price was smart, nothing better for Granger to return to form and better those in Indiana. I still think the HEAT need a centre. Greg Monroe is solid and get a cheap 2 year deal for Jimmer Fredette or D.J Augustin

  86. mee(a)t says:

    I understand the Josh McRoberts signing (and I love it BTW) but Danny Granger?

    • was says:

      Granger was a smart signing, he is healthy, and got the whole summer to get in shape, he could very well have some sorts of a breakout year again.

      Granger for 2 mill is very worth it. low risk high reward scenario.

  87. Sam Reyes says:

    Guys Mcroberts had cold blood for defense, i like him at that price.

  88. Vax says:

    If LBJ goes to Ohio, Bosh will prob go “home” to Texas, as well… Since he and Dirk are almost the same type of players, it makes sense to join another superfriends house in Houston.
    Wade with his weak knees will be crossing his fingers for a good lottery pick next year, if this happens…

  89. johnnyhoops1980 says:

    Sorry, but I am still of the mind frame that the opt outs were all planned moves designed to free up space to bring in some much needed help. Once riley signs who he can to bulk up the roster, the Big 3, including LeBron, will all be back in South Beach next season. The SH blog breaks this precise concept down nicely, worth a read: http://straighthoops.com/sorry_youre_not_getting_lebron.html

  90. justsayin says:

    At that kind of price I’m amazed the Clips didn’t retain Granger. They must have other ideas.

  91. Nasty says:

    Danny Granger for 2.1M/year ? –> “Players having to sacrifice pay for wins? It’s a one-sided story” :p
    Just kidding, love you DA ❤

    ps: cant comment on "Morning Tip" but in that Miami team that went 4 times in a row in The Finals, with xx lottery guys, 7max contract dudes.. most of them took a paycut.. to win! 😛 (if they didnt, this would have never happen)

  92. Marcus says:

    4 years and $23 million for McRoberts?

    This shows that the Heat are REALLY desperate for people to join their team.

  93. Orcinto Stephens says:


    • mee(a)t says:

      You haven’t watched a lot of basketball if you think McRoberts isn’t worth the deal

    • stephen says:

      You obviously dont watch bob cats games, anybody who watches the nba and follows more than s couple of teams knows josh mcbob

    • celtics says:

      He’s actually known. McDonald’s high school participant and winner of that dunk contest. He has high athletism and can shoot the 3. His defence is very good and he doesn’t make much mistake. I would’ve probably paid him a few millions less but give or take a quality big man is hard to find. – Celtics fan

    • skrutz says:

      Your all-caps shows us your intelligence.

    • mikmaks says:

      you probably just watched the finals every year. you probably don’t even know the heat played against charlotte in the first round. you should have seen mcroberts play.

    • kamar says:

      Josh ain’t no scrub!!!!

      • manuel Mercado says:

        I’m sorry heat fan… but Wade gave the heat all his career life. We have to be proud having him. Three Championship. He will stay with Miami till the end. Wade is Miami. It does’n matter if he is not the same as when he start. I can’t see Miami without Wade. And for sure the NUMBER 3 WILL BE IN THE MIAMI ARENA FOR EVER AND EVER. I hope he decide stay in Miami, I don’t care if Lebron leave Miami. We have to appreciate what Wade did for Miami. Lebron can not forget that wade compliment him in a lot of spectaculars plays.

        Heal fan