Report: Farmar, Clips agree on 2-year deal

Jordan Farmar

Jordan Farmar will replace Darren Collison as Chris Paul’s primary backup.

From staff reports

Free-agent point guard Jordan Farmar is staying in Los Angeles … but switching teams.

Farmar is moving from the Lakers to the Clippers after accepting the team’s bi-annual exception, a two-year deal worth $4.2 million that was first reported by the Los Angeles Times. The second year of the deal is a player option, according to reports.

The 6-foot-2 Farmar, a seven-year veteran, averaged 10.1 points and 4.9 assists in 41 games with the Lakers last season, shooting 43.8 percent from beyond the 3-point line.

With the Clippers, he primarily will back up Chris Paul, replacing Darren Collison, who agreed to a reported three-year, $16 million deal with the Sacramento Kings over the weekend. Farmar and Collison were teammates on UCLA’s 2006 Final Four team.


  1. Kobe-James-Melo-Love-Nash says:

    We need at LA Lakers.. We need a good point guard.. Anyway, Kobe, James, Melo, Gasol and Nash will be good enough for a three-peat

  2. cw says:


  3. harrythehawk says:

    Another Faker bites the dust. It must be a little confusing though, same workplace but different coworkers? You have entered the twilight zone. The Staples Center employee sign: Winners to the left, losers to the right!

  4. brusier brody says:


  5. Big Al says:

    Typical vultures the Clips have always been, scavenging on unwanted Laker guys.

    • Wade says:

      don’t hate if the clips admire the Lakers. their executives gets paid not to do homework but rather to pick up whatever piece that the Lakers did the homework.

  6. Grouch says:

    Young, Jordan Hill, Gasol will follow suit and go to Clips.

  7. Tiye castillo says:

    The 2idiot (wade and bosh) is waiting for lebron to get back in miami, bec they are useless without lbj. Ithink its better for kobe melo and gasol vs james wade and bosh. But still san antonio has a great team work.

  8. Tiye castillo says:

    Lakers dint need pg at all if he gets melo and lebron. Nyahahaha

  9. המשגיח says:

    he missed his chance to be a starting PG lasy year due to injuries.
    I wish him the best of luck in Clips.

  10. got to see the clips getting a backup pg and improving the 4-5 postions and still keeping a nice salarycap, only one piece is missing for a real protactive summer

    pual pierce- the truth!!

  11. kobeballhog says:

    Why does the clippers keep making moves and making the team better while donald sterling still is the teams owner and will never relinquish his ownership. No player should play for that team as long as sterling remains the owner. All profit the clippers make still goes to that sterlings pocket

  12. Kirby Record says:

    If a few more things go right for the Clippers, I think they may be the biggest challenge to the Spurs and OKC in the West next year. I like their chances more than the Rockets, though they could also improve hugely with one good deal.

  13. An NBA Fan says:

    Great pickup for the clips, now it’s time for the Lakers to bring in LB and Melo.

  14. wrong choice…should’ve stayed with the lakers…they’ll get melo…and probably love or lebron…clippers have no chance of winning the title

    • Carlo says:

      Well, Lakers will have a hard time just to field a team, whatever.

    • Caldron Pool says:

      I’ve got bad news for you – the Lakers aren’t going to get any of those players and Kobe is now just an average NBA players. Clips may not win the title, but the Lakers aren’t even going to make the playoffs.

  15. Nick says:

    Amazing deal for the Clips. They are getting Farmar – who essentially had the same stats as Collison – for $4.2 while the Kings are paying $16 for Collison. How does this work? It’s the same with Gasol who compared to Bosh had slightly better numbers, and everyone is talking about him getting the veteran’s exception while Bosh is on tap for $80 MM?!

  16. Elijah 41 says:

    LA Lakers is losing players!

  17. Jimbo says:

    A downgrade at point backup to allow an upgrade at C/F backup. Overall looks to be an improvement.