Nets’ Plumlee ready to move on sans Kidd

VIDEO: Mason Plumlee talks after his big Summer League Day 1 game

ORLANDO, Fla. — It was just over a week ago when Mason Plumlee attended the unveiling of the site Nets’ new practice facility in Brooklyn.

Now he’s hustling up and down the court at the Amway Center, just as surprised as everyone else that the Nets will be unveiling new head coach Lionel Hollins in the wake of Jason Kidd’s sudden and sloppy departure.

“I was blindsided like a defensive end (rushing a quarterback),” Plumlee said. “I was very surprised. I think everybody was. I know you (media) guys were. I was, but it’s part of it.”

Plumlee rang up 23 points on 8-for-11 shooting and pulled down seven rebounds as the Nets opened with an easy win over the Pacers in the first day of play at the Orlando Pro Summer League. He took over for stretches and shined on both ends of the court, consistently turning turnovers into easy baskets and free-throw chances.

He’s looking to build on his first NBA season when he averaged 7.4 points and 4.4 rebounds per game for the Nets. Following the All-Star break, he posted 13 games with 10 or more points and eight games with eight or more rebounds. That production got the 6-foot-11 Plumlee a fourth-place finish in Rookie of the Year voting and a spot on the All-Rookie first team.

Often playing as the only big man in a lineup with four outside shooters, Plumlee was a comfortable and effective fit in Kidd’s offensive system. That could change under Hollins.

“I wish him (Kidd) well,” Plumlee said. “I’ve said constantly I had a great time playing for him. I enjoyed him as a coach. But now I’m looking forward to playing for coach Hollins. I haven’t met him yet, but I’m looking forward to that.”

It’s been a tumultuous week for the entire organization as Kidd lost out on a power struggle with general manager Billy King and was eventually allowed to take over as coach of the Bucks in exchange for two second-round draft picks (2015 and 2019).

It seemed like one minute Plumlee was watching a ceremonial shovel put into the ground as part of a long-term future plan of stability and, in the next, the ground around him was shaky.

“It’s just good to get out on the court,” he said. “It’s weird, you don’t hear about too many transitions like this, so it’s just good to get back out on the court and play.”


  1. drken says:

    I was a Nets fan since they played in the RAC but the day they hired Coach Wifebeater was the day I ceased being a Nets fan. He is a slimeball if ever there was one. When a player for the Nets, he decided one day that he no longer wanted Byron Scott as coach and got him fired. Then one day he decided he no longer wanted to be a Net and forced his trade back to Dallas. Thing was he fomented player discord before he left. He was the reason Kenyon Martin left a great position on the Nets. After he got his almighty ring, he turned his back on the Mavs and surprised them by going to the Knicks. No one can honestly say that he wasn’t negotiating with the Nets for coach before he left the Knicks organization… Only they didn’t get caught. After getting the opportunity few get, he goes from player directly to coach in 2 weeks. Next, he persuaded management to hire his buddy, Lawrence Frank, then proceeds to screw him royally. (Yes, Frank over-extended himself so he is to blame as well.). Then he tries to screw his boss and do a palace coup. Thankfully that failed. All of this from a wife beater and a drunk. And this is Kidd’s idea of “business”. The Nets hopefully finally learned their lesson about this piece of fecal matter, and thankfully he is a sinker in someone else’s bowl. The sooner he is completely out of the NBA the better. There are plenty of men worthy of coaching opportunities that the NBA doesn’t need to recycle the likes of Kidd.

    I thank all things big and small that I can once again be an avid Nets fan, and write off the lost year to too much vodka in the owner’s suite. The Nets were able to pull it together despite their coach last season so hopefully Coach Hopkins will build on that modicum of success and show the young stuff like Plumlee what real coaching is like in the NBA.

  2. Bermir says:

    What´s up with the ´sans’? Why do NBA writers use this so often? What’s wrong with ‘without’? Is Fran French or something?

  3. New Jersey Nets Fan says:

    I’m pretty bummed out about the NETS and Jason Kidd

    1. Weird how Lawrence Frank was demoted being Kidd coach for back in the day. The good old days with RJ,VC,KIDD, I wish I knew the real truth about the situation. For some reason I never had true confidence in Jason Kidd as a coach even when after their record got better, I hope he can get his reputation back on track. That all I have to say about Jason Kidd.

    2. Deron Williams really happy when the NETS traded for him but sad Devin Harris and Derrick Favors where in the trade. Now with Deron injures and reputation on getting coaches fired bugs me alot. Hope this season could be a new start for him. and hope Devin can help the MAVS do well and another hope Derrick Favors can break out and be a consistent double-double guy.

    3. Brook Lopez praying for him to get healthy and not get injured again. really wish he and get more rebounds also. At least 8 is my number. Taking about 8 the guy who wore that number before Deron Williams, Terrence Williams man I really thought he was gonna be the next superstar and he’s not even in the league. Really hope he can turn it around.Also Marshon Brooks thought he was gonna be the next KOBE.

    4. I wish the Nets didn’t have the pressure of winning. if i was the GM or owner. i would want to kinda like Philly. Can’t believe i’m saying this but i would want young prospects that can potentially become stars.

    5. being a huge NETS fans just pretty bummed thinking about them. especially when they left New Jersey that hurt a lot. I just don’t what Nets can do to improve hoping some trades goes down , I don’t care who they trade just hope they get back somthing fair in return.

    6. Melo and Kevin Love to the Nets would make my day

    • Carlo says:

      How could you hope the Nets not having pressure to win? Did you notice how much they spend in salaries?

    • harrythehawk says:

      You sound like a die hard Nets fan. I don’t feel your pain at all. I’ve got my own hawks to fly.

  4. oasis511 says:

    A lot of people were derisive towards the idea that either of the Plumlee’s could play in the NBA, whether it was because they went to Duke or they just didn’t think they were skilled enough. But both Mason and Miles proved last year that they can produce in a system that takes advantage of their strengths. Miles is probably going to top out as a good role player, but Mason has the skills to be a starter.