Three reasons ‘Melo should pick …

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Free-agent forward Carmelo Anthony embarked on a coast-to-coast ‘Melo Across America tour this week, stopping in four different cities to be courted by five different teams. Now, he’s expected to lay low for a day or so — maybe more — as he decides whether to sign a lucrative contract with the New York Knicks, his team for the past three and a half years, or take his talents … elsewhere.

We asked five writers across the nation to boil it down for Carmelo. So here are three reasons that Anthony should pick …


1. The Bulls offer the best fit for his game. He’d be the cymbalist to their John Phillip Sousa, the finisher their ball-sharing offense needs. Only Michael Jordan and Al Capone, in Chicago history, have had greener lights to shoot. And coach Tom Thibodeau‘s team concepts would put lipstick on his defense.

2. Ring, or at least reputation: If he truly wants a championship, Chicago’s supporting cast offers the best shot, with Derrick Rose as a dynamic sidekick, Joakim Noah‘s Defensive Player of the Year fire and Taj Gibson grinding. Just to be known for trying to win, rather than maxing out money … this is his move.

3. New York is full of celebrities. Chicago would be his. This city is aching for star power beyond linebackers and anchormen, and it doesn’t overdo off-court scrutiny or paparazzi. His wife La La Vasquez could be Queen of the Windy City now that Oprah‘s gone.
Steve Aschburner


1. He would be sliding into a lineup that already includes an All-NBA first team guard in James Harden and All-NBA second team center in Dwight Howard.  Never mind quibbling over last shots.  There wouldn’t be a better collection of three young talents all in their prime.

2. No state income tax makes up for a large portion of that $34 million he’d be leaving on the table in New York. And money, like everything else, just spends bigger in Texas.

3. If prematurely giving him Jeremy Lin’s jersey — with Lin’s warm corpse still in it — wasn’t enough of a “we’ll-do-anything” mentality, Carmelo could probably just ask and the Rockets would chisel his name right over Hakeem Olajuwon’s on that statue in front of the Toyota Center.
Fran Blinebury


1. The Mavs won 49 games in a tough Western Conference with one of the most efficient offenses in the league. Add Melo to Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis, plus newly reacquired Tyson Chandler to bolster the defense and Dallas could be cooking.

2. Coach Rick Carlisle continues to prove he is among the elite tacticians in the game. He’s made the most of nearly fully flipped rosters over the last few seasons. He could be scary good with additional star power and continuity.

3. As controversial as Mark Cuban‘s decision was not to bring back the 2011 title team and plot instead to create cap space under this CBA, Dallas is positioned to add another big-salary free agent in 2015.
Jeff Caplan


1. The Lakers have proven they can not only build a championship roster, but win a title and then rebuild. Anthony is 30. If he’s looking at a four- or five-year contract, depending where he signs and whether it is a sign-and-trade, he needs to know the organization will be able to get somewhere pretty fast. L.A. is farther down the standings than any of the other West options listed and in a better place today than only the Knicks, but the Lakers know how to get back, and fast.

2. “Who else would you like on the team? We’ll still have spending power in the future. A big free-agent hit this summer — you — plus a big free-agent hit next summer. Oh, and any thoughts on the coach?”

3. It’s L.A. If Melo is leaving New York, no other place gives him a better platform for marketing opportunities or entertainment connections for his wife. The butler won’t have to shovel snow in the winter, unless it’s at the weekend-getaway mountain retreat. And don’t worry about the traffic. Get a place near Kobe in Orange County and share the chopper ride to downtown.
Scott Howard-Cooper


1. If we could have soundtracks for blog posts, you’d hear the bass line from the O’Jays’ “For the Love of Money” playing right now. The Knicks can give Melo more than $129 million over five years. The most any other team can give him is about $96 million over four. And since he’ll be 34 years old when that fifth year comes around, having $29 million more guaranteed would be a nice thing. Little Kiyan needs a new pair of shoes.

2. The 2014-15 season could be a little rough, but the Knicks can bring in another good player or two next summer, when both Amar’e Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani come off the books. Of course, if they sign Melo for the max now, the Knicks might not have enough cap space to sign a Kevin Love or a LaMarcus Aldridge to their own max deal next year (with Anthony, Jose Calderon and J.R. Smith taking up about 60 percent of the cap). But hey, read No. 1 again.

3. A happy wife is a happy life. Also, New York has the best pizza, bagels and Chinese food. Also, see No. 1.
John Schuhmann


  1. Melo to NY= $$$$$$$ Follow the $$$$$$$$ That is what is important.!!!!!!!

  2. Michael Natzke says:

    Schuhmann… C’mon.

    I hate how no one is bringing up how much Melo LOVES BEING IN NEW YORK. That’s home to him. And it’s where he always wanted to be. Of course if you have an option to make more money, it’s always going to be tempting. But Phil and Derek being here has really made him realize that he has great basketball minds in his corner now. And that, coupled with his total love for NYC is going to make it hard to leave. He might have a chance to win in Chicago sooner than NY. But he would love to win in the garden more than anywhere else. Period.

  3. marcus russell says:

    sorry but if lebron stays in the east melo still won’t win a ring and if he go to dallas where only tyson chandler can play defense he wont win sorry but i see no scenario where he can go and win

  4. Jan says:

    Melo is not the answer on any team, even in NY. It’s time for him to realize what he is: a volume shooter. It’s time to take all of NY’s money and call it a day. You’ll have 5 years to try and win while getting PAID to do so. Nothing but upside on NY’s deal. Don’t give an inch and take it all. They offered it, take it. If you won’t take my word for it, ask your buddy Kobe. He’ll keep it real for you and if you just so happen to win one in NY, you’ll be a hometown hero and your agent will love you too!!

  5. rhedz03 says:

    Melo would be best in chicago with rose, gibson and noah…But going to Mavs aint bad…With dirk, chandler, ellis and maybe marion as back up for him and yes carter taking 2 spot….

    Lakers and knicks would be the baddest option for him…It will make him ringless but rich…

    Now melo brother..the ball is on your court…this is your last shot..make it count…choose wisely…think and weigh your options…money isn’t everything…just my 2 cents.

  6. Charles says:

    Y’all gonna hate 4 keepn it real, but as they say, the TRUTH hurts!

    Yes, we ALL know that the Knicks can & have offered Melo the max $129 million for 5 yrs. Yes we already know that the $ is hard 2 resist & yes we already know that Phil has shown some promise with rebuilding the team. However, Melo is 30 yrs. old & does he want 2 WAIT 2-3 yrs. 2 win his first ring. Wut if he gets hurt this year? Does he really need the money? Better yet, does Melo want 2 win NOW or is the $ more important 2 him?

    Dallas is a good team just like the Houston Rockets, but they r n the west where it’s loaded with good teams. Melo 2 Dallas would b a good fit, but Dallas would have 2 lose sum uv their pieces 2 get Melo. Chandler plays good defense, but he doesn’t make them a great defensive team. He can’t do it alone. The Rockets r 2 unstable meaning that they have NO heart & Harden doesn’t play a lick uv defense at all. Melo isn’t good on defense either but Harden is ALL offense & NO defense! It looks good on paper but it just won’t work. This isn’t me being a hater, I’m simply stating the truth.

    If Melo wants 2 WIN a ring now & later, the Bulls r the BEST fit hands down! Again, we already know that Rose has been injured the last 2 yrs. & yes we already know that Chicago has a poor offensive team. It’s a injury people & even if Rose comes back at 90%, that’s more than enough 2 win multiple championships with Melo on board. Also, having Melo on board gives the Bulls & Himself the BEST chance 2 win now n a weak eastern division. The Bulls also will NOT have 2 gut their team 2 acquire Melo either. Melo will make his $ back with endorsements & his Jordan Brand, but n keepn it real, the Knicks r the only team that Chicago has 2 worry bout bcuz they can pay him max money.

  7. geronimo says:

    melo max contract? Really i think it’s all about the money for him don’t really think he’s about winning. if he is about winning and getting a ring he would accept a pay cut. Where should he end up? Depends what he is really about. It would be okay to got to chicago that what chicago needs a second scorer but melo needs to give up money and BALL

  8. Celtics fan says:

    Best place for Melo is Dallas if he wants to win. Dallas has always had the reputation of being able to change the roster, and having a deep bench. Put Melo next to Dirk and Ellis, plus the fact they can possibly sign another high profile free agent in 2015 sounds like a trip to the finals for the next three plus years.

  9. CommonSense says:

    Why do people keep saying that Chicago is the best place for Melo to go to? Derrick Rose reminds me of Brandon Roy great talent but just can’t stay healthy. May I remind everyone that he has only played like in 10 games last two seasons. Noah is good but not better than Dwight Howard. So stop dreaming about how great Rose and Melo will be if only half of the equation is complete

  10. Not a Phoenix fan says:

    Melo & Lebron to Phoenix getting max contracts. Done.

  11. Bullsfan23 says:

    If carmelo anthony stays in New York I desperately hope he never wins a ring. And if he really wants one, he would have signed with the bulls already

  12. See red says:

    Melo wants a ring right?
    So come to chicago, the most obvious choice if all. I laughed when I heard he even sat down to talk with the mavs and lakers. COME TO CHI-TOWN MELO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. FrankL2010 says:

    Melo and LeBron will play in PBA or in Euro. They’ve been doing window shopping as to which team they’ll be playing. The moment they would realized it, cap space would no longer be enough for them as teams filled it up with other talents. That separate the players then and now

  14. Sam Reyes says:

    pick your poison:


    Carlisle is the only one with rings wooing melo’s talent.

    the only real Elite coach who can surely take a team to finals and win, we are not talking about making plaoffs,or be contenders, we want titles.

  15. Lebron23backtocleveland says:

    Str8 facts u are stupid becuz melo has averaged more rebounds than lebron and kd for the past couple of years

    • Sam Reyes says:


      what ur talking about, Melo can rebound on the offensive end but if you gonna compare him with lebron pick well ur words, LBJ rebounds in both ends.

      both of them are good.

      but LBJ is better by far

  16. sports fan says:

    Chicago, Houston, & Dallas are all great choices for Carmelo.
    All three of these teams would become an instant contender.

  17. sports fan says:

    Chicago, Houston, & Dallas are all great choices for Carmelo.
    Any three of these teams would become an instant contender.

  18. ELDiabLo says:

    how i wish he would go to a team where the coach always makes ,ost of decission and play..anthony must be handled with coaches with caliber like thibs, rivers, (or even phil and van gundy)

  19. mtmt84 says:

    sorry guys. Its LA. Im 99% sure!

  20. Jon says:

    I hope melo goes to the wizards we would dominate

  21. Please Carmelo Anthony make the right move,and for me the right move is to go to Houston where you can be a good leader and you can get more shot around aside with Dwight Howard,J lin and J Harden,and signing a good point guard like Rodon from Celtics and why not C Bosh.serious NYC I don’t see you winning the title that side NYC .you need to get a Title for you and your family and for those who’ve been with you since you sign in NBA.Good luck Melo and may GOD direct you to the right move.

  22. Derp says:

    He’s a greedy bastard like LeBitch, He’ll stay in NY for the money then demand a trade in 6 months because he’s not happy about losing.

  23. GritnGrindin says:

    I wish my grizzlies had the cap to woo melo to memphis but that will never happen.. we have a solid core of conley gasol lee & randolph. We just need an athletic SF that can score! We would dominate with melo! TAYSHAUN IS WASHED WAIVE HIM PLZZZZZ

  24. LM says:

    Go to where the best pizza truly is, ‘Melo.

  25. Sam Reyes says:

    Every player a some point wants at least one ring, that is what makes them see they could get to the top… and be the best of the best…

    Carmelo Anthony can stay in NY, but there he will only get money, a ring will give him true satisfaction of being a champion and that he has only 2 options LA or Dallas( LA is rebuilding) so the Mavericks are the best option to take.

    if you seek a champion ring.

    Dont tell me the Bull can do the job, because the cant, they lack of several things and if melo goes there he will be stuck, not mentioning Rose will be back and feels like he is leaving already.

    Houston Doesnt has the exp. or the guts to get in the finals and take it.

    So Again im falling with the mavs and the Lakers, leaving the Mavericks as best option. to be a champion is something priceless and NY,Chicago,LA cant work that out for him now. now to finish, as jeff caplan said…

    As controversial as Mark Cuban‘s decision was not to bring back the 2011 title team and plot instead to create cap space under this CBA, Dallas is positioned to add another big-salary free agent in 2015. that means they will be aiming for more. Cuban also takes good care of his players. ask Dirk about it,

    • Charles says:

      R u smokn crack or wut? Chi-Town is READY rite now with Melo 2 win it all! All my Bulls need is offense & Melo gives up that. We have a top 3 coach in Thibs & we have a hell uv a defense as well. Melo can WIN now & later with the Bulls guaranteed.

  26. Jimmy says:

    Anyone who says Melo should go to the western conference right now is a FOOL. Look at those Rockets, they have firepower and yet lost in 6 games to Portland -_- just stop. Dallas was good already they just needed to step it up. So no. Lakers, wouldn’t get far even though I love Kobe. And people, the west is just toooo damn tough. Just think if the suns were in the east this past season, they would’ve been like the 3rd or 4th seed. And Melo isn’t a ball stopper, he just shows off his skills lol. And OBVIOUSLY teams don’t give any f**ks bcuz they want him.

  27. Marcus Anderson says:

    John Schuhmann you’re an idiot. Btw, NY’s pizza is garbage compared to Chicago.

  28. Dennis says:

    Does Golden State have a chance, I kinda think he’d be alright there, cause there a young and gun team, and melo can fit in that system, with his scoring ability. Or does GS not have the salary cap space?

  29. Hunter says:

    Melo to chiago why championship worthy bettter then the the oher teams for him to win kne there

  30. NeenahFromBrooklyn says:

    Melo to Chicago if he wants to compete for a championship. The Bulls have a complete team, no egos…..just guys who WANT TO WIN and one hell of a coach–and I think Melo could benefit from Coach Thibs.

  31. Deutztony says:

    He’ll be in Chicago alongside Rose, and Noah. Or be in Miami…

  32. Str8 facts says:

    I wouldn’t sign Melo for a max deal if you put a gun to my head. He’s a team killer. He’s a defensive liability, a ball hog, a nightmare to run offensive sets through, not a winner and never was, and to me the most overrated one dimensional player in all of the NBA.

    I don’t understand how his max contract can be worth more or close to what Lebron’s is. That’s just mind boggling to me. If you asked LBJ to play point and dish out 10-12 apg – he can do it. Rebound? Better than most PF’s and C’s in the league. LBJ is all NBA defensive 1st team like 6 times. AND he’s career scoring average is about the same as Melo’s. Not only Carmelo can’t do any of the above things, besides scoring 30/game, but he does that by taking like 30 shots per game mostly on stupid isolation plays with poor shot selection.

    Don’t mean to hate on Melo, but just look at his track record. Never took ANY team to the finals. Only made it ONCE to conference finals and lost. Couldn’t get past the 1st round of playoffs for most of his career. The guy is just not a franchise player and not a winner, despite what the Knicks think. How you can offer someone like that 130M for 5yrs is just beyond me.

    • Jimmy says:

      Bruh that’s Lebron James. -_- NOBODY comes close to Lebron besides KD right now. Can’t compare, they’re TOTALLY different. Lebron has had a few great teams, Melo had like one good one.

    • BS says:

      Good point but teams like Lakers, Chicago & even NY are desperate. Lebron is out of the question so who else is there to get?? This is why Melo is worth that much…

    • flex says:

      I think phil j knows a little more than you

  33. HTOWNR0CKETS says:

    just come to houston already..its a no brainer

  34. The Rock says:

    If Carmelo join Spurs, Pop will confirm scream at him. Because Pop system is everyone get to touch and shoot the ball, everyone defense and run to get the ball. Not asking and wait for the ball, Pop system cannot be lazy! If Melo join Spurs his mins will be minus. Hahaha. I means “IF”

  35. johnchillin says:

    i wouldn’t take melo. he’s selfish, takes ill-advised shots, and has never truly shown he can win in the nba. if you want someone who can get you 30 points, shooting 10 for 30…then he’s your man. i want a winner to build my team around.

  36. Denzio Yuzon says:


  37. hahoos says:

    new york has the best chinese food?

  38. BNic says:

    Every NBA team should pull the same scam on Mello that the MLB owners pulled on poor Andre Dawson and get together and do nothing but lowball him. But unlike Dawson, Melo is not worth a ton of money; he’s already proven that. It’s because of this kind of stupid spending mentality that fans started walking away from the NBA in the late ’90’s. That being said, he could probably win a ring in Dallas seeing that a great coach can win with Mello, as George Karl has already proven — to some extent. Maybe he wins with the Rockets. But mostly I have to agree with Jim’s post. I wish D Rose the best, but his return to greatness is more in question than Kobe’s right now.

  39. Manny rodriguez says:

    He should sighn in brooklyn still would b in NY and there better than the knicks

  40. Ryan41 says:

    If Melo wants a Ring…he must go to Dallas, the only team that gave a scare to the defending champs last playoffs up to game 7 and I’m sure that Dallas will dethrone them if Melo teams up with DIRK, MONTA, TYSON, VINCE & MARION plus their great coach in RICK CARLISLE. Dallas is a veteran team with great players and they know how to be a champion and Melo will never regret it. Cheers….

    • Carlo says:

      Yeah, but… To sign ‘Melo they’d probably have to let go Vince and Marion. And Chandler would burst in tears knowing he’ll have to cover ‘Melo’s a$$ on defense. And they traded Calderon – although this shouldn’t be a big issue for with ‘Melo you don’t need a PG for the ball simply stays “there”.

      • Sam Reyes says:

        Well Dallas is the best fit for melo, like it or not, people dont talk too much about it. but the thing is that chicago cant score, and houston has no coach ( they do , but a bad one) LA is rebuilding a six players team.

        Dallas has the chances, the money, the players and the COACH and the exp. to get to the finals and make a big noice there. Also i have to say that Dirk is not the all defensive player but when he has to go for it he does and well.

        Ask Tim Duncan.

        If melo wants to Finish like charles he should stay in NY but super stars win rings at some point, thats what says you had a success in your career, millions are already in the bank.

  41. jim says:

    Kicks- The same old story again. You can forget about rings.
    Lakers- See above. You will be playing for Kobe’s legacy if you can co-exist with him
    Bulls- Ross is finished. There is an Ever present Jordan’ shadow.
    Dallas- You can win a championship there. Cuban is not thrilled about you to begin with.
    Houston- Very good talent there.Looks like they want you more than anyone else.

  42. NoChipswithMelo says:

    I am a Knicks fan since 85. I absolutely do NOT want the ball movement killer back in Ny. Please! Anybody take this guy.

    • jamesrizzy says:

      Your a idiot. Your team will not win a championship anytime soon. I’d rather see Carmelo drop 30 every game then your team be a laughing stock every year, at least they got star power.

      • spurftw says:

        when melo left denver they got better…. he leaves ny… they get better.

      • Carlo says:

        YOU’re (check your spelling) an idiot. Knicks already were laughing stock in the last couple years WITH ‘Melo.
        Without him, in the worst case they’d be a cheaper laughing stock.
        Anyway, you’re a laughing stock not ’cause you lost but ’cause you lost while being a super-expensive team. With the Knicks’ money, San Antonio’s RC Buford would set up TWO teams and bring them to play the Finals one against each other.

        But I think Knicks could seriously improve by spending ‘Melo’s money on a couple serious players. Actually, the thing they did BEFORE ‘Melo’s coming. Then, they traded half of the team away to get him, also thanks to the stupid fans’ chanting “We want ‘Melo”. The same stupid fans booing the pick of Gallinari. The same stupid fans booing Woodson.
        Ok, then you got ‘Melo. You deserve what you got.

  43. granth says:

    go for Chicago Bulls…….Carmelo Anthony’

  44. TayCloudz says:

    Wait…who do the Mavs have???…they do not get out the West by adding Melo…theres still like five teams better out there

  45. E.T. says:

    Personally i think this is how it goes for Melo:

    1st choice: Rockets 35% chance
    2nd choice: Mavs 25% chance
    3rd choice: Bulls 10% chance
    4th choice: Lakers 15% chance
    5th choice: Knicks 15% chance

    1st two probably means he really wants a chance at winning a ring, 3rd is a bit of a gamble but imagine it all works out :D, 4th he wants the fair amounts of money (or actually take less lol) and one more player now or next years free agent 😉 and 5th he just wants the money and happy wife 😛

    ps: pizza is bad for ya drink some pineapple juice and eat all kind of berry’s hehehe

  46. johnnyhoops1980 says:

    Not need to list the other teams. If Melo wants the most guaranteed $$$ with the most years on a contract, he’ll sign back with the Knicks. If he wants an established team and an opportunity to win as quickly as possible, he signs with the Bulls. The Straighthoops blogs lays it out nicely The rest of the listed teams are just fluff, nothing that’s serious.

  47. harrythehawk says:

    There is a way he can still win and still have lots of money in his pocket. The Rockets. And a tax savings. But Lala likes lights camera action, and glitz and glam. Not much going on there. A happy wife is a happy life. So go to the Fakers and wait a year (for nothing possibly). That’s what you’d be doing anyway in New York. I would stay far away from Chicago. Rose is saying he isn’t ready to play USA Ball this summer, I wouldn’t chance it. Chicago is very iffy!

  48. tony says:

    Win a ring or 3 and the endorsements will be there!! Mavericks!!!!Nike,Adidas , we got some real soul food down here also forget the pizza!!

  49. b-rad says:

    I dont think going to the bulls gets him a ring. D-rose most likely wont be the same guy he was pre surgery and the rest of the team isnt that great besides noah. I also think the knicks would be stupid to sign him for the full price. They wont have much left to get other guys to surround him. I’d love to see him win with the knicks but if he takes the max deal to me its all about the $$$ and not winning. If he wont sign for less I say let him go and rebuild. Durant in 2016?

    • Carlo says:

      Knicks already are WAY over the cap. So, whether they sign him or not, they won’t have space for additions. They can just try some marginal trading.

  50. Melo should take it down to bulls and mavs those are they only teams that may bring him to a ring.

    If i was Melo i would go to Dallas because then they would have a Unstoppable Offense and D with Chandler back would be pretty good.And Melo actually shouldn’t go to Bulls because of Drose he might get injured again 75%.

    So Melo For your first ring go to the Mavs.

  51. Go SPURS says:

    If melo goes to Mavs then maybe they can get at least a twopeat. Just Saying

  52. koudrus says:

    This guy is not about championships just as his buddy LeBron. These greedy players play for their own legacy and not for the team. They are both stat stuffers but I’m yet to see them make their teammates better. Jordan had that ability he put fear into the heart of any player who didn’t perform up to par and he was just as demanding of himself. LeBron didn’t even care when his team lost in 5 games to the Spurs. Yes, the spurs were better but Miami failed to compete and that is also on Lebron. The same goes for Melo when his team plays lousy he should be the one to come down hard on em. But he’s just happy etting his money and maintaining his scoring average.

    • skrutz says:

      Since when is Lebron not about championships? Just finding reasons to hate.

    • lol says:

      Dude your stupidity and ignorance is showing go have a seat

    • Carlo says:

      No, Anthony and LBJ are very different. First of all LBJ is able to do everything on a court while CA can just shoot and rebound.
      LBJ was and is able to make his mates better. Unfortunately for him, he’s so dominant that all his teams and mates always look at him to make things happen and when things start to go wrong that becomes ball-hogging: leave the ball to LBJ and let him win the game for us. If you’re facing a sloppy opponent or in a lazy reg.season game, that can work but in the PO and vs a serious team, that’s doom.

  53. authordas says:

    Chicago is the most complete of all the teams. With the exception of bench. They NEED to resign DJ.

    Regardless, Chicago, a terrible offensive team STILL made it into the playoffs without their best offensive player! That says a lot. If Rose can stay healthy and add Anthony, they can make some people nervous in the east.

    • anthonybad says:

      any team that gets this guy is going to be worse. yay he can score the ball but his defense is what makes him useless. id rather have a 2 way player that can give 10-15pt avg any day. oh and with that 2 way player a team wouldnt have to pay 100 mil. leaving room to add depth. anthony will never win a title. that simple.

  54. Steven says:

    Carmelo Anthony can make $129 million over five years with the Knicks. Or $96 million over four with another team, so on the four year deal he would make around 24 million per year and when his deal up that team can sign him again to say a one year or so deal, so if they signed him for one more extra year he would still probably make over 20 million for that extra year… So really he wouldn’t be leaving 34 million on the table even more so if he signed to a place that has no state tax…

    Thing with Carmelo going to the Bulls is Derrick Rose health… He was in great health the first time he got hurt and out for rest of the season then he was cleared and in good health again but yet got hurt again and out for the season, so there are a lot of big ifs with Derrick Rose and that would be a leap of fate for Carmelo to take, say he does sign with the Bulls and Derrick Rose goes down again where’s that leave Carmelo? Only team I see for him to sign with are the Houston Rockets being they have to young stars that can play, but that does put you him back in the western conference the only downside… But again with the Bulls if D Rose gets hurt again…

    • what you dont understand about the whole 5 year 129M vs the 4 year 96M is that the contract is GUARANTEED. if say a serious injury occured to him before the 4th year that affected his game and market value, he would still be getting the promised money.

  55. CrZy_TwN says:

    It would be better for the bulls not to get melo based on these:

    1. Bulls line up will be decimated sincce they have to give up almost half their roster for him
    2. Let’s face it but melo’s defense is really awful. Joakim Noah may have to always help out and this may cause tensions in the long run.
    3. This is still Derrick Rose’s team, period.

  56. Jt says:

    Carmel, if you see this first and foremost enjoy the holiday weekend with your family. Secondly I understand that nothing we say really matters in the end it’s just hope and only your choice counts. Third I honestly understand wanting to stay in N.Y considering money and family but we would love you in Chicago! Your a Jordan brand guy and we haven’t had a championship since Jordan it would be awesome if you were the one to help do it again. I think you fit great and we have a big market. Sure you could retire a Knick and quite possibly never get a ring but you’re to good a player to go that way. Would love you here you win a few championships, retire and go back to N.Y or L.A with your wife as a champion!! #Melo to Chicago!

  57. amberforesto says:

    Correction- Chicago has the best pizza (Giordano’s anyone?), not New York (or anywhere else)!

  58. cyclist says:

    I laugh when people talk about Chicago being “the best place for Melo” Uhhh this team looked completely awful vs the mighty Washington Wizards this postseason. And why, after Melo hitched his ride to an oft-injured offensive monster in Amar’e Stoudemire 4 years ago, do you think he will once again hitch his ride to an oft-injured offensive monster in Derrick Rose?? The likelihood is that Rose is much closer to post surgery Penny, than he is to his former MVP self.

    • Sam Reyes says:

      If i was Carmelo, i would go to Dallas… not only because of Dirk and Ellis, also because of chandler and The coach…

      if he chose Dallas he will get a good bench and the team can get dangerous in attack and defense.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      erm, you are wrong sir.
      The bulls need to score. Melo can score.
      Plus if D-rose comes back then yeah Melo with the bulls is a great team.

      • Sam Reyes says:

        too much hope in a guy who can be side lined easier than my grand ma.

        Dallas can be a contender, chicago can be an elite one. but wont be a ring push.

  59. TheKush says:

    If New York will pony up the doe if I were him I’d stay in New York however if they want him to take pay cut in NEW YORK on the New York knicks no way in H*ll would I sign up for that. The New York media is pure evil and if I’m (Melo)the man playing in New York you better pay a max contract or I’m doing what Dwight Howard did and taking my talents to the Texas tax haven!

  60. bodjee says:

    Melo and Lebron should join force and take their talents to the Phoenix Sun.

  61. Cory D Bull says:

    Melo, if your reading this, put the money aside and think. Championship! Hoisting that trophy up as a city ROARS for you. No money can buy that. Look down at your hands…you see exactly what you would see if you don’t sign with Da Bulls. Now imagine a hand with a ring our two, with chances for more. Now I know you have to think of your future after ballin’. But, what the Bulls can give is enough for that. So, in the end, what do you truly want in your heart. Follow that! But, you can have it all plus some In the windy city. Just don’t be LaBron, and have a show about your decision on the four letter network. Go BULLS!

  62. Expert says:

    I hope he will not choose Bulls, as Bulls represents the team play, while Carmelo represents heroe play with no team, even though he is good player. But in team sports, team wins, not a solo player.

  63. chalice says:

    After this breakdown, it is pretty clear that if ‘Melo wants a ring, the best place is Chicago but if he wants money, the best place is New York. Anywhere else doesn’t seem to make any sense (unless there is something else we dont know about)

  64. Bullls says:

    bulls, only place I see him.

  65. jack says:

    The only reason why the other teams (in particular the ones that do not have stars in place already) seem to have greener horizons is because of the salary reduction he would be forced to take. He could just as well decide to take that reduction in NYC and balance that out. So the bigger question is, will you be able to bring help to NYC with a paycheck reduction?

  66. OKC says:

    3. A happy wife is a happy life. Also, New York has the best pizza, bagels and Chinese food. Also, see No. 1.

    Lol I think the Knicks are in trouble.

    • Sam Reyes says:


      Dallas is not cheap, but carlisle can help him to get a ring.

      ‘rings’ make wife happy and he wont be a superstar with empty hands.

  67. Sebastjan says:

    Melo should forget the money and join a championship team.

    That can be. OKC – perfect team for him. Or he should join the MIAMI HEAT with Lebron, Wade and Bosh.

  68. ko0kiE says:

    if you earned more money than u can spend in one lifetime ( i know i know…you can waste all the money in the world, but I’m talking about spending money) do you really want to have another pile of money? i mean there must be other things worth chasing.. like rings, legacy stuff like that?