No surprise, Dirk agrees with Dallas

VIDEO: Nowitzki stays in Dallas

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — The most predictable deal of the offseason has come through: Dirk Nowitzki will re-sign with the Dallas Mavericks on a three-year deal in the $30-million range.’s Marc Stein was first to report the new pact, which guarantees Nowitzki a 17th and 18th season, and gives him a player option on the third year.

Whether the timing suggests the Mavericks are out of luck in recruiting Carmelo Anthony to Dallas is unclear, although the expectation around the league is that Anthony will return to the New York Knicks on a max deal.

If Anthony doesn’t work out, Dallas has had strong interest in spending its sizable cap space on small forward Luol Deng, and also has interest in Rockets small forward and restricted free agent Chandler Parsons. Houston has maintained it will match any offer sheet made to Parsons, although that could change if they wind up landing Anthony.

Anthony met with both the Rockets and Mavericks on Wednesday.

Nowitzki, 36, made $22.7 million last season and averaged a team-high 21.7 points and 6.2 rebounds. With Nowitzki fully recovered from knee surgery that forced him out of the early portion of the 2012-13 season, Dallas, with Monta Ellis in the fold, produced one of the most efficient offenses in the league.

Defense was the Mavs’ Achilles heal, and they took steps to address that shortcoming by re-acquiring championship center Tyson Chandler in a deal with the Knicks. The Mavs’ front office also believes Chandler could help them land Anthony.

Nowitzki vowed to take a significant pay cut and came through as expected, accepting a deal that virtually appears to mirror the three-year, $30 million deal Spurs forward Tim Duncan accepted two summers ago.

According to Stein, Nowitzki will keep his no-trade clause. The player option after two seasons when he’ll turn 38 is interesting, allowing Nowitzki a final chance to explore the league’s power structure if the Mavs have not made it back to contender status in the Western Conference.


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  2. Ryan41 says:

    Melo should team up with Dirk, Monta, Chandler, Vince & Marion in DALLAS if he wants to dethrone the SPURS. I bet they will if it happens. MAVS forever!

  3. Jingo says:

    Dirk=Mavs, Spurs=Tim, Lakers=Kobe, Bulls=MJ, Melo=DOLLARS, LBJ=DOLLARS

  4. harrythehawk says:

    I think the Mavericks are a good team. Just not a great team. Dirk is selfless for his team but his loyalty has cost him a championship. Cause the Mavs aren’t going anyway. And Cuban knows it too. Carmello Anthony will never play there because he likes lights, camera and action. And it’s just not there. Sorry.

  5. Elijah 41 says:

    hoping the Mavericks signs Trevor Ariza, Luol Deng or Chandler Parsons..Another is Pau Gasol…Don’t care Melo, Mavs needsquality players not some hero ball type of player…

  6. Rip says:

    Why aren’t the Clippers after Melo? I think the Clippers need Melo if they should go after a championship. None of the other free agents would bring as much hope for the Clippers as Melo would do. Please Clippers, you need Melo!

  7. scott says:

    As a Spurs fan, you have to respect both Dirk and the Mavericks Organization – they try to take care of their core players within reason. Dirk is a quality, integrity guy.

  8. Zac says:

    Dirk should sign for 2 years for vet minimum, second year player option. opt out and then sign for 20mio with active bird rights. that would give dallas additional 8mio to spend this summer.

  9. nike_rome says:

    I know that Loyalty cannot feed you but in a place where constant change is nothing usual to everyday routine it would bring great pride and honor to have one thing that stays for a while. Likewise how would you imagine yourself leaving the team that has built you and have learned to love you more than anyone else. Vice versa, the team you have built in your entire career and already became face of the franchise, would you rather see it fell down while you win it all in another team? I’d rather not.
    Miami heat fans, as well as other teams fans would be jealous of us(mavs fans) right now having a unique player like him in our team and not anywhere else. Mavs fan for life.

  10. Tikolo says:

    Melo just want to wish you luck on whatever you decide to do. You are probably in a tough position and your decision will probably be the wrong one. You just have to believe in you and whatever you decide to do. If it was me I will go for the money casuse that is probably the only guarantee you can get at this time. But anyway good luck Baby Boy I wish I had your hand.

  11. Unkle Daddy says:

    Dirk your a man of integrity, I like it. Unfortunately I don’t believe we’ll ever see you in the conference finals again. You should have went shopping in my opinion, everybody else changes teams like underwear to win, maybe you should have followed suit. Loyalty vs. Being a Champion again…

    • sepjo says:

      Dirk already has a championship. so i prefer him to stay rather to see him go shopping only to find him fail to get another ring.
      Beside, Dirk still has a chance to compete for a title, even if melo wont come to dallas, mavs has a lot of options to make to compete for western finals this year. and next year mavs again will be a player in free agency.

  12. Carlos says:

    One of the fewfranchise players left. It is good he stayed with the team. I hope they won’t go for Melo, he does not fit their way of the game. They need other team players, who share the ball and play defense. Melo does not share or defend.

  13. New Jersey Nets Fan says:

    Parsons or Deng nice choices, i;ve been saying this a lot i hoping they can resign VC and Marion.

  14. kurLy says:

    Just a Fan, the article says “Defense was the Mavs’ Achilles heal, and they took steps to address that shortcoming by re-acquiring championship center Tyson Chandler” not Carmelo Anthony. Gets?

  15. Blazeraid says:

    Melo would be wise to choose either the Mavs or the Bulls. Two of the top three coaches in the league, and a better supporting cast on either team than he has ever had. Bulls would be my first pick if I were him, but Mavs would not be a bad option either. Any other team and hes not going to have the success he’s looking for.

  16. lalaal says:

    Melo best fits LA, his game matches perfectly to Kobes.

  17. Just a Fan says:

    just to quote “Defense was the Mavs’ Achilles heal” and they want Melo?!?! with Dirk and Tyson on the floor that leaves Melo defending LeBron and Durant, he’s got no chance….

    Parsons and Deng are much better options. Deng helps fix that defensive gaps, has proved he can defend the best. Parsons is no slop of D either, and he helps fill the 3pt shooting gap left by Jose’s departure…

    • B cast says:

      Lmao, you under estimate Carmelo’s Defense bc his offense over shadows it lol do you even watch him play #LakerFan

      • Carlo says:

        Unfortunately I’ve seen ‘Melo play way toooo much in these last two years. Knicks’ games were a real pain for a b’ball lover.

        And… Yes, ‘Melo IS a defensive liability, mainly out of his laziness. How many times we saw Chandler taking a foul to cover ‘Melo’s a$$?
        A team fielding ‘Melo is like playing 1-man offense and 4-men defense.

  18. Sam Reyes says:

    Melo Has to go with the mavs if he really wants a ring 🙂

    Mavs blue its the perfect color for melo to win a championship, not bulls black, or rockets red, LA gold can work but LA has a lack of stars in this point, The Mavericks are the only ones with: the exp, people and money ready to win. #melo should sing with Dirk, monta and Chandler….

    Carlisle knows how to make a ring appear !!