Morning Shootaround — July 3

VIDEO: GameTime’s crew discusses Kyle Lowry agreeing to a new deal with the Raptors

Report: Heat’s Big Three not working in concert | Reports: Several suitors for Gasol | Report: Kobe returns to L.A. for ‘Melo meeting | Report: Clips, Nets talk deal for Pierce | Report: Bulls plan to amnesty Boozer

No. 1: Report: Heat’s Big Three might not all be working on deal together — Last week, the Heat’s superstar trio of free agents, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, held a meeting together over dinner in Miami. Although few details emerged from the meeting, the common notion being they talked about their future together in the city as a group.’s Chris Broussard reports, though, that Wade and Bosh are unsure of what James is planning next:

When the Miami Heat’s “Big 3” went their separate ways after a lunch meeting last Wednesday, they went not knowing whether they had played their last game together, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

While Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were committed to returning to the Heat, LeBron James was unsure of what he would do, the sources said.

The only certainty coming out of the meeting concerning James was that he wanted a maximum-level salary.

James did not ask or suggest that Wade and Bosh opt out of their deals or take lesser salaries to allow the Heat to add other top players, according to the sources.

But sources who have spoken with two of the Big 3 said that was not the case. Bosh and Wade are intent on returning to Miami, but neither of them knows what James will do.

“It’s not a done deal,” said one source, when asked about James’ return to Miami. “That’s for sure.”

Bosh and Wade were so uncertain about James’s future after last week’s meeting that one of them spoke about what the Heat might look like without James, according to one source.

While both players expect to sign larger contracts overall, each is willing to take less money annually.

Bosh is looking to sign a five-year deal worth between $80 million and $90 million while Wade is thinking along the lines of $55 million-60 million over four years, sources said.

Those figures, combined with a max-level contract that would begin at $20.7 million for James, would not clear the cap room it would likely take to sign free-agent targets such as Kyle Lowry, Luol Deng and possibly Pau Gasol.

Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel gives Heat fans some hope, though, about LeBron returning … and it comes in the form of the Cavs having interest in Gordon Hayward:

With James yet to put himself in front of free-agent suitors, and with the Miami Heat more than at peace with the likelihood of James’ new contract starting at the 2014-15 NBA maximum of $20 million-plus, came word of the Cavs considering pouring their salary-cap space into an offer sheet for Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward.

Such a gambit by Cleveland, which was reported by ESPN and other media outlets, would effectively tie up the Cavaliers’ cap space until at least July 13, with July 10 the first day free-agent contracts can be offered, and with teams receiving offer sheets having up to three days to match.

A source familiar with Cleveland’s offseason machinations, which have included an NBA-maximum contract extension to guard Kyrie Irving and the selection of Kansas forward Andrew Wiggins with the No. 1 overall pick in last week’s NBA Draft, Wednesday told the Sun Sentinel that it was his impression the Cavaliers have decided to move past a short-term reunion with James, who left Cleveland in July 2010 to sign with the Heat.

The same source, however, said it is possible that even if Cleveland obtains Hayward, it could eventually be through a sign-and-trade transaction that could have the Cavaliers’ cap space back in place.

The fact that Cleveland would be willing to consider tying up valuable cap space for an extended period is an indication of the league-wide sense that James is returning to the Heat, if even for a short-term contract that yet could have him back on the market next summer.

VIDEO: Are the Big Three working together on a new deal?


No. 2: Reports: Spurs, Thunder among suitors for Pau Gasol Carmelo Anthony‘smeeting across the NBA map as well as the future of Miami’s Big Three of Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have dominated most of the discussion in free agency. But don’t overlook the widespread attention former L.A. Lakers’ star Pau Gasol is getting, too.’s Marc Stein reports that the Thunder, Spurs, Knicks and Bulls are among the teams that either have or will reach out to the big man. And, of course, Gasol has had some chats of late with the Lakers, too:

The Oklahoma City Thunder, with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook acting as lead recruiters, have unexpectedly emerged as a leading contender for the services of Los Angeles Lakers free-agent center Pau Gasol, according to sources close to the process.

Sources told that Durant and Westbrook made a face-to-face pitch Wednesday to Gasol in Los Angeles to join them in Oklahoma City despite the financial limitations the Thunder would face in signing him.

Thunder general manager Sam Presti also spoke Wednesday by phone to Gasol, according to, while sources say Memphis Grizzlies sharpshooter Mike Miller is also among the free agents Oklahoma City has pursued this week since the market opened Tuesday at 12:01 a.m. ET.

One source described Gasol as “opening up to the possibility” of joining forces with Durant and Westbrook even though Oklahoma City is limited to roughly $5 million in spending cash under the luxury-tax line at present.

Chicago Bulls officials, meanwhile, have scheduled a Thursday trip to Los Angeles to court Gasol, according to sources close to the process.

Sources added that the San Antonio Spurs, fresh off their fifth championship in franchise history, will also get legit consideration from Gasol if he decides he’s willing to play for a team with limited funds to spend on him. The Spurs, Thunder and New York Knicks are believed to be the only three such teams Gasol would consider joining in those circumstances.

The Lakers’ meeting Tuesday with Gasol, according to one source, “went very well.” Knicks president Phil Jackson and Heat president Pat Riley, sources said, are also among the big names to recruit Gasol via phone this week, while Chicago has long coveted the 7-footer.

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times confirms the Bulls’ intense interest in Gasol as well:

In recruiting Anthony, the Bulls hoped the Knicks would be interested in a sign-and-trade for Boozer’s expiring contract, but they have been rebuffed several times. The Bulls are assuming they’ll have to acquire Anthony as a free agent, and they felt good about their position after meeting with him Tuesday in Chicago.

That doesn’t mean the Bulls aren’t being proactive.

They’re headed to Los Angeles for a meeting with Lakers free-agent big man Pau Gasol, not only as an alternate plan if Anthony re-signs with the Knicks — the only team Bulls officials think is a threat in the sweepstakes — but also to sell Gasol on the idea that they can fit him under the salary cap with Anthony, but they’d have to get creative.

And Dan McCarney of the San Antonio Express-News spells out how Gasol might fit into the Spurs’ salary cap situation:

The Spurs currently have 11 players under contract for an estimated $58 million after agreeing with Patty Mills on a three-year deal that Stein pegged at around $12 million. First-round pick Kyle Anderson is slotted to make roughly $900,000. The 2014-15 salary cap is projected at $63 million, with a tax threshold of $77 million.

Barring some sort of sign-and-trade with the Lakers, Gasol would likely have to take the mid-level exception for little more than $5 million — a substantial pay cut from the $19.3 million he made last season, his seventh in Los Angeles and 13th overall.

It remains to be seen whether adding Gasol would preclude the Spurs from retaining free agent forward Boris Diaw, a key contributor to their recent championship.


No. 3: Report: Kobe returns to U.S. for Anthony’s meeting in L.A. — The Los Angeles Lakers have had serious interest in wooing Carmelo Anthony to California all summer … and now we know just how serious of interest they have. According to’s Ramona Shelburne, L.A. superstar Kobe Bryant his vacation early and flew home so he could be a part of the Lakers’ pitch to Anthony today:

UPDATE: 2:43 p.m.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar guard Kobe Bryant flew in late Wednesday night from a European vacation so he could attend and play a key part in the team’s pitch to free-agent forward Carmelo Anthony on Thursday, sources with knowledge of the situation said.

Bryant has a long history and friendship with Anthony and has been courting him for some time but felt it was important to be there when the Lakers made their pitch to him at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles.

The Lakers have made Anthony and fellow superstar free agent LeBron James the main focus of their offseason, going so far as to hold off hiring a coach and signing other free agents until they could make their pitches to the two players.

While they have called Rich Paul, James’ agent, and were hoping to meet with him soon, sources maintain James and Paul have yet to grant formal meetings to any teams.

Anthony is far from a consolation prize, however. Sources indicate the Lakers are enamored with his game and believe he would complement Bryant well. The Lakers hope to pair the two wings with center Pau Gasol, whom they met with on the first day of free agency.

The Bulls, Mavericks and Rockets all have made pitches to Anthony this week. The New York Knicks are expected to make the final pitch to him, according to

VIDEO: GameTime’s crew discusses what the Lakers will emphasize during Carmelo Anthony’s visit


No. 4: Report: Clips may try to reunite Pierce with RiversPaul Pierce and coach Doc Rivers have shared a bond ever since Rivers came aboard as the Boston Celtics’ coach in 2004-05. Together they helped Boston rise to an NBA title (in 2008) and led it on several lengthy playoff runs. But when that duo parted ways last summer — Rivers to L.A. as coach of the Clippers, Pierce (and Kevin Garnett) to Brooklyn in a trade — there was always a sense for some that the duo might reunite down the line somewhere. That may be coming to pass, perhaps, as’s Ramona Shelburne and Ohm Youngmisuk report the Clips are interested in acquiring Pierce:

The Los Angeles Clippers have engaged in conversations with the Brooklyn Nets to try to construct a sign-and-trade that would reunite small forward Paul Pierce with Doc Rivers, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Rivers, the Clippers’ president and coach, has had several conversations with Pierce since he became a free agent July 1.

Because Brooklyn holds his Bird rights, a sign-and-trade also would allow Pierce — who made $15.3 million last season — to sign for more than the midlevel exception.

The Clippers likely would include some combination of Jared Dudley, Matt Barnes and last year’s first-round pick, Reggie Bullock, according to sources. It’s possible a trade could expand to more teams as discussions progress.

Sources say that the Clippers’ pieces aren’t enough at the moment for the Nets, should Brooklyn opt to go the sign-and-trade route. While nothing is imminent, it’s possible a potential trade could expand to more teams as discussions progress.


No. 5: Report: Bulls will amnesty Boozer — Four summers ago, the Chicago Bulls had salary-cap space and ultimately ended up spending it on former Utah Jazz power forward Carlos Boozer. The relationship hasn’t worked out for either party and it seems the expected end to the Boozer-Bulls marriage is on the horizon. Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times reports Chicago has informed Boozer it will use the NBA’s amnesty provision to cut ties with him and his hefty contract:

Officially, the Bulls still have several weeks to decide if they want to invoke the amnesty provision for Carlos Boozer.

But they don’t need it.

A source said Wednesday that Boozer’s departure is a “done deal,” adding that Boozer’s camp already has been informed.

There haven’t been any takers on a sign-and-trade for Boozer, and the Bulls also want the money to go in a different direction, whether Carmelo Anthony is in the mix or not.

Under the amnesty provision, Boozer still will be paid the $16.8 million he’s due next season, but it won’t count against the salary cap.


SOME RANDOM NEWS: It appears both Kyle Lowry and the Toronto Raptors are both getting what they wanted in Lowry’s new, agreed-to deal … A harbinger of things to come in Minnesota? Kevin Love won’t be a part of the Minnesota Twins’ annual celebrity softball game … All that talk yesterday about Gordon Hayward getting a max offer sheet from the Cavs? It might not be true … The Nets and Cavs might be talking about a Marcus Thornton-for-Jarrett Jack swapKurt Rambis may end up being Derek Fisher‘s lead assistant coach in New York … Reigning Sixth Man of the Year winner Jamal Crawford wants a contract extension next summer … Former All-Star Josh Howard is among the names on the New Orleans Pelicans’ Summer League roster


  1. kidkash says:

    lets face it…kobe is done… he’s healthy now but im sure he’s injury will come back… he needs players just like melo, love to win championship again, jordan cant win championship without pippen, duncan cant win without parker and ginobili. so theres no problem when lebron teams up with wade and bosh, they only want to win championship, thats the ultimate goal in the nba and nothing more

  2. Melo Mavs = PERFECT

  3. Scottie Pimpin' says:

    Why are the bulls amnestieng Boozer he has 1 year left they shouldn’t waste it on him.
    They should instead amnesty rose, and go for a run with the current team they have and wait til’ boozer contract expires next summer and sign a star pg or big man.

    • Ric says:

      Rose is cleared to play.. they need a scoring point guard.. and even if he won’t be that athletic as he was before.. he was an MVP, a great player, and they need him on the roster. They have to land Anthony for firepower.. but has to move the inconsistent Boozer. Taj can take his role and Anthony plays some four.

  4. realist says:

    Hahaha Garnett would not join the Heat can’t see it happening, also see so many fools last couple months saying that my team should sign up Kevin Love and we’ll contend for sure..
    Any talks about him going to another team this season have to be via trades, or at very a least sign and trade, and I will laugh if Melo resigns with NYK and then Phil does the sneaky business and trades him to MIN for Love!

  5. vinsanefan says:

    Dear Spurs,

    Please do not sacrifice Boris Diaw for Pau Gasol. Such a move would severely complicate my love for the Spurs. If somethin ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    • Ric says:

      diaw is a free agent, but surely he would play for them at a low rate for another chance at a championship.. Bonner might b gone, and some other bench players.. that means, they can still deal for gasol but not that really lucrative amount..

  6. RAMON says:

    I’m not a fan of LEBRON JAMES, but i will be honest, he’s in no way overrated, cause he was the main reason why the cavaliers made it to the finals when nobody expected that including myself, and yes they got swept by the spurs, but the SPURS where a much better team, just like this year that they were much better, and they proved it in the finals. Is not the HEATS fault that the east has so many bad teams.

  7. justsayin says:


    Anyone else notice that Raptors fans are kings of the Imagined Slight on the blog?

    Lowry got his own full article, deal with it. Cause seriously, it’s like you guys suffer from short man’s complex or something.

  8. Alex says:

    Why would Melo stay in NY? He’s too smart for that. He’s going to LA to play for a real dynasty along one of the greatest of all time.

  9. RAMON says:

    Jordan played alongside hall of famers, Magic played alongside hall of famers, Bird played alongside hall of famers. DR.J never won a championship until the 76ers signed the great MOSES MALONE. I was a bulls fan back in the day, and i never heard people complaining when they signed DENNIS RODMAN, To play alongside PIPPEN, AND JORDAN, to make them a better team. Without RODMAN on that team, the bulls wouldnt have broken the winning record for a season nevertheless win the championship, cause i think the MAGIC would have beaten them again if they wouldnt have signed RODMAN to play for them.

  10. G.Popovich says:

    Carmelo will probably go to Mavs because he knows that Mavs are the only team that almost beat us Spurs and if Mavs get Melo, then we have a competition.

  11. RAMON says:

    Let me ask a question to the people saying that melo is overrated, cause hes never won a championship. BARKLEY,EWING,MALONE,STOCKTON,BAYLOR, Where all these hall fame players overrated cause they never won a championship either? I dont think so, cause in my book those are some of the best players that have played. People think that winning championships in any sport comes easy, but there really mistaken. Cause no matter what, is still a team sport. You win as a team and you lose as a team. If an individual could win championship by himself, then Chamberlain would have won way more championships than he did, but the celtics had better teams and thats the reason they always ended up beating the Lakers in the finals, even though Chamberlain was the most dominating player at the time.

  12. RAMON says:

    To everybody that keeps talking about miami buying championships, is far from the truth, cause all three of them took paycuts in order to play in miami. if they wouldnt have decided to take a paycut they never wouldnt have been able to play on the same team. I dont understand, cause i always hear people complaining about players been selfish and wanting to get the most money available to them, but when lebron took less money to go play in miami, people still complain about it. I wonder what people would have said if he took the maximum and stayed in cleveland where he was never going to win a championship with the players they had, cause even the so called greatest player like everybody likes to say needed Pippen,grant,paxson,armstrong and so on to win championships. the only team that i could recall that won a championship with no future hall of famers is the detroit pistons when they beat shaq and company. Didnt shaq decide to leave Orlando for L.A. cause they paid him more money and he wanted to be close to hollywood.

  13. koudrus says:

    Kahwi plays for a TEAM and not for individual accolades. He proved he had heart when he took on the challenge of guarding LeBron. He played DEFENCE( something Mellow knows nothing about) and did all the little things that make up the DNA of a champion. Yes Melo is overrated because he doesn’t shine at the Big Moment. A team follows it’s leaders and melo is a selfish ball hog and that’s why he’ll never win a ring! His only chance is to do a LeBron and form a superteam.

  14. american soldier says:

    i think melo will end up in chicago think lebron and wade will stay in miami bosh goes else where and they may pick up someone else. believe that the amnesty to boozer is a big clue that melo is coming to chicago that or they are going to try to bring back deng who fit in well with the chicago system and was an all star with them. if all that doesnt happen maybe they will get kevin love i feel no love or melo the bulls free agency will be bust.i can see paul peirce going to the clippers and maybe the retirement of kevin garnett. though the nets team as it is has potential just didnt have much chemistry last year and where injury plagued. no matter what happens this free agency will be the most interesting since the last time lebron was a free agent unfortunatly that was a disappointing free agency for most since all the big names descided lets make a super team that wasnt as super as the 90s bulls teams who didnt have to be built like that of an all star team much like the spurs team that beat them out. money shouldnt be allowed to buy championships like the heat did in miami its not baseball.

  15. HJ says:

    Anyone else notice the pathetic attempt by the NBA writer of this page to insult the Raptors by the putting the Kyle Lowry signing in the “Random News” section?

    • charless702 says:

      It IS “Random News.” It has nothing to do with numbers 1-5. You Canadians are so sensitive. It’s yesterday’s story and made the headlines on the main page. The point of this entire article is to talk about the major things happening today or in the very near future, not the past. The Raptors got knocked out the first round in a pathetic Eastern Conference. You should be happy they’re talking about them at all.

  16. Aljur nic says:

    For President Pat Riley: Go for a veteran like Garnett then sign deng.,add Kevin love and ray allen. Then go to lebron and give him a big contract he wants..for wade and bosh give them 2 year deal.

    • charless702 says:

      First off Garnett is either playing for Brooklyn or he’s retiring. He can’t stand Lebron or the Heat. Second what is Miami going to give up to get Kevin Love? Norris Cole and a late round draft pick? lol get real. Next, Ray Allen don’t got game anymore. He struggled to make wide open 3s all season long. He shot a very unimpressive 37.5% from 3 during the regular season. Even when things mattered most, in the playoffs, he only shot 38.8%. You also put too high a value on Deng. The guy definitely isn’t a difference maker.

      • DenH says:

        also garnett is under contract for like 12 mil, and as much as i respect the man, last season there was a visible drop in his performance, he is not the legend he once was, Kevin Love? yeah good luck getting him from the twolves without giving up bosh and picks, Love is 5 years younger and is definitely better, also love is looking for a max deal, deng is looking for 12-15mil THIS IS NOT BASEBALL, THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A SALARY CAP.

        P.S. Go celtics

  17. mike says:

    Paul piece go Clip is good idea!

  18. tomlukep says:

    Mr Sekou Smith, Kobe Bryant wasn’t on European vacation, but on Greek vacation and for your information he was amazed by Greek islands.

  19. ATS says:

    Melo stays home in NY

  20. Bill says:

    First let be frank, I am no fan o0f Lebron James, he so over rated and he thinks that he can win games by himself. News flash, Its a team game. My fervent hope is that nobody signs ego driven , egotistical self absorbed person . Let him sit out for a year to think about how he has behaved , and how the public sees him!!!!!!!

  21. Pedro Silva says:

    i think the carmelo and lebron goes to the SUNS, i put my faid on that.

    • Wade says:

      melo will go to LA with Pierce. They both love LA and even though Clippers is doing better now, Lakers have so many titles that they’re still the Brand of LA. LBJ stays in Miami with me until his career is done.

  22. Carlo says:

    @ knicks fan: Just a Knicks’ fan can say that. So ‘Melo is “big” ’cause he was once scoring champ (so he’s a scorer. so what?) He’s been 2 times in 2nd unit and 4 in 3rd unit (so there were many others better than him in 1st unit). He was 7 times All Star (so he got a lot of votes from brainless fans like you) and he even won MVP of the Rookie Challenge! Wow! That’s an accomplishment!

  23. JAYPS says:

    Lebron, Melo, and Kobe played well together during the 2008 Olympics. I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work. Lebron does his thing for 3 quarters, then kobe take’s over in the 4th and Melo just being melo shoot and drain three’s all day. If this happen’s LA would have the greatest big three of all time.

  24. gieorg says:

    It’d be fun to see the Miami Heat if LBJ leaves for Cavs. They will be an easy target of all West Conference teams….

  25. david t says:

    If Melo joins the Lakers along side Kobe, Pau, and Nash..The Lakers will certainly bring home another championship.. Lebron would never join the Lakers considering all the criticism he received when leaving the Cavs to join superstars in Miami. I’m excited to see how these decisions pan out!

    • LBJthaking!!!! says:

      I love how they wuld call Lebron Wade and Bosh the “big 3” when really its the big 1. Bosh and Wade r horrible!!

  26. Ethan says:

    On Gasol, “Former LA Lakers Star…” Not former, current.

  27. Big E says:

    If the heat get Kevin Love to sign trust Lebron will follow right behind. Then the heat can so some loyalty for Wade as far as Bosh he would get a take it or leave it deal and of course aquire a good role player like Matt Barnes

  28. gospursgo13 says:

    If Melo truly wants to win a title, he should go to Chicago. They’ve got the defense that Melo didn’t have in NY, and they have the best pieces already in place (Rose, Noah, Gibson). Melo and Lebron WILL NOT go to the same team. That would require one of them to play second fiddle to the other, and neither wants that. Lebron would be best to go to the Cavs, especially is they end up getting Love. I am 95% sure that neither Lebron nor Melo will go to LA.

  29. MathSimon says:

    Wow, can’t imagine the Spurs going out for a free agent, not to mention someone of Gasol’s caliber. Now that’s something new cause that typically is LA’s forte.

    If Spurs end up with Gasol, imagine the low-block with TD and Gasol. Heaven.

  30. harrythehawk says:

    I like Gasol to OKC. I also like Mike Miller to OKC. I’m starting to lean on Carmello Anthony may be considering the Fakers as a top choice. WOW!!!!!!!

    • jr says:

      Calm down moron ain’t no fake fans in Lakers land haters always gonna hate especially when the team has 16 nba championships compared to what ever you’re team has smuck

  31. See red says:

    Thank god Boozer is finally gone
    I was laughing when the UC booed him
    At the last game of the season when he
    Came in to replaced the injured Gibson,
    And his girlfriend got into a fight in the

  32. Steven says:

    I wondering if LeBron is leaning towards leaving Miami Heat? Being from the reports he wants a max contract or is it that he just wants more money which he really doesn’t need and now doesn’t really care about the rings? Meaning if you take a max contract and stay in Miami and Bosh and Wade making 15 million or so per year then there really not going have much of a better team than they did last year because most of there money is tied up in the big 3…

    D Wade and Bosh wanna stay in Miami that’s been said and reported but they said there unsure what LeBron is going do but longer it takes LeBron to figure that out Miami Heat are losing time in trying to get good player being a lot of them are already going be signed to other teams and they’ll be left with the players other teams really didn’t want… James wants a max deal and so he not going ask Wade or Bosh to take lesser salaries that would make him look bad… All 3 are going have to take less money if they wanna win more rings in Miami…

    • Bball7 says:

      He also kind of alluded to this during the finals. In the press conference he did say that winning 2 rings made it easier to lose a finals….smh he’s going,for money lol go to the 76ers Bron Bron

  33. okckd35 says:

    Gasol to okc and its over!

  34. Gotti says:

    kevin Garnett should come to miami at a veteran price. Do a sign in trade with bosh to rockets for jeremy Lin, draft pick and money. Wade and Haslem are both corner stone of the team so they aint going no where. pick up a lou dange for defends and perimeter player. So our starting line might be Jermery Lin, D wade , Louel Deng , Lebron James , and Kevin Garnett.

    • Mike says:

      Haha yeah because KG loved that idea when Ray Allen did it. They also can’t afford Deng, especially if they take on Lin’s contract.

  35. yvonne says:

    melo will go to the lakers and LeBron will stay in Miami ..

  36. Gotti says:

    kevin Garnett should come to miami at a veteran price. Do a sign in trade with bosh to rockets for jeremy Lin, draft pick and money. Wade and Haslem are both corner stone of the team so they aint going no where. pick up a lou dange for defends and perimeter player. So our starting line might be Jermery Lin, D wade , Louel Deng , Lebron James , and Kevin Garnett

    • NC says:

      Chris bosh to houston for jeremy Lin, Miami has got to be the dumbest team in the league if they make that trade, but i like the idea of picking up kevin Garnett

  37. El Stone says:

    I’m wondering if the Heat’s “Big 3” realize that by taking their time in making their decision (likely to draw as much media attention to themselves as possible), they’re losing out on the best free agents.

    As a Spurs fan, I was worried the Heat might get Gortat. Oops, too late. He just signed with Washington. I was also worried the Heat might pick up Gasol, but it looks like that’s too late as well.

    I think it’s funny that those attention-starved divas down in South Beach are too stupid to realize this.

  38. cw says:

    That Carmelo photo with Kobe looks just like the smile in Game of Zones…..

  39. Chris says:

    Heat should go with Wade, Lebron, and Melo. Let Bosh go. It would be grimey but a sick team.

  40. Titus says:

    Pierce good fit for the clips
    Nobody wants Boozer
    Like Lowry staying with the raptors
    Lebron stays a heat or goes to lakers with melo
    Gasol would be nice fit with any team

  41. TheKush says:

    I’ve heard commentators throw around the word mercenary when talking about LeBron James? If that’s the case then shouldn’t Shaq be considered a mercenary? should Charles Barkley be considered a mercenary. Shaq the most dominant player in his era went from franchise to franchise. LeBron will create his own legacy! If Miami doesn’t give him what he needs to win I don’t blame him for leaving.

    There was only 1 Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson had hall of famers coming off their BENCH. Even Jordan played with a few hall of famers in Pippen and Rodman! LeBron lead Cleveland to the NBA finals left them and the next season they had the WORST team in the NBA. If LeBron leaves Miami I don’t even know if they make the playoffs next season! He’s not getting any younger if I was him I would go to the best situation. ESPN needs to quit it Shaq’s legacy is doing just fine if you ask me and LeBron lived up to the hype!

    • Walker says:

      The only reason people give LeBron flack is because of the “decision” and the fact that he says things like I want to be the goat one day and that I’m going to on the Mt Rushmore of basketball. He makes proclamations but then goes against public opinion on how it is viewed to obtain that level greatness. so if he does leave Miami to chase rings in his prime than he is a mercenary. Both Shaq and Barkley started jumping from team to team near the end of their career not in their prime.

      • Trigga says:

        Shaq was in Orlando, LA, and Mami before he started to wind down. Barkley was in his prime when he went to Phoenix. Garnett wasted half his life in Minn., and soon as he leaves to form the first big three? Ring. People are just irrational when it comes to leBron. The guy announced hsi decision live to get a million bucks for a charity, and he gets hate.

  42. M. Brown (former NBA coach) says:

    Carmelo will end up in a Laker jersey. Kobe can be very persuasive (death stare).

  43. Brandon says:

    Well I think if the bulls can pull off geting Melo and paul to come play with Ross we got a few rings comeing we got all the missing pices around them guys if this happens we will have the # 1 team out there no lie bull lets make it happen spen that money jerry been sitting on LOL #TRU.

  44. lacrampa says:

    maybe KG can retire and take time to read about tim duncan the best PF ever.

  45. Celtics fan says:

    If Pierce goes to the Clippers, what will KG do?? I think Pierce is one of the main reasons why KG is still in the league. He wouldn’t have approved the trade that sent them to Brooklyn if Pierce wasn’t part of it.

    • sena says:

      it is the end of the will retire or go to elsewhere.besides clips will not gonna be stronger with pierce.they aren’t contender for a title.

    • Knew that this was going to happen bah! KG might go aswell. Seems that the teams are going to exchange some players between each other.

      Anyone out there that wants Boozer on their team??

      If Gasol goes, isn’t Boozer the answer for LAL? Cause Melo ain’t going to LAL 🙂

    • Blazers fan says:

      Melo is a little overrated, No rings, No MVPs… The focus should be on LeBron or Kawhi instead

      • reggohllabam'i llabehtemevig says:

        whoa, Kawhi’s not moving anywhere

      • knicks fan says:

        Melo is not overrated because he has
        NBA scoring champion: 2013
        6x All-NBA selection:
        Second team: 2010, 2013
        Third team: 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012
        7x NBA All-Star: 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
        NBA Rookie Challenge MVP: 2005[2]
        NBA All-Rookie selection:
        First team: 2004

      • menace says:

        you clearly are dumb or you dont know know anything about basketball how is one of the best scorers in the nba overrated cause he has no rings maybe its just cuse he has never gotten the right pieces on his team is charles barkely overrated ? he a hall of famer with out a ring I admit his defence is shakey but you melo is the best scorer in the league next to kobe and KD he has also been one of the best players in team USA history heck he is a top 10 player in the leauge Khawhi is talented and has a ring but hes is not even close to Melo interms of skill set Melo is an MVP candiate every year Kwahi isnt