‘Melo headed to Hollywood? LeBron taking offers?

VIDEO: The Los Angeles Times’ Mike Bresnahan details Carmelo Anthony’s meeting in L.A.

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Carmelo Anthony in purple and gold doesn’t seem so far-fetched after all, at least not to the Los Angeles Lakers.

In fact, the Lakers, long considered a long-shot to land the All-Star free agent forward, are reportedly prepared to offer Anthony a 4-year, $95 million contract, the maximum amount any team (other than the New York Knicks) can offer.

The pairing of Anthony and Kobe Bryant, his two-time gold medal-winning teammate on the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team, would give the Lakers the Hollywood buzz they’ve been lacking the past two seasons as they’ve stumbled from their perch among the Western Conference and NBA elite.

The Knicks, of course, can offer ‘Melo a fifth-year and $34 more million than anyone else. And according to multiple reports, that’s exactly what the Knicks have done.

Anthony visited Chicago, Houston and Dallas this week, getting the red carpet treatment on each stop. None of those suitors offers the added spice that comes with the Los Angeles market (Anthony’s wife LaLa is an actress/entertainer/journalist). Only New York can offer a comparable set of circumstances in that regard, plus that extra $34 million.

Spicing up the 4th of July weekend is the news that the agent for LeBron James, Rich Paul, has been conducting meetings with teams interested in luring his client away from Miami with the same max offer the Lakers are using to attract Anthony.

The Lakers have focused their attention on Anthony and James, trying to figure out if there is a way to unite them with Bryant. But it’s unclear if the Anthony and James are working in concert this summer.

Paul is in the process of narrowing down the list of legitimate suitors to three finalists for James, per a Yahoo! Sports report,  with face-to-face meetings with James and his camp next week in Cleveland.

If Anthony makes his decision before then, we’ll have our answer about whether or not he and James had a joint plan for free agency. In the meantime, Lakers fans are left to wonder what a Bryant-Anthony tandem would look like in Los Angeles …


  1. julesjulius says:

    Let’s be honest the best fit will be in dallas. He gets to team up with Tyson chandler again and plus the mavs are tough man, they are the only one that gave the spurs a very good fight and could have beated them. Good roster on the team too.

  2. Big Al says:

    If Melo is bound to stay in NY, I hope he says it now. I hate all this ‘where will Carmelo go’ hype when he ends up in the same team. But personally, I think he should move to LA. It would be interesting to see him play with Kobe, and if the latter retires, they will form a new team around him, at least more quickly than New York ever will. The Lakers can rebound from failure faster than pretty much any other team; the Knicks are a joke and will continue to be for such a long time.

  3. youngsieg856 says:

    I think the lakers need to stick with the team concept. I understand it’s Hollywood but I can’t see the superstar angle working especially not melo. I like melo but not at this point in his career. The Lakers already have a star of the future with randle. They just need a point guard maybe Isaiah Thomas bring ariza and gasol back sure up the bench and they are good. The coach was the biggest problem. They shouldn’t wait around for melo lowry is already gone and the collison signing left Isaiah Thomas wide open for them. Just get a TEAM again!

  4. #Pixars says:

    @jd get rite

    no MIAMI HEAT b4 he came(LeBron)? Heat was a Champion back then without DramaKing.
    and D-wade was MVP. okay pumpkin?!

  5. CK Luscious says:

    Great, 2 ball hogs who won’t play defense till the team knocks down 2-3 shots in a row, then they start to think about consecutive stops. Kobe has never played that good of defense unless absolutely forced, thats why he feels he has to expend so much energy on the offensive end only: he just gave up an open 3 & his man has 18 points on him all night already.

    Melo go where you might actually get a ring, not just bling. Seriously. These cats are done.

  6. holiwx says:

    Don’t understand the thought of leaving the money on the table ($34M), that would only happen if he never played anywhere the 5th year, other wise he would leave the difference between the 34M and what his 5th year salary would be.
    He also would be younger when going after his next contract.

  7. thejerr says:

    if melo signs with the lakers ill be crying tears of mediocrity for 4 years….. noooooooo, 45% career fg percentage and 41% as his career playoff average, plus hes not a defender….. sorry no no no and no we have kobe to chuck up shots at that kinda clip and hell at least play some D.(tho he risks it way to much trying get steals)

  8. Daniel says:

    I am not sure if this is true or not. If this article is true, how in the world is kobe going to get back in shape and lead the lakers to another title. It seems like he has gave up on his team.


  9. tambe says:

    LALA stands for la lakers!!!

  10. FrankL2010 says:

    I am no HEAT fan though I like Pat Riley very much during the Showtime Lakers. The reason I believed that WADE is not or was not in his best playing season is LeBron… he gets the credit anyway. Take LeBron out of Miami and you will again see the real Dwayne Wade. Just wondering 🙂

    • jd get rite says:

      Lol…U’ll never see the old dwade again that’s the reason he wants to play with stars he can’t carry the load anymore and needs that help…..no LeBron….no championship…..no playoffs

  11. KEViin says:

    Lebron should sign with the knicks with melo gone. Wade is just bad news, he was great, was….. not he is just a role player.
    the way i see it either miami resign Lebron and add some real ballers (must not be Dwade or Bosh), or let LBJ go to NY. I believe Phil will do the right thing!

  12. HakimNY says:

    Melo is enjoying and learning about his rights of free agency. Most of us in his position will do the same thing. He knows and Phil knows and most fans knows he is unstoppable in the NBA. This game is a team thing and Melo is well aware of that. Melo is not going anywhere. Born in NY…..Family loves NY and now is rooted in NY…….NY is giving him the MAX…Phil has made moves only he could have pulled off already and their is more to come……so take notes for those that really what to learn this game of business in NBA. Not just putting the ball in the hoop. Melo knows how James Dolan did some dump stuff in the past and Melo refused to be played. So this is a statement tour also that once you have earn your keep in this league you must give the respect due. But, God Willing, Phil can bring that old school dedication of commitment to the players, coaches, and fans they we can keep players together each year where that bond is solid and we are in it every year. Like San Antonio, CONGRATS!!! Solid organization. James Dolan is power struck and is afraid of looking human. He is not the only one. Melo, I am not hating enjoy and get money. I will be cheering and watching you in that Knick uniform this season. Die hard and dedicated to NY……HERE. Melo also if you read this I know i need to be part of your camp.


  13. CJ says:

    if i was Melo i’m taking that 33 mil

  14. Mr. Prisken says:

    He’ll be ringless all throughout his career if he’ll be a Laker.

    • kobefanjay says:

      The championship has been around since 1950 …so 64 years…the Lakers have 16 championships so they average 1 championship every 4 years…the offer is a 4 year deal so he should win a ring mathematically lol

  15. Uncle BB says:

    Screw Lebron James, this guy isn’t a Champion, he’s a band wagon jumper! I could give a bleep if this selfish sellout plays on the moon next year. I was a Miami fan before this guy came to my team. If he bails on another team in pursuit of his”legacy” this year, this punk is automatically out of the top five of all time question. Eat bleep Lebron, you are the epitome of all that is wrong with todays NBA players! THe real men and superstars and role models of the NBA are guys like Duncan and Dirk.

    • jd get rite says:

      Dude LeBron is one of the greatest players to play the game..if u were ah heat fan b4 he came then u definitely are not ah faithful fan because their was no Miami b4 he came just ah struggling team….he brought 2 championships n4 years and u think he’s wrong for chasing money….noone talked about shaq that way wen he left…if ur tru Miami fan u would acknowledge watt this guy did for ur team and organization

      • FrankL2010 says:

        No Miami? c’mon mate, they are already a champion before your LeBron came. Did you really think that if he stayed in Cleveland he can get a ring? I am not so sure about that.

  16. Ryan says:

    The Lakers don’t need another guy that needs the ball in their hands every possession, Kobe had a rough patch this past season, he’ll be fine, Kobe is Kobe, he doesn’t need to be athletic to dominate, he’s got the best IQ in the game and footwork, he can get 25 a game just by beating you with simple moves. Nash, needs to be gone, I’m sure he can still be affective, but his nerve damage is just keeping him out more than he is playing, and by the time he gets in a groove he’s out again with more nerve damage. We need a point guard, if we can get a point guard and another center instead of having Pau play the 5 because he is softer than normal centers, Lakers can spend all that money on a bench. If they can get Lowry, Kobe, Ariza, Pau and someone reliable at center, they have all the money they need to stack up a bench and keep Nick Young for sure, someone that can provide a spark off the bench. I’d love to see the Lakers pick up Parsons if they can’t get Ariza. Maybe they can get away with Pau at center and sign Love instead of Melo or Lebron. We don’t need them to be great, superstars provide a huge lift to any team, but if a superstar does to much it hurts them more, so having Kobe and Melo together would be a terrible idea, they both are shoot first players, and Kobe knows the Lakers are his team and Melo will cry about touches like Dwight did, because Dwight wanted to be the first option. No one will ever be the first option on the Lakers as long as Kobe is there. Lebron would be the best fit out of the 2, but I don’t want him to be in L.A. He doesn’t fold under the pressure of the game itself, he folds under the pressure of the lights, the fans and the media. When all eyes are on him he fades away more than he should. Lakers should focus on spending that money on either Love or a bunch of quality players, not Melo or Lebron.

  17. edward says:

    Let’s not forget about the opposition 2014-15 will showcase a lot of other rising good teams this will be a complicated season, but my vote will be for Melo to stay will the knicks but if decided to leave then join the bulls

  18. juliusmsanz says:

    Melo will never win a ring at this rate. A ball hog taking millions and millions and now he’s exepcted to go to LA?! C’mon man, are teams that desperate? Melo is overrated, I’d take Deng or Marion over him any day of the week. The Lakers are just crazy if they think Melo is going to win them anything, aren’t they already paying the injured kobe a ton of money for doing nothing? Just make sure you take care of Pau, who’s been with you guys despite all the trade rumors. As for Lebron, he should just go to the Suns and give them the final push, they look like a fun, competitive team and deserved a place in the playoffs last season. It amuses me sometimes how these players miss on some actual good teams just for a chance to make extra millions.

  19. Nico says:

    The Knicks can’t afford him. If the Knicks keep him, they can’t afford towels.
    Melo will not put up with another year losing in NY. I’m 100% sure he won’t be in NY. It would be bad for him, and bad for the Knicks…
    I just hope the Knicks can find a way to fix their money going down the drain with the overpaid injured guys who recently gave us the “wonderful” news that they’re staying (you know which ones I mean).

  20. Serdar Mete says:

    I believe the biggest problem is rebounding in Miami, they already got rid of an unhappy Chris Bosh and if they can solve it by a trade for Omer Asik or Greg Monroe, Miami is still the best fit for Lebron since they also got him what he wanted in the draft. D-Wade can stay but he must take a pay-cut.

  21. Ben says:

    This combination would Not work, kobi is too controlling.

  22. charless702 says:

    Look at all the Laker fans acting like their going to win it all next year. Last year Melo played with another aging star who couldn’t take the court, he had a lot better team, he played in the vastly inferior Eastern Conference and he still couldn’t make the playoffs or keep his team above .500. I honestly hope and pray Melo goes to the Lakers (even though the Bulls would be a great fit for him) because I just love to see the tears dripping off the faces of arrogant Laker fans.

  23. kingjordan23 says:

    lebron is a lil girl that dosent knows what he want and will never be treated with respect till he goes back to cleveland …and foe melo the chi is where he needs to be no matter what rose said…#ChicagoBullSchamps2015!!!!!!!!!!!!ring7! you heard it here first!

  24. spurftw says:

    this all star here that all star there. spurs repeat next year anyways who cares.

    • Carmelo will be Lakers says:

      You don’t understand the power and combination of Kobe and Melo as team mates and great friends.. Both this guys are shooters and can create their own shots.. together with P.Gasol.. If Melo will be in Laker uniform this coming season with their number 7 pick Power Forward Julius Randle all they need is a great point guard to guide Randle as well.. and Lakers can definitely beat San Antonio Spurs..

  25. koudrus says:

    I think melo will go to L.A. or stay in NY unfortunately. Because I think yhat this guy is more about media attention and suiting his wife LaLa(What a name). Mark my words

    • Ben says:

      He won’t go to la, they have no coach or good players.

    • Starsleeper says:

      It’s no strange choice to choose for your families best interest.
      Earning good money doing what you love and giving your wife the chance of making career in LA, doing what she loves, without having to live apart or travel to be able to see each other and the kids, seems like a very good deal to me.
      Maybe not the best place to be at the moment but LAL will surround him with Kobe and look for a good suporting cast so he’ll at least contend for an NBA title.

      Done deal to me, NBA championship or not.

      • kobefanjay says:

        having a wife is part of life as is having a job of which basketball is Carmelo’s…so what’s wrong with making decisions for yourself as well as your family. Im sure behind the scenes of all championships the reason everything works out is because ALL the pieces fall into place which includes the time not on court or at home…

  26. dd def says:

    as a Blazers fan, if this actually happens, i’m quitting life to become a burrito.

  27. Jun A says:

    Bryant plus Melo…The LA is now 24/7!!!

    • Nick Jones says:

      24 shots, 7 makes?? I’m a Laker fan and can’t see this going well with 2 of them taking the cap between them. Not sure how they keep Pau unless he takes a big pay cut and who else will we have?!

  28. american soldier says:

    melo should definatly go to chicago where he will be a championship contender look the bulls with out there allstar and hardly no scoring just there defense did as good as they did last two yrs. with him joining and not one but two scoring options plus there spot up jump shot draft pick who should be nba ready they will go far and boozer amnesty and gone he is a better scorer and you cant get much worse on defense then boozer did. plus unlike the other teams chicago has a good bench and lots of young talent.

  29. wilybunny says:

    melo in Hollywood oh..uh. he wife is an actress. oh uh. thas mean P&A (trble)

  30. newton anastacio says:

    It’s foolish for Carmelo for not signing with the lakers. Lakers are the most committed franchise to find ways to win Championships. They appear 31 finals and manage to win 16. With him signing with lakers, I’ll bet he will win championship with or without Kobe.

    • Andy says:

      Just like one player doesn’t win championships, neither does a team name. Last year proved that for the Lakers. Kobe will be like Wade, old and almost done. Marshmelo has proven that he can’t win one on his own time and time again. How would that be any different in a Lakers jersey?

    • Carlo says:

      Committment is about NEXT year, not the previous 16, 31 or whatever.

      Up to now, Lakers’ “committment” amounts to roughly… ehm… three players (one of whom is barely able to descend on the court) who nonetheless absorb a great slice of the salary cap.
      If they hire ‘Melo, they’ll have a 4-men roster. Good. But not enough to even start a game.

  31. Michael says:

    Melo-Kobe-Nash-Gasol = 50-50 season at best

    • funny. you think nash and gasol are still gonna be on the lakers next year after giving 96 million to Carmelo. I’m sorry, but Nash eating up our cap for a comfortable seat next to the head coach on the bench isn’t quite what I (or Buss) envision for the Lakers. My suggestion, leave melo and lebron out of this. let’s rebuild like the celtics, not shoot for some savior to come out of nowhere like what we did with dwight.

    • Nick Jones says:

      Possibly the worst defense in history…

  32. jOLAN says:

    I love how so many people are saying that money seems to be such a deciding factor. Of course it is when your that good. You dont want to lose out on millions of dollars. Just because you make a lot, it doesn’t change that a million dollars is still a lot of money. Did MJ take pay cuts to help his team? If Lebron leaves because Miami can’t give him a max contract, then they don’t deserve him. I love Dwade, but he needs to take a serious pay cut. He isnt close to being able to earn big money anymore. He should be coming off the bench as sixth man now.

    • Nick Jones says:

      Stop using MJ not taking cuts as a reason. In the first part of MJ’s career, he made $3m per year not $15m+

      • Rumbero says:

        I Agree with Nick. Mj was underpaid throughout his career being the best player in the planet, not to mention he was already a 4 time champion, until his last 2 seasons with the Bulls when he actually demanded and got paid what he truly deserved. Get it right!

  33. ROn ROn says:

    I wonder why Minnesota isn’t making any offers. Imagine the inside out game with him and Kevin Love. You want to talk about spreading the floor and confusing defences!! With Rubio feeding them the ball and pekovic and love cleaning up down low they would EASILY finsih in the top 4 in the western conference. EASILY!

  34. Faze says:

    Looks like an easy run to finals via the east for Miami again!! If Melo was actually smart, he would make a run in the east with the bulls. Spurs and OKC have west all locked

  35. MELOLOVER says:

    OVERPAID? OVERRATER?? had a 62 point game? and broke the 50 50 record? and multifple all star appearance and a scoring title??? its justice giving a man what is due to him

  36. leborn jaems says:

    dont worry guys im just keeping my options open.. my talents remain in south beach though prefferably

  37. holiwx says:

    Melo will take the money because LA LA likes the lights, NY is the winner. They deserve each other.

  38. Clear Thinker says:

    Alright, this has gone on long enough. Lebron, Melo, you guys need to go play with the Phoenix Suns. It should be as clear as day, ha, a SUNny day. The SUNS can offer both of you MAX CONTRACTS, good weather & a good supporting cast to run with. Lebron you will not ever have to play point or guard everybody on the court ever. If you do then that’ll be your choice. This will extend BOTH of your careers. Neither one of you are injury prone. You 2 would absolutely BALL for years to come. Lebron you already turned it up when you went to play for Miami now its time to crank it up a couple more notches bro! The 2 of you deserve a MAX deal. Yes it’s a smaller market but that’s the only downside.

    Lebron & Melo to the SUNS. Don’t blow this you guys, it’s time to wake up now. Focus!

    • LebronFan says:

      i completely agree with you… with the cast they have right now and are able to obtain while offering bron and melo both max contracts, that team can go places. although they’ll be in the west, not as easy of a road to the finals. but the suns with dragic, melo, bron, morris, plumlee is pretty scary.

    • More like Wishful Thinker.

  39. alibaba says:

    If it comes down to LA and NY, take the $34 million more Melo, ‘coz both teams aren’t going anywhere for the next 3 years. Kobe is only going to get older and slower, you can forget about Nash, and by getting paid the max won’t get you Love or James.

    So, you’ll end your career not getting a championship with either team, but you will get the extra $34 million in NY. That’s the bottom line.

  40. Lakerswillwin says:

    if melo goes to LA bron will follow..

    LA city > miami city
    Kobe > wade
    Melo > bosh
    whoever lakers hire > Spolestra

    Add to mix julius randle

    • Carlo says:

      You forgot:

      12 players (any team) > 4 players (LAL)

      Any coach (any team) > No coach (LAL)

      Almost any front office (any team) > Jim Buss (LAL)

      ‘Melo: “Ok, should I come here, who’s the coach?”
      Buss: “Brown. No, wait, I forgot we just fired him. Ehm… It’s D’Antoni. Yes, him. No, no, wait again. We fired him too. So… for the moment it’s my current girlfriend. Or maybe her dog. Don’t remember exactly.”

  41. KratosRage says:

    blah blah blah. stop the telenovela. at the end of this drama, MELO will still be with the knicks. Ive already seen this drama on tv thats why i change channel. That also goes to LEBRON.

    • Bullakers says:

      Just a reminder this is just a transition for the lakers from kobe era to melo/? era.kb signed 2yrs not five.

  42. Mahmoud Radfar says:

    I have no idea why it is given lot of values to Antony. I does not matter to which team he imposes himself the chance for him to get a ring is very slim! Phil Jackson thinks Antony can play the role of either MJ or Kobe for his team by offering him a huge money like what New York did to hire Stoudemire. These players are given huge millions of dollars but what is the output? The team gets worse, other the low paid players who can contribute more to the games are ignored for the sake of one or two so called super stars!

    • jrnogi says:

      Amare is a MVP caliber in his 1st season with the knicks… In my opinion, Knicks shouldn’t trade everyone for melo that time.

  43. pej says:

    If I were Melo I won’t go back to Knicks. It’s a team with questionable character and players not compatible with each other even whatever reshuffle therein. I’m not saying about the quality of players they got. They are all outstanding. For whatever reasons, they seems their feet are glued to the floor preventing them to play cohesively. I wish Fisher could mold the team into winner personality and get rid of loser mentality.

  44. jmals says:

    2009 The Nugs went to the conference finals against the Lakers. So never made it to the finals… Great scorer, not great defense, and needs to play more team ball (which he did for USA, and was a solid rebounder! So he can, but…). As a Laker fan I sure hope Kobe ain’t broke and Nash can rise from the dead. Otherwise…another painful year.

  45. Spurs Fan says:


  46. WaterMelon says:

    Melo – definitely the most overated overpaid ball hog player…. Carmelo : yeah i can score 40 points a game… just let me take 200 shot attempts per game…. why is melo even in the all star and top free agent…..

    • jrnogi says:

      Most Overated Overpaid ball hog player… HAHA – Joe johnson

      You should watch a knicks game so you could see that NO ONE in their line up wants to score… 🙂

  47. cramerica66 says:

    I don’t know why Lebron would even leave Miami, all four years he has been there he has made the finals and we all know he won two of them. That is not a very bad record for a team someone would go to in order to win. If money is the concern I am sure Miami will happily oblige. I would be shocked if he left Miami, but I think if Miami wants to continue to win either Wade and his hurt knees are going to have to leave, or everyone is going to have to take some serious pay cuts.

  48. 2009 WCF says:

    LAL vs DEN

    You trippin’ balls dawg.

  49. Patrick says:

    I don’t know exactly in which side of the equation the error is, but it’s clear that the amount paid to players is so far away of the reality set by the salary cap of the NBA. Should the NBA raise the salary cap or the players earn less? While the NBA keeps the idea of maintain the jerseys without any sponsors logos it seems impossible that the salary cap would decrease: more luxury taxes paid to keep those incredible salaries. Who’s able to take into account the real effect that any player has into his team market? How many tickets is an injured Bryant is still able to sell? Or an aged Nowitzki? Or a recent champion team named Miami Heat without the big 3? How effective a player is on selling cable channels signatures or NBA TV web signatures? If this is take into account is the salary paid to a star (or a regular/hole player) enough to cover the benefits he brings with his image/presence on the court? And among all of these the SA Spurs is the champion with all those ticket sellers playing for less than the salary cap with the best coach in the NBA… How is that possible? The LA Lakers were the champions in 2009 and 2010 without too many stars (Kobe and Pau, only) and a “don’t know what to expect from him” Bynum, but with the Zen Master on the lines. This is the real point: a team needs a bench (players and coaches) to be champion and, since James knows it very well he’s seeking to an opportunity to keep his high level game (at the same time he’s getting older) without carrying his team on his backs (this equation will not be solved without the player being cracked). All that said: I just keep myself wondering where the error is…

  50. Name (since it was "required") says:

    Suns, they are going to the suns.

  51. Erwan says:

    Sooo… who would play defence??

  52. JStar says:

    Well said Chuck. If he really wans to win now he should choose Chicago or Houston but I suppose the money is the biggest determining factor with most of these free Agents.

  53. Truth Teller! says:

    The first comment is hog rubbish! lol. couldn’t even wait til the ink dried. Only one of the lakers free agents has signed elsewhere so far. They are waiting to see what happens. If it goes well and they get some of the old dudes back they will be good….. As far as in bench play, they had one of the best benches in the nba. And the worst starting line up. lol.

  54. Kobe-James-Melo-Love-Nash says:

    What my dream is now becoming a reality.. GO LA!!!

    • lol LAL says:

      Need someone remind you of 03-04 Lakers? Shaq, Kobe, Payton, Malone…. lose in 5 to Detroit. Stack it up as high as you think your team needs to be they will just fall down. kobe melo… only 1 basketball. nash 40 years old. hey why not add kareem to that roster too! hes the best scorer ever! right?

  55. Fabio says:

    Let me start by saying I have been a Miami Heat Seazon Ticket Holder for the past 10 years.
    LeBron should leave and I will never blame or get upset at him. The real issue is Wade, he is far from the great player we use to see playing and at this moment is no more than another ordinary on our team. Big 3 including Wade is a bad joke.
    I am not being ungreatful, I will always love Wade for what he’s done for us but this is business and paying Wade any amount over 6 millions a year is giving money away. That’s the reality and we must all put our feelings for Wade aside and be truth to his actual playing level.
    I believe Riley is too faithful to do what is right for business which means the future will not be bright for us anytime soon.

    • charless702 says:

      Ohh so the season Shaq joined the team. lol. I’d have to disagree. Wade can still help Miami get through the weak Eastern Conference, just like this year. I sort of agree with you about the pay, except I think the number is more like $7-7.5M. Wade is Michael Jordan compared to Avery Bradley (which most people who aren’t hardcore basketball fans or Celtics fans know who that even is) and Bradley signed a 4 year $32M deal. Honestly I like to put down the Heat for the stupid stuff their players do or how they act, but last year they had a really good team. They just got destroyed by a great team that wouldn’t be denied again. Let’s pretend the 2014 Finals was Heat vs Thunder (or even Houston, Golden State, Clippers, Blazers or Grizzlies.) The Heat would have won in 5-6 games. Even if Miami can re-sign Lebron, Wade, Bosh and another Superstar it still wont be enough to take down the Spurs. Their team doesn’t match up well with them. Their best hope is bringing in 1 or 2 ok players and praying a team in the West can knock them off.

  56. Kelly says:

    This is going to happen.

  57. No No NO melo to the MAVS

    Melo Mavs = PERFECT

  58. Chuck says:

    Sekou, great take. A guy who has never been out of the second round and will take a huge discount, paired with an ancient injury-ridden Kobe and with no bench. This would only add to Melo’s legacy as one of the most overrated overpaid players ever. But maybe MJ will come out of retirement to make them a championship contender.

    • Yoshi says:

      Do your research, he’s made the conference finals.

    • os says:

      hey chuck quit your day job and be a full time hater

    • lance says:

      This is all a joke and fairy tales… lets not forget we’re talking about the 27-55 Lakers here with a worse roster than the Knicks and Cavs last year.
      If it’s “all about winning” the lakers are NOT the choice.
      Even if you have Melo, Lebron and old beat up selfish Kobe.. you have nobody else and aren’t over taking the top 4 seeds in the west.

      Lebron’s best shot is to stay in the East with the Heat where the teams are bad.
      Melo needs a big market and to win, best bet is Chicago.
      If he really wants to win he’s take 10 mill a year and go to Miami,

    • OKC says:

      I lol’ed

    • monstro says:

      Melo and the Nuggets actually played against the Lakers in the 2009 Western Conference Finals.

    • KDfan says:

      I like your angle dude! Melo is what 29? He needs a contender in a hurry, not a team that is retooling. Not a team who has a progressively slowing and injury prone Kobe. Bulls are the right fit for Melo if they can keep Taj and Butler and Rose stays healthy through the season. Melo can’t play defense and you can’t teach defense. Bulls is a solid defensive team as is and Melo can be their offensive juggernaut. Besides they have a great coach in Thib. If Melo is smart, he goes to Chicago. He should also make a FIRM decision, “money or ring”. Losing $34mil (although he won’t be getting a paupers salary) but playing on a much better team with realistic chances seems to be a no brainer. The Rockets will be a poor fit as they play ZERO defense which is ok in the regular season but detrimental in the playoffs. Pity he can’t pick Thunder, LOL.

    • Norris says:

      Never out of the second round? Check your sources before you make yourself look like a fool.

      • Mattew says:

        DEAR Sekou

        Just for the record, we Laker-fans do NOT want LeBron playing for the Lakers. We really dont want him! L’île we didnt want Brown or D’Antoni as Coach. I just hope this time Laker Management listens for once what the fanbase wants!


      • charless702 says:

        LMAO Mattew. You’d be the first one at the mall picking up a brand new Lebron/Lakers jersey.

    • pej says:

      Don’t inject MJ to the present, he is from other era.

    • JoshL says:

      Carmelo went to the Conference Finals in 2009; when they traded Iverson for Billups.

    • Lamont says:

      Melo made it to the western confernce finals in 2009

    • jibs911 says:

      yeah right and if he stays in new york he’ll win championships…..makes sense….obviously another lechoke lover over here…

    • timpson says:

      They r not on mjs level they don’t really Wanna win they just want the money.