Bucks’ Drew stays classy on way out

VIDEO: GameTime: Kidd to Milwaukee

Given what was done and how it happened, Larry Drew – freshly minted former head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks – would be within his rights to take a few parting shots at the team’s co-owners who abruptly fired him and the fellow who lobbied for Drew’s job while his warm rump still was in the seat.

It surely would feel good, after the wringer through which he was put in a span of 72 hours last weekend, to vent in the direction of Marc Lasry and Wes Edens, the co-owners, and Jason Kidd, the Bucks’ new coach thanks to his friendship with Lasry.

Of course, that might somehow gum up the delivery of the checks Drew will continue to receive — $5 million due to him for the final two years of his coaching contract. Here at Hang Time HQ, we know fired head coaches who wound up inviting the mailmen to their daughters’ weddings, based on the friendships they struck up loitering by the mailbox each month, awaiting the checks owed them. Nothing to gain in making those a day late or a dollar short.

The fact is, Drew handled the ham-handed firing-and-hiring with the same grace he showed in enduring the Bucks’ 15-67 plunge to the NBA’s basement last season. Milwaukee swapped its “Fear The Dear” bumper stickers from a few years back for a “We Don’t Tank But We Sure Do Stank” motto en route to another seat at the lottery.

Sure, he was the coach, but injuries, flaws in a roster with 11 new faces, underperformances by the likes of O.J. Mayo, Gary Neal and Ersan Ilyasova, and Larry Sanders’ misdeeds conspired to drag down Milwaukee’s results. Besides, a few more victories would have cost the Bucks the No. 2 spot and thus Jabari Parker, their ready-to-go cornerstone draftee.

Anyway, Drew issued a statement through the Bucks Thursday and kept it classy:


“I would like to thank Senator Herb Kohl and [general manager] John Hammond for giving me the opportunity to coach the Milwaukee Bucks this past season. Although my tenure was brief, it will forever be memorable.

“Thank you to all of the great Bucks fans for your love and support, you truly are some of the best fans in the NBA.

“My swift termination did come as a surprise to me, but I accept new owners Wesley Edens’ and Marc Lasry’s decision that they’ve made. I wish the entire Bucks organization and the great city of Milwaukee nothing but the best in the future.”


  1. JodyMack says:

    The big thing that I see that is a problem with J Kidd is he not a great X and O guy. I thought that there were times during the playoff run where a play called would have been a better option than the offense the Nets ran. Politics is alive and well in the pro game

  2. harrythehawk says:

    Larry Drew was getting canned anyway. I wish Jason Kidd the best. He’s got a great championship team to coach (lol) and Larry Drew can sit back and collect checks. I have a feeling Jason Kidd will be more successful. I know most of the comments here have been non-supportive. I just want the Bucks to have a better year.

  3. KDfan says:

    JKidd is not going to be the saving grace for the Bucks. He is the new owners friend and business client. Drew’s job was on the chopping board anyways. Who do you think would have even applied for that job. I’m not judging, but if I’m afforded a guess, JKidd is in this to make money and opportunity struck ( and the NBA is a fair business opportunity). He transfers from a team who had too much talent and experience to a team which probably has the least. I wish him all the luck and sincerely hope he proves me wrong.

  4. Dave O says:

    I always liked Jason Kidd as a player but as a person, less and less…

  5. mee(a)t says:

    There’s something tasteless about this situation. I mean were the bucks even looking forward to firing Larry Drew?

    • Bucks4Life says:

      As Bucks fans, we were excited to be going in a new direction. Drew experimented with 27 starting lineups last year (I think that’s a record), and failed to make proper in-game adjustments to led to a franchise record in losses. Call it whatever you want, but a season record of 15-67 in the NBA is understandably taken as a fireable offense, and Drew had to know with that and new ownership his chances of coming back were very small.

      • mee(a)t says:

        But its his first year there. I think it was like Mike Woodson situation where he’s gotten the team to the playoffs, yeah releasing him would be understandable. But its Drew’s first year, a year where the players were had injuries.

      • Carlo says:

        The Spurs had 24 different starting lineups in the same season. So, how do you compare this with Drew and the Bucks?

        Drew’s firing was obviously not because of the W/L record – which was largely foreseable and brought a top pick – but because of the disgusting behaviour of the owners and Kidd, let’s not try to disguise it.

      • Idiot says:

        You do realize the bucks were tanking right? As a bucks fan urself… u should know that.
        With that scrub roster, do you think they were making the playoffs? Is it his fault that Sanders broke his hand, Mayo overweight?
        If u are truly a bucks fan, you can see Drew benched some of his regular starters late in games where the bucks are close to purposely lose.. you are in the rebuilding phase… if he didnt tank, the team would be 11-12th seed and you wouldnt even have the #2 pick.