Silver lining follows Patty Mills’ injury

By Jeff Caplan,

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — The biggest downer of the day quickly turned sunny as San Antonio Spurs point guard Patty Mills, who learned Tuesday he will be out seven months following surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder, agreed Wednesday to a new three-year deal with the NBA champs.

San Antonio Express-News columnist Buck Harvey was first to report the silver lining:’s Marc Stein reported the deal is “in the range” of $12 million.

Tony Parker‘s backup produced blistering performances against the Miami Heat in the Finals, shooting 56.5 percent from beyond the arc (13-for-23). He averaged 10.2 points in 15.2 mpg. He scored 14 and 17 points in Games 4 and 5, respectively, and buried nine 3-pointers on 14 attempts in those two victories.

Mills, it turns out, was playing through discomfort in the shoulder during the season. Even so, he said learning the extent of the injury came as a shock. Unfortunately, it will keep the 25-year-old from competing for his native Australia in this summer’s FIBA World Cup in Spain.

Mills took on a larger role with the Spurs this season after the team did not re-sign Gary Neal. Mills averaged 10.2 points in 18.9 mpg. He made a career-high 135 3-pointers.

Another international Spurs player could miss the World Cup. Manu Ginobili reportedly played through the Finals with a stress fracture in his right leg. He has said he is hopeful to be able to play for Argentina.


  1. Carlo says:

    @really: Maybe Spurs fans don’t usually waste time whining about how hated is their star.
    Maybe Spurs fans are a bit more b’ball-educated to waste blog-space with useless posts like yours.

    About Mills: I think he made a rational, intelligent choice. He’ll get serious money in a winning team. What’s better?
    Maybe he realized (or the Spurs made him understand) he’s not (or not yet) a real NBA-1st-level PG and running away would land him in a difficult role (maybe in a losing team) and that would ruin his career definitely.

  2. Chris says:

    Congrats on the new contract Patty! Spurs fans couldn’t be happier to have Patty back. Once he recovers from injury he will be well rested and ready for the second half of the 2015 season.
    Just an FYI, Patty doesn’t care whether he’s starting or not, he’s a team player just like Manu who comes off the bench. Guys that resign with the Spurs are well aware of the value of team over individual. When you resign with the Spurs you are well schooled as to what you are getting into, Patty is a team player and a perfect with the Spurs organization.

  3. MathSimon says:


    Atleast these bandwagon fans follow a respectable team, unlike MIA bandwagon fans…

  4. wooderson says:

    absolutely gutted he is missing the world cup. our chances while are still high especially if Bogut plays, are less now

  5. El Stone says:

    Good job Spurs.

    Now go get Boris.

  6. harrythehawk says:

    Patty Mills dreams deferred. I bet he hoped to get picked up by a team willing to start him. Be patient my friend, in the mean time, it won’t hurt you pick up another championship ring.

  7. Leon Kennedy says:

    Maybe now he can use some of that money to pay back the Australian Government for all the Centrelink payments he received.

    Let’s see if he contributes to Aboriginal communities back home like he should do.

    • AussieCeltic says:

      Leon Kennedy, Patty Mills is, and has, been doing phenomenal things for the Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island communities. As the first Indigenous Australian to win and NBA championship, he is an exceptional role model to not only Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders, but all young Australians.

      Patty and his family have been doing plenty for their communities long before he proudly lifted that trophy up for all Australians.

      Your comment is uncalled for, uninformed and undeniably racist. The suggestion that because of his heritage he must have welfare payments to his name is outrageous.
      Inform and educate yourself. Here’s something for you to read into, other than his skin colour:

      I sincerely hope that you think next time you go to say something about someone’s heritage and abandon racist stereotypes that society has no place for.

      On a positive note, way to go on the new contract Patty! Much deserved. Can’t wait to see Larry in Canberra!

  8. charless702 says:

    I think Mills left quite a bit of money on the table so he could re-sign with the Spurs. Avery Bradley got $32M over 4 years ($8M per year) and Mills got a 3 year $12M deal ($4M per year.) Bradley had a slight edge in scoring but that’s about it. However Bradley also played 12 more minutes per game. I can definitely see him stepping into a much bigger role after next season. He was good running the back up point and he was even better at playing the 2 with Parker or Ginobili running the point. He is a really, really good 3 point shooter (only 3 players, who shot 3.9 3-pointers or more and played more than 50 games, shot a higher percentage.) He can handle the ball, drive and catch and shoot. Even the announcers had a hard time telling the difference between him and Tony Parker in game (so he had to be doing something right lol.) My favorite thing though is he was a great teammate. It was a pleasure watching him all year, whether it was him draining 3s or waving a towel on the bench. GSG!

  9. Flabingo says:

    It starts at the owner level, then the GM and Pop who gave up his job as GM to be the coach.
    Proud to be a Spurs fan. If ownership, GM and coach matters for a small market team, Milwaukee has no chance. And Miami are not that good, with or without Lebron,,Wade and Bosch. Patti will be ready for the playoffs

  10. Carlo says:

    Good news (the contract), although the injury isn’t nice.
    Hope Patty goes through a well devised rehab program and gets back at the right time with his usual verve.

    And, as not all damages become disgraces, Patty’s absence would be the occasion during the quieter early reg.season to train up Joseph and Anderson.

  11. really says:

    Why do I see so many people supporting the spurs now? If you look at posts from before the playoffs or even during them pre-finals you would see literally none of them…smells like the newest bandwagon.

    • Josh says:


      It’s about time Buddy Boy. The SPURS have been GREAT for a long time. It’s about damn time people take notice. Don’t hate because they’re the BEST. Appreciate!

  12. Frank says:

    So many people make a big deal about injuries. Spurs just play. If there is an injury, they don’t blow it up or expect any sympathy. Go spurs Go.

  13. Alex says:

    good on him the spurs now need to boris..

    • No Regrets says:

      Yes, boris sooner than later

      • Jeff says:

        Good they retained Patty, and agree that Boris was excellent during the whole series. I think he will resign as he knows where his best chances are……And for LBJ who surprisingly has posted “Hahahahaha” or are you changing your team “Hahahhahah”.