Rockets’ pitch puts ‘Melo in Lin’s place

VIDEO: David Aldridge and the NBA TV crew talk about where Carmelo Anthony might land

There have always been unwritten rules of the game:

— Taking out the starters in the fourth quarter of a blowout.

— No dunking or nailing a 3-pointer at the buzzer with a double-digit lead.

— Don’t throw the ball off an opponent’s face to get an out of bounds call.

But apparently there are no rules of decorum these days during the offseason. Or they’re getting a lot harder to define.

First we had Jason Kidd making a full-court press to replace Larry Drew as head coach of the Bucks even though Drew still held the job at the time.

Now we have the Rockets rolling out the welcome mat as part of their pitch to Carmelo Anthony by installing an image of the free agent over the front door to the Toyota Center wearing a No. 7 jersey.

Trouble is, that No. 7 belongs to Jeremy Lin and he’s still on the team.

Of course, if Anthony were to decide to throw in with Dwight Howard and James Harden and move to Houston, it would require that the Rockets trade Lin in order to clear out space under the salary cap. The word is that general manager Daryl Morey even has a deal — Philadelphia? — already lined up in the event that Melo picks the Rockets.

Still, is this a Lin-sult?

It is not the first time that Anthony and Lin have been a bad fit in the same colored uniform jerseys. Back in the early part of 2012 when Linsanity was the toast of New York and became a global phenomenon, Anthony was injured and on the sidelines. When the All-Star forward finally returned to the Knicks’ lineup, the pair did did not mesh, the offense bogged down and Anthony griped loudly.

The Rockets pursued Lin, who was a free agent in the summer of 2012, and eventually wrested him away from the Knicks by including a “poison pill” offer of a $15-million salary in the last of a three-year contract. Anthony called that “a ridiculous contract.” The Knicks didn’t match the offer and Lin has gone on to enjoy two seasons of being an integral part of the Rockets’ rotation. Until now.

After spending Tuesday in meetings with the Bulls, the Melo-thon moved onto Houston for a Wednesday morning meeting with the Rockets that turned into lunch before he was scheduled to fly to Dallas to meet with the Mavericks.

The Rockets welcoming committee consisted of team owner Leslie Alexander, team president Tad Brown and Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler, along with Howard and Harden. According to reports, the two sides met into the middle of the afternoon.

“It was just a really good meeting,” Drexler told reporters. “Carmelo is probably one of the best scorers in the history of the NBA. Anytime you have a chance to get a guy of that magnitude, you’ve got to pull out all the stops.”

It goes without saying that Lin wasn’t on hand to offer a hug or that No. 7 jersey.

What’s interesting is that if Anthony were to choose the Rockets, he might not even opt to wear No. 7. He wore No. 15 in college at Syracuse and at his first NBA stop in Denver. He couldn’t wear No. 15 in New York because it had already been retired in honor of Hall of Famer Earl Monroe. That number has currently been assigned to Rockets’ first-round draft choice Clint Capela, but something surely could be, ahem, worked out.

Apparently, the unwritten rules are even harder to read in the summer.



  1. J says:

    Lin is better off somewhere else. it is obvious that Mchale does not like the guy and does not want Lin to succeed. If you search Beverley and Lin both up on wiki, you would see that Lin was more productive in the regular season and playoff than Beverley with less minutes. By giving Beverley, Lin’s starting spot, McHale hurts his player’s confidence and could’ve limited Lin’s potential in the last season

  2. C Lara says:

    Since Rockets need a good PG, why don’t they go after Greivis Vasquez of the Raptors? He played 1778 min and Lowry played 2861 min. Regarding per game avg Vasquez PPG was 9.6 and Lowry was 17.4 Vaquez’s Ast was 323 and Lowry’s 586. He played very good against us while he was w/NO and he played well in Toronto. I think Vasquez is very good PG to consider to along w/Beverly.

  3. Z for 3 says:

    If the rockets were smart, they would try to land Luol Deng. One of the best defenders in the game, isnt necessarily challenged offensively, contract fits the cap space, and is the best “team” guy with his impeccable character. But the rockets are being their typical selves.

  4. Nick says:

    I hope all of you Houston fans get your wish and receive Melo, the ball movement killer. He can combine with “What, me play defense?” Harden, and “I’m too good to take advice, but I love to whine” Howard. Together, they can win a respectable amount of games, but when cohesive ball movement and hard-nosed defense is required – uh, like in the play-offs – fuhgettaboutit!

  5. Carlo says:

    Another good reason for being happy not to be a Rockets fan (expecially if you risk to sit near somebody like BOBS).

    Maybe Houston “fans” like BOBS will appreciate ‘Melo for I’m sure they appreciate Harden and Howard.
    If ‘Melo gets there, they’ll have a collection of egos which could rival that of the Knicks (where ‘Melo was, by the way…)

    Dear Jeremy, you were carried away by the Linsanity and landed a huge contract. Fans accusing you of that are just stupid: a player gets the money teams are available to give him.
    Now, although is not yet in your hands, let’s hope you get traded to a decent organization.

  6. loyd says:

    they will loss to the SPURS even with melo.

  7. marcospita says:

    This is a Kiddesque plot. Just a number in a jersey makes enough for an article.

  8. Balu says:

    Carmelo knows what team he wants to sign with. I don’t believe for a second that he is undecided and one of these pitches will help him decide. All this is just feeding his ego.

    Houston deciding to put up images of him wearing number 7 is their bad decision and their problem to deal with when Melo does not sign with them as they will have to deal with the aftermath of disrespecting one of their current players. How their Marketing Department could be stupid is beyond me.

    Melo’s best option is Chicago. He would be a fool to go anywhere else.

  9. BOBS says:

    To all of those who think Lin was disrespected, GET OVER IT!!!!! The guy was a total let down in the playoff and even cost the Rockets a critical game. He is gone no matter what. His contract is to much and is holding the team down for other moves. Lin should be so lucky to be in the same breath as a MELO.



  10. an NBA fan says:

    Though I really supported Lin in Houston with the good mix of players… there’s too much pride there: Dwight and Harden have huge ego’s now add Carmelo’s… oh god. McHale took Lin out on several occasions where he was helping or could’ve helped them win. Lin needs to speak up and leave for a better team, NOT 76ers. If he somehow ends up there he needs to opt out, cancel or do something to move to a different team where they can appreciate his hard team work ethic.

  11. HAWKS says:

    Try This Trade
    ATL Send Mike Scott to BKN
    LAC Send Danny Granger or Matt Barnes to ATL
    BKN Send Paul Pierce to LAC

  12. FrankL2010 says:

    RESPECT is not in the vocabulary of HOUSTON… stay humble J Lin, you will soon be rewarded

  13. TL says:

    morey doesn’t seem to know how to take care of your players.. i mean come on.. who would want to go to rockets knowing they treat their players this way?

  14. TL says:

    morey doesn’t seem to know how to take care of your players.. i mean come on.. who would want to go to rockets knowing they trade their players this way?

  15. vincent says:

    i wonder if there will be issues as to who gets the ball most of the time since both harden and melo seem to favor one-on-one. as far as lin goes, maybe he should get traded to a lesser team for a bigger opportunity. i mean, linsanity wasn’t just one game remember? but the moment harden came along..

  16. KC says:

    I’m so confused by this. What message are they sending to Melo? That team doesn’t matter? Or maybe that Houston loves you so long as you’re producing but as soon as you’re perceived as performing below your expected level you can expect to be disrespected by your own squad (of which you are still a team member)?

    Seriously, even if C. Anthony despises Lin (which I seriously doubt he does), how does treating a member of the family like dirt encourage Anthony to want to join that same dysfunctional family? It boggles any rational mind to see a “professional” organization behaving this way.

  17. lacrampa says:

    i was full of hope for houston 2 years ago, then i saw what kind of player harden really is. then dwight howard. mchale the “genius” of coaching, the asik situation, the lin “efficacity”.. now maybe melo the laughinstock max contract media boy, lol. Perfect fit for them.
    positive point, new york will stop to sufocate

  18. Pendy says:

    Poor team don’t know how to respect your player.

  19. Irie says:

    Jump ship to the Heat Lin! They need you there!

  20. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    The Rockets looked like a big prostitute with this number incident. You don’t even have to put up stupid pictures on your arena. First of all, the Bulls did the SAME THING, and second how is that going to help signing a free agent? if the money isn’t right, or the roster/city and other conditions, how are some silly posters supposed to help?
    it was completely unnecessary and that’s why i have a problem with it

  21. StopHating says:

    Why is everyone acting surprised that Jeremy Lin is getting traded? They made it pretty clear that If they pitch and get either Lebron or Melo that both Asik and Lin will have to go. As for the number on the jersey, we act like this was the first time it has happen. Dwight came to town and Patrick Beverly had to change his jersey number cause it was 12 also. We are throwing the jersey number incident way over board than it should be. It’s just a matter of business. I love Jeremy Lin because of his story. He was the biggest underdog of all time in all professional sport. You’re getting paid 15 million next season. Just play basketball.. doesn’t matter if it’s in Houston or somewhere else. In the end of the day it’s just a job and you go home.

    • TL says:

      no one is surprised that lin is getting trade, just shocked that houston’s treating their players this way

  22. DidiLee says:

    Lin is just trying to get traded. All his fans know that Houston is holding back his development. They don’t play in a multi-variable system and nobody wants to watch a ballhogger throw away 50 shots. Read his last two tweets, he doesn’t like where he’s at. It’s hard enough finding a spot in the NBA, let alone a team where you can thrive, and he knows it. It’s easy for Superstars like Melo cause he just pushes everyone out of his way. And he wonders why the only ring he’s wearing is his wife’s. Lin knows he can’t win a championship in Houston and that he won’t thrive there, although he’s had a lot of good games, he can’t learn much from Beverly or McHale. The part that probably bothers him the most is waiting on Houston to sign a Superstar before trading him. The question is…what if they don’t sign one? Not a good spot for him, despite the money that he’s making. His deal with Melo is not actually about Melo, but about how the organization is treating him. It’s a cry of, “Get me out of here!!!!”

  23. nbafan says:

    I’ve been a Rockets fan since I was about 5 and I’m disgusted with the way they’ve treated Jeremy Lin. It makes me not want to buy season tickets for next year.

  24. jake s. says:

    Rockets have a history of putting bad taste in their own players mouths. It happened to Asik and he ended up “injured” for a long period of time. What is going to happen is ‘Melo will resign with NY and Lin will feel like an outcast. Rockets just tanked their odds one more time. They have the same problem that the Clippers have. Poor management that emphasizes chauvinism over substance. Real advice for Rockets management : Follow Phil Jackson, Pop, and Presti.

  25. beruuu says:

    Every single time, Fran. Every time you write about Jeremy Lin or Omer Asik you mention that their contacts include a “poison pill”. A backloaded contract is not a poison pill. Rather, the term, in the context of a trade, refers to the contracts of players who have signed a big money extension to their rookie contracts but the extension hasn’t kicked in yet. Think Kyrie Irving next season. Say, hypothetically, the Cavs were to trade Irving now. Their outgoing salary would be his fourth year rookie scale salary. However, the incoming salary for the team that would acquire him would be the first max year salary of his contract (2015-16), which is what poison pill refers to.

  26. Billy says:

    Love would be a much better fit than Melo for Huston, who, with Harden, does not need any guy scoring 25 every night

    But ahha……but for this No.7 jersey incident, I almost forgot that Huston has no LOVE, at least for her own player.

  27. Noah Say says:

    Because houston is trying to be like miami, they think they can buy brand name players and pay them rediculous contracts and win a championship, they are being copycats and looking at this from a wrong view. Keep jeremy because they are so close to a championship they even know and are being childish with this pitch to carmelo. i actually hope j lin leaves now that i know how houston operates. J lin deserves better as humble as he is after all he has put up with. GO to a better team that wants you not for you linsanity Jeremy but for as a good a player as you are because i know there are teams that need you. Linsanity didnt put up 45 points vs Kobe Bryant, it was Jeremy Lin.

  28. JJC says:

    After Melo reviewing all these comments, he says good bye Huston, thank you for the lunch.

  29. Noah Say says:

    FIrst off, for a team to to do this is disrespectful, same thing as if i was working for an employer, HOuston wants a player that is brand name, they are gonna sign carmelo to a rediculous contract wish hes not even close to worth. J lin has help this team win. Houston has become shallow. Jlin is much younger than carmelo and has produce if not more. A slap in the face has happen earlier before this when houston bench J lin over a unconsistent player . J lin was worth every ounce of that contract..This is what you call business. this is not about winning because if it was about winning they would let lin start and be loyal.

  30. Bang bang says:

    Seriously, the Rockets don’t NEED Melo. Melo is a scorer meaning he needs the ball often to be effective. And so is Harden, he needs the ball to be effective also. And both are not great at defending the ball. What you’ll have is either a scramble of who is going to shoot or one player hogging it all. Then on the other side you’ll have bad defense. What the Rockets need is Kevin Love, he’ll get boards and shoot threes. That will open up the floor and Dwight can post up and be more free in the paint. Plus Harden won’t need to hesitate on taking threes and missing with Love and Howard on the boards. I’m also a Lin fan but I won’t be mad if he gets traded because Patrick Beverley is there and plus, Rockets needs more defense.

    • Bball7 says:

      I agree and Melo’s lack of defense will hurt them. Chandler parsons is on the rise and is an extremely solid small forward! I dont mind if we trade Lin, just for a defense player. Tony Allen? Just please, WE DON’T NEED MORE SCORING!

  31. ajboss says:

    If you want to know how Melo’s career will end up, just look at these two guys


  32. Jon says:

    This is how u treat your own player ?! In order to lure melo in the expense of disrespecting your current player?!?!

  33. Jose says:

    Adding Melo to Houston is a NO, NO. He cant play a team with having already a selfish player as he is. He wants to score more points and Harden too.

  34. underdogboy says:

    i want LIN to get traded and then get a better record than houston that will be awsome

  35. Mike D says:

    Rockets was ridiculous in offering Lin that deal. Now they looks more ridiculous dumping Lin.

    Lin is a winner, no doubt. Money in the pocket and laugh all the way to the bank.

  36. Vincent says:

    With Carmelo Anthony on the team. You will never win a Championship. He is not a team guy.
    He can put as many point he want, but you need team to win a Championship! Spurs is a good example. They don`t need anyone to put 30 points to win.

  37. Kimmy says:

    Linsanity gets no respect. Don’t worry, Mello isn’t going to Houston anyway. So Houston needs to backtrack like Milwaukee did, and trade Jeremy Lin, after the fact.

  38. MJ23 says:

    I hate the Houston Rockets organization now. What a despicable organization.

  39. gher says:

    i’d rather pay max contract to Kawai L. than to carmelo a. period………….

  40. Celtics fan 1 says:

    Way to many players want max contracts these days. The only ones who deserve it are lebron James, Kevin durant, Dwight howerd, lamarcus Aldridge and Cris Paul. Melo, deserves close to a max contract, but not a max contract.

    • alp says:

      dwight howard doesnt deserve a max contract, neither does alrdidge or chris paul, who has never seen a conference finals, even with stacked teams.

      • jorge says:

        Hold on buddy, Dwight Howard has seen 2 Conference Finals & 1 NBA Finals. & im pretty sure that if Aldridge, CP3, or if Dwight Howard were all free agents teams would be all over them to improve their team that’s how valuable they are that they would get a max contract!

        You hate them when they are on the opposing team but would love them on your own team.

      • boots says:

        Dwight Howard held up his end of the bargain, true his numbers are not like his Orlando numbers, but how can he put up those numbers with James Harden there? In Orlando he was the focus of the offense. In Houston, Harden is. And yet despite that and the injuries he was recovering from, he put up good numbers. If Portland and Clippers were in the East, both would have gone quite far

  41. Lakerforlife says:

    Pffff hate teams trying to make more of marketing move rather to make them selves better!!! I agree with you Wow but you need to understand superstars keep buildings full and makes money even if there’s no ring at the end!!!!
    He’s welcome in LALA land but if he doesnt come it’s better we’ll make a real championship^team!!! #BigUpJ-LinkeepitHumble

  42. Wow says:

    Why superstars get to pull the strings? Didn’t spurs just prove to everyone that Basketball is a team game?
    So sickening to see these superstars hold teams and teammates hostage.

    • skrutz says:

      Thea league tends to copy the champion to an extent, lets hope we see more sacrifice and team play.

  43. eschu says:

    Funny, Lin brought more hype to New York over 2 weeks than Melo could ever achieve.

  44. AG says:

    Has Melo been close to a NBA championship? “Buyers beware” when mortgaging the future for Melo. Just don’t see it.

  45. squala96 says:

    The Rockets should have loved Lin more than they did. By benching him in favor of Beverley, who is inferior overall, is the start of it all. Now we see posters of a former ‘rival’ in Carmelo wearing his jersey number.

    Houston doesn’t really need Anthony. They could have actually made a serious run to the Finals if not for stupid Portland (and Harden choking for that matter). The Spurs would have been there for the taking (4-nothing regular season record) in the WCSF and also the Thunder with a hobbling Ibaka in the WCF. Finally, with the Heat’s performance, any of the 8 western playoff teams could have beaten them.

    What they really need is a better coach. Imagine what a Popovich would have transformed this team into.

  46. TheKush says:

    Phil Jackson is a disrespectful mf “I’d like to appeal to his better nature of winning” How about Phil Jackson take a pay cut??? why is that out of the question? We’re not talking about playing in Milwaukee or some other small market team this is THE NEW YORK KNICKS. Why is salary cap even an issue? This is Carmelo Anthony we’re not talking about some scrub Melo is at a minimal top 10 in the league we’re talking about season ticket holders coming to the Garden just to see Melo. Phil Jackson is ludicrous. If I were Wade, LeBron or Melo there’s no way I’m taking some small contract.

    These guys get dissected daily and ripped apart by the media at the very least them dudes including Kevin Durant deserve a max contract. It’s those other unproven guys if anything that need a decrease in pay. Corporations are really pushing around employees this is even happening in sports now. disgusting I still thing Phil Jackson is overrated as coach. Give Phil the spurs and you got yourself a 30 win season! Give Phil the 2011 Dallas Mavs and you got 1st round exit!

    Phil jackson is overrated!

    • YoYo says:

      Melo is overrated and a cancer to the idea of team. When he left Denver, they became instantly better and when he came to New York, they remained flat. Phil is not a corporation or an owner. He gets paid a salary just like the players.

      If I were a Knicks fan, I would welcome the possibility of Melo leaving as that opens up the cap space to create an actual TEAM.

    • mj says:

      Sir u are stupid 11 rings dont lie coaching 2 of the best players ever to greatness

    • boots says:

      Melo’s not in the top 10, I’m not even sure he’s top 20. Look at the core 5-10 players of every single playoff team in the Western conference plus a few that barely missed it e.g. Suns. You’ll find that 2-3 members of their core are better than Melo

    • I cant believe he thinks phil jackson is overrated says:

      I cant believe you just said phil Jackson is overrated. You don’t have to “give him” to any team he’s already proven himself time and time again. And to slander Phil in the interest of defending Melo.

  47. Max says:

    Melo would NOT be a good fit in Houston. Who is going to get the shots for Melo? Think Howard or Harden? NOT!