Report: Cavs preparing ‘lucrative’ offer sheet for Jazz’s Hayward

VIDEO: Gordon Hayward dominates the Pistons for 32 points in a loss last season

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Forget wooing LeBron James back to Cleveland. The Cavaliers reportedly have their sights set on Utah Jazz restricted free agent Gordon Hayward, who is scheduled to visit Cleveland today and receive a “lucrative” offer sheet, as first reported by Yahoo! Sports.

The offer from the Cavs is believed to be a max deal, which for Hayward would be a four-year, $63 million deal with a first year salary of $14.8 million. That would be a substantial raise from the $3.5 million Hayward earned last season (although Hayward was still on his rookie deal).

But the Jazz have made it clear that they plan to match any offers made to Hayward.

The Cavaliers, with $20 million in cap space to work with, are banking on Hayward joining All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins, the No. 1 overall pick in last week’s Draft, as the building blocks for the future.

What that says about last year’s No. 1 overall pick, Anthony Bennett, and shooting guard Dion Waiters, another top Draft pick, remains to be seen. Unable to work their way into the James sweepstakes this summer, the Cavs have  clearly turned to their Plan B.

Hayward had a solid campaign in Utah, averaging 16.2 points, 5.1 rebounds and 5.2 assists in his first full season as a starter. But he’s a long way from James. Irving agreed to a max extension with the Cavs earlier this week, a five-year $90-million deal, keeping him in place as the face of the franchise.

Flanking him with Wiggins and Hayward would be an interesting scenario … but not necessarily one that pushes the Cavs into the elite of the Eastern Conference anytime soon.

So this proposed Hayward deal ranks as a bit of a head-scratcher, even in free agency, which is often filled with moves that don’t make sense at first glance.


  1. alli says:

    Come to big city

  2. LakerFan says:

    I’d rather spend that money by offering 10-12m$ to Ariza and an aging veteran role player that can sign for 2-3m$

  3. dkfjbklajdbad.bgsdkfbg says:

    well, Gordon Hayward’s not LeBron-level in terms of b-ball AND Starcraft… meh

  4. wtf cavs? says:

    he is not a all-star and never will be

  5. sedajames says:

    I don’t get the thinking with this move. The Cavs are the luckiest team in NBA history by landing 3 first round picks in the last 4 years. The biggest advantage of that is having incredibly talented players on cheap rookie deals that free up a lot of cap space.

    Offering Kyrie a max deal makes sense. But offering Hayward this much is absurd. He’s not a max contract player as he’s already close to his ceiling, and Cleveland is going to be in terrible shape in 3 years when Wiggins is up for renewal, and all their salary is tied up in just 3 players. I guess they didn’t learn anything from Miami/SA this year? You don’t win long term under the new CBA by spending yourself out of being able to afford a deep bench. They should go for discount vets like Anthony Carter or even Pau Gasol to bring the experience and leadership they sorely lack and focus on developing the young talent they have.

  6. Mark D says:

    Not sure why they don’t try and keep Deng. Deng was the good for Chicago, is 29 and in his prime and was reasonably good at defending LeBron.

    I agree that Hayward is a 8m – 10m player and not a max guy. Looking at the available SF’s you have:


    Aside from LBJ, there is not really a stand out, in their prime, max deal type of player in that list.

    If I am the Cav’s I would be looking to build the talent I have. Anthony Bennett is actually a really good prospect and a stretch 4 who really should be modelling his game on Charles Barkley. If he could turn that raw talent into anything close to a Barkley you would have a really good team – but he lacks confidence and could be a few years away. Tyler Zeller is also a great prospect and could be another Brooke Lopez maybe in a few years or so.

    In the interim they need a talented big who can defend but has a reasonably good offensive game – which was supposed to be Hawes who played great for Philly but didnt get it done for the Cavs (possibly coaching?). Gortat would have been great but he’s off the table. Pau might be good but can’t defend anymore (or needs a different system). Bynum would have been that guy but we all know what happened there… which doesn’t leave much else. Maybe take a gamble on Greg Monroe (or Oden another #1 pick!) but tbh they need to trade – maybe go after Asik.

  7. Kimmy says:

    Cleveland Cavaliers still looks like their city, a dump.

  8. Ellis Krout says:

    What the hell make’s him worth that much..? is he a STAR hell naw Superstars making 14.8 mil a year no way i pay him that much not a chance…

  9. Carlo says:

    You can call Cavs dumb for offering that much, but Phoenix will probably offer something just like that to Hayward. Hopfully 14-16 mil/year. I understand why a lot of you think Hayward is not max money, but This is a gamble, a hunch that a player like Hayward can develop into a Star. Its a big stretch of a bet, but I honestly think its worth it.

  10. pokie says:

    Could be the Cavs know Utah will match their offer to Hayward and this is just a great way to advertise for an upgrade at the wing by showing the rest of the available free agents what kind of deal Cleveland has the cap space to offer someone who would consider them.

  11. lacrampa says:

    July 2, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    it could be worse. that guy posting about his team trading their “hall of famer” for another team’s star could just as easily show up

    hmm, i smell a big move with norris cole

  12. 1gr8jazzfan says:

    Gordon Hayward is not worth the money that the Cavs are willing to offer. A max contract player is someone you should be able to rely on at the end of a game to make a big defensive play or take the last shot…this is not Gordon. As a Jazz fan I think we should let him walk. If we choose to match the contract we will have another AK 47 issue on our hands where he ends up being a mid-level player who is over paid.

  13. Devon says:

    Hayward needs to be retained…He’ll be an all-star in two years (in the west) and he’ll be an all-star in the east next year. Match the offer Jazz…seriously there is no talent like this for the Jazz to replace. They have the cap and are 3-4 years away from contending anyway, so sign the guy and keep your core intact!

  14. 747g says:

    63 mil 4 yrs seems steep for gordy, I guess we will know when utah matches or doesnt. but I’m expecting the cleveland cavs to push hard to move jacks contract along with a couple pieces such as tristan thompson,carrick felix or newly aquired 2nd round pick joe harris and powell. They could also put waiters on the block if they sign haywood, but I don’t think they should just yet.
    I do not expect them to try to move anthony bennett or sergey karasev with any success until they are given a season under a good coach.They will be much better with brown out of the picture so theres really no need to get rid of them for nothing.
    They probably could let anderson varejao walk so he can sign with a contender. esp if they can resign spencer hawes.and given wild-thing unreliability with so many freak injuries I doubt he’s worth the 9 mil for the final season anyway…but he’s a fan favorite. so who knows.If jack gets moved and varejao walks it clears plenty of additional cap for more aquisitions going forward. whether it be a lebron for the pipe dreamers, or a solid paint presence like monroe.
    either way the cavs look to be a couple seasons away, but with or without hayward they make the postseason in 14-15.

  15. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    the Cavs are idiots

  16. Art Vandelay says:

    The Cavs should trade Kyrie to Houston for Jeremy Lin and pair of Cirque du Soleil tickets

  17. AreUSerious??! says:

    $14.8M for Gordon Hayward??!
    Their shot at the East Finals has gone from slim to NONE if this goes through.

  18. TheKush says:

    I like that the Cavs for the effort but I think they underestimate the value of veteran leadership in the locker room! They did pretty much the same thing last year. Hopefully their plan works out better this year. If I were them I wouldn’t be in a rush to sign anyone. They got Kyrie see lets see what Wiggins and the other Canadian guy can do this year first and if it’s nothing much I’d weigh my options next season. Let the young guys play lets see what they can do.

    It pissed me off last year watching Mike Brown coach. It’s like nobody realises what makes popovich such a great coach. Popovich will sometimes devote entire games to his new players he’ll just randomly throw them in there and give them some real playing experience to see what they’re made of. Patty mills probably would have never got discovered if he was in Cleveland.

    Well if the cavs sign Hayward what are telling Wiggins and the other canadian guy and Waiters? I don’t under the message you’re sending by spending big money on a player that is going to do everything Wiggins to do? Hayward isn’t a great shooter he’s just good all around player which at the very least Wiggins will be in the next 2 – 3 years.

  19. TTKIN says:

    “but not necessarily one that pushes the Cavs into the elite of the Eastern Conference anytime soon.”

    ……That is really saying something then cuz it doesn’t exactly take much to get there. The num 1 seed in the East last yr was nearly knocked out the playoffs by the num 8 simply cuz they spotted up 5 guys to take 3s. That doesn’t say much about the conference’s “elite”.

    (8)Dallas nearly took (1)SA to the brink, but I doubt anyone will argue that the West was weak this yr.

    • Aaron says:

      Strategy has nothing to do with skill, other than execution. The Pacers aren’t built to defend 5 3 point shooters at once. Hardly any team is, other than the Spurs and Heat.

      Dallas nearly had 50 wins as an 8 seed, the East’s 8 seed was below .500
      Your last point is invalid.

  20. Co.-B says:

    Gordon Hayward is not max money. He is a 6M per year type of player. I’m not sure why the Lakers don’t trade Kobe for Kyrie. Kobe will force retirement and then join Phil and Fish in New York right when New York starts their playoff push.

    • Grego says:

      So the Lakers just trade Kobe for Kyrie….and the Cavs are just going to say “OK…sure Lakers”. Great take guy!…NOT!

    • jc says:

      $6mil is a little low, I’d say somewhere in the $8-10mil range for him at the moment. But who’s to say he can’t develop into a max money player?

    • Realist says:

      You sir, are an idiot.

    • Ur dumb says:

      Uvthink ghe cavs are gonna teade ktrie forba injured old kobe??

    • Nag says:

      I love it when r3tards like you comment on this site

    • haha says:

      it could be worse. that guy posting about his team trading their “hall of famer” for another team’s star could just as easily show up

    • StupidTradeSarcasticRemark says:

      Kyrie for Kobe, 8 first round picks, 40 million dollars, and the lakers eat Kobes entire salary.