Blogtable: Where Will Melo Land?

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VIDEO: Free agent Carmelo Anthony will have a choice to make in the days ahead

> The Bulls are charging hard for Carmelo Anthony. Other teams will follow. What are the chances he stays in New York? If not New York, where?

Steve Aschburner, I’d peg it at a 75 percent chance Anthony stays in New York. Or should I say, 34 million to 1, since that’s the gap — $34 million — between a max contract from the Knicks and the best deal he can get anywhere else. Typically, I scoff when media folks report the difference in contracts only in raw dollars, neglecting to note the difference in years (four vs. five). You usually can assume the player will get a “next” contract. But at Melo’s age, any new deal at age 34 won’t be starting at $29 million (the other $5 million is due to the bigger raises New York can pay him). Besides, he and his wife like the stage of New York, they have a child in school there and there’s no assurance he’d win a ring anywhere else. If he does go? Flip a coin: Miami or Chicago, the former if they’ll have him, the latter because that’s actually the best available fit for him.

Fran Blinebury, As a totally amateur oddsmaker, I still put it at about 10-1 against that he bolts. At the end of the day, Anthony is looking at leaving nearly $40 million on the table to leave the Knicks and his history has not been in that direction. Toss in the word that his wife supposedly doesn’t want to give up those Broadway lights and I think he stays. However, if Melo goes, I’d give Chicago the best shot.

Jeff Caplan, I’ve got it as a 50/50 toss-up right now between New York and Chicago, and I give the Knicks that good of a chance only because the city will surely tug at his heartstrings. After all, he is home.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comI have the Bulls as the team to beat, with the Knicks still in play. He obviously likes the city because he wanted to go there in the first place, and nobody tops the money. If it’s a winning thing, though, New York is out. Then it’s Chicago and Houston, and maybe Miami. The Heat give him the wins. I’m just not sure about the money and the role. I am not as convinced about Melo/South Florida as a lot of other people. See the appeal, just don’t see it actually happening.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comIf the Knicks are really offering Anthony the max (and willing to pay him more than $29 million when he’s 34), it would be hard for him to pass on a five-year, $129 million contract. If the chance at a championship is his top priority, then the Bulls have the most to offer, especially if they’re able to keep Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler. I’m not inside his head, so I can’t tell you what the odds are, but at this point in his career, Chicago should be his top choice.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comIt’s a toss up. The chances of Carmelo staying in New York depend on what it is the Knicks do when they get that last shot to recruit him. If they come up with a max offer, this is over. But I don’t think ‘Melo is conducting this national tour (from Chicago to a Texas two-step and then to Los Angeles) for show. He’s searching for the opportunity to win and win big, but he has to keep the bottom line in the equation as well. The Knicks can offer more than anyone else, of course, so they do have that chip to play, if they are willing to go there. But I don’t think this is about Carmelo going to the highest bidder. He’s in chasing titles mode right now, which means he’s got to give serious consideration to bolting from New York. Chicago makes the most sense to me. The structure is in place for him to compete at the highest level and in the Eastern Conference, where the landscape isn’t nearly as treacherous as it is in the Western Conference. That said, I wouldn’t count out the Hollywood/Kobe Bryant factor in this Melodrama.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogI think he stays in New York. I know he was out and about in Chicago and will be visiting with other teams in coming days, but to me the deciding factor here is money. Will Melo really leave $30 million on the table and leave New York, the city he jockeyed so hard to get to just a few years ago? And maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Melo will decide or has decided that the chance to win right now is the most important factor for him. If that’s the case, Chicago probably makes the most sense. (Actually, signing pretty much anywhere other than New York will give him that chance.) But considering that Carmelo is 30 years old and this is likely his last chance to sign a max contract, I don’t know if he’ll walk away from that extra cash. After all, money talks.


  1. Melo HAS to go to Mavs if not Melo, Buddy your career is O-V-E-R

  2. Migs says:

    so now Kobe is the only ball hog of the league. how about labron and melo. how about you do your resurch before you run youre mouth. Melo cant get aring with houston. THEY CANT MAKE FREE THROWS. HAHAHA Real TALK. We will end up in L.A. he dont care about money he wants to be the face of the team and with Kobe on his way out it will be Melos Lakers.

  3. MathSimon says:

    If its winning you want Melo, the Mavs have the best opportunity to offer;

    1.) Roster – Ellis, Nowitzki, Chandler. Yes we don’t have DRose but you know how injury-prone that guy has been recently (too bad for him though, hope you get well soon DRose)
    2.) Coaching – Carlisle is one of four active coaches to have a ring. As much as I like Thibs, you know Carlisle is better tested – from Pacers, Pistons to Mavs – he has consistently been a winner
    3.) Money – although we can’t offer you much, if you agree to sign in with us Mavs, Nowitzki will surely take that pay-cut to give you more.

    Go Cuban and pitch hard for Melo! Get Dirk that 2nd Ring he deserves!

  4. Dwightelling truth says:

    he going to Houston Rockets they offer him 23 million a year
    not a big drop off from 25.8 million a year with the Knicks this
    he won’t nearly get as much criticism but still in a good market with good weather
    championship for the next 4 years with Dwight Howard James Harden and Chandler Parsons
    have most complete team he has that is available out of Dallas Knicks Chicago Los Angeles

    all have multiple problems with the roster

    defensively Dwight Howard Patrick Beverley are their stars

    but you got a think on the San Antonio Spurs

    besides Leonard

    James harden is going to free throw he missed melo with offensive rebound put back
    Melo number 27.2 7.2 3.1 with rockets for next 4 years going win 3 championship

    • jason plain says:

      Melo won’t go to a team in the west because the west is to competive and he is looking for a ring. A ring will be easier to get in the east

  5. Demetrious says:

    I think he will go too the Chicago Bulls #7

  6. No clippers,go warriors says:

    ‘Melo should consider moving to Golden State.The Warriors are a very young,talented team with a young coach.Plus.he could play alongside the SplashBros,and help GSW win championships.

  7. Ben says:

    I am knicks fan and I think Carmelo should stay in ny until they are able to trade amare .

  8. Jennifer jenkins says:

    I like eggs

  9. bert says:

    He spent along time in Houston you all think he’s interested in the money I got news for u all he wants a championship think about it he’s about 30 and Houston has a better chance at getting the next NBA title. Howard harden melo damn shut up for real and really who wants to play with the biggest ball hogger Kobe Bryant

  10. Dirks2gatoradebottles says:

    Melo spent all day in Chicago, 6+ hours in Houston and just a little over 2 hours in Dallas. I think it’s time Mark Cuban once again moves to Plan B.

  11. Titus says:

    I live 100 miles away from carmelo take a right on cottage street go bout a quarter mile down on the right , the house with the red door and my neighbor is my cousins brother former roomate from Topeka Kansas and he said Carmelo told him one day at Publix that he was going to be in the NBA next year.

  12. Geremih says:

    He staying New York

  13. Dibango says:

    I just wish he falls in Miami

  14. Kdog 03 says:

    He goes to dallas he wants to win dirk monta Ellis and old teammate Tyson chandler no better combo. He goes to maves and they win the 2015 title ps don’t forget Rick Carolina

  15. KLorteau13 says:

    PJax is adamantly saying he’s not going to give him the max so that’s not going to be the deciding factor everybody is making it out to be

  16. Emonjay says:

    I most definitely think melo would go to tje Los Angeles Lakers my favorite team. Who doesn’t want to play with KOBE BRYANT

  17. Sammy says:

    ya’ll must be huffing bath salts..

    if you watch the video clip, read the article, or watch sportscenter,

    its OBVIOUS he’s going to land in chiraq

  18. Zac says:

    If you consider the roster of the 2011 Mavs Championship team, you wonder how they could win a championship. If you exchange some of the role players and add Melo, you know they could.

  19. Charles young says:

    What’s Melo anout winning or money? We will see!!!

  20. lacrampa says:

    Where Will Melo Land? maybe on his fat A

  21. Eric says:

    To me, Melo’s choice is fairly an easy one. Lets do a little roster comparison:

    Who would you take?

    Wade or Monta – The choice may be closer than you think. Wade is only going to get worse. Give me Monta
    Bosh or Dirk – Dirk is 36 and still outscored Bosh by 5 points a game. I choose Dirk, but its pretty close as well.
    James or Melo – Obviously anyone would pick Lebron, but for pure scoring, Melo is on the same level.
    Miami’s Center v. Chandler – Not even close. Not even debatable.
    Ray Allen or Vince Carter – Can’t go wrong either way. Basically the same player at this point.

    X-Factor: Dallas will have around $15-$17 million next summer to go after another big time player. They can make some small trades and have enough to make an offer for Love, Aldrige, Marc Gasol, etc.

    Chicago is enticing, but Rose’s health has to be a huge question mark. To offer Melo anything over $15mil, they are going to have to get rid of Butler and/or Taj. If Rose goes down, then they will not be a contender.

    Houston is also enticing, but if Melo goes there, out goes Chandler Parsons. As shoot-happy as Harden is and Dwight complaining about not getting the ball enough last year, there could be big time problems spreading the rock around.

    LA is laughable.

    NY is only in it because of the money and Lala. If he really wants a chance at winning, its not in NY.

    • Nick Jones says:

      Agree 100%. I’m a Lakers fan but don’t see it working especially when there is nothing outside of a recovering Kobe.

      Bulls or Mavs if he has any sense.

  22. ike says:

    lol hes not leaving ny, I live next door to J.R Smith and he informed him he will talk with other teams, but he will retire as a knick

    • Flames says:

      I train with mello at church street boxing & he told me he’s really considering mavs. I’m from Dallas but live in ny

  23. Max says:

    Melo not likely to leave the Knicks. If he does, then probably Houston? But have to share the “Glory” with Harden/Howard!

  24. Robert says:

    Sports Illustrated actually broke down the difference in pay after taxes and it comes out to making only about 10 million more in New York because of their tax code. I am sure his team is aware of this as when you are dealing with that kind of money you dont overlook details like this.

  25. Kimmy says:

    I agree. It seems like he may remain in New York. And you can’t blame him. It would be for great reasons (family first I suppose). That being said. When the Knicks start losing and possibly don’t make playoffs and CERTAINLY don’t win the championship title, he needs to shut up, and sit down somewhere… for about 2-3 seasons. That being said again, why not the Fakers? They’ve got a few years before they will see any playoff time. And he has nothing to lose financially. He already owns a home there!

  26. See red says:

    Melo to chicago
    Bulls 2015 champs

  27. Wade says:

    he’s coming to Lakers with Gasol and Kobe, plus Lowry and Hayward and Parson Chandler and Julius Randle and many of his Hollywood friends. Melo will be making movies after his basketball life so Lakers is a great place to end his career and still have many shots at the championship title.

    • Reed hill says:

      You’re an idiot, they don’t have money for that that’s impossible. Ever heard of cap space?