Blogtable: Jason Kidd is in Milwaukee

Jason Kidd joins a team that won only 15 games last season (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE)

Jason Kidd joins a team that won only 15 games last season. (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE)

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> Is Jason Kidd the right man for the job in Milwaukee? Anything else you want to say about how this whole Kidd-to-Bucks thing went down?

Steve Aschburner, I’ve been out front and outspoken on this topic already, so I’ll try not to repeat any previous harangue. When Kidd was hired by Brooklyn last year, my thought was: Interesting choice but he needs to take over a rebuilding team so he can learn and grow as a coach along with his players. The win-now, veteran-heavy Nets roster seemed like (and mostly was) a mismatch. So if Kidd had been fired, oh, last December when Brooklyn was losing and got hired by Milwaukee now — sometime after Larry Drew‘s firing — it would have seemed legit. But then, he wouldn’t have tipped his hand in craving personnel power — a privilege completely unearned at this point — or in relying so much on “buddy ball” with his wealthy pal, Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry. One more thing: Letting a coach weasel out of a four-year contract after one season to switch teams and double his pay is something the players and their union might want to bring up to the NBA owners at the next CBA talks in 2017.

Fran Blinebury, It was one thing to have Kidd trade in his jersey for a suit jacket and stand on the sidelines running a team packed with veterans and led by a couple of future Hall of Famers.  Now the Bucks are asking him to roll up his sleeves and go to work with a 15-win club.  No.  I believe that job takes more of a coaching background and resume. In addition, Kidd is a guy who always creates turmoil and heads for the door at the first sign of trouble. No reason to think he’s got the stomach or the know-how for this long-term job. As our man Steve Aschburner wrote, Kidd and the new owners ham-handedly handled the whole situation. Replace Larry Drew?  Fine.  But you do it with a whole lot more class.

Jeff Caplan, Who knows if Jason Kidd’s the right man for the job in Milwaukee? Which coach was the last right man there? George Karl? Don Nelson? I’ll give Kidd this, he managed to get the Nets turned around after that clueless start. But we’ll see what kind of patience he has with a young team that needs a teacher. As for how the whole situation went down, I have one word — despicable.

Scott Howard-Cooper, The big picture is that we just learned a lot about how the new Bucks ownership intends to conduct business. It’s not a good lesson, of course. Beyond the obvious that Kidd and Marc Lasry just gave a clinic on how not to handle the situation, beyond the fact that Larry Drew and John Hammond are two of the classiest people in the league and deserved professionalism and honesty instead of this back-door play, Lasry gave away his honeymoon in Milwaukee and gave away his credibility to get someone who would have been a questionable hire under the most basic circumstances. Underhanded and arrogant — making a basketball decision without input from your basketball people — never looks good. Underhanded and arrogant to get a coach with one season of experience and position him to run personnel looks even worse. So, no, I really don’t have anything else to say.

John Schuhmann, Once the Nets found their identity in January, Kidd did a nice job of managing his rotation and getting contributions from everybody, while keeping his vets relatively fresh. He made the most of his team’s matchup advantages in the playoffs against both Toronto and Miami. He’s a basketball savant. But what happened in Brooklyn is the latest evidence that he’s just not a good person. And the most important aspect of a coach’s success is the talent he has on the roster. The Bucks are lacking in that department.

Sekou Smith, He could be the right man for the job, but the way this was handled makes it extremely difficult to have anything but a sour taste in your mouth about Kidd and his future in Milwaukee or anywhere else. I’m going to avoid the moral soapbox and refrain from cracking Kidd or the Bucks for doing what they have done. This is the NBA. No one goes in thinking it’s going to be all roses and lollipops. Larry Drew, as low down as he was treated by both the Bucks and ultimately Kidd, will survive this. The Bucks will even shed this drama in time. Kidd’s reputation, however, might never recover.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: Perhaps it came out when I was watching the Money In The Bank pay-per-view the other night, but somehow I missed the memo where Larry Drew isn’t a good coach. I enjoyed watching his Hawks teams, who utilized a balanced offense and went to the playoffs three consecutive seasons. Drew also was terrific drawing up back-picks and slip-screen plays in last minute situations; Drew was no fan of Hero Ball. I think Jason Kidd is also a very good coach, and he improved as the season went along with the Nets, and he’s a bigger “name” than Larry Drew. So that’s all great. Maybe the way this situation shook out wasn’t handled as cleanly as it could’ve/should’ve been, but it is what it is. Either way, I’d like to have seen Kidd win more than 15 games last season in Milwaukee with that roster.


  1. No clippers,go warriors says:

    Really this hiring was very surprising and shocking.Milwaukee had a coach,Larry Drew,and suddenly just hired another one.Plus,they hired a coach,who only coached a year for Brooklyn,with not much experience,which makes it worse.They could’ve picked a better coach like Lionel Hollins,Mark Jackson,or even George Karl.

  2. birdie says:

    I used to wish Milwaukee well, but after that performance by the new scumbag owners and mega-scumbag Kidd, I hope they lose every game next season.

  3. Maybe Mil will now show progress. But I have zero desire for them to do anything.

  4. TheKush says:

    Mark jackson was doing what I thought was a pretty good job in G-State, Steve Kerr took his job and took in some pretty good money in the process! Steve Kerr is unproven as a coach but whatever. jason kidd jumps on an opportunity? he loves basketball loves the NBA maybe the way he did it wasn’t perfect… who cares… As proven by the Donald Sterling sauga the NBA presstitutes love to shift the blame on the EMPLOYEES when the problems usually start from OWNERS! I’m not saying to attack the owners but please at the very least tell all sides of the story From NBA ownership to team ownership and stop with the EMPLOYEE bashing. If I have a history of giving people food poisoning and I’m given a college diploma and Corporate restaurant hires me as their head chef Am I as the employee the only one to blame?

  5. Kimmy says:

    The NBA league has at (at least) 1 owner who “isn’t very nice”. So what? Do we care about coaches or players in that way? I don’t. Everyone is human, makes mistakes, fails and succeeds over the course of their lives. Will Larry Drew recover? Sure! Will Kidd get some sort of payback! Sure. But I wish both men the best moving forward. Because I for one, hated the season the Bucks had. And I’m not even a Bucks fan.

  6. R-Lo says:

    Jason Kidd is a clown. He need to focus on not getting arrested for domestic violence or DUI’s.

  7. Chris says:

    Larry Drew did the same thing to Woodson in ATL. Let’s not act like he’s a saint or that he didn’t have this coming. Goes around comes around buddy.

  8. Fr3D says:

    Another great read guys. Agree with all opinions voiced here. Only chance for Kidd is to become a Legend in Milwaukee, I mean for the right reasons.