Around the world with Spurs trophy


Among the stops the Larry O’Brien Trophy will be making this summer: Argentina, Australia, France and Italy. (NBAE via Getty Images)

How are you spending your summer vacation?

Sunny days at the beach? Lazy afternoons with a fishing pole in the water at a lake? Nerding out at the library?

Well, if you’re the Larry O’Brien Trophy, you’re all polished and shiny and ready with passport in hand to embark on a grand global tour, courtesy of the NBA champion Spurs.

The 2014 titlists have made plans for the championship trophy to visit and be on display in the hometowns of the Spurs as part of a worldwide celebration on a summer long grand excursion.

That’s no easy feat when you’re the team with the most international roster in the history of the game. So the trophy will visit the friends and families of players in 12 cities in six countries on four continents.

Beginning Thursday in Argentina, the trophy will also travel to Australia, Canada, Italy, France, as well as U.S. cities in New Hampshire, New York and California.

“This tour gives our organization an opportunity to celebrate our diverse roster and thank the NBA’s loyal fan support from around the globe,” said Spurs general manager R.C. Buford. “For the first time in Spurs history, our players will be able to bring  a unique part of the championship experience to their families, friends and fans.”

While in the possession of Spurs players, the Larry O’Brien Trophy will appear at various events, such as basketball camps, family gatherings, music festivals and charity events spanning four different continents.

Fans can follow the Larry O’Brien Trophy on its journey online at, as well as with the hashtag #SpursTrophyTour through the following Spurs social media channels: Twitter (@Spurs), Facebook ( and Instagram (OfficialSpurs).

No word on whether The Larry will find time to take its glittering talents on a side trip to South Beach.



  1. MathSimon says:

    @Kimmy hahaha, he’s been kind of a sour grape recently and this just might get on his nerves all the more! XD

  2. birdie says:

    This is a really good idea.

    • Jean Luke says:

      Only if you are an international basketball fan… otherwise its very lame. San Antonio fans prefer they start practicing and getting their team younger players and draft pick some chemistry. I think they really should get going on how to defend that trophy next year, instead of getting drunk with success like Miami did last year. Especially since San Antonio has never been able to go back to back.

  3. Gondo says:

    Brazil should be one of them

  4. Kimmy says:

    Kevin Durant is mad about this, don’t rub it in!

  5. daemonicusdeep says:

    The website doesnt state the schedule of the tour. How do we know which city the trophy will be on what date?

  6. Sri says:

    Why not Splitter’s Brazil??

  7. chuful29 says:

    LOL @ the last sentence.

    Hopefully the next time, it will reach here in the PH. BTW, Kawhi will be playing for an exhibition game or two against our national team as a tune up before FIBA 2014. Other Nba players such as Lillard, Pierce, Derozan, Lowry, Griffin and nock Johnson will also participate.