Report: Livingston, Warriors agree on deal

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Veteran point guard Shaun Livingston has reached an agreement to join the Golden State Warriors, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Livingston’s deal, for three years and a reported $16 million (with the third year partially guaranteed, per USA Today Sports), gives the Warriors a new dimension and some security in the backcourt

Livingston’s addition will allow All-Star point guard Steph Curry to play off the ball and alleviate some of the ball-handling and facilitating duties he shouldered last season. The Warriors will be adjusting to new coach Steve Kerr‘s system anyway, but the addition of a season veteran like Livingston gives them all sorts of possibilities in the backcourt.


  1. ricardo says:

    good for livingston he had a great season and proved that he is worth more than what bkn was offering , i like his fit in golden state bringing some size to the pg position

  2. Carlo says:

    Good deal on both parts. Now I wouldn’t be surprised to see Thompson – who looks unhappy – traded to improve further the roster.

  3. imissthethunder says:

    I’m happy for Livingston. He’s a very good player and everyone who’s anyone on the Nets needs to hurry up and get outta there too. This team is going to be in total rebuild mode (Peirce is out, will go to Clippers and old boss and Joe Johnson is a bum) , they have old people (Garnett) and injury issues (Derron) and will have chemistry issues because of new coach and overflated egos. And no coach yet.. Playoffs this upcoming season? Forget about it.

  4. Alex says:

    good work by the warriors but if theres a trade sending love to golden state i wouldn’t b surprised to see livingston in that deal… still good back up combo guard for steph and klay… sixth man of the year contender no doubt

  5. Kerry says:

    Great for Shaun Livingston as a nets fan i hate to see him go but he has a great potential to help team win

  6. Great pick up. Now what will the Pistons do with Smith and Monroe?

  7. kobeballhog says:

    finally some clarity regarding klay thompson status, yay! he will be traded guaranteed with the addition of livingston, its an obvious sign that the warriors doesnt need thompson anymore.

  8. TheKush says:

    Congrats to him! I’m still a bit confused about how the G-State is building their roster? All these guards and injury prone Bogut! As good as David Lee is offensively he’s not a good defender!

  9. Che Sunday says:

    This is what you call meeting immediate needs. Curry needs to have real minutes of rest to increase his poductivity. The best of this guy is yet to come. Go Warriors.

  10. Max says:

    Livingston as a PG? NOT! He would have made a better Bench for the Spurs. Kerr going to try Paul Porter’s system?

  11. beyne says:

    What a steal for GS, Livingston is huge and very well rounded

  12. OKC says:

    Wow that’s a great pick up for GSW. With Livingston at the 2 as a combo guard Curry can play more off the ball and will get a ton more open shots. I wonder if they are going to use him off the bench as a PG or if they are still thinking of dealing Thompson?

  13. Livingston allows AI to be packaged with Lee to acquire Love… Pressure off a Splash Brother’s Break-up!

  14. No clippers,go warriors says:

    Thats a great deal for us Warriors!We’ll have another great guard in our roster!#gowarriors

  15. Chuck says:

    Great for Shaun who has persevered and is a valuable guard. He adds to the chemistry of a fun team and is another example of a dysfunctional franchise run by a clueless GM. Maybe after five years King will want him back.