Irving commits to staying with Cavaliers

VIDEO: GameTime discusses Kyrie Irving’s contract extension with the Cavs

The partial season with Andrew Bynum was a comedy routine. Re-firing coach Mike Brown for old time’s sake was a move that crystalized the image of a franchise tripping over itself. And Luol Deng went from a major trade acquisition to a possible free-agent loss.

But the Cavaliers have apparently avoided the biggest disaster of all: They are keeping Kyrie Irving.

When Irving announced on Twitter just after free agency opened at 12:01 a.m. ET Tuesday that he had reached an agreement on a five-year max extension at an estimated $90 million, Cleveland had its future again.

In that moment, after a meeting with team officials and coaches in Irving’s home state of New Jersey, the Cavaliers all but officially locked up a point guard who could reach All-Star levels into the next decade, moved the perception of a badly listing organization farther into the background, and had the first major strike in the league.

These are the Cavs learning what a winning streak feels like again. Jump from the eighth-best odds in the lottery to No. 1, head into the search for Brown’s replacement with the intent of landing an up-and-comer who could grow with team and land the respected David Blatt, bask in the excitement of selecting the electric Andrew Wiggins with the top draft pick last Thursday, and now this.

While nothing can become official until the league-wide moratorium on signing contracts ends July 10, Irving and owner Dan Gilbert both announced the agreement following the meeting in New Jersey.

“I’m here for the long haul Cleveland!!! and I’m ecstatic!!” Irving declared on Twitter. “Super excited and blessed to be here and apart of something special.#ClevelandKID”

“Looking forward to the next 6 years of @KyrieIrving in CLE,” Gilbert tweeted. “Just shook hands &intend to sign on the 10th.Cant be more excited about @cavs…”

While the uncertainty of how — or if — Dion Waiters fits next to Irving in the back court still needs to be addressed, ending speculation about Irving’s future is a huge victory for the Cavaliers. So much as tabling extension talks would have been perceived as Cleveland on the brink of losing its latest NBA star, not long after LeBron James bolted, and created waves of distractions in 2014-15. But that ended Tuesday in New Jersey, with the kind of speed that became a statement all its own.


  1. ERIC JONES says:


    • jack says:

      Agreed. A disgruntled Irving will be traded in 4 years because they overspent on him and do not have enough left to provide him help.

  2. Cleveland’s ownership and management continue to add layer after layer of blunders. First they hire an out of touch coach who has no idea how to relate to the current NBA players and their culture. And now with everyone asking players to take a little less they go out and give a player the max. So now not only can they not attract any upper level free agents, they won’t be able to retain their unrestricted free agents and thus can’t afford to build a winner… no matter how many No. 1 picks they are lucky enough to acquire. Uncle Drew is out as soon as he and the team are primed to win!

  3. Truf says:

    People need to get off Dion and Kyrie not playing well together. If you watched last year, Dion found his place and grew up a lot after the birth of his first child. His game changed, his demeanor changed and Cavs would be better off ignoring the BS spewed out about the Kyrie and him, just like the Thunder ignored the BS about Durant and Westbrook not playing well together in the early years.

  4. BonnieBear29 says:

    Guys come on, do some math. Irving is not LeBron but he’s also not making LeBron money, even with this new deal. $90 mil for 5 years comes out to 18 per year. That puts him about with guys like Bosh, Z-Bo and D-Rose. LeBron is gonna get about $22-23 per year, way more than Irving. Obviously LeBron is worth every penny but not every team can have LeBron.

    This is a good deal for the Cavs. He’s only 22, get him locked in for five years now. Irving slipped a little last year but the whole team was a disaster. The year before his trajectory was an All-NBA player. I expect he’ll be on an All-NBA team at least 3 times on this contract, well worth the money.

  5. Kimmy says:

    I admire Kyrie Irving and happy for him that his team publicly invested in him. Still say he’s way overrated.

  6. Adel Salti says:

    I believe that the Cavs should try to get Andre Iguodala because he has great defence and is outstanding on the frastbreak which is one thing the Cavs cant score in. Iguodala also is a good 3-point shooter and can drive in the lane and dunk with ease and is not a ball hog at all. I think Iggy could be the solution to the Cavs problem and easily make the playoffs.

  7. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    he doesnt deserve that kind of money yet, not until he proves he can be a team player and win games

  8. Markus71 says:

    Has Kyrie Irving actually improved, the 3 yrs He’s been in the NBA? Could be saying Goodbye to Dion Waiters then, those 2 just haven’t gone well together.. Unless the new Coach can really turn things around, along with Andrew Wiggins. It maybe in 2 yrs that The Rookie will be demanding top Money! Trouble?

  9. Carlo says:

    Cavs are the “salt” of the League!

    Every and each year they do something absurd to entertain us all. Sometimes two.

    I love ’em. Hope NBA doesn’t intervene with some “fix’emup” action

  10. Only Four Short says:

    With just a little effort the Cleveland Cavaliers could place themselves in the history books, by becoming the first ever ALL GUARD SQUAD.

  11. We all knew that the Cavs were going to do this!


    1. Isn’t Kyrie Irving overrated? (he is a good player but not LBJ-KD level)
    2. Does this mean that Dion Waiters is going to demand a trade? (I would if I was Dion)
    3. Ok Cavs kept Kyrie, now uhm….who are they going to add to the team to help him out? (especially on D)


    • qq says:

      Since when do you need to be on lbj and kd level to get the max?

      Cavs didnt really have a choice here, they had to resign kyrie or be lottery bound once again.

    • DankNasty says:

      The max contract for Uncle Drew is going to be far better then the team that gives Gordon Haywood a max deal!

      Celtics get (it’s pronounced) Gordon for mid-level exception (if not walk away…RUNNN AWAY). I need a play off push this year CAVs. Boston has a better chance at the number one pick without the Cavs taking it every year and using it to pluck random people off the streets of Canada for the number one over all, BENNETTTT!!!!

    • CavsFan says:

      Alright boss, let me break this down for you. Lebron and KD are historically good. Not every great player in the league today is historically good. Not every player who has ever commanded a max salary is historically good. He’s getting paid on potential. Just like John Wall got paid on potential last year. Just like Eric Bledsoe will probably get from the Suns this year. He is not one of the great point guards yet, he’s not even one of the top 5 point guards in the league on the back of last season, but he has the potential to be both. As for Dion, I think they can make it work. The problem was that Mike Brown had no idea what he was doing on offense and was running pick and roll isos on every possession, so neither of them could learn to play together. David Blatt is an offensive genius. He will figure out something, at least I hope he does. And finally, who are they going to add? They just added the most hyped high school prospect since Lebron, a guy with superstar potential who WANTS to play lockdown defense. When was the last time you heard a rookie say First team All-Defense was their goal? Wiggins is their go-to perimeter defender, the role Deng was supposed to fill. They need an interior presence now. I’m hearing things about Gortat.

      The difference between winning and losing for the Cavs since they drafted Lebron has been… Lebron. Management has been poor. Coaching has been poor. This GM seems to have his head on right, he comes from the Suns front office that put together that great team with Nash and Amare and he’s a wheeler dealer from the School of Ujiri. And I hear great things about David Blatt. Like seriously, only great things.

      • I agree, Kyrie has the potential to be a huge game changer. I like his game a lot. Never really heard much of David Blatt, would be interesting to see how he performs. I think the GM and coach are both okay, but does the owner tend to be too involved in the all the decisions? Is he the person dragging the Cavs down? Anyway, that’s what I heard.