If money isn’t the ultimate factor, ‘Melo and Bulls are a perfect match

By Jeff Caplan, NBA.com

VIDEO: Where will Carmelo land?

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — The Carmelo Anthony Freedom Tour ’14 is off and running.

If the high-scoring superstar can stomach leaving tens of millions of dollars in New York, this whirlwind wine-and-dine is bound to end where it starts: Chicago.

Anthony, an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career, is in the Windy City today meeting with the Bulls, including emphatic center and franchise backbone Joakim Noah, whose seemingly been in ‘Melo’s ear since around the All-Star break. On Wednesday, he’ll do a two-step through income-tax-free Texas. First to Houston to meet with the always scheming Rockets where general manager Daryl Morey has plotted a super team since he assumed office. Later in the day, he’ll trek north to Dallas where the Bank of Cuban is open for business. Owner Mark Cuban is swinging for the fences for a third summer, but this time he believes he’s got the roster to go with the cap space (albeit not max cap space).

On Thursday, the coach-less Los Angeles Lakers will make their pitch. And finally, Phil Jackson and his 11 championship rings as coach of the Bulls and Lakers will get in the final word for the incumbent Knicks.

Even then there’s theories floating about that maybe Jackson really isn’t all that keen on bringing ‘Melo back, evidence being the way he keeps needling Anthony to re-sign at a discounted rate, a notion Anthony first broached during All-Star weekend; that perhaps Jackson and rookie coach Derek Fisher would be better off without the pressure of expectation in Year 1; better off without a max (or near-max) deal gobbling up valuable cap space when New York will finally have it in abundance to go star chasing in the summer of ’15.

But then there’s the curious trade last week between the Knicks and Mavs, in which both teams trumpeted the deal as a move to motivate ‘Melo to sign with them. Dallas reacquired beloved center Tyson Chandler, their fiery leader and defensive task master on the 2011 championship team. To get Chandler, they also had to take on sinking point guard Raymond Felton.

The Knicks received four players and two starters off the Mavs’ 49-win team, including steady veteran point guard Jose Calderon and erratic center Samuel Dalembert. Jackson said he thinks ‘Melo would relish playing with the sharp-shooting and fundamental wiz Calderon.

But Jackson also spoke of “chemistry” reasons for shipping out Chandler. Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson cheered it as a move that makes Dallas more desirable for a big-fish free agent. In the days following the trade, Chandler, speaking on a Dallas-area sports radio talk show, described his relationship with Anthony as “professional.” He said off the court they stay out of each other’s way, and on it they respect each other.

Sound cozy?

Whether Jackson wants to offer Anthony a max contract — five-years for about $129 million — he holds the power to offer the 2012-13 scoring champ many more millions than any other team. The Bulls, Rockets and Mavs all have work to do to clear the cap space necessary to offer Anthony the maximum they can — four years for about $96 million.

Dallas, for one, won’t get to that number, and will seek to sell Anthony on taking less to partner with a still very capable Dirk Nowitzki at 36, a reformed volume shooter in Monta Ellis and his former teammate Chandler as a premiere rim protector. Cuban will sell the genius of coach Rick Carlisle, who challenged Gregg Popovich and the Spurs to seven games in the first round, and above all else a front office that has operated aggressively and creatively enough to remain contenders to various degrees for more than a decade.

Houston will tout James Harden and Dwight Howard, but signing Anthony will shuffle Chandler Parsons out the door. And there’s concern, at least on the outside, how Harden, Howard and Anthony will share one basketball. In Los Angeles, where Anthony spends much of his offseason anyway, a tag-team with Kobe Bryant (and cap space in 2016 when Bryant comes off the books) will be the hard sell.

So back to Chicago where the Bulls haven’t played for a championship since Michael Jordan hung ’em up for a second time after the 1998 season. The formula seems ready-made for Anthony to drop in, take off and potentially take over a droopy Eastern Conference that has far fewer contenders than out West.

Coach Tom Thibodeau‘s defensive philosophy is entrenched in the Bulls’ DNA. Anthony’s scoring would instantly boost the Bulls’ offense that reached dreadful depths without Derrick Rose. Rose’s knees are a major question mark, and his salary — $18.9 million this season and up to $21.3 million in 2016-17 — can be fatal for long-term success if he can’t stay healthy. Then again, Rose could play the next 10 years injury-free.

With a roster that includes Noah patrolling the back line, two-way, youthful talent Jimmy Butler at shooting guard and Taj Gibson at power forward (assuming he’s not shipped out in an eventual sign-and-trade with New York) and Thibodeau at the controls, the Bulls and Anthony seem the preferable match.

Anthony turned 30 in May and is heading into his 12th season. A New York native, he loves playing on the Madison Square Garden stage. But transforming that stage into a championship parade will take patience beyond this year, a quality Anthony has acknowledged is in short supply at this crossroads of his career.

He’s earned more than $135 million in salary and made a small fortune from endorsement deals.

If Anthony can make peace with leaving tens of millions more in the city in which he grew up, then his Freedom Tour will likely end where it started today, in Chicago.

VIDEO: How will Bulls try to land Anthony?


  1. Defdun says:

    From a roster standpoint it’s gotta be Chicago if they can keep D-Rose, Butler, Gibson and Noah. Perfect match! Melo would also take up the challenge of playing defense. Cos the problem is not that he CAN’T play D – he just DOESN’T WANT to! But thats not gonna happen with TT coaching!
    Or will he just take the money and run in NYC? And not be sure to ever make it to the NBA Finals! I mean his last good playoff run was years ago with Chauncey Billups in Denver! If that’s gonna be his NBA career highlight he will go down as a loser and won’t go to HOF which is clearly not what he wants.
    So it’s gotta be the Bulls and Melo will be praying for D-Rose’s health all summer. And D-Rose will have someone to share the spotlight and take off some pressure so that he stops hurting himself because he’s too uptight and over-motivated!

  2. joe says:

    Thibodeau COY, Rose MVP and Noah DPOY happened in the East… If this Bulls team had been in the West, those 3 guys would never have gotten those titles.

    Put Kevin Love in the East, he´ll be MVP on hist first year.

    You can HEAT but can´t CHEAT basketball, Miami is a big farce.

    Derek Fisher as a coach, let me laugh!

    Rockets imagining Dumby Howard playing with Carmelo, let me laugh a second time!

  3. Adam Bulls says:

    Bulls are by far the best fit for Melo!

    How many times do NBA fans and NBA affiliated members have to say it…. Defense wins games!

    Knicks have no D, Houston has no D, Dallas has more with Chandler but Melo dont like playing with him, Lakers? Please!

    The biggest reason for Melo to join the Bulls is DROSE! Does every1 forget that this guy is the most commited basketballer on the planet and has pride himself on making people aware of that? Do people really think he wants to come back as a shadow of himself? He will be back and he will help the Bulls get back to where there were…. If the Bulls get Melo… CHAMPIONSHIP! PERIOD.

  4. Carlo says:

    If you are hungry for a ring, would you go to a team (LAL) with NO roster and NO coach???

  5. Paulius says:

    Melo will go to the Lakers and theres lots of reasons. First is that he aint play defense and will get most money of all selections.

  6. Danny K says:

    Carmelo is not a fit in chicago.. Coach Tom is a defence first coach and melo doesnt play defence..

  7. Ashley says:

    Lebron is only about him self melo is better then him

  8. Ashley says:

    Melo is not like lebron he is way better the lebron all lebron cares about is him self

  9. Eric says:

    To me, Melo’s choice is fairly an easy one. Lets do a little roster comparison:

    Who would you take?

    Wade or Monta – The choice may be closer than you think. Wade is only going to get worse. Give me Monta
    Bosh or Dirk – Dirk is 36 and still outscored Bosh by 5 points a game. I choose Dirk, but its pretty close as well.
    James or Melo – Obviously anyone would pick Lebron, but for pure scoring, Melo is on the same level.
    Miami’s Center v. Chandler – Not even close. Not even debatable.
    Ray Allen or Vince Carter – Can’t go wrong either way. Basically the same player at this point.

    X-Factor: Dallas will have around $15-$17 million next summer to go after another big time player. They can make some small trades and have enough to make an offer for Love, Aldrige, Marc Gasol, etc.

    Chicago is enticing, but Rose’s health has to be a huge question mark. To offer Melo anything over $15mil, they are going to have to get rid of Butler and/or Taj. If Rose goes down, then they will not be a contender.

    Houston is also enticing, but if Melo goes there, out goes Chandler Parsons. As shoot-happy as Harden is and Dwight complaining about not getting the ball enough last year, there could be big time problems spreading the rock around.

    LA is laughable.

    NY is only in it because of the money and Lala. If he really wants a chance at winning, its not in NY.

  10. Al says:

    Laker fans need to get real….you are down for about 5 years and Kobe is a shadow of his former self so brace yourselves for 5 years of blah….Kobe isn’t getting another ring and with nothing to lure free agents to, forget Love, Lebron, and Durant….they are smarter than that. I’d like to see Carmelo on the Bulls or Mavericks but if he wants to contend for a title, stay with the Bulls because the west is too tough.

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  12. Scott says:

    Stop talking about restructuring contracts people. This is not the NFL you CANNOT restructure NBA contracts. I also think Derrick Rose will be back at top form this season. He is only 25, there is no way he is done.

  13. mark says:

    Defense wins championships high octane offenses have not won any team a ring since the show time.lakers and even they had nba all time leading scorer and a few HOF players in won’t say any names but a high octane offense won’t win anybody a ring it’s defense defense defense the bulls defense and have without scoring 100 points a game and have won.mamy games and even a playoff series without D.rose where talking rings we are not talking about selling tickets or jerseys or haveing the youngest or oldest team it’s not about all stars on a team it’s not about how mvp candidates you can get on 1 team it’s about putting the best team together every person has to have there part and have to play there told do so effectively the bulls are that model team with coaching and the right players on that team to play the style and brand of basketball that wins games and can win championship Noah does not have to be possible 40 point a night scorer to be an elite center because there very few centers true centers in the nba right he plays defense had a high mototr and for the 1st time.in his career he had a few triple doubles last year mot very any centers have done that he is definitely not over rated the issue is he is not a superstar that’s all it is but he plays like a top 5 center and he is consistent on top of that with the ta they have no if the get rose back at 70 percent and they have mello with there defense and coaching and players on that team they will win the east because there defense is that good and mello is that good and if rose shows flashes of his former self the nba is in trouble he is a former mvp and for 2 years the bulls still remain relevant without him name another team who can remain relevant without there star you can’t say the lakes without kobe you can’t say Cleveland when James left and new York will not be relevant if mello leaves Orlando lost D.howard and have been a team in the lottery ever since the list goes on name a team a current team that remained relevant without there mvp caliber all star or star of the team or best player on the team you can’t besides the bulls the remain relevant because of there style of play and have guys like Noah Gibson kirk Butler and boozer on there team you know why because they are truly a team not a list of names put together they play as a unit that’s what mello needs behind him a solid team that will play there Hart’s out and when he sees that he will play his hart and that’s what you need from.your players to be a team

  14. algonquinmatt says:

    As a Bulls fan, i’m a little peeved that D Rose hasn’t restructured his contract to help his team.

  15. Aussielaldiehardfan says:

    MELO should come to LA LAKERS as he wears number 7 the lucky number for him and the Lakers this season (ie. LAL drawn the 7th pick at the lottery which In turn had selected a very promising player of Randle). Top FA’s should follow Melo’s landing at LA to convert vision into a great mission!!

  16. bcantong says:

    What I think is best for melo is to stay away from EAST!!!!!! He has a chance of reaching the finals in the WESTCOAST comepare to the EAST. lets face it the big 3 of miami will be reunited and and it will be the face of the EAST. might as well take hes chance in the WEST. Dallas will be good. But I dont think their age can still bring out the best of their team. Might as well go to houston and it fits how melo play. RUN RUN AND RUN…

    • jack says:

      Are you kidding me? Look at the winning percentages from last season and think again. Getting to the Finals is much more difficult in the West.

      • joe says:

        I agree! Getting into the playoffs in the west is as tough as getting into the finals in the east!
        Dallas number 8 this year in the west was the most difficult team for the Spurs 4-3, much more than the super mega trio (“we´ll win not one, not two, not three – stop there Lebron!- not three) of Miami (look at me, I´m pretty, I´m good, I´m rich, look at me).

  17. Ryan41 says:

    Melo should go to Dallas and they will become the most dangerous team in the NBA history during crunch time period wherein either Dirk, Melo, Monta or Vince can hit the game winning shot. They could be very fun and thrilling to watch.

  18. Zenmaster says:

    The best fit for Melo would be the Celtics. Young team, rondo and melo would be a great combo.

  19. jake s. says:

    Because you are 30, it makes sense for you to win now. IF you want to win now, go to Chicago. Kanye West might even buy season courtside tickets.

  20. jibs911 says:

    even without d rose last season the chicago did manage to go to the playoffs…what the bulls can really offer melo is to help with his weakness, which is his defense….the bulls last season did not win games because of scoring but because of their defense….if you put melo in the equation the bulls will really be hard to stop with his scoring…even if d rose is not what he used to be, melo can offer his scoring ability to lighten d rose’ responsibilities while the other bulls can cover for anthony’s defensive liabilities….so for me it is a perfect fit.

  21. C Dineros says:

    Coming from a coaching standpoint. The bulls aren’t the right fit, at least not for a championship. I wouldn’t hang my career on Derrick Rose and Noah. Great players, but not title contenders. The east is the weaker conference, and they haven’t made the finals in years. Mavs are a no go……Dirk is good but aging, and chandler sure as heck aint a good reason to go to Dallas. It didn’t work in New York, it won’t in Dallas either. Cut to the chase Houston is bad also, too many young players in a conference too strong with an iffy center, and trigger happy Harden. Go to LA, be happy and make a real run like MJ and Scottie Pippen. That’s just what he and Kobe would be like (for 2 years anyway) and Gasol will stay. Of all the teams we just mentioned, only the Lakers have title winners at the helm. Like em or not, LA is known for putting together title teams, and Kobe and Gasol have played and been successful in the wild west, none of the other teams can say that.

    • The Truth says:

      That’s just wishful thinking. Scottie Pippen was a defensive monster, but he could not score like Melo. Kobe isn’t Michael, and at this point, I’d say a young Rose has a better chance of returning to superstar form than an aging Kobe. My point? The Kobe/Melo and Jordan/Pippen comparison is totally off-base… Kobe isn’t even a very good defensive player anymore. Bulls are by far his best option. With a starting five of Noah/Gibson/Melo/Rose/Butler and that kid they drafted (steal of the draft along with the Spurs pick), I could see them in the Finals next year. However, from everything I hear, Melo will take the money and keep his kid in NY, so he doesn’t have to make new friends… that is, if Jackson is going to offer it!

  22. New Jersey Nets Fan says:

    I would prefer Melo go to the Bulls or Mavs-

    Potential starting 5 for each team

    Mavs – Harris-Ellis-Melo-Dirk-Tyson,

    Notable Bench Player if they Mavs can bring back Marion and Carter that would be a great boost. Offensive nightmare with the trio of Ellis, Melo and Dirk But this team is aging but that overrated, i think they would struggle on the defensive end.

    Bulls- Rose-Butler-Melo-Taj-Noah

    A much younger team with defensive mended players a great fit for Melo, even if Rose isn’t his old MVP level self again he can’t still probably get 15-18 a game . Im not sure of the contracts situation of D.J Augustin and Kirk Hinrich is but with them and Doug McDermott off the bench would give the bulls a much needed scoring off the bench which they lack for a while now.

    I’m also a fan of the Rockets but if Melo goes there i think there would but major pressure to with a championship

  23. a says:

    The hater’s combacks are – D ROSE IS DONE

  24. markikoy says:

    Derrick Rose is a player? I thought he was just a model in those Adidas ads.

  25. antwan100 says:

    Please tell me how Noah is overrated? He gives 110% every night PLUS plays excellent defense and is effective on the offensive end. Taj Gibson is turning into a great 2 way player. Jimmy Butler is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league. Plus never count out coach Thibs he has a way of turning “role” players into effective players. Ex. DJ, and Nate Rob. All we need is scoring which we’ll get from Melo. Houston plays no defense whatsoever. There’s literally a full 10 min of James Harden playing 5th grader defense. C’Mon now!!

  26. Arnulf says:

    False. Chicago is the worst fit for Melo (after LA).
    That is – if he wants a chance at a title.

    Let’s face it: Derrick Rose is not going to be the player he was. Noa is overrated, a good defensive anchor but not a guy that can carry a team to a championship. What else does Chicago have? A few role players, some of them overpaid. Does anyone believe that team (with Anthony in it) will defeat the upgraded heat in the EC finals (if they indeed get there)?

    Compare with Houston, a team that had a 54 wins season in the WC (without Anthony), with two other stars that often draw double teamed (Howard and Harden) and one of the youngest teams in the league. Obviously a serious contender with Anthony.

    Dallas is the 2nd best option.

    • Z for 3 says:

      you obviously do not watch the nba or understand how the game works based on your comment

    • jack says:

      Do you even watch NBA games? This comment is just completely wrong.

      • Tre says:

        This comment is so off-base, it’s ridiculous. Chicago is CLEARLY the best fit and here are 3 reasons why:

        First, the Bulls’ roster is suited RIGHT NOW, for Melo to step in and do what he does, SCORE. Noah (1st Team ALL-NBA and reining DPOY), Butler (If he’s around), and Gibson (if he’s around too), aren’t looking for a ton of shots. They don’t need the ball to be effective. The Bulls were dead last in scoring last year. Melo would have the “green light” to shoot it, and would INSTANTLY increase their scoring output.

        Second, Derrick Rose (former NBA MVP) will be the best teammate he’s ever had, not counting Team USA of course. I tend to believe Derrick will return to form, if not very close to it.

        Third, the last time I checked; the Bulls still play in the lowly Eastern Conference. The road to hoisting the Larry O’Brien would be much easier in the east. The Spurs, Thunder, Clippers, Rockets, and Warriors aren’t going anywhere, and the only real threat in the east is the Heat and Pacers.

        I’m not even going to mention Tom Thibodeau (former COY), Jumpman endorsement opportunities, continued exposure in a major market (although not as large as NY), etc. If he wants to win, the pieces are in place to do so in Chicago.

  27. Tas says:

    I believe Carmelo Antony can stay with the knicks and still have a chance at a Championship with the eastern conference being as weak as it is!!! Choosing New York Knicks will be the smarter move with Phil a the helm. Phil Jackson showed his creativity with the acquired players he got in so little time, in a tight situation!!! I say, trust the “Zen Master” it’s going to get really good in New York once again, and when they win it all – Carmelo Anthony will become a Hero. He’s a Legend in the making and shouldn’t trade that for anything!!!

  28. the fruit says:

    derrick rose = D.O.N.E

  29. -_- says:

    If D-Rose is healthy and Noah is like last year Melo should go to the Bulls

  30. Stephen says:

    I can’t see the logic in people saying “clippers” or “mavs”. Going to any team in the top 8 of the west puts you in a top 10 team (1 in 8ish chance to make the final).. In the east, Melo makes a team top 3 in that conference easy. If the heat dont hold onto lebron, top 2 (1 in 2 chance to make the finals) The bulls are a no brainer for the 2014-2015 season

  31. Bernarodoodjdo says:

    I strongly believe that Melo should go to the Bulls, I mean, they have an outstanding deffense, but a very weak offense, an anthony would really get things going with his skills, specially if rose stays healthy, in that case we’re looking at a team that would very likely make it to the finals.

  32. LBJ the Drama Queen says:

    The Bulls are a mess…besides Noah no one is good there.

    D-Rose is done…and so is Boozer

    If Melo wants to win go to the Clippers, Rockets, Warriors or OKC or even the Suns

    In the east 76ers have tons of $$$ but their too young as of now.

    • kobefanjay says:

      i agree chicaco is done so is miami…they are just not gonna win it again right now..there are other teams on the rise…Melo going to bulls is holding on to the paradigm of the last few years. time to look to new teams on the rise…

  33. rich says:

    A total no-brainer would be to join the Mavs. With Melo there, it will be a total welll balanced team. Going to Chicago will be more of the same as New York, and going to Houston will just like be Heat on their first year together (your turn, my turn…)

  34. Craig says:

    Dont get no Melo all he want is the money and the ball in his hands. Go with a cheaper player. Cut your losses and if Rose get hurt rework his contract. All Melo is going to do is give u 15-20 points a game. Boozer could do that. Be smart I don’t want to say I told so.

    • Adoe says:

      Considering he averages well over 20-25 a game your scoring quote is a bit off and if he goes to Chi he will be taking a lot less money. Him and Drose on the same team will create space for both of them which will allow more opportunities for everyone to score.

  35. JJ says:

    Here’s the thing about Chicago, if Rose was healthy, I’d say it’d be a no brainer. But the fact is, Rose has only played in 49 games since December of 2011. In contrast, Amare,who isn’t very durable either, has played in 150 games since December of 2011.

    If Melo goes to the Bulls, they’ll be a very good team, but not contenders. Not without Rose. It was Melo’s dream to play in NY, and I think he’ll see this through. Now that Phil Jackson is calling the shots, I think Melo is confident in his ability to build a good team. Next year they should be good with the young talent around Melo. 2015 they’ll be even better once Phil can make serious moves with the cap space clearing up.

    If Melo wants to win a Championship soon, going to Chicago isn’t the best option. Probably going to the Clippers or the Mavs would be better.

    • Z for 3 says:

      If melo was fully confident in Phil’s decision-making, Melo would’ve already resigned with the knicks by now

  36. Adi says:

    I think Carmelo will go back to New York… He will not leave tens of millions of dollars in New York.

  37. WANG A TANG says:

    Melo, melo, melo….if his name could get any smaller I would make it so. He is on my FAV team of all time and I think he has brought the team down from the time he came till now…STAT was a good oe move back then and we should work around him. Melo is indeed a ball hog, and a ball stopper so the plays that are set go nowhere because of him…..if he leaves I know I along with Phil would be happy. Obviously it is not bothering phil because he is a tricky son of a bitch and is looking to make a sign and trade…that’s his plan!!

    • TTKIN says:

      I mean I agree that Melo didn’t exactly make u guys contenders, and I agree that Stat was doing serious work that yr before Melo showed up……but really? Work around Stoudemire now? Not happening. Keep in mind that Stat put up his insane numbers when he had a PG spoon feeding him (Nash in PHO and Felton, in his first go around with NY). They have Calderon now, but idk how good he is at running the pick and roll, and that’s what has to happen for Stat to be of any use. and keep in mind that I, at 6′ 150 lbs, could do a better job defending NBA Cs and PFs than Stat can.

    • Adoe says:

      He carried the team this season and it was actually other players at NY that let the team down, JR anyone. Amare is a great player but you can’t build a team around him

  38. standard says:

    derrick rose is a waste,
    he will get injured in the first 10 games again

  39. jay says:

    Melo isn’t coming to chicago for d. rose. He’s coming because of Thibs coaching and the defense in chicago is so good that all melo has to do is play a little more D than boozer and the bulls are in the finals. Melo has defense instincts that boozer lacks if any of you paid attention to his game. He may not act on it very often but he has it along with solid rebounding. Taj isn’t going anywhere. Taj earned a starting role for next season and could have arguably been the 6th man of the year this past season. Last reason Melo would choose chicago is the roster.
    rose/d.j./kirk….kirk can play some 2guard too
    jimmy/tony snell…both flexible at the small foward
    melo/mcbuckets/mirotic…all can play power foward
    taj/greg smith/
    noah/nazr mohammed or anthony randolph
    Hate it or love it melo is taking a pay cut for a shot a the championship. He tells the knicks in my Danny Glover/lethal weapon voice “im too old for this $%@#!!”

  40. MeLOverrated says:

    He is just a STAR.. Not SUPERSTAR.. There’s a huge difference.. Wherever melo goes.. Aside from miami… He’ll be a cancer to the team.. Ball hog no defense type of player.. Me basketball ego.. He is the charles barkley of his era.. Good luck to which ever team he goes..

    • TTKIN says:

      Charles was also a league MVP who led his team to the Finals. Not to mention he avgd a double-double like 15 straight yrs. Let’s just go ahead and agree that Barkley is better than Melo.

      • No Regrets says:

        Yep, Melo is possibly a better scorer, but the Chuckster was better overall. Having said that, I think the Bulls are his best bet for a championship. Then the Mavs.

  41. talldave2 says:

    Even adding Melo to last year’s team would make the Bulls a strong contender in the East. Adding Rose too…

    That’s why Chicago is where Melo will go if he really wants a ring.

  42. Kimmy says:

    Don’t go to Chicago! Derick Rose is a bum!

    • Eduardo says:

      You are stupid saying this of a guy that is injuried playing for his city.

      He was the best thing for the Chicago Bulls since Michael Jordan. Unfortunately he is becoming an injury prone player.