Reports: Bucks land Kidd as coach

From staff reports

The story that took the NBA by surprise over the weekend — Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd working his way into an interview for a job with the Milwaukee Bucks — is seemingly a done deal. Kidd, who tried to power his way into the Nets’ GM gig, only to be rebuffed by team ownership, will become the Bucks’ new coach. As part of the deal, the Bucks will send the Nets two future second-round picks (2015 and ’19).

He will replace last season’s coach, Larry Drew, who went 15-67 in his first season in Milwaukee and has two seasons left on his current deal.’s Marc Stein first tweeted the news of the deal, and other outlets followed suit via Twitter (see below).

Stein, Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski,’s Ken Berger and Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel all have fully detailed reports on the move as well.


  1. lakers says:

    perfect fit…bad team bad coach

  2. KMIll says:

    Bucks fans, this was a BAD, BAD move! It won’t even take an entire season before you are all wishing this never happened!

  3. Bucks4Life says:

    and with this, Milwaukee Bucks just entered the big leagues. No Longer the Laughingstock!

  4. CHING says:


  5. mark says:

    Coaching changes are never good for a team due to different styles of play and defensive schemes and there will be a power struggle from time to time due to the gm and coach not being on the same page or in other instances the star player not being on the same page as the coach no matter the scenario the end results will never be good . But this may work out for the bucks and the nets in the long and short run of things kidd was a rookie coach coaching a solid core of vets who are kinda stuck in there ways and have experienced just as much as there coach did so that clearly was not a match made in haven from the get go Larry drew is a older man who coached before wether he won or lost does not matter because it’s all about time and experience kidd his none at the coaching spot so kidd coaching a young team with a lot of upside and kids who look up to him as a coach not as there peer will be the difference in buck land so be happy that this happened before Parker started playing and getting used to playing for mr drew because a coaching change is the type of thing that will affect a player and mind set and his relationship with the staff and all other aspects of the game so nobody wants to lose player before they even have them on there side but with this happening now rather then later could be a plus for a young bucks team as for the nets they don’t a rookie coach fighting for a power on there ball club what they is someone who will come in and work with the vets and players that they do have and get the most of the players on the squad that’s what a vet coach does it what kidd was belived to be doing but a power struggle gave way and over shadowed the team goal of winning now rather then later so this probably works out best for both teams that a trade happen now I just hope the bucks keep here to help groom this team and make an actual team out of this young crop of players the bucks have and I hope the nets find the coach they will get the most out of the players he does have and one that can work to make the moves necessary to win now because that’s what the owner wants he wants to win now not later he does not want and drama in his building he wants to win and win he shall hopefully

  6. rich says:

    JKidd, just play for the Mavs again…

  7. Fefe (Nets) says:

    As a Nets fan, I feel bad for us Nets fan but also for Bucks fans & especially for GM Hammond and coach Drew!

  8. Fefe (Nets) says:

    How could it be a good move for the Bucks???

    First of all: I’m a Nets fan for life. I was very disappointed by Kidd for making this happening. It was very surprising to hear this news over the weeekend.

    Then, let’s just realize that GM John Hammond & coach Larry Drew had to work with limited resources all year, knowing that it’ll be a bad year. They prepared for the 2014 Draft & Jabari Parker with the outlook of 2014-2015.
    Now, they will likely be ousted after carrying the load for the Bucks during that very bad year…No respect

  9. Prime says:

    WOW.. I was going for the bucks because they drafter parker. But this coaching situation is the dumbest thing i have ever heard in my life. 1 year coach that hasnt proven himself. he had a decent team to give hime a decent record. But i could have done that. They will be better because of parker. and a few moves. But Kidd as a coach is a joje. R.I.P Bucks

  10. Chris says:

    This is a good move for the Bucks. Hammond had to go and Drew looked lost last year. The 2nd round pick in 2015 was originally the Nets anyways so they didn’t really lose anything. Except for the 2nd round pick in 2019. Would have liked Mark Jackson or Lionel Hollins but I think Kidd will help this young core of talent produce in years to come.

  11. TROYBOY says:

    I just can’t stand coaches who want too much power. The only thing worse than that is Organization who hires coaches and hope that they bring a system with them.

    Jason Kidd wants power after the first year? Larry Drew got fired for not winning with the Organization’s No-System Plan? A team wins when everyone focus on performing their individual responsibility. From the owner all the way down to the Ballboy. When one individual wants to do someone else’s job, that creates a scenerio where that one individual is not putting 100% of his /her time in doing that job. Instead, putting 50/50 on two jobs. Only a few can do that. You have to be special to be able to do that. Right now I can’t think of one individual that did that and be succesful.

    When a coach spends a 100% of his time coaching. What percentage will he commit on managing other things? Does he have time to look at College Players? Does he have time to commit on ovesea scouting? Does he have time to keep up with the staff? If a coach can answer yes to all those questions and succed then I will worship him and encourage to change his name to Jesus. With the way the league has evolved, this is almost IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

    In the end, everyone in an organization should put all his/her power in doing one job…..HIS/HER JOB!!! Let the Owner be the Owner, Let the President do his thing, GM do his thing, and above all, let the Coach put a 100% of his time on just COACHING. Stop it with the Multi-tasking in Sports. Find another way to save money because if it doesn’t work (it usually doesn’t) then you’re not really saving anything.

  12. EEE says:

    &*&*& up franchise gets a *(&*&* personnel/president/ and future screw up KIDD.

  13. StupidTradeSarcasticRemark says:

    The nets mortgaged the future with the pierce, Garnett deal. Deron Williams suddenly can’t stay healthy, Garnett may be gone after a year, and they have no cap space. They were so desperate for youth they traded cash for 3 second round picks…the situation is bad for Brooklyn.

    Good for kidd getting out of that mess. At least Milwaukee has cap room, picks, and young pieces in Parker, knight, sanders.

  14. Bucks says:

    How is Jason Kidd not the more attractive hire ? Big name ex-player, still unproven coach. Bucks needed a change and it may eventually help bring in bigger names and retain players. I’m sure they considered Parker in this deal, lezbehonest

  15. NYCBBallFan says:

    WOW. I can’t believe the Bucks are stupid enough to actually go through w/this. What will they do when Kidd demands to coach and own the friggin team nxt yr? It says alot about the Character of an Organization when they bring on a guy who knows no loyalty, and has no sense of “let me EARN what I want.” Parker, keep a go bag w/you and do your best to get out of this mess. Bucks don’t deserve an honest, hardworking guy after this dumba$$ move.

    • Nick says:

      I’m not so sure it speaks completely to Kidd’s loyalty. One of the biggest problems for coaches it having to do the cooking and being responsible for the outcome of the dish while someone else gives you all the ingredients. I can understand wanting to have input, or better yet being able to select the players you will coach. Face it, most teams have been blown up by the GMs, VPs or even owners. I can go back years: Detroit – destroyed years ago by Dumars, but he was only recently fired after a string of coach corpses; Phoenix – destroyed by Kerr; The Knicks, Orlando, Denver, and of course, the Lakers. I could go on. Kidd probably saw going into this draft and free-agency period things he didn’t like. Can’t say I blame him.

  16. #KarlComeHome says:

    Perfect time for the Nets to hire George Karl

  17. nello says:

    this offseason has been weird as hell. End it now.

  18. FrankL2010 says:

    I’m a KIDD fan ever since, but now, it seems i need to think twice… Hollins to the NETS btw is a good choice

  19. Kimmy says:

    Larry Drew knew what he was getting into when he went to Milwaukee. He was running from the Hawks. I don’t feel bad about this deal at all. Actually I’m happy for the Bucks and excited for Kidd’s new opportunity. Don’t hate the player hate the game. It’s just another business people!

  20. Cliff says:


  21. mee(a)t says:


  22. Bill says:

    Well this was a bad decision

  23. FunkyAxl says:

    Man, Kidd was a great player but i’m starting to dislike him after all this, he seems greedy

  24. Shane says:

    I’m sorry, but why give up draft picks for him when you already have a coach? Plus if the Nets were so done with him, would they not have fired him soon anyways and you could sign him for nothing? There’s a lot of problems in Milwaukee that would better solved with solid drafting, rather than a mediocre, at best, coach. Especially since the draft is basically all the have. Free agents are not exactly flocking to Wisconsin.

  25. Whisker says:

    Kidd imagines himself as a good coach, he shouldn’t have gotten the Nets job a first place. He’ll get fired after next season and that’ll be all she wrote.

  26. Arun says:

    Wanted to point out that you said that the Nets would send 2 picks to the Bucks, when it is the opposite!
    “As part of the deal, the Nets will send the Bucks two future second-round picks (2015 and ’19) to Milwaukee.”

    • Killerdogg says:

      Kidd was underpaid considering what Derek Fisher got as a 1st time coach with New York so Milwaukee will pay him more so 2 let him go, the nets have picks for the future.

  27. HeatFan says:

    WOW!! Goes to show you can’t demand what you want especially from an organization as Brooklyn who has an owner that doesn’t play. The owner backed Kidd in his first coaching season after a horrible start but somewhere – somehow Kidd thought because they turned things around and made it to the playoffs that you could demand greater responsibility. Now, lets see who the Nets bring in as the new coach. I hate it for Larry Drew who wasn’t even given the opportunity to turn things around in Milwaukee considering the team he was dealt. I will say this much – Kidd really has his work cut out for him now!!!!

  28. Come on man!!! Like Jason Kidd will do a better job than Larry with the current squad…..What Jason is doing is not very smart. Should have worked it out with the Nets and stay there.

    But Lionel Hollins to Brooklyn? I like that scenario!

    • txurce says:

      I don’t think Kidd had a failed power play in New York. He wanted an unwarranted raise, and almost certainly wanted to coach for his buddy Masry in a situation with more upside than the old, over the cap, pick-less Nets. So he forced his way out, the way he’s forced himself out of every other situation in his life with which he was less than 100% pleased.

    • HeatFan says:

      I like Lionel Hollins as a coach and I sure like the fact that he is the top candidate for the Brooklyn coaching job after being let go in Memphis the way he was!!!