Blogtable: What is D. Wade really worth?

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BLOGTABLE: What is D. Wade worth?

> If you’re Pat Riley, what’s Dwyane Wade worth to you? How do you use him over the next three or four years? Does his past performance mean anything for this contract? Should it?

Dwyane Wade played a career-low 32.9 minutes a game last season for the Heat, but averaged a career-best .545 shooting. (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE)

Dwyane Wade, who will be 33 at the start of next season, played a career-low 32.9 minutes a game last season for the Heat but averaged a career-best .545 shooting. (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE)

Steve Aschburner, If the Heat made this “retooling” only about winning, the shrewd move might be to go with LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony as “Big 3 2.0” and either re-sign Wade at a mid-level exception price or (assuming he’d balk) wave goodbye. But as competitive as Miami, James and Heat impresario Pat Riley are, I don’t think they’re that ruthless. This has been a cooperative venture from the start, with Wade as “rings leader of recruiting” and the shooting guard from Marquette still will be the first guy in bronze outside the AmericanAirlines Arena. As for new deals, I’d like to see James, Bosh and Wade sign for precisely the same money Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili played for this season (about $30 million), to see if the Heat could beat the Spurs at their own game. Going Popovich with Wade’s PT didn’t work out, but maybe that would.

Fran Blinebury, He’s the third leg of the stool. Maybe not the D-Wade/Flash character that was MVP of The Finals in 2006, but just as important moving forward. He’s obviously got a lot of miles on his body and needs to have his minutes reined in. He had a horrible series against the Spurs. But how quickly we forget. Wade was producing at a very high level. One has to look no further than San Antonio and Manu Ginobili to see that it would be foolish to simply write him off. A year ago, much of the basketball world was ready to dump Manu onto the scrap heap. But he responded brilliantly, stayed healthy, had a solid season, excelled at the end and now has a fourth ring.

Jeff Caplan, If I’m Pat Riley I’m exploring just how negotiable of a mood D-Wade is in. If I can get him at four years, $40 million, I’m feeling great. That’s probably too light, but I’ve got to keep him below $14 million and close to $12 million. Wade’s broken-down knees are a tricky issue. He is going to have to find ways to tailor his game to his ability, and coach Erik Spoelstra is going to have to play him more like Manu Ginobili minutes (22.8 mpg) last season than the 32.9 Wade averaged when he was in the lineup. I liked our own John Schuhmann‘s suggestion recently that Wade needs to become a better 3-point shooter the way Jason Kidd — as well as Vince Carter — did late in his career. The Heat know what they’re getting with Wade. They need to get younger and more athletic at his position, and then carefully and patiently follow another maintenance plan, and hope for the best.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Dwyane Wade gets rewarded and he gets rewarded big. Yes, it is much more for what he did in the past. Yes, it is deserved, because none of this happens without Wade. Not the first championship, not the Big 3 convergence and subsequent titles, and, now, not the chance to re-shape the super team. If Wade made an ego play and insisted on remaining The Man, LeBron James and Chris Bosh don’t come as a package deal. If Wade had stayed in the contract this summer, that changes the entire landscape as well. Plus, how management handles someone with the stature of Dwyane Wade sends a message to players everywhere: You’ll be taken care of here. It’s a statement to free agents three or five years out. That’s invaluable. So of course it is about the past more than the present. And it’s about the future.

John Schuhmann, Wade is the third most important player on the Heat and he’s apparently good for 60 games a season (at most) going forward. That obviously means that he should be paid less than LeBron James and Chris Bosh, maybe in the range of $7-8 million per year. But there’s a loyalty factor that will prevent that from happening. Wade was there first. He was the MVP of the 2006 Finals. If it weren’t for him, the other two wouldn’t have come. And he’s the one that took the least money in 2010. So it’s hard for me to see him getting paid less than Bosh this time.

Sekou Smith,  His worth from the time the Heat drafted him to now is immeasurable. There is literally no monetary value that can be placed on what Wade has meant to the franchise. He helped create an identity for the franchise and was a part of three championships.  He’s a Heat icon for life and will have one of those cushy gigs alongside Alonzo Mourning whenever he decides to hang up his sneakers. But that cannot be the deciding factor now, as the Heat and Wade face a career crossroads at a time when everyone knows Wade’s star is fading. Somehow, someway, Riley has to convince Wade to take a role off the bench (Manu Ginobili, Eastern Conference style) now that LeBron James is the face of the franchise. It’s the way he can best help the Heat in the future and there is no sugar-coating the obvious. That means spreading that $40-plus million Wade opted out of over the next four to five seasons, at roughly $8.6 million a season. It’s a huge salary haircut (and btw, I don’t think a $10-$12 million a season salary is out of bounds, in fact it’s much more likely) and an enormous financial sacrifice, but one Wade would have to make for the greater good to finish his career playing on a contender.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: Surely Dwyane Wade has some sort of institutional value to the Miami Heat. But I’m on Team Klinsmann, not Team Kobe, when it comes to this situation: You don’t reward someone now for what they have done previously. (Wait, let me clarify: I think this applies only in sports situations when a salary cap or luxury tax is involved. If you were, say — and this is totally random comparison — running a basketball website and paying a group of sports writers, you should definitely them pay based on the work they have previously completed.) For what it’s worth, Wade wasn’t awful for the entirety of the season — he did average 19 points per game — but he surely isn’t worth what he was making, either. I do think you reward Wade for being a player who can help your team, and for opting out of his contract and helping create salary flexibility for your team. I think, and this is no great novelty idea, Wade would be a nice fit as a sixth man, playing 15-20 minutes a night and going against second unit players on other teams. Let Wade be Miami’s Ginobili, and sign him to a four-year deal that’s more reflective of his true value (I’d say around $12 million a year).


  1. qqq says:

    He`s probaly gonna make atleast 10 mill a year, but wade should develop a 3pt shot, I dont see any reason why he cant be a decent 3 point shooter.

  2. gerald says:

    Ok, D Wade was going to make 40 million guaranteed money if he opted in. (20 million per year) Again, 40 million if he opted in whether he played or not. He did Miami a favor and decided to spread it over four years. He should be viewed as the ultimate team player. You all are forgetting Tim D was making greater than 20 million per not a couple of years ago. If you know the NBA there are players drawing checks that didn’t even play last year. Guarantee money. I am not a Miami heat fan.

  3. Game Ball says:

    @AJC You mean like giving kobe 48mil for 2 years just to sit in the bench??? I rather give DWADE a good offer, despite having health issues, he still found himself representing in the Finals…. How about about kobe having Pau Howard Nash.. #7 in WC , swept in 1st round by the Spurs…..

  4. melo says:

    should have opt in then after two years sign for 2-3 yrs. at 10mil, easily at 60mil

  5. blahblah says:

    LeBron ruined Wades carrer

  6. JM says:

    For me, Wade has to be around a 12 million dollar/year type of player. His body isn’t keeping up w/ his game anymore. He can’t do the things 2006 D’Wade on a very consistent basis. He has to take a paycut and improve his game, probably becoming more of a shooter from downtown.

  7. Thomas Rinaldi says:

    He should have played out the last two years at 20 mil and 22 mil because any team including the Heat would be insane to pay him that much now.

  8. Peter Lusitg says:

    What do you guys do if there wasn’t another byline on the Heat? Maybe you were all out of the country during the finals but the Heat looked like an old, over the hill team, very fortunate to have won the second ring.

    • timpson says:

      Well everybody thought they looked good but that was on paper u still have to go out every nite and play the game they can be beat.

  9. Peter Lusitg says:

    He is know better than ever.

  10. Peter Lusitg says:

    Great player!

  11. benjo says:

    that’s the tendency of a player that relies too much on their athleticism throughout their careers.let’s wait for lebron james’ athleticism to subside.or even blake griffin.if they can still be relevant to a team.

  12. Bryan Melo says:

    Pat Riley should watch MoneyBall

  13. The Wise Guy says:

    I don’t think that anyone doubts what Wade accomplished during the last 10 years with the Heat. He was magnificent and noone could stop him. It is a pity for basketball that his knees are not from steel to enjoy him destroy every defence in the game. But at this moment, I would say he is not even in the top5 players of his position. He is not worth the money he earns. Just like Boss if you ask me, but this is another subject. Of course, being a Heat player all along he can’t earn less than 10m/per year as some commentators have mentioned. I believe that the money Wade, Boss and James are going to earn depend upon who the Heat want to sign. If they want Melo, which I think would be a great sign, I would give Wade $12m, Boss $13m James $19m, Melo 14$.

    • timpson says:

      Its such a shame guys r chasing rings trying to stack teams wow mj never done that.

  14. Kimmy says:

    Either the Heat want to win another title or they don’t. This isn’t personal it’s a business. Wade understands this.

  15. R-Lo says:

    I am so sick of hearing about the heat. I wish Bosh, Wade, and James would all go their separate ways.

  16. Kevin says:

    What is he worth right now? Probably 10-12 a year.

    What should he get? 4 years, 60 million. Asking him to legitimately leave a ton of money on the table is unreasonable considering all he’s done for Miami. He earned the big contract. If he re-signed in two years after making the approx 40 million owed to him on this one, he could probably get around 10 million a year if his health doesn’t nose dive. That means around 60 million over four years. So you draw things up so that he gets the money spread out more because it’s only fair.

    As for Lebron, if he refuses take a pay cut, which is what Woj is suggesting will happen, then he also shouldn’t expect to win a championship. The Heat need more complementary pieces than two pay cuts (potentially $10 million) can buy.

  17. Fefe (Nets) says:

    $10-12M/year on 4-5 year deal should be fair for D-Wade

  18. gerald carney says:

    D Wade alday everyday. He struggled in the finals, so did the rest of the team including LBJ. If you are getting blown out then end up with 30 that 30 doesn’t mean much when trailing by 18 and you only got 19. At the end you have 30. LBJ is the best but my whole team got stuffed into a garbage disposal. KL put clamps on world’s best player. Sounds like he struggled also.

    • timpson says:

      He did struggle and no ones saying a word about it he didn’t show anything against. The spurs. He’s funny trying to look mad like someones scared of him lol lol.

  19. Carlo says:

    Giving Wade a 40M/4yrs contract would have the same “rewarding” value as 40M/2yrs one because Wade’s health is so bad he isn’t likely to have any significant playing value in three years from now.
    Only difference: 40M/4yrs means a 10M/year weight on the salary cap, which makes a huge difference in terms of money available to hire much needed players.

    As far as Heat owners being tight… please note, dear fans, that that’s THEIR money, not yours AND they’re running a BUSINESS.
    In this issue too, they could look at the Spurs, who were able to make money out of a smaller market while winning titles and being always on top.

  20. Javier Garcia says:

    Jeff Caplan, just let me get this straight. Pat Riley would sell DWade the idea of playing 4 years for 40MD? But… isn´t that 40 millions just the exact king of money he is leaving for 2 years??? If Riley pulls this off, well, hands down he is the executive of the year… only, he is not doing anything.

    Steve Aschburner, please explain to me how Lebron 29 (bast player in the world by the way), Wade 32, and Bosh 30, playing for the same money than Parker 32, Ginobili 36 and Duncan 38 (this is getting ridiculous) is something near as “the same game”??? Lets talk this again in 3 years (and even so this wouldn´t be exactly the same) and I would like to see if some role players could do the trick.

  21. bballjunkie1 says:

    Wade’s game never rose to a Lebron/Duncan level that got his teamates involved.Winning first champion ship was because he was surrounded by veterans past their prime who still had enough in the tank collectively and Shaq was on a mission, they told him to shoot it young fella. Thats the problem with his game Miami was just getting by in that weak conference oh yea Wade was dribbling for 20 seconds, while players stood around never touching the ball. He was a draw, for organization but Miami never went any where until big 3 got together, and it wasn’t until he gave up the ball to Lebron whose game gets both sides involved and u may have a chance to hit the game winner something as a teammate would never happen in Wade’s game thats why they lost first championship Wade still had the ball, while Lebron was in the corner. (still cannot believe that one) a 3x MVP in the corner. Anyway Wade has been paid in full, its a matter of how much does he want to continue rolling with Lebron, cause Lebron has places to go and players in their prime waiting if can happen.

  22. angelo says:

    I think he deserves 10-13 million he is old and his knees arent too healthy but he still is dangerous and a star ( not a superstar)

  23. LordP says:

    In Miami we have another Value of Wade..He’s everything..without him there was no success for Miami..he’s the Alpha&Omega..he helped us to be a successful organization with his selflessness..i’m happy that Riley and Micky Arison don’t think like u guys..We’re not a bunch of Ingrates..When Kobe get paid 30m and play less than 20games that’s ok but you jump on a warrior cause he played poorly in the finals..Watch and see his Motivation next Year..

  24. nick says:

    you dont need all stars at all positions to win rings….just look at the spurs…..

  25. Defdun says:

    Who cares what “D.Wade is really worth”? Pat Riley will figure it out and get all 3 of them to accept a pay where the team can be upgraded. LeBron doesn’t care about max contracts or his ego, he cares about winning…and once he takes the lead and accepts less pay than the max, Wade and Bosh will follow and there will be enough left to fill up the ailing positions in the roster. Wade will joyfully accept his new “Manu Premium” role and the Heat will find good enough free agents that are ready to co-star next to LeBron and get infected by his winning attitude.

    • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

      I hope that you’re right because it is being reported elsewhere that James is wanting a max deal. I hope that is to just scare away suitors other than the HEAT becuase if he takes max from the HEAT they are going to be in the exact same place they were this last year.

  26. Chris says:

    I’m a huge spurs fan, and indeed I do remember seeing even spurs fans divided over Manu last summer following that performance. But he came back.. And you saw what he did to the heat game 5, and the thunder game 6 down the stretch this year.

    I wouldn’t sleep on Wade either. He’ll bounce back. Just don’t pull a Kupchak and offer him 42 mil when you have no idea what he’ll look like on his return. He still deserves to get paid though

  27. TheKush says:

    I gotta give it up to Pat Riley because personally there is NO WAY IN H*ll I’m giving up $40 million just so some rich NBA owners can make MORE money from my hard work! How much is D. Wade worth lol! The nerve of you writers!

  28. AJC says:

    Wade’s skills have diminished, and he has health issues which can be directly attributed to age. Regardless of his past accomplishments and they are many, he’s not a Max Contract type player anymore. He’s a leader for sure, but that role isn’t always in a starting job. Perhaps Wade would be better off as a Sixth Man than a starter. But he’s surely not a first tier player anymore like Lebron,and several other free agents like Love. As many have said, you’re paying him for tomorrow, not yesterday, and keeping that in mind, Wade’s best days are behind him.

    For anyone who’s seeking a “Max deal” in the NBA, you only have to look to Tim Duncan, who’s 10 million a season is less than half of what he deserves, and less than some bench players. Duncan only makes 1.5 million more than Charlie Villenueva. Point is, teams don’t shop for VALUE anymore, and players don’t realize their roles in the league. Duncan even at 38 could easily leave the Spurs and command twice that based just on last seasons accomplishments. So could Dirk.

    The league needs less selfish players. This is Wade’s chance to prove that it’s about the team, same with Lebron whose endorsement deals are far more than his NBA salary, as well as Bosh who also doesn’t live up to the “Max Contract” type of salary.

  29. Chuck says:

    What do you guys do if there wasn’t another byline on the Heat? Maybe you were all out of the country during the finals but the Heat looked like an old, over the hill team, very fortunate to have won the second ring.

    My advice is to get a life, start looking at the Thunder as the next great team or maybe you all can do another article on Carmelo. Pretty sad.

  30. ok says:

    @ Lang Whitaker…”paying a group of sports writers, you should definitely THEM PAY based on the work they have previously completed”…. and maybe fine you all for grammar and spelling errors currently being committed! LOL

  31. Totally agree with Lang Whitaker: You don’t reward someone now for what they have done previously. 40-plus million for the next four to five seasons & coming from the bench is a good offer in my opinion.

    But if you want to reward him for all that he has done for the franchise, than give him a position FOR LIFE in the Miami Heat organisation when he retires! Or give him a statue like MJ has.