What can the Heat offer free agents?

VIDEO: Wade opts out

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and now Chris Bosh have informed the Miami Heat that they will exercise the early termination options on their contracts, ending what were six-years deals after four seasons.

In addition, Udonis Haslem, has declined his $4.3 million player option.

Nine days ago, Pat Riley made it clear that he’d like his three All-Stars to take less money to help him retool the roster. On Tuesday, James put added pressure on Bosh and Wade by opting out of his deal. Now, it looks like things are falling into place and Riley will have the opportunity to upgrade the other two positions in his starting lineup.

Rumored targets for the Heat include point guard Kyle Lowry, forward Trevor Ariza and center Marcin Gortat. All have tools (ball-handling, defense, size) that would certainly help Miami. The idea of adding Carmelo Anthony seems far-fetched, but it all depends on how much money he’s willing to sacrifice, as well as how much Miami’s Big Three are willing to sacrifice.

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that James is seeking a max contract, which would be a five-year deal worth about $120 million. So it would apparently be Bosh and Wade who would have to take pay cuts.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard tweeted that Bosh is seeking a new five-year deal worth $15-16 million per year. Those two reports (as well as the assumption that Wade isn’t going to take less than Bosh) gives us the framework of the Heat’s salary math, with an expected salary cap of $63.2 million …

Heat salary math

Player 2014-15 Notes
1 James, LeBron $20,020,875 Cap hold
2 Bosh, Chris $13,043,478 Reduced salary (5 yrs/$75M)
3 Wade, Dwyane $13,043,478 Reduced salary (5 yrs/$75M)
4 Cole, Norris $2,038,206 Under contract
5 Andersen, Chris $915,243 Cap hold
6 Napier, Shabazz $1,032,200 Cap hold
7-11 Cap hold x 5 $2,536,680 Cap hold
TOTAL $52,630,161
Salary cap $63,200,000
Left for free agent $10,569,839 4-year deal for $45.1 million

1. James’ max contract would start at about $20.8 million. Since his cap hold (1.05 x last year’s salary) is a little less than that, the Heat would use that number until the other pieces are signed. Then they can go over the salary cap to re-sign James.

2 and 3. If Bosh and Wade both accept five-year deals worth $75 million ($15 million per year), those contracts would have starting salaries of just over $13 million.

4. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reports that the Heat are looking to unload Norris Cole. If they do that (and don’t get another player in return), his $2.0 million would be replaced by another rookie minimum cap hold (see 7-11) and they’d have an additional $1.5 million of cap space.

5. The Heat could renounce the rights to Chris Andersen, but he has just a vet’s minimum cap hold. Keeping that would allow them to sign him for much more after they’re back over the salary cap.

6. The Heat can pay Shabazz Napier 120 percent of the rookie scale for the No. 24 pick. As with James, better to keep the cap hold number until the other pieces are signed.

7-11. If you don’t have 12 guys on your roster, there is a rookie minimum cap hold ($507,336) for every slot that takes you up to 12. So, if we’re talking about James, Bosh, Wade, Cole, Andersen, Napier and one free agent, we need five minimum cap holds.

Additional note: In this scenario, the Heat have renounced their rights to Haslem, Ray Allen, Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Toney Douglas, James Jones, Rashard Lewis, and Greg Oden, and have also waived Justin Hamilton (who has a non-guaranteed deal). It’s assumed that Haslem will get rewarded for opting out (with a long-term deal that pays him more than the $4.3 million he could have earned next season), and Allen is a critical piece in the rotation, but their cap holds ($8.2 million and $4.2 million) are too big to keep on the books.

After the Heat have gone over the cap, they can use the room exception (starting at $2.7 million) to bring one or more of those guys back (or add other free agents). It can be split among multiple players. After that, they’d have only minimum deals to offer players.

If all the above holds, the Heat could offer one free agent $45.1 million over four years ($11.3 million per year). If they are able to trade Cole, that would turn into $51.7 million over four years ($12.9 million per year).

That’s still about half of what Anthony could earn elsewhere. If he were to re-sign with the Knicks for the max, he’d get $129.1 million over five years ($25.8 per year). If he were to sign with a new team for the max, he’d get $95.9 million over four years ($24.0 million per year).

So Lowry, Ariza and Gortat are obviously more realistic options. If the Heat were to split their cap space among two free agents (assuming they traded Cole), they could offer them a total of about $13.5 million per year. Ariza and Gortat each made $7.7 million for the Wizards this past season, while Lowry made $6.2 million for the Raptors.

Both Gortat and Lowry will likely be offered raises from their current teams, who are both looking to keep the momentum going after returning to the postseason after long layoffs. With Martell Webster and Otto Porter on the roster, the Wizards might not fight hard for Ariza, but he could still get more than mid-level money elsewhere, as one of the better three-and-D guys in the league and still just 29 years old.

So there’s no clear starting-lineup upgrade for the Heat. But if James accepts less than the max or if Bosh and/or Wade accept less than $15 million per year, there’s more money to spend. And since they’re also offering a chance to play with the best player in the world for a championship on Biscayne Bay, they may not have to spend as much as other teams.


  1. Hak of howard says:

    We need melo instead of jones

  2. Hak of howard says:

    Lebron or melo should come to houston. I’m a big fan lineup


    In a couple of years harden will go back to Oklahoma City we will have won 3 more championships. 5 we will still have melo and we should sign gortat and Lowry as bench

  3. Stonedog23 says:

    For all the posters calling for the Heat to sign free agent Mike Miller…they cannot sign him under the current rules. The Heat amnestied his contract and cannot sign him the season immediately after that. He can’t be a Heat until the ’15-’16 season.


    SG: WADE
    C: BOSH
    PF: HILL

  5. barry says:


  6. bodjee says:

    To be fair, the Heat should give half of their salary to Lebron James, give a nice raise to the Birdman, Ray and Cole, and then sort the remainder with the rest of the team. 🙂 They need more athletic shooters who can penetrate and dunk, players who can fill the lane for Lebron.

  7. laduke14 says:

    I have heard some crazy names that can be added to the Heat roster, providing that the big 3 all take their respected pay cuts. Names like; Vince Carter, Chauncey Bilups, Jermaine Oneal , these are all old players. I thought the Miami Heat wanted more young and athletic players. There is a undrafted Center that Miami can get cheap , who has a chip on his shoulders for not being drafted. His name is Patric Young. I can go with Ariza and Lowry, and there are so many other young and cheap talent they could get. Rashard Lewis needs to retire, it is bad enough with Wade at 32, moving like he is 50!, I am a Miami Heat fan and have been before Lebron ever arrived, but all of these old players will not get them to a championship!

  8. laduke14 says:

    I have seen some crazy names brought up, Vince Carter, Chauncey Billups, Jermaine Oneal , these players are old! We already have Wade and Allen, the Heat are trying to get younger. Patric Young could be a great center ( undrafted rookie with a chip on his shoulder ). I hope that the Heat find the players they need to retool and compete for another championship , but we just don’t need broken down help!

  9. THOMAS says:

    Miami SHOULD bring in Greg Monroe and Mike Miller

  10. Carlo says:

    As usual when Lebron is the issue, half (at least) of the posts are about “stop haters!”.

    Ok then… STOP this stupid whine! Nobody hate Lebron! Everybody just hate those stupid “stop hating” timewasters!
    We, the opponents’ fans, respect him as the strongest player today and therefore we’re happy Miami wasn’t able to set up a decent team to support him.

    Now, back to business. I agree with “Another Heat Fan”. This is the most likely outcome: LBJ/DW/CB remain at reduced price and the saved money goes into “retooling” (horrible term). How much this will work will depend very much on how much the “3’s” price will be reduced.
    Only alternative: LBJ goes away and the entire house of cards falls apart.

    To say the truth, I do hope at least 3/4 teams in the East get to build a decent roster and game because during last season watching EastC games was a real, boring pain! I don’t mean being winners, I mean playing as if they knew about b’ball and with some heart (the only East team somewhat bearable were the Bulls: at least they put real effort in what they did and their D was masterful.)

  11. Another Heat Fan says:

    While it is titillating to think of all the possibilities of team combinations with these free agents, I’m pretty sure very little is gonna change.

    Wade Bosh and James will re-sign with the Heat, no Melo. I would actually like to see Melo play for the Bulls. Would be nice to get another beast in the east. Then atleast there would be 3 decent teams in the east come playoff time (heat bulls pacers) and maybe restore some competitive balance to the league.

    But just for argument’s sake, just think if Melo and James went to the suns, how bad would the East be next year….

  12. Jordan hill blatche and gortat says:

    Jordan hill and blatche,,, to heat keep Birdman,,,, gortat cool but could get two decent centers, or one good with no backup

  13. Eric says:

    6M–Spencer Hawes
    6M–Lance Stephenson
    1M–Ray Allen
    1M–Vince Carter
    2M–Mike Miller
    1M–Nick Young

  14. yonkii says:

    if you were on lebron position you will understand //haters// lebron is best…..

  15. CSabe says:

    If you want to win, you got to be willing to give an inch. Lebron has given everything he has to this team and the NBA. He deserves a max contract. But my question to Lebron if he wants max contract, do you want to be Kobe Bryant? $15 mil vs $20 mil a year is like $95k vs $120k for us. If it means winning I’m in all day. As seen in the finals the heat need some energy players and some more shooters to space the floor. The Heat don’t need more ego’s they need guys that will be there to do the job. So for me. No Lowry, Gortat, or Melo. Here are my thoughts. My opinion feel free to comment.
    Starting 5: Shabazz, Wade, Parsons/Ariza, James, Bosh
    Six Man: Livingston (Dwade Sub)
    Role Lebron and Parson/Ariza Subs: Marion/Miller/Granger and Gasol/Boozer
    PG sub: Cole
    Role for Bosh: Big Baby or Gasol/Boozer or Bird
    The sniper: Ray Allen

    This lineup gives flexibility to sit players for stretches.

    Rough est. 1st year
    1 James, LeBron $15/17mil (2 yr) (lets face it he is going short term)
    2 Bosh, Chris $13 mil 4 yrs/$52M) (ppl think bosh will make more, I do not. Wade is equal to me)
    3 Wade, Dwyane $12 mil 13il (4yr/ 50 mil) (no way heat give him 5 year deal, through age 37)
    4Cole, Norris $2,038,206 Under contract
    5 Andersen, Chris $915,243 Cap hold
    6 Napier, Shabazz $1,032,200 Cap hold
    7 Trevor Ariza/ Chandler Parsons $7 mil (4 years $30 mil even tho he had a good yr, you now live in SB, Tax free for home games)
    8 Shawn Marion/ Danny Granger/ Mike Miller ($3 per yr/ 2 yr)
    9 Gasol / Boozer $4
    10 Allen $2 mil (same contract as bird)
    11 Livingston $3 mil/yr (4 yrs)
    12 Big Baby Davis $1 mil/yr (2yrs) Love the energy or bring Lewis back.
    Reserve Sim Buhlar (7’5″ shear potential)

    roughly $63 million could mess with numbers or give more to some and sign cheaper at bottom of rotation (those guys barely see minutes)

    Salary cap $63,200,000

  16. miami will not get any better w/spo says:

    why does every fan for every team keep saying to go after kevin love? everybody does realize he is not a free agent and a major trade will need to happen…right? propbably just the bandwagon fans

  17. Defdun says:

    Great post by Schuh!
    Question is will Riley be able to convince the former Big3 to take significant pay cuts so he can upgrade the team. I think Riley can do it – if LeBron starts it off Wade and Bosh will have to follow. Both know they have to make up for not showing up in the finals. Wade is on the way down and Bosh can only keep up his stretch-4 play with a legitimate center protecting and hammering the paint. Heat will come back with all 3 plus a center, a shooter and a point guard and thus be a contender again. Riley will be the guy successfully orchestrating the “retooling”.

  18. chris says:

    First and foremost melo on this team wouldn’t serve much of a purpose i’d rather go with Kevin Love , Also everyone is so busy with picking up FA’s but don’t realize the talent over seas. I believe in Rudy Fernandez and if he gets picked up by Miami it would pay dividends for ray meaning less work for him. Bosh is tricky….as well as rio , they both vanished in these playoffs so its hard to see what will happen , But Bosh is good…he needs more meat on his bones to be honest. Rio on the other hand i like him but wow Kyle Lowry…amazing. Who knows what will happen but i’m sure pat and micky will see to it.

    • lepiv7 says:

      Bosh needs a better coach … how else do you explain a player making most of his shots and not having plays called for him? Nor even getting touches?

  19. Gago says:

    Salutations to the greatest to ever play the game. LBJ keeps lighting up BB Courts. Cant believe Spurs fans keep hating on him even after they one. He really did a number on them and almost got them this year too

  20. Shlomi says:

    They can all decide to take the minimum wage and then Miami can acquire all the superstars in the league to play together.
    If Boston and the Lakers made the NBA to be broadcast on TV and the bulls took the NBA to it’s peak, Miami is the start of the NBA downfall, it looks all as a joke.

  21. Brookie says:

    Heat Roster Retool:
    PG Lowry ($7m/y)
    SG Miller ($2m/y)
    SF Lebron ($18m/y)
    PF Bosh ($10m/y)
    C Gortat ($7m/y)
    BPG Napier ($1m/y)
    BSG Wade ($7m/y)
    BSF Lewis ($1.5m.y)
    BPF Gasol ($5m/y)
    BC Andersen ($1m/y)
    11 Allen ($2m/y)
    12 Haslem ($2m/y)
    13 Bazemore ($2m/y)
    14 Cole ($2m/y)
    I’m not sure how the cap works in reference to going over the cap but I know you can and I think you can still sign players using the exception but the values seem realisitic in my eyes

  22. Chris says:

    All the fake Heat fans are saying Wade is worth less than 10 mil or even 15 are crazy. A SG that shoots 55% is not worth less than 15 mil. He averaged close to 20 ppg and he didn’t even play crazy minutes.

  23. Vin says:

    They very fact that these guys are considering resigning shows that they love to play together. How are they different from the Spurs if they’re ready to take a pay cut to play and contend?

    MJ is the greatest playoff player of all time, but his teammates hated playing with him. The fact that people are willing to take a pay cut to go play with LBJ is a testament to his humility and unselfishness.

    LBJ – 18 mill
    CB – 14 mill
    Wade -10 mill

    I know Wade fans will be furious over him getting paid lower than Bosh. As much as I love to watch Wade play, I don’t think you can get paid 15 mill to sit out half the season, puts a lot of mileage on the other guys. If they agree to this, they will have about 20 or 21 mill to get a decent centre (e.g. Gortat, Greg Monroe) while retaining Ray Allen, Lewis, Andersen, and adding maybe a couple more sharpshooters. How they’ll do next year will be interesting to see.

    But at least willing to take less and free up cap space is a positive thing for Heat fans. Unlike the Lakers where the old man refuses to be dislodged as the highest paid player and is making sure that the franchise can resurface only after his playing days are done.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      the difference between this 3 versus the spurs 3 is that the spurs 3 were picked by the organization and were groomed and became who they are today while the heat 3 picked the organization that they will join with their names and game already established

      • An NBA Fan says:

        No the difference is you spurs fans keep overlooking the fact that they did what Miami is doing now and that is taking huge pay cuts to keep the team together and bring in more players.

      • more like go-go says:

        ALMOST got them this year? which finals were you watching?

  24. ronhawkster says:

    All the computations are good except for the long term contract for Wade. The man’s body is literally breaking down before our eyes. Few people believe he’ll have the ability to perform at this year’s level (which was already below last, and so on) 3-4 years from now. Unless you go with the logic that you don’t get paid for you can do today, but for what you did last year.

  25. Kee says:

    Miami Heat Roster 2014-15

    PG – Kyle Lowry ($7M/yr)
    SG- Dwyane Wade ($13M/yr)
    SF- LeBron James ($17M/yr)
    PF- Chris Bosh ($13M/yr)
    C- Marcin Gortat ($7M/yr)
    6- Ray Allen ($1.5M/yr)
    7- Shabazz Napier ($1M/yr)
    8- Chris Andersen ($1M/yr)
    9- Vince Carter ($1M/yr)
    10- Jermaine O’Neal ($1M/yr)
    11- Chauncey Billups ($1M/yr)
    12- Cole Aldrich ($1M/yr)
    Other 9-12 possibilities/ fits/ cheap vets- Elton Brand, Jordan Farmar, Jermaine O’Neal, Charlie Villanueva

    The math may not add up at first glance, and I don’t exactly know how teams are able to have salary caps above the cap number, but apparently it can happen via signing them in the correct order and clever antics, so I’m sure this roster is possible. I think it could certainly be very competitive for a championship. Wade should take less than that $13M/yr, but out of respect, we match that contract to Bosh’s. Agreeing to terms with Lowry and Gortat are priority #1 (after the Big 3), as their PG & C play was atrocious in the Finals. Then it would be very beneficial to have the 9-11 vets on the team, who can give you good minutes for cheap. Those contract number likely have to be tweaked a bit, but with some teams having ridiculous amounts over the cap, I guess it’s possible.

  26. Get it right says:

    The heat need to ditch bosh now he’s opted out. He’s clowned himself into a stretch 4 with bad defence and rebounding. Ryan Anderson or chandler parsons are two players that can do the stretch 4 better than bosh, and for a fraction of the price. Wade also needs to take a salary commensurate with his finals performance, I.e about 4m per year. Bring back lbj, get Anderson/parsons, gortat, wade, cole/Napier as starters, then Napier/cole, birdman, ray Allen and some other former all stars who will play for vet. minimum off the bench.

  27. Antavis McCoy says:

    Wether they leave or not it’s still heat nation

  28. Gene says:

    I cannot understand the reasoning in players being called upon to make monetary sacrifices so that ownership can earn more. They are simply going to make the “salary cap” less so that they can earn even more. Players who refuse to “give back” will be labeled as non-team players. The stigma will impact the players ability to command maximum salaries, which will be reserved for team players i.e. those willing to give millions back to ownership.

  29. Cody Jordan says:

    I’m just waiting to see if LBJ will leave… I’m waiting on the bandwagon to claim another team, and swear how they’ve been fans for years

    • Whateva... says:

      Has it occured to you that some people are NOT team fans but player fans. If anything you’re on the LeBrin/Heat HATE bandwagon thanks to social media!!!

  30. Dirtylittlesecret says:

    Oh man, … would have paid to see the veins on Bill Simmon’s neck pop when he heard that Bosh and Wade opted out. Priceloess.

  31. Not 3,4,5,6,7 Just TWO!!!! says:

    GO sign with the SPURS w/ a minimum salary and be a a cheer leader ( TOWEL WAVING TRIO ) like patty did last year and wait until Duncan/Manu retire maybe you 2 would be a starter and Wade would be 6th man

  32. Spo says:

    Miami needs to sign for some speed, preferrably in PG position.
    Miami lost in the finals because they couldn’t effectively penetrate, which James must take some responsibility for given he usually handles the ball. James usually relies on strength and size to penetrate, however he was neutralised by Lennard – doesn’t help that Lebron loves to slow down the play at the top of the key, which gave the Spurs time to set their defense. Without effective penetration, Miami’s shooters couldn’t get open rhythm shots. Re a PG breaking down a defense and making a play, speed and handle is always more effective than size and strength.

  33. lebron says:

    105 for 5 years to lebron james 57 for wade for 4 years 65 for bosh 5 years

  34. Mike says:

    2015 heat roster.

    Starting 5: Bosh. Lebron. Trevor Ariza. Wade. Chalmers. ( eventually Shabazz becomes a Starter)

    Second 5. Blatche. Marvin Willams. Beasely. Allen. Shabazz

    Bench. Josh Hamilton. Birdman. Ennis. J.Jones. Cole

    I prefer Gortat over Blatche. But we can’t afford Gortat.
    We can afford chalmers with bird rights I prefer Lowry. But he s too expensive
    Ariza. Is good 3 point shooter Good perimeter defender
    Marvin Williams s young6’9. PF

  35. Go Mavs says:

    The big three will all go to another team like the rockets to try to win another title.

  36. LeBron James says:

    Hello guy’s to clear all the drama out I will re-sign with the heat and so will wade and bosh more info later see yall later!

  37. bentot says:

    i say bring back mike miller. he’s back to good health and can really spread the floor.

  38. dolladdict says:

    Boring!!! Seen it… Same old drama last 2010. Will probably produce the same ending. What’s with retooling? Aren’t these three guys enough to win? Add another superstar player and the only thing Miami will ever get are more Haters!!!

    • murloc says:

      Seriously. This was the new big 3 while they were winning. Now its “Lebron is back on the Cavs and needs more help”. This was the same big 3 that were the 2013 NBA Champs (even with a broke Wade)…. 1 year later poor Lebron is back on the Cavs??? Yes they are in the Leastern Conference but 4 straight trips is 4 Straight trips and they got 2 wins* in the Finals.
      Re-tooling just seems to mean willing to pay more for another title. All 3 will be back they know they can dominate the Leastern Conference for an easy trip back to the finals. Winning against the West?? at least they can claim 5 straight trips

  39. german bball sensation says:

    seriously, the only way for the heat to keep wiinng championships is to not resign wade or to resign him for much less (5-10 mil, what hes actually worth). anything else (15 mil per year) would be just plain right stupid. you gotta pay a player what he’s worth for and there’s no way in the world that wade is worth 15 mil plus in 4 years, let alone 13 mil next year. the heat gotta face reality, no matter what loyality might suggest. best would be to dump his salary in a huge way (let’s say 8 mil per year) as well as resigning bosh to not more than 12 mil per year (more than he’s actually worth as well) so that they can get some decent upgrades fpr pg and center position. if i were lebron, i’d ask for what’s actually due to me (as maxed a max salary as you could imagine) plus not rseigning wade and probably bosh (if they were asking for more than 18 mil combined) and instead totally rebuild (lowry, anthony, whoever else is there). but resigning wade is not the way to stay championship-like-competitive. face the truth!

  40. LERONE J. says:


  41. HeatFail says:

    I would love to see Miami handcuff themselves for the next 4 or 5 years with the big 3 all the while never winning another championship. Lebron is great. No doubt. But he is starting do what he did in Cleveland by trying to take on the other team by himself. San Antonio showed us how it’s done…

  42. lbj says:

    Doing all those stuff would not make Miami your 3rd ring (LBJ /BOSH) and 4th ring for Wade come and sign to Spurs with a veteran minimum and your dream of not 3,4,5,6,7 will come true or else its just 2 . We will trade our future hall of famer Austin Daye and Ayres to clear Cap Spaces

  43. Marje says:

    The Heat can explore lots of options. They can try to give The Big Three good contracts of try to get free agents like Melo, Kevin Love, Greg Monroe, and make a slow rebuilding process. Plus, the picked up Shabazz Napier in the draft to replace Mario Chalmers. These steps could help the Het to be a good team with Bosh, James, or Wade. Pat Riley just wants to get LeBron back and he needs to open his eyes and say “There are many good players out there that I can sign to the Het and make it a winning team”.

  44. sid says:

    I wonder where Antony is going to play? It certainly will not be for the heat with this calculation! Hahahahaha

  45. shane says:

    They’re bench was better that’s it way better

  46. South Austin says:

    Any amount greater than zero paid to Wade and Bosh is money wasted. Both of them were no shows in the Finals. If the Heat are really serious about winning more rings with Lebron they need to dump Wade and Bosh.

  47. Lewisbrooke1 says:

    With the paycut the heat could be very good, lowry-allen-Lebron-Bosh-Hill-Napier-Wade-Lewis-Gasol-Andersen-Bazemore-Livingston-Cole-Haslem

  48. en. says:

    Miammi this miammi dat fuu! K those putosss ..

  49. TheAll-Star136 says:

    So many things that you can do with $55 million of cap space.

  50. Anyway you slice the numbers, it’s not a great idea to keep Bosh, James, and Lebron unless you’re fairly certain you can win a title with that trio anchoring your team. 2014 proved they can’t. I really like Bosh, but it’s time to sign and trade him for 2 pieces that will fit better.

    • Rockman says:

      Junior, you are an idiot. The trio has proven twice that they can win championships. Or were you sleeping under a rock from 2011-2013? Having Wade, James and Bosh in one team is always a good idea. Last year was a matter of bench production. They had no Mike Miller hitting threes for them, and Ray Allen and Shane Battier were way off.

  51. coupon says:

    They need a center, a decent one. I think they should not go for lowry. Get a good center to protect the paint and let maria and napier run the point.

  52. andhwho says:

    They need a center, a decent one. I think they should not go for lowry. Get a good center to protect the paint and let maria and napier run the point.

  53. LBJ the Drama Queen says:

    I would take Kevin Love over LBJ.

    1. Skipped college because he likes to avoid finals
    2. Quit on his team the year after he promises a championship
    3. Dunked on by a highschool kid and then confiscate tape
    4. Bail on the dunk contest 9 times
    5. Only able to win a ring with 2 superstars
    6. 7th best player in NBA finals series.
    7. Average 1.8 pts in the 4th quarter of NBA finals.
    8. Lose not 1, not 2, but 3 times in the Finals.
    9. Host a national televised TV show to leave his team
    10.Play on the same team as his moms boyfriend
    11.Go 2 for 18 in an NBA playoff game.
    12.Get stuffed by a player under 6 feet (Nate Robinson)
    13.Flop every single game in the playoffs
    14.Choke 4 out of 5 finals games by dropping FG% by 18
    15. 0 Rings if not for refs calling early fouls on Durant and Westbrook it threw them out of rhythm, made them play soft and sit for big parts of the game which changed the flow and momentum of the finals.

    • LeBrontourage23 says:

      It is literally sad how uneducated you are…This is perhaps the most Idiotic post in the history of this website. Your opening statement saying you would take Love over Lebron immediately discredited anything else you had to say. Keep drinking that Haterade and crying with jealousy that Lebron doesn’t play for your team. School is out son.

    • Rockman says:

      16. Greatest player on the planet according to literally everyone who knows basketball more than you do.

    • legitballr says:

      all I can say is you are a rare species of hater. you brought up his mother is the conversation, how low are you? have you EVER played a sport other than the virtual variety? and sitting the bench does not count. waterboy, equipment doesn’t qualify as being on the team. it just means the coach thought it would be cruel to tell you to never come in the gym again and destroy your confidence. you said you’d take love over james. I kno your favorite food is psilosibin. any more posts like these and you might get a visit from the karma genie. she’s a you-know-what

    • I'm Right says:

      lol this guy is an idiot..
      … yah the refs rigged 2012 finals so bad and made OKC lose in 5 games lol even durant and westbrook wouldn’t use your sorry excuses like “thrown out of rhythm, changed flow/momentum”, they dont’ want trolls like you defending OKCs loss
      and yes even if miami lost that series its not 0 rings because they won in 2013, learn to count, stay in school

  54. Michael says:

    Wade is worth less than $10M/yr, and certainly worth less than Bosh. Heat should have +$15M for another superstar free agent with Wade and Bosh’s revised salaries. There are some nice free agents out there available at $10M/yr that have as much or more to offer than Bosh. If Miami gives Wade too much, like the Lakers with Kobe, LBJ is gone and Miami will not reach the finals for another decade. Fun off-season for Miami and NBA fans.

  55. LjN says:

    i hope “The big 3” stays at heat and they get Marcin Gortat it seems like heat is missing a big man

  56. Shammy says:

    they need only good center like Gortat not bad not great and not expensive bosh its not a center he is only PF, 6 RPG Lebron have more rebounds then Bosh and he wont 15M/year for what ? Whrere was Greg Oden? spend money for doing nothing they can give me this money if they have to much – funny for me the same Beasley – for me good player and where he was ? Meaby they need new coach

  57. kobeballhog says:

    the heat gave more credits to their benches than any other team in the league i guess spurs are on that same breath, thats why players love playing there, lebron being the leader treats every player even those down the bench the same, have you ever seen the camaraderie the heat had during those 4 year run? that team treats everyone like a brother, ray allen even said so, beasley loves his time there even he is not playing much, shane battier had his best playing days there, so haters keep hating, these superstars sacrificed millions to be able to make the finals 4 straigt times, 4 straight finals in ANY era is an achievement, the heat doesnt have all the superstars in the league, you haters said so bosh aint even a superstar on what he brings to the table, he is agood good player but aint a great one, heck there are even more teams in the league who could say they got more superstars statistically wise than just on paper. but have they gone to the finals 4 straight times?

    • Big3Bully says:

      I don’t think so. The reason why Mario Chalmers played poorly in the Finals is due to blame and bullying he got from James, Wade and Bosh. It is the same reason why the bench had not produced well on Finals as they are afraid that James will blame them for the end results.

  58. imissthethunder says:

    Carmello to the Heat for 10 million a year? Doubt it. The Heat lost the title this year and will not win it again next year. Even if Lebron stays. The key here is Bosh and Wade. They are has beens.

    • legitballr says:

      wade and bosh has beens? harsh words from a never was. #neversanever

      • jr says:

        No he’s stating facts you people are just morons and can’t see things for what they are they got stomped out 3 games in a row if it were for James taking over in game 2 it would have been a sweep u people act like anybody besides James actually showed up to the finals the truth hurts and u just need to actually accept it

  59. Willy Spurd says:

    Dwayde is doing to be lonely next year. Lebrain will leave and 3 point shooter Bosh will end up in Minnesota. Riley will retire, Spoelstra will get fired. All good things come to an end. LBJ can see that Wade is almost done, and what is the purpose of having Bosh on your team anyway? What did he do? Later Heat its over

  60. JimboJJM says:

    The East just doesn’t have the quality teams needed to defeat the best of the west. OKC would also have defeated the Heat, although not so brutily as the Spurs did, and the Clippers would have given them trouble too. Golden State would have been a nightmare or the Heat to defend against and even Portland with its poor bench play would have been a problem for Miami. Miami needs a bonifide center to shore up the paint. Bosh can’t stop the good power centers in the league because he is too light and beginning to show his age. He couldn’t stop Duncan who has lost almost all of the hop in his legs. Next year it will again be either the Spurs or OKC returning for the West and Miami better watch out for Chicago if Love decides to go there. I don’t think Anthony will give up the big bucks to leave NYC.

  61. Carlos Rojas says:

    This feels like the 2003-2004 L.A Lakers Superstar Team (O’ Neal, Bryant, Malone, Payton and Phil Jackson) I don’t think the Big Three will ever be big on separate ways. It is quite difficult any other team will offer them the chance to shine together again. They are building pressure on the Heat administration to offer them more money. But it could backfire on their faces, if Miami decides to rebuild their roster with less big names and more team players. The San Antonio Spurs, as anyone can plainly see, is a perfect example that multimillion dollar athletes do not equal champioships. Lebron and company need to think less about their pockets if they wish to reclaim the throne

  62. jamey says:

    Misschien kunnen ze een Foward als aaron gordon gebruiken een groentje kan het verschil misschien maken met james en wade.


  63. Kobe says:


    I will earn 48.5 million$ with a torn ACL over the next two year and I’m 35 years old.



    • jr says:

      Oh I for got to mention I got 5 rings have a 5 and 2 record in the finals part of one of the greatest franchises in NBA history with a total of 16 NBA championships and have one of the best fans bases in the world who actually know the history of our great team

  64. jamey says:

    lebron james is de beste hij mag niet weg gaan en als dwyane wade ook weg gaat is de heat bijna kansloos.
    ze moeten een hoger salaris dan blijven ze wel.

  65. JKey says:

    This is the kind of bs that I dislike about NBA contracts. For years I have always disliked the system and if this theory works, it proves that the system can be cheekily tweaked by teams to get what they want. I know it’s legit and they can do it, but this just adds to my frustration with the whole salary / cap system.

  66. Ryan says:

    How can the Heat add depth if the Big 3’s greed comes in? If they accept relevant pay cuts, then they can get a good PG and C. MO, Lebron can take the pay cut any day, he’s getting more from his advertisements. I don’t know for CB & Wade…

  67. Max says:

    KEVIN LOVE would bring everything miami doesn´t have and perfectly fit in the system. get carmelo and trade him for love. or trade bosh for love.

  68. jbl says:

    Doing all those stuff would not make Miami your 3rd ring (LBJ /BOSH) and 4th ring for Wade come and sign to Spurs with a veteran minimum and your dream of not 3,4,5,6,7 will come true or else its just 2 . We will trade our future hall of famer Austin Daye and Ayres to clear Cap Spaces .

  69. Zac says:

    Bosh would be stupid to opt out, he will earn 42 Million the next 2 years and he is not worth it.

  70. jake s. says:

    Because Pat Riley said the Heat need to re-tool, everyone is believing him. 2/3 of your stars are out of star energy. They are now just role players. The Heat most definitely need to rebuild, and Riley knows it. His ability to sign enough talent remains to be seen. Its going to be bulls/heat/wizards/cavs all making a push for the finals.

    • LeBrontourage23 says:

      ROLE PLAYERS?! Are you insane?! Wade and Bosh are not even close to role players I love how you and so many others are media sheep and prisoners of the moment. Bosh could still earn max money with many other teams and numerous experts have reported so. And D Wade had a fantastic all star level playoffs this year until the Finals where clearly his knee was an issue. Yes he is breaking down but still plays at an All Star level you fool.

      • legitballr says:

        I agree. its either you love the heat or you hate LeBron. sickening to read. If the Heat retain their core. get them to think championship first then money the team itself is only a center away. You can say what you want but if I had the best player on the planet on my team and all I had to do was my job, im going balls to the wall. Riley is the man we all know that this year some guys jus didn’t play up to their ability. really disappointed in Beasley. thought that was going to add another weapon to defend against but got lost along the way. Riley will work the numbers and the egos to create a team that will make it 5 straight finals.

  71. Drew says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that one of these guys that opts-out will not be brought back? Namely Bosh. Let D-wade take his pay-cut, Lebron get the max, and then have 20-25M to get 2 superstars. Maybe this is why Bosh is weighing his options so carefully. If you’re Miami, obviously you want James back and not resigning D-wade would be a PR nightmare. But how many Heat fans would be disappointed in loosing Bosh if you brought in Melo or K-love, or Gasol and Gortat and another guy. IDK, just seems like Bosh is the odd man out.

    • Teddy Lee says:

      Best comment I read all night. Your right there’s no love lost if bosh leaves and that would explain why he was the last to opt out. He believes miami won’t resign him for a fair amount and he’ll lose 6 or 7m to play on a non contender. Interesting thought.

  72. missael says:

    LBJ will not leave miami bosh maybe but wate maybe doing that for Pat Riley to think about, cause we all saw that lebron can’t no do everything by him self he need help miami need an strong gay that help the team and a better bench.

  73. Dee says:

    The only way the Heat can win is by adding Allstar Players. They are completely useless.

    • LeBrontourage23 says:

      Completely useless? Yea who’s your team? Because I’m pretty sure the Heat were just In the Finals for the 4th straight year. I love how you and other media sheep make comments like they’re useless and Wade and Bosh are has beens….just shows how little you know about the NBA and how much you follow anything you hear from social media. School is out son go learn something.

      • pej says:

        Yes they’re not useless. They just happened to be out matched by Spurs team work and deeper bench, most importantly a good point guard and dominating center.

      • jake s. says:

        Will you please stop going around telling people they are wrong in an aggressively mean way? It’s ok to disagree but you are just being hateful to anyone that doesn’t believe the big 3 are still all star players.

    • Kunjaymaster says:

      What can you do if they can do it, their stars take less money to add better pieces, the Spurs have been doing this for the last 10 years and nobody cares. I have no doubt in my mind that if they can add another big piece like a Luol Deng or a Kyle Lowry plus a big man like Gortat or a Gasol they will go straight to the finals again, they are just too good together and the East is no match for them.

  74. nick says:

    so how about taking vets minimum so they can sign parsons and lowry and gortat and ariza and carmelo…and kevin love next year…we re talking about lebrons gretaness….

    • eh says:

      how can lebron be great if what it takes for him to win is to be surrounded with more all-stars? unless you mean great recruiter instead of player

  75. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Melo is not coming to the Heat unless Bosh leaves… Realistically, the Heat just need to add some serious depth next year. Not just one or two players. The Heat need to find a way to get players like Pau Gasol, Trevor Ariza, Marcin Gortat, Kyle Lowry, Shawn Marion, Shaun Livingston, Boris Diaw, & try to get Miller back. & if Beasley can keep developing then the Heat will make their 5th straight championship and win their 3rd championship together.

    • Maqueobelo says:

      It’s so funny to read all the Heat fans comments. Why you don’t sign all the San Antonio Spurs team so you can win. In fact also is very funny to read that stars like Carmelo say they want to win right now but all the teams in the conversation are Lakers, Chicago, Houston or Miami. They never mention the Spurs and for me a Knicks fan it’s frustrating to see the Knicks follow the blue print of Miami instead the San Antonio formula.

    • Kunjaymaster says:

      Lowry is pretty unrealistic unless he wants to take 7-8 mill which i doubt it, i would take a Luol Deng or an Ariza and a big man Gortat or Gasol, bring Ennis from Australia which played insane. Take Allen, Haslem, Birdman back, Napier, Cole. I mean that right there is enough to make it out of the East, there’s no need to sign a big name free agent good solid pieces are enough.

  76. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    they’re probably gonna get a couple of solid guys, there’s no way Melo signs for 10 mil.

  77. jack says:

    Where is LBJ now? They need him to get a deal going for the future hall of famer Norris Cole!

  78. ken says:

    Hey lebron look at the spurs best team in nba for years by not being greedy so they can sign great players even great bench players. STOP ROBBING MIAMI

  79. ken says:

    Im feeling a sign and trade with ny for mellow

    • ibsode says:

      Melo is a unrestricted free agent. So there will not be any sign and trade.
      Either Melo stays in NY and get a max contract that no other team can offer him or he take a huge pay cut (30 millions) and play with a contender .

      I am a Miami fan but I do think that Melo will go to the bulls.

    • Robert Konegen says:

      Stop your whining on LBJ. FACT he’s never been the highest paid on his own team. He is unselfish and just wants to win, period. Go back to school boy and learn something. Grow,a pair while you’re at it.

  80. ken says:

    Just keeps reminding me why the nba is a complete joke plus in the draft all’s you hear is in a year or two he might be nba ready or in 2 years hell be 2 years away. Make them stay in Schooll atleast for 3 years then just maybe all the teams will start filling in the arenas again cause you will be drafting talented men not almost or potential talented players. Im not saying these kids are not talented but I am saying they just dont know how to use that talent yet.

  81. budwizer says:

    Re-tooling is what the heat needs, the big 3 also needs additional help unloading Joel Anthony and Mike Miller on roster didn’t help at all…

  82. Casey Jones says:

    The heat should add k love to their team.A great rebounder,threepoint shooter,good defender. Not just a scorer. The heat need a player that can score off of rebounds not someone just shooting the ball.K love would be a great powerfoward for the heat and add the something extra that they need.MIAMI DOES NOT NEED ANTHONY TO TAKE 35 SHOOTS A GAME AND NOT PLAY DEFENCE.

    • Denholm says:

      championship team or no, there is no way love joins the heat for 10 mil a season, he is looking for the max

    • Kunjaymaster says:

      Only way i see K Love joining is if Bosh is not resigned, which in my opinion is an upgrade just the ability of K Love to rebound is Heat’s biggest problem, he would average like 15-20 rebounds a game. But it won’t happen, they have to add so many new pieces that at this points the chemistry of the big 3 is the most important thing.

  83. Scisca says:

    No way they can land Gortat or Lowry, these guys are in their prime and this is their time to get the money they deserve. They won’t agree to any paycuts now, they have worked too hard the last few years to finally get their dream contracts. They may do that in 4 years, after they cash in, are older and willing to hunt for a ring for fun, cause they are set for life. No way they are doing it now, not so that Bosh and Wade can get that much money. Wade isn’t worth more than 8 mil (the guy is over and won’t get any better with these knees and no 3-point range, he has nothing to fall back on when his physicality leaves him), Bosh is still easily worth 10-12 mil at this point. That’s the brutal truth, see what guys in the Spurs earn. LBJ is the best in the game, so he is worth the max salary.

    • LeBrontourage23 says:

      A lot of what you said makes sense but saying Wade is done and worth no more than 8 mil is completely foolish. You are being a prisoner of the moment he still had an amazing playoffs up until the Finals and plays at an All Star level when he’s healthy. He’s still far more valuable than you give credit for believe me.

      • jake s. says:

        You really think that paying out 15 million dollars to a man that will : play less than half of regular season games, has steady declines in PPG, RB, and AST, and has degenerative knee problems makes sense? We get it. Lebron James is the best… but D Wade isn’t. I’m sorry you have to hear this from me.

  84. jackryan says:

    GREG MONROE is better than Melo for heat reboounding. Need to offer patty mills….

    • Kunjaymaster says:

      We don’t want anyone from the Spurs, no Mills no Diaw, plenty of free agents out there. Furthermore Mills is a product of the Spurs system who knows how he would play out of it, they will most likely resign him.

  85. Mark says:

    If LBJ gets 20mn and CB and Wade gets 15mn:

    Count Melo out. No way he agrees to less than what Dwade and CB are getting.

    Lowry is looking for his 1st big deal. Looking at 10mn at least (if Brandon Jennings is getting paid why cant Lowry)

    Between Ariza and Gortat, Ariza is more likely to be moved given the rotational duplication. Ariza might not he worth more than 10mn but hey its a toss up at this point.

    • Scott The Magician says:

      Lets be honest, Neither Wade or Bosh are worth 15 million. they just arent. Maybe as franchise players on there own teams but Wade as a has been and bosh as a soft third option who cant rebound. they should take 10-12m / yr and thats just out of respect.

      There numbers and contributions are not worth 15million.

      With a leader and minutes Beasley can average 20ppg easy and rebound. and he gets paid peanuts

      • No Regrets says:

        Completely agree. I also don’t get 5-year deal for Wade. Do they mean to be paying him 17 or so mil aged 37? He’ll be retired long before then.
        If the big 3 want this to work, they’ll have to give up more, because every year from now it will be harder to attract players for such little money.

      • Kunjaymaster says:

        I expect Wade to get the same 40 mill just distributed in more years.

  86. Ken says:

    I think since Wade and Bosh opted out the Heat should take there salaries and try to resign James and with the extra money try to sign Anthony and Love and Gortat..

    • Queirós says:

      Love is not a free agent nor would he be traded to Miami, the Heat don’t have anything to offer the T-Wolves

  87. okcDoke2014 says:

    This could be about Ibaka, Westbrook and Durant in a couple of years

  88. fstaff says:

    Anthony is in it for the money and doesn’t hide it. Easy math. He’ll stay with the Knicks.

    • Scott The Magician says:

      I dont think so, and if he does stay I’d bet money he takes less money to get a good player (Lowry)
      He needs to win, hes considered a loser and im sure that eats at him

  89. amitpal says:

    Instead of saying we are going to win not one, not two, not three, not four championships, lebron should have said, we are going to bring in not one, not two, not three, not four all stars players.

  90. Chuck says:

    There we go once more. A writer treating the Heat as though they stood on top of the basketball realm, with their dynasty in tact. Didn’t they just get blown away in almost record fashion while all of their big three were still healthy and able? Why would anyone want to come down there believing he will easily get a ring when they are clearly in the downside? But there is no way that any of them want to flee from the weak East Conference to have to compete against the far superior West..

    Here is my thought on the future. The Thunder who are mentioned in the same breath as Miami have a six man core of six, all under 26 and a nice mud-cap exception. Why wouldn’t someone like Aruza want to go there and be part of the brightest future in the league?

    • amitpal says:

      Finally someone who knows what they are talking about. All though thunder one on one style and russell westbrook might scare some people away, although I personally would love to play with a guy like westbrook, and every thunder player loves playing there because the guys really care about other starting with kd.

    • DWadeTheOne says:

      Ja! Bro…four straight trips to finals. Two won against the best of the best from the west. No need to say more. While i agree that they aren’t like lightyears ahead of everyone, they are a great great team and they have proved it.

      • underdog says:

        4 straight finals appearance in the East in this era is not an achievement especially if you have all the superstars in the league in your squad. They were even almost 1-4 in the finals.. shows you how weak the East was

      • someHEATfan says:

        4-1 against Thunder in 2013????????

    • Ben says:

      because the Heat are still a championship caliber team in the East, they have the greatest player of the era, and they lost in a series of depth, not ability. Heats bench = flat, the lure and pitch being used by the Heat is basically “You will be the piece we need to SECURE a title, your odds of winning are higher here.”

      • lolheat says:

        i wonder if lbj was in the west would he be considered the best player in this era? he def wouldn’t have made it to 4 straight finals he may not have even won one had he been out west.

      • No Regrets says:

        How can you say they lost on depth, when they were down 20 after the 1st quarter in the last 3 games?

    • LiamSo says:

      Not almost record fashion, it was record (highest point differential) fashion

  91. d57fan says:

    Yes, I’m sure Kyle Lowry will want to give up his prime sole earning opportunity to allow Bosh & Wade to ride LeBron’s back for 5 more years. After all, Wade,Bosh, LeBron, Allen & Lewis have ll earned THEIR money in their prime years and he’s just a peon who isn’t worth more than the minimum.

  92. okcDoke2014 says:

    Kobe and LeBron ?

    • nbafan says:

      lol kobe and lebron….. u got that right. in LA it would be kobe and then lebron. yea let the egotistical old injured man in his 20th season drive the franchise into the ground while lebron watches.