Report: Kidd loses power play in Brooklyn, free to talk with Bucks

After being denied a promotion by the Nets, Jason Kidd was granted permission to talk to the Bucks.

After being denied a promotion by the Nets, Jason Kidd was granted permission to talk to the Bucks.

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Jason Kidd‘s run as coach in Brooklyn could soon be over after just one season, courtesy of his own ambition.

Kidd was denied a promotion with the Nets and, in the wake of that failed attempt to increase his power to include personnel decisions, was granted permission to discuss future employment with the Milwaukee Bucks, according to a report from Tim Bontemps of the New York Post.

The Bucks, of course, already have a coach in Larry Drew. So it’s unclear exactly which job Kidd is exploring in Milwaukee. Both Kidd and Drew just finished their first seasons, respectively, in their current positions.

Kidd’s reported power play puts him in a precarious position with the Nets, who have loads of other decisions to make, including what to do with Kevin Garnett and the final year of his contract, and might have to add a coaching search to their to-do-list.

If Kidd tried to undercut Nets GM Billy King and failed, he’s almost certainly out of a job in Brooklyn. For this news to break on the eve of free agency makes for an extremely bizarre process as the Nets try to reload for the 2014-15 season.

There’s an excellent chance they’ll do so without the services of Kidd, whose methods, per the Post, were nothing if not bold:

According to a league source, Kidd recently approached ownership with a series of demands, including the role of overseeing the Nets’ basketball operations department in addition to his head coaching responsibilities. The source said Kidd didn’t want general manager Billy King to be dismissed, but wanted to be given a title and placed above him in the organizational hierarchy.

Ownership declined to grant Kidd that kind of power, which is rare for any coach in the league to have. The source said ownership felt Kidd wasn’t ready for that kind of responsibility after having only one year of coaching experience — the team finished his first season on the bench with a 44-38 record, good for sixth in the Eastern Conference — and allowed Kidd to seek other opportunities.

The franchise then was approached by the Bucks to speak with Kidd about the prospect of hiring him, and have done so with the Nets’ permission.

Kidd has a small ownership stake in the Nets, so perhaps he felt he was well within his rights to ask for more power. But someone else within the organization clearly didn’t agree with his way of doing business.

Whatever role the Bucks have played or will play in this process can only be further complicated by them speaking to a coach of an Eastern Conference rival while they already have a coach under contract.

Whatever happens in Milwaukee, it’s clear Kidd’s days are numbered in Brooklyn.


  1. Max says:

    I hate to see J. Kidd in this type of situation! Hope he finds a Coaching Job. One year is not enough to see if he can Coach. Wish the best for D. Fisher as well!

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  3. Carol says:

    He doesn’t need a reality check….he just got a reality check for sure

  4. Chris says:

    Apparently 20 years if experience in the NBA doesn’t qualify you at all to put together a team.

  5. Kidd fan says:

    Jason Kidd was an amazing player. I think the Nets roster was way overrated to begin with. I think it was an act of desperation on Jason’s part but I can’t blame him. He took a old chance and I respect him for it. I hope he gets another chance as a coach.

  6. lenny says:

    Don’t let him do to Milwaukee what Isaiah Thomas did to the New York Knick.

  7. Henrik Jensen says:

    i wish that Kidd will leave Nets, so that Kevin Garnett can play more than 19 minutes a game

  8. Fattboy says:

    Who does Jason Kidd think he is? What did he do to deserve a coaching job, let alone management? He looked lost half the time on the bench and with basically no experience in a management position, he wants more of a role? Actually, Im not sure what the NBA in general is thinking even with the Kerr and Fisher signings as Coach without any experience at all….it baffles me how you can pay someone with no experience 25 million over five years…The Nets and Bucks are both better without him and they should let him hang out to dry….

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      The Nets history in the NBA would be blank without Kidd. So you can’t say things like who does he think he is..

      That said, yeah I do think Kidd is being a bit too rash. It’s okay to be ambitious but he needs more experience before aiming for a management position.

  9. mark says:

    Well Jason is and will always be synonymous with the NETS no matter where he played or where he coaches but if you are a 1st year coach and your trying to gain power over your peers at your respected ball club your asking for trouble and creating bad blood within the ball club .Jason kidd wants more power to run his team because if king the nets GM drafts someone or makes a trade and kidd has the person or persons on a team that he is coaching and if he fails then it’s his fault not the GM.s so I could understand his want for more power over the team at least if he does not succeed it’s because of a team that he put together and I think the nets should let it but when your playing with millions upon millions it’s hard to let someone with lack of experience handle that kind of responsibility so you want someone with some experience that’s that for mr kidd

  10. David says:

    Only a few coaches in the league have the kind of power Jason Kidd is looking for with the Nets. And they all have Championship Rings. JK, what were you thinking?

  11. Paul says:

    If they get rid of him and end up in last place than they are wrong! Say what you want about him, but why not give him a one year shot and see what he could have done? What other VP would do better?

  12. lol says:

    eastern conference is easy, even the timberwolves could top that table

  13. MattdotBucks says:

    The last thing the bucks need is an executive with some of the same attitude issues that plagued this team last season. With this young, ambitious team, Jason Kidd is not the person to look up to right now, regardless of his role. I understand new ownership wants to make a splash and draw revenue, but don’t do it to the detriment of the team. If he had a power-trip in Brooklyn, imagine what he’ll do in Milwaukee.

  14. Akeem says:

    Rookie move “Kid”

  15. Felix says:

    The Nets didn’t finish 6th in the East because of Kidd, they finished 6th in spite of him. They had the highest payroll in league history and their roster, while certainly overpaid, could have been way better in the hands of another coach. And teams in the East get to play 22 more games against the East than teams in the West do. Just goes to show that Kidd is/was a terrible coach. The Bucks’ owner is scum for trying to put him in charge.

  16. Bucks Nation says:

    Bucks don’t want his. Guy is a disease.

  17. coupon says:

    Oh well kid need to get with the program. first he got caught with the drink spill move and now this.

  18. Fefe (Nets) says:

    As a Nets fan for life & a Kidd’s fan since his days as a player including for the Nets…i’m very surprised to hear this news just now…and I really don’t like it!!!

    I also hope for Milwaukee that they keep cool heads and keep coach Drew & their GM Hammond!! All this story is fishy!

  19. alex says:

    Kidd is delusional. Never liked him for abusing his wife, drinking and so forth. I believe in forgiveness. However, he keeps on making it harder for me to like him.

  20. dj says:

    I’m really starting to give up on this Nets team, I mean just look at all the potential we threw away. The young players for D-Will, the draft pick to Portland for Gerald Wallace (which ended up being Damian Lillard), then all the draft picks for KG and Pierce. This team could be building a serious contender for years to come, instead they threw it away for a chance at instant success. For a team trying to build a foundation like the Spurs, the Nets have failed miserably.

  21. renee says:

    Look, Jason Kidd was a excellent floor commander, but he has not proven himself on the floor as a head coach. For most of the season he had no control over his team. The team came together not because of Kidd but because of the veteran players stepping up and taking control along with their strong desire to win. When you want to wield that kind of power and make those kind of demands–you better have a winning record, championship rings, and demonstrate you have control over your team and not your team controlling you!

  22. imissthethunder says:

    Sorry, correction: Larry Drew made both the Bucks and Hawks look like fools in the 2 years he was their respective coach…..

  23. imissthethunder says:

    Larry Drew is a bum. He made both the Hawks and the Bucks look like fools for the past 2 season. Both he and J Smoove need to be banished to the D League. Send them both to the Red Lobster Claws. I like Kidd to Milwaukee. Bet they make the playoffs this year!

  24. Willy Spurd says:

    After he spilled the COKE it was over. Can you tell me Kevin Garnett had any respect for a guy who spills a COKE on the floor, purposely? Na! They don’t do that in Russia either.

  25. hdsnake867 says:

    That wife beater is a totally ego driven douche bag.

  26. SAVAGE22 says:

    One of the biggest problems we have in the world is that people just dont know when to stop talking.

    A former Kidd fan.

  27. FrankL2010 says:

    I like J Kidd, but he needs to wait and prove to the organization that he can handle bigger tasks. “If you can not handle small things, how can you handle bigger ones? (revised). Title is nothing, achievement is something. Think of it KID 🙂

  28. buraot says:

    I think Kidd has to prove himself as a coach before asking front office role. Coach with this kind of power like Stan Van Gundy, Doc Rivers and Greg Pop earned it by at least taking their team into the Finals. Kidd is asking too much, too soon.

  29. everlastpl says:

    Well… this guy clearly wants to win. And he wants to commit to the franchise.
    I know he has no coaching experience but hey, he was always a ten player (lets overlook first year in Dallas and 3J’s situation as he was just a silly boy then).
    All year I took a closer look at him as I wanted to see what he is going to look like as a coach and I was pretty impressed really. I’ve seen experienced coaches crumble under pressure but he was stone cold. Everybody gave him stick at the beginning of the season but he just said wait for it, and performed pretty well.
    There is another factor there that has to be addressed which has been brought to the table. If Kidd makes a move like this, then what does it say about Billy King? (Lets take Kidd out of the picture for a minute and look at King’s doings). Maybe it would be wise to get a better replacement for King to show that Nets want to win big cause if it stays as is, and lets say Kidd is gone then probably we will be looking at Nets being at the bottom of a pile next year and it is sad to see Garnet and Pierce ending up like Olajuwon in Toronto.

  30. Ludwig Von Flash says:

    He probably wanted the same money and/or power given to Derek Fisher by NY.

  31. rg says:

    He is not a good coach and never will be he got lucky he had a veteran team that knew how to play without a coach but if he goes somewhere like the bucks he will not do any good and will regret it and I think when he trys to get other coaching jobs they will look at how he did in brooklyn and not want that around their organization.

  32. jake s. says:

    I’m sure Kidd knows the game well and knows how to win. He just tanked his reputation when he got that DUI.

  33. I didn't say anything ... not a word. says:


  34. Flabingo says:

    Common cents
    If the Nets were smart they would try to hire Greg Popovitch who makes &6,000,000. But if they offered him $12,000,000 he would not leave.. Character maters, and Jason has none!
    But the owner does not understand, best evidence he hired Jason Kidd,

  35. buck_kidd says:

    bucks is a model franchise…after what kidd did, they still intend to hire this clown?

  36. Laker baker says:

    Kidd is after Milwaukee owner’s daughter

  37. Jonathan says:

    That was pretty smart of Kidd to do. I mean seriously there are 3 good players (Williams, Johnson, Lopez) and 3 decent players (kirallinco-hope I spelled that right, pierce, Garnett). The 3 decent players are close to retirement and the 2 of the 3 good players are not that far behind. Why not give him the reins? Whose better to create a roster than the person who is going to coach it and has 15+ years as a player in the league to boot.

  38. Flabingo says:

    Jason Kidd won
    He will be a star on all the Monday night talk shows and possibly John Stewart will have a comment, and John Oliver may devote a whole show to him
    He may also push Donald Sterling off the front page of the NBA, as the worst person in the world.
    Sinners can change but STUPID IS FOREVER.
    Nets will be smart to pick Mark Jackson, , and build a new stadium in NYC to be shared with the Knicks like Staple Center in LA

  39. zong rong says:

    JASON KIDD – delusional guy who harbour hopes of power…never like him and never will. what a diick

  40. aces says:

    I know exactly where kidd is coming from…I’m surprised Billy king still has a job in the nba…He destroyed the Sixers and we are still trying to dig out of the mess he put us in…now he is doing the same thing to the nets. First he traded away all those 1st Rd oils for basically Kg n 1 season of pierce since pierce is a free agent now. Trading for Joe Johnsons contract, giving d will a max even wit all the injuries. ..great job kidd for trying to put an end to it and if they do let u go anyways, it’s their loss n they’ll regret it

  41. Sham says:

    Well, next year we should see him as an owner of a franchise, and the year after that as Commissioner, and the year after that President of the United States, and the year after that? King of Earth.

    At this rate at least.

  42. funkypiston says:

    Perhaps its Lebron’s turn to have wade join forces with him 😉 I kinda like it that players are doing anything possible to put themselves in a position to win. Bravo Tim Duncan for starting this. If the big 3 in miami can find a way to earn 35 million between them, it would pave way for serious retooling.

  43. YungMussuBlack says:

    Who in their right mind be looking for any position with the Bucks; one of the worst, and if not THE worst franchise in the NBA?

  44. YungMussuBlack says:

    Why would he do something so stupid. We need him as coach.

    • Jae Porter says:

      It’s far from stupid J-Kidd is very intelligent & can tackle on the extra responsibility he obviously cares enough to want to oversee things so that he can bring them back to being a championship caliber team because billy king can’t

  45. Connor says:

    As a Celtics fan, I don’t blame Kidd. The Nets made a big mistake mortgaging their future by their big trade last year. I love Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, but unfortunately, they are at the end of their careers. Kidd saw Pierce leaving, Garnett in his 20th and last season, his point guard deteriorating and well past his prime, no first round draft choices, way over the salary cap, and a bunch of mediocre or less players left. Knowing the players in the NBA, he wanted the final say in what to do with this disaster looming for Brooklyn, because he has to coach what is left if nothing is done; meaning they won’t even make the playoffs this coming season unless bold moves are made. If they aren’t made, people will blame Kidd more than King. So I agree with Kidd. If he’s going to coach a train wreck, let’s make bold moves now and try to right the ship. Obviously, he doesn’t have confidence in King’s ability to obtain talent. But when the Nets said no, Kidd wasn’t going to stay and coach a sinking ship if he wasn’t allowed to right the ship. Kidd will lead the Bucks to the playoffs this year while the Nets won’t even make the playoffs, thanks to Billy King.

    • steve says:

      u fed me knowledge and read jkidd’s thoughts correctly i believe

    • Celtics fan says:

      Trading for KG and Pierce made sense that time. The recently moved Brooklyn Nets are trying to make their team more popular by desperately trying to contend for a championship. What the Nets did wrong is hiring a recently retired player to coach a veteran loaded, championship calibre team. He may be a great PG, a future Hall of Famer but that doesn’t mean he’ll be as successful in coaching.

  46. Robert Guyette says:

    If you remember his first team of him Johnson and Mashburn fell apart because of his making demands the team get rid of Mashburn over a woman they both dated. Then at the end of his career there was a rumor being floated around that he talked his teammates into not following the coaches gameplan. And he was coaching while on the court. So this doesn’t sound far fetched at all.

  47. Bro says:

    I’m sure there is more to this story than we know. The league has gone nuts in my opinion, and is about to enter one of the worst periods of its history. How in the world can a team be bought for $2 Billion and turn a profit? How can a team like the Bucks be worth $550 million? How can a league survive when some of its brightest stars agree to go to a select team to ensure they win a title? Imagine if Steve Jobs, Ballmer, and Bill Gates had all decided to take their talents to IBM? What kind of computing world would we have today? I respected Kidd as a player, and I have serious doubts about King as a GM, but Kidd committed a turnover here. His future looked bright, but this was poorly played…

  48. J. Sit says:

    My question would be what the contracts of Kevin and Paul. Would they now be released or just simply retire. Kidd can’t coach but should think about just step away from the game.

  49. Joejoezz says:

    Unreal Kidd did horrible initially, through luck they turned around in the end. He’s more of a side show

  50. wilson says:

    Kidd pretty much insulted Billy King which was the guy that hired him and helped him get a job.

    • what the deuce? says:

      what the hell is he thinking?
      If your phil Jackson, Riley etc etc…you can have more say. when your a first year coach who was scouted as the worse coach in the league (yes they have coach scouts and yes they said he was the worse) you have ZERO right for such demands.
      with an attitude like that, get rid of him!!!!!


  51. Ms. Penny says:

    He is making demands just after the 1st year. I am shocked, and I always thought he was such a humble guy. Boy, I was wrong, but to put demands on the organization is just funny. In order to be President or VP of basketball Operations, you normally have years of HC experience like Poppovich, Rivers, Van Gundy, Jackson, Riles. What is wrong with Kidd, he needs a reality check, someone help him. Plus, how could he want to coach the Bucks or maybe its for a higher position. They already have a coach in place. I didn’t know you could get hired, without being fired. What the heck is going on with Kidd? Earth to Kidd, Earth to Kidd. Do like everyone else and wait for the opportunity when the position becomes available. Try that it usually works out best.

  52. Farmer Johnson says:

    I think all coaches should have a say in player personal, Good for you J-Kidd

    • charless702 says:

      All coaches usually do have a say in player personal. Kidd already had a say in personal, he just wanted his word to be final. Him wanting final say is pretty funny especially after considering his disastrous first coaching season. Let’s not forget this team was put together to make a run at the Heat. That being said they struggled to make the playoffs or stay above .500 for most of the season, in the amateur league that is the Eastern Conference, then they got their butts stomped and struggled to not get swept by the very team they were built to go up against. Erik Spoelstra coached Kidd under a table and made him look like a complete amateur and no amount of spilled drinks could have changed that. Spoelstra isn’t even that good of a coach which makes the entire thing even worse. Let’s not pretend like Kidd overachieved with that team. They struggled all year. They barely made the playoffs, they barely (and this time I really mean barely especially since the entire series went down to the last shot) beat the Raptors and the Heat completely destroyed them in 5. Kidd still isn’t even qualified for his current job title, yet somehow you and him think he’s due a promotion. lol.

  53. Jun says:

    “power corrupts…”

  54. tony says:

    come coach in dallas kidd

  55. amitpal says:

    When Kidd was a player, I always thought he was a team first no diva type of guy. But ever since he became a coach he sounds more like a diva to me. I don’t know the guy, im just going by what I hear and maybe he has a right to want he wants, I don’t know. All I know is he is sounding more like a diva day by day. Still think hes going to be a great coach.

  56. J. Smith says:

    I think all coaches should be allowed to take part in the decisions of basketball operations pertaining to player signings, trades, etc. The coach is the one that’s around the team the most and knows exactly what his team needs. I rather give the power to someone that is hands-on with the team instead of someone who’s observing from a seat in the stands making all the decisions. If the coach wants to make a move that might hurt the team financially I understand, but if the move is going to better the team from his perspective and ultimately in the long run then, why not? Kidd is going to be a very good coach going forward in the NBA and if he does get that head coaching job with Milwaukee they will regret it because Brandon knight has a lot of potential and all he needs is someone like Kidd to show him how to be a true point guard along with his scoring ability. The Nets should cherish what they have now.

    • Celtics fan says:

      Of course what the GM tries to do always has the influence of the coach. but i heard Kidd asked to trade Brook Lopez for Larry Sanders because apparently Lopez doesn’t fit in his coaching system. would you still want him to manage the front office??

  57. jj says:

    Kidd is an idiot. He’s had one year of experience and the guy wants personal privileges… At least try and get a good coaching resume before you make those demands. He coached for one freaking year!

  58. gokidd says:

    greedy kidd haha