Five that need to be moving on

VIDEO: Pau Gasol speaks at his Lakers exit interview

For LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and all of the front line stars, there are current teams tugging on their jerseys, pulling at their heartstrings, trading for rookie point guards, offering Brink’s trucks full of cash to get them to stay.

But in so many other cases the handwriting is on the wall and it’s time to go. Here’s a handful of free agents that would be best served by moving on:

Pau Gasol, Forward/Center, Lakers — After so many years as the designated whipping boy of the Lakers, it simply makes no sense at all to stick around on a team that has about as much chance of contending in 2015 as Staples Center does being hit by a meteor. His skills have lost their sharpest edges and he’s no longer an All-Star player. But he still gives a solid effort, averaged 17 points and nine rebounds last season and could make a nice backup on the front line of a team that is in the mix and needs a real pro. He won’t be looking to break the bank this summer, just find himself a place where he can fit in and be appreciated while he chases one more championship before his retirement.

Greg Monroe, Forward, Pistons — Unless somebody out there just loses their mind and lets the Pistons off the hook for former general manager Joe Dumars’ last big mistake by agreeing to take Josh Smith‘s bloated salary, a return to Detroit would just mean another year of frustration for Monroe. The three-headed monster with Smith and Andre Drummond on the front line did not work out and Monroe is going to be the odd man out in the rotation. After three straight seasons of averaging more than 15 points and nearly 10 rebounds a game, Monroe has shown himself to be solid, if not an elite level player. It’s time to find out if he can step his game up to the next level someplace where he’s not hemmed in.

Thabo Sefolosha, Guard/Forward, Thunder — When coach Scott Brooks pulled him from the starting lineup and rooted him to the bench in the Western Conference finals against the Spurs, it was a likely signal that Sefolosha’s limited game had finally hit its ceiling after 5 1/2 seasons in OKC. It was alright to have him in there for defense and 3-point shooting as long as there was enough offense in the rest of the lineup. But his shooting fell off badly last season and the Thunder need more of the punch they’ll get from playing Reggie Jackson or Jeremy Lamb in his spot. If he spends the summer working to repair that broken shooting touch, Sefolosha could find himself as a nice role player for a team that needs a defender on the wing.

Evan Turner, Forward, Pacers — It was a calculated mid-season risk that blew up in Larry Bird‘s face. The deal to essentially replace Danny Granger with Turner may or may not have been the first thread to unraveling the locker room in Indiana, but his play certainly didn’t produce anything that was positive. The jury is still out on the former No. 2 overall pick in the 2010 Draft. There were times when he was the best player on the 76ers’ roster, though he does need the ball in his hands. If the Pacers make the commitment to keep Lance Stephenson, there’s definitely no way he sticks. At just 25, there’s reason to hope that a change of scenery could jumpstart his game and his career.

Greivis Vasquez, Guard, Raptors — After their strong finish and ultimately claiming the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference, you’d think the Raptors would do everything they could to hang onto starting point guard Kyle Lowry. If they do, it relegates Vasquez to the bench again. If not, they’re probably watching money and starting over again with a young prospect running the offense. Either way it means the journeyman — in the truest sense of the word — would be best served by being back on the move again. He’s not the model of today’s point guard that can be the quarterback and also get his own points. Instead, he’s an inconsistent shooter without a real nose for putting the ball into the basket. But he’s got good size, is an excellent passer and those attributes deserve to be on display on more than just a part-time basis.


  1. Max says:

    Fran, what team is just crazy “in Love” with trading for Lance Stephson?? That Dude is Crazy!!

  2. add coupon says:

    every year i hear gasol is moving on only to realize that he is still a laker.

  3. Jonathan says:

    1. Gasol’s best fit would be the Knicks.
    2. Monroe’s best fit would be the Thunder or Spurs (Duncan’s future replacement)
    3. Sefolosha’s best fit would be Mavs, Suns, or basically a team with a great offense that can use a defensive presence.
    4.Turner’s best fit would be Knicks or Lakers (replace Gasol)
    5.Vasquez to the Spurs??? Probably his best fit

  4. AK47 says:

    Monroe go to Utah, put Kanter as 6th man, he’s been doing well off the bench. But the problem will be the cap space xD gonna be good to see Favors and Monroe together though 🙂

  5. New Jersey Nets Fan says:

    #1- Melo should really consider going to the Mavs

    PG- Devin Harris, SG- Monta Eillis, SF- Melo, PF Dirk. C- Tyson Chandler
    Notable Back ups if they resign, Marion and Carter . Championship level team

    #2 Luol Deng a guy whos nobody talking about

    What if the Lakers get Deng and Kevin Love and Greg Monroe

    i never rooted or liked the Lakers, but for some reason i want them to have a great team

  6. Daniel Jacques says:

    I think Vasquez is happy playing with Lowry

  7. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    I see no reason why vasquez need to go, he played perfect backup to Kyle.

    @ Santa Monica Me Finally see some sense in Lakers fans, hey is that a meteor in the sky?

  8. The Schoowow says:

    Yeah rite, Chalmers HOF. In 2014 finals, Spurs actually swept Heat. Won it 4:0. Not even Spurs’ best fans, players and staff ever expected it to be THAT EASY. Only for Chalmers’ elbow did Miami escape a painful sweep. He’s a HOF if you ask me. Miami’s MVP in this finals.

    • Big says:

      He’ll never make the HOF. He’ll never even make it to an all star game unless hes watching teammates from the fans section. Troll on troll.

  9. imissthethunder says:

    I agree about Thabo. But where would he be a good fit?

  10. #30 says:

    Monroe to GSW, they need big man.

  11. Eaham says:

    Anyone else out here wan dallas to bring back Tery and Barea, and maybe even deshawn stevenson ahah
    LEts gets the ol crew back together.Maybe make a run at a better PG than felton and make a run

  12. Easy"E" says:

    17 and 9 is good any day, but if your 7 feet and super talented why not get more bang for your money. Pau can take his super soft game to Dallas or overseas. We don’t need someone is who is going not give us inside points, when we need them instead shooting soft jumpers. Hey LBJ got a sign and trade deal for you to consider will sign Pau to trade him for your super talented forward Chris Bosh who will only get max deal for only 10 million a year because he and Pau Gasol are only worth that per year. Stats don’t add up to pay max money for one year or two. Reply

    • JBR says:

      I fail to understand why it matters of a guy get’s his points inside or from ‘soft jumpers’. 2 points is 2 points.

      Durant has led the league in scoring a bunch of times and his game is soft as cotton.

      By the way, Pau is much tougher than he appears. And I’m not a Pau fan nor a Lakers fan.

  13. lbj says:

    I like multiple kings in my butt, if you catch my drift, but THE king is all I really need. all those free agents will come and play with my favorite king in Miami ;). ohhhhhh baby king.

  14. mark says:

    As it stands right now Greg monroe is a starter but not a star <<<< has there been mistakes made in Detroit you bet there have been but Greg monroe was not 1 of them has he progressed as much as everyone thought he would NO there could be a few reason why maybe style of play maybe unstable coaching and a unclear direction the pistons are headed in maybe the fact that the pistons are dyeing to be good that there trying to do anything including bringing in players that don't fit there team so overall he needs more time to really become a upper echelon player and a possible all star the potential is there the piston want to get better they just can't decide on how they want to do by way off the Draft or free agency however they may try I hope they put more time in on Greg monroe he will be a stud with propper coaching and time

  15. mark says:

    Gasol still has a few good years in him what nobody understands is when you change coaches and offensive schemes it takes yime fot players to adjust because the coach is not bringing out the best in that player he wants to play his style of ball and the lakers well let’s face it have that coaching issue where the style does not fit the team and the trading for Dwight howard and kobes injury have all been factors to gasol.s game WHY ? Well with kobe being out someone has to step up and with the coach not haveing the right type scheme for his team it looks bad on the players who are trying to do what there coach wants so for the people writing gasol off they are sadly mistaken he will have a few more all star appearances

  16. Santa Monica Me says:

    Just responding to some of the comments above: I am a Lakers fan, in LA, and am proud of Pau. I want him to stay and I do appreciate him. Yes, some LA fans curse him and say he’s lost his edge at times, but I always found that similar to how sometimes we retaliate to our loved ones. We are sad, but some of us actually are frustrated and we irresponsibly lash it out on the team…however, that doesn’t mean we don’t care about them. It certainly doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate them. After all, without them or Pau, we wouldn’t have even gotten one win.

    Therefore, please refrain from posting ignorant hyperboles of the situation.

  17. dancingbull says:

    I am waiting to see the day that Pau share his superb skill level in another city beyond L.A. crowd since nobody appreciates what he does.

  18. yo says:

    oh so tim duncan averages 14 and 10 and he’s an all star and a superstar but gasol averages 17 and 10 and he’s a reserve? talking about retirement? he’s like 33 or something and with his game he can play 5 more years easily. I mean he’s not just the lakers’ whipping boy, he’s yall’s too

  19. Rossy says:

    Is the author of this post a complete idiot? How can Pau Gasol be “no longer an All-Star player” with his efficient 17 ppg and 9 rebs if Greg Monroe is dubbed as an “elite level player” 15 ppg and just under 10 rebs? Monroe’s offensive game is not nearly as refined as Gasol’s (even at this point in his career).

  20. elvin weekly says:

    I agree with the Evan Turner statement. You took away Paul George mentor. I understand that Granger got hurt but when u traded him for someone who never been in that situation that was crazy. Granger George and Stevenson was on the rise.

  21. B_thang says:

    Yo Shanek, Blinebury does seem like he was a little hard on Gasol, he is easily good enough to be a starter on a good team. And btw Kevin Love was born and raised in Lake Oswego, Oregon

  22. ray says:

    Pau Gasol to NYk hell yehh !!

  23. bballjunkie1 says:

    Selfolosha, would be great for defensive purposes, and a catch and shoot guy, Grangers defense with that wide reach was missing from Indiana on the wings, teams easily scored on them after the trade, I hope he gets some quality minutes maybe triangle if price is right.

  24. William says:

    I disagree with the need for Vasquez to move. He brough amazing energy off the bench and fit really well with the Raptors’ game. Really solid bench players are tragically undervalued – OKC would have a couple of rings if they didn’t lean so heavy on Durant and Westbrook.

  25. DboiSpur says:

    Best and smartest move gasol could make is to sign with the Spurs. A two year deal that will give him the highest chance at winning a championship.
    Be smart not greedy my friend.

    • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

      His best chance would be with the HEAT, if LeBron resigns. The west is so strong that the Spurs may not even make it back to the WCF next year. The east is so weak that if LeBron and company stay with the HEAT they are a virtual lock for the finals. Not that I would want him on the HEAT. Really good offense sub par defense.

  26. abc says:

    But he still gives a solid effort, averaged 17 points and nine rebounds last season and could make a nice backup on the front line of a team that is in the mix and needs a real pro. how does this sentence make sense? if you’re averaging 17 and 9 shouldnt you be a starter on a team that needs a player like him? smh

    • shanek says:

      he also said Lakers have as much chance of contending in 2015 as the arena does being hit by a meteor.. what an ignorant statement. the Lakers have pulled many tricks out their sleeves over the years. also, L.A. being the market and city it is, will always have an attraction to other big franchise players.. correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Kevin Love born and raised in L.a. and even went to college in L.A.? yes.. never a far shot that Love could be coming either

    • RP says:

      Makes sense to me. Most any starter would love to have those #s.

  27. SterotypicalHeatFan says:

    Heat should trade future hall of famer Mario Chalmers for Kyle Lowry
    Sign Pau Gasol to veteran minimum to play with King James & Co.

    Infinite Championships

    • Some Guy says:

      LOL Chalmers for Lowry….

      Ur crazy

    • mtadios says:

      lmao this is hilarious! Thank you StereotypicalHeatFan, thats great!

    • Magluf says:

      Sorry, but did you just say “future hall of famer Mario Chalmers”? Riiiight.

    • - says:

      lbj! Is that you?

    • areyoukiddingme says:

      Mario Chalmers HOF are you serious? haha

    • Jason says:

      There are so many things wrong with that statement, but I’ll leave it at this. Your ‘future hall of famer’ Chalmers averaged 4.5 points in the finals.

    • Martaveous gunter says:

      Why would the raptor trade a good player for a a bad player… That makes no sense

    • Dionte Christmas says:

      People actually getting trolled by this LOL. Infinite championships lineup:

      Bron at PG
      Wade at SG
      Melo at SF
      Gasol at PF
      Oden at C playing 40 minutes a night, because 2K14 is real life