NBA Draft 2014 Live Blog

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — It’s that night again, when all the players come, from far and wide, rocking their best suits and shoes, ready for a busy night. Which is no understatement: Tonight could be one of the wildest draft nights in recent memory. As I sit here a few feet from the stage, about half an hour before the picks start coming in, there’s still no real consensus on who will be the first overall pick. Jabari Parker out of Duke? Andrew Wiggins from Kansas? Where will Dante Exum and Joel Embiid get selected? And once some of these names are picked, how does it affect everyone else in the draft? And we haven’t even mentioned the (very real) possibility of trades, with teams picking up picks or moving up and down the draft.

Whatever happens, your intrepid correspondent is here, ready to chronicle the entire night. Here’s the view from my seat…

My seat for the next four hours.

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You guys ready? Let’s go!

The Player’s Ball

Fashion choices will be important to keep on eye on. #NBASTYLE, you guys.

Also, the Michigan State crew is going heavy on the plaid, it seems…

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

7:19 PM

We still have a few minutes before e get started, but the crowd here in Barclays is rowdy and ready to go. Already had one rather loud “LET’S GO SIXERS!” chant break out — apparently a lot of Philly fans made the short trip up for the draft. Let’s see how they feel about whomever the Sixers end up taking third overall. Loudest boos so far were for a fan shown on the scoreboard wearing a Miami Heat jersey.

Also, looks like fans in Orlando have turned out in force for their viewing party…

In Milwaukee they’re waiting to make their selection…

Meanwhile, things are a little less compelling in Atlanta…

7:33 PM

And away we go! Comissioner Adam Silver gets a few boos, as is customary, but for the most part gets cheered…until he congratulates the San Antonio Spurs. And the Cavs are officially on the clock…

Meanwhile, Steven Adams and Chris Bosh are remembering their times at the draft…

Minutes before the pick is made, word from Cleveland is the pick will be Andrew Wiggins…

1. Andrew Wiggins — Cleveland Cavaliers

Twitter doesn’t lie. With the first pick, Cleveland takes Wiggins. Not much of a surprise, and leaves Parker for Milwaukee. Wiggins should be able to help immediately with defense and athleticism. (To read about how exactly the Cavs got the first pick, their third in four years, go here.) Shoutout to Canada, producing consecutive number one picks…

And a pretty cool look at the actual draft card…

2. Jabari Parker — Milwaukee Bucks

Seemed like everyone knew if Parker was available, he would be Milwaukee’s guy here. And whaddya know, he was…

He’s already being welcomed by the local community…

And while we wait for the third pick, it seems a trade may be in the works…

Also, check out the inside of Marcus Smart‘s jacket…

3. Joel Embiid — Philadelphia 76ers

Huge cheer from the crowd here as this pick is announced. If it wasn’t for the injured foot, Embiid probably would have gone first overall. He may miss some time but could team with Nerlens Noel to form a nasty interior duo.

Although apparently his reaction upon learning he was drafted was a bit muted…

Sorry, it was just a delayed reaction.

Turns out he was pumped…

4. Aaron Gordon — Orlando Magic

The swingman out of Arizona goes a few pics higher than most predicted — I saw him going in the 6/7/8 range in most of the mock drafts I caught. But the one thing Aaron Gordon definitely has a lot of? Upside!

Meanwhile, my Hang Time Podcast co-host is in South Africa desperate to find the draft on TV…

5. Utah Jazz — Dante Exum

Interesting pick. I guess you team him with Trey Burke and have sort of a combo-backcourt, with two guard who can shoot or handle the ball. With the two of them matched with new coach Quin Snyder, the future in Utah should be bright…

6. Boston Celtics — Marcus Smart

Boston takes the point guard from Oklahoma State, which I guess means he’ll team with Rajon Rondo in another combo-backcourt where both guards can initiate offense. Or not?

7. Los Angeles Lakers — Julius Randle

One of my favorite guys in this draft — a strong kid who went to the NCAA title game with Kentucky and should be able to play right away.

Oh, and Joel Embiid took to Twitter to let be known how he really feels about joining the Sixers…

8. Sacramento Kings — Nick Stauskas

The Kings take maybe the best shooter available. This was a pick many people thought would get traded, and perhaps it still could be, but for now Sacto got a terrific scorer.

Or maybe he won’t be traded…

Oh, and #welp

Also, the MVP sends his best wishes to everyone on this night…

9. Charlotte Hornets — Noah Vonleh

And the Hornets bring in the former Hoosier to make his home at the Honeycomb Hideout in Charlotte. I’m guessing Vonleh will come in HANDY in Charlotte…

At least one reader out there is enjoying our live blog…

10. Philadelphia 76ers — Elfrid Payton

This is Philly’s second pick in the top 10 tonight, the first player who will start the season available. Not sure how much/where he plays considering Philly has Michael Carter-Williams, the rookie of the year. Or maybe that doesn’t matter?

Who’s left? Let’s ask our draft guru…

11. Denver Nuggets — Doug McDermott

Like Scott just tweeted, McDermott was the best available player on his board. Great shooter and should light it up in Denver. Although maybe not this good…

And that didn’t take long…

12. Orlando Magic — Dario Saric

Orlando takes the Croatian swingman who is staying in Europe two more years. And according to our main man David Aldridge, he’s going to Philly in exchange for Payton.

So the Sixers will have two draft picks who won’t play for most of the year.

13. Minnesota Timberwolves — Zach LaVine

The T-Wolves get the guy from UCLA with a 46-inch vertical leap, as he showed in his workout with the Lakers…

14. Phoenix Suns — TJ Warren

Interesting that Warren has Indiana’s David West at his table in the green room with him — apparently they went to the same high school and West has been mentoring him.


15. Atlanta Hawks — Adreian Payne

Howard-Cooper says he likes this one. I do, too. He should be able to get playing time right away for the Hawks. And he’s wearing the best bow tie of the night, IMO.

After this pick, Adam Silver introduces Isaiah Austin, the college player who was forced to retire this week due to medical issues. He gets a standing ovation from everyone in the building, and Silver announces his name and lets him have his draft moment on the stage, as Austin wipes away tears. Fantastic moment.

16. Chicago Bulls — Jusuf Nurkic

We’re officially halfway through round one. The Bulls get a huge, literally, prospect. Nurkic might win the hairstyle award tonight with some great parts in the side. He also takes a mean selfie…

17. Boston Celtics — James Young

I’m sitting like three feet from Young…

…and when he got picked the table exploded with hugs and handshakes and “shugs” — my man Chris Mannix just explained to me about the combo “shake hug.” Lot of those here.

18. Phoenix Suns — Tyler Ennis

The Suns take the Canadian point guard out of Syracuse. Add Ennis and Warren to that Suns roster and they keep getting more and more athletic.

Canada represent!

19. Chicago Bulls — Gary Harris

So this pick really belongs to Denver in that McDermott trade, where Harris and Nurkic will go to Denver.

20. Toronto Raptors — Bruno Caboclo

First round is two-thirds over and the Raps select a Brazilian who is not here. And nobody seems to know much about him…

Raptors GM Masai Ujiri is doing work.

Here’s our current best available…

21. Oklahoma City Thunder — Mitch McGary

The Thunder add another big guy who can bang and pass the ball, to add to their big man rotation. Could be a really nice pick down the road. Or sooner?

Unrelated: Looking good, Noah Vonleh…

22. Memphis Grizzlies — Jordan Adams

23. Utah Jazz — Rodney Hood

A couple of swingmen go back-to-back. Adams isn’t here but Hood is here. Scott had him 15th best overall so looks like some real value here for Utah.

24. Charlotte Hornets — Shabazz Napier

The NCAA Finals MOP goes to play alongside another former UConn PG, Kemba Walker.

Or not!

And in other trade news…

25. Houston Rockets — Clint Capela

Capela is Swiss, and he plays in France now. That’s all I’ve got for you.

26. Miami Heat — PJ Hairston

This is the pick they swapped for Napier, so this pick will eventually go to Charlotte. Hairston came from UNC originally and then went to the D-League, and now returns to Carolina to play for the Hornets. He can fill it up.

27. Phoenix Suns — Bogdan Bogdanovic

The Serbian shooting guard was sitting in the stands here in Barclays and when his name was called, everyone sitting around him exploded with cheers. I think we need more potential draftees in the stands.

28. Los Angeles Clippers — CJ Wilcox

29. Oklahoma City Thunder — Josh Huestis

The Clips get a swingman out of U of Washington, while the Thunder use their second first rounder on Josh Huestis from Stanford, who Scott had as a mid-second round selection.

30. San Antonio Spurs — Kyle Anderson

The champs is here! Anderson was highly regarded, although…


Deputy commissioner Mark Tatum takes over for commissioner Adam Silver. And as the picks pick up speed here, we’ll consolidate picks a bit…

31. Milwaukee Bucks — Damien Inglis

32. Philadelphia 76ers — K.J. McDaniels

McDaniels is in the crowd and he gets a hat…but since Silver is done, McDaniels gets a photo with Tatum. Either way, a nice moment for McDaniels, who happened to be sitting in front of a bunch of Sixers fans.

33. Cleveland Cavaliers — Joe Harris

34. New York Knicks — Cleanthony Early

And the crowd goes wild. All these Knicks fans here in Brooklyn explode with cheers. All I know is my guy Rick Fox was raving about him the other day.

35. Utah Jazz — Jarnell Stokes

36. Milwaukee Bucks — Johnny O’Bryant III

37. Toronto Raptors — DeAndre Daniels

I guess this intergalactic guy wasn’t available…

38. Detroit Pistons — Spencer Dinwiddie

39. Philadelphia 76ers — Jerami Grant

40. Minnesota Timberwolves — Glenn Robinson III

As the night winds down, in-arena host Rick Kamla just asked for one last boo from the Brooklyn crowd…and they gave it to him.

41. Denver Nuggets — Nikola Jokic

42. Houston Rockets — Nick Johnson

43. Atlanta Hawks — Walter Tavares

Another guy in the stands…heard he was was seen having dinner in a Times Square restaurant in NYC last night.

44. Brooklyn Nets — Markel Brown

45. Charlotte Hornets — Dwight Powell

The in-arena music has shifted to stadium favorites in an attempt to keep the dwindling crowd fired up. We just got “Shout!” and before that a few Motown numbers. Hey, it’s 11:32 PM, and we’re all a bit bleary-eyed.

46. Washington Wizards — Jordan Clarkson

Should also probably mention that the board behind the commissioner this year has moved into the 21st century — gone is the old board where the nameplates were swapped out, and now we have a digital screen where images and names can be easily projected or changed. Although it woud have been fun to see them scramble to come up with a CABOCLO nameplate.

47. Philadelphia 76ers — Russ Smith

48. Milwaukee Bucks — Lamar Patterson

49. Chicago Bulls — Cameron Bairstow

50. Phoenix Suns — Alec Brown

A bunch of Knicks fans just led a “PAT-RICK-EW-ING” chant. And then a “C-J-FAIR” chant. That was fun. And then the Knicks selected…

51. New York Knicks — Thanasis Antetokounmpo

And Thanasis, brother of Milwaukee’s Giannis, came out of the crowd, to the delight of the fans still here.

52. Philadelphia 76ers — Vasilije Micic

53. Minnesota Timberwolves — Allesandro Gentile

54. Philadelphia 76ers — Nemanja Dangubic

If it feels like the Sixers have had like a dozen picks in the second round, it’s because they have. Well, not quite, but they have been stockpiling second round picks for a while, and this is their fifth selection in this round tonight. they won’t keep all of these players or picks, but they’ve obviously decided as an organization that there’s value in these second round selections.

Also, this happened…

55. Miami Heat — Semaj Christon

56. Denver Nuggets — Devyn Marble

57. Indiana Pacers — Louis Labeyrie

And as the clock nears midnight…three picks left!

58. San Antonio Spurs — Jordan McCrae

59. Toronto Raptors — Xavier Thames

60. San Antonio Spurs — Cory Jefferson

And we’re out. After nearly 5 hours, 60 picks and about a dozen trades, the 2014 NBA Draft is dunzo.

Had a blast live-blogging this tonight. Hope you all enjoyed it, too. Later…


  1. xyz says:

    Anyone knows anything by now about that Raptors pick?!

  2. qq says:

    Love the picks my knicks did,

    Early and Antetokounmpo are potensial steals.

    Cant wait to see them showcase in the summer league.

  3. Rogelio says:

    Kyle Anderson to Spurs… His old man game will fit in nicely. 🙂

  4. TJ says:

    And Utah kills the potential of a big basketball revival in Australia. No-one down here has cared about the Jazz since Stockton/Malone era and drafting Exum won’t change that. Not even LeBron playing for the Jazz could get us interested in that team again.

  5. bobcats why give heat napier? says:

    Y bobcats why?

  6. Eddie D says:

    Why should Kobe Bryant have any influence on who the LA LAKERS pick in the draft? Is it going to be just like one of the previous snafus where he complained that he was not consulted as part of selecting a head coach? He should be treated like an employee like every other player in the league.


    MJ 23… KOBE 24… LEBRON 25…. all under Phil Jackson….

  8. raylewis52 says:

    wow, the sixers just love drafting injured 7-footers

  9. underdog says:

    Why are the Hornets(Bobcats) helping the Heat get them what they want? Being a punching bag in the 1st round to tune up the Heat wasn’t enough now their helping them retain their big3 by giving them Napier.. Man, the Bobcats are idiots.

  10. daphne says:


  11. No clippers,go warriors says:

    People thought Embiid was going to land 6th overall,and what do ya know,he’s the #3 overall pick!I would’ve love to watch the draft live,but I can’t,because I don’t have ESPN.

  12. AusLakersFan says:

    Lakers will draft Randle. Go for a decent pg in FA and get Melo and Pau.

    Hopefully the starting Lineup will be:

    Pg: Eric Bledsloe
    Sg: Kobe
    Sf: Melo
    Pf: Randle
    C: Gasol

    • Aaron says:

      No cap space at all for that dream to happen, unless they only want 7 players. You can thank Kobe for that. Bledsoe is near-max money, Melo 15+ million/year, Gasol is 10 million or more

  13. Lakers hire Lionel Hollins says:

    and so will leBron

  14. draft says: