2014 Draft day rumblings …

VIDEO: The top prospects in the NBA Draft talk about what going No. 1 would mean to them


Keeping you up to date with the latest …

This what they call “reinvention” in South Florida

DWade tipping his hand, and the hands of others?

Day 1 of the new challenge.. @kingjames @rayn34 @mistadubb Let's goo!!! #focused

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Kyle Anderson is Boris Diaw 3.0!

Forget about the early Boris years and focus on the now.

Work it out …

While the world stresses over his next move, LeBron and Moms are working out …

Gold digging

Late first gems are the key to success. Ask the Spurs.

Any takers?

Seems like K-Mart is always in the crosshairs on Draft night … at the trade deadline … when free agency begins, etc.

We won! I mean, we lost! Huh?

Go US-A!

POTUS biding his time until the Draft

Watching by land, by sea, by air and basically everywhere!

The NBA’s Group of Death?

The Southwest Division fits the bill for certain.

From one lottery pick to another …

He would know! #wherewereyouthistimelastyear?

Sometimes, the best players aren’t even drafted

In case you’re fretting about who your team might pick tonight, check out this video from Pistons.com on undrafted future Hall of Famer Ben Wallace

Exum the Hoosier?

Might have happened if the Aussie prospect had come overseas to play in the NCAA

Iggy wants the Splash Bros. in tact

If the Golden State Warriors want to somehow pick up Kevin Love this summer, Andre Iguodala knows who he doesn’t want traded to make that happen

Report: Sixers, Lakers, Celtics interested in Embiid

Guess that foot injury isn’t scaring away these three teams …

Raptors trying to work trade with Grizz?

The Toronto Raptors might be trying to use veteran John Salmons as bait to land Memphis’ No. 22 pick

Afflalo deal indication of ‘Melo move?

ICYMI, Arron Afflalo is headed back to Denver … does that mean another certain ex-Nugget (Carmelo Anthony) is on the move this summer?

Some Rondo trade rumors

It’s Draft time, which means Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is in the middle of chatter …

Reunion summer

I bet the Thunder would love to do that one over!

The trade circle of life

Funny how things come full circle sometimes.

Simmons Says?

LeBron ain’t going nowhere!

Meanwhile, on that No. 1 pick …

Still no deal for that No. 1 pick. Cavs might actually have to make another selection. The horror!

Afflalo on the move

Arron Afflalo back to the Nuggets.

Match made in hoops heaven

McGary would fit in beautifully with the way the Spurs play. #SpursWay

Draft mockery?

Uncle Sam is the only person that I remember nailing the No. 1 pick in last year’s mock Draft. #justsayin


The future is now in Milwaukee

You can’t blame the Bucks for reminiscing or dreaming. They are hoping history repeats itself in the form of a player like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar leading them to a title sometime soon.

No traction on No. 1

Nothing shaking on that No. 1 pick as of right now.


Almost forgot there was some other major sporting event going on today.

Exum declines last minute workout for Cavs

So much for the conspiracy theories about the Cavaliers wanting to make Exum the No.1 pick

Embiid a Laker?

Will they or won’t they? The Lakers could wind up with a huge decision on their hands tonight if the Kansas big man falls to them.

And the No. 1 pick is … 

Parker joins Jordan Brand family

Former Chicago-area standout Jabari Parker tweeted out that he will don this “Jumpman”-style tie tack tonight at the Draft …

Cavs looking to deal with Magic?

Per ESPN.com’s Chad Ford, it seems the Cavaliers might have been trying to trade the Magic’s picks for players to perhaps move into the No. 1 spot …

Kobe makes his Draft thoughts known

Hours before the Draft, Lakers star Kobe Bryant tweeted a pithy comment about the thought of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony or anyone else joining him in Lakerland …

Some mock drafts start rolling in …

It’s the morning of the Draft, so that means various sites around the internets are putting out their final Mock Drafts. Here are a few worth perusing:

SportsIllustrated.com’s writers make their picks

SBNation has Andrew Wiggins going No. 1 overall

BasketballInsiders.com has their final consensus mock Draft

We’ll have more as the morning rolls along …


This day is supposed to be about the players, the young ones set to cross that stage tonight in New York after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver speaks their names into that microphone. Just think of your high school graduation stoked by a performance enhancing flow and you get Draft night.

This day is supposed to be about Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins, Dante Exum and Joel Embiid and all of the hoop dreamers poised to seize the moment. We’ll spend as much time talking about LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love and the like, the same way we have for days now.

And that’s because the build-up to Draft night, the free agent and trade rumblings that accompany the event, make it even better.

Sure, half the stuff we’re going to hear about in the hours leading up to the festivities in New York will never come to fruition. But that’s the beauty of it. Before that first name is called tonight, anything is possible.

The New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks kicked off crazy season Wednesday with that trade (Tyson Chandler and Ray Felton to the Mavericks for Jose Calderon, Sam Dalembert, Shane Larkin, Wayne Ellington and two drafts picks). “Melo, most believe, is at the center of that deal for both teams (The Knicks need to keep him and the Mavericks want to add him).

The Houston Rockets trading of Omer Asik serves as the first step of their pursuit of LeBron or Carmelo.

Where we go today is anyone’s guess … but where it is, you better believe it’s going to get crazy!

I said C-R-A-Z-Y!

The Big 3 had their South Beach dinner summit last night. Was it their last supper or the beginning of their next chapter?

Words to think about as the day goes on from our main man Jamal Crawford!


  1. Lakers says:

    Lakers should trade 7th pick for klay Thompson and the warriors should get Kevin Love and the t wolves get the pick

  2. Kimmy says:

    They need to start Jackson next season. He deserves it or else he will leave to be appreciated for his talent elsewhere.

  3. Rod says:

    Draft day — Let the games begin …

  4. the sixers should trade all of their draft picks for lebron that would be a fair trade

  5. Kimmy says:

    Thr Thunder reunion w Harden? Of course they miss him. So do I. But it wasn’t their mistake, Sam Presti’s.

  6. Carlo says:

    The “Big 3” in Miami asked for high security during their meeting. None of them has a home to dinner in?

    Years ago, Chandler was shipped by Cuban to re-juvenate the Mavs. Now he brings him back. Mmh… Two options:
    a) Cuban realized he made a big mistake, or
    b) Chandler got younger during these last years.

    Cavs FO devised a clever plan to get the best out of their 1st pick: they stole the Spurs’ “preference list” and now plan to pick at no.1 the guy the Spurs are planning to pick at no.30. Maybe he won’t be the top guy but he will surely be a better choice than what the Cavs planned.

    Embiid isn’t in the NBA yet and already he needs new friends…