Blogtable: Wrangling over an RFA

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BLOGTABLE: LeBron, staying or bolting? | Banking on the Draft | Wrangling over an RFA

> Name me a free agent – let’s make it a Restricted Free Agent – who is liable to sign a big-money offer sheet from another team that his current team will hate to have to match.

Gordon Hayward (Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE)

Gordon Hayward (Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE)

Steve Aschburner, Give me a quarter and I’ll flip it – heads Greg Monroe, tails Gordon Hayward. Detroit can’t afford to let Monroe go anywhere, but the pressure will be on Stan Van Gundy to figure out ways for Monroe and Andre Drummond to thrive in tandem. Hasn’t happened yet and heftier price tags (Monroe now, Drummond next) will only add urgency. Hayward’s shooting dropped off significantly last season but the Jazz will be paying for the surprising rookie he was – that’s what the competition will bid up – and a slightly overrated piece.

Fran Blinebury, Somebody might take a big money flyer on Chandler Parsons that could make the Rockets swallow hard, especially if they haven’t already landed LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony or Chris Bosh.

Jeff Caplan, Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe sticks out as the obvious choice, although I’m not sure you could say Phoenix will “hate” to match it. All signs out of the desert suggest they’re prepared to do just that. Keep a close eye on Pistons big man Greg Monroe. A sign-and-trade is a real possibility here.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Isaiah Thomas. I’ll wait to see what happens in the Draft to set that in stone, whether the Kings get a point guard or not, but it’s going to get interesting if a rival tries to turn their small-market salary structure into a piñata with an offer sheet with $8 million in a season or even $9 million. Everyone knows Sacramento will match if the deal is close to the mid-level, so teams know, as is usually the case with a restricted free agent, that it will take a number that will make the other front office wince. Sacramento wants to keep Thomas, and it can’t afford to lose him for nothing. But it also may decide it can’t afford to keep him.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comGreg Monroe. He’s a good player with strong numbers, but he’s not a very good defender and the Pistons’ frontline of Josh Smith, Monroe and Andre Drummond was a disaster (especially defensively) last year. Stan Van Gundy is a great coach and should get the trio working a little better together, but he should also prefer to play someone other than Smith at small forward. If he can trade Smith (and the $40.5 million left on his contract) for some perimeter shooting, great. If he can’t, does he match a big offer for Monroe and hope that he can make a trade down the line? That combination of size and talent would be hard to let walk

Sekou Smith, NBA.comGordon Hayward is a player that the Jazz seemed to love and loathe at times throughout the Ty Corbin era. I’m not sure it makes any sense for them to try and hold on to him in free agency with a new coach (Quin Snyder) and an expected new system that Hayward might not be a great fit in, at least in theory. But with quite a bit of uncertainty lingering over the franchise, I could see the Jazz agonizing over what to do when someone puts big money on the table for Hayward that no one saw coming. The Jazz had a chance to set the price before the 2013-14 season started and didn’t. Now they could wind up paying more than they wanted to if Hayward has a team out there that covets his services.


  1. Hoops101 says:

    Hayward is an overpaid role player theyre wanting to be a star. I wouldnt sign him to anything . Id let him stay in Utah and let them continue to be a below below average team.

  2. mark says:

    I have always liked Greg Monroe from.his time at Georgetown but so far I don’t think he is playing to his full potential so far not saying he should be a all star or in the running for mvp but he should be a tad further along then he is. maybe it’s due to the arrival of andre Drummond and the signing of Josh Smith but whatever it is he is not progressing maybe with solid coaching and one system he and Drummond can be a great tandem but so far neither of the two really are playing great defense but they are both but I don’t feel Monroe is due the a big day just by the way he is progressing on the court great guy overall but he’s not there yet

  3. mark says:

    I feel Gordon Hayward is good but not worth a huge contract if utah is smart they let him walk because there in rebuilding mode and should not put big money out there when there switching coaches and trying to find there way as a team on offense and defense they should put more emphasis on building a team and paying guys what they are worth in order to start to become a good team again because right now they do not have it together period

  4. imissthethunder says:

    My answer to the article’s question would be Swaggy P. I think the Lakers will wince when they have to match another teams offer for him. LOL.

  5. LEBRON says:

    Only someone who joins king james will win a ring.

  6. Unkle Daddy says:

    I would like to see Hayward go someplace else, I think he’s the best player on that team and under-appreciated.

    • sss says:

      He is very underrated, but he used to play with a Jazz team with a lot of potential until Big Al and Millsap both signed with diff teams and left him with a team in rebuilding.