LeBron opts out of deal with Heat

VIDEO: LeBron James opts out of his deal with the Miami Heat

From NBA.com staff reports

Miami Heat star LeBron James is doing the same thing that New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony did a day ago: opt out of his contract with his current team and become an unrestricted free agent.

The news, which was first reported via Twitter by ESPN.com’s Chris Broussard, was somewhat expected by those following James and the Heat closely. James’ agent, Richie Paul, confirmed his client’s decision to the Associated Press on Tuesday afternoon.

James’ fellow running mates on the Heat — All-Stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh — can also opt out this summer, although their decision has not yet been made known. James opting out doesn’t prevent him from returning to the Heat; like Anthony, this move allows James to test the free-agent waters (if he so wishes) or return to his team on (perhaps) a lesser deal.

Here’s more from Broussard on James’ move:

LeBron James’ agent, Richie Paul, has informed the Miami Heat that James will exercise his early termination option and become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

Opting out does not mean James has decided to leave the Heat, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press, who spoke on condition of anonymity because neither the four-time NBA MVP nor the team had made any public announcement.

James had until June 30 to decide whether to opt out of the final two years of his contract with the Heat. He was scheduled to make $20 million next season.

As you’d expect, Twitter was abuzz about LeBron’s move:




  1. danny garcia says:

    Can some1 inform me as to when will we find out who james signs with? Date?

  2. jeff says:

    I’ve heard enough about Lebron. How about manning up and winning where you’re at. How many rings has Tim Duncan won? How many times has he whined for mare help? How many times has he bolted for a better team? None. He built his team thru character and hard work and won that way. I’m fat,old and slow with bad knees. Put four all stars around me and I might have a shot at the title. That doesn’t make me a great player. Man up and quit looking for outs, Lebron.

  3. imissthethunder says:

    Lebron and his family love Miami. He’s staying. If he leaves, which he most likely won’t, he will only head in one direction: back home.

  4. patientceltsfan says:

    The Spurs made the the Heat look second rate during that finals series and it was all down to a well run offensive structure. The Heat have a lot of homework to fix issues on both ends of the floor if they even want to consider getting a third. Lebron now finds himself between a rock and a hard place and would from a business perspective, be making a very poor decision to stay with the Heat. Due to ‘The Decision’ he will also be ridiculed for leaving and that would also impact his net worth. I ‘almost’ feel sorry for the guy. Let’s hope from a fans perspective that he does something exciting and join an up and coming line-up with potential. If you thought ‘The Decision 1’ was hard Lebron welcome to the ‘The Decision 2’. Good luck to the man.

  5. Antawn says:

    Add K-Love or Melo or have both if cap space allows, but if given the choice, IMO K-Love would fit the role for that inside presence they badly need and another scoring option, Melo scores a lot as well but K-Love gives a defensive edge for the Heat…and may be add a point guard just in case Mario feels not up to it.

  6. josh haley says:

    birdman 1m
    bosh 12m
    wade 8m
    james 12m
    beasley .88m
    oden .88m
    bynum .88m
    allen 1m
    cole 3m
    chalmers 4m
    haslem 3m
    anthony 12m
    lewis 1m
    love 12m

  7. Maelo28 says:

    If Lebron goes to the Lakers is a better chance for winning another champion. Kobe is more consistent than Wade when being healthy and the Lakers could have Pau Gasol and another big man that provides a better offensive and defensive team…

  8. LaCrampa says:

    go to the spurs for free they will show you how it’s done

  9. Frostmourne says:

    I think if he will leave, He will go either Bulls, cavs or Rockets.. if he stays, he can do again a paycut, so as Wade and Bosh so that they can Lure another Good player to play with them.. I dont think Melo can play like the heat..I think they should get Zach Randolph.. Big man and a good Post Player and a great rebounder.. it can benefit them.. If they still keep Bosh, Z BO will make a good spacing on the floor..

  10. Temi says:

    I believe Mr James, Wade and Bosh are all going to opt out of their respective contracts, then re-sign with the heat while taking a pay cut allowing them to sign another star.

  11. Jay says:

    I believe that Lebron made a good choice. He’d probably be refreshed to get out of the black and red and into to the yellow and purple for example. He needs a fresh start after losing to the championships twice. that must’ve been disappointing. Good luck LeBron. FYI LeBron, go to the GS Warriors.

  12. Carlo says:

    Most of the posters here do not know what salary cap is (they wish a piling up of stars in their team).
    Most of the posters here do not know how the optin’in/out works, etc.

    ANNOUNCING his opting out today was the best thing LBJ could do. For himself AND for the Heat.

    Everybody with a minimum of brain knows that LBJ won’t run the risk of remaining jobless, even if he opted out the very last day before termination.
    Announcing his move TODAY, ONE WEEK before the legal limit of June 30th, gives all teams (including the Heat) one week more of time to work up some solutions. Heat can work out proposals about additions to their roster and a possible wage cut to LBJ to finance them. Other teams can work out championship-level rosters to lure LBJ.
    To sum it up, this announcement is beneficial to all: all teams including Heat have more time to organize themselves while LBJ himself has the opportunity to stay or to leave.

    Those to hate LBJ whatever he does are just brainless as those who love him whatever he does.
    Please try to put a bit of reasoning in your considerations.

  13. Andrew says:

    Hey LeBron, buy the Clippers. Be a star there. Minimum salary but greater company income.
    What do you think?:)
    Be like MIKE!

  14. Ric says:

    Lebron’s out on the market. And I’m betting he’s going back to the CAVS. And here’s how the CAVS should do it. With the 1st pick of the 2014 draft, they should pick from J. Parker and Wiggins, that’s the safest they could get. Advisable, they go for Wiggins who can play the 2 spot. Then trade Waiters+Thompson+future picks for K.Love. Now, with both Wiggins and Love on board, plus Irving, that would be very enticing for Lebron to go back to his HOMETOWN..

    Irving, Wiggins, James, Love, Varejao
    Dellavedova, Jack, Gee, Bennett, Zeller

    that lineup will be good enough to win now. Wiggins talent will evolve faster because of the pressure to win now. Varejao will continue to anchor the defense. Love with his rebounding and outside shooting stretches the floor. Irving will have more off-ball plays, freeing himself to shoot more 3’s where he’s good at because James will drive and dish and post-up weaker defenders. And with younger players around, James will get a lot of help from these players who wants to make a name for themselves. From the Bench, Jack will steady the group, Bennett hopes to bring out the potential that made him no.1. Cavs should hope to bring cheap veteran players to play off the bench to make this a more potent team and give locker room maturity. With a new coach, i think the Cavs are primed to go and capture that 1st championship that has eluded the franchise for so long.

  15. I have always held that if LBJ was all of that then why did he not do it in Cleveland? After all, he was indeed ousted by the same team (Spurs) in Cleveland when they met in the finals. The Heat BARELY beat the Spurs last year with an essential ALL-STAR lineup.

  16. Adam says:

    Put a sign outside the Heat stadium that says: “WE NEED MORE SUPERSTARS TO MAKE LEBRON WIN MORE RINGS, SO PLEASE HELP HIM” or send an email to other superstars that say: “Do you want to take the short cut and win an NBA ring like Lebron did? Join him in Miami now and get the chance to win it the easiest and quickest way!” How many more superstars do you need Lebron? Whatta joke this guy is.

  17. Jess says:

    BOTH Clips and Heat will benefit with a Lebron/DeAndre trade.. Clips prob will have to cough up some future picks (if they have any)..

    Has anyone thought that with Phil Jackson leading NY knicks, maybe Carmelo will stay and lebron might go to NY? they have a center in Chandler.. idk if they have the cap space to sign lowry or love too.. If leb/car sign for less pay (making it up on merch sales) maybe they can lure those guys in

    And lastly, best fit for lebron ISSS Chicago bulls.. He’d have to be crazy to stick with miami and not go to the bulls.. He gets an all Defensive team and still stays in the East

  18. RomyS says:


  19. Jose says:

    whether if its the heat or other team.. he wants to play for a team where he can win a title & also meaning to say he might want to see the roster of the team

  20. Could Happen says:

    Magic,Jordan,Bird,Rusell comes out of retierment and joins Lebron in Cleavland

  21. ricz says:

    LBJ better leave heat for good imo
    It’s pretty obvious that he wants a basketball just like the one w/ Spur a TEAM basketball
    Not a basketball that always relies on him

  22. Jose says:

    how about Anthony and James pairing up in NY.

  23. kobeballhog says:

    All these haters are so uneducated. There ia no easy route in the nba. No matter what conference youre in. You still grind thru the games thru the playoffs. Injuries happen whatever conference youre in. The west is better? On standings yeah but for the heat 4 year run they destroyed the west throught the regular season meetings. Now getting to the finals 4 straight times is a feat to marvel. And getting 2 rings heck no west team even won the championship more than once in that span. Haters gonna hate. In the end lebron sacrificed millions to be able to compete and earned his rings. All players are bought even duncan ginobli parker, you guys think they play for free? Try not giving ginobli what he deserved ill bet he would be playing elsewhere than the spurs. So keep on hating haters and live in your make believe fantasy world. Built not bought lol dream on.

    • Behruz says:

      You know nothing about Basketball or NBA.
      LeBron had to organize his teammates behind closed doors and he has SUPERSTARS like Bosh, Wade and Allen that no other team has.
      That’s 4 hall of famers on 1 team and they are all in their prime except Allen but he is still in outstanding shape. Most teams dont’ even have 1 hall of famer or all-star, let alone 4.
      Also, the Spurs have been together via drafts. Duncan, Ginobli and Parker were ALWAYS with the Spurs from day one. They have never played on any other team. They had to build their names from scratch. They even take major pay cuts to be able to compete for the championship. The Spurs are deservingly the real face of the NBA and how a team should be. They don’t whine or cry like LeBron does and they always compete even when they lose… unlike the Miami Heat who give up when they figure they will lose. Pathetic!! LeBron James will have to wait until the big 3 in San Antonio retire before he will get that trophy again because San Antonio are the real champs the last 15 years.

  24. bruce says:

    lebron carmelo and kobe legends on one team come to the lakers

  25. DWAYNE WADE says:

    Just to let ya’ll know, I’m staying with da HEAT… I will be taking a pay cut and starting every game from the bench. We are letting go of Mario, and signing a point guard who can shoot da three ball. Sssssshhhhh !

  26. ermz says:

    if lebron wants to change basketball he should go play with the raptors and be the first player to win a championship north of the border. it would be huge and it would be good for the league as more people from Canada would watch the nba

  27. LeBron James says:

    I wonder how bad I will get booed by fans of the Heat If I go to one of the two LA teams, the Bulls, the Rockets, or for that matter back to Cleveland.

  28. KratosRage says:

    One word for Lebron….LOYALTY.

  29. Bob ANgaiak says:

    LeBron stay in Heat! Retire has a Heat

  30. Mamba4ever says:

    if LeBron signs with another team this year…i suppose there will be no more fail heat fans too.. T_T

  31. Hoopman2014 says:

    This is all just numbers stuff. Lebron, Wade and Bosh will all return to the Heat with restructured contracts, each giving up some money to upgrade the roster and make another run..He’s not going anywhere, at least this year..

  32. Kelly says:

    Lebron will leave and cut a deal to take his boys with him together they will be the dream team he’s very loyal to his boys. Ever since Lebron got on the scene everyone compared him to MJ did he measure up?Some fans think he did. Wherever Lebron and his dream team goes he needs a good PG and a solid bench. I know a great underrated PG here http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/players/playerpage/1716144/issiah-grayson. Dude shoots over big man scoring 30 consecutive points in each and every game. If Lebron goes to the Lakers will he be able to deal with Kobe Bryant attitude? Food for thought right” Good luck Lebron wherever you go.

  33. NoMilitaryCoup says:

    wade should retire, then maybe lbj will stay with the heat.

    He has no chance to rest when he plays with the current heat team and it is taking a toll on his body. I dont think anyone in the NBA his size (weight) exerts as much energy as lbj does.

  34. bucksfan1992 says:

    Lebron, Carmelo, Love, and Klay Thompson to the Lakers with Kobe.

  35. manuel Mercado says:


  36. GMan says:

    Lebron is an embarrasment to sports in general. No morals, no integrity, just a selfish me first american who cant get his head out of his butt. Funny how you never see Lebron do anything that takes guts. He bailed on his home town, and now is in mid-whine over losing the finals to a real TEAM. This guy is a joke. He needs dream teams just to win championships , and even with a dream team hes only 50% (2 for 4). He , like Hope Solo, is just another american prima donna who thinks the world revovles around their ego’s. Sad, yes. Pathetic, yes. Lebron isnt one 10th of MJ as a person and only 50% of MJ as a basketball player.

  37. Sandeman says:

    I’ll say the same thing to Kyle Lowry that Pat Riley said to the big 3 in Miami, “This stuff is hard. And you got to stay together, if you’ve got the guts. And you don’t find the first door and run out of it.” I know Lowry’s situation is a bit different but the Raptors had the most wins in franchise history, went to game 7 with the Nets and was a basket away from advancing. The Raptors are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel they’ve been in and Kyle Lowry is a big reason why. I know turning down the chance to play with Lebron is crazy, but think of how much more satisfying it would be stay put the Nets away in the first round and build off what you accomplished last year.

  38. Some random says:

    Where is king troll lbj

  39. Agudo says:

    D-Wade will never go to another team, so he should just retire. Don’t think he has much improvement in him if any. With the free cap space, buy a quality big who is a presence in the paint but can also score. Still saying it after 4 seasons, get a good 5 Riley, when will you listen.

  40. Jason Clark says:

    No matter where all these big name people go, like the Spurs, they need to have a solid bench. As we seen during the Finals, the Heat bench did not do anything. So what is a starting 5 without a bench? Steve Kerr, Craig Hodges, Manu, Jamal Crawford just to name a few. There is no I in “TEAM” nor is there one in “SPURS”. What I am saying is that in 82 games no one plays all 48+ minutes. By the way I am not a Spurs fan, I am a die hard 76ers fan!

  41. Mike says:

    Big3 stays on lower salary, adding good C or PG + bench w/o Lewis & other overrated tails.

  42. Whom says:

    He’s most likely going back to Miami people. The only questionable thing is that it’s “reported” that he has yet to sit down with Bosh and Wade, making it that he decided this without knowledge of whether they also had the same in mind. I’d say it’s still likely they will opt out and follow suit, but if they don’t then James took somewhat of a gamble (or, you know, they actually did meet or discuss it without the press knowing, that is feasible I suppose right?). Still, it’ll be interesting to follow. The next move goes to Wade and Bosh. Then if they opt out we’ll see how much they leave on the table, how the Melo thing goes (I still don’t think he’ll be with the Heat though, that’s considerable pay cuts for a position that’s already filled by James. They need 2-3 great role players and rebounding, not an isolation scorer with limited motivation on defense) and if not Melo, then who they do target. If they don’t opt out, or one doesn’t, well it just gets that much more interesting and unpredictable.

  43. TheAll-Star136 says:

    everyone calm down………. wait until he actually makes his choice

    • Wade says:

      we already know his choice…the easy route and more money. More money means no tax, forget the citizens. Houston or Heat for easy win, yet, taking all the credits to compare to MJ.

  44. victor says:

    Eric Bledsoe is pretty close with LBJ. Id say PHX Suns sign Bledsoe… sign LBJ trade Dragic/Picks for Love.

  45. Lebron James says:

    I want to win next year. San Antonio, here I come!

  46. Benjamin Mitchell says:

    If Labron James does opt out, it would be for the greater good for Labron to team up with Kobe Bryant. Or for Labron to team up with “Melo” if he decides to remain a Knick. Or better yet, travel to Charlotte and team up with Al Jefferson, and play for his idol “Michael Jordan”. Wouldn’t that make headlines.

  47. Jorge says:

    The truth is Pat Riley has done a mediocre job putting talent next to LeBron James. He gets too much credit for this team success. Wade is the only reason LeBron even considered joining the Heat, not Riley. Same thing with Chris Bosh, Wade pretty much lured him to join the Heat. What did Pat Riley do to improve the team and put talent next to them? Sign Mike Miller for 5 million a year. Haha, come on. Traded a solid big man in the 2012 draft for future picks to save some cash. Signing Ray Allen was really a no brainer.

    I doubt Wade and Bosh opt out. LeBron isn’t going to be in the HEAT next season, I wouldn’t be surprised if both Melo AND LeBron join the Cavs or the Bulls.

  48. RAPS FOR LIFE says:

    You people putting Love Mellow and Lebron on the same team are mo rons!!!!

  49. RAPS FOR LIFE says:

    Man this means that Miami can go after Lowry now…stinking Lebron!!!!

  50. HardhatLunchpail says:

    Wait, I just booted up NBA 2K14 and turned off the salary cap and after hitting the “force trade” button several times I can confirm that Lebron will be going to the Lakers along with Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Tim Duncan, Derrick Rose, and Michael Jordan in his prime. I also boosted Wade’s, Kobe’s, and Nash’s stamina and lowered their age so they won’t miss any games next year. I can confirm that the Lakers will go 82-0 next season.

  51. Dan says:

    LeBron to the Clippers, Big 3 of LeBron, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin!!!

  52. Susan Ratcliff says:

    James wants to continue to build a mega team, so no doubt money and pay caps for the team have been discussed. His feelings for “HIS” team were expressed when he told the Heat during the Finals to “follow my lead.” He sees himself as king and the other players as his supporters. This is the exact opposite of the attitude of the entire Spurs TEAM. They play as a team and work as if choreographed to help one another score. There is no one glory hound or showboat…just a TEAM. That is what makes following the Spurs feel so uplifting, and following the Heat feel like people are being manipulated by three people with a scheme to win games.

  53. lwonty says:

    Lebron James will stay at Miami or he will go to houston .80% of the mimai heat and 10% of the Houston rockets

  54. James says:

    This is a good move for Lebron. Gives him leverages to test the open market. But, i think he will sign back with the Heat.

  55. yawn this was a given but he’s not going anywhere

  56. amitpal says:

    Difference between James and Durant. James has no loyalty to his team. To him its all about him. Where he can win.

    • Celentano says:

      There’s no loyalty award in basketball..this is business and sport.. If you want loyalty change your career and become a butler or a nanny…pfft!

  57. Enust Gavriel says:

    Go home Lebron or join the Rockets. But there is nothing sweet as home is but you need some help in Cleveland. Bring Melo and Kevin Love with you. Goodluck.

  58. ken says:

    To all nba players just take a look at san Antonio if you want a ring one of the best big men ever to play 5 rings taking what 10 million next year to sign other players gosh I hate the spurs but atleast their players are not gona break the bank to win a ring.

  59. J Money says:

    relax heat fans lebron will be back hes doing its all an elaborate plan to sign carmelo so the heat can become a big 4 its so obvious i cant believe nobody else can see this

  60. Yeroc says:

    Lebron wont play PF for more than a few games at most, he doesnt like playing down low that much so your idea of him playing PF for the wizards is absurd

  61. Mamba4Life says:

    can some1 make math for me?

    if ever james,wade,bosh opts out and then re-signed with the heat? how much can the heat offer carmelo?

    • Wade says:

      it just doenst make any sense to add Melo. First of all, these guys have a lot of pride calling themselves the best in the league and they’re not even getting max paid in their PRIME. it’s like they’re afraid of the upcoming youngsters that’s why they team up. But knowing Lebron, it’s in his nature to do that. He wants to buy his rings so he can have 6 like MJ. but MJ earned his rings, does LBJ earn his? No.

    • amitpal says:

      Depends how much each is will to take, if theytake the same deal as last time tthete will basically have the mid level for melo. If james takes 20 wade 10 and bosh 16, then they can offer melo about 10 million or little bit over 10.

  62. Mamba4Life says:

    can some1 make math for

  63. ken says:

    He’s just gona resign with miami but if not and he leaves how many fans will the heat have next year BANDWAGON FANS

  64. Ramos says:

    Melo, Lebron, love, Kyrie and use first pick for julius randle. BIG 5

  65. rommel says:

    join the spurs if you want a strong bench lol.

  66. rasalan says:

    hmmm… Lebron opts out, finishes a new addition to his house in Bath & re-enrolls his two kids at Old Trail School…yaaaa looks like he is definitely not going to cleveland

  67. let the fun begin! Talk d wade into going to phili and tell chris bosh to go back to the raptors it would help both teams!

  68. klaudnine says:

    He’s going to New York Knicks

  69. japhet says:

    Lebron is a big losser, now hes going to find another team with some talent and try fabricate in the offseason a championship team . A toxic team like fastfood thats why
    Nobodt like the heat hahaha lossers.go spurssssssssss.

  70. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    I’m actually very glad with the decision LeBron made to opt out… Now the pressure is all on Pat Riley to be able to ‘re-tool’ the best possible team for LeBron to win more championships. Or else LeBron leaves Miami.

    In my opinion, the Heat should trade Bosh for a quality Center, and Point Guard.

  71. Ralph Glover says:

    Talent is one thing and character is another. This man has much talent, but ZERO character. I feel bad for Miami fans and I sincerely hope that Gar/Pax don’t go after this person.

  72. prahumac says:

    i think if he goes out of miami right now he will be a coward goin in search of rings!!!!!!!!!!!!! and nothin else!!!!!!!!!!

  73. coco2206 says:

    Calm down folks!! Lebron isn’t going anywhere. Very smart move to opt out and get the money that he deserves as well as allow for a better support system. It would not surprise me if Carmelo Anthony came over and Dwyane Wade left. He is definitely not worth the money he’s being paid. The bench will now improve and all is well in the MIA!!!! Goodbye, Anderson, Haslem, CHALMERS (whew), Beasley and Battier!! I love ya but you gotta go…

  74. KEEPINITREAL says:

    All of the true Lebron James fans, and yes there are still plenty of us in Cleveland. We will pull for Lebron
    to win no matter what city he plays in. I truly feel he will remain in Miami as long as they build a better team
    around him. I don’t see him coming back to Cleveland since we are rebuilding once again. Of course I pull for the Cavaliers but I have been following Lebron, since he was at St. Mary’s-St. Vincent, my daughter
    graduated from the University of Akron, got nothing but love.

  75. Kuya Jonas says:

    go back to Cleveland.

  76. Flexy says:

    Bron aint goin anywhere….but… This does put pressure on Miami to build and build quickly. This also frees up room for Melo, if you can’t beat em join em…Melo and Bron were the talks of the town when they were drafted, ofcourse Bron went on to winn rings where Melo, was exactly that, Melo, nothing special, why? no rings, and early playoff exits. This is the turning point, but the Heat will lose Wade or Bosch, can’t keep them both, I think its time Wade hung up his shooes, not that I like Bosch any better, but Wade has too many issues, atleast Bosch could play every game. I recall streches where they rested Wade for post season and he did nothing. Time to let Wade go, I’m still a fan, but c’mon the time comes for us all, its his time to either take a bench role, or go. Bron, Melo, Bosch, are a wayyy better big 3, add Cole at point, and Haslem, birdman running Center and you got a solid team. They still need a good big man tho, they have too much trouble against teams with big men, or maybe they should entertain trying to land Love and get rid of Bosch.

    that starting five would be interesting:


    • NOT GONNA HAPPEN says:

      That’s not gonna happen… 1st thing wade will stay in miami no matter what….!!!! maybe bosh will be out..!!! Melo will not go to the south beach…. reports says he wants to team up with rondo… and also Love wants in boston + miami have no one to offer for Love trade to happen.. ow wait there is one LBJ ow wait he option out Report says Timberwolves wants top 5 1st round picks and young talented guys for Love…!!!.. kiss your fantasy starting line up away .. bcuz its never gonna happen..!!!

  77. Mark says:

    There are options for him:

    Eastern Conference:
    1) Heat (Pat Riley factor and Wade&Bosh), 2) Knicks (Phil Jackson factor), 3) Wizards (good team work)

    Western Conference:
    1) Rockets (good team work), 2) Mavericks (good team work and this team was the only team that were about to eliminate the Spurs in 2014 Playoffs), 3) Blazers, 4) Clippers

    • Average Joe says:

      Haha at the Rockets with good teamwork. I’d rather he goes to Portland and plays with LA and Damian.

    • squala96 says:

      @Average Joe: Portland just ruined the West, did everything to beat Houston only to have no puff left against San Antonio. Rockets could have killed the Spurs if the Blazers didn’t spoil the party.

  78. Theo says:

    Don’t blame him for opting out

  79. Lucas says:

    Coming Home Cleveland

  80. William says:

    When the Spurs lost game 7 of the finals last year, the team solidified around redemption in 2014. That (and many other things) is what makes the Spurs 2014 title so impressive.

    Lebron has responded differently. I just hope he doesn’t repeat his “decision”.

  81. JuanManuel says:

    Melo go to chicago and james go to cavs much better and gud competitive in Eastern Conference,,….

  82. JuanManuel says:

    Brainundrum=== do you think the wizard can make that move?????impossible……LOL

  83. thespectator says:

    i feel riley got to lebron and they discussed how the big 3 needa give up money to better the team, thus he had to opt out and bosh and wade will shortly follow. if he didnt how would they have room to add key players? people getting all crazy..chill folks…still have a few more moves that needa happen before we can really see whats gonna happen with the heat.

  84. Brainundrum says:

    LeBron + Melo to Wizards


    6 peat

    • Wade says:

      127% guarantee that he won’t go to the wizard. No point at all. He will either stay in Miami with the Big 2 or he will go to Houston. It’s in his nature. He likes easy route to championship title. They made the finals every year so Miami almost guarantees him that he will get there again, he just gotta bring it. Houston is another easy route since he wont have to worry about the paint like he does in Miami. Harden is just about as good ad Dwade, so that’s an upgrade, better supporting cast as well. Lebron will go to Houston to escape tax, he doesn’t care about citizens. He only wants easy routes so he can compare himself to MJ later.

      • The comparison isn’t jus based on championships and stats. MJ STAYED in chicago as the team changed around him and still stayed on a championship level. You cant hop from contender to contender wicn a bunch of rings and be compared to MJ. How many times do we have to say this….Robert Horry has 7 championships with three teams.


  85. vince says:

    Damn. Lebron is once again playing games. Riley will not let his ace go out, that’s for sure. I have a feeling that bosh will be traded for someone who is more of a scorer and a rebounder, That comes kevin love in my mind or other vrygood post up players. Then lebron will re-sign and wade of course. Then allen is retiring and heat will try to get channing fyre or bledsoe. we’ll see..

    • Dieter says:

      Swapping Bosh for Love would not be ideal… Bosh is a proven superstar, who is very flexible to his team about how he should play. There’s no guarantee Love will do the same thing, and why make a guess when everything with Bosh is working out so great. I hope Lebron goes to Cleveland, Bosh to Toronto, Melo to Denver and Wade stays in Miami.

    • squala96 says:

      @Dieter: Quite clearly you’re out of your mind. Bosh was never a superstar all along. He can’t carry a team or even do his third of the deal after James and Wade pretty much agreed to stoop to his level of play to become the ‘Big 3.’ At least Love is a legit 3-point shooter unlike your beloved CB who shoots jumpers excessively as an excuse not to go to the paint where he belongs. And that thing about players going back to their original teams is just plain BS.

  86. Yeah says:

    Come to LAC.

  87. Here we go!!!

    Let the games begin!

    It doesn’t mean that he’s gone but……..he can be seduced from now on!!!

  88. Murat D says:

    Yes, he could still stay in the Heat but he will be definitely looking for the other options. I think Rockets could be the best team that he could choose in the Western Conference. 2nd team after the Rackets is the Clippers. But, if he wants to stay in the Eastern Conference, he will either stay in the Heat (high possibility) or move to Cavs (2nd), Bulls (3rd) or Celtics (4th).

  89. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    opting out of the deal does not give you a ring, you need to join our King “Lebron” in Miami!

    of course, this is to make cap space and DWade and Bosh will do the same, but everyone is going to make a big deal about it

  90. SMH!! says:

    Does this mean… Kobe, Melo and James in LA????

  91. ed190 says:

    Im waiting for the miami heat’s fans bandwaggons and lebron’s fans bandwaggons.

  92. NotSoAnon says:

    So LeBron opts so they can get Carmelo, there is a chance this is happening. Remember Carmelo can and has played the 4 position before so that would mean Carmelo, Bosh in the front-court and LeBron, Wade, and either Allen/Cole/new point in the back-court..

    There is also the possibility that LeBron is leaving after recognizing that no one on the Heat’s roster could help him as shown in the Finals.

    Where’s LeBron going? I don’t but if he leaves EXPECT the media will be ALL OVER IT, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

    DECISION 2015?

  93. spursfan says:

    go to the lakers and form the most hated team in NBA history. yeah.

  94. Anthony says:

    This column seems a little over dramatic for my personal taste. Even though to be fair, it is Lebron James so media will circulate like this about him, they are simply doing their jobs but my goodness. Whatever he decides to do, stay in Miami or leave to another team, this move was not only expected, it was inevitable. Did anyone think he was going to stranglehold Miami for money so they couldn’t rebuild around him if he decided to stay? Be real. The speculation is absurd.

    This is when I side with the mindset of players. Agent’s can be a double edged sword. They work well for you to keep you personally out the lime light. But now look at the media generated by his statement that in-directly put’s Lebron James back into the limelight.

  95. ufo331 says:

    Here comes Decision 2014 presented KIA!

  96. TTKIN says:

    Let all of the BS rumors begin!

  97. Kevin says:

    90% of Heat *fans* just opted out as well. Testing waters with Lebron

    • Heat BB Fan says:

      NEVER, You have no clue about Heat Fans, one thing we’d never do is treat him the way Cav Fans did!

      • HaHa says:

        Right, thats why Heat fans are quick to walk out on their team even after reaching 4 straight Finals…

  98. El Stone says:

    Can we get a story that’s not just a few sentences followed by a string of tweets?

    The tweets add nothing to the story!

    It’s really lazy journalism.

    I hope LeBron really gets to craft the team he wants this year so LeQueen has all the help she needs to beat the Spurs. Timmy thinks they’ll “do it again this year.” So LeBron better get Carmelo, Love, CP3, Howard, Durant, Westbrook, and Harden to take all their talents to South Beeeeatch!

  99. Elaine says:

    Lebron, we need you………..

  100. That Carmelo Deal Though says:

    Carmelo in a Heat’s jersey just got a whole lot more feasible.. Hold on to your pants NBA fans!!! If this happens I for will watch the regular season because it’ll be interesting but unless they are losing horribly won’t be watching the playoffs. Never thought Id see a day where players had “repeatedly” make All-Star/Olympic teams in order to win championships. Crafted championships? Lakers tried this once and they learned their lesson but adding Carmelo may just be to much talent to overcome or NOT Enough BALL to go around.

  101. LaQuonda says:

    I guess the Miami heat are no longer of any use to him… lls… typical

  102. Titus says:

    No brainer!! Why is everyone so excited this was expected the whole time. Bosh and Wade will follow duuuh!!!!!

    • TTKIN says:

      I agree. Everyone knew it was happening with Melo too. Phil asking him to take that player option was seriously one of the dumbest things ive ever heard of the zen master doing. Did he really think Melo would opt-in simply cuz he asked him too? “throw this season away so we HOPEFULLY can get u some new players the yr after.” Wow, what a sell job.

  103. Big Al says:

    It’s probably a wise move, to force the Heat to find genuine backup for him. The bench certainly needs more substance. They should get a proper center as well, perhaps Gortat or Asik. The point guard is also very easy to upgrade.

  104. tanibanana says:

    Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh should follow. And take a pay-cut next season.

  105. Robert1959 says:

    The NBA has already set the market value for “star” players like L. James when they allowed the Clippers to be sold for 2 billion dollars. Donald Sterling only paid 27 million dollars for the Clippers.

    L. James is in a great position to change how NBA players negotiate contracts. Over the next 10 years (820 games) he has a chance to be the 1st “Billion Dollar” player. How?

    Playing Basketball
    1. The minimum salary is 1 million dollars per game – 82 games per season – $82 million annual

    Endorsements (shoes, etc.)
    2. To wear anybody’s shoes- 1 million dollars per game – 82 games per season – $82 million annual

    Over 10 years L. James can make $1,640,000,000. Donald Sterling the bigoted owner who was forced to sell the Clippers still made more money.

    Welcome to the 21st century-2014 and the civilized world.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really? Where in the world are you getting your numbers? You do realize that if a player gets $1,000,000 a game, all the prices in the stadium have to be risen? That’s like if fast food workers get $15 an hour, prices of the food have to go up. I’m not paying $20 for a sandwich. I doubt anyone in their right minds are going to pay $1,000 for parking, $10,000 for bleacher seats while paying $5 to use the restroom and $50 for snacks. There are 13 players active on a team, with two teams on the floor and a whole coaching staff on each team. $1,000,000 a game is insane.

      • TTKIN says:

        hell ya. Even when Shaq was the highest paid player in the league he was still “only” making 250k per game? I think that’s the number.

      • Robert1959 says:

        No NBA team has ever been sold for 2 billion dollars. The players are not “slaves” and have every right to demand a fair share of the NBA revenue. The NBA raised the bar when they paid a racist bigot like Donald Sterling 2 billion dollars to go away.

      • Robert1959 says:

        The NBA is a “global” company and makes billions of dollars on cable TV rights, radio, merchandising, etc. The players are the product and should be compensated for their work on and off the court.

    • Queirós says:

      Collective Bargain Agreement, ever heard of that?

      • Robert1959 says:

        “Collective Bargain Agreement” – Should be torn-up and re-written before it expires as a sign of “good will” to help the negotiation process. The owners did it to themselves when they agreed to pay Donald Sterling 2 billion dollars over his original 27 million dollar investment. The NBAPA should be in discussions right know with their lawyers creating a new “Collective Bargain Agreement” strategy. The NBA is not the plantation.

  106. tertioptus says:

    Wow, LeBron is leaving! (Just kidding)

  107. mee(a)t says:

    Welp…let the storm begin

  108. John Williams says:

    Smart move by LeBron, he’s trying to pressure the front office to get more talent because the 2014 finals showed how weak Miami’s bench and how unreliable so many guys were. Plus their current roster is extremely old so that definitely is another factor to look into.

    • Marco29 says:

      They were even older in average than the Spurs who have been labelled as “old ” for years now….

  109. Realy intersted where he will turn to now …

  110. Realy interested to see where he goes to now

  111. TheKush says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! You’re true fans support you whatever your decision is LeBron. I say hook up with Melo and Kobe in LA! the Miami cavaliers experiment didn’t work out as hoped. Nobody would be mad if you went back to Cleveland but seeing LeBron in Laker uniform with Kobe and Melo I start smiling just thinking of it!

  112. Car2D2 says:


  113. Juice em up says:

    Going back to Cleveland? RIP MIAMI “FANS”.

    • manuel Mercado says: