Welcome to impossible, Carmelo Anthony

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HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Any way you slice it, $23.3 million is a lot of money … even for a guy who has already made millions.

But for Carmelo Anthony, the decision to forgo that money he would have earned by opting-in for the final year of his deal with the New York Knicks, no giant sum of cash can replace the uninhibited freedom he will experience this summer as an unrestricted free agent for the first and only time in the prime of his career.

Anthony had to make the best decision for his future. And any future that doesn’t include the all-out pursuit of a championship situation would have been the wrong choice.

By courting free agency, though, a player of his stature also courts some inevitable backlash, too.

So welcome to impossible, ‘Melo. You lose no matter what you do.

Opt-in with the Knicks for one more season of who-knows-what-will-happen-hoops at the Garden, you get knocked for not chasing titles in what is clearly the physical prime of your career.

If you opt-out and test free agency without re-signing with the Knicks, you get blasted for leaving the Phil Jackson-and Derek Fisher-led lab-test team and chasing titles elsewhere.

Melo’s bottom line is simple. He can sign a contract worth $130 million over five years with the Knicks and only the Knicks, a fortune no one knows for sure the Knicks are offering. He can sign a maximum deal with another suitor for $96 million over four years.

Chatter of him possibly taking less than a max deal to help whichever team he signs with bring in additional free agent help sounds great, but that’s nothing more than chatter at this point.

This is the world your good friend LeBron James has lived in the past four years. The moment he turned his back on Cleveland to take his talents to South Beach a huge segment of the basketball public made up their minds about him. No amount of winning would change those opinions. LeBron’s gamble turned out to be a 50-50 championship proposition, with losses in the Heat Big 3’s first and last seasons together sandwiching back-to-back title seasons.

Win in New York and your star would never fade.

Bolt New York for Chicago or Houston or Los Angeles or Miami and ‘Melo takes James’ title as “the easiest target in sports” — at least temporarily. There’s also no guarantee Anthony will win it all in his new city. None!

Anthony knows this all too well, as he detailed in a recent interview with Vice.com (see below) that was released today:

“I came from a smaller market in Denver. Not so much scrutiny, but media its everywhere … but not like the level it’s here in New York. Playing in a small market, you can only go so high — as far as individual players goes,” Anthony said in the interview with ViceSports.com. “There’s only so much you can do and at a point in your life you got to look for something else … a bigger stand, a bigger stage, a bigger market.

“When you go to a place like New York … you feel the excitement, you feel the difference. The energy is different, the fans are different, the game is different.”

Anthony also opened up a little bit on what might influence his decision to come, be it say on the roster to the life he leads away from the court.

“As far as player personnel goes, I would love to be involved in that. At the end of the day, you’re creating a family. You can’t create a bond with somebody that’s not going to fit in with you, or someboday that’s not going to be there when you need them the most and don’t understand the game and how to win and situations in the game and things like that.

“As much as it has to do with having the top guys on the team — superstars per se — you need the rest of your soldiers.

“The average person just sees opportunity to say that ‘oh ‘Melo should go here, ‘Melo should go there, I think he should do this, I think he should do that’. But they don’t take into consideration the family aspect of it, your livelihood, where you’re going to be living at. Do you want your kids to grow up in that place? Do  I want to spend the rest of my career in that situation? In that city? All that stuff comes into play.

“The average person is looking at it as next year. ‘Next year he’d win a championship if we go here.’ We’re looking at the big picture here, now. You’re looking at the next six to eight years of your career – the end of your career at that. Do you want to spend that much time in that place?”

All that said, Anthony is wise to move on now and absorb whatever hate comes with his decision to test the free-agent waters. At 30, there is no planning for four and five years from now. Chase titles today and deal with the venom tomorrow.

I’ve never understood this misguided notion that these players, these unrestricted free agents, owe it to the franchise, its fans or a city to grind out the best years of their careers in a dead-end situation.

When Anthony is in the twilight of his career and a shell of the player he is now, there will be no sympathetic fan base that has adored him from the time he came into the league. That opportunity evaporated the moment he departed Denver for New York. He’s already a hoops nomad, a wandering warrior in search of that coveted Larry O’Brien trophy.

Every other member of the top five of the heralded 2003 Draft class already has at least one championship ring (and before you make jokes, Darko Milicic was the first one to get secure his while riding the bench with Detroit in 2004). James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all sit at the big-boy table when titles and Finals runs are discussed. Anthony has just one conference finals appearance on his resume — and that was back in 2009 with Denver.

Anthony has every right to fight his way into that mix, be it alongside LeBron, Wade and Bosh in Miami — in that “pipe dream” Heat boss Pat Riley mentioned last week — or elsewhere.

A Heat “Big 4” would be absolutely diabolical and an instant title favorite, even with the reigning champion San Antonio Spurs coming back intact.

Anthony could be lethal in Chicago, too. He’d be playing alongside a defensive stopper in Joakim Noah and an offensive catalyst of his ilk in Derrick Rose (provided Rose is back to his usual self next season after two seasons of injury woes). Any concerns about him not being a good fit with Rose or in Tom Thibodeau‘s system fade when I think of the way Anthony plays in international competitions.

That’s also why I am convinced he could co-exist without issue on a Lakers team that features Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and whatever roster is pieced together around them. Anthony has been miscast as a one-dimensional talent for far too long. Put him in an ideal situation and we’ll see from him the same things his contemporaries see in him during the Olympics: an offensive juggernaut willing to do what it takes to win.

If ‘Melo chooses right, we’ll see it soon, possibly as early as training camp somewhere like Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles or even Miami.

This decision is an impossible situtation, of course … but one that you have earned, ‘Melo!



  1. Kirby Record says:

    A voice of reason on this silly business if hating basketball players for wanting to win and play with other good players–the way it has always been with so many of the former stars like Bird, Magic and Jordan. No one but Heat fans would have said a word if Cleveland had landed Wade and Bosh and James stayed put–and they won a title or two that way. That said, I don’t think Anthony should be the target of the Heat–they need a point guard and a center, or at least another power forward to help in the middle with defense and rebounding. That way James doesn’t have to play all three of these positions at the same time.

  2. JM says:

    Easy way is the best way.
    The motto of new NBA “Stars”. Goodness gracious.

  3. J. Pla says:

    Hey Melo look at this. Stay in N.Y. but force the management to acquire a couple of players that can play around you, and you will see the results. Faith my friend, Faith.

  4. Shan says:

    Carmelo doesn’t need the hate. It’s a smart choice to test free agency due to the fact he can win championships. He has millions of dollars, so he isnt worried about the money. A team like Chicago, who has solid defenders and a all-star point guard in derrick rose is the way to go. I’m not a chicago fan but it seems like thats the best pick. The NBA needs less super teams and more solid players winning championships such as, the Spurs. Be practical and focus on the pride of the game. Stop super teams and balance out stars.

  5. whoosh says:

    Finally an article that makes sense instead of spewing hate. Only one thing I noticed that I disagree with… I’ve been a Melo fan since he came into the league and won ROY his first season. When he left Denver, I simply followed him to NY. If he leaves NY, I’ll continue to follow his career. He is a great player and a joy to watch and I wish him success. Sure I wish he’d stay in NY because NY winning titles again would be good for the NBA and fun to watch; however, I’m okay with any destination he chooses. Sure I’d love to see Melo hook up with another star like a Lebron or Durant but whether or not this can happen in NY remains to be seen. Good Luck Melo. Wish you the opportunity to prove the haters wrong.

  6. biser says:

    I think Melo should go to the Bulls. I know about Melo with his kids and stuff. But the big thing is about Melo is that if he stays in the Knicks he will never win a NBA playoff. Because he is the only person on the court and you cant win about every game with just a star on the court. But in the Bulls you’ve got Rose and Noah. Plus Anthony youve got three stars on the court. That will lead you to the finals with the Spurs or Thunder as the final round. And thats why I think Melo should go to the Bulls.

  7. King says:

    Melo to LAC……..they have the peices to give up to the Knicks and other teams……keepin cp3 and blake…..wit doc…..watch

  8. FanFrSingapore says:

    the team will never win a Ring or even make it to any kind or Finals with Melo, period….

    Melo vs The Answer, who is more sticky with the ball? like Coach Pop kept emphasizing not to STICK to the ball……

  9. Bizaare says:

    This is getting crazy… Most of the star players today forming their own big three.. Players during the 90’s era didn’t have much rings..Payton, Stockton, Barkley did not taste a Championship rather than Michael Jordan only Hakeem Olajuwon and David Robinson had a ring in those group of elites from the 90s.. But all of them can be remembered because of their loyalty and the fact that they would never even think of joining a fellow star in one them since they have this sense of competitiveness and pride. If i was in Melo’s situation i would stick in New York and try to make a name for myself only…Rings or no rings he will be different and more respected than the other star players of this era

  10. Adam says:

    Yes, Carmelo, you’re on the right path. Opt out, get on TV and make a huge hype about it. Join a team with already several superstars in it because it’s the easiest and quickest way to finally get a ring. Just tell your fans you didn’t get enough support from your previous team even if you did have, all that blah blah and excuses you can think of because you don’t want to let them know you don’t have what it takes to win. Trust me, it will work. Someone I know has already done it. and if he didn’t do it, he couldn’t have won 2 rings. And here’s the catch, he needs even more superstars to his team to make him win more rings to chase Kobe Bryant. Maybe you can help him, poor fella needs more. But it’s all up to. The lesson here is to take the short cut. Why wait for your team to rebuild when you can join another with already superstars in it? Don’t think, just do it. It will work!

  11. Stan says:

    As a Bulls fan all I can say is that Melo is a free agent now and Love is not. So the focus should be all on Melo joining the Bulls. He’ll have to take a pay cut in order to keep Taj Gibson on board who has become an important core player for the Bulls. It looks like $12-15million per year is the most the Bulls could offer him while keeping there strong core of players together. If Melo wants to win and I’m sure he does because he just left millions on the table in New York, he should join the Bulls. The Heat team is now a newer version of that Cavs team that LBJ played on for years except with less bench depth. The old Spurs just took out the Big Three of Miami with a 38 year old center and if Indiana had a decent center they would’ve beaten them in the ECF. The Bulls are hungry, well coached and only a star away from taking it all next season. I hope Melo finally sees the opportunities in Chicago.

  12. Kimmy says:

    Melo expressed concern about hs son and how he would hate to change his school because he’s settled in. That guy is staying in New York. People first then money then things. Per Suze Orman.

  13. Keith says:

    The guy is garbage. If you can’t even make the playoffs in the east your not a top player. This guy talks about small markets like you can’t win or can’t make the money. There’s some energy you get from the fans. What a joke. All I can say is Tim Duncan and the Spurs. That’s the reason he left the west in the first place. The guy can’t win bottom line. Let’s not forget going to a state with no income tax lets him keep more of his money. Houston or Miami would benefit him financially.

  14. freal says:

    Melo is an overrated player. period. He holds the ball for 2/3 of the shot clock, jacks up 25-30 shots a game and doesn’t play defense. The Heat would be stupid to get him. He’s not winning with ANYONE unless he changes his approach to the game. He’s better off staying in NY or going to LA. Those are big market teams who will not be serious contenders any time soon and just need a star player to fill their seats and talk about in their tabloids..

  15. Brad says:

    I really don’t see why anyone would blast Melo for leaving NY for a shot at a title as long as he doesn’t team up with Lebron. NYs roster is a disaster as is their financial situation. I would like to see him land Chicago and I think it’s his best fit

  16. LakeShow24 says:

    I hope Melo go to the Lakers. He’ll get 2 solid years out of Kobe to make a championship run.
    Lakers got cap room for one more star…and they can build a good core group if we can get a Coach already.

  17. Nikel says:

    Hopefully melo decides to go to Chicago to play alongside d rose

  18. ignacio says:

    Look the whole reason miami is 2nd in money is because of championships. When miami lost to dallas in 2011 they were nothing. now 2 years later they have so many players becoming payed over 2-3 million and like others in miami 14 million and up. so if melo come and they win a championship they will obviously make alot more money. melo should keep this comment in his mind not to go to the wrong team

  19. OC Architect says:

    I certainly don’t think Carmelo leaving the Knicks can be equated as the same as LBJ leaving the Cav’s or that he would receive any serious backlash. He already made a move out of one area even though they had a team that made it to the Western Conference Finals – and even through they didn’t make it back the next year the one thing we learned with the Spurs this year is you stay the course and good things will happen. The Knicks have been in trouble since they signed Stoudmare to that crazy deal which really is going to hamstring them in any way of working towards the future. They can’t unload him to clear salary space because at this point no team will take him on (and rightly so at that salary) and so to sign Melo to a max deal they will be further hamstrung moving forward.

    Ultimately I think he will stay in NY. There really is no other better place for him to be. Sure the Rockets are a good idea but now you are playing in the Western Conference which is strong from 1-10 in that division. At least in the East the teams are not as good and you have a better shot at making the playoffs and going deeper there. I have a feeling Miami is going to fall off the deep end next year which will leave the division wide open for the likes of the Bulls and possibly the Pacers if they can figure out what the heck happened this year.

  20. kanuk says:

    most over-rated player in the game.

  21. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    The only place for Melo is Houston. Not New York. Not Chicago. Not the Heat.
    The Rockets will win a championship in 2-3 years if they get Melo. They would have too much offensive firepower for other teams to handle. And even though Melo and Harden are not known for being great defenders, Dwight Howard is the best rim defender in the league. If Houston gets Melo they will dominate the western conference for years to come. It would be the best decision Melo could make to win multiple championships.

  22. holiwx says:

    Anthony needs to go to Houston, that way him and Howard can take turns crying.

  23. Benjie says:

    Instant title with the heat. LbJ needs another support on scoring as dwade fading and bosh shot is 50/50 or sometimes less.The miami could have done better if they use Beasley instead of charmers on starter. That will give them LBJ on point guard,wade on small guard, Beasley on small forward and Lewis on power forward and bosh on Center. Hate that spolstora for not allowing a talent like Beasley not to play in the finals.Thats such a waste men. Now consider if melo comes in and take the small forward role and James goes as point guard. Beasley will be a great six man along with the birdman and Ray Allen if his still around.and of course noris cole. Heat dump charmers for his a dirty player and un efficient in the finals against San Antonio.Go heat…

    • MrNBA says:

      How pathetic would that be? Seriously think about it. Three all stars in one team (the most in a single team in the entire league) and they still need another so they can beat a team that has only one (Parker)? It’s really, really pathetic and sad.
      One thing I agree with you is Chalmers-he is just trash.

    • The Iceman says:

      Damn… How many allstar do the great Lebron and the Miami Heat need to win..they’re already playig in the sorry East. Bunch of losers with no pride or integridty. Let’s see…they have 5 allstars, the best 3 point shooter in the history of the NBA, and 2 #1 draft picks (3 if you count Lebron) If Lebron is as competitive as he claims he is, why do he need soo many allstars around him to win? He ain’t no Jordan or Bryant that’s for sure. They just got beat again by a bunch of OLD GUYS. ha ha ha!!!!

  24. PhatKat says:

    Melo should come right here to the Toronto Raptors! Raptors were so close this year, if we had a player that demanded calls and respect from the Referees Raptors would have been in the finals instead of Miami…I’ve always called the Refs the 6th man for the Heat….Our defense is nice, offence is great and with Melo we could easily have one of the most exciting teams in the league putting up the highest points per game in the league….Melo the Raptor!

  25. Newbie Coach says:

    Melo shouldn’t take a risk on a newbie coach considering he only have a few years left on his prime.

    If you didn’t have any coaching experiences especially in the NBA then you can’t coach. Coaching is totally different from being a great player / hall of famer. Unless the team is rebuilding…

    We’ll see how good Fisher and Kerr will be next season. We all saw what happen to Kidd last season.

    Not a fan of newbie coach for a win now organizations…

  26. Juan says:

    Most of the commentator’s do not have clue Carmelo makes any team that is a decent playoff team a title contender. He cannot be expected to do the work of 5 players MJ retired a long time ago.

  27. sswsafgfd says:

    steelers rock lets go mets

  28. sswsafgfd says:

    mellos a beast

  29. BullsFan4Life says:

    Look this is crazy how NBA stars do things. I think all the teams (not the Knicks) should tell Melo they changed there minds because its very clear now he is using the Bulls,Rockets and other teams that was trying to land him to get the Knicks to give him more power on how they shape the team around him. All the reports from media TV and articals have giving fans ups and downs when the real is NY wont loose there beloved Anthony and thats why Phil wasnt tripping…he knew Melo wasnt going anywhere. Melo just wanted to be pampered (Wined and dinned) than say July 1st-10th “Im staying with the knicks”. Since the NBA is so high on hopes they want to be dumb enough to fall to the feet of players pulling mind games. If my Bulls are smart they will tell Melo thanks but no thanks and load the team up with young talent for the future and find a cheaper way to get Kevin Love since he isnt into to playin head games and Derrick Rose knows something we obvious dont know thats why he said “I perfer Love over Anthony” plus keep in mind Rose and Love are verrrry close friends and workout together every yr. After seening Melo do this interview with Vice Sports today pretty much should make teams rethink spending money on dinners,flowers to his wife,toys for his kid and sharing team secrets with him because the dude is going to pull a Lebron but stay in NY.

  30. Jack says:

    Why would anyone knock melo for not leaving knicks? sure he will have a less chance to get a ring. but how about loyalty for his team? doesnt it count for something as well? does anyone knock Nowitzki for not leaving dallas? I miss the old days when each team has one or two stars and the league is so much more competitive

  31. authordas says:

    Carmelo can not be compared to Lebron leaving to Miami. Miami was Lebron’s second team. NY is Anthony’s second team, he would now be leaving to a third team after Knicks have failed him. His entire career wa snot in NY, plus we’ve seen them redo that team for years and nothing.

    • MrNBA says:

      The difference is the Cavs gave Lebron everything. If James played in Cleveland the way he does now, they might have won a championship.

      • Just Sayin' says:

        so, you call an old shaq, mo will, big z everything? lbj gave everything to that team, not the other way around. if lebron stayed with them, they will be a good team to win 50+ games but not good enough to win it all. and when you win 50+ games, i doubt they would still have irving and the current first pick.

  32. Alma says:

    Carmelo Anthony, outstanding player, and who is currently at the top of his game. The only failure on Carmelo’s part is that the Knicks, the team, did not help him out while he was “on a roll” and on “fire.” Wherever Carmelo decides to go is his choice, he could do potential awesomeness in Chicago which if that is his choice, that is what he will choose to do. I believe with the knowledge that I have is that Carmelo should stay in New York. Learning about Carmelo, he was brought up in New York, he went to Syracuse, and I remember a quote that he said, “I wanted to be Bernard King”. While he was playing in Denver, soon the switch came to the city, and team that I thought he always wanted to play for. To me, Carmelo has always wanted to be in New York, and I do believe somewhere in his mind and heart he wants to stay in his city. The Knicks just need to manage a team that can work with Carmelo, the Knicks and their star should be playoff and championship potential, and I am not saying it is easy. Whatever Carmelo decides will be his decision, I hope he stays in New York, but after that, its up to the Knicks to come up with more things to do, because no one wants their favorite team to not be so good again.

  33. Sam says:

    Totally disagree, nobody would’ve said “Melo is not chasing championships” if he stayed in NYC. Doug Collins said best about Lebron, superstars don’t move, other plays come to play with them. These starts need to stop taking the easy way out and play for one team for more than 3 years.

    • Mudd744 says:

      I have been watching Bball since 1993, shaq went to LA then heat, Paul went to LA, Rasheed to Detroit, Kidd to Dallas, and a lot more superstars went chasing for the ring some got it n others like Barkley, Malone, n etc did not. I am from Chicago n mike was the best player ever played the game offensively but he got lucky to have the best defender ever played the game pippen. So u could never bring mike into the conversation about going somewhere else becuz of pippen and Duncan also got lucky with Parker, manu n David Robinson.

  34. gmoneu says:

    Good 4 u melo. Who is fisher and why not mark Jackson? I’m out and where ever you go you will be good money. G.

  35. Unkle Daddy says:

    First off, I don’t think you can compare LBJ and Melo. People love LBJ, they follow that man and root for him wherever he goes. I don’t know any Melo fans, who just think he can do no wrong. When LBJ left Cleveland the whole basketball landscape was changed, this will not be the same. I hope he does go to Miami, and wins because those championships won’t mean a thing.

  36. Moboto says:

    Never really been a fan of anything Knick related as I’ve been a bulls fan for the better part of 3 decades. In my opinion, melo should just pack up and leave. There is no reason for him to stay and sacrifice earnings (even though he’s made a mountain of money already) when you have players like Bargnani and Stoudamire opting in to collect cash. Realistically you cannot expect a star player of melo’s caliber to take a significant pay cut when the likes of Amare are opting in to make 23M next season to contribute marginally.

    Leave the knicks and seek out your title/legacy elsewhere.

  37. hoopsie says:

    melo should go to MIAMI help LBJ win another championships .

    • jr says:

      Yea sure cause u know the fact that he had superstars wade and bosh just wasn’t enough it’s sad that the best player in the world needs more then one superstar to win a title it should b enough with one and a great supporting cast but no the chosen one needs not 2 anymore he needs 3 what a joke

  38. vern says:

    Carmelo needs to learn that the key to winning a championship is not to change teams but to change yourself!
    If he continues to play the way he plays with his isolation and me first attitude it wont matter what team wagon he jumps on, the results will always be the same.

  39. Allen iverson says:

    you’re just talking about practice. We’re sitting in here, and I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and we in here talking about practice. I mean, listen, we’re talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about practice. Not a game. Not, not … Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game like it’s my last. Not the game, but we’re talking about practice, man. I mean, how silly is that?

  40. Ed says:

    I just don’t see any teams who are already title contenders would be better with him.

  41. pheonix…. na he needs to go to phili and melo needs to go to bulls

  42. bluekaiser says:

    Whom good post, but what do you mean “at least they have a few days to trade him”? once he opts out he becomes a free agent and the Knicks can’t do anything with him other than try to sign him.

  43. P?st?ch? says:

    Melo should go to Houston and Lebron should go to Phoenix

  44. melo! you got to go the the sixers man
    PG: mcw
    SG: wiggins, exum
    SF: melo
    PF: lebron
    C: nerlens
    good team and championships to come!

  45. Whom says:

    Swing it however you want, Melos circumstances in New York are not the same as Lebrons in Cleveland. Lebron was on a team that consistently made it deep into the playoffs (albeit almost completely on his shoulders as we now know with Clevelands draft woes and poor decisions) while New York has made it no deeper then the second round, and did not even make the playoffs at all this year in an abysmal conference. Melo also never boasted nor promised New York a championship. He’s not the type of player a franchise can ride into deep playoff runs every year. To be quite honest, I’m not sure if Lebron gave any hint at preferring free agency (to my knowledge, he was completely insistent on not giving any type of answer), but Melo made it “somewhat” clear he wanted to test those waters earlier in the season. Now they at least have a few days to trade him, where as Lebron gave Cleveland no chance. So I’m sorry if you don’t understand these are fundamental differences of which ultimately decide someones opinion to swing one way or the other. Is it right? Maybe not, but these factors do make a difference and are enough to warrant them being considered very different cases in the eyes of some fans.

    Onto where Melo should end up, and that in my opinion is Chicago. Chicago is the best fit for him as I am convinced. He’d be stepping into a situation where he’d easily be the number one offensive option (his preferred place on a team), with a hopefully healthy Derrick Rose being the number 2 he needs. The offense won’t do much else but run through them considering the roster and Thibodeus general style. In addition, the team’s defense is good enough (especially in that abysmal conference I mentioned earlier) to make up for any of Melo’s frequent woes. The team is also unique in that they don’t worry about touching the ball on the offensive end, and thus it does not effect their defensive efficiency. So at those times when the ball sticks to Melo or Rose, the team’s chances of success aren’t hindered. These factors seem ideal for him and a team looking to add that piece (one that fits well with their schemes and attitude) that could put them over the hump.

    • DWadeTheOne says:

      I wouldn’t bet my money on Derrick Rose being the player he was. If he goes to Chicago, he will end up shouldering most of the offensive load of the team, and as already know and have seen, a player alone can’t win championships. L.A. isn’t a good option neither. Both Kobe and Nash are old dogs and they are at the end of their carreer, so in 1 or 2 years, he will end up being alone in that team, with a handfull of young players without experience, and he will have to shoulder the team again. Not a wise desicion. He should go to Houston or Miami. Both have other stars that are capable of producing without him on the court, and he will just be a great weapon for the team, and not THE guy that needs to do everything.

  46. theholyspectator says:

    as of now all signs point to melo going to chicago..if hes about winning a title now tho, he should go to a true contender thats already in place to compete..chicago is about defense first…which isnt melos style…even with drose back, can that squad beat the heat and make to the finals and win a title? then you got houston, which is in a tough conference but with harden and howard..that to me would def get you thru and even beat a okc team…you just got san antonio to worry about dont know if that would be enough for houston to go to the finals….then you got dallas, which is a not an option, theirs a reason why big stars dont wanna go there..they not gonna go anywhere, they need a big 2 which they dont have…and then you got miami…to me this would be his best shot at winning a title now..got the best player on mother earth..bosh who is still getting better, his 3 ball is reaching clutch level…ya dwade is the only variable but even if he can give you 10-15 a game and melo gives you 25-30, bosh gives you 10-15 and lebon gives you 20-25..that big 4 would beat any team, even the spurs..we all know that if dwade showed up in the finals against the spurs, it woulda went to 7 games..but thats just my opinion..

    • rem111 says:

      If you want to go after a title it’s easy you want to go to San Antonio (best bench, best coach, best role players Parker, Duncan, and it seems like a deep organisation regarding their legacy these past decades).

      • thespectator says:

        they have no reason for melo to join them, spurs are set…and as someone who wants to go to a team to win ie melo…he knows that spurs isnt an option right now..gotta be a team looking for a player…and he could realistically go to

  47. Paul says:

    sorry sekou, I can not agree with you here. You, being the press, are the first voice to criticize his choices here. By saying that everyone will criticize his decision, ni matter what he does, you are opening the door to the criticism of whatever he does. This article is not a great example of taking responsibility for the power of your position and the power of suggestion.

    • Lacaille says:

      Sekou is not only opening the door for criiticism against Carmelo, he is purposely giving people an avenue to do the criticism and also giving them suggestions on what to criticism them about. How do you think these people come up with new stories to write about or keep an old one alive? Then of course he and the rest of them will say, “this is what the people are saying,” making sure that we are the ones bearing the responsiblility for what they put in our mouths. One thing, and I might say one of the very few things they are good at, is not being responsible for anything. The media used to tell us the news, now they create the stories or at least change them to make them more sensational and as you and I have already said are never responsible for anything.

    • Exactly, it’s all being put in there so fans take it as theirs. Too much sensasionalism. And I don’t agree with the LBJ comparison. First of all, Melo isn’t the best player on earth. Then you have old Cleveland (the one that had the best record in the league in LBJ’s last 2 years) against this NY team that’s been as inconsistent as it gets and didn’t even make the playoffs this year. And you gotta point out that this is not the first time Melo bolts his team so it’s not as much as a shocker as when LBJ bolted the Cavs. And last, Sekou even mentioned that he’s 30 already. He’s not on his prime anymore, should be chasing championships in a better team. A better comparison? Try Ray Allen/Kevin Garnett to the Celtics.