Sign-and-trade for Carmelo could return Linsanity to NY

VIDEO: Relive some of the best moments from Jeremy Lin’s star turn with the Knicks in 2012

If the Rockets are going to be in the mix to land free agent Carmelo Anthony, their best chance would likely be a sign-and-trade deal with the Knicks that would send Jeremy Lin back to Madison Square Garden, the birthplace of “Linsanity.”

Though Houston could likely not clear out enough salary cap space to offer Anthony the $95.9 million over four years — including $22.5 million in the first year — that is the maximum allowed by NBA rules, they could get significantly closer by sending Lin and Omer Asik to New York.

After Dwight Howard and James Harden, Lin and Asik are scheduled to be the highest-paid players on the Rockets. Both have contracts worth $15 million next season, though counting just $8.3 million against the NBA salary cap.

With Anthony opting out of his contract with the Knicks, Chicago, Houston, Miami and Dallas have most frequently been mentioned as landing spots for the veteran forward who says he wants to play for a contender.

Though Rockets general manager Daryl Morey failed to trade Asik at a self-imposed deadline last December, in part because of the “poison pill” final year provision in his contract, the team now believes it would be easier trade both the Turkish big man and Lin, perhaps even to the Knicks. Since Lin and Asik are both entering the final year of their contracts, the Knicks would still be able to clear them off their roster and have plenty space under the salary cap to pursue big name free agents in the summer of 2015.


  1. realknlckfan says:

    If McHale knew how to. Coach this team would be much better and Beverly would not be starting. When coaches can’t coach they lean on the hustle guy. He’s just a butcher running around hurting people putting carriers in danger

  2. jim says:

    Lin is a back-up type making starter money. Should fit right in on the Knicks.

  3. ss says:

    The real question here is, is it worth it for the rockets? If they unload askik and lin, to aquire melo, that means also loosing out on parsons, argubaly their best perimiter defender, and a great 3rd scoring option. if rockets aquire melo they got no bench left.
    also they got worse on defense.

    • pj says:

      if they had a worry about that, they could just move parsons to the 4, or melo to the 4. either way houstons best starting five would be Beverly, harden, melo, parsons, and dwight

      • qq says:

        Yeah its not that parsons doesnt fit into the lineup, its about them not having any money left to sign him, He is a restricted freeangent, and will atleast get 10 million a year offer from other teams.

  4. taekayo says:

    “Linsanity” actually stopped when Melo came back from injury.

    • boots says:

      it would be sooo funny if lin and asik goes to Knicks, then next year the knicks get to the second round or better, while the rockets make a first round exit because with two ball hogs on the team, their offense sputters

  5. Adam says:

    Carmelo should also get on TV and make a huge hype about it, then join a team with already several superstars in it because it’s the easiest and quickest way to finally get a ring. he can just tell his fans he didn’t get enough support from the Knicks team even if he did have. Just all that blah blah and excuses he can think of. My unsolicited advice – take the short cut Carmelo. Why wait for your team to rebuild when you can join another with already superstars in it? Trust me, it will work. Someone I know has already done it. and if he didn’t do it, he couldn’t have won 2 rings. Maybe you can join him, he needs even more superstars to his team to make him win more rings. Whatta joke that guy is.

  6. Kimmy says:

    Linsanity was over when he left New York. They don’t want him back. That would be Insanity.

  7. Seriously says:

    Really… Melo needs to stay in the East. The West is already stacked enough, as it was before Dwight came across. If he wants a shot at a title, I’d think it’d be smart to stay in the East, where it is a much easier ride toward the finals. Yes, the Spurs won, and were definitely the best team. But weighing down the west further isn’t a great idea.
    Melo to Bulls makes a lot of sense. If Rose can get to near where he was that team could do serious damage.

  8. masherian says:

    Other than go out and score 40 pts per game, Melo does nothing positive for any team he plays for. He is not a leader, does too much iso 1-on-1 and only looks to create for himself. The reality is that he needs a tough coach to get on him to change his style of play, and they need to make sure they have a true point guard around him to handle the ball and create for him and other players on that team. No true point guard in Houston and not healthy Rose in Chicago = 1st round knockout in the playoffs for either team he plays for.

  9. malachi cook says:

    melo to Chicago…

  10. Kurt says:

    Maverick fans are hoping that Melo lands here. Dirk showed this year he has more in his tank. And Dirk can play with adapt to anyone. We took the Spurs to 7 games in first round of playoff. With Melo I think the Mavericks would be a serious contender. And we have cap room and a owner in Mark Cuban with deep pockets.

  11. janet says:

    A Harvard grad who can play being used in the “Triangle?” Let it happen if Melo doesn’t want NY’s money. Harden and Melo on the floor at the same time. Wow, talk about the “ball being stuck.”

    • malachi cook says:

      ithink u guys r forgetting one big thing!!!! its Carmelo’s decision not the Knicks!… So it really doesn’t matter what the Knicks want.. if melo chooses Chicago, the knicks have no choice. if he chooses Houston, they still have no choice.
      -Melo to Chicago!!!!

  12. jwt7000 says:

    Imagine if the Rockets have the next best big three of Howard, Harden and Melo.

    There’s a slim chance that the Zen Master would want Linsanity back to NY.

  13. bballjunkie1 says:

    i Like Melo, but he will have to play defense. All of the established teams will grow tired of him shooting only to be caught flat footed,ball watching and not helping. His IQ of the game will have to grow. NY lost alot of games in final minute, not calling tim-outs, not boxing, rotating and helping out on defense. Especially playing against teams that move the ball 3,4 times. Good luck to him.

  14. sedajames says:

    And whoever picks up Jeremy Lin for 15M deserves exactly what they get. I seriously hope Houston gets stuck with him for driving up his price to steal him then dumping him because they landed better talent. Says a lot about that organization.

  15. sedajames says:

    It doesn’t seem to be on his radar, but Washington seems like the a great fit for Melo. He’d slide right in to a young and super talented team that could really use his consistent scoring, experience and leadership. They’re also in the east and would be an instant favorite to make it to the ECF, especially if they can resign Gortat.

    Miami is never going to happen and it would be sad for the league if it did. Just how many all stars does LeBron need to win?

    Houston won’t’ be a serious contender, even with Melo. They can’t play D and there aren’t enough shots to go around already. And out west they can’t beat OKC, LAC, or SAS 4 out of 7.

    Dallas – seriously. I really like Monta, and Dirk still has some mileage left, but see above (re: west).

    Chicago is another head scratcher. Melo, D Rose, and Noah with Thibs are probably enough to make the ECF or even the finals with the sad, sad state of the east, but it would be another throttling for whoever makes it to face the west.

    Never gonna happen, but the Cavs would also be an interesting choice. With Parker or Wiggins and a ton of cap space to go with Irving, Waiters (if he stays) and their other core talent.

    • squala96 says:

      Um, Houston are 4-0 against San Antonio in the regular season. If not for stupid Portland, there’s no way the Spurs would have made it past them.

      • malachi cook says:


      • MrNBA says:

        I don’t think you realize the playoffs are different from the regular season. The Heat beat the Spurs twice in the regular season. Who won the championship easily? The Spurs swept the Mavs in the regular season. Mavs took them to 7 games and was the only team to really challenge them.

  16. celentano says:

    how ironic the situation the for knicks is,first they throw Lin away and now they want him back? i’m not sure about this it would be better if the Lakers get him at least they having an extra PG with him.

  17. mee(a)t says:

    Well its not like McHale uses him

  18. Kimmy says:

    I don’t recall Carmello Anthony ever receiving this much media hype in his entire career! I’m sure he’s loving the spotlight.

  19. Alisa L says:

    It’s not likely that Melo choose a Western Conference team in Houston, especially when Houston already have a big ball hog Harden who plays no β€˜D’. I would guess Melo will go to Chicago.

    Phil Jackson had said he wanted team ball, who else will give the dead Knicks team a huge sparks in Spurs-like team ball plays?

    1 billion people and half New Yorker want to see Lin returns to NY. Linsanity II or not.

  20. dunjav2013 says:

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  21. lakers says:

    so harden doesn’t play d and melo (if he chooses rockets) no d.and lose lin and asik…nope …now they will give up 120-130 points per game..keep those guys and sign matt barnes gasol or someone like that..all they need to do is shore up d and they will b in western conference finals

    • NextManUp says:

      barnes not the shooter u want. Gasol and howard failed already. i agree that Melo isnt a good fit for them though. keep Lin persue Bosh

  22. phldude says:

    JLin return to NY, that’s the best for the Knicks and Lin, Knicks need team ball players, Lin is one of the smartest team ball player. Just wonder how Houston gonna play Melo and Harden together.

  23. TROYBOY says:

    The best team for Carmelo would be the Bulls. Defensive minded team and coach that needs scoring. Even without Derrick Rose this move will still make sense. They play hard and a very discipline team.

  24. Bill says:

    There are many free agents that are not only better than Lin but significantly less expensive. Taking on his contract makes zero basketball or business sense.

    • Alisa L says:

      Yes there are a few free agents that are better scorers, but NONE is a better team player than Jeremy Lin.

      Apparently you have missed Linsanity completely.

      The great Linsanity story is NOT about Jeremy Lin, it’s about a no name PG who made all the no name players around him much better players. They all became star-like household names; ask how they play now with other teams after Linsanity? Steve Novak, Landry Fields… Tyson Chandler even won DPOY when played with Lin.

      Lin turned stone into gold, taking on his contract makes 1000% basketball AND business sense.

      • lin overrated says:

        umm lin played in a few week stretch then got injured. the players you mentioned were doing their thing with or without him. linsanity was a decent player nobody respected getting hot for few games… nothing more. if he wasn’t asian it would never have been this hyped. he almost made the all star game last yr….

  25. cw says:

    Don’t bail out the Rockets — They should suffer for their idiotic contract with Jeremy Lin

  26. Chris says:

    I don’t think melo is the problem. Rockets have good chemistry already, but they need defense. Melo isn’t going to bring that

  27. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    Houston needs a good coach. They’re going to waste another year with McHale and who knows if their talent will stay after that. When you have so many good players on your team, there’s no time for fooling around it’s either championship or nothing, and i’m afraid McHale is not a coach who’s going to win you a championship.

  28. joedalio says:

    Although I doubt this will actually happen, this Knicks fan would much rather have Lin on the team. I would love to see this happen πŸ™‚