Saric’s signing in Turkey may alter plans at top of Draft

VIDEO:Dario Saric is a top-flight overseas prospect in the 2014 Draft

The top of the 2014 Draft took another likely turn when possible lottery pick Dario Saric, a versatile forward from Croatia, reached an agreement on a contract with a team in Turkey that will likely keep him in Europe at least two more seasons, reported Monday.

Saric, No. 11 to the Nuggets in the mock Draft, reportedly has a three-year deal in place that includes a player option for the final season, giving him a lot of flexibility. By the end of his third season in Turkey, Saric would come to the NBA with the team that drafted him, but not be constrained by the rookie scale.

A rising prospect in Europe for years, Saric is inefficient on offense, sometimes taking bad shots and sometimes forcing turnovers. But, the 6-foot-10, 235-pounder has impressed front offices with a multi-skilled game that includes being able to handle the ball in half court or transition while being compared, at times, to ex-Chicago Bulls standout Toni Kukoc.

Also Monday, new co-owner Marc Lasry ruled out the possibility the Bucks will take injured center Joel Embiid with the second pick, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported. Speaking to the Milwaukee Press and Rotary Club, Lasry strongly indicated the decision Thursday night would come down to the player the Cavaliers do not take at No. 1, Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins.

Parker is projected to go first in the mock, Wiggins second.

Lasry’s comments were not a surprise in that the Bucks were a longshot to take Embiid anyway. But teams generally don’t like to offer such strong hints leading to the Draft unless it is meant to stir the trade waters, and saying they would pass on Embiid won’t do that. The possibility still exists Milwaukee was trying to force a better offer if someone wanted to move to No. 2 to get Wiggins.



  1. Flabingo says:

    The big advantage to picking a player that can play immediately is the minimum effect on salary cap

  2. Kimmy says:

    International basketball players are more likely to play in their own countries because they achieve fame and fortune quicker. Let’s face it. American basketball players have the advantage. In many ways. Like the language.

  3. cocoa says:

    Because he wants to get more money from the european teams, he forces them to pay him more or else he goes to the NBA

  4. Alex says:

    Why enter the draft if you have no intention on coming to America for at least two years!!?? leave and enter the draft in two seasons when you can actually come and play

    • Kadyn says:

      go ask Rubio, it worked for him

    • dmc says:

      because he won’t be making nearly as many minutes in the NBA as he would in Turkey… he’s a young player and considers this his best option

    • xquach says:

      Foreign players are automatically entered in the draft after a certain point, though I don’t know that it specifically applies to Saric. Teams that draft them know they are going to wait a couple of years. It’s a useful tactic to “hide” a player in europe so they are not on your payroll.