Report: Knicks’ Anthony will opt-out, become free agent July 1

VIDEO: Anthony to Opt Out

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — So much for Carmelo Anthony‘s decision.

The New York Knicks’ superstar will indeed opt-out of the final year of his deal and become a free agent July 1, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Anthony’s decision to test the free agent waters could be the trigger to a wild summer that sees several other stars dive into the free agent mix, including Miami Heat stars LeBron James, Chris Bosh and even Dwyane Wade.

Anthony has apparently bypassed the splashy news conference for a much more subtle approach to his announcement, according to Chris Herring‘s report in the Journal:

Anthony submitted a formal letter this weekend, stating he intends to exercise the early-termination clause in his deal, forgoing the one year and $23.5 million left on his contract, according to the person. In doing so, the 30-year-old star forward becomes the biggest name to join this summer’s free-agent market — for now, at least.

This doesn’t mean Anthony won’t return to the Knicks. He could still re-sign with them, and is eligible for a deal of up to five years and $129 million if the team offers that much. But the likelihood of him remaining with the Knicks seems less likely by the day.

Anthony instantly becomes the object of desire for several teams looking for that one superstar piece to take them to the next level, including the Heat, Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks, for starters.

Rumors of Anthony joining James, Bosh and Wade in in Miami — a “pipe dream,” as Heat boss Pat Riley phrased it last week, that would require the Heat stars to opt-out of their deals and all of them to sacrifice salary to play together as a “Big 4” — cranked up during the Heat’s Finals run.

The Chicago Bulls, however, are actually considered the favorite to land Anthony on the open market, pairing him with former MVP Derrick Rose and reigning Defensive Player of the Year Joakim Noah under Tom Thibodeau on a team poised to challenge the Heat and Pacers for the top spot in the Eastern Conference.

The Knicks, with Phil Jackson leading the organization’s rebuilding effort and Derek Fisher taking over as head coach, can still offer more money than any other team. But it’s unclear whether they are either interested or prepared to offer Anthony that max deal only they can.

Anthony’s decision comes ahead of the June 29 deadline James has for his decision to either opt-in with the Heat or opt-out and join his good friend and teammate on the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team in this summer’s free agent extravaganza.

With Anthony already in the mix, the addition of James in the free agent pool would turn this summer upside down ahead of the summer of 2015, when a bevy of superstars (James and Anthony included) were expected to flood the market. The free agent class of 2015 could evaporate if the aforementioned stars opt-out this summer and Minnesota Timberwolves’ All-Star Kevin Love is traded before next summer arrives.

Anthony’s reported decision isn’t a stunner. He talked during the preseason about wanting to test free agency this summer and held true to his word. The Knicks’ dismal season and the hiring of Jackson and later Fisher had no effect on his choice. The desire to be an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career clearly presented itself as a more enticing option than dealing with whatever patchwork plan Jackson had in mind.

Now the real fun begins, as the clock ticks not only on the decision of James but also all of the potential trades that could go down between now and Draft night Thursday in New York.

We don’t have to wait until the start of free agency July 1 for the drama to get stirred up. It’ll happen well in advance of the start of free agency now that Anthony’s decision has been made.


  1. Tseveen says:

    Many say melo’s defense is terrible but nobody knows that he averages more blocks than Lebron. Therefore, melo doesnt need to play D cuz he just play offence and win..

  2. Carmelo Anthony can he sign at the lakers together with Lebron James.

  3. Karlo Garcia says:

    I have a feeling Carmelo will be traded to Chicago or Minnesota

  4. @20thedon says:

    The jumping teams thing is way out of hand..Melo I respect and understand how he feels he’s been criticized which throws ur game off and come on who else plays for the Knicks? Ill takes a TEAM to win even Jordan had help..Lebron tried to do it all this year but the Spurs was a better TEAM..BOTTOM LINE… Get the man some real help then..20

  5. jnereid says:

    Really don’t care about Carmelo Anthony right now he talked bringing championship to New York and now he’s leaving well that just show you what kind of person he is cannot take him seriously

  6. melvin richards says:

    If the bulls are smart i would trade boozer fa love give up one of my first round picks and try to get Melo on board for a run at the championship

  7. David Garcia says:

    He’s staying on NEW YORK if not to CHARLOTTE HORNETS

  8. Sandeman says:

    It’s a mixed blessing for Phil Jackson, Jersey sales will be down but look at all the cap space that opened up. I have yet to see a team built around Carmelo that would have any chance at even making the finals let alone win it and if that’s the goal of the franchise, which I’m sure it is, this is probably a good thing for the Knicks.

  9. marshmello says:


  10. vern says:

    Kind of losing some respect for Carmelo Anthony. He cried his way out of Denver because he wanted to come to NY. NY traded away a bunch of good players to accommodate him. Now because of one bad season he’s ready to jump ship again, causing some other team to get rid of loyal players just to accommodate him. What happened to good players who always wanted to compete against other good players? I hope the NBA puts a stop to this new trend of creating a super team. It used to be a good player/ superstar on a team and the rest of the team players getting together to form one alliance. Us against the world type of team. Now all these soft players want to team up so there’s no chance of losing. Forget competition, we want a ring. Once you get that ring the other teams make adjustments and now you’ll want to jump ship again so you can get on the next super team. All those old teams like the Lakers or Boston had a bunch of stars but they were there and became super stars while on the team. They weren’t superstars on one team and jumped ship to join another super star on another team.

  11. Lorenzo Santos says:

    another good name in the free agent market! yes! for me i think melo could fit in with the chicago bulls with their young prospects specifically rose and noah and a defensive minded coach but the only problem with the bulls is health issue. no disrespect if they could get their main core ready and healthy then no doubt chicago is the place to be. on the other hand, the mavs is also a great choice for melo playing alongside with the greatest foreign player of all time and 10th overall in nba scoring history in dirk and another quick and deadly scorer in ellis but the only problem with the mavs is there in the western conference its always tough in the west with the spurs,clips,thunder,griz,warriors even the suns and pelicans are an exciting teams to watch next season and the mavs should acquire another solid center who can decently control both ends of the floor.

  12. NBAfan says:

    Just ask Coach Pop if he would like to have Melo……..this is a rhetorical question of course, this guy is bad news for any team trying to win.

  13. Brian says:

    Another article not even mentioning the Rockets as a potential suitor. Didn’t carmelo say he prefers Houston or Chicago? Houston’s situation is the best for him.

  14. Robert1959 says:

    Who the hell is advising these “star” players – mickey mouse? The economics of the 21st century are very different than the 20th century. This should be a “wake-up call” for anyone (Anthony, James, etc.) thinking about skipping college and relying on “experts” to handle their financial matters. This is what they should do – How to be the 1st “Billion Dollar” player

    1. Do not play for les than – 1 million dollars per game (82 game season)

    2. Sign a 10 year contract – 1 million dollars per game (820 games)

    3. Endorsements (shoes, bonuses, etc.) – 1 million dollars per game (820 games)

    Over the next 10 years “Star” players should expect to make 820,000,000 for – playing basketball.
    Over the next 10 years “Star” players should expect to make 820,000,000 for – endorsements (shoes, bonuses, etc.)

    Simple math these “star” players can understand – 1,640,000,000. Can I be your agent?

    • diego says:

      The NBA have rules in place for that so that can not happens at least for the nba contract part of your idea

      • Robert1959 says:

        The NBA has already set the market value for “star” players like L. James when they allowed the Clippers to be sold for 2 billion dollars. Donald Sterling only paid 27 million dollars for the Clippers.

        L. James and C. Anthony are in a great position to change how NBA players negotiate contracts. Over the next 10 years (820 games) he has a chance to be the 1st “Billion Dollar” players.

        The NBA made a big mistake when they overpaid Donald Sterling 2 billion dollars on a 27 million dollar investment.

        Welcome to the 21st century and the civilized world-2014.

  15. elred says:

    stay at knicks men and pick good teammates..u can do it for champs

  16. Allen iverson says:

    you’re just talking about practice. We’re sitting in here, and I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and we in here talking about practice. I mean, listen, we’re talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about practice. Not a game. Not, not … Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game like it’s my last. Not the game, but we’re talking about practice, man. I mean, how silly is that?

  17. theholyspectator says:

    melo leaving the knicks is not a big surprise. it was obvious. him going to chicago wont guarantee him a title, gives him a shot…which the knicks have as well..its a better shot than the knicks but they still got to beat miami, and we know that if miami is to keep lebron, they gonna add some solid pieces and thus they will be back in the finals for the 5th time..question is does melo want a guaranteed shot at the title this coming season? if so he needs to get on a team that is guaranteed to make the finals without him or would instantly make the finals with him joining the team. how many teams in the nba can you go to have that guarantee? chicago wouldnt be a guaranteed finals/title shot location, itll take at least a couple of seasons and lebron breakin his ribs or something for that to happen, and even if they make the finals, that chicago team wouldnt be enough to beat a team like spurs, maybe okc…melo needs to be around guys who have won titles and know how to get there…john paxson is the only member of the bulls thats been to the finals and won a ring, hes no where near the court. you need a big 3 to win in the nba, and solid role players..bulls dont have a big 3..they are all solid players, drose may be a big, but with melo thats just a big 2…noah plays exceptional when all is relied on him..him melo and drose? for some reason i just dont feel confident in that big 3 as winning a ring, maybe the mvp rose, but we all know this guy cant play that level anymore, if he does hell hurt himself again.

  18. Big Al says:

    Carmelo to Lakers or Rockets, nowhere else!

  19. BMelo says:

    This guy will destroy any teams chances at a title, and stop using my name!

  20. I’m taking the money. There’s life after basketball 😀

  21. tyler says:

    Chicago shouldn’t take Melo, because there isn’t any change of performance while he play’s basketball. Melo is looking for a bigger contract and to experience another team that’s depressed to have him. I would rather take Love, because he’s a team-player and doesn’t seek a big contract.

  22. SANJAY says:


  23. tell me what you guys think about the 76ers and Lebron and MElo

  24. yeah melo!!! if you really want a ring….go to phili. Starting five 2014-2015
    PG: mcw
    Sg: exum, wiggins
    Sf: melo
    Pf: LEBROn
    C: nerlenes
    now thats a team

  25. thisatest says:

    All this can’t be for real, I am out of here!

  26. LaCrampa says:

    Big money or winning?
    that’s the point, for carmelo anthony. he does not deserve a max contract. he is not the same caliber of lebron or kevin love. Of course Phil jackson won’t give him the franchise player role and want him out, because anthony is full of himself, he believes the media hype about his “MVP” talents” and it’s very difficult to deal with an old noble thinking she is a young queen

    • NewYorker says:

      Well said. Let us also remember Strudle-mire also did not deserve a max deal, but he got it with the NYK. Hopefully now with a change in management that will not happen.

  27. victor says:

    Anthony to the heat… LeBron James staying

  28. jon says:

    lebron is an average player.I agree what dennis rodman said that lebron is a average player not a rare player like michael my opinion scottie pippen is better than lebron.

  29. Marcus Culpepper will be a free agent to get pick up either nets or Atlanta . Ability to play my differents of playing again.

  30. Defense!!! says:

    Sign Melo to the Bulls and trade Taj Gibson to the Heat. It sounds ridiculous but I’m obviously a Heat fan. Heat don’t need Melo unless he will play defense.

  31. ll says:

    I’m with you jake s. Come to Cleveland with Lebron

    • Timu says:

      Who wants to play under your manegament in Cavs?

    • b2b spur says:

      wait is there a new rule about multiple basketballs on the court? if yes then james melo bosh wade can play on the same team. if no then lol no chance of a title. another stacker laker fail attempt incoming!

  32. FadeAwayDance24 says:

    It doesnt matter anyway… If they cant have that team chemistry aint nothin’ gonna happen!

  33. Stockton to Malone says:

    Stay at Knicks or move to Chicago

  34. Kingjames says:

    The only way im goin to stay at Heat is that Melo joins me here otherwise Im gone. I wud love to plaý besides Melo. He is a great team player and can make big things happen here in miami. Right I just wanna focuse on my thoughts and just be me and do what I have to do to make right decision for me. I cant comment on Melo’s future coz that’s his future not mine.

  35. Michael Jordan says:

    LeBron, too bad you didn’t get your ring this year. Your never going to reach my level man… The reason you want melo is so you can get more rings than me. Too bad you can’t earn anything on your own, I earned everything my own, and sometimes Scottie helped me out. But you have wade, bosh, Allen. And want carmelo the ball hog. Who last game went 11-23 from the field? Hm good luck getting my 6 rings record buddy. You need it.

    • Timu says:

      Bulls had way better supporting player and coach than Miami Heat including two 7′ centers, and now you are telling me Jordan got all those rings by himself. Kobe, and Jordan could not even got those irngs without Phil Jackson. What happened to Kobe even with the best 2 centers in the world without Phil Jackson…

    • melo says:


    • Allen iverson says:

      you’re just talking about practice. We’re sitting in here, and I’m supposed to be the franchise player, and we in here talking about practice. I mean, listen, we’re talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking about practice. Not a game. Not, not … Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game like it’s my last. Not the game, but we’re talking about practice, man. I mean, how silly is that?

  36. Melo and james to the clippers

  37. Tim Builder says:

    Great news for the Knicks. If you want to rebuild, you have to cut and cut deep, and to see Anthony doing the cutting himself is even better. This leaves the Knicks hands clean, so to speak, because ‘Melo-Knick fanboys will have only one person to blame, being ‘Melo himself.
    Why is ‘Melo such a rotten apple? He is a selfish person and to be honest, not the most likable teammate to be around. He’s typically the kind of guy you don’t want to have in your locker room if you’re looking for a good spirited team, where comradery and the willingness to sacrifice for eachother is key to winning championships (Spurs being this year’s proof, pudding, etc.), in any league.
    I hope he will join the Heat, because it will make them even less likable, and it will make their chances of winning another championship smaller.
    So please ‘Melo, go for the money, because there’s only one thing you will never learn. Winning a championship is not about changing teams, but it is about changing yourself.

  38. guybrush says:

    Good news for him and for the knicks : hopefully he will go to the bulls where he might really have a chance at winning a ring in his 30’s … the knicks on the other side will have cap space and if they can get rid of either bargagni, smith, chandler and or stoudemire they might be the exciting team to follow in the off season watching what kind of team jackson will put together in NYC … it was clear from the moment Jackson signed in NY that he wants to build his own team and get rid of the mess that was there : it starts with woodson, now if melo is moving change is definitely on ! the “melo era” was kind of deceptive … so be it !

    • melo says:

      They won a playoff series with melo hadn’t been done in NY for a long time one person don’t win a ring Jordan couldn’t win until he had help

  39. buraot says:

    Chicago would be a good place for Anthony. Chicago needs his offence and he needs their defence minded attitude. But there’s a risk in Chicago. After all the injuries that Derrick Rose had, let’s face it, he will never have that explosiveness he once had before when he won the MVP. His health is very questionable, how long will it take before he becomes injured again? At best, he’ll become like Wade who has recurring knee problems and can’t play fully on the regular season. At worst, he’ll become like Brandon Roy who retired at an early age.

  40. DreamShake says:

    Great scorer who will never win a title. Please DO NOT come to Houston!!!!!!!

    Go Rockets!

  41. Balazs says:

    2015 Heat Starting Lineup:

    LeBron James (F)
    Chris Bosh (F)
    Kevin Love (C)
    Dwayne Wade (G)
    Charmelo Anthony (G)

  42. julius says:

    if i were carmelo anthony i prefer to join miami heat, james,wade and bosh needs a supporting cast because they are not always 100% on the floor.and it’s a history of nba that 4 player superstar in 2003 draft join in one team they are all good friends and i don’t think there would be a one man show in this team..

  43. Jesse says:

    Klay Thompson!!/??

  44. gar paxdorf says:

    Melo is smart. Best fit is Chicago. When bulls amnesty booz, trade dunleavy, renounce all free agents and trade draft picks for future picks they can pay him about 17mil. It is a pay cut but if you look at the spurs and heat all those stars are taking paycuts for rings. Melo will follow suit

  45. Ray says:

    The heat can’t win with just Carmelo they still need a center and point guard and a bench

  46. bball says:

    Melo is not a winner. He will mess up whatever team he goes to.

    • v1ncente says:

      And no D in his game either, D wins trophies.

    • Carmello Anthony says:

      I know it’s true. Once the ball gets in my hands, the defenders should know it most likely won’t leave my hands (unless if I’m shooting). I am a superstar!

      • melo says:

        Yes he does the media has put that in everybody’s mind and you people are too dumb to form your own opinion

    • melo says:

      Your dumb Kevin love isn’t a winner he hasn’t ever made the playoffs

  47. Small Testicles says:

    he will join the heat

  48. jake s. says:

    Why do people come up with these ridiculous trade proposals? There are only 3 or 4 POSSIBLE places for ‘Melo to land. Number 1: Chicago Bulls. Number 2: Boston Celtics. Number 3: Cleveland Cavaliers. Number 4: (unlikely) Los Angeles Clippers. Any talks of him landing anywhere in the west are nearing absurd. If your are Carmello and your objective is a ring, you’re not going to go to the west where there are already 5 teams contending for the same WCF spot. You’re going to go to the Cavs or the Bulls because you know how loaded the west is.

    • scotty says:

      With him on the Bulls, with a healthy Noah (not even counting in rose)
      the bulls contend with heat for east, and likely win it!!!!

      With Rose healthy they win the east 100%

      • scotty says:

        But also, the raptors are a super hungry well coached team, if they have the possibility of trading derozan and maybe johnson, that could push them into the finals too

  49. Pat Riley says:

    I want another ring so badly and James is begging me for you to come here in South Beach, Please come! Huhuhuhuhuh

  50. Alroy says:


  51. Aditya says:

    Mello Better go to my Lakers!!! Please Mello!!!

    • BraveBart says:

      If Melo goes to the Lakers, they better have 2 balls all the time. One ball ain’t enough for 2 ball hogs. Otherwise, Kobe and Melo would be stealing the ball from each other.

      • v1ncente says:

        Nah, I think Kobe would adjust his shooting and game mindset to requirements of the team as well as anyone in the league and got used to it sharing the load like the Heat team has done. And being the veteran now he knows how the cookie crumbles. If he was able to adjust his game to his age, broken fingers and knee problems, he’d be on board with that as well. If it means championships he’ll adjust.

      • No Regrets says:

        Not to mention what their D would look like . . Lakers are a lost cause for the next couple of years

      • Celentano says:

        Kobe will not change his game, he will always a ball hog

  52. shan ahmed says:

    come to dallas please need you we will win champions with dirk and monta and vince

  53. Wilt Chamberlain says:

    Hey Bron! I guess I’ll follow you and Melo to the Clippers then. We should be winning not one, not two, not.. Oh you get it…

  54. LeBron James says:

    Thank you Carmelo Anthony for commenting on here, now that i know your going to the Clippers i will be opting out of my contract and signing with the Clippers as well.

    • Carmello Anthony says:

      Hey LeBron!!! We could reach Jordan status if we played together. Sure.. Jordan made the rest of his team look like all-stars. What an idiot. We made it the easier way. We just joined a team of all-stars!

  55. thejerr says:

    melo has a 41% FG percentage in the playoffs…..hes leading no team anywhere!…. please dont sign him lakers, hell sink us to the bottom of the west!

    • terrence says:

      The Lakers are already at the bottom. Hold this L son

    • melo says:

      Jordan wasn’t as great as everybody says he was great but not the guy the media makes him out to be nobody could be that good I watched Jordan play he couldn’t win until bird and magic was old and the nba put the hand check rule in so he could get past the Pistons

  56. thejerr says:

    please people, as a laker fan i would be sick to my stomach if we got melo. dudes a inconsistent volume shooter that plays no defense and hasnt led a team to anything. kobes enough of a ball stopper anyways.

  57. Kobe-James-Melo-Love-Nash says:

    The first step in LA’s rebuilding.. 2nd step…. James…. Go LA!!

  58. flip says:

    If I were Melo i’d sign with the team that gets Kevin Love and if Love is yet to be traded I would look at the most likely place Love would be traded to

  59. Baron says:

    Carmello can do what he thinks is best for him. whether he stays or goes the knicks will be fine under Phil Jackson.

  60. kobeballhog says:

    Lets go melo! Together melo and the ultimate ballhig kobe going to shoot the ball like thers no timorrow. They will average 80 shots together a game while the rest of the team shoots 10 a game lmao

  61. MtnDew says:

    If he was serious about a ring….he should sign for 1 mil with San Antonio. Then in 2015, hit the free agent market up after they wrap up Back to Back.

  62. James says:

    And as far a previous statement about Anthony’s legacy in NY…really has none to begin with. At this point, he reminds me of Ray Allen, Gary Payton, or any other great player who went city to city in search of a ring. Those guys I mentioned started somewhere, and ended up 3 teams later to get their first. Had Melo been drafted to NY, I can see that being a big deal, but he was in Denver. Should of stayed there if he was to build some kind of legacy like Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitski. Now, it’s about rings, and he should go where he feels he has the best opportunity. The Knicks are probably not the best answer for him right now. Again, Charlotte and their young squad would be a great fit as they can get after it defensively with their energy following Anthyony’s great scoring ability with confidence. He could also fit in well with Chicago as others have stated, as they are defensively sound and need another scorer to rally behind. Miami, LA Lakers/Clippers or Dallas are probably not the best options for him as defense/big men is what those teams need, not a scorer as all those teams already have plenty of people who can score.

    • OldCelt says:

      Don’t even try to compare Melo to either Allen or Payton. Neither of these two ever went ‘whaaa whaaa trade me to team with other superstars’. Ray played 7! seasons for Milwaukee Bucks and then 4 more in Seattle. Totally big market contender teams filled with other superstars [/sarcasm]. Payton spent his first 12 … yes, 12 seasons in Seattle. He started ‘going from city to city’ as you claim when he was deep into his 30s, unlike Melo who did that at 25-ish. The amount of loyalty these guys showed to their teams is admirable by any standart. Melo … none whatsoever.

  63. Weedmoker says:

    Go to Miami for a RING!

  64. James says:

    Carmelo should go play for Jordan and the Hornets. The new uniforms are pretty sick and they have a decent team. Adding Melo will only help a team who NEEDS scoring. Could probably make the finals with Charlotte as everyone else seems to be getting weaker out east.

  65. I8A4RE says:

    Why would he go to Houston , they’re overrated and he would get half the endorsements he would get in chi town stupid

  66. lacrampa says:

    carmelo anthony is the best role player available

  67. Hasan says:

    Bron and melo should goto the bulls if doubt they would lose a game with rose and Noah.. That’s a dream team !!

  68. lil' spike lee says:

    C’mon Melo, do the right thing!

  69. E.T. says:

    Personally i think Melo should stay with the Knicks but if he really wants to go (go for the ring that is NOT the money) then Rockets are his 1st choice then 2nd choice are Bulls and 3rd could be anyone from Mavs and Lakers (if they make few great trades) to Clippers and Heat… but i really think he should stay and bring one star player (Rondo) and few great players, should also keep some good players like Chandler, Shumpert, Felton, etc…

  70. jumppong says:

    Melo will join the heat.. they destroy the sport

  71. John says:

    Maybe you can sign with the lakers and bring a title to LA!!!

    • KMED says:

      lol at melo ‘bringing titles’. he’ll bring you to a first round playoff exit like usual

  72. John says:

    I’m sorry to here that melo

  73. John says:

    If melo resigns with the Knicks there can be makeing a title happen

  74. Carmelo Anthony says:

    I hate it here in New york and now you all know. i will sign with clippers for whatever they offer. thank you very much.

  75. Jimmy says:

    Hell yeah Melo to Chicago 😂 but other than that he should kinda stay in New York. They got a few pieces but if he does go somewhere else he needs to take J.R Smith with him like last time.

  76. LBJheat says:

    Come on down to south beach melo, no winters down here!

  77. lebron says:

    This is what i think, if anthony goes to chicago he wont win a champion ship fast, if he goes to houston he will have a really nice chance to get to the finals but if he joins the heat the east is not good so for sure the heat will go to the finals again. what you guys think??? and dallas is full of all guys dirt isnt young he wont get much help clippers will be a good idea but still let see what happends

  78. Jose O. Colon says:

    Carmelo has no guarantee that Bulls, Heat, or Mavericks and Houston will win the NBA championship. Knicks were badly coached throughout last year and had injuries and upheavals that caused them to have a losing record. When the Knicks played the top teams in the league, the REAL KNICKS showed up and were capable of winning it all, if not for the aforementioned factors. Melo would be wise to reverse his decision and opt-in final year and give NY his beloved city one more chance, especially after NY had to suffer the destruction of a possible winner to get him. I’m speaking as a fan and die hard Knicks follower!

  79. Macky Lao says:

    Go to LA Melo and form a formidable duo together with the Mamba!! Together Lakers can go deep into the playoffs!

  80. Jose says:

    I have a feeling Melo does not want to play with triangle offense system

  81. Spurs#1fan says:

    Anthony going to Chicago, seems like the best fit for him

  82. okcDoke2014 says:

    Kind of a no surprise. Bulls pick a couple big names and they would be hard to stop in 2015 playoffs…..

  83. dolladdict says:

    Melo and James to Lakers!!!

  84. Romeo says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he joins James, Wade and Bosh in Miami. Closest chance he has to a ring. Although if you look at Cleveland, James could easily decide to go there, number one pick plus all star Kyrie Irving is waiting…a way more capable player than Wade or Bosh. That would affect Anthony’s decision.

  85. Carmello says:

    Sorry fans but I need to explore my options an see what other teams have to offer me. I planning to win a champion, not saying the Knicks aren’t on track but I think it may take them much longer

  86. Freida says:

    Good for Melo. Hope he goes somewhere that can help him finally win a championship. He is the only player in the top 5 of the 2013 draft who hasn’t won a championship. NBA is a business and needs to be treated like one. Jackson doesn’t appear to care if Melo stays or goes so Melo should go where he could possibly win a championship. Not a Melo fan but he deserves to go somewhere he could possibly win a championship.

  87. Jaffar says:

    Carmelo Anthony should return to the Knicks and give Phil Jackson’s triangle a chance. He’s a New Yorker, and should sediment his legacy as a Knick. A championship in NY would be far more significant than a championship elsewhere for ‘Melo.

  88. LEBRICK says:

    Watch and learn by the Spurs .
    Stay together believe in your team and win.
    I hate the ”stars” of today.
    Fight against each other not together .
    No love for the cities the fans or the team