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LeBron the next Rocket launcher? | Joel Embiid out 4-6 months | Love on the rocks | President Obama calls Pop | Lakers want Klay Thompson

No. 1: Rockets aiming for strike at LeBron — The Rockets still haven’t made it out of the first round 2009, but they’ve become very good at winning the summer. Two years ago they traded for James Harden and last summer signed Dwight Howard. Now they are reportedly prepared to chase hard after four-time MVP and two-time champion LeBron James if he opts out of his contract with the Miami Heat. How could the Rockets possibly afford another max salary? Howard Beck of Bleacher Report delivers the goods:

Given the extreme constraints imposed by the 2011 labor deal, it will be nearly impossible for any franchise to replicate the Heat’s roster-building feat of four years ago.

However, one franchise is quietly plotting to at least try to revive the Big Three model. And before you dismiss its chances of doing so, consider the fact that it’s the same team that stunned the NBA in each of the last two summers.

Now, Rockets officials are aiming for the trifecta, with their sights set on the biggest prize of all: LeBron Raymone James.

A long shot? Perhaps. But the Rockets have defied expectations before.

League sources say that Houston is preparing to make an all-out push to land James when free agency opens on July 1, assuming James opts out, as expected. If the Rockets miss out on James, they will turn their full attention to Carmelo Anthony. Chris Bosh is also on the radar.

The competition for James’ affection will be fierce, but Houston’s pitch may be tough to beat.

The Rockets already have the league’s best guard-center tandem (Harden-Howard), solid young role players (Chandler Parsons, who is set to become a restricted free agent, Patrick Beverley and Terrence Jones) and an owner (Les Alexander) who is willing to spend. Houston also has all of its first-round picks for the next couple of years as well as a knack for finding talent late in the draft.

Like Florida, Texas has no state income tax, negating Miami’s advantage on that front and giving the Rockets a big selling point in their pursuit of Anthony. (A player pays about 10 percent more in taxes in New York than in Texas.)

What the Rockets don’t have is salary-cap room. But they could clear about $19 million by unloading a few players, starting with Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin, who are taking up a combined $16.7 million in cap space.

However, their contracts are unique and potentially difficult to move: Asik and Lin are each due a massive $15 million balloon payment next season, although they count as $8.37 million each for cap purposes. Then again, their contracts expire in 2015, so the commitment is minimal.

Sources say the Rockets are confident they can trade both players to teams with cap room and thus take back no salary in return.



No. 2: Joel Embiid to miss 4-6 months after surgery — Now there is a timetable. Joel Embiid, the one-and-done center out of Kansas, who missed the Big 12 and NCAA tournaments with a back injury, will need four to six months to recover after having two screws inserted into the navicular bone of his right foot during surgery Friday. The injury has seemingly thrown the entire portion of the draft into chaos. Embiid was expected to be the No. 1 pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but now he is expected to drop, with possible trade rumors also cropping up. provides more details on Embiid’s recovery:

Embiid’s agent, Arn Tellem, said in a statement that the former Kansas star underwent the procedure at Southern California Orthopedic Institute.

The surgeon, Dr. Richard Ferkel, said that Embiid “tolerated the surgery without difficulty” and claimed that the 7-foot center should “be able to return to NBA basketball.”

“Two screws were inserted into the navicular bone in Joel Embiid’s right foot,” Ferkel said in the statement released by Tellem. “The surgery went very well and I’m confident that after appropriate healing he will be able to return to NBA Basketball. Joel tolerated the surgery without difficulty and will begin his rehabilitation in the near future.”

Embiid is not attending Thursday’s NBA draft because he can’t fly for 10 days to two weeks post-surgery, Tellem said Thursday. Embiid was projected by many to be the first pick before the announcement of the surgery.

A native of Cameroon, Embiid already was dealing with health questions regarding his back, which forced him to miss the Big 12 and NCAA tournaments this past season.

He worked out earlier this month for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, and sources said he fared well and that the medical testing also came back without much concern.

Embiid also participated in a one-on-none workout in front of NBA teams in Santa Monica, California. He was scheduled to work out for the Milwaukee Bucks, who hold the second overall pick, later this week.

Embiid averaged 11.2 points, 8.1 rebounds and 2.6 blocks this past season as a freshman at Kansas.

If Embiid slips significantly in the draft, he wouldn’t be able to recoup the money he’d lose. His total disability insurance policy was purchased through the school, according to Jim Marchiony, an associate athletic director at Kansas.

Marchiony confirmed that the school purchased a $5 million policy, the maximum allowed under the NCAA insurance program, through the NCAA Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund, which allows schools to apply for need-based assistance on behalf of its players.

The policy purchased through the NCAA program does not allow for loss-of-value insurance, a rider attached to insurance policies that permits athletes to collect if they fall far enough in the draft from their projected position at the time they sign the policy. Athletes can get loss-of-value policies, but they have to go outside the NCAA program to do so.


No. 3: No clear path for Love — Clearly Kevin Love is no longer in love with the Timberwolves. And Timberwolves president and coach Flip Saunders is not necessarily in love with the bounty teams are offering for the All-Star power forward. While it seemed Minnesota might trade the double-double machine before the draft, they might keep him around and wait out better offers around next season’s trade deadline. Kurt Helin of fleshed out the ongoing saga:

For Minnesota these talks are in a negotiation phase and they are in no rush to move on to the next steps.

Kevin Love’s agent Jeff Schwartz is serious and pushing to get his star moved sooner rather than later and to a destination Love wants to be long term. That’s where the pressure comes from. But it’s not just me saying Saunders doesn’t feel rushed.

Part of that is spin — the guy with the strongest positioning at any bargaining table is the guy willing to just walk away. Saunders wants everyone to think he will get up from the table. For now.

The only thing that has become clear is that Minnesota would prefer established players to picks and prospects — they don’t want to just rebuild, they want players who can help now.

Saunders is milking this as best as he can. In what are fluid talks with Golden State the Warriors had been hesitant to include Klay Thompson in a deal (although they should because it could be crippling against the cap for them to pay him what he’ll make on the open market). There is no deadline yet no reason to agree to anything right now. If the Warriors are offering David Lee and Thompson, ask for Draymond Green too. Or Harrison Barnes.

Saunders should do the same things with Denver and Boston and Chicago and anyone else interested in getting Kevin Love in a trade.

And if Saunders doesn’t get everything he wants on draft night, he can wait.


No. 4: President Obama congratulates Popovich — Here’s another interesting tidbit when it comes to the Spurs’ success under coach Gregg Popovich: He took a congratulatory phone call Friday from President Barack Obama, the third U.S. president since San Antonio won its fifth title since 1999. Bill Clinton was in office when the Spurs started their run and they made three trips to the White House to visit George W. Bush following championships in 2003, ’05 and ’07 championships. The San Antonio Express-News has details of Obama’s call:

President Barack Obama gave coach Gregg Popovich a ring on Friday to laud the Spurs after crushing Miami in the Finals for their fifth NBA championship, the White House announced.

This afternoon, the President called San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich to congratulate him on his team’s resounding victory in the NBA Finals. The President praised the selfless teamwork, clear focus, and steadfast determination displayed by the Spurs and noted how impressed he was by the record-setting scoring by the team. The President called Popovich one of the nation’s finest coaches and a role model for young men across the country, and he is looking forward to hosting the team at the White House.

It was no doubt a warm conversation given that Popovich contributed to Obama’s last campaign. As noted, the two will meet in person during the upcoming season when the White House hosts the Spurs.


No. 5: Lakers offer No. 7 for Thompson — The Lakers, desperate to engage in a quick rebuild around Kobe Bryant, are interested in prying shooting guard Klay Thompson away from the Warriors in exchange for the No. 7 overall pick in the Draft. The proposed deal would be part of a bigger three-way trade that would send Minnesota’s Kevin Love to Golden State. Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times has the story:

The Lakers are interested but the deal has been put on hold because of a difference in opinion within the Warriors’ organization whether or not to keep Thompson while trying to obtain Love.

The Lakers are debating what to do with the pick if they hang onto it. They have sold or traded every first-round pick they’ve had since 2007 and do not have one next season because of the Steve Nash trade.

They are pondering whether to go with a power forward or point guard. They have narrowed their focus to big men Aaron Gordon, Julius Randle and Noah Vonleh or point guards Dante Exum, Marcus Smart and Elfrid Payton.

When free agency begins July 1, the Lakers will have only three players making guaranteed money next season — Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Robert Sacre. Point guard Kendall Marshall has one year left on a non-guaranteed contract.

A player on the rise such as Thompson would obviously provide more immediate return than an amateur player with no NBA experience.


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  1. Kuya Jonas says:

    Ugh those unappreciative HEAT bandwagon fans… I hate to see them. LBJ helped him, they were happy. But during the bad times? abandoning him is really hurtful. I hope LBJ gets to a team with fans that would treat him like family. Through good times and bad times.

  2. 007 says:


  3. rudy says:

    When you got Lebron on your team you know your team is coming back the east has the Heat, the Pacers definetly will come back, If Derrick Rose stays n is healthy the Bulls will be back so the east will be strongerr
    heat pacers bulls nets wizards watch out next season

  4. JP says:

    Miami should try to sign Kyle Lowry or DJ Augustin for the PG spot, Danny Granger to rest LeBron, Big Baby for the PF, and Bynum for Center. If they sign all these guys, they’ll be a contender, even without Bosh, who thinks that he’s a SG and just shoots, and D Wade, who’s totally done.

  5. imisswatchingthethunder says:

    I doubt King Lebron James will ever leave his Leastern Conference throne. Too much competition in the west.

  6. charless702 says:

    Let’s all just be serious for a minute. Lebron isn’t going to the West. This “Big Two” of the Rockets got beat out by Portland in the First Round. Lebron isn’t going to ditch out on the weaker competition of the East, where any team that he’s on is guaranteed to make the Finals, to go to a conference where he has a chance to get bounced in the first round. This is a guy who teamed up with 2 other Superstars to make things easier on himself. This is the same guy who promised he’d win, “not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7”, 8 or more championships. He won’t even make it to 8 total Finals appearances if he heads out West.


    LBJ to the NYK…. make his happen Phil

  8. vincent says:

    while i totally wouldn’t be upset if he went to rockets, i’d still prefer him to be in miami to continue building his legacy instead of just bailing out when the opportunity comes. although i do have concern, battier gone, maybe allen gone too? rashard lewis, another year, close to gone. the oden thing was a fail. wade maybe cant be the player anymore, even with all that rest.

  9. Stockton to Malone says:

    James is going no where, Bosh will move to Houston for Asik. Melo will stay at NY or move to Chicago. Kevin Love will join NY. Tim Duncan to stay for another year to defend the championship.

  10. Someone says:

    haha no way Lebron goes to a west team… he knows the only way to make the finals is to remain in the pathetic east

  11. LBJ_strive4greatness says:

    Miami should trade Chris Bosh for Kevin Love or DeMarcus Cousins. Or Omer Asik to have a cap space to get another point guard. Mario Chalmers is done. Miami don’t need to recomplete the big 3. They need players who can help Lebron on defense and Lebron will do his best to get them involve on offense. Wade and Lebron will seek redemption next season. They’ve been hurt by the way the SA Spurs beat them last NBA Finals.

    • charless702 says:

      Nobody in their right mind would trade Kevin Love or DeMarcus Cousins for Chris Bosh. Miami doesn’t need a big 3 to win but they need an upgrade at every position, except for SF, if they even want a chance at making it past 6 games in the Finals. They need huge upgrades at every position, except SF, if they want to win another title. The West is only getting stronger and everyone on the Heat except Lebron is getting drastically weaker. Wade is done and Miami will continue to under utilize Bosh. Bosh is such a good guy and a team player he has yet to complain or question his coach. Miami has maxed out and Lebron knows it. You could see it in his eyes during the interviews. If there was any part of him thinking about suiting up for Miami again that thought was blown out of his head after seeing his home crowd abandon him for a second straight year. The blow out in 5 games made him question it and the Miami fans booing him at home in game 4 sealed the deal.

  12. Am I the only one around here who doesn’t see this happening? I’m surprised it is news at all. It shouldn’t be. Why? Because Lebron could care less about the money houston has to offer. Remember the tattoo he has on his arm which says, “what you do in your life echoes through eternity?” Well, with that kind if mentality, he will choose to stay with Miami (respect) than do episode of ‘the decision’. He already won from the beats by Dr. Dre deal. He has enough dough already. He will stay because he wants respect, he wants glory, he wants redemption. And Miami offers that. Houston is desperate to have him because he can turn a team around and make it a championship caliber team, Lebron knows that. he know his worth. It’s gonna take more than money to lure him to Houston. He stays. This news is bull….

    • charless702 says:

      LMAO. Giving life lessons based on tattoos? If that saying was so important to Lebron he never would have done “the decision.” Your whole thought process is flawed. If he wants that “respect” he’d go to a sorry team and try to win a championship with them so he could earn the respect of all the people who don’t respect him for taking the easy way out. The truth is Lebron isn’t going out West. The big boys are getting down in the West and he wants no part of it. He’d rather rest the entire season and play one meaningful series per year. The only real choices that he would make are 1) Stay in Miami, a team that is only going to be worse next year, or 2) Jump ship and go to another Eastern Conference team. My guess is he stays in Miami but doesn’t resign a multi-year deal. His team will struggle against a team in the Eastern Conference Finals but will win. Then the Heat will get blown out by a big boy team in the Finals. Lebron will then most likely sign with whatever team he thinks will be the strongest in the East the following year. This next year will definitely be the best time for the Cavs to overachieve. However Lebron will probably jump to the Wizards or Bulls, I’m thinking Wizards.

  13. LakersNation says:

    I want to see Lebron & Kobe play together…so I hope Lebron will chance his mind and go to LAL next season…it will go for championing all the time..!!

  14. bbb says:

    Trade Chris Bosh for Lin & Asik and acquire Zach Randolph. This makes miami a crazy defensive team that could win back-to- back championships!!

  15. NNM says:

    How about the Knicks move some players for Love or Lebron…
    Then you might have Jackson backing a Melo-Lebron-Chandler 3…

  16. JOEL says:

    If LBJ joins Heat I will lose my mind and be like a kid on christmas all season.

    Him and LBJ and Howard.


    I thought Melo is a big chance of that happening and that is amazing but LBJ DAMNNNNNNNNN

    Howard is by far the best big man LBJ could team with. Harden and LBJ in attack? With Howard… I don’t think ANYONE will stop them for YEARS as they are all young enough to do it for a while. Wade is done.

  17. J4CK Nicholson says:

    Time for LeBron to face the music as what he avoided with the Cavs. Not a big fan of this phenomenon “super teams” as I felt these so called super stars tend to chicken out and join forces with someone else. If I was him, I’ll demand for Wade and Bosh to take pay cuts and build around solid quality back ups.

  18. mack says:

    lebron is garbage . the decision part two coming soon on espn

  19. lacrampa says:

    like eric snow told to lebron in cleveland , “CRAMP is coming!”

  20. LBJ Fan says:

    Now, all the Lebron haters want him to join their team….

  21. BigMike(from North Hill in Akron,Ohio) says:

    NO way should he join them…. I love Harden and wish he would have stayed in OKC,however he has done quite fine in Hou. I don’t care for all the drama Dwight gave Orl,and what he caused in LAL. Dwightmare…Lebron teaming up with Dwight would be similar to Shaq and Kobe—egh Maybe. However Dwight and Kobe didnt pan out due to Age and injuries and not enough shots to go around. the same with Shaq and Lebron…with that said Lebron does love expanding his money and Rockets have ties to China just as well do the Cavs….Riley is unfortunately right, Lebron should stay on board and keep making it to finals. that is until they dont at least make it there.wade’s knees and his shooting woes in Finals showed that Age and time is creeping up on him….I think Lebron’s choices are limited to NY,LAC,MIA,and Cle.

  22. barangayboso says:

    I would love to see Lebron play wherever he goes.. He is just an amazing player for other people (bandwagoners) to hate..

  23. Sword Eyes says:

    Why not Chicago Raymone? You will have a team & defense minded coach and a true center. That team plays really like a team which LBJ best fits. Also don’t forget, that team still has mr rose.

  24. bballquotes says:

    i’m torn between taking Klay Thompson or waiting to see if Marcus Smart falls to us in the draft cuz he’s the only one i want on the Lakers really

  25. dave says:

    LeBron to Mavs.

  26. Unkle Daddy says:

    I understand wanting Thompson, but what do the Lakers expect with a rebuild on fly, and around Kobe, still. If they ever want to get back in the game, it’s time to start rebuilding for real. Make good draft choices for the next few seasons, because that’s where they’ll be in the draft for the next few seasons.

  27. dolladdict says:

    it doesn’t matter to me where lebron goes so as long as he gets what he deserves. miami conned him by lesser money but it produced 2 rings in four years, not bad. now they want him to take another pay cut so they can bring in another all star. i hate the way pat riley put things in perspective saying he’d be talking to the big 3 next week. they’re on vacation! how selfish and it shows signs of desperation. give them a break especially james who was the only person in that team to show up consistently every game. if you want to keep lebron, give him his proper dues! Not a james fan but i think he can be a contender wherever he goes.

  28. lalalalla says:

    I hope the Lakers won’t step foot on the playoffs for a long long time – they keep on leeching talents from other growing markets, and are too lazy to draft and develop on their own!

  29. brad says:

    rockets should just get bosh… he seemed very content being a 3rd wheel in miami.. and i think there’s a 1% chance he would stick around miami….. melo is going to chicago… durant will eventually end up in new york…

  30. I still believe that LeBron is going take his talents elsewhere. The question is if he takes his talents elsewhere, where will it be? Oh, and if he stays with the Heat, which I doubt he will, I believe he would regret. Why would he stay with them? It would make no sense for him to stay with them considering that he was upset with how some of his teammates did in the 2014 NBA Finals.

    • charless702 says:

      I think that elsewhere can be cut in half. I really don’t see Lebron going out West. The East is so weak you could put Lebron on any team in the East and that team instantly becomes Eastern Conference Champions. It’s almost impossible to see him staying in Miami long term, especially after the fan base abandoned him two years in a row and actually booed him during the Finals this year. Now I know this is a long shot but I see him not opting out and playing another unsuccessful year in Miami and then joining the Washington Wizards. They’re good (in the Eastern Conference) and more importantly young. Now just to be clear I’m not a Wizards fan, I’ve never been to D.C. and I don’t really care where he goes. That being said, that’s the way I picture this playing out. The only other alternative I see is him opting out and trying to team up with Melo on a new team. I am 100% sure he’s not going out West though. The last thing Lebron wants is a first round exit (which is very possible with the big boys in the West) after 4 straight trips to the Finals.

  31. KDfan says:

    Having taken his talents to South Beach, his talents have gone further south. LBJ’s best chances are to stay in Miami, retool the team and hope to win championships in couple of years. Rockets may be a good fit, but that team plays zero defense. So LBJ will be worn out playing defense. Remember LBJ was in a great defensive team with great role players till this year. Chicago is his best chance, where he can unleash his offensive talent.

  32. Lebron James should just go and play for the Lakers because he has won a championship with Wade and Bosh. In addition, Lebron will be bigger in Los Angels then playing with the heat.

    • lalalalla says:

      yeah, let’s create the most hated team in NBA history

    • charless702 says:

      If that’s the case maybe he should go play in China. He’s already won a ring. L.A. and Miami are tiny little farm towns compared to some of China’s cities. I’m sure the Shanghai Sharks would offer him a deal. Not only would he make more money but he’d also play with a better, more talented, team. Lebron doesn’t want to struggle with another aging star who’s body is falling apart. At least with the Heat they’ll make it to the Finals. With the Lakers he’ll struggle to make the playoffs and if they do make the playoffs they’ll get bounced in the first round.

  33. heat3peat says:


  34. bc04 says:

    I’m with you Eatham! You can’t keep running every time you lose a series….I hate seeing players move around in search of a championship. Magic, Bird and Jordan never went searching for a ring….They back themselves and add confidence to the guys they surround and they build a legacy. Props to San Antonio that was some of the best basketball I’ve ever seen…It was like when you play pick up ball against the old and experience guys down at the gym…You’re more talented but they always seem to win?

    James had to shoulder a lot of the burden last year….I’m not a fan of strategical sitting players so that they are ready for the finals…You can see that it hurt the teams chemistry. I don’t think it’s fair to the fans as well. Michael Jordan would do everything physically possible to get himself up for a game and I don’t think players these days have the same mentally. Except for Kobe of course.

    I hope to see James bounce back with Miami…though I wouldn’t be surprised if James ended up New York with Phil? I’m not sure if that’s a possibility with the cap space? It would be an interesting move for basketball in general.

  35. Jason Hutton says:

    I would love to see Lebron join the Lakers.

  36. Zack says:

    All i know is that rockets are going to sign someone big this offseason.. and whether its Carmelo or Lebron. The rockets would have one of the best “Big 3” tandems in the history of the NBA

  37. Quinton says:

    Yea but I think Lebron could easily be the point forward on that team, and get harden and howard the perfect amount of touches. lebron, beverley, and howard on defense would be scary. and the best wing defender on the opposing team would guard lebron, which would leave harden open for better opportunities. you could be right that howard is past his prime and harden and lebron won’t mesh because they both require the ball. but I think they could also be very good because of lebrons leadership

  38. kenny says:

    it’s LBJ he will do whatever it takes to get a championship no matter how much it hurts other teams or the NBA he thinks it will move him over Jordan the olnly thing is Jordan didn’t team up with a bunch of other supper stars he wan’ted to beat them LBJ is a band wagon jumper because he knows he can’t win it any other way he’s no Jordan so people need to quit treating him like it he is the second best in the NBA and soon will drop to three or four

  39. Jesse says:

    Lebron needs a point guard, not another scorer and a part time player in Howard. The rockets would have to ditch a few role players and the team would look a lot like Miami. 2 scorers that can’t shoot at the same time, an overrated big man, and no depth.

  40. lebron says:

    what evers lebron do i will be there to watch cause hes the best player in the world and im a fan

  41. Sebastian says:

    I do not think LeBron will fit in well with Houston if he wants to win a championship. If he joins Houston, he will be on a team who lost in the first round the previous year. LeBron seriously will actually be doing it himself. Jeremy Lin has his good days, but he cannot be consistent. Then you have Terrence Jones, who is their only good power forward, but he struggled towards the end of the year. We know James Harden will be good, Dwight will be good, except from the free throw line, and Chandler Parsons is good. But the West is very tough. The first two rounds of the 2014-2015 should come easy for the Rockets if they get LeBron. But in the Conference Finals, look who they’ll run into. Probably San Antonio or the Thunder. And when you see them going into Hack-a-Howard, and then shutting down James Harden on defense, because the Spurs play great defense, and the Thunder had Harden before so they know what he does, they will easily lose the Conference Finals. Yes, they won’t stop King James. I really don’t have an opinion on if they will stop Parsons or not. But if they don’t stop Chandler, why is there only two players you can’t stop, but three all-stars, and one of them is not even Parsons. And look at the experience, if LeBron joins. He’ll be the oldest player on the team, and he’s only turning 30. Houston doesn’t even have a veteran to support the team, and that’s a problem in today’s game. Remember Ray Allen’s shot in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals? Of course you do? Would the Heat win it all last year, if it wasn’t for the veteran’s shot? No. LeBron doesn’t fit in Houston. I haven’t of thought of where LeBron should go, because I’ve been busy, but I know it should be the Rockets.

    • Matt says:

      First off you’re dumb. If the rockets got Lebron, parsons and Lin and Asik would have to be gone also. And if I do recall the rockets beat the spurs 4 times last season and lost zero. Can’t say the same about thunder but the rockets have a overall great team. If Lillards shot wouldn’t have fallen it would’ve been over in 7 and it would’ve been rockets v spurs. Possibly changing the whole playoffs. Idk just my opinion

    • OKC says:

      i think the bigger problem would be the fact that houston plays in the west, you need a team as deep as the spurs in order to survive the playoffs

    • youMean says:


  42. Eaham says:

    Lebron could have won a championship with cleveland if he stuck it out, because Gilbert gave him every player he asked for, like shaq and Mo williams, and Jamison. He just chose to go to miami and guarentee that championship win with other allstars. I think he can win wiht the Heat for years to come, so for him to go anywhere else after 4 successfull year would be a damn shame, and would really hamper his reputation as a guy who cant commit and leaves things unfinished.

    • Da gift says:

      You don’t even watch basketball faithfully. You gots to be slow if you seriously think he asked for shaq and mo williams. I guess he asked for antwan jamison too. Outside of mo williams, shaq and jamison was way past there prime! He barely played that year. Lebron gave them 7 years and that stupid owner couldn’t appreciate it, so his token of that was to give bron mediocre players! Get real!

    • carl says:

      seriously? shaq not even close to what he once was. he asked for staudimire not jamison. the cavs have really horrible management.besides kyrie irving,theyve had pretty horrible picks. anthony bennet TRISTIAN THOMPSON DION WAITERS.LOOK WHAT THEYVE DONE SINCE LEBRON LEFT NOTHING!CAVS JOKE OF A FRANCHISE .LEBRON STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM cleveland. you owne them nothing. dan gilbert worst owner ever.

    • Max Gang says:

      Jamison, shaq.. right.. key players…definitely…(sarcasm)

    • wade says:

      For lebron to stay in Miami and take a pay rate cut is a bigger damn shame.

    • Kegan says:

      Eaham —
      “Every player he (LeBron) asked for?” What world do you live in? LeBron wanted someone, ANYONE, and Gilbert gave him no one. Bron’s a fool to stay in Miami. Houston’s bench is much deeper, and Howard is arguably the best center in the game. Harden’s been an all-star 2 years in a row, and is a huge upgrade over Wade. Howard and Harden are a combined 10 years younger than Wade and Bosh. Bron doesn’t leave things unfinished, he jumps ship before he wastes another contract playing for a damned team.

      Sebastian —
      The Heat made the finals for four straight years because the East is a joke. Check out the standings, the last place west team could have been the 3 seed in the east. The competition in the playoffs that the West provides will turn the Rockets into a much better team. “LeBron won’t fit with Houston”?!? They said the same thing 4 years ago. “Oh no, 3 superstars can’t get together and be successful, they’re all too selfish.”
      And you don’t need a ‘secret-weapon veteran’. Allen wouldn’t have needed to hit that shot if the Heat were up by 10, which they should have been considering the superstar quality the Heat had.

    • juan dela cruz says:

      Theres no such thing as guaranteed championship…

    • harley says:

      i think the city of miami and its weather attracted lebron and chris bosh. it is not the fans or dwade. it is the lifestyle in miami. and we have to remember that in florida there is no income state tax.